Artists: D

Artists – D
Six Street, Six Street Dub / More Street (Mafia & Fluxy)
I have the UK Spider Man SPM 203, 1991, 12-inch Maxi.
Produced by Lloyd Campbell.

Artist Info: Daddy Rings is born as Ewerold Dwyer in 1971 in Manchseter, jamaica. He is a roots reggae singer and owner of African Glory Records. He started his carreer in 1991. His website is
The Most High
I have the German African Glory / Rockers Town RT-002-1, 2007, 2-LP.
Record 1:
Dispensation, Be Not Mismayed, Hard Road, Rise With Jah, Anything For Mama, Check Dis, Second To None, Self-Reliance featuring Paul Elliott
Record 2:
The Future featuring Gentleman, The Most High, African Glory, Sunshine, Want To Be, The Weed Song, Cut Off, Yahe, The Wiff, The Future – Instrumental
Produced by Ewerold Dwyer.
The last track is a exclusive LP bonus track.

Artist Info: Desmond Dekker was born in 1941. He died May 25th 2006. Best known he is as the singer of “Israelites”, one of the very first reggae songs reaching the pop music charts in 1970.
First released on JA Beverley´s LP004, 1968, LP.
Also released on Jet Star, 1997, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Ah It Miek, Too Much Too Soon, Coconut Water, Sweet Music, My Lonely World, Rudy Boy Train, Poor Me Israelites, It Is Not Easy, Intensified, Nincompoop, Tips Of My Fingers, Wiseman, Writing On The Wall*, Problems*, Pretty Africa*
Produced by Leslie Kong.
* are CD bonus tracks not on LP.
Israelites / The Man
I have the Holland Green Light GLS 411, 1970, 7-inch.
It Miek / My Precious Love
I have the UK Ember 14 390, 1970, 7-inch.
You Can Get It If You Really Want / Perseverance
I have the German Ember 14 703, 1970, 7-inch.
Israelites / You Can Get It If You Really Want
Recorded 1969 and 1970.
I have the reissue on UK Old Gold OG 9268, 1983, 7-inch
“You Can Get It If You Really Want” is taken from the same-titled album, UK Trojan TBL 146, 1970.
This Is Desmond Dekkar
First released on Trojan TTL 4, 1969, LP.
Also released on Trojan TBL 153, 1970, LP.
0.0.7. (Shanty Town), Sabotage, Shing A Ling, Hey Grandma, Beautiful And Dangerous, Wise Man, Music Like Dirt (aka Intensified ´68), Rudy Got Soul, Unity, Mother Pepper, It Pays, Mother´s Young Gal
Produced by Leslie Kong.
Double Dekker
I have the UK Trojan TRLD 401, 1977, Double-LP (First UK Pressing).
007 Shanty Town, Israelites, It Mek, You Can Get It, Pickney Gal, Peace On The Land, I Believe, Look What They’re Doing To Me, Please don’t Bend, My Reward, Little Darling, Life Of Opportunity, When I’m Cold, Archie Wah Wah, Hippopotamus, Warlock, Licking Stick, What Will You Gain, Trample, The More You Live, Go And Tell My People, Reggae Recipe, Yakety Yak, Where Did It Go, First Time For A Long Time, Stop The Wedding, Mother Nature, Life Hope And Faith
Produced By Leslie Kong.
Israelites (New Version) / Why Fight ?
I have the German Stiff 6.12 799 (BUY 70), 1980, 7-inch

Artist Info:
First released 1982.
I have the reissue: UK Wackies, 2003, Promo-LP.
Love, I Love You For All Seasons, All I Need Is Jah, Travelling Man, Sitting In The Park, Movie Show
Mellow love songs over deep roots rhythm. Featuring Rolando Alphonso on sax, Ras Menelik on percussions, Scotty on drums, Jah T on bass, Jerry Harris and Fox on guitars.
Produced by Bullwackie.

Artist Info:
Taste Of The Young Heart
First released on UK D.E.B. Music, 1979, LP.
Tonight, I´ve Got A Feeling, Armed Robbery, All I Have Is Love, Trickster, Famine, Love Won´t Come Easy, Storm Is Coming, Blackman´s Heart, Devil´s Throne
Produced by Dennis Brown.

Artist Info:
Uprising In Dub
I have the Canada Micron, 2003, LP.
And I have the album on CDR.
Coming in From The Cold Dub, Real Situation Dub, Bad Card Dub, We And Dem Dub, Work Dub, Zion Train Dub, Pimper’s Paradise Dub Could You Be Loved, Forever Loving Jah Dub, Redemption Song Dub
Arranged and produced by Alex King and Fred Petersen, recorded by Delixx at Kinck Sound

Artist Info:
Here Comes The Judge (Peter Tosh), Rebeloution (Winston Wright) / Ah So (The Destroyers), If Ah So Version (The Destroyers)
I have the UK Shock / Trojan TJHTE018, 2004, 10-inch.
“Ah-So” and “If Ah-So” are both horns-led instrumental cuts to Abyssinians “Satta Amasagana”.

Artist info: Seventies DJ. Born Lester Bullocks.
CB 200
First released on UK Island ILPS 9385, 1976, LP.
I have the Holland Island ILPS 9385 (25 249 ET), 1976, LP (First Holland Pressing).
C.B. 200. No Chuck It, Cokane In My Brain, The General, Power Bank, Plantation Heights, Race Day, Natty Kick Like Lightning, Buckingham Palace, Crankface
Recorded and mixed at Channel One.
“Power Bank” uses the same rhythm as Tappa Zukie’s “Ital Pot”.
“Natty Kick Like Lightning” uses the same rhythm as Prince Fari’s “Natty Campion”, Prince Fari’s “Big Fight”, Prince Fari’s “The Conquest”.
Cokaine In My Brain / CB 200
I have the German Island 11 372, 1977, 7-inch.
Bionic Dread
First released on UK Island ILPS 9455, 1976, LP.
I have the Holland Island 9455 (25 467), 1976, LP (First Holland Pressing).
Bionic Dread, King Of The Road, Invisible Dread, Forward Commandments, Ragnampiza, Eastman Skank, Ital Fighting, Combination Two, Selassie I, Natty B.Sc.
Produced by Joe Jo Hookim.
“Ital Fighting” uses the rhythm of Tappa Zukie’s M.P.L.A. (From The Archieves CD), (Dub on Dubwise and Otherwise CD)
Killer Man Jaro
I have the Lagoon, 1992, CD on CDR.
Killer Man Jaro, Freedom, Slipe Pen Road Block, Tell Me The Truth, Caymanas Park, Caymanas Park Dub, Racing Pool, Racing Pool Dub, Natty Kung Fu, No Rapping In The Bar, Raggamuffin Piser, Wey You Wanna Me Do
Recorded 1976.
Joe Gibbs Presents DJ Originators Head to Head – Vol. 1 – Big Youth & Dillinger
I have the USA Rocky One ROLP 020, 1995, LP (First USA Pressing).
A So We Stay, George Foreman, Enjoy Yourself, Georgie, George Foreman Pt 2, Joe Fraizer (all by Big Youth)
War Is Over, Flour Dumplin, Hold Me Tight, Kublicon, Take A Dip, Bellevue Patient (all by Dillinger)
Produced by Joe Gibbs and Errol E.T. Thompson (The Mighty Two)
“A So We Stay” and “Enjoy Yourself” are toasts over Dennis Brown’s “Money In My Pocket”.
“George Foreman”, George Foreman Pt 2 and “Joe Fraizer” use the Techniques “Stalag”.
“War Is Over” is a toast over Little Roy’s “Tribal War” and is dealing with a peace treaty.
“Take A Dip” is a toast over a Gregory Isaacs song.
Big Youth side A probably recorded 1973. Most songs are about the world heavy weight boxing championship fight that happened in Kingston, Jamaica, on January 22nd, 1973. George Foreman knocked out champion Joe Frazer in round two after knocking him to the ground before five times to win his first title. The second fight in 1976 was won by champion George Foreman by knock out in the fifth round to keep his title.
Dillinger side B probably recorded 1976.
Crabs In My Pants / Crab Louse
I have the German Ariola 11 746, 1977, 7-inch
First released on JA Jamaica Sounds JSLP 0021, 1978, LP
I have the German Bellaphon BBS 2598, 1983, LP (First German Pressing).
Dread Call Fred, Youth Man, Children Go To School, Thank You Jah, Animal Affair, Repatriation Time, Only Jah Can Help You, Natt Up Natt Up, Dread A Warrior, Corn Bread
Produced by L. Sevitt and L. Bullocks.
Cornbread / Dread Called Fred
I have the German Bellaphon BZC 4434, 1983, 12-inch Maxi.
Non Stop Disco Style (Ranking Dillinger)
First released on USA Clocktower, 1978, LP.
I have the reissue on CAN Abrahams / Clocktower CTLP-JP-3000, ca. 2000, LP.
African World Wide, Into The African Dub, Truth And Right, The Right Dubwise, Don’t Take Another Man’s Life, Man Size Dub, Jah Show Them The Way, 12 Tribe Dub, Trial And Crosses, Into Bradforth Dub, See And Blind, Striker See Da Dub Ya
Produced by B. Lee, King Tubby.
Funky Punk Rock To The Music
I have the German Bellaphon BBS 2578, 1979, LP (First German Pressing).
Rock To The Music, Funky Punk, Get On The Good Side, L.S.D., Cocaine In my Brain, Supercock, Sex Me Baby, Soul Food
Produced by W. Shrowder / L. Sevitt.
Featuring Sly Dunbar on drums, Earl Chinna Smith on rhythm guitar, Lloyd Parks on bass, Keith Sterling on piano, Ken Elliot on synthezizers and Barry on saxophone.
Live At The Music Machine
I have the German Bellaphon BBS 2576, 1979, LP (First German Pressing).
Natty Don’t Need Glasses (Trial Closed), Roots Natty Congo, Plantation Heights, Roots Rock Reggae, Loving Pauper, Natty B.S.C., C.B. 200, Flat Foot Hustler, Cocaine, Judgement Time (Loving Pauper)
Produced by W. Shrowder / L. Sevitt.
Marijuana In My Brain
First released on UK Jamaica Sounds JSLP 002, 1979, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Marijuana In My Brain, Addis Ababba Ethiopia, Bouncing Ball, Bag O´Wire, Step It In Ethiopia, Stop Stealing In The Name Of Jah, Come Praise Jah Jah, Hard Believing Thomas, Rasta Vibration, African Roots Rock Reggae
Produced by Bunny Lee, (S. Lee, W. Shrowder & L. Sevitt).
Cup Of Tea
I have the German Jamaica Sound / Bellaphon 2607001, 1980, LP.
Reissued as “Blackboard Jungle”, 1984, LP.
Cup Of Tea, Black Board Jungle, Whip Them, Tambrin Season, I Thirst, Sammy Jeggae, Chinese Soultrain, I Need A Woman, I Wanna Dub You, Flat Foot Hustlin´
Produced by S. Bullock, W. Shrowder, L. Sevitt.
Bass by Robbie Shakespeare / Lloyd Parkes, drums by Sly Dunbar, Horsem,outh Wallace, Santa, lead guitar by Earl Chinna / Willie Lindo, rhythm guitar by Bowpee Rad, Bryan, Ranchy, organ by Keith Sterling / Ansel Collins, piano by Keith Sterling / Ossie Hibbert, percussion by Mike Scully / Sticky, synthezizer by Ken Elliott, horns by Bobby Ellis / Tommy McCook.
Backing vocals by Dennis Brown, Leroy Smart, Jacok Miller.
Recorded at Channel One / Joe Gibbs / Harry J , Kingston, Jamaica.
Remixed at Monterry Studio Station Rd, Lonmdon W. 7.
Remastering: Born by “Groovy” Wolf-Gang at SST Frankfurt.
Badder Than Them
I have the Holland A&M AMLH 68528, 1981, LP (First Holland Pressing).
Melting Pot, Follow Fashion, Broken Heart, Hearsay, Man Friday, Tallowah, Reggae Beat, Disco Freak, Remember, Little Girlie
Produced by Larry Sevitt and Webster Shrowder.
Other albums include:
Ready Natty Dreadie, JA Studio One SOL 1125, 1975, LP (reissued 1978 as “Babylon Fever”)
3 Piece Suit, 1977, LP
Answer Me Questions, 1977, LP
Talkin´ Blues, 1977, LP
Top Ranking Dillinger, 1977, LP
Clash (Dillinger Vs Trinity)
Superstar, 1977, LP
Cocaine In My Brain, 1978, LP
Dillinger´s 14 K Gold Golden Hits, 1979, LP
At King Tubby´s, 70s, 2006, CD
Dub Organiser, 70s, LP
Natty B.S.C., 70s, CD
Live At London (Dillinger & Clint Eastwood)
Join The Queue, 1983, LP
King Pharaoh, 1984, LP

Artist Info: She began singing with The Vulcans Band in the early sixties, recorded first for Treasure Isle in 1966. In 1968 he went to USA to sing with The Buccaneers.
One Life To Live
First released on JA Treasure Isle TIS 111 (Matrix: TIS 111 – A2 – DSR 4391), 1972, LP (12 songs in different order as the reissue)
First released on UK Trojan TRLS 41, 1972, LP.
I have the reissue on USA Treasure Isle TICO 15004, ca. 2000, LP.
Don’t Stay Away, One Life To Live (One Love To Give) (1), Picture On The Wall (6), You Are Like Heaven To Me (12), Eddie Oh Baby (9), We Belong Together (10), (Long Time No) Nice Time (3), Something (4), (The) Love That A Woman Should Give To A Man (11), Perfedia, Right Track, Love The One You’re With (2), Rocksteady, I Can’t Forget About You Baby (5), Woman Ghetto (7), Close To You (8)
Four extra tracks compared to the original JA release.
Produced by Duke Reid.

