Artists: V

Artists – V
Artist Info: American songwriter / singer with a couple of album releases during the seventies. Only one album has reggae influences.
Escape From Babylon
I have the USA Sire, 1976, LP (First USA Pressing)
And I have this album recorded from vinyl to CDR.
Money Man, There You Are, Wild Bird, Disco Night, Bend Down Low, Happiness, Come On In, Get Up Stand Up
Produced by Bob Marley. Music by The Wailers.
“Disco Night” is co-written by Bob Marley & Martha Velez.
Note: All songs except “Disco Night” were re-released on CD. (This last info found by CL.)
Money Man / Money Man
I have the USA Sire DM-2, ca. July 10th 1976, 12-inch Maxi.
Both sides are the same and are a longer mix of the track from the album “Escape From Babylon” running 4,40.
Produced by Bob Marley. Backed by The Wailers.
Note: I found a review in “Sounds” dated from July 10th 1976 commenting the release of the album. The very first 12-inch Maxi was released for the public in May 1976, so that this one is among the very first 12-inch maxis at all.

Artist Info: Jamaican vocal trio consisting of Wesley Tinglin, Linval Williams and Daniel Bernard. They also called “The Inturns” and “The Interns”. Active from 1969 to 1984 to reunite 2006 for a new album “Ghetto Vibes” followed by “Granny´s Pad” in 2007.
Consider Yourself
First released on Chanan-Jah, 1978, LP credited to “The Inturns”.
I have the UK Burning Rockers BR 1003, 1979, LP credited to “The Interns” and titled as “Detour” mp3-sourced on CDR.
Also released as “Ya Ho” credited to “The Viceroys” on UK Burning Sounds BS 1063, 1985, LP.
Send Us, Consider Yourself, Detour, Jah Oh Jah, Nothing Is Impossible, Get To Know, Do We Have To Fight, Yah Ho, Sing A Good Song, Girl It´s Over
Produced by Phil Pratt.
Recorded at Channel One.
Vocals by The Viceroys, drums by Carlton Barrett, bass by Robbie Shakespeare, lead guitar by Ranchie, rhythm guitar by Dougie Bryan, keyboards by Ansel Collins.
At Studio One
I have this album on CDR.
Also released as “Slogan On The Wall” on Vice Music SB 115, 2003, CD including plus four extra tracks.)
So Many Problems, Trying Hard To See, Ya Yo, Don´t Cry, Fat Fish, Guarantee My Love, Jollification, Last Night, Lose And Gain, Love And Unity, Love Jah, Maga Down, Rasta Footprints, Shadrach Meschach And Abednego, Shake Up, Slogan On The Wall
We Must Unite
I have this album on CDR.
Come Closer My Love, Show Me Your Company, We Must Unite, The Intelligence Of Her Mind, They Can´t Stop Us Now, Love Is A Key, My Mission Is Impossible, Time Is Important For Me, I´m Trying On, Rising The Strength Of Jah
Chancery Lane
I have this album on CDR, taken from 1984, LP.
Take Care Of The Youths, Crime Don´t Pay, Push Push, Tears Are Falling, New Clothes, Voice Like Thunder, Life Is Not An Easy Game, Chancery Lane, Return.
Produced by Winston Riley. Mixed by Soljie Hamilton. Recorded at Channel One, Kingston, JA. Vocals by The Viceroys, drums by Sly Dunbar, bass by Lloyd Parks, lead and rhythm guitar by Dwight Pickney, keyboards by Robert Lyn, alto sax by Glen Da Costa, tenor sax by Dean Fraser, trumpet by David Madden, percussions by Morvin Brooks.
One more album is:
Brethren And Sistren, CSA CSLP 5, 1983, LP.

Artist Info: Vocal trio led by Junior Reid with Terry McDonald and Sammy Tracy on harmonies. Together they recorded only one album in 1988.
Shadow After Dark (= Mini Bus Driver)
First released as “Mini Bus Driver” on Negus Roots, LP.
I have the BMLP 059, 1988, LP hi res mp3-sourced on CDR.
Working On A Site, Shadow After Dark, Lost In Space, Mini Bus Driver, Rich Man (featuring The Gladiators), Can´t Take The Gun, Give Thanks, Tell Your Friend
Their debut and their only album produced by R. Palmer, recorded at Channel One and Tuff Gong and mixed at Tuff Gong.
Featuring Robbie Shakespeare on bass, Sly Dunbar on drums, Ranchie and Dougie on rhythm guitar, Sky Juice and E. Carrington on percussion, A. Collins and R. Lynn on keyboards, R. Lynn on piano, Dugie on lead guitar and Sly Dunbar on syn drums.

Artist Info: Ken Elliot on moog synthezizer, Trevor on guitars, Joe Sinclair on keyboards. These three were later credited as “Vulcans” for this record. A second album of 1973 of the same band called “Interstella Reggae Drive” is credited to Colonel Elliott and The Lunatics.
Star Trek
I have the UK Trojan TRLS 53, 1973, LP (First UK Pressing)
Star Trek, Dr. Spock, Red Herring, Joe Kidd, Vulcan-Ised, Journey Into Space, Dark Shadows, Dracula, Shang-Haied, Asibiso Jungle, In The Moog
Half of the songs are written by Byron Lee. Instrumental album inspired by the sci-fi tv saga “Star Trek”. The ARP 2600 synthezizer creates a unusual sopund atmosphere.