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Artists – M
Artist info: Mabrak was founded by Leroy Trevor Mabrak in 1972. Mabrak was previously a member of Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari. “Drum Song” was their first 7-inch released 1975. In 1979 they covered “Oh Carolina” originally by The Folks Brothers. There is another album of the late 90s or later called “Rootsman”. Still active.
Drum Talk
I have the UK Different, 1978, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Also on Jigsaw JS005, LP (label say 1976 but this seems a mistake)
Locks Talk, Ital Talk, Liquid Talk, Macka Talk, Serenade Talk, Fat Talk, Drum Talk, Roots Talk, Late Late Talk, The Reverend Talk
Recorded at Harry J studio. Mixed by King Tubby.
“Locks Talk” using the riddim of “Curly Locks”.

Artist Info: American blues singer born as Henry St. Clair Fredericks on May 17th 1942 in New York. Still active. Next to the listed album there are three more studio and two more live albums including reggae and caribbean rhythms. He used to tour with his band called “The International Rhythm”. The famous steel drum player in that band is Robert Greenige from Trinidad who also played for Jimmy Buffet.
Mo’ Roots
I have the USA Columbia KC 33051, 1974, LP (First USA Pressing).
And I have this LP recorded on CDR.
Johnny Too Bad, Blackjack Davey, Big Mama, Cajun Waltz, Slave Driver, Why Did You Have To Desert Me?, Desperate Lover, Clara (St. Kitts Woman)
Produced by Taj Mahal.
“Slave Driver” is remixed by Bob Marley and Aston Barrett.
“Big Mama” and “”Cajun Waltz” is remixed by Taj Mahal and Aston Barrett.
Ska piano on “Slave Driver” by Aston Barrett.
Artist Info: Singer, born Gilford Reid. Still active.
Baby I’ve Been Missing You / Julia
I have the UK Gull / Moodisc GULS 12004, 1978, 7-inch.
A UK chart hit in 1978.
On My Mind
I have the USA Moodisc HM-113, 1983, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Always On My Mind, Easy Loving, Baby I´ve Been Missing You, Land Of Magic, Ethiopia, Help, Julia, I´ve Been A Loser
Produced by Harry A. Mudie.
Recorded and mixed at Dynamic Sounds Studio.
Featuring Pluto Shervington, Michael Richards, Val Douglas, G. Chung, M. Chung, Willie Lindo, Winston Wright, Robert Lyn, Orville Wood, Skully, Harry Mudie and all stars brass section.
Give Me Some More Loving
I have the USA Mood Records HM-115, 1985, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Land And Sea, All In Love, Love Plans, Give Me Some More Loving, Tonight I Celebrate My Love, My Love, Leaving Rome, A Song To You
Produced by Harry A. Mudie.
Recorded at Tuff Gong.
Further albums include:
Tribute To The Bluebusters, VP, 1995, CD.
Memories, Musicrama, 1997, CD

Artist Info: Julian Ricardo Marley, born June 4th 1975 in London, UK, is a son of Bob Marley and Lucy Pounder. Still active.
I only have a few of his songs:
Lion In The Morning and Lion In The Morning Version, on The Marley Family Album, USA Heartbeat, 2005, CD.
He released:
“Lion In The Morning”, Lightyear, 1996, CD, with the songs: Loving Clear, Blossoming And Blooming, Lion In The Morning, Now You Know, Babylon Cookie Jar, Same Old Story, Attack Back, Arm Your Soul, Ease These Pains, When The Sun Comes Up, Got To Be. Loving Clear also appeared on a Lightyear, 1996, Maxi-CD.
“A Time And Place”, 2003
“Awake”, 2009
Artist Info: Ky-Mani Marley is born February 26th 1976 in Kingston. He is a son of Bob Marley and Anita Belnavis. Still active.
I only have a few of his songs on the private “Conscious Rockers Compilation Vol. 3?:
Bend Down Low (1996)
Sensimilla (1997)
Dear Dad, Hi-Way, Warriors (2000, from The Journey, CD)
He released :
“Like Father Like Son”, 1996
“The Journey”, Orchard, 2000, CD, with these songs: Rude Boy, Feel In Love, Country Journey, Dear Dad, Return Of A King, Emporer, Party´s On, Hi-Way, Tom Drunk, No Faith, Your Love, Fire Fire, Warriors, Lord Is My Shepherd.
“Many More Roads”, Artists Only, 2001, CD, with these songs: Who We Are, Many More Roads, Heart Of A Lion, Yesterday, Freedom, Love In The Morning, Ska-Ba-Dar, Valley Of Decision, Giving I A Fight, In A De Dance, Warning, Hailie I
“Radio”, 2007.
Artist Info: Female singer born as Alpharita Constantia Anderson on July 25th 1946 in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. She started recording in 1965, recorded solo first as “Girl Wonder” then as Rita Marley and also with The Soulettes, then backing singer for the Wailers as one of the I-Threes, finally she records solo. Wife of Bob Marley. She is the mother of Sharon, Cedella who were adopted by Bob Marley and carry his name now, of Ziggy, Stephen and Stephanie with Bob Marley (Cedella Booker says, Bob would not be father of Stephanie) and Serita born 1986. She now lives in Ghana. Still active.
I Made A Mistake / The Vow
I have the JA Studio One, 1965, 7-inch.
The a-side is credited to The Wailers, the b-side is credited to “Bony & Rita”, recorded 1965.
Don´t Care What The People Say / Tighten Up
A-side is credited to The Soulettes, recorded with The Wailers 1965. Matrix is WIRL CS 1143-1. Runs 3,13. B-side is credited to The Soulettes, recorded 1965. Matrix is WIRL CS 1144-1.
I have the JA Studio One (Early Label) ST 8 / ST 9, 1966, 7-inch.
One More Chance
From 1965.
I have this track on “Wailers & Friends”, USA Heartbeat, LP and CD.
You´re No Good / Don´t Care What The People Say
A-side is credited to Ken Boothe. Matrix is EJ 3031 A 1 420 1 2. B-side is credited to The Soulettes. Matrix is EJ 3031 B 1 1 1 1. Runs 3,14.
This 7-inch has an extra writer credit for the a-side to (Clement) Dodd.
I have the UK Ska Beat JB.248, 1966, 7-inch.
Friends & Lovers / I’m Sorry For You Baby
I have the JA Studio One (Matrix: C.S.Dodd – 23 – 009 / C.S.Dodd – 26 – 602), 1966, 7-inch.
Both sides credited to Rita Marley.
Both tracks with The Wailers sharing harmonies, recorded 1966.
B-side is not released on an LP or CD album.
You Lied
From 1966.
I have this track on CDR (Rare Tracks)
Bless You
From 1966.
I have this track on “Wailers & Friends”, USA Heartbeat, LP and CD.
That Ain´t Right
From 1966.
I have this track on “Wailers & Friends”, USA Heartbeat, LP and CD.
A Deh Pon Dem
From 1966.
I have this track on “Wailers & Friends”, USA Heartbeat, LP and CD.
Hey Senorita
From 1966.
I have this track on “Ska-Au-Go-Go, Various Artists, JA Studio One, 1967, LP.
Pied Piper
From 1966.
I have this track on “Club Ska ´67?, JA WIRL, LP and UK Trojan, 1972, LP and on the private “Kazo Various Reggae Sites” CD.
It´s Alright
From 1966.
I have this track on the private “Kazo Various Reggae Sites” CDR.
I have this track on CDR (Rare Tracks)
King Street
From JA Blank, 1966, 7-inch.
I have this track on the traded “Wailers Old Singles” and on the private “Kazo Various Reggae Sites” CD.
Please Don´t Go
By Saint Peter
I have these tracks on Lee Perry Chicken Scratch (Deluxe Edition) CDR.
“Pleaae Don´t Go” runs 3,14. “By Saint Peter” runs 2,32.
Opportunity (Soulettes)
Also released on JA Studio 1, 1967, a-side: Pressure And Slide) (The Tennors) (Matrix: FCD 7900-A) / b-side: Opportunity (Soulettes) (Matrix: FCD 7900-B)
I have this track on “Reggae Ska Mix Up CDR” (2,34).
Please Me Mine (Soulettes)
I have this track on “Reggae Ska Mix Up CDR” (2,33).
Bring It Up (Alternate)
From 1970.
I have this track on Lee Perry´s “Lost Treasures Of The Ark”, 3-CD-Box.
I´ve Been Lonely (Rita and The Soulettes) (3,06)
I´ve Been Lonely Version (Rita and The Soulettes) (3,05)
Released on JA Tuff Gong, 1972, 7-inch.
I have these trackls mp3-sourced on “Jamaican Jewels CDR”
A Jah Jah / Jah Version
First released 1978.
I have the reissue on JA Tuff Gong (Matrix: DSR 5090 A / B), 1993, 7-inch.
Who Feels It Knows It
I have the UK Trident TLP 001, 1980, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Also released on USA Shanachie, 1990, LP.
Also released on USA Shanachie, 1990, CD.
That’s The Way, Who Feels It Knows It, Thank You Jah, Good Morning Jah, Play Play, A Jah Jah, The Beauty Of God’s Plan, I’m Still Waiting, Jah Jah Don’t Want, Easy Sailing
Produced by Grub Cooper, Rita Marley and Bob Marley.
Featuring Junior Marvin, Steve “Asaph” Golding, Carlton, Miky Chung, Ricky Walters, “Familyman” Barrett and Earl “China” Smith on guitars, Tyrone Downie, Earl Lindo, Gladstone Anderson, Grub and Ricky on keyboards, Tyrone Downie on synthezizer, Peter Ashbourne and Mr Day on strings, Pam and Woody, Grub and Ricky on back-up vocals, Bobby Ellis, David Madden, Arnold Brackenridge, Calvin Cameron, Vin Gordon, Cedric Brooks, Tommy McCook, Glen Da Costa and Headley Bennett on horns, “Familyman” Barrett, Ricky Walters and Robbie Shakespeare on bass, Carlton Barrett, Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace and A Grub Cooper on traps (drums) and Saba, Steve, Grub and Ricky on percussion.
Her first album.
Who Feels It Knows It
I have the German Strand 6.24532, 1980, LP (First German Pressing).
A Jah Jah, That’s The Way, Who Feels It Knows It, Thank You Jah, Good Morning Jah, The Beauty Of God’s Plan, I’m Still Waiting, Play Play, Jah Jah Don’t Want, Easy Sailing
Her first album with the tracks in a alternate order.
That’s The Way / Who Feels It
I have the German Strand 6.12940, 1980, 7-inch.
One Draw / So High (One Draw Version)
I have the German Hansa 104 577, 1982, 7-inch.
That´s The Way (Jah Planned It) / Jah Plan
I have a recording of this JA Rita Marley, 7-inch. Matrixes: RM 003 – A / RM 003 – B. The a-side plays (3,31), the b-side is a version (3,31). Thanks Raul.
I have the Canada Shanachie 43010, 1982, LP (First Canadian Pressing).
Also released on USA Shanachie, 1990, CD.
Also released on USA Shanachie, 1990, LP.
The Beauty Of God’s Plan, Fussin’ And Fightin’, Harambe, King Street, There’ll Always Be Music, My Kind Of War, Who Is Your Neighbour, Love Iyah, Retribution, Who Can Be Against Us
Produced by Ricky Walters, Grub Cooper and Steve Golding.
Her second album.
Live With The Melodymakers
Place and date is unknown.
I have this unreleased show on CDR.
That´s The Way, A Jah Jah, Who Feels It Knows It, Thank You Lord, There Always Be Music, No Woman No Cry, So High, One Draw, Harambe, Jamming, Sugar Pie (Melodymakers), Children Playing In The Street (Melodymakers), What A Plot (Melodymakers)
Play Play
I have the EU Universal, 2004, CD (First release).
Play Play Play, originally a JA Blank, 1968, 7-inch.
Bring It Up, recorded 1970, originally a JA Tuff Gong, 1971 and UK Jackpot, 1971, 7-inch, b-side.
Lonely Girl, recorded 1968. JAD production released on The Complete Wailers 1967 – 1972 set.
This World, originally a JA Attack, 1973, and JA Justice League, 7-inch.
Why, 1973.
Give Her Love, originally a JA Blank, 1970, 7-inch, a-side.
My Desire, recorded 1970, originally a JA Tuff Gong, 1971 and UK Jackpot, 1971, 7-inch, a-side.
Give Me A Ticket, originally a JA Blank (Tempa), 1971, 7-inch.
When The Festival Is Over, originally A JA, 1973, 7-inch.
Friend And Lovers Forever, originally a JA Studio One, 1972, 7-inch.
Let It Be, recorded 1970, originally a JA Upsetter, 1972, 7-inch.
I’ve Been Lonely, originally a JA Tuff Gong, 1972, 7-inch.
Rainbow Island, originally a JA, 1973, 7-inch.
Sylvia’s Mother, recorded 1972, originally a JA Attack, 1973, 7-inch.
I Do, originally a JA Tuff Gong, 1973, 7-inch.
Put Your Hand In The Hand, recorded 1972, originally a JA, 1973, 7-inch.
Collection of early recordings.
Their are these further albums:
“We Must Carry On”, 1988, released on UK EMI CD 1991, and USA Shanachie, 1991, CD, and USA Shanachie, 1991, LP, her third album.
“Good Girls´ Cult”, Shanachie, 1990, LP, her fourth album.
“Sings Bob Marley … And Friends”, USA Shanachie, 2003, CD, maybe a compilation of old songs or new recordings.
“Sunshine After The Rain”, UK Snapper, 2006, CD (recorded 2003, her latest album).
The albums “One Draw” on USA Shanachie and “Beauty Of God´s Plan” on USA Shanachie include only tracks from their first two albums, to my knowledge.
And there are a couple of songs on 7-inch or compilation album only, like these:
Cutting Wood (Girl Wonder), JA Porto-Jam, 1965, 7-inch.
Mommy Out Da Light (Girl Wonder), JA Porto-Jam, 1965, 7-inch.
La La Lover (The Soulettes), JA Coxsone 503, 1965, 7-inch.
It´s Only Time (Peter Austin and Rita Marley), JA Blank, 1965, 7-inch.
I Love You Baby (Soulettes), JA Studio One, 1965, and UK Doctor Bird, 1966, 7-inch.
A Time To Turn (Soulettes), JA Studio One, 1966, and UK Supreme, 1966, 7-inch.
