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Artists – Z
Artist Info: Zap Pow was formed by Max Edwards (drums), Mike Williams (bass), Dwight Pickney (guitar), Danny Mc Farlane (organ), David Madden (trumpet), Glen Da Costa (sax) and Joe Mc Cormack (trombone). Later Beres Hammond joined the band as a vocalist. In 1977 Max Edwards left the band to start a solo carreer, while Cornell Marshall left Third World to join Zap Pow as a drummer.
This Is Reggae Music / Break Down The Barriers
I have the USA Mango 7501, 1973, 7-inch.
Originally released on UK Trojan and JA Harry J in 1972.
Now (Featuring Beres Hammond)
First released on UK Vulcan VULP 004, 1976, LP.
I have the reissue on French Esoldun LG1-1032, 1992, LP retitled as “Jungle Beat”.
Reissued on French Culture Press CP 4015, 2002, CD
I have this album on CDR.
Jungle Beat, Cry Inflation, Nice Nice Time, System Dread, Rock Your Bones, It’s A Trap, Them Lie, Sugar Pop, Sweet Lovin Love, Overdoing, Cry Inflation (Dub Version), System Dread (Dub Version)
Produced by Tommy Cowan.
Recorded at Dynmic and Harry J studios 1970 to 1972.
This Is Reggae Music / Sunshine People Dub
I have the German Mercury 6435 121, 1981, 12-inch Maxi.
Zap Pow
I have the 17 North Parade VPCD 2365, 2007, CD on CDR.
This Is Reggae Music, Sunshine People, Last War, Rootsman Regae, Some Sweet Day, Let´s Fall In Love, Excuse Me, Bubblin Over, United, Mystic Mood, Sweet Lovin´ Love, World, Jah Haawn, Tonight We Love
“Roots Man Reggae”, “Excuse Me”, “Last War”, “Some Sweet Day”, “Let´s Fall In Love”, “World” are first released on “Zap Pow”, UK Island ILPS 9547, 1978, LP and JA Zap Pow ZP LP 002, LP.
“Roots Man” was also a JA Wham-Pac, 1978, 7-inch.
“Last War” backed by “Mystic Mood Rock” was also a JA Zap Pow, 1978, 7-inch.
“This Is Reggae Music” is from a JA Harry J and Uk Trojan, 1972 7-inch.
“Sunshine People” is from a 1980 7-inch.
“Bubblin Over” is from a compilation called “Beres Hammong Meets Zap Pow”.
“United” is from a compilation called “Love Hits”.
“Mystic Mood” and “Tonight We Love” are from the 1973 LP “Revolutionary Zap Pow”.
“Sweet Lovin´ Love” is from the 1976 LP “Now”.
“Jah Haawn” seems to be exclusive at this complation.
Further albums include:
“Revolutionary Zap Pow”, JAM Roosevelt (HJ 006), 1973, LP and USA Harry J HJ 8706, LP, including: Break Down The Barriers, Mystic Mood, Funking Skank, Tonight We Love Tonight, Zappin´, Get Up, Holdin´ On, Nice Nice Time, Soul Revival, Reggae Music, Change Those Ways.
“Revolution”, UK Trojan TRLS 130, 1976, LP, including: Break Down The Barriers, Funking Skank, Tonight We Love Tonight, Get Up, Holdin´ On, Nice Nice Time, Soul Revival, Change Those Ways, Money, Crazy Woman, If You Don´t Know Me By Now, Wild Honey.
“Love Hits”, JA Wham-Pac International (Matrix: DSR 6540), 1978, LP, reissued in 1992, including: Mystic Mood, Sweet Lovin´ Love, Tonight We Love Together, River, Reggae Music, Scandal Corner, Anancy, Wa Da Da Carifesta, Go Inna It. Compilation of tracks recorded 1972 – 1977.