Artist Info: Founder of Studio One, inventor of the Jamaican recording business. Producer of uncounted sides. Under the name “Dub Specialist” also the mixing engineer behind the twelve Studio One dub longplays and uncounted 7-inch sides.
Various Artists – This Is Jamaica Ska
First released on JA ND Records, 1964, LP.
I have the reissue on USA Coxsone, ca. 2004, LP
Simmer Down (Wailers)
Push Wood (Jackie Opel)
Salt Lane Gal (Skatalites)
Wonder No More (Andy & Joey)
Bongo Tango (Roland Alphonso)
Sucu- Sucu (Roland Alphonso)
20-75 (Roland Alphonso)
Stop Making Love (Gaylads)
How Many Times (Wailers)
Heaven & Earth (Dun Drummond & Roland Alphonso)
Sit Down Sweet Servant (Jackie Opel)
Go Jimmy Go (Wailers)
Various Artists – Ska-Au-Go-Go
First released 1967.
I have the reissue on JA Studio One SO III, (Matrix: SOLP III), 90ies, LP
Wings Of A Dove (Original) (Wailers) (3,25)
Ska-Au-Go-Go (Roland Alphonso)
Big Bamboo (Gaylads)
Cut Munu (Roland Alphonso)
Sugar And Spice (Skatalites)
Pepeto (Roland Alphonso)
Something Special (Roland Alphonso)
Shame And Scandal (Original) (Wailers) (2,49)
I Should Have Known Better (Roland Alphonso)
Hey Senorita (Soulettes)
Wives And Lovers (Jackie Mittoo)
One Love (Original) (Wailers) (3,15)
Produced by Clement S. Dodd.
The original pressing has a different order and some songs different.
Various Artists – Nice Up The Dance
I have the USA Heartbeat HB 165, 2001, LP
Queen Of The Minstrels (Extended Discomix) (Cornell Campbell & The Eternals)
My Whole World Is Falling Down (Extended Discomix) (Ken Parker)
Love Is A Treasure (Extended Discomix) (Freddie McKay)
Mr. Bassie (Extended Discomix) (Horace Andy)
Give Love A Try (Extended Discomix) (Delroy Wilson)
Nice Up The Dance (Extended Discomix) (Michigan & Smiley)
Produced by Clement S. Dodd.
Various Artists – Studio One Disco Mix
First released on Soul Jazz, CD
I have this album on CDR.
01. Push Push (Lloyd And Devon)
02. Rastafari Tell You (Judah Eskender Tafari)
03. Ain´t Gonna Change My Mind (Doreen Schaefer)
04. Kampala (Dub Specialist)
05. Be Wise Brethren (George Allen)
06. Night In Ethiopia (Jackie Mittoo)
07. Gates Of Zion (George Dudley)
08. Come Forward It (The Silvertones)
09. Muddy Water (The Ethiopian)
10. Armagideon Time (Willie Williams & Brentford Rockers)
11. Dub (Brentford Rockers)
12. I Want Your Love (Norma White & Brentford Rockers)
13. Dub (Brentford Rockers)
14. You Make Me So Very Happy (Alton Ellis)
15. Show Some Love (unknown)
16. Going To Zion (Winston Francis & Brentford Rockers)
“Night In Ethiopia” uses the “Satta” rhythm.
Various Artists – Studio One DJs
First released on Soul Jazz, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
01. Count Machuki – More Scorcha
02. Prince Francis – Rock Fort Shock
03. Dennis Alcapone – Power Version
04. Dillinger – Natty Kung Fu
05. Jah Scotchie – Man Of Creation
06. Jim Brown – Seen Him
07. Jah Buzz – Love In The Arena
08. Prince Francis – Street Doctor
09. Lone Ranger – The Answer
10. Prince Jazzbo – Crime Don´t Pay
11. Brigadier Jerry – Every Man A Me Brethren
12. Big Joe – Version Of Rights
13. Lone Ranger – The Big Match
14. Jah Jesco – Warning
15. Prince Far I – Natty Farmyard
16. Charlie Ace & Scorcher – Father And Dreadlocks
Various Artists – Studio One Dub (Vol. 1)
First released on Soul Jazz, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
01. Bionic Dub
02. Take A Ride Dub
03. Ska Rhythm
04. Taurus Dub 2
05. Hooligans
06. Dub Rock
07. Rastaman Version
08. Jah Jah Version
09. Creator Version
10. Running Dub
11. Hi Fashion Dub
12. Pretty Version
13. Race Track Version
14. Spawning
15. In Cold Blood Version
16. Chase Them Version
17. Feel The Dub
Dubbing Horace Andy´s “Skylarking”, Johnny Osbourne´s “Truth And Rights”, John Holt´s “Hooligan”, Freddie McGregor´s “Bobby Babylon” and more.
Various Artists – Studio One Dub Vol. 2
First released on Soul Jazz, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
01. I´ll Be Around (Sound Dimension)
02. Dub Rock (Soundstorm)
03. Watch Out Version (Albert And The Gladiators)
04. Moses Version (Brentford Reggae Band)
05. Peace Version (Brentford Disco Set)
06. Natty Ting A Ling PT. 2 (Brentford Disco Set)
07. Feel Like Jumping PT. 2 (Marcia Griffiths)
08. Reggae Version (Drum Bago And The Rebel Group)
09. Soul Locks (St. Ct. And The Gladiators Band)
10. How Could You Version (Freddie And Sound Dimension)
11. Run Run Version (Sound Dimension Band)
12. Any Where Version (Hot And Sound Dimension)
13. Live And Dub (Alton And Soul Vendors)
14. Drunken Sailor Version (Freddie McKay)
15. Welding (Ital Sound)
16. Dar Es Salaam (Dub Specialist)
17. Always Dubbing (Dub Specialist)
18. Mojo Papa (Dub Specialist)
Various Artists – Studio One Funk
I have the Soul Jazz Records SJR LP97, 2004, 2-LP (Thanks Christian!)
01. Shaft (Cedric Im Brooks)
02. African Descendants (Alton Ellis)
03. Poco Tempo (Pablove Black)
04. Reggae Feet (Lloyd Williams)
05. Hand ´Em High (Jackie Mittoo)
06. Idleberg (Cedric Im Brooks)
07. Beat Down Babylon (Prince Francis)
08. Now (Lee Arab)
09. 007 (Soul Brothers)
10. See A Man´s Face (Prince Moonie)
11. Love Jah (Im And Sound Dimension)
12. Do Your Thing (Leroy Sibbles)
13. Music Answer (The Sharks)
14. Melting Pot (Underground Vegetables)
15. You Found Heaven (Devon Russell)
16. Steady Beat (Vin Gordon)
17. It´s A Shame (Alton Ellis)
18. Another Thing (Roy Richards)
19. Funky Broadway (Delroy Wison)
Various Artists – Studio One Archives Vol. 1
These were all carefully ripped from original, long out of print Studio One vinyl singles.
These were ripped by somebody else from their personal collection.
There are 48 volumes of this stuff.
Each volume contains both sides of about a dozen singles, and fills one CD.
01 Please Be True – Alexander Henry
02 Please Be True Version – Sound Dimension
03 Live And Learn – Alton Ellis
04 Live And Learn Version – Soul Vendors
05 A Fool – Alton Ellis
06 A Fool Version – Brentford Rockers
07 Why – Carlton Livingston
08 Why Version – Sound Dimension
09 War No Right Pt.1 – Denise Darlington
10 War No Right Pt.2 – Sound Dimension
11 Give Peace A Chance – Freedom Singers
12 In Cold Blood – Sound Dimension
13 Losing You – Mad Lads
14 Ten To One – Mad Lads
15 Ten To One Version – Sound Dimension
16 Free Mandella – Hugh Griffiths
17 Free Mandella Version – Sound Dimension
18 My Sweet Lord – Cyclones
19 Silky – Cyclones
20 I’ll Be Around – Otis Gayle
21 I’ll Be Around Version – Sound Dimension
22 Pick Up The Pieces – Royals
23 Pick Up Version – Sound Dimension
24 Rub Up Push Up (Re-Mix) – Termites
25 Rub Up Push Up Version – Soul Vendors
26 Life – Trevor Shields
27 Life Version – Brentford Rockers
Various Artists – Studio One Archives Vol. 2
01 Hip Hug – Slim Smith
02 Keep It Light – Slim Smith
03 Never Let Go – Slim Smith
04 Never Let Go Verson – Soul Vendors
05 Rougher Yet – Slim Smith
06 Rougher Dub – Soul Vendors
07 Lonly Lover – Slim Smith
08 Lonly Version – Sound Dimension
09 Feeling Soul – Bob Andy
10 Feeling The Soul Part Two – Sound Dimension
11 Musical Happiness – Soul Vendors
12 King Street – Soulettes
13 I’m So Proud Of You – Three Tones
14 Everthing I Do – Three Tones
15 Pleading – Ken Boothe
16 Call 1143 – Count Machuki
17 Whoopy – Sound Dimension
18 Working – Marcia Griffiths
19 Soul People – Beltones
20 Jah Dread – Prince Jazzbo
21 West Of The Sun – Jackie Mittoo
22 My Guiding Star – Joe White
23 President Rock – Lizzy
24 How Can You Mend A Broken Heart – Freddie McGregor
25 A Message To Her – Norman Gift
26 A Message To Her Version – New Establishment
Various Artists – Studio One Archives Vol. 3
01 Stars – The Eternals
02 Gold Dust – Jackie Mittoo
03 Real Gone Loser – Jackie Mittoo
04 In Cold Blood – Sugar Belly
05 In Cold Dub – Sound Dimension
06 I Believe In Yesterday – Tyrone Taylor
07 Yesterday Version – Sound Dimension
08 Beat Down Babylon – Freddie McGregor
09 Right On Rasta – Cedric (IM) Brooks & Count Ossie
10 School Children – The Black Brothers
11 School Version – New Establishment
12 Conquer Me Part 1 – Judah Eskender Tafari
13 Conquer Me Part 2 – Judah Eskendar Tafari
14 Dance Rastaman – Keturah Duffus
15 Dance Rastaman Pt 2 – Keturah Duffus And First Profits
16 Cool It – Tony Tuff
17 Cool Version – Sound Dimension
18 I Have Change – Nickto Marshall
19 Port Worker Shuffle – Brentford Rockers
20 Automatic Clapping – Jah Buzz
21 Arena Special – Richard Ace, Roland Alphonso And The Soul Vendors
22 Warning – Jah Jesco
23 Spawning – Jesco And The Checkers
24 Wicked And Dreadful – Neville Esson
25 Romeo – George Richards
Various Artists – Studio One Archives Vol. 4
01 One, Two, Three – Delroy Wilson
02 Exodus – Skatalites
03 You Got To Change Your Ways – Delroy Wilson
04 Mighty Organ – Lascelles Perkins
05 Cleopatra – Don Drummond & The Skatalites
06 I Mean It – Roy & Tiny
07 I Am Gonna Take Over – Ethiopians
08 Home Made – Jackie Mittoo
09 Locust – Leonard Dillon
10 Locust Version – Sound Dimension
11 Run Run – Delroy Wilson
12 Run Run Version – Sound Dimension
13 Be Yourself – Ken Boothe
14 Rathid – Sound Dimension
15 La La 69 – C Marshall
16 Our Thing – Jackie Mittoo
17 Heavy Rock – Sound Dimension
18 Heavy Dub – Sound Dimension
19 Programme – Frankie Paul
20 Programme Version – Sound Dimension
21 See Him Deh – Jim Brown
22 See Him Deh Version – Studio One Band
23 New Broom – Horace Andy
24 New Broom Version – New Establishment
25 School – Prince Jazzbo
26 I Keep Walking Back – Ken Parker
Various Artists – Studio One Archives Vol. 5
01 Stuffy – Roland Alphonso & The Skatalites
02 Everyday Skank – Cedric Im Brooks & Brentford Rhythm Band
03 Scatter Rock – Brentford Disco Set
04 Mo Bay Special – Richard Ace
05 Mo Bay Dub – Brentford Disco Set
06 Tunnel One – Tommy McCook
07 Tunnel Two – Sound Dimension
08 Pretty Looks – Heptones
09 Pretty Looks Version – Sound Dimension
10 Father Free Us – Carlton Malcolm
11 Sata – Cedric Im Brooks & The Sound Dimension
12 Its All In The Game – Jerry & Freedom Singers
13 The Way To My Heart – Cedric Brooks
14 Soul Sister – Righteous Flames
15 Soul Sister Version – New Establishment
16 A Prayer To Thee – Gladiators
17 Version Of Prayer – Gladiators Band
18 Sufferation – Noel Campbell
19 Sufferation Version – Gladiators Band
20 It Deep – Lloyd Robinson
21 It Deep Pt. 2 – Brentford Disco Set
22 New Lover – Sugar Massive
23 Theme From The Party – Roland Alphonso & Leslie Milliner
24 Ghetto Organ – Jackie Mittoo
25 Time After Time – Myrna Hague
Various Artists – Studio One Archives Vol. 6
01 Better Example – Alton Ellis
02 Lick It Back – Duke Morgan
03 Dark Of The Moon – Jackie Mittoo
04 Moon Walk (Aka Man Pon Spot) – Jackie Mittoo
05 Walk Walk – Wailing Souls
06 Love Version – Dennis Alcapone
07 Rights Of Version – Big Joe
08 Declaration Version – Sound Dimension
09 This Population – Burning Spear
10 This Population Version – New Establishment
11 African Descendants – Alton Ellis
12 African Version – Alton Ellis
13 Izzesse I – Joseph Cotton
14 Iwhazzessezi – Ironciccles
15 Move It Up – Wentworth Vernal
16 Move It Up Version – Brentford Rockers
17 In Cold Blood Pt. 1 – Pablove Black
18 In Cold Blood Pt. 2 – Pablove Black
19 The Struggle – Viceroys
20 The Struggle Pt. 2 – Brentford Disco Set
21 Jah Hold The Key – Devon Russell
22 Jah Hold The Key Version – Brentford Rockers
23 Far East – Barry Brown
24 Far East Version – Soul Vendors
25 Ragga Muffin – Jim Brown & Devon Russell
26 Ragga Ragga – Sound Dimension
Various Artists – Studio One Archives Vol. 7
01 Pied Piper – Rita Marley
02 It’s Alright – Rita Marley
03 Sometimes – Marcia Griffiths
04 Do You Know – Owen & Millie
05 My Baby – Marlene Webber
06 You Gonna Hold Me – Brentford All Stars
07 Dream Land – Della Huphrey
08 Dream Version – Sound Dimension
09 Give Love Another Try – Claudette Mclean
10 Give Love Another Try Version – Soul Defenders
11 What About Me – Myrna Hague
12 What About Version – Brentford Disco Set
13 Aint Gonna Change My Mind – Doreen Schaffer
14 Aint Gonna Change Pt. 2 – Sound Dimension
15 I Want Your Love – Norma White
16 I Want Your Love Pt. 2 – Brentford Disco Set
17 What Could I Do Without Jah – Josephine Bryan
18 What Could I Do Without Jah Version – Sound Dimension
19 Forward To Jah – Jay Tees
20 Forward To Jah Pt. 2 – Brentford Rockers
21 Sukiyaki – Jennifer Lara
22 Sukiyaki Version – Brentford Rockers
23 Mysterious You – Pam Reid
24 Mysterious Version – Sound Dimension
Various Artists – Studio One Archives Vol. 8
01 Golden Love – Lord Creator
02 Puzzle – Roland Alphonso
03 Lady With The Red Dress – Gaylads
04 Air Raid Shelter – Lester Sterling & The Skatalites
05 Never Be The Same – Clarendonians
06 The Table Is Gonna Turn – Clarendonians
07 After The Laughter – Little Freddie
08 Do Good – Freddie McGregor & Fitzy
09 On The Town – Soul Brothers
10 Change Of Plan – Joe Higgs
11 Rocking Sweet Pea – Soul Vendors
12 Something Stupid – Jackie Mittoo
13 Money Lover – Lyrics
14 How Could I Live – Sharks
15 Words – Jeff & Marcia
16 Let Me Hold You Tight – Marcia Griffiths
17 You Don’t Know – Righteous Flames
18 Story Book Children – Ernest Wilson
19 Story Book Version – Sound Dimension
20 Going Home – Bob Andy
21 Straight Flush – Ernest Ranglin
22 How Can I Trust You – Cables
23 Construction – Brentford Road All Stars
24 Love Is All – Carlton & The Shoes
25 I’ll Change My Style – Delroy Wilson
Various Artists – Studio One Archives Vol. 9
01 Pressure And Slide – Tennors
02 Pressure Part 2 – Soul Vendors
03 People Get Ready – Minstrels
04 Everyone Got To Be There – Hamlins
05 I’m Gonna Cool It – Little Roy
06 Lets Join Together – Melodians
07 If You Knew – Gaylads
08 Festival Day – Gaylads
09 Do It Right Now – Termites
10 Stay – Summertaires
11 Love Me Forever – Carlton & The Shoes
12 Happy Land – Carlton & The Shoes
13 My Satisfaction – Paragons
14 Satisfaction Version – Sound Dimension
15 Row Fisherman – Wailing Souls
16 Thou Shall Not Steal – Wailing Souls
17 Sun Is Shining – Winston Matthews
18 The Pressure Is On – Purpleites
19 Make A Joyful Noise – Silvertones
20 Make A Joyful Version – Sound Dimension
21 Slogan On The Wall – Viceroys
22 Version On The Wall – Viceroys
23 Down Pressor International – Stingers
24 Down Pressor Version – Sound Dimension
25 Dont Steal My Baby – Fountainairs
26 Dont Steal My Baby Version – Fountainairs
Various Artists – Studio One Archives Vol. 10
01 Inspiration – King Sporty
02 Choice Of Music – King Sporty
03 Rhyming Time – King Stitt
04 Reality – King Stitt
05 Joe Frazier Round 2 – Dennis Alcapone
06 Joe Frazier Version – Vin Gordon
07 Killer Man Jaro – Dillinger
08 Freedom Version – Roy & Dillinger
09 Check Mr. Lester – Prince Jazzbo
10 Black Wax – Pablove Black
11 Gun Court – Little Joe
12 Dancing Dub – Sound Dimension
13 West Gone Black – Jah Jesco
14 West Black Version – Sound Dimension
15 Fire Coal Style Part 1 – Jah Buzz
16 Fire Coal Style Part 2 – Jah Buzz
17 Chase Them Crazy – Welton Irie
18 Chase Them Version – Sound Dimension
19 Roots And (Collie) Herb Style – Field Marshall Haye
20 Root And Herb Version – Field Marshall Haye
21 Pirates – Rapper Robert & Jim Brown
22 Pirates Version – Sound Dimension
23 Now The Gate Fly – Lone Ranger
24 Gate Fly Version – Soul Vendors
Studio One 7 ´´ Brentford Rockers
Brentford All Stars – Budie Bum Version (Coxsone JA 7)
Brentford All Stars – Greedy G (original mix)
(Studio 1 UK 12in)
Brentford All Stars – Race Track (Studio 1 JA 7)
Brentford All-Stars – Credit Squeeze (Studio1)
Brentford All-Stars – Peeping Tom (Studio1)
Brentford All-Stars – Sammy (Studio1)
Brentford All-Stars – Six Pence (Studio1)
Brentford Disco Band – Jamrec Jam (Bugget JA 7)
Brentford Disco Set – Choice Of Music Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
Brentford Disco Set – Culture (Ver.)
(Studio One JA 7 – Roots Natty dub)
Brentford Disco Set – Daughters Of Zion Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
Brentford Disco Set – Jah Light (Ver.)
(Studio 1 JA 7)
Brentford Disco Set – Nature Dub (Studio1)
Brentford Disco Set – Stealing It (Studio 1 JA 7)
Brentford Reggae Band – Moses (Ver.)
(Coxsone JA 7)
Brentford Road All-Stars – Love At First Sight (Studio1)
Brentford Rockers – Love Bump Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
Brentford Rockers – Thanks And Praise Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
Brentford Rockers – What You Won’t (Version)
(Coxsone JA 7)
Flames & Brentford Rockers – Amagideon (Studio 1 JA 7)
Melodians & Brentford Disco Set – Nut Tree (Ver.)
(Studio 1 JA 7 remix)
Trevor & Brentford Rockers – Life (Version)
(Coxsone JA 7)
Studio One 7 ´´ Heptones
Heptones – Be A Man (Studio 1 JA 7)
Heptones – Choice Of Colour (Coxsone JA 7)
Heptones – Get In The Groove (Studio 1 US 7)
Heptones – Got To Fight On (Coxsone JA 7)
Heptones – Hard To Confess (Studio 1 JA 7)
Heptones – I Shall Be Released (Coxsone JA 7)
Heptones – I’ve Got A Feeling (Studio 1 JA 7)
Heptones – I’ve Got A Feeling Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
Heptones – Love Me Girl (Coxsone JA 7)
Heptones – Love Me Version (Coxsone JA 7)
Heptones – Love Won’t Come Easy (Coxsone JA 7)
Heptones – Love Won’t Come Easy Part 2 (Coxsone JA 7)
Heptones – Mama (Coxsone JA 7)
Heptones – Mama (Version)
(Coxsone JA 7)
Heptones – Mama Let Me Go (Studio1)
Heptones – Mama Version (& Sound Dimension)
Heptones – Time Will Tell (blank JA 7)
Heptones – Time Will Tell version (blank JA 7)
Heptones – Ting A Ling (remix)
(Studio 1 JA 7)
Heptones – Ting A Ling (Studio 1 JA 7)
Heptones – We’re In The Mood (Studio 1 US 7)
Heptones – Why Did You Leave (Studio 1 JA 7)
Heptones – Why Must I (Coxsone JA 7)
Heptones – Young Generation (Bamboo UK 7)
Heptones & Sound Dem. – I Shall Be Released Ver. (Coxsone JA 7)
Heptones & Sound Dimension Band – In The Mood (Ver.)
(Studio 1 US 7)
Heptones & Soundemension – Be A Man Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
Heptones & Soundemension – Why Did You Leave (Part 2)
(Studio 1 JA 7)
Studio One 7 ´´ Sound Dimension
Sound Demension Band – Forgive Them Version (Coxsone JA 7)
Sound Demension Band – Hard To Confess Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
Sound Dimension – Bitter Blood (Bamboo UK 7)
Sound Dimension – Black Onion (Bamboo UK 7)
Sound Dimension – Darker Shade Of Black (Studio 1 JA 7)
Sound Dimension – Feeling Nice Pt.2 (Coxsone JA 7)
Sound Dimension – Get In The (Version)
(Studio 1 US 7)
Sound Dimension – Great Mu Ga Ru Ga (Bamboo UK 7)
Sound Dimension – Jamaica Underground (Studio1)
Sound Dimension – Love Land (Studio 1 JA 7)
Sound Dimension – Moan And Groan (Studio1)
Sound Dimension – Moon Hop (Studio1)
Sound Dimension – Poison Ivy (Studio1)
Sound Dimension – Polka Dot (Studio 1 JA 7)
Sound Dimension – Rattle On (Bamboo UK 7)
Sound Dimension – Reggae In The Grass (Studio1)
Sound Dimension – Swell Head Part 2 (Studio1)
Sound Dimension – Upsetter’s Dream (Studio1)
Sound Dimension – Version (Don’t Fight It)
(Coxsone JA 7)
Sound Dimension – Whey No Dead Ver. (Winro JA 7)
Sound Dimension – Without You (Ver.)
(Coxsone JA 7)
Sound Dimension – Ya Ho (Ver.)
(Coxsone JA 7)
Sound Dimension – Zion (Ver.)
(Coxson JA 7)
Sound Dimension & Count Machuki – Scorchia (Studio1)
Sound Dimensions – Be Wise Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 01
01 Al Tascith Joe – Ethiopian Peace Song (Studio 1 Ja 7)
02 Al & The Brentford All Stars – Rasta Peace Song (Studio 1 Ja 7)
03 Alton Ellis – Alphabetically Yours (Studio 1 JA 7)
04 Alton & New Establishment – ABC Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
05 Alton Ellis – Mad Mad (Coxsone JA 7)
06 Alton & Soundemension – Mad Version (Coxsone JA 7)
07 Angelia Prince – My Man Is Gone (Studio 1 US 7)
08 Angelia & Soundemension – My Man Version (Studio 1 US 7)
09 Anthony Ellis – I’m The Ruler (Coxsone JA 7 remix)