Come To Me (Rita Marley), JA Blank, 1966, and UK Island 3052, 1967, 7-inch.
Satisfaction, JA Blank, 1966, 7-inch.
Spring Is Coming (Rita Marley), JA Studio One, 1966, 7-inch.
Why (Soulettes), JA Coxsone, 1966, 7-inch.
Why Version (Soulettes), JA Coxsone, 1966, 7-inch.
You Lied (Rita Marley), JA Musik City, 1966, 7-inch.
Time For Everything (Soulettes), Presenting Jamaica All Stars Volume 1, Various Artists, 1967, LP.
Dum Dum (Soulettes), UK Island WI 3086, 1967, 7-inch.
Baby Come On Home (Tony Gregory & The Soulettes), JA Supreme, 7-inch backed by “Maria Elena” by Tony Gregory.
The Sound Of Silence (St. Andrews Choir), JA Blank and JA Trojan, 1969, 7-inch.
Big Dog Bloxie (Upsetters) (in fact Let It Be Version), JA Upsetter and UK Upsetter, 1970, 7-inch.
Give Her Love Version, JA Blank, 1970, 7-inch, b-side.
Boy Named Tom, recorded 1970, JA Blank, 7-inch / testpressing.
Someday (Soulettes), JA Upsetter, 1971, 7-inch.
All Of Your Loving (Soulettes), JA Jackpot JP 767, 1971, 7-inch.
I Do Version (Soulettes), JA Tuff Gong, 1973, 7-inch, b-side.
Rise And Shine (Love Is The Song) (Soulites), UK Gemini, 1973, 7-inch.
Rise And Shine (Love Is The Song) Version (Soulites), UK Gemini, 1973, 7-inch.
Same Thing (Soulettes), JA Attack and JA Justice League, 1973, 7-inch.
This World (The Soulettes), JA Attack and JA Justice League, 1973, 7-inch.
Yeah Yeah, JA, 1973, 7-inch.
Play Play / Play Play Dub, JA Tuff Gong, 7-inch
Thank You Lord / Thank You Dub, JA Tuff Gong, 7-inch
Artist Info: David Nesta “Ziggy” Marley is a singer and a son of Bob and Rita Marley born October 17th 1968. He started to record with The Melodymakers in 1985, see below. Still active.
Play The Game Right (Melodymakers)
I have the German EMI 0642404131, 1985, LP (First German Pressing).
Also released as “Reggae Is Now” on EMI, 1999, CD.
Naah Leggo, What A Plot, Play The Game Right, Aiding And Abetting, Revelation, Children Playing In The Streets, Reggae Is Now, Unuh Nuh Listen Yet, Rising Sun, Natty Dread Rampage
“Children In The Street” is a song Bob Marley wrote, but never recorded, he gave the song to his children to record later.
Conscious Party
First released on Virgin, 1988, LP.
I have the Virgin, 1992, CD on CDR.
Conscious Party, Lee And Lolly, Tomorrow People, New Love, Tumblin´ Down, We A Guh Some Weh, A Who A Say, Have You Ever Been To Hell, We Propose, What´s Time, Dreams Of Home
One Bright Day
I have the German Virgin 210054, 1989, LP (First German Pressing).
Also released on Virgin, 2001, CD.
Pains Of Life, Obe Bright Day, Urban Music, All Love, Look Who’s Dancing, Black Mystory (Not History), Love Is The Only Law, Who Will Be There, When The Lights Gone Out, Justice
Produced by Ziggy Marley, Glenn Rosenstein, Chris Frantz & Tina Weymouth.
First released on Virgin, 1991, CD.
Also released on Atlantic, 1992, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Raw Riddim, Kozmik, Rainbow Country, Drastic, Good Time, What Conquers Defeat, First Night, Wrong Right Wrong, Herbs An’ Spice, Problem With My Woman, Jah Is True And Perfect, Small People, So Good So Right, Namibia, New Time & Age, Generation
The Best Of (1988 – 1993)
First released on USA Virgin, 1997, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Kozmic, Look Who’s Dancing, One Bright Day, Good Time, Joy And Blues, Justice, Black Mystory (Not History), Lee And Molly, New Love, Tomorrow People, Brothers And Sisters, Rainbow Country, Tumbling Down, Small People, When The Lights Gone Out, Who Will Be There, Conscious Party
Free Like We Want 2 B
I have the Elektra, 1996, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Power To Move Ya, Free Like We Want 2 B, Today, Water And Oil, Live It Up, Tipsy Dazy, Bygones, Hand To Mouth, In The Flow, Don´t Go Nowhere, G7, Keep On, Beautiful Mother Nature
Fallen Is Babylon
I have the Elektra, 1997, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Fallen Is Babylon, Everyone Wants To Be, People Get Ready, Postman, Brotherly Sisterly Love, Born To Be Lively, Long Winter, I Remember, Day By Day, Five Days A Year, Notice, Diamond City, Jah Bless, People Get Ready
The Spirit Of Music
I have the Elektra, 1999, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Keep My Faith, We Are One, Beautiful Day, Gone Away, All Day All Night, Higher Vibration, All I Need Is You, One Good Spliff, Let It Go, 13 Months Of Sunshine, Many Waters, High Tide Or Low Tide, Won´t Let You Down, Jah Will Be Done
Live, Vol. 1
Released on Elektra, 2000, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Power To Move Ya, Conscious Party, Beautiful Day, Jah Bless, One Good Spliff, Free Like We Want 2 b, Jammin’, Postman, Stir It Up, Higher Vibration, People Get Ready, Could You Be Loved, I Know You Don’t Care About Me
There are four more studio albums:
Hey World, 1986, LP and Capitol, 1989, CD
Joy And Blues, USA Virgin, 1993, CD.
Dragonfly, RCA Victor, 2003, CD.
Love Is My Religion, Disleased, 2006, CD.
Artist info: Singer, writer and arranger born as Fitzroy Marshall on December 17th 1941 in Jamaica. He is a cousin of Aston and Carly Barrett. He started his singing career in 1962. he was part of the duos Larry & Alvin and Larry & Enid. He is still active.
I Admire You
First released on JA Marshall LM 001, 1976, LP.
She Is My Woman, I Admire You, Shirley, Captivity, Jah Fire, My Foreparent, Is Wey The Money Deh, Set Me Free, Thelma, Can´t You Understand, You Lie, Oh Jah
I have the reissue on USA Heartbeat CDHB 57, 1992, CD on CDR.
She Is My Woman, I Admire You, Shirley, Captivity, Jah Fire, My Foreparent, Heavy Heavy Load (extended mix), Is Wey The Money Deh, Set Me Free, Thelma, Can´t You Understand, You Lie, Oh Jah, Oh Girl (extended mix)
“Heavy Heavy Load” and “Oh Girl” are CD bonus tracks.
Produced by Larry Marshall.
Recorded 1975 at Randy´s, Harry J. and Joe Gibbs.
Drums: Carlton Barrett and Sly Dunbar. bass by Lloyd Parks, Aston Barrett, Flabba Holt and Robie Shakespeare, guitar by Peter Tosh, Earl Chinna Smith , Willie Lindo, Dooley, Berttram McLean and Brad Ryan, percussion by Bongo Herman, melodica by Bobby Kalphat.
I Admire You In Dub
I have the Motion FAST CD 004, 2000, CD on CDR.
Watergate Rock, Thelma Dub, Fire In Town, Is Whey Deh Money Dub, Dub Is My Woman, Still In Pressure, Locks Of Dub, Come on Baby, Give Thanks To Jah, Downtown Rock, Oh Jah Dub, You Lie Version, Heavy Heavy Load
Produced by Larry Marshall.
Recorded 1975 at Randy´s, Harry J. and Joe Gibbs.
Mixed at King Tubby´s by King Tubby.
Drums: Carlton Barrett and Sly Dunbar. bass by Lloyd Parks, Aston Barrett, Flabba Holt and Robie Shakespeare, guitar by Peter Tosh, Earl Chinna Smith , Willie Lindo, Dooley, Berttram McLean and Brad Ryan, percussion by Bongo Herman, melodica by Bobby Kalphat.
Further albums are
“Presenting Larry Marshall”, 1973.
“Dance With Me Across The Floor”, 1988.
“Come Let Us Reason”, 1992.
“In Jah Corn Field”.
“Golden Hits”, 1998.
“Throw Mi Corn”

Artist info: See Toots & The Maytals.
Artist info: Vocal duo of Vernon Buckley on lead vocals and Gladstone Grant on harmony vocals.
Their name “Maytones” is an amalgan of their hometown “May Pen” and their favorite group “Heptones”.
They started with auditions for GG´s label´s producer Alvin Ranglin and recorded first for Clement Dodd at Studio One in 1968. Their first released song is “Billy Goat”. This track was quickly followed by “Loving Reggay”, recorded at Dynamics, what was one the first songs using the new reggae rhythm. Then followed “Copper Girl”, “Botheration”, “Cold Up”, and later “Sentimental Reasons” and “Lover Girl”. Between 1971 and 1976 they released at least four dozen singles for Alvin Ranglin´s GG´s label.
Vernon Buckley´s departure from the band in the late 1970s in fact mark the end of The Maytones. There have been a few sporadically revivals of the band that led to the album “Tune In And Rock” in the 1980s. Besides the listed album their is another album called “Hard Time” released on the Tabansi label in the late 70ies on LP. And there is a “Best Of The Maytones” album on LP. Recently a compilation appeared on the Trojan label titled “Brown Girl In The Ring”. “Funny Man” is a reissue of “Loving Reggae” plus “The Best Of The Maytones”, two albums on one CD. Further compilations are “Solid Gold Showcase” and “Their Greatest Hits”.
In 1997 Vernon Buckley released an album as “The Maytone” called “Rocky Road”. Another album release is “Raw” credited to Vern Maytone.
Boat To Zion (LP)
I have the Burning Sounds BS 1022, 1978, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Don´t Show Off, Do Good, When Will Peace Be, Take Your Time, Be Careful, Speak The Truth, Who Feel It, People Are Changing, Serious World, Boat To Zion
Produced by A. Ranglin.
Recorded at Channel One.
Boat To Zion (Compilation)
I have the Dressed To Kill METRO 0433, 2001, CD on CDR.
Africa We Want To Go, Baby Give Me The Right Loving, Billy Goat, Contiquiros, De Dey Wid Di Money, Funny Man, Lover Man, Loving Reggae, Ready Baby, Serious Love, Zion Land, Judgement Day, Me Na Tek You Lick, People Are Changing, Sha La La I Need You
Compilation of their greatest hits.
“Billy Goat” is their second single of 1968. Their first single of 1968 “Loving Reggay” is maybe the first track to use the word “reggay”. Their story sounds as authentic as the better known story about Toots & The Maytals “Let´s Do The Reggay”.
Madness (Mighty Maytones)
I have the UK Burning Sounds BS 1002, 1976, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Madness, Loving Reggae, Cantankerous, Serious, Funny Man, Music Is A Part Of Life, Ital Queen, God Bless The Day, Judgement A Come, Zion Land
Produced by Alvin Ranglin.
One Way (The Maytones)
I have the GG´s GG 019, 1979, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
One Way, Ready Bag, Lover Man, Never Gonna Run Away, Jah Is The Master, How Long, Show Us The Way, Sister I Wanted All, No Ease Up, Judgment Day
The Mighty Maytones Album Showcase
I have the Funky Hut FH 1, late 70ies, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Freedom, Version, Promises, Version, Reggae Music, Version, Praise Jah, Version, Don´t Trouble Trouble, Version
Tune In And Rock (The Mighty Maytones)
First released on Pioneer International PIONR 001, late 70ies, LP.
I have the reissue on Canadian Abraham, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Freedom, Don´t Trouble Trouble, Walk With Ijah, Tune In And Rock, Chatty Chatty Mouth, Right On Time, Raindrops, Hundred Pounds Of Clay
Produced by Alfred Abraham & Sidney Crooks.
Keep The Fire Burning (Mighty Maytones)
I have the Third World TDWD 20, 1980, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Whose Gonna Dance With Me, Jamaica, Reggae Music, Longest Liver, Praise Jah, Throw Down Your Arms, Hard Time, Don´t Trouble Trouble, Can´t Push Me, Only Your Picture
Only Your Picture (The Maytones)
First released on D-Music, 1981, LP.
I have the UK Vista Sounds VSLP 4078, 1984, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Only Your Picture, Throw Down Your Arms, Save Us Jah, Can´t Push I, Longest Liver, Jamaica, Who Can´t Hear Will Feel, Answer Dee Telephone, Hold On Steady, Jah Praise
Natural Feeling
I have the Drum & Bass, 1987, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Settle Down Woman, Settle Me Dub, I Remember, Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand, Mr Postman – Dub, Every Time That I See You, How Can I Refuse A Love Like Yours, Give Me A Chance To Prove My Love, Make Up Your Mine – Dub, Oh Girl, Broke Pocket Boobs, Broke Pocket Dub
Artist info: Winston McAnuff is born 1957 in Jamaica. He started to record in 1975 and after some long breaks he now is still active.
Pick Hits To Click 1975 – 77
First released on JA Crystal B 1005, 1977, LP.
I have the French Maka MKS 16, 2006, CD on CDR. Punky Rock, Time Is Running Out, Whosoever Believeth, Irie Lion, Ugly Days, My Pick To Click, Kushy I, Head Corner Stone, Lover Man, Garvey´s Vision, Punky Rock Part 2
His debut album.
The original album has the songs in different order. The songs above appear in this order: 1, 11, 10, 9, 6, 7, 5, 3, 4, 8, 2.
Produced by Derrick Harriott.
What A Man A Deal With?
First released on JA Top Ranking, 1978, LP
Released as “One Love” on Crocodisc CC2-716 and French Lagoon, 1995, CD including one extra dub, What A Man Saw Dub”.
Released on France Maka MKS 07, 2003, CD including six extra dubs.
I have this album on CDR.
What Man Sow, What The Man A Deal Wid (I Would Like To Know), One Love (Let’s Hand And Heart), Hypocrites And Parasites, Praying For That Day, Jah Love, Everyman, Unchained (Extended Version feat. Trinity), Unchained Dub #, What Man Dub #, What The Man A Dub Wid #, Hypocrites Dub Parasites #, Jah Dub #, Everyman Dub # (# : extra tracks on CD)
Featuring Fatman Riddim Section, Bo-Pee, Barnabas, Skully, Tamlins.