“Reggae Rules”, USA Rhino RNLP 015, 1980, LP including: Be Cool (JA Zap Pow, 1980, 7-inch), Rockers, Irie Land, Fun Days, Sunshine People Dub (JA Zap Pow, 1980, 7-inch), Scandal Corner (JA Bassh, 1973, 7-inch), This Is Reggae Music, River Of Mystery (aka River Stone, Zap Pow, 1977, 7-inch recorded at Black Ark), Lets Live Together, On The Road To Babylon. A compilation of 7-inches from 1973 to 1980.
“Beres Hammond Meets Zappow In Jamaica”, Rhino, CD, including: Sunshine People, Some Sweet Day, Let´s Fall In Love, Last War (Jah Jah Children), Midnight Hour, Tell Me You Love Me, If You Don´t Know Me By Now, Bend Down Low, United, You Don´t Understand, Trying To Conquer Me, Cuyah, Small Axe, Let´s Live Together, This Is Reggae Music, Bubblin´, Ride On, World.
“Revolution (The Best Of Zap Pow)”, UK Trojan TJCCD 375, 2007, CD, including: This Is Reggae Music, Last War (Jah Jah Children), Jungle Beat, Bubblin´, Let´s Live Together, Rock Your Bones, Excuse Me (Ride On), Sunshine People, Sweet Loving Love, Some Sweet Day, United, Rootsman Reggae, Nice Nice Time, Broken Contract, It´s A Trap, Cry Inflation, System Dread, World.

Dub Down
I have this track on my Dubcreator – Beware The Bass…, CDR

Artist Info: Singer, writer of poetry for kids, teens and grown-ups and dub poet born April 15th 1958. Dr Benjamin Obadiah Iqbal Zephaniah was born and raised in Birmingham, England. He lived in Birmoingham and in Jamaica. In 1979 he moved to Birmingham and his first book was published. A prolific writer, Zephaniah was also the recipient of honorary doctorates from numerous universities in England, a Writer in Residence at the University of Cambridge, and on the shortlist for the 2005 British Book Awards Decibel Writer of the Year. In 2003 he refused a nomination for the prestigious Order of the British Empire, sending a letter to the Guardian that explained his reasons for declining the award. His website is
Big Boys Don’t Make Girls Cry / You’re Under Arrest / Miss World
I have the French Upright UPT 10, 1984, 12-inch Maxi
“Big Boys” is a roots rocker. “You’re Under Arrest” is made in the dub poets style with band support, “Miss World” is dub poets style a capella.
First released 1983.
I have the UK Play LP 7, 1989, LP
Rasta, Get High, Dis Policeman Keeps On, Kicking Me To Death (Lord Scarman Dub), No Politicians, Free South Afrika (Illegal), 13 Dead, De Children Future
His debut album.
I have the Upright, 199X, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Rasta, High, Policeman, No Politicians, Free South Afrika, 13 Dead, Children’s Future, Miss World, You´re Under Arrest, Love Me Mudder, Free South Africa (Tuff Gong Version), Free South Africa Dub, Stop De War
Tracks 1 – 7 are from the original vinyl LP of 1983.
Tracks 8 – 9 are from a 1984, 12-inch Maxi.
Tracks 10 – 12 are recorded and mixed at Tuff Gong and backed by The Wailers including Aston Barrett, Carlton Barrett, Earl “Wya” Lindo. Tracks 10 and 11 co-produced by Aston “Familyman” Barrett.
Us An Dem
First released 1984.
I have the UK Mango / Island MLPS 1043, 1990, LP
History, Progress, Everybody Hav A Gun, Religious War, Us An Dem, Big Time Gangsters, Want To Be A Soldier, U Turn, Me Love Me Mudder, Tiananmen Square
His second album.
Crisis – De Poor Can´t Tek Nu More / Pure Poetry (Benjamin Zephaniah & Carlton Newman)
I have the UK Red Dread Music Play 19 T, 1992, 12-inch Maxi.
Produced by Benjamin Zephaniah & Stanley Andrews.
