Artists: C

Artists – C
Artist info: Jamaican vocal trio. The Cables are Keble Drummond, Elbert Stewart and Vincent Stoddard.
Their albums include:
“What Kind Of World”, JA Studio One, 1970, LP and USA Heartbeat, 1991, CD.
“Baby Why” (Kable Drummond & The Cables), Harry J 3302, mid to late 70s, LP, including: Baby Why, Blame Myself, What Kind Of World, Brotherly Love, I Was Lonely, Happy Time, Sometimes Girl, Dangerous, Keep A Secret, So Long. Featuring Junior Don on bass, Brownie on guitar, Max Edwards and Freddy McGregor on drums, Robert Lyn and Earl “Wire” Lindo on string synthezizer, Lelsie Butler on piano and organ.

Artist Info: Singer of lovers from the early seventies.
Love Me Baby / Call My Name
I have the UK Magnet MAG 36, 1975, 7-inch.
How Do You Feel The Morning After / How Can I Go On
I have the UK Magnet MAG 42, 1975, 7-inch.
Susan Cadogan (Hurt So Good)
I have the UK Trojan TRLS 122, 1976, LP (First UK Pressing).
In The Ghetto, Nice And Easy, Hurt So Good, Congratulations, If You Need Me, Lay Down, I Keep On Loving You, Don’t You Burn Your Bridges, Feeling Is Right, Fever, Shame
The rhythm of Fever by Junior Byles (the original is written by Willie John for Peggy Lee) is also used for Milton Henry’s “This World”, Jah Lloyd’s “Hay Fever”.

Artist Info: Roots rasta singer starting in the seventies.
Freedom Street
I have the JA Top Rank 004, 80ies, LP. (First JA Pressing)
Love Me Forever, Give My Love A Try, Blackman’s World, Freedom Street, Undying Love, Time So Hard
Musicians: Sly, Style, Willie Lindo, Lloyd Parkes, Robby Lyn, Dwight Pinkney, Dean Fraser, Junior Chin.
I Can’t Stop Loving You (4,01) / I Can’t Stop Loving You (4,01), I Can’t Stop Loving You Plus Version
I have the UK Hands & Heart HHD 001, 1986, 12-inch Maxi.
The vocal appear at the a-side and again at the b-side with the same running time, followed by the instrumental version.
She Nuh Ready / Ready Version (N. Thomas)
I have the JA Tads TRD 153084, ca. 1987, 12-inch Maxi (UK distribution).
Produced by Tad Dawkins.
Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
I have the USA Live And Love LALP34, LP (USA First Pressing).
Son Don’t Take Your Gun To Town, Gun Hawk, You’ve Changed, Dream Lover, Ain’t Too Proud To Beg, Bus Them Shut, Equalizing, Youthman Unite, Come Fi Test We Again, You Bring Me Joy
Produced and arranged by King Jammy. Musicians: Fire House Crew.
Private CDR
Turn Me Loose, from “Bounce Back”, 1994 Can’t Stop Now, from 7-inch Don’t Keep Me Waiting, from 7-inch Easy Rocker, from “Natty Too Tall”, 1994 Going The Wrong Way, from 7-inch Hard Time, from “Natty Too Tall”, 1994 Hold Me Baby, from 7-inch Hypocrites, from “Ain’t That Loving You”, 1979 You Jammin’, from “It’s Magic”, 1994 Baby Don’t Cry, from 7-inch Lambsbread, from 7-inch Lightning And Thunder, from “22 Karat Solid Gold Volume 2?, 2000 Like You Girl (correct title ?), Nah Leave Jamaica, from “Natty Too Tall”, 1994 Old Time People Say, from 7-inch Promise Is A Comfort To The Fool, from “Ain’t That Loving You”, 1979 Rasta Time, from “Rasta Time”, 1995 Soldier In Jah Army, from “Roots And Culture”, 1999 Stealing, from 7-inch Think Twice, from “Always In My Heart”, 2001 Tribal War, from “Rasta Time”, 1995 Turn Me Loose, from “Bounce Back”, 1994 Wicked A Go Feel It Now , from “Ain’t That Loving You”, 1979 Words Of Thy Mouth, from 7-inch

Artist Info:
Between Me & You / Version
I have the UK SV 1, 12-inch Maxi.
White label with stamper “BETWEEN ME & YOU CAROL CAMPBELL”

Artist Info: Roots rasta singer starting in the seventies.
I Shall Not Remove 1975-1980
I have this album on CDR.
The Gorgon, The Gorgon Speaks, The Conquering Gorgon, Lion Of Judah, I Shall Not Remove, Natty Dread Inna Greenwich Town, Forward Natty Dread, Dance In A Greenwich Farme (Megamix: Chalice Blaze Part Two – Dancing Roots Part Time), Two Face Rasta, Righteous Rasta, Bandulu / Hard Time
The Gorgon Speaks / Version (Aggrovators)
I have the UK Angen ANG 105, 1975, 7-inch.
His albums include:
“The Gorgon”, JA Total Sounds TS 109, 70ies, LP, including: The Gorgon, I Shall Not Remove, Please Be True, Undying Love, Choice Of Colours, Too Many Promises, Press Along Natty, A Poor Jah Jah Man, Give Us Strength Oh Jah Jah, My True Destination, It´s All In The Game, No Good Girl.
“Yes I Will”, CAN Micron 007, LP, including: No Manßs Land, Tell me You Love Me Girl, Wolf In Sheep´s Clothing, I Will Never Let You Go, Bring It On Home To Me, and more.

Artist Info: Roots rasta singer starting in the seventies.
They Never Know Natty Dread Have Him Credential
Recorded in the 70ies.
I have the re-release on Hitbound JJ085, CD.
Natty Dread Have Him Credential, Ginalship, Come in Girl, Ride On Christine, Jamaican Woman, Dice Cup, Rain All Night, Hog And Goat, Oh Girl, Untrue Girl
Produced by Niney Holmes. Mixed by Scientist.
I have the UK Blue Moon BMLP 054, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Reissue of “Suffering”, Negus Roots, LP.
Gimme Gimme You Love, Crucial Situation, Working Everyday, Live In Harmony, Prophecy, Jah Hear My Plea
Each track consists of vocal track and its version.
Produced by R. Flacko.
Recorded and mixed at Tuff Gong.
Raving Tonight (Don Carlos & Gold)
I have the USA RAS 3005, 1983, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Music Crave, Spread Out, Young Girl, Prophecy, Prophecy Version, Harvest Time,
Jah Jah Hear My Plea, Jah Jah Version, Black History, In Pieces, White Squal
Compilation of tracks from his Negus Roots albums “Suffering” and “Harvest Time” plus two new tracks.
Rasta Brothers (Don Carlos & Friends)
I have the USA Dancefloor, 1985, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Jah Is Watching (Don Carlos), Untrue Girl (Don Carlos), Isabel (Don Carlos), Jordan River (Don Carlos, A. Johnson & Little John), Equal Rights (A. Johnson), Mr Walker (Little John), Teaching Of His Majesty (A. Johnson), I´m Proud To Be Black (A. Johnson), To Change Your Mind (A. Johnson)
Deeply Concerned
First released on USA RAS 3029, 1987, LP
Released on USA RAS, 1991, CD
I have most of this album on CDR, missing one track.
Deeply Concerned, Cool Johnny Cool, Ruff We Ruff / Version, Jah People Unite, Black Station / White Station, Satan Control Them, Money Lover, Night Rider In Danger, Crazy Girl, Just A Passing Glance, Jah Jah Hear My Plea, Harvest Time, Frontline

Artist info: Female singer. She never released an album but only a handful of songs between 1976 and circa 1980. Two more tracks are “Kiss And Say Good Bye” (Lucky, 1976, 7-inch), “I´ll Never Let You Out Of My Life” (1976).
If You Want Me (12-inch)
Released on Cima Records CR 002-B, 1976, 12-inch.
I have this track on “Lovers Singles 1972 – 1986? CDR.
Sitting In The Park (12-inch)
First released on UK D-Roy, 12-inch Maxi
Also released on “D Roy Magic Presents Lovers” CD.
I have this track on “Reggae Ska Mix Up” CDR.
Thank You For The Many Things You’ve Done
I have this track on “Babylon (Original Sound Track)”, German Chrysalis 202 702, 1980, LP.