10 Anthony Ellis & Sound Dimension – I’m The Ruler Version (Coxsone JA 7 remix)
11 B.B. Seaton – Proud As I Am (Coxsone JA 7)
12 B.B. & Soundemension – Proud As I Am Pt.2 (Coxsone JA 7)
13 Barry Brown – Give Love (Coxsone JA 7)
14 Barry & Soundemension – Give Love Version (Coxsone JA 7)
15 Barry Brown – Rub Up You Bum Bum (Coxsone JA 7)
16 Barry Brown – Rub Up You Bum Bum Version (Coxsone JA 7)
17 Basil Daley – Hold Me Baby (Studio1)
18 Basil Daley & Sound Dimension Band – Hold Me Baby Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
19 Carl Dawkins – Rhythm Of My Heart (Studio1)
20 Carl & Sound Dimension – Rythm Of My Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
21 Cornell Campbell – Didn’t I (Studio 1 JA 7)
22 Cornell & The Sound Dimension – Didn’t I Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
23 Delroy Wilson – Rain Drops Keep Falling (Coxsone JA 7)
24 Delroy & Brentford All Stars – Rain Drops (Ver.)
(Coxsone JA 7)
25 Dennis Brown – If I Follow My Heart (Studio 1 JA 7)
26 Dennis & Sound Dimension Band – If I Follow My Heart (Ver.)
(Studio 1 JA 7)
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 02
01 Dennis Brown – Something Is Bugging Me (Studio 1 JA 7)
02 Dennis & The New Establishment – Something Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
03 Dennis Brown – He Ain’t Heavy (Studio 1 JA 7)
04 Dennis & Brentford All Stars – He Ain’t Heavy (Ver.)
(Studio 1 JA 7)
05 Dennis Brown – Easy Take It Easy (Studio 1 JA 7)
06 Dennis Brown & Brentford All Stars – Easy Take It Easy Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
07 Devon Russell – Sexual Healing (Coxsone JA 7)
08 Devon & Brentford Rockers – Sexual Healing Version (Coxsone JA 7)
09 Devon Russell – People Get Ready (Studio 1 JA 7)
10 Devon & The Soul Vendors – Get Ready Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
11 Devon ‘Soul’ Russell – Something Special (Coxsone JA 7)
12 Devon ‘Soul’ Russell – Special (Ver.)
(Coxsone JA 7)
13 Doreen Schaffer – Still In Love (Coxsone JA 7)
14 Doreen & Alton – Still In Love Pt.2 (Coxsone JA 7)
15 Doreen Scheafer – Sugar Sugar (Studio 1 JA 7)
16 Doreen & Soul Vendors – Sugar (Ver.)
(Studio 1 JA 7)
17 Earl Sixteen – No Mash Up The Dance (Studio 1 JA 7)
18 Earl 16 & Sound Demension – No Mash Up The Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
19 Eric & Sugar – You Wrong (blank JA 7)
20 Eric & Sugar – You Wrong Part 2 (blank JA 7)
21 Ernest Wilson – Why Oh Why (Studio 1 JA 7)
22 Ernest & The Sound Demension – Why Oh Why Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
23 Ernest Ranglin – Surfin’ (Studio 1 JA 7 remix)
24 Ernest Ranglin – Surfin’ Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7 remix)
25 Ernest Soul Wilson – Pick Them Up (Studio 1 JA 7)
26 Ernest Soul & The Brentford Disco Set – Pick Them Up (Ver.)
(Studio 1 JA 7)
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 03
01 Ernest Wilson – Money Worries (Coxsone JA 7)
02 Ernest Wilson – Money Worries Version (Coxsone JA 7)
03 Frankie Wilmoth – Stay With Me (Studio 1 JA 7)
04 Frankie & Soundemension – Stay With Me Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
05 Freddie McGregor – Home Ward Bound (Studio 1 JA 7)
06 Freddie & Brentford Rockers – Home Ward Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
07 Freddie McGregor – Going Home (Money Disc JA 7)
08 Freddie & New Establishment – (Going Home)
Part Two (Money Disc JA 7)
09 Freddie McGregor – How Could You Leave (Studio 1 JA 7)
10 Freddie & Soundemension – How Could You Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
11 Freddie McKay & Soul Defenders – Father Will Cut You Off (Money Disc JA 7)
12 Freddie McKay & Soul Defenders – Father Will Cut You Off Version (Money Disc JA 7)
13 Harold Butler & Brentford Disco Set – Disco Carnival Pt.1 (Studio 1 JA 7)
14 Harold Butler & Brentford Disco Set – Disco Carnival Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
15 John Holt – Any Where (Coxsone JA 7)
16 Holt & Sound Dimension – Any Where (Ver.)
(Coxsone JA 7)
17 Horace Andy – Conscious Dreadlock (Money Disc JA 7)
18 Horace Andy – Conscious Dreadlock Version (Money Disc JA 7)
19 Hortense Ellis – Secretly (Studio 1 JA 7)
20 Hortense & Sound Dimension – Secretly Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
21 Hubert Lee – Pressure & Slide (Studio 1 JA 7)
22 Hubert & Soul Vendors – Pressure & Slide Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
23 Hugh Griffiths – Do Better To Me (Studio 1 JA 7)
24 Hugh & Sound Dimension – Do Better Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
25 Hugh Griffiths – Can I Have This Dance (Studio 1 JA 7)
26 Hugh Griffiths – Can I Have This Dance Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
Delroy Wilson – Just Because Of You (Studio1)
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 04
01 Hugh Griffiths – Tease Me (Studio 1 US 7)
02 Hugh Griffiths & The Soul Vendors – Tease Me Version (Studio 1 US 7)
03 John Holt – O.K. Fred (Studio 1 JA 7 remix)
04 John Holt & Sound Dimension – O.K. (Ver.)
(Studio 1 JA 7 remix)
05Jim Nastic – Chanting (Studio 1 JA 7)
06 Jim Nastic & Soul Vendors – Chanting Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
07 Jerry Jones – Still Water (Studio 1 JA 7)
08 Jerry Jones & Sound Dimension – Still Water (Version)
(Studio 1 JA 7)
09 Jennifer Lara – Turn Turn Turn (Studio 1 US 7)
10 Jennifer Lara & Brentford Rocker – Turn Turn Version (Studio 1 US 7)
11 Jennifer Lara – I Am In Love (Studio 1 JA 7)
12 Jennifer Lara & Brentford Rockers – I Am In Love Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
13 Jennifer Lara – My Man (Studio 1 US 7)
14 J. Lara & The Sound Dimension – My Man Pt.2 (Studio 1 US 7)
15 Jackie Mittoo – Reggae Magic (Studio 1 JA 7 remix)
16 Jackie Mittoo – Reggae Magic Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7 remix)
17 Jennifer Lara – Tell Me Where (Studio 1 JA 7)
18 Jennifer & Soul Vendor – Tell Me Where Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
19 Jennifer Lara – Consider Me (Studio 1 JA 7)
20 Jennifer Lara – Consider Me Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
21 Jennifer Lara – Do It To Me One More Time (Studio 1 US 7)
22 Jennifer Lara – Do It To Me (Version)
(Studio 1 US 7)
23 Judah Eskender Tafari – Rastafari Tell You (Studio 1 JA 7)
24 Judah Eskender Tafari – Rastafari Tell You Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
25 Ken Parker – Before & After (Studio 1 JA 7)
26 Ken & Soul Vendors – Before & After Ver. (Studio 1 JA 7)
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 05
01 Hubert Lee – The Avenue (Coxsone JA 7)
02 Hubert Lee – The Avenue Pt.2 (Coxsone JA 7)
03 Freddie McKay – High School Dance (Banana UK 7)
04 Freddie McKay – High School Version (Banana UK 7)
05 Horace Andy – Eternal Love (Studio 1 JA 7)
06Horace & Sound Dimension Band – Eternal Love Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
07 Johnny Osbourne – Love Is Here To Stay (Studio 1 US 7)
08 Johnny Osbourne – Love Is Here To Stay – Pt.2 (Studio 1 US 7)
09 Johnny, Earl & Jenny – Dub Street (Studio 1 JA 7)
10 Johnny, Earl, Jenny & Sound Dimension – Dub Street Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
11 Ken Boothe – Original Six (part 1)
(Banana UK 7)
12 Ken Boothe – Original Six (part 2)
(Banana UK 7)
13 Larry Marshall – Run Babylon (Coxsone JA 7)
14 Larry Marshall – Run Babylon Pt.2 (Coxsone JA 7)
14 Len Allen Jnr. – White Belly Rat (Studio 1 JA 7)
16 Len Allen Jnr. – White Belly Rat Pt. 2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
17 Linval Cooper – Happy Birthday (Studio1)
18 Linval & Sound Dimension – Birthday Dub (Studio1)
19 Lone Ranger – The Big Match (Studio 1 JA 7)
20 Lone Ranger – The Big Match Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
21 Lone Ranger – The Answer (Studio 1 JA 7)
22 Lone Ranger & Sound Dimension – The Answer (Ver.)
(Studio 1 JA 7)
23 Lone Ranger – Screw Gone A North Coast (Studio 1 JA 7)
24 Lone Ranger & Sound Dimension – Junior Screw (Ver.)
(Studio 1 JA 7)
25 Lone Ranger – Natty Chalwa (Studio 1 JA 7)
26 Lone Ranger & The Brentford Rockers – Natty Chalwa (Pt.2)
(Studio 1 JA 7)
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 06
01 John Holt – Tonight (Studio 1 JA 7)
02 John & Sound Dimension – Twilight (Studio 1 JA 7)
03 Noel Bailey – Wiggles Diggles (part 1)
(Studio 1 JA 7)
04 Noel Bailey – Wiggles Diggles (part 2)
(Studio 1 JA 7)
05 Otis Gayle – Let Me Get To Know You (Money Disc JA 7)
06 Otis Gayle – Let Me Get To Know You (Version)
(Money Disc JA 7)
07 Rapper Robert & Jim Brown – Minister For Ganja (Coxsone JA 7)
08 Rapper Brown & Soundemension – Minister For Version (Coxsone JA 7)
09 Rheuben Alexander – Happy Valley (Studio 1 JA 7)
10 Rheuben & Sound Dimensions – Happy Valley Part 2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
11 Richard Ace & Sound Dimension – Lighter Shades Of Blue (Studio 1 JA 7)
12 Richard Ace & Sound Dimension – Lighter Shades Of Blue Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
13 Sugar Minott – I Need A Roof (Coxsone JA 7)
14 Sugar & Brentford All Stars – I Need A Roof Pt.2 (Coxsone JA 7)
15 Doreen Schaffer – This Love (Studio 1 JA 7)
16 Doreen & Brentford Disco Set – This Love Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
17 Hamlins – Sentimental Reason (Studio 1 JA 7 remix)
18 Sound Dimensions – Sentimental Version (Studio 1 JA 7 remix)
19 John Holt – Fancy Make Up (Studio 1 JA 7)
20 J. Holt & Sound Demensions – Fancy Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
21 Jackie Bernard – Jah Jah Way (Bongo Man JA 7)
22 Jackie Bernard & The New Establishment – Jah Jah Version (Bongo Man JA 7)
23 Jerry Jones – Compared To What (Studio 1 JA 7)
24 Jerry & The Sound Dimensions – Compared (Ver.)
(Studio 1 JA 7)
25 Marcia Griffiths – Truly (Coxsone JA 7)
26 Marcia & Soul Vendors – Truly Version (Coxsone JA 7)
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 07
01 Roy Richards – See See Rider (Winro JA 7)
02 Roy & Sound Dimension – See See Version (Winro JA 7)
03 Sugar Minott – Vanity Pt.1 (Studio 1 Ja 7)
04 Sugar Minott – Vanity Pt.2 (Studio 1 Ja 7)
05 Willie Williams – Armagedeon Time (Coxsone JA 7 new mix)
06 Willie & The Soundemension – Armagedeon Version (Coxsone JA 7 new mix)
07Willie Williams – Keep On Moving (Studio 1 JA 7)
08 Willie & Soul Vendors – Keep On Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
09Willie Williams – No One Can Stop Us (Studio 1 JA 7)
10 Willie & Brentford Disco Set – No One Can Stop Us Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
11 Willie Williams – Addis A Baba (Studio1)
12 Willie Williams & Don D All Stars – Addis-A-Baba Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
13 Jennifer Lara – Natural Misty (Studio 1 US 7)
14 Brentford All Stars – Natural Misty (Version)
(Studio 1 US 7)
15 Roy Richards – Freedom Blues (Coxsone JA 7 remix)
16 Roy & Sound Dimension – Freedom Dub (Coxsone JA 7 remix)
17 Sugar Minott – Give Me Jah Jah (Studio 1 JA 7)
18 Sugar & Sound Dimension – Give Me Jah Jah Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
19 Sugar Minott – This Old Man (Studio 1 JA 7)
20 Sugar & Soul Vendors – This Old Man Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
21 Sugar Minott – Peace Treaty Style Pt.1 (Studio 1 JA 7)
22 Sugar Minott – Peace Treaty Style Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
23 Sugar Minott – Is It True (Studio 1 JA 7)
24 Sugar Minott – Is It True (Version)
(Studio 1 JA 7)
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 08
01 Ronald Merrils – Danger In Your Eyes (Studio 1 JA 7)
02 Ronald Merrils – Danger In Your Eyes Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
03 Sound Dimension – Full Up (Coxsone JA 7)
04 Sound Dimension – Full (Ver.)
(Coxsone JA 7)
05 Sound Dimension – Freedom Theme (Forward JA 7)
06 Sound Dimension – Freedom Theme Pt.2 (Forward JA 7)
07 Sound Dimension – Mo Joe Rocksteady (Studio 1 JA 7)
08 Sound Dimension – Mo Joe Rocksteady Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7 stereo remix)
09 Sound Dimension – Real Rock (Studio1)
10 Sound Dimension – Real Dub (Studio1)
11 Sound Dimension – Baby Face Pt.1 (Studio 1 JA 7)
12 Sound Dimension – Baby Face Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
13 Johnny Osbourne & The Prophets – Keep That Light (Coxsone JA 7)
14 Johnny & The Brentford Rockers – Keep That Light Pt.2 (Coxsone JA 7)
15 Judah Eskender Tafari – Always Trying (Studio One US 7)
16 Eskende & Sound Dimension – Always Trying Pt.2 (Studio 1 US 7)
17 Alton Ellis – I’m Hoping (Studio1)
18 Alton Ellis & Mudies All-Stars – I’m Hoping Version (Studio1)
19 Alton Ellis – Black Mans Pride (Coxson JA 7)
20 Alton Ellis – Harder And Harder (Banana UK 7, non-Studio 1)
21Alton Ellis – Hey World (Banana UK 7, non-Studio 1)
22 Alton Ellis – Sunday Coming (Studio1)
23 Al & The Vibrators – I’m Gonna Burn Them (Coxsone JA 7)
24 Alton Ellis – A Fool (Studio1)
25 Alton Ellis & The Soul Vendors – Whipping The Prince (Studio1)
26 Andy And Joey – You’re Wondering Now (Studio1)
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 09
B.B. Seaton – I’m Trying (Studio1)
Barrington Llewellyn – No Sad Songs (Coxsone JA label)
Basil Gabbidon – Enie-Meanie-Miney-Mo (blank JA 7)
Ben Bow – Mama Lulu (Studio1)
Bigger D – Freedom Version (Studio1)
Black & George – Peanut Butter (blank JA 7)
Bobby & Jackie – Reggae Wiggle (Studio1)
Bonny & Skitter – Lumumbo (Studio 1 JA 7)
Brigadier Jerry – Dance In A Montreal (Studio1)
Burning Spears (with Big Joe)
– Rocking Time (Coxsone JA 7)
Carl Bryan – Sunday Version (Studio1)
Carol Barnwell – One Day At A Time (Sight & Sound New York US 7)
Cherry Ann – Tell Me Something Good (Money Disc JA 7)
Cliff Stewart – Burn Collie (bongoman 7)
Collin McGregor – Clean Up Jamaica (Studio1)
Cornell Campbell – I’m Still Waiting (Studio1)
Creator & Enid – Lost Love (Coxsone JA 7)
Delroy & Sporty – Lovers Version (Banana UK 7)
Delroy Wilson – Can’t Stand It (Studio1)
Delroy Wilson – Close To Me (Coxsone JA 7)
Delroy Wilson – Conquer Me (Studio 1 JA 7)
Delroy Wilson – Funky Broadway (Studio1)
Delroy Wilson – Give Me A Chance (Studio 1 JA 7)
Delroy Wilson – Keep On Trying (Studio1)
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 10
Delroy Wilson – King Pharaoh (Coxsone JA 7)
Dennis Alcapone – Duppy Serenade (Studio1)
Dennis Alcapone – Sunshine Version (Studio1)
Dennis Alcapone – The Conqueror (Coxsone JA 7)
Dennis Brown – Make It Easy On Yourself (Coxsone JA 7)
Dennis Brown – My Brethren (Version)
(Coxsone JA 7)
Dennis Brown – No Man Is An Island (Coxsone JA 7)
Denzil Thorpe – The Monkey Speaks His Mind (Coxsone JA 7)
Derrick Morgan – Leave Earth (Studio 1 JA 7)
Devon ‘Soul‘ Russell And The Yoruba Singers – Roots Natty Roots (Studio1)
Devon Russell – Thanks & Praise (Shank I Sheck riddim)
Dillinger – Natty Kung Fu (Forward JA 7)
Dillinger – Stop The War (Studio1)
Don Drummond Junior – Joe Frazier (blank JA 7)
Donna V. & Sound Dimension – Pullover Version (Studio1)
Doreen Schaffer – Ain’t Gonna Change My Mind (Studio1)
Down Beat All Stars – Grandnational (Coxsone JA 7)
Drum Bago & The Rebel Group – Free Me (Ver.)
(London JA 7)
Drum Bago & The Rebel Group – Inflation (Ver.)
(London JA 7)
Drum Bago & The Rebel Group – Reggae (Ver.)
(London JA 7)
Dudley Sibley – Gun Man (Coxsone JA 7)
Dudley Sibley – Having A Party (Banana UK 7)
Dudley Sibley – My Whole World Ended (Coxsone JA 7)
Dudley Sibley – Run Boy Run (Studio1)
Elaine Monteque – Hurt So Good (Sight N Sound JA 7)
Enid Cumberland – Town & Country Cafe (Sight N Sound JA 7)
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 11
Ernest Ranglin – Sugar Daddy (Studio 1 JA 7 remix)
Fabian Cooke – Mother & Child (Studio1)
Freddie McKay – My True Love (Money Disc JA 7)
Freddie McKay – When I Am Gray (Money Disc JA 7)
Freddie McKay – You’ll Be Sorry (Money Disc JA 7)
George Allen – Be Wise My Brethren (Studio 1 JA 7)
George Scott – Love You Still (Studio1)
Glen & The Soul Vendors – This Must Be (Ver.)
(Winro JA 7)
Glen Miller – Love & Understanding (Faze Four JA 7)
Glen Miller – Whey No Dead (Winro JA 7)
Glen Miller – You Must Be Love (Winro JA 7)
Half Pint – Girl, Girl Girl (Studio1)
Higgs & Wilson – There’s A Reward (Coxsone JA 7)
Higgs & Wilson – Your Love Is Mine (Coxsone JA 7)
Horace Andy – Happiness (10in discomix)
Hortense Ellis – Why Birds Fly (Studio 1 JA 7)
Hubert Lee – Cherry Pie (Bongo Man JA 7)
Hubert Lee – Hey Mama (Studio1)
Hubert Lee – Sweet Caroline (Bongo Man JA 7)
Hubert Lee – When You Dance (Bongo Man JA 7)
Hugh Griffiths & Soundemension – Free Mandella Version (Coxsone JA 7)
Im & Brentford Rhythm Band – Everyday Skank (Studio 1 JA 7)
Im & David – Black Is Black (Studio1)
Im & The Sound Dimension – Sata (Studio 1 JA 7)
Im and The Agg – The Flu (Studio1)
Jackie & Hortense – Stay By Me (Studio 1 JA 7)
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 12
Jackie & The Invaders – Love Again (Studio1)
Jackie Bernard & The Kingstonians – Work It Up (Studio1)
Jackie Mittoo – Can I Change My Mind (Coxsone JA 7)
Jackie Mittoo – Choice Of Music (Studio 1 JA 7)
Jackie Mittoo – Clean Up (Bamboo UK 7)
Jackie Mittoo – Reggae Magic (Studio1)
(7‘‘ original mix)
Jackie Mittoo – Spring Time (Bamboo UK 7)
Jackie Mittoo And The Soul Vendors – Dancing Groove (Studio1)
Jackie Mittoo And The Soul Vendors – Loving You (Studio1)
Jackie Opel – Come Back Where You Belong (Coxsone JA 7)
Jackie Opel – My Prayer (Coxsone JA 7)
Jackie Opel – Shelter In The Storm (Coxsone JA 7)
Jackie Opel – Solid Rock (Studio 1 JA 7)
Jackie Opel – Try Me (Coxsone JA 7)
Jackie Opel – You’re Too Bad (Coxsone JA 7)
Jeff Dixon With Alton Ellis – Yakety Yak (Studio1)
Jim Brown – Calypso Calypso (Studio1)
Jim Brown – Seen Him Deh (Studio One 7in)
Jimmy James – Swinging Down The Line (Studio 1 JA 7)
Joe Higgs – Dinah (Coxsone JA 7)
Joe Higgs – I Am The Song (Studio 1 JA 7)
John Holt – Holly Holy (Studio 1 JA 7)
Johnny Osbourne – Forgive Them (Coxsone JA 7)
Johnny Osbourne – Jealousey, Heartache & Pain (Studio 1 JA 7)
Johnny Osbourne – Lend Me The Sixteen (Studio 1 7)
Johnny Osbourne – People A Watch Me (Studio1)
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 13
Johnny Osbourne – Time A Run Out (Studio 1 12in)
Johnny Osbourne & Brentford Disco Set – Jealousey, Heartache & Dub (Studio 1 JA 7)
Keith McCarthy – Everybody Rude Now (Coxsone JA 7)
Ken Boothe – Swinging King (Studio 1 JA 7)
Ken Boothe & Sound Dimension – When I Fall In Dub (Studio1)
Ken Parker – Have A Good Time (Studio 1 JA 7)
Kentrick Patrick – Forever And Ever (Island UK 7)
King Cry Cry – I Had A Talk (Coxsone JA 7)
L. Crosdale – Reggae Music (London JA 7)
L. Crosdale – Set Me Free (London JA 7)
Larry & Alvin – Hush Up (Studio 1 JA 7)
Larry & Alvin – Press Along Nyah
Larry Marshall – Rome (Studio1)
Larry Marshall – Throw Me Corn (Studio1)
Lascelles & Dimples – Love Or Be Loved (Coxsone JA 7)
Lascelles Perkins – All By My Self (Coxsone JA 7)
Lascelles Perkins – One & Only Love (Coxsone JA 7)
Lascelles Perkins – Tell It All Brothers (Coxsone JA 7)
Lee & The New Establishment – Dancing (Ver.)
(Bongo Man JA 7)
Lennie Hibbert – Village Soul (Studio 1 JA 7)
Leroy Sibbles – Everybody’s Talking (Studio1)
Leroy Sibbles – Express Yourself (Coxsone JA 7)
Linval Thompson – She Gone She Gone (Studio1)
Little Joe – Red Robe (Studio 1 JA 7)
Lloyd & Gerald – Thy Man Look Into Thy Self
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 14
Lone Ranger – Love Bump (Studio 1 JA 7)
Lone Ranger – Obeah Man Style (Studio 1 JA 7)
Lord Comic – Rhythm Rebellion (Studio1)
Lord Creator – Evening News (Studio1)
Lord Creator – Unfaithful Baby (Studio1)
Lord Tanamo – Good Loving (Studio1)
Lord Tanamo – Keep On Moving (Studio1)
Marcia Griffiths – Feel Like Jumping (Coxsone JA 7)
Marcia Griffiths – Feel Like Jumping (Studio1)