Back To Roots
First released on Acid Jazz, 1995, CD
I have this album on CDR.
One Tribe, Palestine, Do It, Mornin´ Come, Self Defence, Dry, Allies, Mek Luv, Rudie Dead
His third album.
Belly Of The Beast
I have the UK Ariwa ARILP 113, 1996, LP.
Jump To The Riddim, Belly Of The Beast, Blood Sucker, Wake Up, Roots And Culture, War Crimes, Luv Warrior, In Times Like These, Neighbourhood Watch, The Spirit Level
Also released on UK Ariwa ARICD 113, CD including two bonus tracks: Nu Run Way, De Rong Song.
Produced and mixed by Mad Profesor. Recorded and mixed at Ariwa Studios.
Drums by Mad Professor, Robotiks and Nolan Irie. Bass by William Forde and Nolan Irie. Keyboards by Victor Cross, William Forde and Black Steel. Guitars by Black Steel. Trombone by Rico Rodriguez. Trumpet by Eddie “Tan Tan” Thornton. Saxophone by Michael “Bammie” Rose.
His fourth album.
First released on One Little Indian, 2006, CD
I have this album on CDR.
Uptown Downtown, Naked, Superstar, Touch, Rong Radio Station, Our Fathers, Slow Motion, Responsible, Homesick, Genetics, Things We Say
Produced by Trevor Morais.
Featuring Howard Jones, Aref Durvesh, Rupert Heaven, Mike Cahen, Jamie West-Oram, Jean Alain Rousell and Dennis Bovell.
This album is a mixture of jazz, reggae, hip-hop, rock and house music.
There is “Naked & Mixed Up”, a limited edition remix of four tracks of the album “Naked” re-mixed by Radio DJ and Hip Hop pioneer Rodney P.
His fourth album.

Artist Info:
Hi Fi Calypso
First released on French Naive NV 800511, 2004, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Reggae Merengue, Take Me Back To Jamaica, Coconut Woman, Nice Time, Jump In The Line, Crazy Like Mad, Salade De Fruits, Man Smart, Jamaica Farewell, Don´t Touch Me Tomato, Le Gars, Mama Look At Bubu, Tingalayo
Note: Backed by The Wailers.

Artist Info: Seventies DJ and producer. Born David Sinclair July 2nd 1955 he started to record with “Jump And Twist” in 1971, released at Rhino. Still active.
Man Ah Warrior
First released on MER 101, 1973, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Trojan TJACD 135, 2003, CD on CDR.
Man Ah Warrior, Ire Lion, I King Zukie, Simpleton Badness, Archie The Rednosed Reindeer, Viego, Zukie Fashionwear (aka Solomon A Gundie), Black Cinderella, Cally Cally, When Zukie Day Yah, A Message To Pork Eaters,
CD bonus tracks, recorded later as 1973:
Dread On The Mountain Top, Hills Of Zion, Future Bride, Drum Song, Liberation Struggle, Double Struggle, Born To Be Black (Extended)
His debut album.
First released on JA Klik KLP 9022, 1976, LP.
I have the UK Virgin FL 1006, 1976, LP on CDR.
Also released on Virgin CDFL 24, CD.
Pick Up The Rockers, M.P.L.A., Don´t Get Crazy, Go Deh Natty, Stop The Gun Shooting, Ital Pot, Marcus, Chalice To Chalice, Don´t Deal With Babylon, Freedom
His second album produced by Tappa Zukie and Bunny Lee.
From The Archives
I have the USA RAS 3135, 1995, CD
Pick Up The Rockers, M.P.L.A. , Peace And Love, Don’t Get Crazy, Go Deh Natty Go Deh, Ital Pot, Marcus, Chalis To Chalis, Freedom, Tappa Roots, Oh Lord, The Bum
Compilation with most tracks taken from the 1976 JA Klik album “M.P.L.A.”.
“Pick Up The Rockers” uses the “Pick Up The Pieces” rhythm.