Artist info: Lacksley Castell was born 1965. He started to record at the age of ten years. He first worked with Lee Perry and then with Augustus Pablo and Jammys. In 1980 he started to record for Robert Flacko Palmer for the Negus Roots label. In 1980 he shared vocals on Hugh Mundell´s album “Jah Fire”. Details see Mundell, Hugh. He died on Tubercolosis in 1983.
Morning Glory
First released on JA Negus Roots, 1982, LP.
I have the reissue on JA Negus Roots, 2005, LP.
Leaving, Morning Glory, Righteous Stand, Message To My Woman, Cold Winter Night, Speak Softly, Doctor Love, Bound In Bondage, Government Man
Produced by Robert Flako Palmer. Recorded at Tuff Gong and Channel One Studio.
Bass by Robbie Shakespeare and Lloyd Parks, drums by Sly Dunbar and Leroy Wallace, keyboards by Ansel Collins, Robert Lyn and Winston Wright, rhythm guitar by Bo Peep and Ranchie, lead guitar by Dougie, Bo Peep and Junior Marvin, electric piano by Dave, electric drums by Sly Dunbar and Leroy Wallace, acoustic piano by Bubbler and Robin Lynn, synthezizer by Dave, percussion by Sky Juice, Leroy Wallace, E. Carrington, backing vocals by Don Carlos, Leroy Wallace, Goldie Locks and Lacksley Castell.
His first album.
“Government Man” was also released on Negus Roots NERT 008, 12-inch.
“Message To My Woman” was also released on Negus Roots NERT 013, 12-inch.
“Speak Softly” was also released on Negus Roots NERT 014, 12-inch.
Princess Lady
First released on UK Negus Roots NERTLP 008, 1983, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Negus Roots NERCD 008, 2005, CD on CDR.
Genie In A Jar, Johnny Brown, Guiding Light, Unkind To Myself, Old Dusty Clothes, Untrue Love, Wicked Man, This Girl & Me, Black Sheep, Princess Lady
CD bonus track:
Johnny Brown Dub
His second album produced by Robert “Flacko” Palmer.
Recorded at Aquarius.
Mixed by Mad Professor.
Featuring Mikey Boo Richards on drums, Ranchie McLean on bass, Duggie Bryan on lead guitar, Duggie Bryan and L. Willis on rhythm guitars, Ansel Collins on piano, Robbie Lyn on organ, synths and strings, Alvin Haughton on percussion and Dean Fraser and Nambo Robinson on horns.
Johnnie Brown / Dub, was also released on Negus Roots NERT 019, 12-inch.
7-inch and 12-inch Versions
I have this collection mp3-sourced on CDR.
01. Captive (with Junior Pumpkin) (JB JBD 017-A)
02. Black Man Misery (with Sammie Dread) (JB JBD 017-B)
03. Domino Tournament (with Junior Pumpkin) (Jah Life JL 007-B)
04. Jah Fire Will Be Burning (with Hugh Mundell) (Fat Man 7-inch)
05. Babylon World (Rockers 7-inch)
06. Dreadfull / Righteous Dub
07. Mother Mitchell
08. Love In Your Heart (1978, Rockers RP 010, 12-inch)
09. Tug A War Games (CSA 006)
10. Lost Love (with Junior Pumpkin) (Jah Life JL 007-A)
11. Black Man Misery (same as 02.)
12. African Queen (UK Negus Roots NERT 001 A, 12-inch)
There are a few more tracks:
“Johnny Brown” (earlier version), Winners, 7-inch.
“Jah Love Is Sweeter”, Orchid ORCH 707, ´90s Repressing, 7-inch
“Jah Love Is Sweeter / Sweeter Rockers”, Black Joy DH 805, 1980, 12-inch.
“My Collie Tree”, Soundoff Records SOFD 003, 12-inch
“What A Great Day”, Sufferers Heights, SUFF 001, 7-inch. Also on Fatman FM 011, 7-inch.
“Jah Is Watching You” Negus Roots NERT 005, 12-inch
“Jah Children”, Hungrytown HT 1079, 12-inch.
“Tribulation”, JA, 7-inch.
See also Mundell, Hugh.

Artist info: Early 1960s all stars jazz combo.
I Cover The Water Front
I have the JA Port-O-Jam, 1962, LP in 1990s reprint LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
I´ll Remember April, Green Eyes, I Cover The Water Front, Softly As The Morning Sun, What Is The Thing Called Love, Gone With The Wind, Sometimes I Am Happy, Loafers & Wristless, Grooving With The Beat.
Produced by Clement Dodd.
Featuring Cecil Lloyd on piano, Lloyd Mason on bass, Roland Alphonso on tenor sax, Lowell Morris on drums and Don Drummond on trombone.

Artist Info: Canadian band. Alex King and John Forbes are Chalawa. They recorded between 1976 and 1979 and obviously had a special love for Bob Marley.
Deepest & Darkest
I have the CAN Green Weenie G-WLPS 2001, 1976, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Deepest & Darkest, Meatanya, Blessed Is The Man, Who The Cap Fit, The Dread Approacheth, Trusting Soul, Blow Him Out The Funnell
“Who The Cap Fit” is a Bob Marley cover.
Produced by Alex King and John Forbes.
Exodus Dub
I have the CAN Sky Note SKY LP 14, 1978, LP (First release).
I also have the re-release on Canadian Skynote SKY CD 14, 1990ies, CD.
Natural Mystic Dub, So Much Things To Say Dub, Guiltiness Dub, The Heathen Dub, Exodus Dub, Jamming Dub, Waiting In Vain Dub, Three Little Birds Dub, One Love / People Get Ready Dub
New recorded dubs of nine songs from Bob Marley’s Exodus album.
Hop, Skip And Jump / Picadilly Hop
I have the Belgium Druco / IBC 4B006-61835, 1978, 7-inch (red vinyl).
Chalawa Meets Chapter XII
I have the Belgium IBC Reggae, 1979, LP on CDR.
Buffalo Step, Hop Skip And Jump, Topless Reggae, Topless Reggae Dub, Picadilly Hop, Buffalo Step Dub
Hop, Skip & Jump
I have the CAN Generation GEN 3009, 1979, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Hop Skip & Jump, Jammin´, Waiting In Vain, Three Little Birds, Picadilly Hop, Tropical Borscht, Meltdown, Mercenary Hymn, Blessed Is The Man, Taxi De Paris
Produced by Alex King and John Forbes.