His second album.
Electric Dread
I have the JA Skengdon SKDLP 004 (USA Distribution), 1986, LP (First JA Pressing).
Change My Mind, Gambling Man, Big Boss Car, Furnish House, Ain’t That Love, Here I Am, No Parking, Won’t Give Up
Produced by Kenneth “Skeng” Black.
Backed by Ian Lewis, Touter Harvey, Lance Hall, Charles Farguhason from “Inner Circle”.
His third album released after a six year break.
Won´t Give Up / Stronger Strong (Skengdon All Stars)
I have the JA Skengdon SKD 023, 1986 (USA Distribution), 7-inch.
Winston Mc Anuff Singles 1977 – 1986
7-inch – wav – mp3 CDR.
01. Crystal DSR 3280-A Winston Mcanuff – Unknown Melody
02. Crystal DSR 3281-B The Revolutionaries – Insturmental Version
03. Crystal DSR 3309-A Winston McNuff – Having A Party (1977)
04. Crystal DSR 3309-B Bass Line Party (1977)
05. Gorgon DSR 7686-A Winston McAnuff – I Love Jah
06. Gorgon DSR 7686-B Headly Bennett – I Love(mislabeled)
07. Skengdon SKD 023-A Electric Dread – Won’t Give Up (1986)
08. Skengdon SKD 023-B Skengdon All Stars – Stronger Strong (1986)
09. Thrillseekers DSR 0235-A Winston MacAnuff – Change Your Style (1979)
11. Thrillseekers DSR 0235-B Version (1979)
12. Top Ranking Sounds TR DDD 1-A Winston McAnuff & Trinity – Unchained (12-inch) (1980)
13. Top Ranking Sounds TR DDD 1-B Fatman Riddim Section – Still In Chains (12-inch) (1980)
Diary Of The Silent Years (1977-2000)
First released on France Maka /M10 322 282 M 650, 2002, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Fear, Head Corner Stone, Secret, Peace, Sun Setting In The Sea, I Do Love You, Malcolm X, Burning Bridges, Get Thee Hence Satan, Sun Setting In The Sea (Acoustic Version), Fear Dub, Dub Corner Stone, Secret Dub, Peace Dub, Dub Setting In The Sea I Do Love Dub, X Dub, Burning Dub
Featuring Santa, Chinna, Tamlins, Bagga, Pablove, Bongo Herman, Cedric Myton, Familyman, Wire, Harold Butler.
His fourth album.
There are more albums:
“A Drop” (With Bazbaz), 2005, CD, with these songs: Rastafari Is His Name, Mother Africa, Devil May Roar, Rendez-Vous, Sentenced, Sort Me Out, Way Back Home, Lomne Ltd, Rock Steady, Reggae On Broadway, Common Sense, You Will Make It, Make Me Sweat. His fifth album.
“Paris Rocking”, Black Eye, 2006, CD, with these songs: Rock Soul, Wandering Drummer Messenger, Paris Rockin´, Don´t Play, Wretched State, Treat Me Good, Reach Out And Touch H.I.M., Roamer, Ras Child, Quiet Room, Return To Sender. His sixth album.
And there is one DVD:
“A Drop Live” (With The Bazbaz Orchestra), Black Eye, 2006, DVD, with these songs: Sentenced, Devil May Roar, Mother Africa, Rastfari Is His Name, Rock Steady, What A Man Sow, Reggae On Broadway, Sort Me Out, Common Sense, Make Me Sweat, Some Ltd, Rendez Vous, Way Back You, Unchained, Midnight.
And there are some single sides:
The original single with “Ugly Days, probably with a version not on an album.
“Armageddon Time” and it “Version” from 1977.
“Having A Party” with Sly and Robbie.
And there are two singles for Channel One recorded circa 1986 backed by The Black Kush, his new backing band consisting of his children, one as drummer, one as DS and one as singer.
Artist Info: Tommy McCook was born in Havana, Cuba in 1927 and raised in Jamaica. He graduated from Alpha Boys School in Jamaica and joined Eric Dean´s Orchestra in 1947. He is famous for his tenor saxophone play, but he also played flute, fiddle, alto saxophone, trumpet and piano. This orchestra was one of the leading swing bands in Jamaica. He lived in Bahamas from 1954 to 1962. Coxsone Dodd made him the leader of his All-Star Band. Tommy McCook christened the band The Skatalites and recorded for Clement Dodd, Duke Reid, Lloyd Dales, Vincent Chin and Justin Yap in 1964 and 1965. Then he moved to Arthur “Duke” Reid to lead The Supersonics, the favorite instrumental voice of rocksteady. In 1975 he participated in the short-lived reunion of The Skatalites as well as in their last reunion in 1983. He recorded with The Skatalites for Shanachie and did some solo recordings in USA for Moonska and Stubborn. He died May 5th 1998 in Atlanta, USA.
Green Mango (Tommy & Bobby)
I have the UK Attack ATLP-1004, 1974, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Green Mango, Roast Fish, Funky Stuff, Hot Pepper, Stay Lack No. 17, Concrete Rok, Reggae Masterpiece, Autumns Mood, Walk On The Wild Side, Musical Rocket (featuring Prince Far I ), Jumbo Skank, Slow Piece
Produced by Winston Riley.
Featuring Tommy McCook on tenor sax and Bobby Ellis on trumpet.
First released on JA Horse, 1975, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Trojan CDHR 706, 1996.
Also released as “Brass Rockers” on JA Striker Lee, 1975, LP and Lagoon, 1991, CD.
A Dancing Dub, A Version I Can Feel With Love, A Lovely Melody, The Mighty Gates Of Goza, Bongo Man Dub, True Believer In Dubs, The Duke Of Earl Dub, The Big Boss Of Dubs, Behold Dis Ya Dub Of Class, Dance With Me, A Gigantic Dub, The Gorgon Of Dubs & Horns
Backed by The Agrovators featuring Robert Shakespeare, George Fullwood, Carlton Davis, Carlton Barrett, Brethren Benb., Earl Chinna Smith, Ossie Bongo, Brother Ian, Bernard Harvey, Tony Chin, Aston Barrett, Brother Bogga. Mixed at King Tubby´s. Produced by Bunny Lee.
Blazing Horns / Tenor In Roots
I have the reissue of these two albums on UK Blood And Fire BAFCD 044, 2003, CD.
Blazing Horns:
First released on Grove Music GMLP 002, 1977, LP.
Blazing Horns, Tears Of Love, Glorious Lion, Mine Eyes, Jamaican Place, Yellow Bird, Tommy´s Mood, Ites Of Zion, Jah, Lamb´s Bread
“Blazing Fire” on CD is the album track extended with a dub version called “No Water” released on Grove 7-inch b-side in 1979. “Blazing Fire” is a sax cut of “Fire Fire” by Yabby You. “Lamb´s Bread” appeared on Grove 12-inch b-side. This album is produced by Vivian “Yabby You” Jackson.
Riding West (12-inch)
This song is produced by Bunny Lee and released on 12-inch.
Tenor In Roots:
Originally released as “Horny Dub” on Groundation GROL 510, 1976, LP.
More Music, Tubby´s Control, Everyday Sax, South Side Feeling, When I Fall In Dub, Far Over Yonder, Gold Street Skank, Harry Meet Tommy, Way Down in South
These tracks were produced by Glenmore Brown and released on White Label only circa 1977. This CD combines the complete “Blazing Horns” album and the complete “Tenor In Roots / Horny Dub” album with three sides from 7-inches and 12-inches remastered by Kevin Metcalfe who did the mastering for the original “Blazing Horns” album in 1977.
During his career that lasted over half of a century he participated in uncounted recordings. Further albums of Tommy Mc Cook include:
“Top Secret”, JA Techniques WRLP 35, 1969, LP and Beatville, 1999, CD.
“Tommy McCook Dub”, JA Blank (Matrix: MIC – TMC – 2662), LP. Sold in 2007 for 1.162 USD.
“Horney Dub” (Glen Brown & Tommy McCook), UK Grounation (Pre Release) GROL 510, 1976, LP and released as “Glen Brown Meets Tommy McCook At Cross Roads Caledonia Place”, JA Micron, white label, LP.
“Down On Bond Street”, 60ies recordings, 1993, CD.
“Green Mango” (Bobby Ellis & Tommy Mc Cook), UK Attack, 1974, LP.
“Showcase”, Culture Press, 1997, CD.
“Reggae In Jazz” Eve EVLP, 1976, LP.
“Disco Rockers”, Dynamic Sounds, 1977, LP.
“Cookin´ Shuffle”, Jamaica Authentic, CD.
“Tommy´s Last Stand”, Creole CT 5008, 2001, CD.
“Yabby You Meets Tommy Mc Cook In Dub”, Peacemaker, CD.
“Yabby You Meets Sky & Robbie With Tommy Mc Cook, Prophet, 80ies, LP.
Artist Info: Singer born June 27th 1956 in Jamaica. He started to record as young as aged seven with “The Clarendonians”. In 1970 he started to record solo as “Little Freddie”. During the 80ies and 90ies he released over two dozen albums. Still active.
Bobby Babylon
First released on JA Studio One, 1980, LP.
I have this album recorded on CDR.
Bandulu, We Need More Love, What Difference Does It Make, Go Away Pretty Girl, Tomorrow Is Like Today, Bobby Babylon, Wine Of Violence, Gonna Take Over Now, Rasta Man Camp, I Am A Revolutionist
Produced by C.S. Dodd.
His debut album release including recordings of the seventies.
Leg It (Freddie Mc Gregor & Cocoa Tea & Dennis Brown)
I have the UK Greensleeves GREL 189, 1993, LP (First UK Pressing).
Leg It, Bad Mind, Last Lick, Try Love, Home Boy, Chilling Out, Quashie, What About Love, Here’s To The Famous, It Could Be Worst
Produced by Augustus Clarke. Some songs are recorded by all three artists together, some are recorded solo.

Artist Info: Vocal group consisting of Winston Watson, Danny Clarke and Ansel Gridland, founded 1974. Ansel Gridland later left the band in the mid 80ies, while Winston Watson and Danny Clarke stayed in USA. The Mediations not only appear at their own albums but also as backing vocalists at George Faith´s 1976 album “Super Eight”, at The Congos´ 1977 album “Heart Of The Congos” and at Jimmy Cliff´s 1978 album “Give Thankx”. They appear as backing vocalists at Bob Marley & The Wailer´s “Punky Reggae Party” (1977), “Blackman Redemption” (1978), “Rastaman Live Up” (1978) and “Who Colt The Game” (1978 / 2002).In 1992 the original trio was rebuilt and is still active today.
Message From The Meditations
First released on USA Double-D DDLP 001, 1976, LP.
Also released on JA Wildflower LP 380, 1977, LP.
Also released on USA Makossa International M 2365, 1981, LP.
Also released on UK United Artists UA LA 802, 1978, LP.
Also released on UK Ballistic UAS 30178, 1978, LP.
Also released on USA United Artists 30178, LP.
Also released on USA Liberty LP LT2-51164, 1985, LP.
I have this album on CDR (mp3-sourced).
Running From Jamaica, There Must Be A First Time, Tricked, Do Mama Do, Rome, Woman Is Like A Shadow, Babylon Trap Them, Woman Piabba, Changing Times, Rastaman Prayer.
Their debut album with some tracks are from their 1975 / 1976 singles.
Produced by Dobby Dobson.
Wake Up
First released on USA Double-D DDDLP 444, 1977, LP.
Also released on UK Third World TWS 929, 1978, LP.
Also released on USA Makossa International M 2344, LP.
Also released on JA Sound Proof SP 002, 1978, LP.
Also released on JA Sound Proof, SP 002, 1979, LP (later matrix).
I have this album on CDR (mp3-sourced).
Wake Up, A Wey Me Do, Turn Me Loose, Nyah Man Story, Being A Dread Is No Crime, Fly Natty Dread, Traitor, Stoning Me Away, Get Left, Another Plight.
Their second album.
Produced by Dobby Dobson.
First released on USA Tad´s TRD LP 101579, 1979, LP.
Also released on JA Gorgon, 1979, LP.
Released on Makasound MKS 05, 2003, CD including four extra tracks.
I have this album on CDR.
Justice *, Jungle Feeling, Hard Life, War Mongers, Senorita, Something Looking Good, Life Is Not Easy, Play I, Marriage, Miracles, Woman Piabba #, There Must Be A First Time #, Changing Of The Time (aka Changing Times) #, Rome #.
* : bonus song
# : taken from their first album “Message From The Meditations”.
Their third album, backed by The Wailers.
I Love Jah
First released on USA Wackies WLP 510, 1982, LP.
I have the USA Wackies WCD 510, 2002, CD on CDR.
Take It Easy (Extended Mix), We Gonna Make It (Extended Mix), Rebounce, For The Good Of Man (Extended Mix), You Care For Me (Extended Mix), I Love Jah (Extended Mix).
Their fourth album produced by Clive Barnes.
No More Friend
First released on JA Thompson Sound, LP.
Also released on UK Greensleeves GREL 52, 1983, LP.
Also released on UK Greensleeves GRELCD 52, CD.
I have this album on CDR (mp3-sourced).
No More Friend, Forcing Me, Jack On Top, Mother Love, Book Of History, Carpenter Rebuild, Fuss And Fight, Slick Chick, Talk Of The Town, Big City.
Their fifth album.
For The Good Of Man
I have the German Bellaphon / Greensleeves 260-07-115, 1988, LP (First German Pressing).
Mr. Vulture Man, Rootsman Party, Tin Sardine, Wallah Up, For The Good Of Man, Bourgeois Game, Dem A Fight, Man No Better Than Woman, Woman Woman, Rocking In America
Produced by The Meditations. With Winston Watson and Danny Clarke as a duo.
Their sixth album.
Meditations Singles 1976 – 1988
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Disco Mix DSR 2437-A Meditation’s – Woman Is Like A Shadow (1976)
02. Disco Mix DSR 2438-B Version (1976)
03. Scandal AC 8146-A Ansel & The Meditations – Tricked (1976)
04. Scandal AC 8146-B Ansel & The Meditations – Part Two (1976)
05. Scandal DSR 5072-A Meditations – Life Is Not Easy (1979)
06. Reggae Sound VPRD 157-A Little John – Slim Thing (12-inch) (1979)
07. Reggae Sound VPRD 157-B The Meditations – Ease Up Fattie (12-inch) (1983)
08. Oneness DSR 7250-A Meditations – Man No Better Than Woman (1988)
09. Oneness DSR 7251-B Version (1988)
10. Digital English DE 9903-A Meditations – Come We Go Reason
11. Digital English DE 9903-B Version
Return Of The Meditations
First released on JA Sonic Sounds, 1993, LP.