“Peace And Love” uses the “Shank I Sheck” rhythm.
“Ital Pot” is a toast over Johnny Clarke’s “Creation Rebel” which is a cover of the Burning Spear song.
A dub of “Go Deh Natty Go Deh” by King Tubby’s called “Truthful Dub” is released at “Various Artists – Dub From The Roots CD”.
A toast of “Ital Pot” by Dillinger called “Power Bank” is released at “Dillinger – CB 200, LP”.
Tapper Zukie In Dub
First released on JA Stars SR 1000, ca. 1976, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Blood And Fore BAFCD 008, 1995, CD including bonus tracks on CDR.
01. Tapper Zukie In Dub (Dub of Prince Alla´s “Bozra” and Burning Spear´s “He Prayed”)
02. Pick Up The Dub (Dub of The Royals´ “Pick Up The Pieces”)
03. Dub M.P.L.A. (Dub of Tappa Zukie´s “M.P.L.A.” and Roy Richards “Freedom Blues”)
04. Beautiful Dub (Dub of Junior Ross´ “Man From Zion”)
05. Prophecy Dub (Dub of Junior Ross´ “Hold Them Prophecy”)
06. Falling Dub (Dub of Junior Ross´ “Babylon Fall”)
07. Rush I Some Dub (Dub of Linval Thompson´s “Black Princess Lady”)
08. Cool This Dub (Dub of Linval Thompson´s “Cool Down Your Temper”)
09. Jah Jah Dub (Dub of Junior Ross´ “You Can´t Run”)
10. Judgement Dub (Dub of Abyssinians´ “Declaration Of Rights” and Junior Ross´ “Judgement Time”)
11. Loving Dub (Dub of Slim Smith´s “Give Me Love”, also by Johnny Clarke)
12. Rub This Dub (Dub of Alexander Henry´s “Please Be True”, also by Cornell Campbell and by Sugar Minott and Dub of Johnny Clarke´s “Leggo Violence”)
CD bonus track:
13. Jah Speak In Dub (Dub of Junior Ross´ “So Jah Jah Say”)
14. Way Over In Dub (Dub of Junior Ross´ “Send Me Over There”)
His third album. Produced by Tapper Zukie.
Mixed by Phillip Smart at King Tubby´s.
Featuring Sly Dunbar, Santa Davis, Robbie Shakespeare, Tony Chin, Bingy Bunny, Earl Chinna Smith, Ansel Collins, Gladstone Anderson, Deadly Headley Bennett, Vin Gordon, Boby Ellis, Skully, Sky Juice.
Escape From Hell
First released on JA Stars, 1977, LP
I have the reissue on JA Tappa, ca. 2004, LP
Sidewalk Dub, Massacra Dub, Dub Driver, Population Dub, Weather Umbrella, King Alpha In School, Experience Dub, Marching To Zion, Escape From Hell, Squattus Dub. Produced by Tappa Zukie.
“Experience Dub” is the dub of “Yaga Yaga” by Tappa Zukie.
His fourth album featuring Robbie, Sly, Skully, Gladdy, A. Collins, Deadley Headley, Vin Gordon, Bobby Ellis, Earl Smith, Tony Chin.
Peace In The Ghetto
First released on UK Virgin Frontline FL 1009, 1978, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Virgin CDFL 25, CD on CDR.
Peace In The Arena, The City Of Mount Zion, Ghetto Rock, Tribute To Steve Biko, Dangerous Woman, Get On The Double, Praise Jah In Gladness, Peace In The City, Bimbo Bimbo
His fifth album produced by Bunny Lee.
Tappa Zukie International
I have the JA Stars SR 001, 1978, LP on CDR.
Chapter A Day, M.P.L.A., What About The Half, Chalice To Chalice, Peace And Love, Pick Up The Rockers, Tribulation, Down And Touch, Punching Pilot
His sixth album.
Roots Man Connection (Various Artists)
I have the JA Stars, 1978, LP on CDR.