Artist Info: Self-contained band from Jamaica, successfull in the early eighties. They disbanded 1996. In February 2007 a reunion concert took place and seemingly the group is now back into the music business with some tours planned. Original members of Chalice are Wayne Armond (guitar, vocals), Trevor Roper (guitar, vocals), Robi Peart (guitar, percussion, vocals), Desi Jones (drums, percussion), Keith Francis (bass), Alah Lloyd (keyboards, vocals), Mikey Wallace (keyboards, percussion, vocals).
Live At Reggae Sunsplash
I have the UK Vista VSLP 8902, 1983, LP (First UK Pressing).
I´m Trying, GI Parson, Road Block, Night Fever, Praise Him Good To Be There
Recorded live at the Reggae Sunsplash, August 5th, 1982, Jarrett Park, Montego Bay, Jamaica.
Standard Procedure
JA Pipe Music PMLP 2, 1983, LP. (First Jamaican Pressing).
I have this album recorded on CDR.
Can´t Dub, Joy In The Morning, Never You Change, You, Pot Of Gold, Funny Kinda Reggae, Stew Peas, One Woman Too Late, I´m Trying, Children In Exile
Their second album.
Good To Be There
I have the German Ariola 206099, 1984, LP (First German Pressing).
Can’t Dub, Joy In The Morning, Funny Kind’A Reggae, One Woman Too Late, I Still Love You, Good To Be There, I’m Trying, Stewpeas, A Song, Children In Exile
Compilation with three tracks from their first album (Good To Be There, A Song, I Still Love You) and seven tracks from their second album (Can´t Dub, Joy In The Morning, Funny Kind´A Reggae, One Woman Too Late, I´m Trying, Children in Exile, Stewpeas).
Horns on “Stewpeas” & “I’m Trying” by Dean Frazer, Nambo Robinson, Chico Chin and Dave Madden.
Stand Up!
I have the UK C.S.A. CSLP 19, 1985, LP (First UK Pressing).
Hit You Like A Bomb, Go Slow, Easy Street, Dangerous Disturbances, I Never Knew Love, Stand Up, Point Them Finger, Wicked Intention, Back Way Evil Forces, Shine On
Their third album.
I have the JA CTS 136, 1988, LP (First JA Pressing)
Revival Time, Caribbean Boy, Dance Hall Daze, Open Your Eyes, Sayonara, Fan The Fire, Ital Love, Dancing Time, Shadows In The Doorway
Produced by Chalice & Abe Dabdoub.
Their fourth album.
Catch It
I have the USA Rohit RRTG 7737, 1987, LP (First USA Pressing).
Ball Of Confusion, Handle Me Rough, Let’s Go Forward, Heroes, Leaving Me Standing, Girls, I Can’t Run, Always The Lonely, Catch It If You Can
Produced by Chalice.
Their fifth album.
Up Till Now
I have the USA RAS 3026, 1987, LP (First USA Pressing).
I´m Trying, Stand Up, Wicked Intention, Dangerous Disturbances, Peter Botha, Good To Be There, Can´t Dub, Stew Peas, Go Slow, Doctor Doctor
Produced by Chalice. Recorded between 1980 – 1987.
Announced on the sleeve as a greatest hits album with one song previously not on album “Peter Botha” in fact this album has another song previously not on album, “Doctor Doctor”. And all other songs, taken from their first two albums only, appear here in different new remix, faster as the original releases and with additional effects.
Si Mi Ya
I have the JA Peace Pipe, 1990, LP.
Si Mi Ya, Ternsion, Baby Come Back, Ruby, Don´t Disturb, Dance Hall ´Monic, Moving Away, The Dip, Tuff Is Tuff, That´s The Way
Recorded at Dynamic Sounds. Mixed by Geoffrey Chung except “Baby Come Back” mixed by Colin Solly and Boris Gardiner.
“Dance Hall ´Monic” featuring Lovindeer, Papa San, Tiger and Paul Cadogan. “The Dip” featuring Ace Andrew. “Tension” featuring Kiesha Lloyd.
There are two more albums:
“Blasted”, JA Pipe Music PMLP 001, 1982, LP, their debut album including: Good To Be There, Night Fever, Youthman (On The Corner), Loosen Up, Are We Loving, Marie, A Song, I Still Love You, Praise Him.
“Tuff Enuff”, 1992, Austria only release, their last album.

Artist Info: Chariot Riders are the house band of Derrick Harriott.
Sensimilla Dub
First released on JA Crystal A-1009, 1980, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Sensimilla Dub, Born To Dub You (Combination 2 & 3), Crucial, Jah Walk, Tracks It, Boom, Blow Wow, Outers, Ghetto Talk

Artist Info: Solo singer of mainly romantic ballads with the Charmers as backing harmonies, also member of The Uniques since 1967, later solo again as Lloydie and the Lowbites heading into some funny x-rated songs. His later career I have to study more close. This will follow soon.
Psychedelic Reggae Instrumentals 1969 – 1970 Follow This Sound (Lloyd Charmers & The Hippie Boys)
Released on CD: The Early Reggae Years Vol. 3, UK Trybute TRRCD04, 1998, CD.
Soul At Large, Everybody Needs Love, Golden Moon, Safari (feat. Lester Sterling), Summer Face, Psychedelic Reggae, Crimson & Clover, African Zulu, Cooyah, Follow This Sound, Mama Look Deh, Reggae Is Tight, Cat Nip, How Long (Will It Take), 5 To 5, Stronger, Rat Trap, Shang Hai, Ling Tong Ting, Confidential, Dr. No Go, Love Can Make You Happy
If Leaving Me Is Easy / Give Me A Little More
I have the UK KRT 6, 1981,12-inch Maxi.
“If Leaving Me Is Easy” is written by Phil Collins, here in reggae style. “Give Me A Little More” is a consciousnesssong. Both songs are presented in extended mixes.

Artist Info: Producer. Owner of the Randy´s label. Randy´s opened late 1968.

Artist Info: The Chosen Few are a Jamaican vocal group consisting of the three brothers Busty, Bunny and Errol Brown and Franklin Spence. Basically they recorded cover tracks of US American Soul and Pop artists.
Hit After Hit
I have the UK Trojan TRLS 56, 1973, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
You´re A Big Girl Now (Ver 1) (a hit for “The Stylistics” in 1971)
You´re A Big Girl Now (Ver 3)
Shaft (a hit for Isaac Hayes in 1971)
Stranger On The Shore (a hit for “Mr Acker Bilk” in 1961 and for “The Drifters” in 1962)
I´m Sorry (a hit for “The Delfonics” in 1968)
Mexican Divorce ( a hit for “The Drifters” in 1968)
People Make The World Go Round (a hit for “The Stylistics” in 1972)
Everybody Plays The Fool (a hit for “The Main Ingredient” in 1972)
Going Back Home
Melting Pot (a hit for “Blue Mink” in 1969)
Ebony Eyes ( a hit for “The Everly Brothers” in 1961)
Do Your Thing ( a hit for Isaac Hayes in 1971)
Their debut album produced by Derrick Harriott and recorded at Federal and Harry J Studios, Jamaica.
Everybody Plays The Fool
I have the UK Trojan TRLS 106, 1975, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
I Love The Way You Love ( ahit for Betty Wright in 1971)
I Second That Emotion (a hit for “Smokey Robinson & The Miracles” in 1967)
Make Way For The Young Folks (a hit for “The Supremes” in 1969)
Hide And Seek
Reggae Stuff (A hit for “Kool & The Gang” in 1973 as “Funky Stuff”)
My Thing
Everybody Plays The Fool ( a hit for “The Main Ingredient” in 1972)
Tears Of A Clown ( a hit for Smokey Robinson in 1967)
Hang On Sloopy ( a hit for “The McCoys” in 1965)
Queen Majesty (a hit for “The Techniques” in 1967an adaption of Curtis Mayfield´s “Ministrel And Queen”)
La La La At The End (a hit for “Anthony & The Imperials” in 1973)
I Love The Way You Love (Part 2)
Their second album.
In Miami
I have the UK Trojan TJALP 158, 2004, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
First released on UK Trojan TRLS 131, 1976, LP.
Night And Day
I Am A Man
In The Rain ( a hit for “The Dramatics” in 1972)
Wandering (recorded 1974)
Funky Buttercup (recorded 1974)
Candy I´m So Doggone Mixed Up
Why Can´t We Live
Drift Away (a hi for Dobie Gray in 1973)
Daniel (a hit for Elton John in 1973)
Hit Me With Music
Their third and last album. Produced by King Sporty and recorded in USA.

Churchical Chants Of The Nyabingi
I have the USA Elliot, 1982, LP (First USA Pressing).
Got To Move, Tell Them Wherever I Go, Weeping And Moaning, I.I.I., Fire Man, Fire Burn, White Boy A Follower, Keep Cool Babylon, Think I Never Know, Armagiddion
In 1982 a Nyabingi was held during a visit of USA President Ronald Reagan in Jamaica. This Nyabingi session lasted seven days. The album was recorded outside in the wood, during this session.