Reissued on USA Heartbeat, LP.
I have this album mp3-sourced on CDR.
Jailhouse, Scarface, Choice Of Colours, Youth And Youth, False Doctrine, Tan Deh, Talking Love, She So Shy, Doubtful Love, What Kind Of World.
Their seventh album.
Deeper Roots
First released on Heartbeat CDHB 158, 1994, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Wake Up, Turn Me Loose, Running From Jamaica, Having Fun, Miracles, Jungle Feelings, Woman Is Like A Shadow, Nice Time, Quiet Woman, No Peace, Babylon Trap Them, Something Looking Good, Groovy Situation (Being A Dread Is No Crime), Think So (Much More Smarter), Tricked, Fly Natty Dread, Do Mamma Do, Man Find It, What A Bam Bam (The Linkers), Bongo Man (The Linkers)
Compilation of their best songs recorded 1972 – 1986. “Man Find It” is previously unreleased.
Ghetto Knowledge
I have the Easy Star, 1999, CD on CDR.
African Connection, Ghetto Is A College, Great Tribulation, Blackman Redemption, Excited, Living On The Edge, Do Be Down, Educated Fools, One Of Us, Nevert Desert You, Moses, Only Jah Love, Enemies Away, Jah Music, The Police, Rudeboy Corner, The More I Try
Their eighth album.
There are some compilations with some more tracks:
“Reggae Crazy”, Nighthawk NH 317, CD, compilation (1974 – 1979) seemingly with four exclusive tracks: Really Have To Worry, Pattin´ On Shoulder, Cry On My Shoulder, Reggae Crazy
“Greatest Hits”, UK Greensleeves GREL 69, 1984, Shanachie SH 43015, 1991, CD, seemingly with three exclusive tracks: Rasta Shall Conquer, Standing On The Corner, Ram Jam Session
Artist info: Jamaican vocal trio founded in 1965 by Tony Brevett (the brother of Skatalites bassist Lloyd Brevett), Brent Dowe and Trevor McNaughton. Their biggest hit is “River Of Babylon”. In 1973 Brent Dowe left the band for a solo career what led to the end of the Melodians. They briefly reunited in the mid 1970s and again in the early 1980s. In the late 1990s the group was re-activated and performed as a trio until 2006 when Brent Dowe died. Tony Brevett and Trevor McNaughton are still active and touring as Melodians.
I have this LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Don´t Get Ready (Weary Blues), Little Nut Tree, Swing And Dine, Na Ga Long So, Love One Another, Better Days Are Coming, Dry Up Yout Tears, I´m Gonna Fall In Love, Give Some Way To Love, Survival Is The Game
Rivers Of Babylon (The Best Of The Melodians 1967 – 1973)
I have this CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
You Don´t Need Me, I´ll Get Along Without You, You Have Caught Me, Let´s Join Hands, Come On Little Girl, Little Nut Tree, You Are My Only Love, Swing And Dine, I Could Be A King, Sweet Rose, It Comes And Goes, Ring Of Gold, You´ve Got It, Personally Speaking, When There Is You, Everybody Brawlin, Sweet Sensation, It´s My Delight, A Day Seems Too Long, Say Darling Say, Rivers Of Babylon, It Took A Miracle, Your Destiny, Lock Love Away, Passion Love, Black Man Kingdom Come
Artist Info: New vocal group from St. Croix. They did their first album release in 1997 and are still active. Their homepage including more infos you can find here:
I have this private compilation on CDR with some of their best songs.
Montains (Nemozian Rasta), Propaganda, Love The Life You Live, Bless, Pagan Pay Gone, Don´t Mind, (Lion Dread), Meditation (Babylon Fruits), White Collar Criminal, Rasta Man Stand
Artist Info: Vocal trio. The Mighty Diamonds are Donald “Tabby” Shaw, Fitzroy “Bunny” Simpson and Lloyd Ferguson. Donald Shaw and Fitzroy Simpson have been together since the late sixities when they formed an unrecorded group called “The Limelights”. Fitzroy Simpson at that time also recorded with Jah Lloyd’s group, “The Meditators”. The trio began recording as “The Mighty Diamonds” in 1969 for Rupie Edwards and released their first album “Right Time” in 1976. After thirty years they are still active releasing new albums and touring world wide.
Right Time
First released on JA Well Charge, 1976, LP.
Also released on UK Virgin, 1976, LP.
Also released on Channel One JJ 022, 1990, LP.
Also released on Shanachie SH 43014, LP.
Also released on Virgin, CDFL 18, CD.
I have the Hitbound JJ 084, CD.
Right Time, Why Me Black Brother Why, Have Mercy, Shame And Pride, Gnashing Of Teeth, Them Never Love Poor Marcus, Gleaner Or The Star, Masterplan, I Need A Roof, Go Seek Your Right
Produced by Joseph Hoo Kim and Ossie.
Their debut album.
Vital Dub (Well Charged)
The dub companion of the album “Right Time”.
First released 1976.
I have the reissue on USA Virgin / Caroline CAR 49698, 2000, LP.
Roof Top Dub, Ital Step, Fence Dub, Ishens Dub, Total Dub, Merciful Dub, Cell Block 11, Killer Dub, Blacka Black Dub
Produced by Joseph Hoo Kim.
Ice On Fire
First released on UK Virgin V 2078, 1977, LP.
Also released on Virgin CDFL 11, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Country Living, You Are Just A Song, If I Should Leave You, Tonight, Comin´ Through, Get Out Of My Life Woman, Sneaking Sally Through The Alley, Little Angel, Cat-O-Nine, Back Weh Mafia, Whole Wide World, Tracks Of My Tears
Planet Earth
I have the UK Virgin V 2102, 1978, LP (First UK release) mp3-sourced on CDR.
Where Is Garvey, Let The Answer, Struggling, Carefree World, Got To Get Away, Sweet Lady, Only Brothers, Just Can´t Figure Out, Come Me Brethren, Planet Called Earth
Planet Mars Dub (The Icebreakers)
I have the UK Virgin FL 1010, 1978, LP (First UK release) mp3-sourced on CDR.
Also released on Virgin CDFL 2, CD.
Dub With Garvey, Sweet Answer, Work Out, Who Cares, Run Away, Grand Rock, Two Brothers, Finger out, Ital Rock, Planet Mars
The dub companion of the album “Planet Earth”.
Stand Up To Your Judgement
First released on JA Channel One, 1978, LP.
I have this album on CDR.
Jah Will Work It Out, Just Another Man, Payaka, Cho Me Brethren, I Want To Know, Fools Rush In, Back Whey, Stoned Out Of My Mind, Country Living
Deeper Roots + Dub
First released on Virgin FL 1045, 1979, LP.
Also released on Virgin FLD 6001, 1978, LP.
Reissued (the vocal and the dub album on one CD) on EU Virgin CDFL 26, 90ies, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Reality, Black Man, Dreadlocks Time, Don’t Carry No Diamonds, Gleaner Or The Star, Bodyguard, 1000 Years, Masterplan, Two By Two, We Pray
Reality Dub, Black Man Dub, Dreadlocks Time Dub, Don’t Carry No Diamonds Dub, Gleaner Or The Star Dub, Bodyguard Dub, 1000 Years Dub, Masterplan Dub, Two By Two Dub, We Pray Dub
Tell Me What´s Wrong
I have the USA / JA J6 J 020, 1980, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Brothers And Sisters, Party, Have A Little Mercy, Tell me What´s Wrong, Know Your Culture, You Better Beware, No Opportunity For The Youth, I Don´t Mind What You Are Saying, Love Me Girl, Still In Love
Indestructible (Anthology Vol. 1)
I have this CD on CDR.
Pass The Kouchie, Natty Dread Have Him Credential, Dice Cup, Stand Up To Your Judgement, Tell Me What Is Wrong, Horse Is Horse, Jah Will Work It Out, Hurting Inside, Pretty Woman, Tamarind Farm, Red Tapes, Reggae Street, Fancy Lady, Fools Rush In, Kinarky, Hustling, Revolution, No Crying No Bawking, Wise Son, Your Hearts Desire, Jah Jah Lord There is also an album called “Indestructible” first released on USA Alligator AL 8303, 1981, LP. This album consists of track 10, “Party Time”, track 18, “Love Is Not Hard To Find”, “All I Have Is Love”, track 01, track 08, tracks 19 – 20, track 13 and track 17. So all tracks except three re-appear at this anthology.
“Hurting Inside” is written by Bob Marley.
The Roots Is Here
First released on Music Works, 1982, LP.
Also released on Shanachie SH 43009, 1991, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Everybody Has An Accept, Declaration Of Rights, Pretty Woman, The Poor Man´s Prayer, Heads Of Government, The Roots Is Here, Juvenile Child, Ebony And Ivory, Part Time Love, The Breadwinner
“Ebony And Ivory” is a cover of the song originally recorded by Stevie Wonder and Paul Mc Cartney.
Leaders Of Black Countrys
First released on UK Mobiliser Music SRE 31, 1983, LP.
I have this album on CDR ( hi res mp3-sourced).
No More Will I Roam, Roamer, Leaders Of Black Country, Falkland Crisis, Morgan The Pirate, Black Beard The Pirate, Bad Dog, Gun Hawk, Mr Brown, Brown Skin Lover, Who Is Sorry Now, You Sorry
Produced by Tappa Zukie & R. Sinclair.
Mighty Diamonds Singles 1977 – 1984
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Bad Gong DIAMOND 225-A Mighty Diamonds – Let Jah Son Shine (12-inch) (ca. 1984)
02. Bad Gong DIAMOND 225-B Plaza Style (12-inch) (ca. 1984)
03. Bad Gong DSR 8918-A Mighty Diamonds – One Love (12-inch) (ca. 1984)
04. Bad Gong DSR 8918-B Mighty Diamonds – Wicked Man (12-inch) (ca. 1984)
05. Joe Gibbs DSR 3358-A Mighty Diamonds – Keep On Moving (1977)
06. Joe Gibbs DSR 3359-B Bigger T – Keep On Dubbing (1977)
07. Joe Gibbs DSR 5484-A Mighty Diamonds – Gypsy Woman (1978)
08. Joe Gibbs DSR 5485-B Mighty Two – Gypsy Dub (1978)
Track 01. is a cover of USA soul bands “5ths Dimensions´” “Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In” from the hippie musical “Hair”. Track 02. is its version.
Track 3 is not a Bob Marley cover but a different song.
Track 06. is a Bob Marley cover. Track 07. is its version.
Get Ready
First released on Rohit, 1988, LP.
I have the Greensleeves, 1997, CD on CDR.
Schoolmate, Another Day Another Raid, Tonight I´m Gonna Take It Easy, Idler´s Corner, Cannot Say You Didn´t Know, Sensemilla, My Baby, Get Ready, Up Front, Modeller
Bonus tracks on my CDR only: Bad Boy Business, Heavy Load
Go Seek Your Rights
First released on Virgin CDFL 9002, 1990, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Right Time, Why Me Black Brother Why?, Have Mercy, Shame And Pride, Gnashing Of Teeth, Them Never Love Poor Marcus, One Brother Short, Master Plan, I Need A Roof, Go Seek Your Rights, Bodyguard, Natural Natty, Africa, Sweet Lady, Got To Get Away, Let The Answer Be Yes
Compilation of tracks of 1976 to 1979.
Speak The Truth
First released on RAS, 1994, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Knock Knock, Corrupt Cop, Gone Bad, Speak The Truth, Hey Mommy, Live In Love, Surely, Why, This Time, Things You Do
There are many more albums:
“Disco Showcase” (Leroy Smart & The Mighty Diamonds), Gussie, 1979, LP.
“Changes”, Music Works BSLP 11981, 1981, LP.
“Dubwise”, Music Works, 1981, LP.
“Reggae Street”, Shanachie SH 43004, 1981, LP.
“Backstage”, Music Works, 1983, LP.
“Struggling”, Live & Learn LL 15, 1985, LP.
“If You Looking For Trouble”, Live & Learn LL LP 22, 1986, LP and Live & Learn LL CD 022, 1986, CD.
“Heads Of Government”, Reggae GLP 003, 1980ies, LP.
“Pass The Koutchie”, Bad Gong, 1980ies, LP and Musidisc, 1994, CD.
“From The Foundation” (The Mighty Diamonds & The Tamlins) Gone Clear GCCD 0393, CD.
“Vital Selection”, Virgin VX 1005, 1981, LP (Compilation).
“Kouchie Vibes”, Burning Sounds BS 1061, 1984, LP (Compilation of tracks 1978 – 1984).
“Live In Tokyo”, Overheat, 1985, LP.
“Real Enemy”, Greensleeves, 1987, LP and Greensleeves 1997, CD.
“Never Get Weary”, Live & Learn, 1988, LP and Live & Learn / Sanct, 1995, CD.
“Jam Session”, RAS, 1991, LP and Live & Learn / Sanct, 1991, CD.
“Patience”, 1991, and Tassa, 1992, CD and Inspired Corporation, 1992, CD and Peter Pan, 1992, CD.
“Moment Of Truth”, Mango, 1992, LP.
“Live”, Genes, 1992, LP.
“Paint It Red”, RAS, 1993, LP.
“Bust Out”, VP, 1993, LP and VP, 1997, CD.
“Revolution”, NYC Music, 2003, CD.
“Thugs In The Street”, 2006, CD.
Artist Info: Radio DJ working at Irie-FM in Ochos Rios, Jamaica.
Heathen Chant Continous Mix
First released on Holland Runnetherlands RN044, 1996, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Mix by Mighty Mike, all songs over the rhythm of “The Heathen”:
No Peace (Daweh Congo), Protect Us Jah (Morgan Heritage), Battering Down Survival (E.T. Webster), Over The Rocky Road (Admiral Tibet), Plea To Jah Jah (Professor Frisky), You’ve Been Warned (Tony Rebel), More Than Gold (Yami Bolo), Watch No Face (Ini Kamoze), Heathen Back (Cocoa Tea), Wild Kayote (Jack Radics), Watch Deh Now (Carlton Coffee), Face The Storm (Frankie Wilmott), Long Time We A Tell You (Cutty Ranks / Edi Fitzroy), Heaten Chant (Prezident Brown), Heart Of A Lion (Shabba Ranks), Live Wire (Determine), Rise And Shine Again (Louie Culture), Herb Fi Bun (Harry Chapman), Positive Fighter (Anthony Redrose), Who’s Gonna Save You (Spanner Banner & Prezident Brown), Build Up Africa (Vivian Jones), Mighty Mike Special (Cocoa Tea & Edi Fitzroy), Mikey Tek A Break
First album release.