Jah Jah Say (The Seekers), Running Girl (Bah Wisdom), Gold Diver (Prince Alla), Easy Come Easy Go (Horace Andy), Fret Not Thyself (Bah Wisdom), First Street Girl (Tappa Zukie), Midnight Girl (Errol Dunkley), Rough Rough Way Ahead (Junior Ross & The Spears), Dear God (Putto Blair), Living The Life We Love (Frankie Jones)
Produced by Tappa Zukie.
Living In The Ghetto
I have the JA Stars, LP on CDR.
Oh Lord, Dub Them Zukie, Clean Up The Ghetto, The Chick, Living In The Ghetto, First Street Girl, Simpleton Badness, Don´t Get Crazy, Freedom Street, Different Fashion
Compilation of tracks recorded between 1976 and 1978.
Tapper Roots
First released 1979.
I have the reissue on Dutch Virgin FL 15, 2001, LP
Oh Lord!, Satta, Don’t Shoot The Youth, Rastaman Skank, Rididng West, Tapper Roots, First Street Rock, Green Bay Murder, Freedom Street, Simpleton Leave Violence
His seventh album produced by D. Sinclair. Mixed by Prince Jammy’s. Backing by The Revolutionaries.
The Man From Bozrah
I have the JA Stars, ca. 1978, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
A Chapter A Day, Man From Bozrah, Prophets, What About The Half, Judgement In The Land, Punching Pilot, Balistic Dread, Rockers, Natty In Love, Ship Sail
His eighth album produced by Tapper Zukie.
Vocals by Junior Ross, Linford Nugent, Johnny Clarke and Morwells.
Backing by Intimidators, Revolution and Agrovators.
Black Man
First released on JA Stars 9707, LP
I have the reissue on JA Tappa, ca. 2000, LP
My God Is Real, Revolution, Poor Man Problem, Money Man Skank, Yaga-Yaga, The Boom, Leggo Violance, Gather Them, Blackman
His nineth album produced by Tappa Zukie.
“Poor Man Problem” is a Toast of Johnny Clarke’s “Blood Dunza”.
Deep Roots
I have the USA RAS 3224, 1996, CD on CDR.
Cool Down, My Gun, Sata Mass Gona, Old Cotton Field, Launch An Attack, Yagga Yagga, We A Don, Dance Around The Sound, Which One A Dem, Everybody Bawling
His eleventh album produced by Tappa Zukie.
Recorded at Channel One, King Tubby´s, Music Mountaion, Jammy´s and Leggo studios.
Mixed by Phillip Smart, King Tubby and Patrick Smith.
Featuring Santa on drums, Flabba Holt and Robbie on bas, Chinna on guitar, Ansel Collins on keyboards and Tappa Zukie on violin.
Cork & Tar
First released on Tappa Records TZ 1001, 2004, CD
I have this album on CDR.
Give Thanks (feat. Bob Marley “Thank You Lord”, Mr Marti, Mellow Rock (feat. Bob Marley “Mellow Mood”), Baby Don´t Go (feat. Slim Smith), Dialog (feat. Slim Smith), Diplomate Killing (Using the rhythm of “Hypocrites”), We´ll Meet (feat. Hortense Ellis), Raggamuffin (feat. Horace Andy), Water Truck (feat. Horace Andy), Humpty Dumpty, APT #C (feat. Horace Andy), Shake Baby Shake, Valley Dallie, Go Call Charlie, Strange Thing (feat. Ken Boothe), Mr Tek (feat. Horace Andy)
Mello Skank / My Favourite Riddim
I have the reissue on JA Tappa, ca. 2006, 7-inch
“My Favourite Riddim” is in fact “Mellow Mood Version” as on “Bob Marley – All The Hits, LP”.