Artist info: Vocal duo, started at Studio One.
Can´t Keep A Good Man Down
I have the UK King´s Music KMR 4, 1993, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Shoo Be Do Be Do, Rude Boy Gone A Jail, Darling Forever, The Table´s Gonna Turn, Can´t Keep A Good Man Down, A Day Will Come, Try Me One More Time, Muy Bien, Rudie Bam Bam, Lonely Heartaches
Produced by Sylvain Morris.
Their further albums include:
“The Best Of The Clarendonians”, JA Studio One SOL 1122, LP, including: You Can´t Be Happy, Darling Forever, Ten Guitars, Rudie Bam Bam, Sunshine, He Who Laughs Last, Sho Be Do Be, Do Good, Rudie Gone A Jail, I Can´t Go On, Good Bye Forever, You Can´t Keep A Good Man Down.

Artist Info: Roots rasta singer starting in the seventies.
Enter Into His Gates With Praise
First released 1975. Reissued 1989.
I have the reissue on JA Justice BSMT 0027, 1995, LP.
Enter Into His Gates With Praise, None Shall Escape The Judgement, Move Out Of Babylon, Jah Jah We Are Waiting Upon You, Don’t Talk Too Much, If You Should Loose Me, Left With A Broken Heart, You Are My Woman, Walk Away, My Desire, Hey Girl Don’t Bother Me, True Believer In Love, Please Don’t Go, In Paradise
Produced by Bunny Lee.
Rockers Time Now
First released on UK Virgin 2058 (800 319), 1976, LP.
I have the reissue on USA Caroline / Virgin CAR 49699, 2000, CD.
Rockers Time Now, Ites Green And Gold, African Roots, Be Holy My Brothers And Sisters, Satta Masagana, Stop The Tribal War, Declaration Of Rights, Let’s Give Jah Jah Praise, I Wish It Could Go On Forever, Natty Dreadlocks Stand Up Right, Prophesy A-Fulfilled, Them Never Love Poor Marcus
Produced by Bunny Lee. Mixed by King Tubby.
Eight Johnny Clarke originals and five covers: “Rockers Time Now” is a cover of Hopeton Lewis “Take It Easy”, “Declaration Of Rights” is a cover of the same-titled song by The Abyssinians, “Them Never Love Poor Marcus” is a cover of a Burning Spear song,then there is a cover of a song by The Mighty Diamonds, one more cover of a song from one of these artists.
Authorized Rockers
I have the UK Virgin CDFL 9014, 1991, CD on CDR.
Produced by Bunny Lee. Backing by The Revolutionaries, Skin, Flesh & Bones and The Agrovators.
Combines two complete albums on one CD.
Rockers Time Now, 1976 :
Rockers Time Now, Ites Green And Gold, African Roots, Be Holy My Brothers And Sisters, Satta Masagana, Stop The Tribal War, Declaration Of Rights, Let’s Give Jah Jah Praise, I Wish It Could Go On Forever, Natty Dreadlocks Stand Up Right, Prophesy A-Fulfilled, Them Never Love Poor Marcus
Authorized Version, 1976:
Roots Natty Congo Natty Congo, Wrath Of Jah, Legalize It, I´m Still Waiting, Let Go Violence, Academy Award Version, Cry Tough, Crazy Baldhead, Simmer Down, Jah Jah See Them Come, Freedom Blues
Dread Natty Congo
First released 1977.
I have a reissue on JA Weed Beat / Dynamic WB 12, (Matrix JUS LP 6), 90ies, LP.
Dread Natty Congo, Girl I Love You, Come Make We Love You Up, Yes My Skin Is Black, I’ll Never Fall In Love Again, Come Have A Nice Day, I’ll Be Lonely, Love Up Your Brother And Sister, Remember Me, Let’s Go On The Beach
Backing by The Agrovators, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Carlton Davis, Earl Chinna Smith, Keith Sterling, Tony Chin, Bopee, Assie Hibbert, Augustus Pablo, Tommy Mc Cook, Bobby Ellis, Lennox Brown, produced by Bunny Lee, Mixed By Prince Jammy & King Tubby’s.
“Come Have A Nice Time” is a cover of Bob Marley’s “Nice Time”.
Why Can’t I Touch You / Version (Aggrovators)
I have the JA Jackpot JP 005, mid-70ies, 7-inch (First JA Pressing).
Originally Mr. Clarke
First released on USA Clocktower LPCT 0108, 1979, LP.
I have the reissue on CAN Abrahams / Clocktower LPCT 108, ca. 2000, LP
Bad Days Are Going (Disco Cut), Jah Jah We Are Waiting, Every Knee Shall Bow, Fittest Of The Fittest (Remix), Our Father in Heaven, Can’t Keep A Good Man Down, Moving On To Zion, Its A Disgrace, It A Go Rough, Blood Dunza (Different Style)
Musicians: Carlton Davis, Sly Dunbar, Robert Shakespeare, Aston Family Man Barrett, Earl Chzinna Smith, Jah T, Tony Chin, Glen Adams, Clive Hunt, Winston Wright, Burnard Harvey, Tommy Mc Cook, Lenox Brown, Brad Osbourne (King Tubby) mentions at the sleeve that he participate in so far: flute, percussion, background vocals (probably together with Linval Thompson and Al Campbell,) recording, engineering, editing, producing, arranging, photography, album design and sleeve notes!
Johnny Clarke Singles 1975 – 1979
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Attack BUNNY LEE 4286-A Johnnie Clarke – Enter Into His Gates With Praise (1975)
02. Attack BUNNY LEE 4287-B King Tubbys & The Aggrovators – This A The Hardest Version (1975)
03. Attack DSR 5648-A Jonnie Clarke – Easy Skanking (1979)
04. Attack DSR 5649-B A Skanking Version (1979)
05. Attack DSR 5650-A Jonnie Clarke – Time Will Tell
06. Attack DSR 5651-B Agrovators – Drums Of Africa
07. Attack FBL 7594-A Johnny Clarke – I’m Gonna Put It On (Feel The Spirit) (1975)
08. Attack FBL 7594-B (7599) King Tubby & Agrovators – Version Of Class (1975)
09. Total Sounds 1-A Johnny Clarke – No Woman No Cry (1976)
10. Total Sounds 1-B Agrovators – Version (1976)