Marcia Griffiths – Feel Like Jumping Pt.2 (Coxsone JA 7)
Marcia Griffiths – Let Me Be Yours Ontil Tomorrow (Money Disc JA 7)
Marcia Griffiths – Melody Life (Studio1)
Monty & Cyclones – My Sweet Lord (Banana UK 7)
Monty & Cyclones – Silky (Banana UK 7)
Mr. Manchester – Give Natty Dread Glory (Winro JA 7)
Music Lab Techs – One Day At A Time Pt.2 (Sight & Sound New York US 7)
Myrna & Brentford Disco Set – What About (Ver.)
(Studio 1 US 7)
Norma Wright – Go On Home (Coxsone JA 7)
Otis & Sound-Dem. – I’ll Be Around (Vers.)
(Studio 1 JA 7)
Otis Gayle – What You Won’t Do For Love (Coxsone JA 7)
Owen Gray – Don’t Leave Me Never (Studio1)
Owen Gray – Each Day I Love You More (Studio1)
Owen Gray – Girl I’m Sorry (Studio1)
Owen Gray – Sinners Gonna Weep & Mourn (Studio1)
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 15
Pablove Black – Black Wax (Coxsone JA 7)
Pansey Scott – Tell Me A Lie (Top Disc JA 7)
Pansey Scott – Top Of The World (Top Disc JA 7)
Prince Jazzbo – Crab Walking (Studio1)
(Revival Repress)
Prince Jazzbo – Version (unknown song)
Prince Lincoln – Daughters Of Zion (Studio 1 JA 7)
Prince Lincoln – True Experience (Studio 1 JA 7)
Richard & The Sound Demensions – Crafty (Studio 1 JA 7)
Richard Ace – Can’t Get Enough (Studio 1 JA 7)
Richard Ace – Love Is So Good When You’re Stealing It (Studio1)
Roland Alphonso – Black Treasure (Studio1)
Roland Alphonso – Four Corner (Coxsone JA 7)
Roland Alphonso – Take Me (Studio1)
Roland Alphonso & Caribjamer – Waxie Maxie (Studio1)
Roland Alphonso & The Skatalites – From Russia With Love (Coxsone JA 7)
Roland Alphonso & The Skatalites – Magic Star (Studio1)
Roland Alphonso & The Skatalites – You Are So Delightful (Studio 1 JA 7)
Roland Alphonso & The Soul Vendors – Something Special (Studio 1 JA 7)
Rolando Coral & Sound Dimensions – Feeling Nice (Coxsone JA 7)
Roy & Annette – Go Your Way (Forward JA 7)
Roy & Enid – Reggae For Days (Studio1)
Roy & Enid – Rocking Time (Studio1)
Roy & Millie – This World (Coxsone JA 7)
Roy Richards – I Can’t Go On (Studio1)
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 16
Roy Richards – Reggae Children (Studio1)
Shenley Duffus – We Need Love (Studio1)
Sir Harry – Musical Rights (Studio1)
Slim & Soul Vendors – Rougher Dub
Slim And Freedom Singers – Mercy Mercy(Coxsone)
Slim Smith – Born To Dub (Studio1)
Slim Smith – Hip Hug (Studio1)
Slim Smith – Keep Walking
Slim Smith – Never Let Go (Studio 1 US 7)
Slim Smith – Try Again (Coxsone JA 7)
Sugar Minott – Never Give Up (Studio 1 JA 7)
Sugar Minott – Woman Shadow (Budget JA 7)
Tennysee Brown – Budie Bum (Coxsone JA 7)
The Mellolarks – Romantic Dance (Studio1)
Tony & Howie – Fun It Up (Studio1)
Tony Brown – Inflation (London JA 7)
Tony Brown & Bago All Stars – Give My Broken Heart (ext)
Tony Gregory – Get Out My Life Woman (Coxson JA 7)
Underground Vegetable – Version Of Love (Studio1)
Wadada – Backramassa (Studio1)
Wentworth Vernal – Rainbow (Studio 1 JA 7)
Winston & Donna – Got To Get Ourselves Together (Bamboo UK 7)
Winston & Sound Demension – Fools Fall In Version (Studio 1 UK 7)
Winston and Robin – Badmind Grudgeful(Coxsone)
Winston And Robin – Wailing Time(Coxsone)
Winston Flames – Ina Amagideon (Studio 1 JA 7)
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 17
New Establishment – Cherry Pie (Ver.)
(Bongo Man JA 7)
New Establishment – Hurt So Good (Ver.)
(Sight N Sound JA 7)
New Establishment – More Lies (Top Disc JA 7)
New Establishment – Never Give Up Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
New Establishment – Rainbow Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
New Establishment – Tell Me Something (Version)
(Money Disc JA 7)
New Establishment – Tops Of The Pops (Top Disc JA 7)
New Establishment – Town & Country (Ver.)
(Sight N Sound JA 7)
New Establishment – Whole World Ended (Ver.)
(Coxsone JA 7)
New Establishment – Your (Ver.)
(Money Disc JA 7)
New Establishment Band – Double Minded Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
Soul Boys – Rudie Get Wise (RIO UK 7)
Soul Brothers – Guajira Ska (blank Coxsone JA 7)
Soul Brothers – Sound One (Studio1)
Soul Brothers – Sugar Cane (Coxson JA 7)
Soul Defenders – A Little Bit (Studio1)
Soul Defenders – My True Love Version (Money Disc JA 7)
Soul Defenders – Part Two (When I Am Gray)
(Money Disc JA 7)
Soul Defenders – Way Back Home (Studio1)
Soul Defenders – You’ll Be Sorry Version (Money Disc JA 7)
Soul Vendors – Black Mans Dub (Coxson JA 7)
Soul Vendors – Dancing Dub (Coxsone JA 7)
Soul Vendors – Early Bird (Studio1)
Soul Vendors – Hi Life (Coxsone JA 7)
Soul Vendors – Swing Easy (Studio1)
Sound Defenders – Headache (Bugget JA 7)
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 18
Albert & The Gladiators – Beautiful (Ver.)
(Studio 1 JA 7)
Albert & The Gladiators – Mr. Baldwin Pt.2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
Gladiator Band – Part Two (Boy In Long Pants)
(Studio 1 JA 7)
Gladiators – Beautiful Locks (Studio 1 JA 7)
Gladiators – Big Boo Boo Dey (Studio 1 JA 7)
Gladiators – Big Boo Boo Dey Part 2 (Studio 1 JA 7)
Gladiators – Bongo Red (Studio 1 JA 7)
Gladiators – Boy In Long Pants (Studio 1 JA 7)
Gladiators – Fling It Gimmie (Coxsone JA 7)
Gladiators – Mr. Baldwin (Studio 1 JA 7)
Gladiators – Roots Natty (Studio One JA 7)
Gladiators – Sonia (blank JA 7)
Gladiators Band – Bongo Version (Studio 1 JA 7)
Gladiators Band – Dub In A Babylon (Bongo Man JA 7)
Gladiators Band – Solas (blank JA 7)
Gladiators Band – Version In A Babylon (Bongo Man JA 7)
Mellodies – Dread Oppression (Winro JA 7)
Mellodies – What It Profit I (Winro JA 7)
Mellodies & Soul Setters – Dread Version (Winro JA 7)
Mellodies & Soul Setters – Version Of Profit (Winro JA 7)
Winston Francis – California Dreaming (Bamboo UK 7)
Winston Francis – Fools Fall In Love (Studio 1 UK 7)
Winston Francis – In The Summer Time (Studio 1 JA 7)
Winston Francis – Same Old Song (Bamboo UK 7)
Winston Shand – Time Is The Master(Studio1)
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 19
Bassies – Beware (Coxsone JA 7)
Bassies – Come Along Bassies – River Jordan (Studio1)
Cables – I’ll Only Love You (blank Coxsone JA 7)
Channels – Disturbance In A Tennament Yard (Coxsone JA 7)
Channels – Disturbance Version (Coxsone JA 7)
Conections – Discipline (Bugget JA 7)
Conections – Discipline Version (Bugget JA 7)
Cyclones & Count Ossie – Meditation (Studio1)
The Bassies – Checking Out (Studio1)
The Bassies – Take Me To The Dance (Studio1)
The Bassies – Things A Come Up To Bump (Studio1)
The Cables – My Life Is A Hard Life(Studio1)
The Channels – Disturbance Ina Tenement Yard(Studio1)
The Clarendonians – Do It Right (Studio1)
The Soul Vendors – Frozen Soul (Studio1)
The Termites – Have Mercy, Mr Percy(Studio1)
Traps – Higher (Coxsone JA 7)
Traps & The Liberation Group – Higher (Ver.)
(Coxsone JA 7)
Tropic Shadows – Anniversary(Studio1)
Versionairs – Shadow (Ver.)
(Budget JA 7 very bad pressing)
Voice Roys – Ya Ho (Coxsone JA 7)
Wailers – Habbits (Coxsone JA 7)
Wailers – What’s New Pussycat (Island UK 7)
Wailers – Where Will I Find (Island UK 7)
Willows – Send Another Moses (Coxsone JA 7)
Studio One 7 ´´ Volume 20
Freedom Singers – Get You Off My Mind (Studio1)
Jay Tees – Learn To Live Right (Coxson JA 7)
Jay Tees – Learn To Live Right Pt.2 (Coxson JA 7)
Liberation Group – Namibia (Winro JA 7)
Liberation Group – Namibia Part 2 (Winro JA 7)
Manchesters – Natty Gone (blank JA 7)
Manchesters – Natty Gone Version (blank JA 7)
Manchesters – Selassie Band Man
Martinis – Come Back To Me (Coxsone JA 7)
Martinis – Yours Until Tomorrow (Coxsone JA 7)
Melodians – Little Nut Tree (Studio 1 JA 7 remix)
Muscle Souls – Wigwam (Studio 1 JA 7)
Paragons – Good Luck And Goodbye (Coxsone JA 7)
Principals – Step One Up (Studio1)
Ras Michael – Good People (Studio 1 JA 7)
Roots – Natty Dubbing (Winro JA 7)
Skatalites – Hanging Tree (Studio 1 JA 7)
Skatalites – Indian Summer (Coxsone JA 7)
Skatalites – King Solomon (blank JA 7)
Skatalites – Ska La Parisienne (Studio 1 JA 7)
Skatalites – Two For One (Coxsone JA 7)
Summertaires – You’re Gonna Leave Me (Coxsone JA 7)
The Invaders – Sweet Soul Rocking(Studio1)
The Lyrics – Hear What The Old Man Say(Studio1)
The Martinis – I Second That Emotion (Studio1)
The Skatalites – Addis Ababa (Studio1)
Studio One 12 ´´ Volume 01
Al Walker & Brentford All Stars – Chick Chick (Studio 1 12in)
Alton & Zoot – Misty (Music Lab 10in)
Alton Ellis – Ain’t That Loving You (Studio 1 12in)
Alton Ellis – Can I Change My Mind (Studio 1 12in)
Alton Ellis – Hurting Me (Studio 1 12in)
Alton Ellis – I’ll Be Waiting (Studio 1 12in)
Alton Ellis – Let Him Try (Studio 1 12in)
Alton Ellis – Live And Learn (Studio 1 12in)
Angelia Prince – No Bother With No Fuss B.B. Seaton – I’m Trying (RAS Studio 1 12in)
Barry Brown – Give Love (Music Lab 10in)
Studio One 12 ´´ Volume 02
Bob & Marcia – Always Together (Studio 1 12in)
Bob Andy – Desperate Lover (Studio 1 12in)
Bob Andy – I’ve Got To Go Back Home (Studio 1 12in)
Brentford All Stars – Blue Moon (Studio 1 12in)
Brentford All Stars – Greedy G (extended remix)
(Studio 1 UK 12in)
Brentford All Stars & Reuben Alexander – What A Fire (Studio 1 12in)
Brentford Disco Set – Rebel Disco (Studio 1 12in)
Brentford Rockers – Bush Master (Studio 1 12in)
Brigadier Jerry – Dance In A Montreal (Studio 1 12in)
Brigadier Jerry – Every Man Is Mi Brethren (Studio 1 12in)
Brigadier Jerry – Ram Dance Master (Studio 1 12in)
Studio One 12 ´´ Volume 03
Cables – Baby Why[distorted sound] (Studio 1 12in)
Cables – Be A Man (Music Lab 12in)
Captain Sinbad – Sister Maracle (live)
(Studio 1 12in)
Carlton & The Shoes – Never Give Your Heart Away (part 1)
(Studio 1 12in)
Carlton & The Shoes – Never Give Your Heart Away (part 2)
(Studio 1 12in)
Carlton Livingston – Jam It Up (Studio 1 12in)
Cedric Brooks – Songbird (Studio 1 12in)
Cedric Brooks – Songbird Pt.2 (Studio 1 12in)
Charlotte – Banake (RAS Studio 1 12in)
Cornell Campbell – Conversation (Studio 1 12in)
Cornell Campbell – Queen Of The Minstrel (Studio 1 12in)
Cornell Campbell – Ten To One (Studio 1 12in)
Cornell Campbell & Sound Demension – What Kind Of World (Music Lab 10in)
Studio One 12 ´´ Volume 04
Culture – Behold (Studio 1 12in)
Delroy Wilson – Dancing Mood (Studio 1 12in)
Delroy Wilson – Feel Good All Over (Studio 1 12in)
Delroy Wilson – Give Love A Try (Studio 1 12in)
Delroy Wilson – Keep On Trying (Music Lab 10in)
Delroy Wilson – Won’t You Come Home (Studio 1 12in)
Dennis Brown – He Ain’t Heavy (Studio1)
(extended 7inch mix)
Dennis Brown – I’ll Never Fall In Love (Studio 1 12in)
Dennis Brown – No Man Is An Island (Studio 1 12in)
Devon Russell – Money Problem (Studio 1 12in)
Studio One 12 ´´ Volume 05
DJ Dawn & The Ranking Queens – Peace Truce Thing (Studio 1 12in)
Dobby Dobson – Seems I’m Losing You (Studio 1 12in)
Don Drummonds (Junior)
– Heavenless (Studio 1 12in)
Doreen Schaeffer – I Don’t Know Why (Studio 1 12in)
Doreen Schaeffer – Try A Little Smile (Studio 1 12in)
Earl Sixteen – Just Another Day (Studio 1 12in)
Eddie Constantine – Tenement Yard (Studio 1 12in)
Ernest Wilson- If I Were A Carpenter (Studio 1 12in)
Flames & Brentford Disco Set – Born To Be Loved (Studio 1 12in)
Frankie Paul – Rub-A-Dub With Feelings (Studio 1 12in)
Freddie & Brentford All Stars (+Lone Ranger)
– When I Am Ready (Studio 1 12in)
Studio One 12 ´´ Volume 06
Freddie McGregor – Africa Here I Come (Music Lab 10in)
Freddie McGregor – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (Music Lab 10in)
Freddie McGregor – I Shall Be Released (Studio 1 12in)
Freddie McGregor – Move On Israelites (Studio 1 12in)
Freddie McGregor – Soul And Inspiration (Studio 1 12in)
Freddie McGregor & Sound Dimension – Africa Here I Come (Studio1)
Freddie McGregor & Sound Dimension – Come Now Sister (Studio 1 12in)
Freddie McGregor, The Brentford All Stars & Lone Ranger – When I’m Ready (Studio1)
Freddie McKay – Love Is A Treasure (Studio1)
Freddie McKay & Created Soul Defenders – Love Is A Treasure (Forward 12in)
Gaylads – Slipping & Sliding (Studio 1 12in)
Studio One 12 ´´ Volume 07
Gaylads & Brentford Disco Set – Joy In The Morning (Studio 1 12in)
Heptones – Dock Of The Bay (Studio 1 12in)
Heptones – Got To Fight Onn (=Fight It To The Top)
(Studio 1 12in)
Heptones – Let’s Try (Studio 1 12in)
Heptones – Love Won’t Come Easy (Studio 1 12in)
Heptones – My Ting A Ling (Studio 1 12in)
Heptones – Purple Lights (Studio 1 12in)
Heptones – Sweet Talking (Studio 1 12in)
Heptones & Sound Dimension Band – Tripe Girl (Studio 1 12in)
Heptones, Jah Buzz & Freddie McGregor – Equal Rights (Studio 1 12in)
Studio One 12 ´´ Volume 08
George Dudley – Gates Of Zion (Studio 1 12in)
Gladiators – Don’t Fool The Young Girls (Studio 1 12in)
Gladiators – Pretending (Studio 1 12in)
Gladiators & Brentford Disco Set – Happy Man (Studio 1 12in)
Glen Adams & Brentford Rockers – Soulfull I (Studio 1 12in)
Hamlins – Treasure Girl (Studio 1 12in)
Horace Andy – Happiness (Studio 1 12in)
Horace Andy – Mr. Bassie (Studio1)
Horace Andy – Mr. Jolly Man (better quality mono mix)
Horace Andy – Oh Lord Why Lord (Studio 1 12in)
Horace Handy & Sound Demension – Mr. Bassie (Studio 1 12in)
Studio One 12 ´´ Volume 09
Hortense Ellis – I’m Just A Girl (Studio1)
(12‘‘ discomix)
Hortense Ellis & Brentford Disco Set – I Am Just A Girl (Studio 1 12in)
Jackie Mittoo – Rocking Universally (Studio 1 12in)
Jackie Mittoo – Sidewalk Doctor (Music Lab 10in)
Jackie Mittoo – Sidewalk Doctor (Studio1)
(Music Lab 10‘‘)
Jackie Mittoo & Brentford All Stars – In Cold Blood (Studio 1 12in)
Jackie Mittoo, Bagga, Pablove Black, D. Russell & Brentford All Stars – After Christmas (Studio 1 Jackie Mittoo, Brentford Disco Set & Jah Stone – Gold Streak (Studio 1 12in)
Jackie Mittoo, Brentford Disco Set & Jah Stone – Gold Streak (Studio1)
Jay Tee’s & The Brentford Rockers – Come To Me (Studio 1 12in)
Studio One 12 ´´ Volume 10
Jah Hugh – Down Presser Man (Studio 1 12in)
Jah Hugh – Downpresser Man (Studio1)
Jennifer Lara – I Can’t Take It Anymore (Studio 1 12in)
John Holt – Any Where (Studio 1 12in)
John Holt – Have You Ever Been In Love (Studio 1 12in)
John Holt – Holigan (Studio 1 12in)
John Holt & Brentford Disco Set – Darling I Need Your Loving (12in)
John Holt & Brentford Disco Set – Let’s Dance (12in)
John Holt, Jackie Mittoo & Welton Irie – Why Can’t I Touch You (Studio 1 12in)
John Holt, Jackie Mittoo, Welton Irie – If You Let Me (Studio1)
Joy White – Counting On You (Studio 1 12in)
Studio One 12 ´´ Volume 11
Jim Brown – Cure For The Fever Jim Brown – The Pressure (Studio 1 12in)
Johnny & Jenny – Groovy Kind Of Love (Studio 1 12in)
Johnny Osbourne – All I Have Is Love (Studio 1 12in)
Johnny Osbourne – Come In A The Dance (Studio 1 12in)
Johnny Osbourne – Come In A The Dance (Studio1)
Johnny Osbourne – Play Play Girl (Studio 1 12in)
Johnny Osbourne – Unity (Studio 1 12in)
Johnny Osbourne – Water More Than Flour (Studio 1 12in)
Johnny Osbourne & Devon Russell – How Can I Be Sure (Studio 1 12in)
Johnny Osbourne & The Brentford All Stars – After The Rain (Studio1 12in)
Keith McCarthy – Everybody Rude (Money Disc London 12in)
Studio One 12 ´´ Volume 12
Judah Eskender Tafari – Just Another Day (Studio 1 12in)
Ken Boothe – Set Me Free (Studio 1 12in)
Ken Boothe & Soul Vendors – Home, Home, Home (Studio 1 12in)
Ken Parker – My Whole World Is Falling Down (Studio 1 12in)
King Stitt – Live Jah Up (Studio 1 12in)
Larry Marshall – Life Could Be A Dream (Studio 1 12in)
Larry Marshall – Nanny Goat (Studio 1 12in)
Larry Marshall – Thelma (Studio 1 12in)
Leroy Sibbles – Everybody’s Talking (Music Lab 10in)
Little Callers – Go Go Girl (Studio 1 12in)
Little John – No Say So (Studio 1 12in)
Studio One 12 ´´ Volume 13
Mad Lads & Sound Vendors – You’ll Never Know (Studio 1 12in)
Myrna Hague – New World (Studio 1 12in)
Myrna Hague – New World (Studio1)
Nana McLean – Till I Kiss You (Studio 1 12in)
Owen Gray – I’m Gonna Miss You (Studio 1 12in)
Owen Gray – Sugar Plum (Studio 1 JA 7 remix)
Owen Gray & Soul Vendors – If I Were A Carpenter (Studio 1 12in)
Pablove Black & All Stars – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Studio 1 12in)
Papa Michigan & General Smiley – Rub A Dub Style + Come When I Call (Studio 1 12in)
Papa Michigan & General Smilie – Jah A The Creator (Studio 1 12in)
Patsy Wallace – Moonlight Lover (Studio 1 12in)
Peter Broggs – Sing A New Song (Studio 1 12in)
Studio One 12 ´´ Volume 14
Lloyd & Devon – Push Push (Studio 1 12in)
Lloyd Williams – For Your Love (Coxsone JA 7)
Lone Ranger – Keep On Coming A The Dance (Studio 1 12in)
Lone Ranger – Keep On Coming A The Dance (Studio1)
Lone Ranger – Love Bump (Studio 1 12in)
Lone Ranger – No Call Me Cracky (RAS Studio 1 12in)
Lone Ranger – Run Out A Boops (RAS Studio 1 12in)
Lord Tanimo & Sound Dimension – Rainy Night In Georgia (Studio 1 12in)
Manchesters – Natty Gone part 1&2 (Studio1)
Marcia Griffiths – Melody Life (Studio 1 12in)
Maureen Thomas, Clevie & Leslie – Can’t Love You Enough (Studio 1 12in)
Maureen Thomas, Lone Ranger, Clevie & Leslie – Love You Enough (Studio 1 12in)
Studio One 12 ´´ Volume 15
Positive Vibes – Play This Song For Me (Studio 1 12in)
Prince Jazzbo – Crab Walking (Studio1)
(12‘‘ discomix)
Prince Jazzbo & Sound Dimension – Crab Walking (Studio 1 12in)
Reuben Alexander – Pressure Rock (Studio1)
Rod Taylor – Give My Love A Try (Studio 1 12in)
Roland Alphonso – Jamaica Mood (RAS Studio 1 12in)
Roland Alphonso & Brentford All Stars – Sir D. Special (Studio 1 12in)
Roland Alphonso & Caribjamer – Maxie Waxie (Studio 1 12in)
Roland Alphonso & Soul Vendors – Death In The Arena (Studio1)
Rolando Alphanso & The Soul Vendors – The Moongazer (Studio 1 12in)
Rolando Alphonso & Soul Vendors – Arena Special (Studio 1 12in)
Studio One 12 ´´ Volume 16
Ronald Merrils – Danger In Your Eyes (Studio1)
(7‘‘ extended)
Ruben Alexander – Pressure Rock (Studio 1 12in)
Silvertones – Cheating & Lying (Studio 1 12in)
Silvertones – Down By The Shore (Studio 1 12in)
Silvertones – Take A Little Love (Studio 1 12in)
Silvertones – Young At Heart (Forward 12in)
Silvertones & Sound Dimension – Stop Crying (Studio 1 12in)
Simms & Egmond – What’s The Matter (Studio 1 12in)
Slim Smith – Hip Hug (Music Lab 10in)
Slim Smith – Never Let Go (Studio 1 12in)
Studio One 12 ´´ Volume 17
Soul Vendors – Crawfish (Studio 1 12in)
Soul Vendors – Death In The Arena (Studio 1 12in)
Sugar Belly – Riding West (Studio 1 12in)
Sugar Minott – Love And Understanding (Studio 1 12in)
Sugar Minott – Never Give Up (Studio 1 12in)
Sugar Minott & Jackie Mittoo – Give Me Jah Jah (Studio 1 12in)
Sugar Minott & Versionairs – Woman Shadow (ext)
Tommy McCook – Jamaican Bolero (Studio 1 12in)
Tommy McCook – Tenor On The Call (Studio 1 12in)
Tommy McCook, Richard Ace, Skatalites & Disco Hight – Shocker’s Rock (Studio 1 12in)
Studio One 12 ´´ Volume 18
Stranger Cole – Black Son (Music Lab 10in)
Tonettes & Brentford Disco Set – I’ll Give It To You (Studio 1 12in)
Tski Valley – The Jam Is On (Studio 1 UK 12in)
Tyrone Evans – Follow You (Studio 1 12in)
Tyrone Evans – How Sweet It Is (Music Lab 10in)
Unknown instrumental (Studio 1 12in)
Viceroys – Ya Ho (Studio 1 12in)
Willie Williams – Jah Righteous Plan (Music Lab 10in)
Willie Williams – Music Maker (Music Lab 12in)
Willie Williams – Rambo Calypso (Money Disc London 12in)
Willie Williams & Brentford Disco Set – Armagideon (Studio 1 12in)
Studio One 12 ´´ Volume 19
Soul Two – Won’t You Bring Your Love (Studio 1 12in)
Windel Haye – Haunted House (Studio 1 12in)
Windel Haye & Sound Dimension – Flood Victim (Studio 1 12in)
Winston Francis – Mr. Fix It (Studio 1 12in)
Winston Francis – Quiet Place (Music Lab 10in)
Winston Francis, Jackie Mittoo & Brentford Rockers – Going To Zion (Music Lab 10in)
Zoot Simms – See Them A Come (Studio 1 JA 7)