Musical Intimidator – Anthology: 1974-1982
I have the EU Trojan TJDDD156, 2004, 2-CD
CD 1:
Man A Warrior, Message To Pork (aka Jah Man A Come), Viego, Judge I Oh Lord, Pontius Pilate, Jah Is I Guiding Light (aka Musical Treasure), No Natty No Cry (aka Natty Dread Don’t Cry), Ten Against One, Rockers,Ballistic Dread, Natty Still Waiting, Born To Be Black (aka Some Of Them) (12-inch mix), Chapter A Day, Peace And Love, Tribulation, Make Faith (12-inch mix) (with Knowledge), What’s Yours (12-inch mix) (with Knowledge)
CD 2:
New Star, Revolution, Living In The Ghetto, Liberation Struggle, Natty Princess, Get Ready, Prophesy, Fire Bun, The Other Half, Sensimelia, Ragga Muffett (10-inch mix) (Horace Andy & David Sinclair), Enoch Powell (aka Black Star Liner), My God Is Real, Man From Bosrah, Natty Dread A Weh She Want (12-inch mix) (with Horace Andy), Raggy Joey Boy (10-inch mix)
Compilation of tracks recorded 1974 – 1982.
Tappa Zukie Singles
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Record Smith SLIM 755-A Tapper Zukie – Judge I Oh Lord (12-inch) (ca. 1974)
02. Record Smith SLIM 755-B Lloydie Slim & King Tubby – State Dub (12-inch) (ca. 1974)
03. Star PTP 1020-A Tappa Zukie & Horace Andy – Natty Dread A Weh She Want (12-inch)(1974) using “Jah Vengeance” riddim
04. Star PTP 1020-B Tappa Zukie – Rub A Dub A Weh Them Want (12-inch) (1974)
05. House Of Raggae HK 701-A Tapper Zuki – Chalice To Chalice (1976)
06. House Of Raggae HK 701-B Version (1976)
07. Klik KL 619-A Tapper Zukie – M.P.L.A. (1976)
08. Klik KL 619-A Tapper Zukie – M.P.L.A. (Version) (1976)
09. Stars DSR 4736-A Tappa Zukie – Living In The Ghetto (1978)
10. Stars DSR 4737-B Musical Intimidators – Version (1978)
11. Stars FRM 6448-A Tappa Zukie – Oh Lord (1977)
12. Stars FRM 6448-B Version (1977)
13. Tappa DSR 2022-A Tappa Zukie – Old Cotton Field (1996)
14. Tappa DSR 2023-B Version (1996)
15. Tappa DSR 42824-A Tappa Zukie – Stout Heart (1990s
16. Tappa DSR 42824-B (12827) Tappa Rhythm (1990s)
17. Hot Stuff FBL 7952-A Topper Zuckie – Knotty Woman No Cry (1975
18. Hot Stuff FBL 7952-B The Agrovators – Cry Cry (1975) >
There are three further albums:
“Earth Running”, JA Stars, LP and Mobiliser MMLP 35, 1983, LP including: The General, War Is Over, Born To Be Black, Sensimilla, One More Chance, Raggamuffin, Freak.
I have all tracks except: “The General”, “War Is Over”, “One More Chance” and “Freak”. His tenth album.
“Ragga Joey Boy”, JA Stars IMLP 33, 1982, LP including: Woman Ah No Me Trouble, Natty Princess, Jailhouse Rock, Manners And Respect, Believe Me Baby, Reggae, Mr. Bubbler, Mr. Finnigan. His twelveth album.
“Dub Em Zukie”, Jamaican Recordings JRCD 915, 2004, CD. Compilation including: Natty Princess Dub, Ballistic Dub, Dub To The West, Bagga Wire Dub, Give Me Dub, Get Ready Fi Dub, Dub Slave, Throw Me Dub, Dub Next Door, Natty Dread Dub, Conversation Dub, Black Understanding, Rock You Rock Dub, Dub Hypocrites. “Rock You Rock Dub” over The Wailers´ “Mellow Mood” riddim. “Dub Hypocrites” over The Wailers´ “Hypocrites” riddim.