Drum Song
First released ca. 1997.
I have this album on CDR.
Mix by Mighty Mike, all songs over the rhythm of “Drum Song”:
Intro, Give Thanks (E.F. Wesster), Time And Place (Junior Reid), Set Yourself Free (Morgan Heritage), Jah Call Them (Daweh Congo), Bingi Man (Yami Bolo), King Moses, Road Is Rough (John Junior), Hard Times (Franky Minnott), Passion Nuh Rassion (Anthony Red Roze), Fire Bone (Louie Culture), Whe Cruise This Word (Bounty Killer), Make Them (Sizzla), Talking Drums (Prezident Brown), Who (Determine), Joyful Shout (Prof Ikisay), Man A Bawl (Capleton), I Know (Shaggy Wonder), Set Yourself Free (Morgan Heritage)
Second album release.
Artist Info: Short lived hardly known vocal trio formed and seemingly active only in 1977. The Mighty Three are Noel Brown, who was a member of The Falcons in line with Dennis Brown and Johnnie Osbourne, his brother Bernard Brown and Carlton Gregory. Besides the album there are only a few songs to locate: Sit Down And Reason” and “In The Sun” both compiled on “Roots Rasta Party”, CD and “Roots Reggae Party Vol. 2?, CD.
Africa Shall Stretch For Her Hand
First released on April X 1949, 1978, LP (seven vocal tracks) and April, 1978, LP (seven dubs) and 7-inch (One Black People and its Dub).
Re-released on France Maka, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Rasta Business, Sinking In The Midst, Backyard Movement, Good Thing Going On, Nearer To Africa, One Black People, Don’t Say You Don’t Love, Sata (Version 1), Sata (Version 2) Rasta Dub Business, Sinking In The Mist Dub, Backyard Dub, Good Dub Going On, Nearer To Dub, One Black Dub, Don’t Say You Don’t Dub
Produced by Bertram Brown.
Artist Info: Singer, born May 4th 1952. He died on March 23rd 1980 by a car accident. Lead singer of Inner Circle. Started to record at the age of sixteen with one 7-inch “Love Is A Message” for Studio One in 1968, then teamed up with Augustus Pablo to record in the age of 18 classics like “Baby I Love You So”, “Each One Teach One” and “False Rasta”.
Jacob Miller With Inner Circle
I have this album on CDR.
Curfew*, Forward Jah Jah Children#, Ala-Ala-Bama, Eli’s Move, Have Some Mercy*, Westbound Train*, Curly Locks, Curly Locks Dub, All Night Till Daylight+, Fire A Go Burn, Gun Trade, Meet Me Tonight, None Shall Escape The Judgement*, You Can Handle It, You Make Me Feel Brand New*
Compilation of tracks recorded 1974 – 1976.
* first released on “Rock The Boat” (Inner Circle) (1974)
# first released on “Reggae Thing” (Inner Circle) (1976)
+ first released on “Tenement Yard” (Jacob Miller) (1976)
Who Say Jah No Dread (1974-75)
First released on UK Greensleeves GREL 166, 1992, LP.
Also released on UK Greensleeves GRELCD 166, 1992, CD.
I have the USA RAS RCD 003, 1992, CD.
Keep On Knocking, Knocking Version, False Rasta, Hungry Town Skank, Baby I Love You So, King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown, Who Say Jah No Dread, Jah Dread, Each One Teach One, Each One Teach One Version, Girl Name Pat, Girl Name Pat Version
Produced by Augustus Pablo. Mixed by King Tubby. Featuring Aston Barrett, Carlton Barrett, Robbie Shakespeare, Leroy Sibbles, Lloyd Adams, Earl Chinna Smith, Bobby Ellis, Richard “Dirty Harry” Hall, Vincent Gordon. Reggie, Augustus Pablo.
Compilation. First album collection of those early recordings, released on six 7-inches for Rockers label, recorded during 18 months.
“Keep On Knocking” uses some lines from “Love Is A Message” and Augustus Pablo’s “Black Gun” rhythm.
“Who Say Jah No Dread” is also called “Too Much Commercialisation Of Rastafari”.
Tenement Yard
First released on Jam Sounds, 1976, LP (including “Dread Dread” as the first song, not on the Island LP).
Also released on Starapple STAR LP 006, 1976, LP (including “Dread Dread” as the first song, not on the Island LP).
Also released on Top Ranking, LP (including “Dread Dread” as the first song, not on the Island LP).
Also released on United Artists UA 806, 1978, LP (including “Dread Dread” as the first song, not on the Island LP).
Also released on UK Island 201 087, 1980, LP.
I have the German Island 201 087, 1980, LP (First German Pressing).
Don´t Let Money Fool You, Suzie Wong, Tenement Yard, Everyday With You Girl, Dock Of The Bay, Tired Fe Lick Weed In A Bush, Truth Has Come Again, All Night Till Daylight, Forward Jah Jah Children, Why Can´t We Be Friends, Roman Soldiers Of Babylon
“Dock Of The Bay” is written by Otis Redding, a famous soul recording here presented in reggae style. “Why Can´t We Be Friends” is written by War and Jerry Goldstein, later a pop hit for Sade.
King Tubby Meets Jacob Miller In A Tenement Yard (= E E Saw Dub)
First released on JA E E Saw EW LP 301, 1976, LP.
I have the Motion FASTCD 018, 2006, CD on CDR.
Dreada Dread Dub (Dub of “Dread Dread”), Don´t Let Dub Fool You (Dub of “Don´t Let The Money Fool You”), Dey Call It Dub, Suzie Wong Dub (Dub of “Suzy Wong”), Judgement Yard Dub (Dub of “Tenement Yard”), Jah Jah Land Dub, City Of The Weakheart Dub (Dub of Earl Zero´s “City of The Weakhearts”), Roman Soldiers Of Dub (Dub of “Roman Soldiers Of Babylon”), Dub Has Come Again (Dub of “Truth Has Come Again”), Lick Weed Dub (Dub of “Tired Fe Lick Weed In A Bush”), 80.000 Dubs (Dub of “Ghetto On Fire”), Ghetto On Fire Dub, Dub The Weak Heart (7-inch version of the dub of Earl Zero´s “City Of The Weakheart Dub”), Ghetto On Fire (Dangerous Version) (7-inch version of “Ghetto On Fire Dub”)
Mixed by King Tubby.
extra tracks on my CDR:
Moses, Moses Was A Dread Locks, Mt Zion Dub, Tenement Dub, Curly Dub, All Babylonians, We A Rockers Dub (7-inch), Wanted Dead Or Alive (7-inch), Collie Weed Dub (mp3), Tired Fe Lick Weed (mp3)
The Killer Rides Again
First released on JA Talent, 1976, LP.
I have the reissue on USA V.P. VPRL 2029, 1991, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Fire A Go Burn, Have Some Mercy, Can You Handle It, Forward Jah Jah Children, Meet Me Tonight, You Make Me Feel Brand New, All Night Till Daylight, Ala-Ala-Bama
Backing by Inner Circle.
Produced by Tommy Cowan.
“Have Some Mercy” is also recorded by George Faith and toasted by Jah Lloyd.
Jacob “Killer” Miller
First released on JA Top Ranking (Matrix: DSR 4870), 1977, LP.
I have the German Island 201 088-320, 1980, LP (First German Pressing)
I Shall Be Released, 80.000 Careless Ethiopians, Shaky Girl, Big Stripe (To Lock Up Rasta-Fari), Killer Miller, Land Called Home, Mrs. Brown, City Of The Weak Hearts, Lamb’s Bread Collie
Produced by Inner Circle.
I Shall Be Released / Discipline Child
I have the German Island 101 933, 1980, 7-inch.
First released on JA Top Ranking, 1978, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Silver & Gold, I´ve Got The Handle, Standing Firm, Healing Of The Nation, Wanted, Sinners, Ital Light, Peace Treaty Special, Bionic Skank.
Jacob Miller Meets Fatman Riddim Section
I have the Lagoon, 1995, CD on CDR.
Standing Firm, Black Spy, Silver & Gold, Straight To Cuddley´s Chest, Ital Light, Laughing babylon, Wanted, Copper Bullet, Healing Of The Nation, Joshua A Leaf, I´ve Got The Handle, Wariera Hill Rock, Peace Treaty Special, Pass The Pipe, Sinners, SMG Skank, Bionic Skank, Badness Never Pay
Reissue of Jacob Miller´s “Wanted” album and its dub Fatman Riddim Section´s “Baldhead Justice” album, both first released 1978.
extra tracks on my CDR:
Girl Don´t Come, Mix Up Moods Version 2
Live At Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1978
I have this unreleased CDR.
Mary Mary, Sinners, Discipline Child, Tenement Yard
Natty Christmas (with Ray I)
First released on Top Ranking XMAS 1, 1978, LP.
Also released on Top Ranking, 1980, LP.
I have the reissue on USA RAS 3103, 1987, LP.
Wish You A Merry Christmas, Ahameric Temple, (Ray I), Silver Bells, Natty No Santa Claus (Ray I), All I Want For Ismas (Jacob Miller with Ray I), On The Twelve Days Of Ismas, Deck Of Halls (Jacob Miller and Ray I)
Mixed Up Moods
First released on Top Ranking TRI 1980.99, 1979, LP.
Also released on Island ITOP 9623, 1980, LP.
Also released on Sonic Sounds, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Top Ranking ITOP 9623, 1999, LP.
Mixed Up Moods, Come Seek Jah, Jolly Joseph, Take A Lift, Once Upon A Time, Mr. Officer, Chapter A Day
Also released on Crocodisc CC2-707, 1993, CD including some extra tracks: Mix Up Moods (2nd Version), Is It War, Election Now, Olympic Boycott, Russian Invasion, Hostage 50.
Lives On
First released on Joe Gibbs JGML 8016, 1980, LP.
I have the 17 North Parade VP 4119, 2008, CD on CDR.
I´m A Natty / Knotty Knots (Special Extended Mix), Shakey Girl (Special Extended Mix), I´m Just A Dread / One Shot (Special Extended Mix), Keep On Knocking / This Old Man (Special Extended Mix), Keep On Running (Special Extended Mix), Backyard Movements / Fussing And Fighting (Special Extended Mix), Fly Away, The Villain (Dub), Above Rocks (Dub), Front Page (Dub)
I´m Just A Dread
I have the Rocky One, 2000, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
And I have the Joe Gibbs JGMCD 1012, 2000, CD on CDR (featuring overdubs)
I´m A Natty, Keep On Knocking, Fly Away, Shakey Girl, I´m Just A Dread, Keep On Running, Back Yard Movements, You´ll Live On
Forward Jah Jah Children
I have the Trojan TJDDD 189, 2004, 2-CD on 2-CDR.
CD 1:
Cool Operator, Picture On The Wall, Book Of Rules, Natty Dread, Mr Big (Augustus Pablo), None Shall Escape The Judgement, Forward Jah Jah Children, The Big Rip Off (Augustus Pablo), I Shot The Sheriff, Here I Am (Come And Take Me), Curfew, Road Block, Road Block Dub, Westbound Train, Everything I Own, Curly Locks, Irie Feelings, Hillside Airstrip (Augustus Pablo), Some Guys Have All The Luck, Burial, House Raid (Augustus Pablo), False Rasta / I & I A Go To Zion
CD 2:
Dread Inna Babylon, Moses, The Truth Has Come Again, Girl Don´t Come, Tenement Yard, City Of The Weak Heart, Roman Soldiers Of Babylon, Killer Miller, Suzy Wong, Sinners, I´ve Got The Handle, Lamb´s Bread Collie, Healing Of The Nation, Tired Fe Lick Weed In A Bush, Big Stripe, Standing Firm, Forward Ever, I Shall Be Released, Land Called Home, 80.000 Careless Ethiopians, Mrs. Brown, Shaky Girl, All Night Till Daylight
Compilation of his greatest hits.
Jacob Miller & Inner Circle Singles
7-inch or 12-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Love Is A Message (aka Let Me Love You) (1968) (Coxsone, no matrix)
02. Love Is A Message Pt. 2 (Jacob & Soundemension) (1968) (Coxsone, no matrix)
03. Baby I Love You So (1975) (SYDNA BU 1280-A)
04. Rockers Pride (Rockers All Stars) (1975)
05. Keep On Knocking / This Old Man (Jacob Miller / U Brown) (1977) (12-inch)
06. Above Rocks Bubbler (Joe Gibbs, ET & The Professionals) (1977) (12-inch)
07. All Night Till Daylight (1976) (Arabs TV 3115-A)
08. Greater Light Dub (Inner Circle) (1976) (Arabs TC 3115-B)
09. Stand Firm (1978) (Top Ranking DSR 6184-A)
10. Dub It Firm (Inner Circle) (1978) (Top Ranking DSR 6185-B)
11. Healing Of The Nation (1978) (Top Ranking DSR 6256-A)
12. Healing Dub (Fat Man Rythm Section) (1978) Top Ranking DSR 6257-B)
13. Too Much Imitator (1976) (Jam Sounds JM 001-A)
14. Imitation Dub (1976) (Jam Sounds JM 001-B)
15. Come On Down Boogie People (Dave Williams & Inner Circle) (1978)
16. Out Of The Steets – Into The Streets (Dave Williams & Inner Circle) (1978)
17. Computer Style (Inner Circle) (Harry J Producion)
18. Version
“Love Is A Message” is the very first released recording of Jacob Miller. He was 13 or 14 at that time.
Artist Info: Singer.born as Milliecent Small on October 6th 1942. Their is an album release of 1970 and some compilations. She recorded until circa 1972. A Trojan, 2004, CD called “Time Will Tell” includes most of her released work. After all she remains famous for being the first Jamaican who had a number one hit in UK and worldwide.
My Bob Lollipop / I’m In Love
I have the German Blue Mountain 12 708 AT, 1965, 7-inch.