Artist Info: Donald Davidson is a Jamaican man from the north coast, Kevan “Lulu” Davidson is his white rasta wife.
Beautiful Garden (Rasta Life, Live and Love Songs From Jamaica)
I have the German Third World Sound LP 98101, LP (sadly my copy without the book inlet)
And I have this LP recorded on CDR.
Just Cool Runnings, You´d Better Believe It, I Know You´re A Child, Lulu, What We Gonna Do, Dream Of Me, Love One Another, Marble Stones, I Never Wrote A Love Song, Destiny, Beautiful Garden
This album is his first and the first of the The Wailers recorded after Bob Marley´s death. Featuring Aston “Familyman” Barrett, Carlton Barrett, Julian “Junior” Marvin, Alvin “Seeco” Patterson, Earl “Wire” Lindo, Leroy Hamilton, Stephen Stewart. Recording and mix by Errol Brown, Chiao Ng, Stephen Stewart. Recorded at Tuff Gong Studios, Kingston, Jamaica. Produced by Martin “The White Man”.

Artist Info: Michael “Mikey Dread” Campbell started his broadcasting life as a DJ at Jamaican Broadcasting Corporation (JBC) in 1978. He was the first one to play rasta reggae to Jamaican people. He started to release albums 1978. For further details of his life and work see He died of cancer on March 15th, 2008 in Connecticut. He leaves two sons from Jamaica, a daughter who lives in Houston, TX, a son who lives in Canada, a daughter who lives in Belize, and his four month old son Zylen Jahlight.
Dread At The Controls
I have the UK Trojan TRLS 178, 1978, LP (First UK Pressing).
Everybody Need A Proper Education, Dread Combination, Love The Dread, Voice Of Jah, Step By Step, Walk Rastafari Way, King In The Ring, Barber Saloon
Produced by Michael Campbell.
“Barber Saloon” is the very first recording of Mikey Dread, a local number one hit. This is his first album release.
African Anthem The Mikey Dread Show Dubwise
I have the UK Cruise CRUZ001, 1978, LP (First UK Pressing).
Reissued with extra tracks. See next.
Saturday Night Style, Industrial Spy, Head Line News, Mikey Dread In Action, Resignation Dub, Technical Selection, Comic Strip, Pre-Dawn Dub, Operator’s Choice
Produced by Michael Campbell. His second album release.
African Anthem Deluxe
I have the USA Dread At The Controls DATCD 1033, 2004, CD on CDR.
Saturday Night Style, Industrial Spy, Headline News, Mikey Dread In Action, Resignation Dub, Technical Selection, Comic Strip, Pre-Dawn Dub, Operator´s Choice, Ancestral Dub, Raggamuffin Dubstyle, JBC Days & Porper Education Dub, Freelancer Dub, Jumping Master Dub, Peacemakers Dub
His second album in extended edition.
Break Down The Walls – Wall Street Rock (12-inch) / The Jumping Master – Master Mind (12-inch)
I have the UK DREAD 1, 1980, 12-inch Maxi.
The very first 12-inch on Mikey Dread’s own label DREAD.
Beyond World War III
First released 1980.
I have the USA Heartbeat 02, 1997, LP.
Break Down The Walls, Jah Jah Love ( In The Morning), The Jumping Master, Israel (12 Tribe) Stylee (Extended Play), Warrior Style (Extended Stereo Style), Money Dread, Rockers Delight (Extended Play), Mental Slavery (Extended Play), World War III (Extended Play)
Produced by Michael Campbell. His third vocal album. A UK reggae charts number one.
I have the UK Dread At The Controls RIDE 10, 1982, LP.
Also on USA Heartbeat HB 09, 1982, LP.
Reissued on UK Dread At The Controls, 2007, CD with five extra tracks. Rocky Road, Swalk, Positive Reality, Heavy-Weight Sound, Problems, Zodiac Signs, Armagiddeon Style, In Memory (Jacob, Marcus & Marley)
His fourth vocal album.
Further albums are:
Dubwise, 1979
Dub Catalogue, 1982
Dub Merchant, 1982
Jungle Signal, 1982
Pave The Way, 1983 His fifth vocal album.
Happy Family, 1989
Best Sellers, 1991
Profile, 1991
African Anthem Revisited, 1991
Obsession, 1993
World Tour, 2000
Rasta In Control, 2002
Life Is A Stage, 2007
Artist Info: German Rasta band from Bajuvaria.
Thriller (Godzilla) / Heathen Version
I have the German Twelve Gate, 1998, 7-inch.
On A Mission
I have the German Twelve Gate TG 0003, 2000, CD.
Who Say, Roots Rock Attack, Thriller, On A Mission, Outlaw In Babylon, Substitute, Roots Rock Comb, Ease Up, Some A Mis, Armagedon, King Of Glory, Ram Dance Hall, Sag Was, Erntezeit, Erntezeit Version
“Sag Was” & “Erntezeit” are sung in german language.