Artist Info: Famous reggae singer starting in the seventies.
Jimmy Cliff
First released on UK Trojan TRLS 16, 1969, LP.
Re-released on UK Island ILPS 9414, 1977, LP.
I have the second release: “Wonderful World Beautiful People” on German Island 86 488 ET, 1973, LP.
Time Will Tell, Many Rivers To Cross, Viet Nam, Use What I Got, Hard Road To Travel (1967), Wonderful World, Beautiful People, Sufferin’ In The Land, Hello Sunshine, My Ancestors, That’s The Way Life Goes, Come Into My Life
Produced by Leslie Kong and Jimmy Cliff.
Wonderful World, Wonderful People / Hard Road To Travel (1967)
I have the German Island 388 858, 1969 or 1970, 7-inch.
Vietnam / She Does It Right
I have the German Island 6014 003, 1969 or 1970, 7-inch.
Come Into My Life / Sufferin’ In The Land
I have the German Island 6014 009, 1969 or 1970, 7-inch.
Wild World / Be Aware
I have the German Island 6014 024, 1970, 7-inch.
Goodbye Yesterday / Breakdown
I have the UK Island WIP 6103, 1970, 7-inch.
The Harder They Come / Many Rivers To Cross
I have the UK Island WIP 6138, 1972, 7-inch (Pic-Sleeve taken from the album).
Struggling Man
First released on UK Island ILPS 9235, 1973, LP.
I have the German Island 87267, 1973, LP (First German Pressing).
Struggling Man, When You’re Young, Better Days Are Coming, Sooner Or Later, Those Good Good Old Dayss, Can’t Stop Worrying Cant Stop Loving You, Let’s Seize The Time, Come On People, Can’t Live Without You, Going Back West
Pop Chronik 9 – Jimmy Cliff
I have the German Island 87 577 XCT, 1973, Double-LP.
Give A Little Take A Little, Aim And Ambition, Hard Road To Travel (1967), Time Will Tell, Vietnam, Sufferin’ In The Land, Wonderful World Wonderful People, That’s The Way Life Goes, Wild World, Goodbye Yesterday, Synthetic World, You Can Get It If You Really Want (1972), Another Cycle (1971), Sitting In Limbo (1971), Take A Look At Yourself (1971), Oh How I Miss You, When You Are Young, Going Back West, The Harder They Come (1972), Many Rivers To Cross (1972), Those Good Old Days, Struggling Man
Brave Warrior
I have the UK EMI EMC 3078, 1975, LP
My People, Bandwagon, Every Tub, Don´t Let It Die, Actions Speak Louder Than Words, A Million Teardrops, Brave Warrior, Save A Little Loving, My People
“My People”, “Every Tub”, “Don´t Let It Die” and “My People” have Lloyd Mayer on bass, Steve Berrios on drums, Bobby Whitehead on guitar, Rogers Grant on piano and organ, Emanuel Rahim on percussion and Lady Helena Walker & Orenzia Grant as backing singers.
“Bandwagon”, “Action Speak Louder Than Words” “A Million Teardrops”, “Brave Warrior” and “Save A Little Loving” have Aston “Familyman” Barrett on bass, Carlton Barrett on drums, Peter Tosh on lead and rhythm guitar, Bernard “Touter” Harvey on organ / piano, George on alto sax / flute, Kirk Redding on tenor sax, Vivian Hall on trumpet, Sticky on percussion and I Threes (Rita Marley, Marcia Griffiths, Judy Mowatt) as backing singers.
“Don´t Let It Die” and “Action Speak Louder Than Words” are produced 1974, all other titles are produced 1975.
Follow My Mind
I have the German Reprise REP 54 061, 1975, LP.
Look At The Mountain, The News, I’m Gonna Live I’m Gonna Love, Going Mad, Dear Mother, Who Feels It Knows It, Remake The World, No Woman No Cry, Wahjahka Man, Hypocrites, If I Follow My Mind, You’re The Only One
“No Woman No Cry” is a cover of the Bob Marley song. “Who Feels It Knows It” is not the Bunny Wailer song, but a Jimmy Cliff song. “Hypocrites” is not a cover of a Bob Marley song, but a Jimmy Cliff song.
Live 1975 (with Joe Higgs)
I have this unreleased show on CDR.
World Is Upside Down, Journey To Freedom, Spoken Message, Remake The World
The first two songs have Joe Higgs on lead vocals, the spoken message is by Jimmy Cliff as is the last song.
I have an impression, that this part of the show and the next listed live album are taken from the same show or tour. Joe Higgs is also present at the live album on vocals and percussion.
In Concert The Very Best Of
I have the German Reprise REP 54 086, 1976, LP.
You Can’t Get It If You Really Want, Viet Nam, Fountain Of Life, Many Rivers To Cross, Wonderful World Beautiful People, Under The Sun Moon And Stars, Wild World, Sitting In Limbo, Struggling Man, The Harder They Come
Musicians: Ernest Ranglin on lead guitar, Earl Bagga Walker on bass, Noel Bailey on rhythm guitar, Carlton Santa Davis on drums, Ernest Sterling Mc Leod on keyboards, Joe Higgs on vocals and percussion, Uzziah “Sticky” Thompson
Many Rivers To Cross
I have the German Island 200 393-270, 1979, LP (First German Pressing).
Suffering In The Land, Trapped, Oh How I Miss You, Let Your Yeah Be Yeah, I’m No Immigrant, I Go To Pieces, Wild World, Synthetic World, Hard Road To Travel, Let’s Seize The Time, Sooner Or Later, Going Back West, Another Cycle, Many Rivers To Cross
Give Thankx
I have the JA Sunpower, 1978, LP (First JA Pressing).
Bongo Man, Stand Up And Fight Back, She Is A Woman, You Left Me Standing By The Door, Footprints, Meeting In Africa, Wanted Man, Lonely Streets, Love I Need, Universal Love
Musicians: Ernest Ranglin, Sticky, Leonard Smith, Gibby, Reebop Kwaku Baah on percussion and congas, Earl Chinna Smith, Ansel Collins, Keith Sterling, Leslie Butler, only on Bong Man: background vocals by The Meditations, nyahbinghi drumming by Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus.
I have the Holland CBS 85878, 1982, LP.
Special, Love Is All, Peace Officer, Treat The Youths Right, Keep On Dancing, Rub-A-Dub Partner, Roots Radical, Love Heights, Originator, Rock Children, Where There Is Love
Musicians: Mikey Boo Richards, Bertram Ranchi McLean, Earl Chinna Smith, Ansel Collins, Sticky, Sly Dunbar, Dean Fraser, Nambo, Chico, David Madden, PeeWee Dread, Santa, Ron Wood on additional guitar.
The Power And The Glory
I have the Holland CBS 25761, 1983, LP.
We All Are One, Sunshine In The Music, Reggae Night, Piece Of The Pie, American Dream, Roots Woman, Love Solution, Power And The Glory, Journey
Reggae Movement (3,43), Dub Movement (3,37), Reggae Movement (Version) (3,45), Treat The Youths Right
I have the Holland CBS CBSA 12.4649, 1984, 12-inch Maxi.
Cliff Hanger
I have the Holland CBS 26 528, 1985, LP.
Hitting With Music, American Sweet, Arrival, Brown Eyes, Reggae Street, Hot Shot, Sunrise, Dead And Awake, Now And Forever, Nuclear War
Hot Shot / Modern World
I have the UK CBS A 6370, 1985, 7-inch.
Save Our Planet Earth
I have the German Intercord INT 145.157, 1990, LP (German First Pressing).
Turning Point, Rebel In Me, First Love, Everliving Love, Trapped, Pressure, Image Of The Beast, Save Our Planet Earth, No Justice, Johnny Too Bad
Live at the Academy Brixton April 1993
I have this album on CDR.
Intro / Jimmy Jimmy, Africa, Yeah-Ho, Rub-A-Dub, Peace, Rock Steady, Save Our Planet Earth, Many Rivers To Cross, Sitting In Limbo, Third World People, The Harder They Come, Samba Reggae, Rebel In Me, Wonderful World Beautiful People, No Justice, A Higher And Deeper Love
Selection of Jimmy Cliff
I have this album on CDR.
I’m A Winner, Breakout, Oneness, Roll On Rolling Stone, Be Ready Rocksteady, Jimmy Jimmy, Haunted, Baby Let Me Fell It, Samba Reggae, True Story, Shout For Freedom

Artist Info: Duo of Ansel Collins and Dave Barker.
Double Barrel
I have the USA Big Tree BTS 2005, 1970, LP (First USA Pressing).
Also released on UK Trojan / Techniques, TBL 162, 1971 (maybe in fact 1970), LP
Double Barrell, Wild Bunch, Elfrego Bacca, Monkey Spanner Version, My Best Girl, Secret Weapon, I The Third, That Girl, Impossible Mission, Ten To One, I Can Count The Days, Two Four One
Produced by Winston Riley.
Double Barrel / Version 2
I have the German Ariola 10 151, 1970, 7-inch.
Monkey Spanner / Version 2
I have the German Ariola 10 303, 1970, 7-inch.