“My Boy Lollipop” is arranged by Ernest Ranglin and produced 1964 by Chris Blackwell. The song features a melodica solo played by a very young Rod Stewart who later gained international success with songs like “Do You Think I´m Sexy”. “My Boy Lollipop” was the first UK Number One hit made in Jamaica. Originally “My Boy Lollipop” was recorded by Barbie Gaye in 1956. “I’m In Love” is produced 1965.
Artist Info: Singer and producer born as Lincoln Minott on May 25th 1956 in Kingston. He started to record with the African Brothers in the late sixties to continue also at Studio One as a solo artist with his first albums “Live Loving” and “Showcase” released in 1978. His nickname has its reason in his sweet singing style. He released lovers rock and dancehall music during the eighties and nineties and also produced other artists. “Herbman Hustling” was one of his latest hits. He is still active.
I have the L & M Record Co VPRL 1079, 1979, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Don´t Distress, Same Dog, Run Down Vanity, Ghetto People, Youth & Youth, Smile, Shame On You, Best In Me, More Dub To Play, Come Right In
Give The People
I have the UK United Artists, 1979, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
I´m Not For Sale, Give The People, Never Too Young, Be Careful, Right Track, Can´t Get Over, Save The Children, This World
I have the UK Trojan TRLS 173, 1979, LP (First UK Pressing).
Man Hungry, The People Got To Know, Walking Through The Ghetto, Dreader Than Dread, So Many Things, Never Gonna Give Jah Up, Ghetto-Ology, Africa Is The Black Man’s Home, Strange Things, Free Jah Jah Children
Produced by James Brown, Keith Bartley and Sugar Minott. Backing vocals by Little Roy, Ian Rock, Tony Tuff, Tristan Palma, Ashanti Waugh.
Black Roots
I have the German Island 202 808, 1980, LP (First German Pressing).
Re-released on Mango, 1990, LP.
Mankind, Hard Time Pressure, River Jordan, Jail House, I’m Gonna Hold On, Oppressors Oppression, Two Times Loser, Black Roots, Clean Running, Mr. Babylon Man
Produced by Lincoln Sugar Minott. Backing vocals by Don Carlos, Lacksley Castell, Ashanti Waugh, Jah Lee
Good Thing Going
I have the RCA RCALP 3051, 1982, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Good Thing Going, High Up Above, Never My Love, House On A Hill, My Sisters, Jasmine, Life Without Money, Lonely Days, Walk On By, Family Affair
Good Thing Going
First released on USA Heartbeat, 1982, LP.
Also released on House Of Reggae, 1996, LP.
I have the EU Pegasus PEG CD 272, 2000, CD (with four extra tracks).
Now We Know, Can You Remember, Lonely Days, Good Thing Going, Just Dont Want To Be Lonely, Make It With You, Missing You, Show Me That You Love Me, The Girl Is In Love, A House Is Not A Home, Lovers Rock #, Never Too Young #, You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling #, Sandy #
# : CD extra tracks.
A 1989 LP and a 1990 CD on Heartbeat with the same title has a different track list.
International Herb (long) (Sugar Minott) / International Dub (Wackie Passie)
I have the UK Wackies / Dougie’s, 2003, 10-inch.
Recorded 1983.
Wicked A Go Feel It
Firest released on USA Wackies, 1984, LP.
I have the reissue on CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
So Much Trouble, Good Thing Going (new recording), Wicked A Go Feel It, It´s You I Love, She Stays On My Mind, Don´t Take Away, Freedom Train, Think It Over, Going Back To Mother Land
Slice Of The Cake
I have the USA Heartbeat HB 24, 1984, LP (First USA Pressing).
Also released on USA Heartbeat, 1990, CD.
Also released on USA Heartbeat, 1991, CD.
Nice It Up, Level Vibes, Inna Dance Hall Style, Is It True, Poor Man Pickney, Slice Of The Cake, No Vacancy, Give Thanks And Praise, Buy Out The Bar, How Could I Let You Get Away, We A Fi Live, Harbour Shark
Produced by Lincoln and Maxine Minott.
Sufferers Choice
First released 1988.
I have the reissue on USA Heartbeat HB 21, 1988, CD.
Also released on USA Heartbeat, 1991, CD.
Rough Ole Life (Babylon), Dress Up, Sufferer’s Choice, Uptown Ghetto, The Half, Lover’s Race, The Girl Is In Love, Have You Ever Found A Love, Keep On Loving You, The Youth Dem Getting Bad
Produced by Peter Thompson & Lincoln “Sugar” Minott. Rhythm tracks by Sly and Robbie, “Dress Up” & “Lover’s Race” by Roots Radics Band.
Another early album is:
“Live Loving”, JA Studio One, PSOL 001, LP, including: Jahoviah, Hang On Natty, Change Your Way, Give A Hand, Come On Home, A House Is Not A Home, Live Loving, Love Gonna Pack Up, Jah Almighty, Jah Jah Leads Us.
Artist Info: Singer. Miss Misty is born Diana Henn. It seems as if she recorded only during the year 1979.
Set My Heart On Fire (with Dillinger) / Body Heat (with Two)
I have the German Jamaica Sound / Bellaphon BF 18704, 1979, 7-inch.
There is an album:
“Can´t Stop”, French If Records, 1979, LP, including Can´t Stop, Whenever You Are Ready, Right Size, Love, Set My Heart On Fire, Come On And Dance (Dance And Shake Your Tamborine), Disco Kid, I Don´t Need Your Love, Lovin You. (I don´t know the reason, but once I saw it an auction sold for 1.225,00 USD.)
And there is a different single release:
Set My Heart On Fire / Can´t Stop, French If ZB 8356, 1979, 7-icnh. And there are two 12-inches:
Dance Dance Dance, French If, 1979, 12-inch.
White Christmas (Tribute To Bing Crosby) / Dub Version, Jamaica Sounds, 12-inch.

Artist Info: Jamaican keyboard player born March 3rd, 1948. He started as the house arranger of Studio One in the late 60ies. He played piano and organ for the Skatalites in his teens, then for the Soul Brothers and the Soul Vendors. He emigrated to Canada in the late 60ies to help to start the reggae scene there. He died at December 16th 1990. “Tribute”, USA Heartbeat, 1995, CD covers his essential music.
Macka Fat
First released on JA Studio One, ca. 1970, LP.
I have the reissue on JA Studio One SOL 1120, ca. 2000, LP.
Henry The Great, Good Feeling, Macka Fat, Lazy Bones, Fancy Pants, Something Else, Happy People, Purple Heart, Whoa Whoa, Division One, Ghetto Organ, Dad Is Home
Produced by C.S. Dodd.
Artist Info: Jamaican trumpet player born October 5th 1938. His nickname is “Dizzy” has its background in a story of the late 1950s where he suggested to some producers to establish a original Jamaican music style instead of copying the US american music. At that time this was received as nothing as else as an idea of a “Dizzy”, a mad man. In fact history prooved him not that Dizzy in fact as Ska was invented a few years later. He was raised in Alpha School until 1955, then played three years in the Jamaican Miltary Band and then became a founding member of “The Skatalites”. After playing with The Supersonics he also joined the Skatalites´reunification in 1983 and was in the band until his death on August 16th 2008. He also supported many reggae groups with his trumpet.
Something Special
I have the JA High Times, 90ies, LP (First JA Pressing).
Rock Fort Rock, Swing Easy, Heartache, U Trouble Me, Dizzy’s Madness, Exodus, Still A King, Something Special, Wash Wash, Rise
Produced by Earl Chinna Smith.
Artist info: Singer born 1947. After some releases in Jamaica he emigrated to USA, in 1965 he started to record and to introduce roots reggae to New York City. His 1981 debut and hit album was followed by “Make My Day” and “Stand Firm and Dub” (Rohit). In the 90ies he focused in the career of his children to return to recording with “Salvation” (VP, 1998), followed by “Shock Dem” (VP, 2001, CD) and “Cool Runnings” (Artists Only, 2001, CD). He is the father of members of Morgan Heritage and LMS. Still active.
I’ll Do Anything For You
Originally released on USA Becket BKS 015, 1981, LP.
I have the France Vogue VG 409, 1981, LP (First French Pressing).
Also released on Unidisc SPLK-7003, CD.
Sweet Tender Love, Rastaman Rising, Never Give Up, No Secret, Come Together, Africa Is Calling, Who Knows What, I’ll Do Anything For You
Produced by Bert Reid.
His first album. Crossover production of reggae and disco songs for the USA market.
Artist Info: Band of five children of Denroy Morgan: Peter, Una, Roy, Lukes and Mr Mojo. Started to release with “Unjust World” in 1994. Further info: See their homepage: Still active.
Protect Us Jah
Originally released on USA VP, 1996, CD. I have the France Fifty-Five FF 1402-2, 1997, CD.
Set Yourself Free, Exalt Jah, What Man Can Say, People Are Fighting, When We Will Decide, Mama & Papa, Let’s Make Up, Africa, Here We Come, The King Is Coming, Watch The Heathen, Let Them Talk, Protect Us Jah, Love Is Flowing, Me Or You, Promise
Produced by Bobby Dixon. Their second album.
Morgan Heritage And Friends Volume Two
I have the UK Charm CRLP 122, 2000, LP (First UK Presing).
Buss Up Barriers (Morgan Heritage), Mass Media (Capleton), My People Calling (Jah Cure), Negus Negast (Buju Banton), Build And Destroy (L.M.S.), The Truth (Jah Mason), Giving You All (Prince Theo), Dis Mi Want Yu Know (Military Man), Harvest Is Plenty (Denroy Morgan / Morgan Heritage), Lost Your Character (Toots And The Maytals)
Their fourth album.
Live In Europe
First released on USA VP, 2000, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Jah Presence, Revolution, Trodin’ Jah Road, Eartquake, Talking ‘Bout War, One Bingi, Live Up, Protect Us Jah, Trodin’ To Zion I’m A Rastaman, New Time Sign, Bus Up Barriers, Speech, Reggae Bring Back Love, Don’t Haffi Dread
Their fifth album.
Best Of
I have this private compilation on CDR.
Jump Around, Helping Hand, What´s Going On, A Man In Love, A Man Is Still A Man, Down By The River, Protect Us Jah, Judge Not, Freedom, Don´t Haffi Dread, Same Old Song, World Cry, Reggae Bring Back Love, What We Need Is Love
Artist info: Vocal trio featuring Eric Lamont (Bingy Bunny) and Maurice Wellington (Blacka Morwell). The two started to record in 1971 but as Morwells with Lewis Davis for their own Morwell Esq. label in 1974 until 1980. Eric Lamont died on December 31st 1993. Maurice Wellington died on October 12th 2000.
Their albums include:
“Presenting The Morwells”, 1975.
“Dub Me”, JA Morwell ESQ, 1975, LP and JA Total Sounds 002, 1975, LP, including: Sky Ride, Bald Head Tubby´s, Morwell´s Star, Jah Star, John Bull, Lightning And Thunder, Pegasus Rock, Morwell´s Theme, Concord, Jungle Shuffle.
“Crab Race”, 1978.
“Cool Runnings”, 1979.
“Kingston 12 Toughie”, 1980.
“The Best Of The Morwells”, 1981.
Something of fifty self-produced 7-inches were released of which many include songs not on any album.
Artist Info: Singer. Born as Pablito Henry on June 28th 1948. He started his career with the hit release “I Am A Grasshopper” produced by Lee Perry in 1975. In 2006 he appears as a guest singer on an album of “Groundation”. Still active but rarely.
Revolutionary Dream
First released on Tropical Sounds TSL, 1976, LP.
Also released on Klik KLP 9026, 1977, LP.
Also released on Different GET L 104, 1978, LP.
Also released on United Artists UA LA 798, 1985, LP (titled “I Love I Bring” with extra track “We Should Be In Angola”).
Also released on Musidisc, LP (including three extra tracks from other LPs: Don´t Force Me (1985), Live To Love (1988), Rastaman).
Also released on Jigsaw JWLPS 001, LP.
Also released on Jam Sounds JWLPS 001, LP.
I have the French Blue Moon BM 158, 1992, CD.
Also released on USA Shanachie, 1999, CD (with one extra track: “We Should Be In Angola”).
I Love I Bring, Be Not A Dread, Give I Fe Name, Come Mek We Run, Revolutionary Dream, Where Am I, I Man A Grasshopper, Corrupted Man, Blood Money, Lonely Singer
Produced by Geoffrey Chung, “I Man A Grasshopper” produced by Lee Perry. Featuring Leroy Wallace, Mikey Richards, Clive Hunt, Mikey Chung, Robbie Lyn, Tyrone Downie, Tommy McCook, Deadly Headly, Vin Gordon, Bongo Herman. His debut album.
One People (Alternate Mix) / Dub In Unity (The Rebels)
I have the JA-Man JMRP-701 (Reissue), 2004, 7-inch.
Produced 1977.
One People (Extended)
Produced 1977 / 78.
I have this track on Junior Byles & Friends “129 Beat Street”, CD.
A Song
First released on JA Penetrate, 1980, LP.
I have the German Island 202 336, 1980, LP (First German Pressing).
Also released on Island CCD 9541, CD.
A Song, Dubbing Is A Must, Revolutionary Step, Music Is My Desire, Each Is A Servant, One People, Lets Face It, Protect I / A Song (Reprise)
Produced by Geoffrey Chung. Background vocalists: Judy Mowatt, Rita Marley, Delroy Washington, Freddy Mc Gregor and others. His second album.
Pave The Way
First released on JA Penetrate, 1980, LP.
I have the USA Island / Mango MLPS 9633, 1981, LP (First USA Pressing).
Also released on Young Trees YTR 1222, 2005, CD (including the dub album listed later).
Proverbs Extractions, It’s A Trick, Pave The Way, Dig On, Africa Is For Me, A Step Before Hell, Last Straw, I See It Everyday, Sister
Produced by Geoffrey Chung. His third album.
In The Future
First released on Jamaican Humble, 1983, LP
Also released on Alligator AL 8308, 1983, LP.
I have the Holland Mercury 814 392-1, 1983, LP.
Also released on Tabou1 TB1CD02, 1998, CD (including the dub album, listed later).
In The Future, Ready Aim Fire, Who?, Reggae Warrior, I & I Naw Bow, Subway Rider, Slayer, What Is It? , Rhythm Track, Sillie Willie
His fourth album.