Artist Info: Legendary trombone player, founding member of The Skatalites. Musically he brought together his horns play that is similar to Miles Davis or John Coltrane and nyahbighi drumming. To play minor lead to major chord is rooted in African music but was introduced to Jamaican music by him. It it this style later made famous by Augustus Pablo, Hugh Mundell, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Burning Spear, Israel Vibration and many more. He was mentally unstable and finally severely ill. He ended in a sanatory after killing his wife. He died 1969. Major songs include: “Far East”, “Addia Ababa”, “Man In The Street”, “Green Island”, “Schooling The Duke”, “Don Cosmic”, “Stampede” and “This Man Is Back”.
100 Years After
I have the JA Studio One SOL 1114, LP mp3-souced on CDR.
Roll On Sweet Don (1968), Just Cool, Melancholy Baby, Ska In Vienna Woods (1968), Mr & Mrs T.V., Dick Tracy, Last Call, Don Cosmic (his first solo 7-inch), Heaven On Earth, Down Beat Alley, Freedom Sounds,
Nanny´s Come (bonus track from Skatalites – Celebration Time, LP)
In Memory Of Don Drummond
I have the JA Coxsone CSL 8021, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Green Island (1966), Scrap Iron (1962), Man In The Street (UK Top 10, 1965), This Man Is Back (1961), Royal Flush (1963), Reload (1963), Far East (1963), Sudden Attack, Walk The Town, Johnny Dark (1964), Look Through The Window (1966), Adis-Aba-Aba (1965)
I have a few further tracks on “Vibes: Ska & Early Reggae”, Private CDR.
Don De Lion (Don Drummond)
Melody Jamboree (Don Drummond and The Baba Brooks Band)
Lion (Don Drummond)
Mesopotamia (Don Drummond)
African Shuffle (Don Drummond)
Confucius (Don Drummond)
RJR FM Don Drummond Special
I have this radio special on CDR.
Twelve songs of Don Drummond are played and his story is told, also a Skatalites band member is interviewed about that times. Songs are “Don De Lion”, “This Man Is Back”, “Man In The Streets” and more.
There are some album releases:
“The Best Of Don Drummond”, JA Studio One SOL 9008, 1969, LP, including: Ringo, Confucious, The Reburial, Eastern Standard Time, Occupation, Meloncolly Baby, Heavenless, Roll On Sweet Don, Elevation Rock, Schooling The Duke, African Beat, Valley Princess.
“Don Drummond Memorial Album”, JA Treasure Isle, LP, including: Don Drummond Special, Dan-De-Lion, Cool Smoke, Eastern Stanard Time, Mesopotamia, Stampede, Alipang, Thoroughfare, Burning Torch, Corner Stone, Musical Communion, Rocket Ship.
“Don Drummond Greatest Hits”, JA Treasure Isle TI LP 004, LP.