Artist Info: In 1980 Roydell Johnson, formerly member of The Congos, started a solo career as Congo Ashanti Roy.
Sign Of The Star
First released on UK PRE, 1980, LP
Stay Red, Time Is Running Out, Big Shot, Running From Reality, Chant Niabinghi, Cloudy Day, Two Shall Be Together, Righteous Man, Man Of Word, Weeping And Wailing (12-inch Mix)
His first solo album.
Big City
I have the Germany Red Arrow / SPV CD 084 55292, 90ies, CD.
Big City, Praise Jah Jah, Ark Of The Covenant, Push Push, Rude Boy, Saving My Time, Back Yard, Pslams, Love Jah, African Blood, Alleikum Selam, Racial Discrimination, Get Away From Me
Produced by Noel Bailey, recorded at Black Star Studio in Germany
Berlin Wall
Ashanti Roy and Bunny Brisett
I have the JA High Times, 1992, LP (First JA Pressing).
Richman, Berlin Wall, Look Before You Leap, Jah Weh, You And Me Together, Naw Look Yu, Food For The Rainy Day, Hardcity

Artist Info: Roots band from the seventies. The Congos are Cedric Myton, Roydel “Ashanti” Johnson and Watty Burnett. Cedric Myton, born 1947, started his singing carrier with a band called Tartans in the sixities. When this four-singers-group split, he and Prince Lincoln Thompson formed the band “The Rasses” also called “The Royal Rasses”. Roy Johnson, born 1947, was member of Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus and Brother Joe And The Rightful Brothers before he met Cedric and they formed The Congos. In 1980 Roydell Johnson started a solo career as Congo Ashanti Roy.
Heart Of The Congos
First released on JA Black Ark, 1977, LP (Matrix: KLP 005-A / KLP 005-B) (Original Mix).
I have this original mix mp3-sourced on CDR.
Fisherman, Congman, Open Up The Gate, Children Crying, La La Bam-Bam, Can’t Come In, Sodom & Gomorrow, The Wrong Thing, Ark Of Covenant, Solid Foundation
This original mix can be described as much more clear in sound as the alternate mix that sounds like channelled through one echo-tool too much.
Heart Of The Congos
First released on JA Congo Ashanty, 1978, LP.
I have the reissue on USA GoFeet VPRL1287, 1993, LP (Alternate Mix).
Fisherman, Congman, Open Up The Gate, Children Crying, La La Bam-Bam, Can’t Come In, Sodom & Gomorrow, The Wrong Thing, Ark Of Covenant, Solid Foundation
Their debut album in alternate mix recorded at Black Ark. Bass by Boris Gardiner, lead guitar by Ernest Ranglin, rhythm guitar by Robert “Billy” Johnson, drums by Sly Dunbar and Michael Richards, organ by Winston Wright, piano by Keith Sterling, percussion by Scully, backing vocals by The Meditations.
Heart of The Congos
I have the UK Blood and Fire BAFLP 009, 1996, Do-LP.
Fisherman, Congoman, Open Up The Gate, Children Crying, La La Bam-Bam, Can’t Come In, Sodom And Gomorrah, The Wrong Thing, Ark Of The Covenant, Solid Foundation, At The Feast, Nicodemus
Their debut album in alternate mix with extra tracks.
“At The Feast” and “Nicodemus” are extra tracks of this release, not part of the original album. With the addition of these two tracks this double-album release collects the complete recordings of The Congos at Black Ark.
Musicians: Boris Gardiner, Geoffrey Chung, Lowell “Sly” Dunbar, Mikey “Boo” Richards, Ernest Ranglin, Winston Wright, Keith Stewart, Skully, Sticky, backing by The Meditations, Watty Burnett, Gregory Isaacs & Heptones (on La La Bam-Bam only).
Congo Ashanti
I have the France CBS 83796, 1979, LP (First French Pressing).
Days Chasing Days, Jackpot, Hail The World Of Jah, Education Of Brainwashing, Youth Man, Yoyo, Nana, Thief Is In The Vineyard
Their second album produced by Nadette Duget. Mixed by Geoffrey Chung and Nadette Duget. Lead vocals by Cedric Myton. Harmonies by Watty Burnett and Roy Johnson. Drums by Santa. Drums on “Hail The World Of Jah” by Sly Dunbar. Bass by Philippe Quilichini. Rhythm guitar by Willie Lindo. Rhythm guitar on “Hail The World Of Jah” & “Days Chasing Days” by Earl “Chinna” Smith. Lead guitar by Lennox Gordon. Lead guitar on “Hail The World Of Jah” by Ernest Ranglin. Organ, electric piano and acoustic piano by Keith Sterling and Harold Butler. Sax by Tommy Mc Cook. Percussion by Congo, Jones, Scully and Sticky.
Image Of Africa
I have the USA VP VPRL 1361, 1979, LP (First USA Pressing).
Only Jah Know, Mister Biggs, Food For The Rainy Day, Sweetest Name, He Is The King, Music Maker, Musical Iration, Stay Alive, Stay Alive Dub Version
Their third album, not so well known.
Face The Music
I have the UK Go Feet / Arista BEAT 4, 1981, LP (First UK Pressing).
Can’t Take It Away, Bank Of The River, Sinking Ship, Love And Understanding, Face The Music, Woman In The Dark, Where He Leads Me, Dance All Night, Scoffers And Scorners, Problems
Their fourth album produced and arranged by Cedric Myton. Lead vocal by Cedric Myton. Harmonies by Cedric Myton, Watty Burnett, Lindburgh Lewis and Davon Russell on “Dance All Night”. Bass by Val Douglas.
Drums by Carlton “Santa” Davis. Rhythm guitar by Carlton Bryan. Lead vocals by Carlton Bryan and Cat Coore on “Face The Music”, “Can’t Take It Away” & “Scoffers And Scorners”. Keyboards by Harold Butler, Leslie Butler and Joe Cooper. Harmonica by Jimmy Becker. Trombone by Rico. Trumpet by Dick Cuthell. Percussion by Alvin Haughton and Scully.
Natty Dread Rise Again
Released on RAS, 1997, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Rock Of Gibraltar, Step Aside, Music Is The Key, Seeking A Favor, Judgement Day, Natty Dread Rise Agaian, Vibration, This Could Not Be Happening, Love Is The Answer, Apartheid, Sent To Babylon
Their comeback album, their fifth album at all.
I have the VP Records, 1999, CD on CDR.
Enemy & Spy, Bad intention, Arron & Moses, Take One Step, Prophets Are Dying, What You Gonna Do, Institution, Reggae Revival, Evil Woman, Lonely Without You, Arron & Moses (Dub), Enemy & Spy (Dub)
Their second album after their comeback, their sixth album at all.
Featuring Cedric Myton and Watty Burnett on vocals, Roydell “Ashanty Roy” Johnson on harmonies, Aston Barrett on bass, Tyrone Downie on organ.
Live At The Maritime Hall, San Francisco
I have the USA 2b1 Multimedia Inc, 2000, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Let God Be Praised The Lion Of Judah, Moses And Aaron, Open The Gate, Children Crying, The Wheel, Judgement Day, YoYo, Thief In The Vineyard, Solid Foundation, At The Feast, Ark Of The Covenant, Congoman
Vocals by Cedric Myton and Watty Burnett.
Their third album after their comeback, their seventh album at all.
Lion Treasure: Greatest Hits
First released on JDC, 2001, CD.
I have this album on CDR (mp3-sourced).
Greetings Dub, Feast Of The Passover, Fisherman, Don´t Blame It On I, Solid Foundation, Food Of The Rainy Day, Sinking Ship, Sweetest Name, Days Chasing Days, Open The Gates, Music Maker, Education Of Brainwashing, Youthman (Live), Stay Alive, Hail The World Of Jah, Children Crying, Thief Is In The Vinyard, Music Maker Dub
Compilation album of their greatest hits including some previously unreleased tracks.
“Feast Of The Passover”, “Music Maker”, “Youthman (Live)” and “Music Maker Dub” are previously unreleased.
“Don´t Blame It On I” is from “Kiss Of The Dragon OST” (Various Artists), 2001.
All other tracks are taken from the albums “Heart Of The Congos” (1977), “Congo Ashanti” (1979), “Image Of Africa” (1979) and “Face The Music” (1981).
Give Them the Rights
I have the USA Young Tree, 2005, CD on CDR.
It Can´t Work, Give Them The Rights, Kingdom Rises, Boycott, Undiluted Soldier, Sleeping Giant, Lion In The Jungle, Mr Shark, Praise H.I.M., Capture Your Smile, Born Again
Their fourth album after their comeback, their eighth album at all.
Cock Mouth Kill Cock
I have the Explorer, 2006, CD on CDR.
Cock Mouth, God´s Kingdom, Watch And Pray, Grandma Say, River Beng Come Down, Citizen Of The World, Some A Thief, Rasta She Want, Rastafari Is His Name, Heaven Rejoice, Out Of The Clouds, Chasing Dreams, Throw Down Your Armour, Take It To The Max
Recorded 2006 with new vocals over old riddims.
Their fifth album after their comeback, their nineth album at all.
I have the UK Kingston Sounds KSCD 008, June 2006, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Also released as “Cock Mouth Kill Cock” on Explorer Music.
God´s Kingdom, King Rastafari Is His Name, Cockmouth, Some A Thief, Watch And Pray, Rasta Congo Man, Fat Cook, Citizen Of The World, Grandma Say, Take It To The Max, Rasta Weh She Want, Heaven Rejoice, Going To A Party, The River Beng Come Down
Produced by Bunny Lee.
Riddims by The Wailers and others. Vocals by Cedric Myton and Brent Dowe.
Their sixth album after their comeback, their tenth album at all.
Swinging Bridge
I have the French Mediacom MED 0406, 2006, CD (Special Limited Editon, Nr. 837 of only 1.000 copies)
Revolution, Spiritual Organisation, Lost Sheep, Swinging Bridge, Mational Heroes, Black Market Babies, Concrete Zone, Teachers Teach, Ten Million Chariots, Fraud System, La Le Bella, Questions, Neetles Vome, Hills & Valleys
Produced by Cedric Myton and Roydel Johnson.
Their seventh album after their comeback, their eleventh album at all.