First released on Humble, 1985, LP.
I have the USA Alligator AL 8311, 1985, LP (First USA Pressing).
Also released on Globe Music, 1999, CD with extra tracks: Cutting Out Dub, Don´t Force Me Dub, Work Work Work Dub).
Tension, Watch Out, Don’t Force Me, Out Law, Open, Bomb The Nation, Play Play Play, In The Streets, Work Work Work
Produced by Pablo Moses.
Live To Love
I have the French Blue Moon BM 114, 1987, LP.
Freedom For The Africans, Live To Love, Rewind, Be Your Man, Pay Day, I Want To be With You, More Than I Expect, Fight Back, Bad Trouble, On Your Love, Green Light
I have the France Blue Moon BM 114, 1987, CD including two extended versions and three dubs as extra tracks.
Freedom For The Africans, Freedom Dub, Live To Love, Rewind, Be Your Man, Pay Day (extd.), I Want To be With You (extd.), More Than I Expect, Fight Back, Bad Trouble, On Your Love, On Your Love Dub, Green Light, Be Your Man Dub
Produced by Pablo Moses.
We Refuse
I have the Spainish Vemsa VLP 502, 1990, LP (First Spanish Pressing).
I Am A Rastaman, The Spirit Of Jah, Love Is A Thing, Charlie, Rasta, The Life He Lives, In South Africa, We Refuse, Under Your Spell, Bad Boy, What’s The Problem
Also released on Profile, 1990, CD with three extra tracks: Dub Boy, Spirit Of Dub, Rastman Dub
I have two of three extra tracks on CDR, missing “Rastaman Dub”.
Produced by Pablo Moses and Robbie Lyn.
A Confession of a Rastaman
First released on JA Moses, 1993, LP.
I have this album on CDR.
The Confession Of A Rastaman, Give Up, Lynch Mob, What We Need, Laugh Clowns, Is Black, African Children, Woo-oo, Life Of A Big Shot, Nowadays, Comfort You, Try To Know, Everytime, I Need A Break, Dis Reggae
I have the France RAS 3158, 1995, CD.
Will Power, Brain Wash, He Was Bad, Tick Tock, One Shot, Too Much, Never Seen, You Got A Spell, Stand Off Back Off, These Are The Days, Live Up Woman, Mission
Produced by Pablo Moses and Clive Hunt.
Pave The Way Dub
I have the Holland Walboomers WBLP 02, 1998, LP.
Also released on Tabou 1, 1998, CD.
And I have one extra track on CDR taken from the reissue on CD.
Also released on Young Trees YTR 1222, 2005, CD (including the vocal album listed before).
Proverbs Dub, Everyday Dub, Pave The Way Dub, Sister Dub, Before Hell Dub, African Dub, A Trick Dub, Dig To Dub, Straw Dub (CD extra track)
Produced by Geoffrey Chung and Pablo Moses.
In The Future Dub
I have the Holland Walboomers WBLP 03, 1998, LP.
Also released on Tabou1 TB1CD02, 1998, CD (including the vocal album, listed before).
Dub Future, Subway Dub, Rhythm Dub, Who Dub, Ready Aim Dub, Naw Bow Dub, Dub Slayer, What Is Dub
Produced by Pablo Moses.
Dubbing Is A Must (Reggae Live Sessions Vol. 4)
I have the France Heartbeat HBECD 20612, 1998, CD.
I Man A Grasshopper, Dubbin’ Is A Must, Brainwash, A Song, Proverbs Extractions, Freedom For The Africans, Give I Fe Name, Never Seen, I Am A Rastaman, Pave The Way, Ready Aim Fire, I Man Naw Bow
Recorded live at Paris, France, during “Peace And Love Tour 97?.
Produced by Pablo Moses and King Simo.
Great Stone / One People (Prince Alla / Pablo Moses – Dan Donovan / Don Letts Dub Cartell RMX)
This mix of Prince Allah´s Great Stone” and Pablo Moses “One People” appears at “Select Cuts From Blood & Fire Chapter Three” (Various Artists).
I have this German Blood & Fire / EFA 33403-1, 2000, 2-LP
Artist Info: Judy Mowatt born 1952 started her career with The Gaylads in 1965 or 1967, together with Beryl Lawson ad Merle Clemenson thy recorded until 1970. In 1970 her first solo 7-inch was released (”I Shall Sing” on Tip Top Records). She also was member of The I-Threes backing Bob Marley during 1974 to 1980. She also appeared as backing vocalist for example on Iya Karna & The Wailers´ “Inkarnation” album (1986), Peter Tosh´s “Equal Rights” album (1977), Serge Gainsbourgh´s “Aux Armes Et Caetera” album (1979). Since the mid seventies she released her music on her own Ashandon label. From 1998 until now she is releasing gospel tracks.
Mellow Mood (Original Mix) / Version (Original Mix)
I have a recording of this JA Tuff Gong, 1973, 7-inch. Matrixes: RRS 2122 S C/ DSR – SC 8466 – B. The a-side plays (2,45), the b-side is a version (2,53). The b-side is titled “Orthodox Revelation” but in fact has this version. The b-side starts without horns. I call it “Original Mix” as it is the Jamaican mix. Thanks Raul.
Mellow Mood (Original Mix) / Version (Alternate Mix)
I have a recording of this UK Horse HOSS 40, 1973, 7-inch. The a-side plays (2,48), the b-side is a version (2,49). The b-side starts with horns. I call it “Alternate Mix” as it is the UK mix, probably made a little later. Thanks Raul.
I Shall Sing (Judy Mowatt & The Gaytones) / Close (Instrumental) (The Gaytones)
I have the Horse HOSS042A / 42B, 1974, 7-inch mp3-sourced on “KAZO Record Vol. 10 CDR”.
Mr Big Man (Original Mix) / Mr Big
I have a recording of this JA Ashandon, 7-inch. The a-side plays (2,50), the b-side is a version (2,58). Produced by A. Cole. Thanks Raul.
What A Experience (Alt. Mix) / Version
I have a recording of this JA Ashandan, 7-inch. The a-side plays (3,14), the b-side plays (3,17). Produced by Tuff Gong Records. This alternate mix includes a “Yeah” after What an Experience” that is not findable at the album or the EMI single. Thanks Raul.
What An Experience / Pour Sugar On Me
I have a recording of this UK EMI 2469, 1976, 7-inch. The a-side plays (3,14), the b-side plays (3,19). Produced by A. Cole and Bob Marley for Tuff Gong Records. The a-side has the same mix as the album. Thanks Raul.
Also released on USA SIRE SAA 729, 7-inch.
Mellow Mood
First released on JA Tuff Gong, 1977, LP (black and white cover, label has “Tuff Gong” transparent, coloured like the background).
Second release: JA Tuff Gong, 1977, LP (coloured cover, label as usual).
(Some write 1975, but 1977 seems to be understood as the correct year.) Mellow Mood (Remix), Love Seed, I´m Alone, What An Experience, Mr Big Man (Remix), Pour Sugar On Me, You Were Too Good For Me, First Cut, Just A Stranger Here, Rasta Woman Chant
I saw two more songs listed: “My My People” and “Never Let Me Go”. But to my knowledge these songs not on these LPs.
“Mellow Mood” and “Pour Sugar On Me” are covers of Bob Marley songs.
Black Woman
First released on JA Ashandon, 1979, LP (three different labels findable).
Also released on French Mercury 6313 090 , 1979, LP.
Also released on UK Island ILPS 9649, 1980, LP.
Also released on Shanachie SH 43011, 1990, LP.
Also released on Shanachie SH 43011, 1990, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Strength To Go Through, Concrete Jungle, Slave Queen, Put It On, Zion Chant, Black Woman, Down In The Valley, Joseph, Many Are Called, Sisters Chant.
Featuring Earl “Chinna” Smith on guitar, Tyrone Downie, Earl “Wya” Lindo on keyboards, Headley Bennett on horns, Scully on percussion, mixed by Aston Barrett.
“Concrete Jungle” and “Put It On” are covers of Bob Marley songs. “Sisters Chant” and “Slave Queen” were performed by the I-Threes as openers for the 1980 Uprising World Tour of Bob Marley & The Wailers.
Black Woman / Black Beauty (Joy Tulloch)
First released on JA Ashandon, 1977, 7-inch.
Also released on UK Grove, 1977, 7-inch.
I have the Dutch Fleet 100 830, 1979, 7-inch.
The b-side is a different vocal version done in a talking style.
Only A Woman
I have the USA Shanachie 43007, 1982, LP (First USA Pressing).
Also released on Shanachie SH, 1990, LP.
Also released on Shanachie SH, 1990, LP.
I have this album on CDR.
You’re My People, Only A Woman, Trade Winds, Think, Got To Leave The West, I Am Not Mechanical, On Your Mark, Big Woman, You Don’t Care, Kings Of Kings
Produced by Judy Mowatt.
There are some more albums:
“Mister Dee-J”, JA Tuff Going, 1981, LP including Mr Dee Jay, Glad Song, I Am Not Mechanical, Big Woman, Trade Woman, On Your Mark, Think, Get Happy, Only A Woman, King Of Kings.
“Working Wonders”, USA Shanachie SH 43028, 1985, LP and USA Shanachie, 1990, CD and USA Shanachie, 1990, LP, including Black Man Brown Man, Working Wonders, Lovemaking, Let´s Dance, So Many Eyes, Mother Africa, Ethiopia Salaam, Hush Baby Mother, Traveling Woman, King´s Highway.
“Love Is Overdue”, USA Shanachie SH 43044, 1987, LP and USA Shanachie, 1990, CD and USA Shanachie, 1990, LP including Sing Our Own Song, Love Is Overdue, Try A Little Tenderness, Long Long Time, Rock me, Get Up Chant, Scre Face, Hold Them jah, One More Minute, Who Is He.
“Look At Love”, USA Shanachie SH 43087, 1991, CD including Fly African Eagle, Watchdogs, Groovin´, Guilty, Candle In The Wind, Jah Live, Tomorrow Nation, Skin Of My Skin, Look At Love, Lioness In The Jungle, Day By Day, Warrior Queen, Never Get Weary.
“Rock Me”, Pow Wow, 1993, CD including Simmer Down, Rock Me, Guava Jelly, Zion Chant, Bubbling, Lean On Me, Life, Mad Mad World, I Shall Be Released, House On Fire, Victory Is Near, God Bless The Children, Life (Hard Bass Mix).
“Thank You Lord”, Japan Techi, 1998, CD.
“We Shall Sing” (The Gaylads featuring Judy Mowatt”, Westside WESA 863, 2001, CD includes some early tracks with The Gaylads from 1967 – 1973: Silent Rivers Runs Deep, Something About My Man, I Like You World, Here Comes That Feeling, If You Can´t Be Good Be Careful, Take A Chance On Me, That´s How Strong My Love Is, Son Of A Preacherman, Groovin´, Yester-Me Yester-You Yester-Day, It Must Be Him, Way Over Yonder, I Love You, Rescue Me, I Shall Sing, Emergency Call, Mellow Mood.
There are some further singles with b-sides not on any album:
“Way Over Yonder / Version” (Julianne & The Gaytones), JA Gay Feet, 1971 and UK Trojan TR 7900, 1973, 7-inch.
“Emergency Call / Version”, UK Gay Feet GSA 207 and UK Trojan TR 7912, 1973, 7-inch.
“I Shall Sing / Version”, UK Horse HOSS 42, 1974, 7-inch.
“Tood Good For Me / Version”, Torpedo, 7-inch.
“You Pour Sugar On me / Version”, JA Ashandon, 1975, 7-inch.
“We Got To Leave The West / Leave The West”, JA Tuff Gong, 1976, 7-inch.
“Change Is Gonna Come / Version”, JA Ashandon, 1978, 7-inch.
“Many Are Called / Version”, JA Ashandon, 1978, 7-inch.
“Joseph / Version”, JA Ashandon, 1979, 7-inch.
“Put It On / Put It Jah”, JA Ashandon, 1979, 7-inch.
“Slave Queen / Version”, JA Ashandon, 1979, 7-inch.
“You´re My People / Peoples Version”, JA Ashandon, 1980, 7-inch.
“Love On A Two-Way-Street / Instrumental”, JA Sonic Sounds, 1981, 7-inch.
“Big Woman / Big Bird”, JA Ashandon, 1982, 7-inch.
“Didn´t I Do It / Version”, JA Ashandon, 1982, 7-inch.
“You Don´t Care / Version”, JA Ashandon, 1982, 7-inch.
Artist info: Jamaican producer born 1940. He started to produce in 1962 wit a track by Count Ossie. he is owner of the USA label Moodisc and some others. Since the 1980s he is located in Florida, USA. See
Harry Mudie Meets King Tubby´s In Dub Conference Vol. 1
I have the USA Moodisc, 1976, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
01. Full House Of Dub
02. Madhouse Dub
03. Dub For The Dread
04. Dub With A Difference (Dub of Heptones´ “Love Without Feeling”)
05. Caught You Dubbing (Dub of Maria Mudie´s “Caught You In A Lie”)
06. Roman Dub (Dub of Lloyd Jones´ “Rome” and Jo Jo Bennett´s “Leaving Rome”)
07. Dub Conference (Dub of Dennis Walks´ “Sad Sweet Dreamer”)
08. Heavy Duty Dub (Dub of “Mister Magic”)
09. Strip-Tease (Dub of Dennis Walks´ “Parent Eyes”)
10. String Dub In Rema (Dub of John Holt´s “Everybody Knows”)
Produced by Harry A. Mudie.
Harry Mudie Meet King Tubby´s In Dub Conference Vol. 2
I have the USA Moodisc HM-110, 1977, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
01. World Dub Conference
02. Marijuana Dub
03. Heart Leap Dub (Dub of Dennis Walks´ “Heart Don´t Leap”)
04. Dub Inside Out
05. Melody In Dub
06. Jungle Walk Dub
07. Maka Back Dub
08. Don´t Play With Dub (Dub Of Owen Gray´s “Don´t Play Yout Rock ´n´ Roll To Me”)
09. Planet Dub (Dub of Shark Wilson´s “God Is Standing By”)
10. Drifting Dub (Dub of Dennis Walks´ “Drifter”)
Produced by Harry A. Mudie.