Artist Info: New Dub from Holland
Beware … The Bass
First released 1998.
I have this album on CDR.
Dub 303, Forward Dub, Mystic Dub Special, Deep Dub, Hypno Dub, Lion Dub, Lost Dub, Mystic Dub, Shiva Dub, Waited For This Dub

Artist Info: Lucky Dube was born August 3rd 1964. He was a singer from South Africa who started to sing in native language in 1981 to continue with reggae sung in english in 1985. Lucky Dube was murdered on October 18th, 2007. He released fifteen reggae albums and seven albums of african music. His website is
Captured Live
I have the 1990, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Together As One, Peanut Butter, The Hand That Giveth, Going Back To My Roots, Khululeka, Slave, Truth In The World, Born To Suffer, I´ve Got Jah, Prisoner, One Love
“One Love” is written by Bob Marley.
His sixth reggae album.
I have the German Koch 34204-2, 1993, CD.
Different Colours / One People, Lovers In A Dangerous Time, Victims, My World, My Game, Keep On Knockling, Soldiers For Righteousness, You Know (Where To Find Me), Johnny, Little Heroes
His eighth reggae album.
I have the CAN Tabu 314530479-2, 1995, CD.
Feel Irie, Trinity, Serious Reggae Business, My Brother My Enemy, Rasta Man’s Prayer, Puppet Master. Affirmative Action, Big Boys Don’t Cry, Life In The Movies, God Bless The Women, You Got No Right
His nineth reggae album.
I have the 1997, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Guns & Roses, Taxman, Is This The Way, Take It To Jah, Mirror, Mirror, We Love It, You´ve Got A Friend, Kiss No Frog, Well Fed Slave – Hungry Free Man, Good Things, Release Me, I Want To Know What Love Is
His eleventh reggae album.
The Way It Is
I have the 1999, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Crying Game, Crime And Corruption, The Way It Is, You Stand Alone, Man In The City, Let The Band Play On, Man In The Mirror, Rolling Stone, Till You Lose It All, The Show Goes On
His twelveth reggae album.
Soul Taker
I have the 2001, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Put A Little Love, Romeo, Sleepng Dogs, Teach The World, Soul Taker, Money Money Money, Is This Freedom, Love Me (The Way I Am), Good Girl, Fugitive, Sins Of The Flesh
His thirteenth reggae album.
His other reggae albums are:
“Rasta Never Die”, 1984. His first reggae album.
“Think About The Children”, 1985. His second reggae album.
Slave”, 1987. His third reggae album.
“Together As One”, 1988. His fourth reggae album.
“Prisoner”, 1989. His fifth reggae album.
“House Of Exile”, 1991. His seventh reggae album.
“Serious Reggae Business”, 1996. His tenth reggae album.
The Other Side”, 2003. His fourteenth reggae album.
“Respect”, 2006. His fifteenth and last reggae album.

Artist Info: Dub band from New York City.
Live & Direct
Released on 2004, CD.
Recorded live at Martyrs Pub, Chicago, Illinois, USA, at July 23rd, 2004, the last day of their first tour.
Fever, Infinity, Simplicity, Rip Van Winkle, Beware, Han Fei Tzu, Bruce Lee, E.S.P.