Artist info: Joseph Cotton is the son of Count Ossie. He started to record in 1976.
Dancehall Days 1976-1984
I have the German Moll Selekta 1, 1998, CD.
My Best Girl Part One (with The Paragons), King Selassie I Live (on Slim Smith’s “Never Let Go”), Ali Baba (on John Holt’s “Ali Baba”), Drifter (on Dennis Walker’s “Drifter”), Stay A Yard And Praise God (on The Ebony Sister’s “Let Me Tell You Boy”), Girl I’ve Got A Date (on Brent Dowe’s “Girl I’ve Got A Date”), My Best Girl Part Two, Reggae Music (on The Technique’s “Love Is Not A Gamble”), News (on “Psalms Of Dub”, mixed by King Tubby), Dub Sister (on “Pick Up The Pieces”, mixed by Scientist), Freedom Sound (on Slim Smith’s “My Conversation”), Survival (on Alexander Henry’s “Please Be True”)
Mixed by Errol Brown, King Jammy, Scientist, King Tubby and Bunny Tom Tom.

Artist info: Reggae band who released four good roots albums, Late they played dancehall. The other two roots albums are: “Cultural Roots Dub” (Rub-A-Dub, 1978, LP) and “Drift Away From Evil” (Germain GLP 002, 1982, LP).
Revolutionary Sounds
I have the Revolutionary Sounds, ca. 1980, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Hypocrite, Babylon Bridge, Blackie Blackie, Too Late Shalle Be Your Cry, Only Jah Knows, Tribal Avenue, Danger Light, Age Of Creation, Granny Says
Their debut album produced by D. Germain. Recorded at Channel One and Tuff Gong. Backing by The Revolutionaries.
Hell A Go Pop …
First released on UK Greensleeves GREL 62, 1984, LP.
I have the UK Greenesleeves GREWCD 62, 2007, CD.
Hell A Go Pop, Every Man Has A Right, Execute, Thief Liars Criminals, Where Have You Been, Reggae Music, Tell It To Her, Won´t Co-Operate, Love Feelings, Lump Sum, Hell A Go Pop (12-inch Mix), Love Feelings (12-inch Mix)
Their fourth album produced by Henry “Junjo” Lawes.