Harry Mudie Meet King Tubby´s In Dub Conference Vol. 3
I have the USA Moodisc HM-112, 1978, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
01. Where Eagles Dare
02. With You In My Mind
03. Do This In Bed (Dub of Bunny Maloney´s “Baby I´ve Been Missing You”)
04. Peace Offering
05. Ninteen Love In Dub
06. Conference Theme
07. Tribal Recipe
08. Mudie´s Serenade (In Dub) (Dub of Bunny Maloney´s “Mudies Serenade: Lady Of Magic”)
09. Dub In Paradise
Artist Info: Singer and producer. Born June 14th 1952, died October 1983, he worked with Augustus Pablo from 1975 to 1978.
Africa Must Be Free
First released on JA Message (Matrix: DSR 2365), 1978, LP.
I have the repressing on JA Message, LP (Matrix D.S.R. 0345 / D.S.R. 0346) (Distribution stamp: Pablo Records LTD.).
And I have the repressing on JA Message, LP (Matrix D.S.R. 6952 / 6953) (Distribution sticker: V. P. Records, USA).
Released on UK Greensleeves, GREL 94, 1986, LP.
Released on UK Greensleeves GRELCD 504, CD (including the dub album)
Released on USA RAS 3201, 1989, CD (including the dub album)
Released on USA RAS, 1991, LP.
Lets All Unite, My Mind, Africa Must Be Free By 1983, Why Do Black Man Fuss And Fight, Book Of Life, Run Revolution A Come, Day Of Judgement, Jah Will Provide, Ital Sip
His debut album produced by H. Swaby.
Africa Dub
First released 1978 on JA Message, LP.
I have the reissue on JA Message, late 90ies, LP.
Released on USA RAS 3201, 1989, CD (including the vocal album).
Released on UK Greensleeves GRELCD 504, CD (including the vocal album)
Unity Dub (Let’s All Unite Dub), Africa Dub (Africa Must be Free By 1983 Dub), My Mind Dub, Western Kingston Style (Great Tribulation Dub), Levi Dub (Book Of Life Dub), Revolution Dub (Run Revolution A Come Dub), Judgement Dub (Day Of Judgement Dub), Sufferer Dub (Sufferer Trod Dub / Ital Stew Dub, both by Augustus Pablo)
His debut album in dub produced by Augustus Pablo.
Time And Place
First released on JA Muni Music (Matrix: DSR 0397), 1980, LP.
Released on UK Mun Rock MMLP 001, 1980, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Mun Rock MMLP 001, 2000, LP.
Also reissued on UK Jet Star MMCD 001, 2000, CD.
Time & Place, Great Tribulation, Rastafari’s Call, Hey Mr Richman (feat. M. Edwards), Live In Love, Short Man, Feeling Alright Girl, Oh How I Love H.I.M. (feat M. Edwards), Time Has Come, Can’t Pop No Style On I
His second album, the first self-produced album.
“Rastafari´s Call” also appears on JA Muni, 7-inch backed by “Rastafari Dub”.
Rastafari Dub
Dub of “Rastafari´s Call” from JA Muni, 7-inch.
I have this track on my Hugh Mundell – Africa Must Be Free, CDR.
Jah Fire
First released on Live And Love LAP 13, 1980, LP.
Also released on USA Atawak, LP.
Be My Princess Lady, Jah Fire, Walk With Jah, King Of Israel, Million Miles, My Woman Can, You Over There, Black Sheep
I have the reissue on UK Black Arrow BALP 003, 2002, LP (including extra tracks: Million Dub, King Pablo, Pablo In The Moonlight).
Also released on UK Black Arrow BACD 003, 2002, CD (including extra tracks: Million Dub, King Pablo, Pablo In The Moonlight).
His third album produced and arranged by Prince Jammy.
Featuring Lacksley Castell and Augustus Pablo.
Jah Fire Will Be Burning / Fire Dub
I have the reissue on UK Fat Man FM 019, 7-inch.
Live At Paris, France, 1981
I have this unreleased show on 2-CDR.
CDR 1:
(Start), Run Revolution Run, Can´t Pop No Style, Short Man (cut) – Africa Must Be Free In 1983 (cut) – Shoort Man (cut) – Africa Must Be Free In 1983, Africa Must Be Free In 1983, Africa Must Be Free In 1983
CDR 2:
(Start), Africa Must Be Free In 1983 Dub, (Reverb), Dub Jam, (Announcer), Nobody Look, (Announcer), Letßs All Unite, (End)
First released 1982.
I have the reissue on UK Greensleeves GREL 36, ca 2000, LP.
Released on Greensleeves, 1997, CD
Jacqueline, Rasta Have The Handle, Going Places, Red Gold And Green, Tell I A Lie, 24 Hours A Day, Jah Music, Your Face Is Familiar
Released on Greensleeves, 2006, CD (including extra tracks: Walk With Jah, Can´t Pop No Style, Jaqueline Dub, Rasta Have The Handle Dub)
His fourth and last album produced by Henry Junjo Lawes. Mixed by Scientist. Backed by Roots Radics Band.
First released on UK Atra ATRALP 1007, 1988, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Conqueror / Kickin Music CONCD 002, 1996, CD.
Also released on UK Mun Rock MMCD 002, 2001, CD
Blessing Of Fari, Rent Man, Hey Good Looking, Mr Big Bad Wolff, In The Ghetto, Nature Provides, Arise And Shine, Ghetto Rock
“Blessing Of Fari” uses Junior Byles “Fade Away” rhythm.
Posthumous collection of tracks produced by Hugh Mundell. Mixed by Dennis Bovell.
Blackman’s Foundation
I have the USA Shanachie SH 43012, 1988, CD.
Released on USA Shanachie, 1988, LP.
Released on USA Shanachie, 1994, CD.
Blackman’s Foundation, Great Tribulation, Time Has Come, Stop ´Em Jah, Time And Place, Don’t Stay Away, Can’t Pop No Style, Rastafari’s Call, One Jah One Aim One Destiny
Another posthumous collection of tracks produced by Hugh Mundell and Augustus Pablo.
Recorded 1978 to 1980.
Stay Away Dub
I have this track on my Hugh Mundell – Africa Must Be Free, CDR.
The Blessed Youth
First released on France Maka / M10 M650, 2002, CD.
Also released on Makasound MKS 04 (322652), 2003, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Rastafari Tradition, Oh How I Love H.I.M. (feat. M. Edwards), Great Tribulation, Blackman’s Foundation (feat. Jah Bull), Time Has Come, Don’t Stay Away, Live In Love, Time & Place, Feeling Allright (Extended Version), Stop Them Jah (Extended), Short Man, Can’t Pop No Style, Hey Mr Richman (feat. M. Edwards), One Jah One Aim One Destiny, Rastafari Call
The latest posthumous compilation of tracks by Hugh Mundell.
Artist Info: Singer, born Murvin Junior Smith circa 1949 in Jamaica is famous for his very high falsetto voice. What the Bee Gees did on the disco dance floor at the time, he did in roots reggae. He started to record with the song “Miss Kushie” in 1966, released on Sonia Pottinger´s Gayfeet label credited to Junior Soul. In 1977 in UK Island also released some 12-inch mixes: “Police And Thieves”, Tedious”, Memories” and “Closer Together”, all produced and mixed by Lee Perry. In Jamaica “Bad Weed”, Philistines On The Land”, alternate mixes of “Tedious” “False Teaching” and “Roots Train appeared, followed by “Crossover” and “I´m In Love”. He stopped recording after the album of 1988, but came back to the recording studio in 1998. Further detailed info you can find here: Still active. His last appearance was “Inna De Yard” in 2007.
Police And Thieves
First released 1977.
I have the reissue on UK Mango / Island RRCD 57, CD.
Roots Train, Police And Thieves, Solomon, Rescue Jah Children, Tedious, False Teachin’, Easy Task, Lucifer, Workin’ In The Cornfield, I Was Appointed
Produced by Lee Perry. Recorded at Black Ark.
“Police and Thieves” DJ version by Jah Lion is called “Soldier And Police War”, Glen DaCosta’s instrumental is called “Magic Touch”.
And there is a cover version by Th Clash and another by Boy George.
Muggers In The Street
First released on UK Greensleeves GREL 70, 1984, LP.
I have the UK Greensleeves GREWCD 70, 2007, CD on CDR.
Judas And Jesus, Champagne And Wine, Jahovah´s Children, Strikes And Demonstartions, Muggers In The Street, Stop The Crime, Jamaican Girls, Hook Line And Sinker, Think Twice, I´ll Follow You
Produced by Henry Junjo Lawes.
Recorded and mixed in 1984 at Channel One. Backing band: Roots Radics.
Wise Man / Be Wise (Dub)
I have the UK Dubwise, 1999, 10-inch. (First 10-inch release of this song.)
The song is recorded 1998. Gussie P remixes are made in 1999. Also on the 10-inch are: “Praise Him” and “Jamboree Dub” by Winston Fergus.
There are some more album releases:
“Badman Posse”, UK Dread At The Controls DATCLP 007, 1982, LP, including Bad Man Posse, Guitar, Guitar Dub, Neber Fall In Love, Heartbreaker, Rebellion, Dub Rebel, Brixton Posse, D.A.T.C. Dubplate, Man Is The Fire.
“Signs And Wonders”, Live & Learn LP 30, 1988 or 1989, LP
“World Cry”, Sunvibes, mid 1990ies, CD.

Artist Info: Dub poet and producer born as Allan hope on December 26th 1952 in Jamaica. Producer of “Word Sound Ave Power” and its dub, Scientist´s “Dub Poets Dub” album. Still active.
Check It
First released on 1983, LP
Releasaed on Alligator, CD, 1990
Released on CD: RAS, 2001
I have this album on CDR.
Intro / Check It, De System, Everytime A Ear De Soun’, Witeman Country, Whey Mi Belong, Say(Nyahbingi song), Angola Invasion, Butta Pan Kulcha, Sit Dung Pon De Wall, Naw Give Up, Naw Give Up
His first album.
I have the Canada Shanachie 43023, 1984, LP (First Canadian Pressing).
Released on CD: Shanachie, 1994
Prisoner, Outcry, Rememberance, Canaan Lady, Any Means Necessary, Free Up De Lan’, Blacks In America, Sistas Poem, Black Queen, Nursery Rhyme Lament, Saga Of “Too Kool”
Produced by Mutabaruka.
There is a much earlier version of “Outcry” also featuring Mutabaruka on The Light Of Saba – The Magical Light of Saba.
His second album.
The Mystery Unfolds
First released on USA Shanachie, 1986, LP.
Released on CD: Shanachie, 1990
I have this album on CDR.
The Leaders Speak, Dub Poem, Revolutionary Words, My Great Shun, Old Cut Bruk, Bun Dung Babylon, The Mystery Unfolds, Dis Poem, Famine Injection, The Eyes Of Liberty, Walkin On Gravel, A Voice
His third album.
Blakk Wi Blak…K…K…
First released on USA Shanachie SH, 1991, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
You And Yourself, Great Queens Of Afrika, Dispel The Lie, I Am De Man, The People’s Court, Mad Reality, Letter To Congress (Is It Because Wi Blakk), Wind Of Time, Blakk Wi Blakk, Ecology Poem, Junk Food, I Don´t Have A Color Problem
Produced by Earl Chinna Smith & Mutabaruka.
His fifth album.
There are four more album releases:
Any Which Way Freedom, Shanachie, 1989, CD
Melanin Man, Shanachie, 1994, CD
Muta In Dub, Blackheart, 1998, CD
Life Squared, Heartbeat, 2002, CD
Artist Info: Oswald “Count Ossie” Williams led experimental Nyahbinghi group. When famous jazz orientated jamaican hornsplayers began playing to accompanion these drums sessions held at Wareika Hill, this led to the creation of reggae. Many consider The Folks Brother’s “Oh Carolina”, backed by Count Ossie, to be the very first reggae record. Count Ossie started to play with his band in 1948. They released some 7-inches and the two listed albums in the early 70ies. Count Ossie also released under his onw name, an album is “Man From Higher Heights” (ca. 1985, previously released in a limited pressing of 200 on Blank LP and without cover with handwritten title “Rasta Jazz”). Later Cedric Brooks recorded with MRR (details see Brooks, Cedric). Recently the group is led by Samuel Clayton and George Dudley.
First released on JA MRR, 1973, 3-LP.
Then released on JA Vulcan, VULX 301, 1973, 3-LP.
Then released on Ashanti LP NTI1301, 1973, 3-LP.
I have the reissue on JA MRR, ca. 1998, 3-LP.
Also released on VP, 1992, 2-CD.
Also released on Retro Music, 1998, 2-CD.
Bongo Man, Narration, Narration Continued, Mabrak, Poem, 4 Hundred Years, Poem, Song, Lumba, Way Back Home, Ethiopian Serenade, Oh Carolina, So Long, Grounation, Grounation Continued
Lead by Count Ossie.
Produced by Arnold Wedderburn.
Tales Of Mozambique
First released JA Dynamic Sounds DYLS 1001, 1975, LP.
Also released on Lagoon, 1994, CD.
Also released on Dynamic Sounds, 1997, CD.
Also released on 2006, CD.
I have the reissue on JA Dynamic DY 3358, 1997, LP.
Sam’s Intro, Tales Of Mozambique, Selam Nna Wadada (Peace And Love), No Night In Zion, I Am A Warrior, Wicked Babylon, Let Freedom Reign, Lock Stock And Barrel, Nigerian Reggae, Run One Mile
Lead by Count Ossie.
Produced by Cunt Ossie.
Bongo Man A Come – Live
I have the Night & Day NDCD 087, 2001, CD (First release).
Bongo Man A Come Intro, Grounation, By The Rivers Of Babylon, Macedonia, Five Gunmen, Rome, Weep Ooh, Language And Culture, Way Back Home, Rockfort Rock, A La La Moti Ra, Shine Your Light, Interlude, Oh Carolina
Recorded live at Barcelona, Spain, May 1999. Produced by MRR. Samuel Clayton and George Dudley are leading this session.
There is a new release:
Inward I, Sound Of World, 2006, CD, including: Moral Majesty, Voice Of The Negus, Inna Barrel, Little Samuel, Portion Of Love, Rasta Reggae, I Know, Leave Out Babylon, No Procrastination, Roam, Zepheniah, Rasts Dub, Wise Men Of Old, Portion.
And some songs appear on various artists compilations.
“Hero Is He” on “A Tribute To Marcus Garvey”.
“No Sin” and “Weeping Eyes” on “Trod On”.