Artist info: Dub Specialist is Clement Dodd.
During the mid 1970s to early 1980s he released twelve dub albums on JA Studio One label using this pseudonym.
For further info: See above: Dodd, Clement.
Ital Sounds & System
I have the JA Studio One, 1974, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Star Apple
Sound Of Inspiration
Jack A Dub
Happy Feelings
Still Rocking
Fire Version
Jolly Rocker
Excelo Rock
Melody In F
Jah Rocky
Locks Ville
Theme From The Rock
Mello Dub – Sounds & System
I have the JA Studio One, 1974, LP (Matrix: FCD 7725) recorded on private CDR.
And I have this album mp3-sourced on CDR.
Tricky (Dub Of “Just Say Who”)
In The Park (Dub of “Where Do The Children Play”)
Lion Nyah (Dub of “Pretty Looks Isn´t All”)
Inspector Rober
Bush Tea (Dub of “You Should Have Known”)
Cry To Me Version (Dub of “Cry To Me” by The Wailers, half-instrumental mix)
Time (Dub Of “If I Ruled The World”)
Creation (Dub of “Creation Rebel”)
Rocking Version (Dub of “Why”)
Roaring Reggae (Dub Of “Pick Up The Pieces”)
Tomorrow Is Over (Dub of “Rougher Yet”)
Mellow Dub (Dub of “Seems I´m Losing You”)
Note: This is the first and only release of “Cry To Me Version” by The Wailers.
Bionic Dub
I have the JA Studio One CN 3049, 1975, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Bionic Dub (Dub of “Red Blood”)
Theme From Steve (Dub of The Cables´ “Baby Why”)
Austin Chuck (Dub of The Cables´ “What Kind Of World”)
Six Million Dub (Dub of Winston Francis´ “Fools Fall In Love”)
Squash Dub (Dub of Sugar Minott´s “Love Gonna Pick You Up”)
Meet 7 Mill (Dub of Freddie McGregor´s “I´m A Revolutionist”)
Oscar (Dub of Mighty Diamonds´ “Stand Up To Your Judgement”)
Robot Fixt
Barny Fub (Dub of Horace Andy´s “Natty Dread A Weh She Want”)
Zodiac Sounds
I have the JA Studio One, 1975, LP (Matrix: SOLP 2224) recorded on CDR
The album I have has the same songs as a later pressing but in a different order, i know the last two tracks of this list are in fact the first two, but I don´t know further. the later pressing goes like this:
Aquarius Dub (Dub Of “Swing Easy”)
Pisces Dub (Dub of “Queen Of The Ministrel”)
Gemini Dub (Dub of “Freedom Blues”)
Cancer Dub (Dub of “Meditation”)
Leo Dub (Dub of “Old Man Say”)
Virgo Dub (Dub of “Run Run”)
Libra Dub
Scorpio Dub (Dub of “You´ve Turned Away”)
Sagittarius Dub (Dub of “Mojo Rock Steady”)
Capricorn Dub
Aries Dub (Dub Of “Colour Of Choice”)
Taurus Dub (Dub of “Mr Jolly Man”).
Roots Dub
I have the JA Studio One, ca. 1976, LP (silk screen, mono) mp3-sourced on CDR.
Roots Dub (Dub of “Lovers Serenade”)
Callie Roots (Dub of Alton Ellis´ “I´m Just A Guy”)
Root Man (Dub of Heptones´ “Love Me Girl”)
Chainey Roots (Dub of Horace Andy´s “Please Don´t Go”)
Granny Scratch Scratch
Marcus Dub (Dub of Mighty Diamonds´ “Right Time”, 1976)
Strong Back (Dub of Cornell Campbell´s “Natty Don´t Go”)
Roots Music (Dub of John Holt´s “Do You Want Me”)
Saucy Perila (Dub of Burning Spear´s “Rocking Time”, 1971)
Brial Wisp (Dub of Burning Spear´s “Don´t Mess With Jill”, 1969)
Better Dub
I have the JA Studio One, ca. 1977, LP in 1980 reprint mp3-sourced on CDR.
Banana Walk
Quick Stick (Dub of Dawn Penn´s “Na Na Na”)
Rub A String (Dub of Ken Boothe´s “Puppet On A String”)
Jamaica Back (Dub of Heptones´ “Fight It To The Top”)
Ready Rock (Dub of Soul Agents´”Get Ready Rock Steady”)
Guiding Star (Dub of Horace Andy´s “Guiding Star”)
Better Dub (Dub of Culture´s “See Them A Come”, 1977)
Congo Call (Dub of Bob Andy´s “Unchained”, 1970)
Never Rub A Dub (Dub of “College Rock”)
Dub Me Girl (Dub of Mighty Diamonds´”I Need A Roof”, 1976)
Gready G.
Dub Store Special (Mono)
I have the JA Studio One, LP (mono) from tape mp3-sourced on CDR.
Queen Of The Rub (Dub of Cornell Campbell´s “Queen Of The Minstrel”)
Mo Jo Papa
Message From A Dub (Dub of Heptone´s “Message From A Black Man”)
Follow This Dub (Dub of Dennis Brown´s “If I Follow My Heart”)
Idle Burg (Dub of Horace Andy´s “Skylarking”)
Musical Science
Hanging On The Wall (Dub of Freddie Mc Kay´s “Picture On The Wall”)
Love Land
This Race (Dub of Burning Spear´s “This Race”, 1971)
Darker Block (Dub of Mighty Diamonds´ “Stand Up To Your Judgement”)
Dub Creation (Dub of “Created By The Father” voiced by Errol Dunkley in 1972 and by Dennis Brown in 1977)
Dub Store Special (Stereo)
I have the JA Studio One DB 1004, LP (stereo) mp3-sourced on CDR.
Queen Of The Rub (Dub of Cornell Campbell´s “Queen Of The Minstrel”)
Mo Jo Papa
Message From A Dub (Dub of Heptone´s “Message From A Black Man”)
Follow This Dub (Dub of Dennis Brown´s “If I Follow My Heart”)
Idle Burg (Dub of Horace Andy´s “Skylarking”)
Musical Science
Hanging On The Wall (Dub of Freddie Mc Kay´s “Picture On The Wall”)
Love Land
This Race (Dub of Burning Spear´s “This Race”, 1971)
Darker Block (Dub of Mighty Diamonds´ “Stand Up To Your Judgement”)
Dub Creation (Dub of “Created By The Father” voiced by Errol Dunkley in 1972 and by Dennis Brown in 1977)
Juck´s Incorporation Part 1
I have the JA Studio One, LP on CD.
Sitting With Stupid (Dub of Silvertones´ “Smile”)
Juck´s Incorporation (Dub of Dawn Penn´s “No No No”)
Grow With Your Own (Dub of Termites´ “My Last Love”)
Moving Dub (Dub of Ken Boothe´s “Moving Away”)
Skankers Incorporation (Dub of Gladiators´ “Mr Baldwin”)
Theme A Ling (Dub of Heptones´ “Ting A Ling”)
Gumbia Jump
Garvey Night
Dub Is The Answer (Dub of Slim Smith´s “Never Let You Go”)
King A Thing (Another dub Of Heptones´ “Ting A Ling”)
Theme From The Scorcher (Dub of Lennie Hibbert´s “Real Hot”)
Mistic Dub (Dub of Horace Andy´s “Every Tongue Shall Tell”)
Jungle Dub (Dub of Bob Andy´s “Too Experienced”)
Juk´s Incorporation Part 2
I have the JA Studio One, Lp mp3-sourced on CDR.
Unity Dub
Space Dub
Peace Theme
Struggler´s Hop
Peaceful Valley
A Lie Girl Tell A Lie (featuring DJ Lone Ranger)
Disco Dub
Situation In Dub
Still Dubbing
Always Dubbing
Sample Dub
I have the JA Studio One, late 1970s, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Running Dub (Dub of Delroy Wilson´s “Run Run”)
Minstrel Dub (Dub of Cornell Campbell´s “Queen Of The Minstrels”)
Love Of A Dub (Dub of Horace Andy´s “Love Of A Woman”)
Dubbin Star (Dub of Cornell Campbell´s “Stars”)
Just Can´t Dub
Teasing Dub (Dub of “Lecturer”)
In Cold Dub (Dub of Jackie Mittoo´s “In Cold Blood”)
Cable Version (Dub of The Cables´ “Be A Man”)
Holligans Dub (Dub of John Holt´s “Hooligan”)
Talkin Dub (Dub of Alton Ellis´ “Mad Mad”)
Undying Dub (Dub of Ernest Wilson´s “Undying Love”)
African Rub A Dub
I have the JA Studio One SOLP 0133, 1980, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
And I have a second noisy source LP to CD.
Nairobi (Dub of Horace Andy´s “Every Tongue Shall Tell”)
Lagos (Dub of Sound Dimension´s “Jericho Rock” and Mittoo & Ranglin´s “Jericho Skank”)
Lusaka (Dub of Alton Ellis´ “Mad Mad”)
Dakar (Dub of George Dudley´s “Gates Of Zion”)
Accra (Dub of Don Drummond´s “African Beat”)
Luanda (Dub of Spinners´ “I´ll Be Around”)
Kampala (Dub of Al Campbell´s “Take A Ride”)
Lourenco Marques (Dub of “La La La”)
Cairo (Dub of Jackie Mittoo´s “Hot Milk”)
17 Dub Shots From Studio One
I have the USA Heartbeat, CD on CDR.
Starring Dub (Cornell Campbell) (Dub of Cornell Campbell´s “Stars”)
Dubbing Lecturer (Soul Agents) (Dub of “Lecturer”)
Mr. Joe (Sound Dimension) (Dub of “Mojo Rock Steady”)
Together Dub (Heptones) (Dub of Heptones´ “Choice Of Colors”)
Green Light (Zodiac) (riddim of Dub Specialist´s “Sagittarius Dub”)
Banana Walk (Dub Specialist) )(riddim of Dub Specialist´s “Banana Walk”)
Lost In Dub (Heptones) (Dub of Heptones´ “You´ve Turned Away”)
Old Man Dub (Lyrics) (Dub of Lyrics´ “Hear What The Old Man Say”)
Dub It Easy (Soul Vendors) (Dub of “Swing Easy”)
Queen Of This Dub (Cornell Campbell) (Dub of Cornell Campbell´s “Queen Of The Minstrel”)
Runnings (Delroy Wilson) (Dub of Delroy Wilson´s “Run Run”)
Johnny Man (Horace Andy) (Dub of Horace Andy´s “Mr Jolly Man”)
Can´t Find Dub (Cornell Campbell) (Dub of Cornell Campbell´s “Just Can´t Find Love”)
Beam Sound (Rland Alphonos) (Dub of Althea & Donna´s “Uptown Top Ranking”)
Love Of A Dub (Horace Andy) (Dub of Horace Andy´s “Love Of A Woman”)
Freedom (Roy Richards) (Dub of Roy Richards´ “Freedom Blues”, M.P.L.A. riddim)
Depth Charge (Jackie Mittoo) (Dub of “Meditation”)
Hi Fashion Top Ten
I have the JA Studio One SOL 119, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Also released on JA Studio One SODLP 001, LP.
Hi Fashion Dub, Love Love, Change A Dub, Dub You Can Feel, Rockers Hop, Theme From A Dub Room, Red Neck, Party Dub, Come On Home, Feel This Dub
Toughest Studio One Dub
I have the JA Studio One, (recent release), LP on CDR.
Grooving The Slide
Happy Valley
Black Up
Heavy Beat
Locks High
Conscious Sounds
Just Mike
Skank I Sheck
Push Pull
Jack Johnson
College Rock
Roots Man Hi Fi
Down Beat Special
Version Dread
I have the USA Heartbeat 1166-7719-1, 2006, Do-LP
LP 1:
Why Oh Why Version (Ernest & The Sound Dimension) (1969)
Fire Coal Version (Sound Dimension) (1970)
Creation Version (Winston & The New Establishment) (1973)
Please be True Version (The Sound Dimension) (1969)
Armagideon Version (Willie & The Brentford Rockers) (1982)
Born To Dub (The Soul Vendors) (1968)
Pick Up Version (Sound Dimension) (1969)
It Deep Pt. 2 )Lloyd Robinson & Brentford Disco Set) (1977)
Version Dread (Sound Dimension) (1975)
Declaration Version (Sound Dimension) (1969)
Things A Come Up To Dub (The Soul Vendors) (1969)
Zion Lion (Sound Dimension) (1975)
LP 2:
Natty Rub Dub (Cornel & The Brentford Rockers) (1971)
Give Me This Version (The Heptones & Sound Dimension) (1968)
Fire Version (The New Establishment) (1972)
Hold Me Baby Pt. 2 (Basil Daley) (1968)
Train Is Coming Pt. 2 (Sound Dimension) (1966)
New Broom Part 2 (The New Establishment) (1974)
Surfing (Extended Mix) (Ernest Ranglin and The Sound Dimension) (1969)
Never Give Version (Extended Mix) (The New Establishment) (1975)
Versions of tracks by Ernest Wilson, The Classics (aka The Wailing Souls), Burning Spear, Alexander Henry, Willie Williams, The Righteous Flames, The Royals, Lloyd Robinson, Charlie Ace & Scorcher´s , Abyssinians, The Bassies, High Charles, Cornell Campbell, The Heptones, Clifton Gibbs & The Selected Few, Basil Daley, Ken Boothe, Horace Andy, Ernest Ranglin and Carlton and His Shoes.
All songs except “Born To Dub” and Surfing (Extended Mix) are previously released.
In fact the backing vocalists of “Train Is Coming Pt. 2? are The Wailers.

Artist Info: Drummer, member of “The Revolutionaries”, “Sly & Robbie”, founder and owner of “Taxi Records” (together with Robbie Shakespeare).
Go Deh Wid Riddim
First released on JA Crystal A-1004, 1977, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Go Deh Wid Riddim, Sly Rockers, Son Of Sam, Dreadie, No True, Chariot Style, Praise To Jah, Chicken George, Mop Head, Ganja Roots
Produced by Derrick Harriott.
Sly Wicked And Slick
First released on UK Virgin FL 1042 (800 933), 1979, LP.
I have the reissue on Holland Virgin FL 16, 2001, LP
Rasta Fiesta, Sesame Street, Lovers Bop, Senegal Market Place, Mr. Music, Queen Of The Ministrels, Dirty Harry, Oriental Taxi
First released on UK Island ILPS 9673, 1982, LP.
I have the German Island 204 223-320, 1982, LP (First German Pressing).
Slippin’ Into Darkness, Gonna Love You, Battle Of Jericho, Inner City Blues, If You Want It, River Niger, Hot You’re Hot, Unmetered Taxi
Produced by Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare.

Artist Info: Singer, started in 1963, recorded some sides for Joe Gibbs and the hit-album “Darling Ooh” in 1972 for Sonja Pottinger.
Darling Ooh
First released on Attack, 1972, LP.
Reissued on UK Trojan, 1979, LP.
Reissued on Attack, 1991, LP.
I have this album on CDR.
You Never Know, Movie Star, Created By The Father, A Little Way Different, Like To be Boozed, Hi-Lite (Part 1), Darling Ooh, Baby I Love You, You´re Gonna Need Me, I´m Not The Man For You, It Was Nice While It Lasted, Hi-Lite (Part 2)
Produced by Sonja Pottinger & Clive Chin & Errol Dunkley.
You´ll Never Know / Version
First released on JA Gay Feet (Matrix: 7AP – 1909 – A / 7AP – 1909 – B), 7-inch.
I have these tracks on CDR (Raul Singles No. 4). Backing harmonies by The Gaytones aka Gaylads featuring Judy Mowatt.
O.K. Fred
I have the German Celluloid /Ariola 203 740, circa 1979, LP
O.K. Fred, True To Your Man, Show Off, Repatriation, A Love Like Mine, Rush Me No Badness, Come Natural, Nobody Else, Jah Guidance Star, Don´t Make Me Over
Produced by Errol Dunkley.
Recorded at Channel One.
Bass by Errol Holt, drums by Fish Clark and Santa, lead guitar by Sewell, rhythm guitar by Bingy Bunny, organ by Keith Sterling, piano by Gladdy Stone (Gladstone Anderson), percussion by Sticky, Santa and Fish Clark, brass by Roots and Roots.
“O.K. Fred” was a hit album in Jamaica and a Top20 Hit in UK in 1979. The title track and “Repatriation” are two of his most famous songs.
How Could I Let You Get Away / Get Away Dub
I have the UK Music Hawk MH 03, 1982, 12-inch Maxi.
Arranged and produced by Sonny & Jackal
Further albums include:
“Special Request”, UK Carousel CAR LP 01, LP, including: Mount Zion, Soon Come, Pirate Song, Praise The Lord, Chant Them Down, Gal Awa Me Do, Love Of My Woman, Strictly Sensemilla, Left With A Broken Heart. (Carousel label is owned by Errol Dunkley and Gregory Isaacs.)
“Bye Bye Baby”, French Celluloid, LP, including: Bye Bye Baby, Mount Zion, Soon Come, Ya Ho Pirate Song, Chant Dem Down, Gal Away Me Do You, Love Of My Woman, Strictly Sensemalea, Left With A Broken Heart, Don´t Make Me Over.