Artist Info: Vocal trio. Culture are: Joseph Hill, Kenneth Paley and Albert Walker. Joseph Hill is born January 22nd 1959 in St. Catherine, Jamaica. He started recording in 1964 with the song “Behold” for Coxsone. During the late sixties he was the drummer of “Soul Defenders”. The group “Culture” began recording in 1976 with an obscure single called “This Time”. Joseph Hill died August 19th 2006.
Two Sevens Clash
First released 1977.
I have the France Atlantic 50487, 1978, LP. (First French Pressing).
Calling Rasta For I, I’m Alone In The Wilderness, Pirate Days, Two Sevens Clash, I’m Not Ashamed, Get Ready To Ride The Lion To Zion, Black Starliner Must Come, Jah Pretty Face, See Them A Come, Natty Dread Taking Over
Musicians: Noel “Sly” Dunbar, Lloyd Parks, Franklyn Waul, Errol Nelson, Harold Butler, Eric Lamont, Robbie Shakespeare, Lennox Gordon, Sticky, Heran Marquis, Vin Gordon, Tommy Mc Cook, Bobby Ellis.
Their debut album recorded at Joe Gibbs and produced by Joe Gibbs.
Baldhead Bridge
First released 1978.
I have this album on CDR.
Behold I Come, Zion Gate, So Long Babylon A Fool I (And I), Them A Payaka, Baldhead Bridge, Love Shines Brighter, Jah Love, How Can I Leave Jah, She Want Money, Wah Gwan
This second album consists of tracks from the first recording session not used for their debut album recorded and produced by Joe Gibbs.
Africa Stand Alone
First released on USA April ADI 735, 1978, LP
Love Shines Brighter, This Train, Dog Ago Nyam Dog, Tell Me Where You Get It, More Vacancy, Iron Sharpen Iron, Garvey Rock, Innocent Blood, Behold The Land.
For this album i found two infos: 1) Produced by Joe Gibbs and recorded at Joe Gibbs. In fact a work in progress that was never finished. What can be seen by fewer horns and lesser overdubs.
2) Or the story is different: Produced by Jamie Hatcher & Sidney Crooks and recorded and mixed at Harry J Studio.
Harder Than The Rest
First released on UK Virgin FL 1016 (26 332), 1978, LP.
Re-released on UK Virgin FL 3, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Behold, Holy Mount Zion, Stop The Fussing And Fighting, Iron Sharpening Iron, Vacancy, Tell Me Where You Get It, Free Again, Work On Natty, Love Shine Bright, Play Skillfully
Musicians: Robert Shakespeare, Sly Dunbar, Ranchie, Willie Lindo, Ansel Collins, Sticky, David Madden, Vin Gordon, Cedric “Im” Brooks, Felix Deadly Headly.
Their first album produced by Sonja Pottinger.
This album consists mostly of tracks of the album “Africa Stand Alone” re-recorded. Three further tracks (”This Train”, “Innocent Blood” & “Garvey Rock” (aka “Down In Jamaica”) appear later on “Cumbolo” re-recorded. Only one track (”Dog Ago Nyam Dog”) is exclusive on this album.
“Iron Sharpening Iron”, “More Vacancy” (aka “Vacancy”) and “Play Skillfully” are also on “More Culture” 1981.
First released on UK Virgin FL 1040 (200 388), 1979, LP.
I have the reissue on USA Caroline / Front Line CAR 49917, 2000, LP.
and I have this album on CDR.
They Never Love In This Time, Innocent Blood, Cumbolo, Poor Jah People, Natty Never Get Weary, Natty Dread Naw Run, Down In Jamaica, This Train, Pay Day, Mind Who You Beg For Help
Musicians: Sly Dunbar, Michael “Mickey Boo” Richards, Robert Shakespeare, Bertram “Ranchie” McLean, Radcliff Dougie Bryan, Willie Lindo, Ansel Collins, Earl Lindo, Harold Butler, Uzziah “Sticky” Thompson, Clive Hunt, David Madden, Cedric “Im” Brooks, Deadley Headly Bennett, Vin Gordon.
Their second album produced by Sonja Pottinger.
“Innocent Blood” is also on “More Culture”, 1981.
International Herb
First released on UK Virgin, 1979, LP.
I have this album on CDR.
The International Herb, The Land We Belong, Chiney Man, Rally Around Jahoviah´s Throne, The Shepherd, Too Long In Slavery, Ethiopians Waan Guh Home, Jah Rastafari, I Tried, It A Guh Dread
Culture (= More Culture)
I have the USA Joe Gibbs Music JGML LP No. 6038, 1980, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Innocent Blood, Iniquity Worker, Iron Sharpen Iron, Weaping And Wailing, Callie Weed Song, More Vacancy, Play Skillfully, White Belly Rats
In fact their first demos recorded 1976.
Too Long In Slavery
First released on UK Virgin CDFL 9011, 1990, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Behold, Poor Jah People, Stop The Fussing And Fighting, Cumbolo, Work On Natty, Tell Me Where You Get It, Iron Sharpening Iron, The International Herb, Too Long In Slavery, The Shepherd, Holy Mount Zion, Natty Never Get Weary, Citizen As A Peaceful Dub
Compilation 1978-1981.
“Iron Sharpening Iron” is from “More Culture” 1981.
Lion Rock
First released on JA Sonic Sounds, 1982, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Reissued on USA Heartbeat HB 12, 1988, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
The Rasta Man, Babylon Big Dog, Jah Alone A Christian, Armagiddion War, Disobedient Children, A Double Tribute To The O.M., Elijah, Lion Rock, We Deh Yah Still, Forward To Africa< br>
Forward To Africa / Forward To Africa (Dub)
I have the France Kingdom / Disques Vogue P.I.P. VG 101494, 1982, 7-inch.
Roots & Culture (Culture & Don Carlos)
I have the JA Jah Guidance VPRLP 1014, 1982, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Tell Me Who Jah, Roots Girl, Dry Up Your Tears, Rub A Dub Train, Jah Tabernacle, Street Life, Say You Will Be My Baby, Hog & Goat, Rub A Dub Queen, English Woman
Produced by Henry “Junjo” Lawes.
Culture At Work
I have the UK Blue Mountain BM LP 014, 1986, LP (First UK Pressing).
Money Girl, Crisis, I’m Worried, One Grandson, Love Yu Neighbour, One A We, Thief Thief, Fight For Yu Right, Christian, Dance Hall Style
Musicians: Robbie Shakespeare, Errol Flabba Holt, Sly Dunbar, Style Scott, Dwight Pinkney, Bingy Bunny, Robbie Lyn, Steelie Johnson, Dean Fraser, David Madden, Nambo Robinson.
Culture In Culture
I have the JA Track TRACK LP 1001, 1986, LP (First JA Pressing).
Reissued: 1991, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Reissued as “Peace & Love” in 1995.
Peace And Love, Capture Rasta, Old Tattoo, This Way, Step Along, Five To One Strip Me, Praise Him, Mr. Music, Soon Come, Pure War
Culture Line Up changed: Kenneth Paley was replaced by Roy S Dayes. Musicians: Winston Wright, Style, Dwight, Gitey, Basey.
Culture Singles 1977 – 1986
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Joe Gibbs DSR 2591-A Culture – Two Sevens Clash (1977)
02. Joe Gibbs DSR 2592-B Mighty Two – Version (1977)
03. Joe Gibbs DSR 2264-A Culture – See Them A Come (1977)
04. Joe Gibbs DSR 2265-B The Mighty Two – Version (1977)
05. Joe Gibbs DSR 5595-A Culture – Natty Dread Taking Over (1977)
06. Joe Gibbs DSR 5596-B Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Natty Gone Clear (1977)
07. Errol T DSR 4916-A Culture – Zion Gate (12-inch) (1978) – Prince Mohammid – Forty Leg Dread (12-inch)
08. Errol T DSR 4917-B Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Zion Rock (12-inch) (1978)
09. April Rec. DI 811-A Culture – Innocent Blood (1978)
10. April Rec. DI 812-B Culture – Love Shines Brighter (1978)
11. High Note DSR 5245-A Culture – Natty Never Get Weary (1979)
12. High Note DSR 5246-B Revolutionaires – Natty Dub (1979)
13. Bluemountain BMD 023-A Culture – Money Girl (12-inch) (1986)
14. Bluemountain BMD 023-AA Version (12-inch) (1986)
15. Bluemountain BMD 023-B Culture – Dance Hall Style (12-inch) (1986)
16. Bluemountain BMD 023-BB Version (12-inch) (1986)
17. Blue Mountain 1010-A Culture – Money Girl (1986)
18. Blue Mountain 1011-B Sly & Robbie – Money Dub (1986)
The Peel Sessions
I have the UK Strange Fruit SFPS 024, 1987, EP. (First UK Pressing).
Too Long In Slavery, Two Sevens Clash, Lion Rock, Armageddon
Recorded 11th December 1982. First transmissed on Radio One, BBC UK 11th January 1983.
Nuff Crisis
First released USA Shanachie, 1988, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Peace Love And Harmony, Revolution Time, Want Go See, Jah Rastafari, Bang Belly Baby, Crack In N.Y. , Frying Pan, Don’t Cry Sufferer, How Did I Stray? , Never Gonna Get Away
Good Things
First released on USA RAS CD 3048, 1989, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Hand A Bowl, Good Things, Love Music (Extended Version), Psalm Of Bob Marley, Cousin Rude Boy, Youth Man Move (Extended Version), Righteous Loving, Chanting On, Rude Boy Dub, Chant A Dub, A Dub Of Bob Marley, Good Good Dub
Three Sides To My Story
First released on USA Shanachie, 1991, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Be Honest, Babylon Can’t Study, Life, Sufferer, Armageddon, Still Rest My Heart, This Time, Selector, No War, Mr Music
Wings Of A Dove
First released 1992.
I have this album on CDR.
Marcus, Why Worry About Them, Marriage In Canaan, Wings Of A Dove, Freedom Time, Rub-A-Dub Style, Pass On, Campyard, Too Much Pressure, English Fireplace
Trod On
First released on Heartbeat, 1993, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Trod On, Weeping Eyes, Black Rose, Blood In A Babylon, Fussing And Fighting, No Sin, Jah Alone A Christian, Ticklish Ghetto, Children Of Israel, Still Rest On My Heart, No Sin (12-inch), Weeping Eyes (12-inch)
This album consists of tracks recorded for Sonja Pottinger in the late 1970s but not used for an album at the time.
Culture In Dub: 15 Dub Shots
First released on Heartbeat, 1994, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Dog Eat Dub, Dub Shine Bright, Knotty Dub, Skillfull Dub, Mosiah Rockers, Iron Sharp, Careful Dub, Mindful Dub, Dub Weeping, Apply Within, Freedom Jam, Dub Pyaka, Jah Peace
One Stone
First released on RAS, 1996, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Addis Ababa, A Slice Of Mt Zion, One Stone, Tribal War, Blood A Go Run, I Tried, Mr Sluggard, Get Them Soft, Satan Company, Down In Babylon, Rastaman A Come, Girls Girls Girls
Down In A Babylon (Four Versions)
First released on 1996, Maxi-CD.
I have this maxi on CDR (on my Culture – One Stone CDR).
Tribal War (Four Versions)
First released on 1996, Maxi-CD
I have this maxi on CDR (on my Culture – One Stone CDR).
I have the 1997, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Dubbing In The Capital, The Eye Of The Needle, Stoned Again, We Need Answers, And The River Ran Red, Determined, Lazybones, Firm Up Yourself, Mark Of The Beast, Can´t Get We Out, It´s About Time, One Track Mind
The album “One Stone” in dub.
Trust Me
I have the RAS RASCD 3240, 1997, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
TRust Me, Riverside, Outcast, Writing On The Wall, No Night, Walk With Jah, Chant Down Babylon, Dirty Tricks, Vlack Starliner, Jah Pretty Face, Reasoning, Babylon A Weep, Jah Pretty Face (Niabinghi Mix)
The last track ist a CD bonus track.
Cultural Livity
I have the USA RAS RASCD 3241, 1998, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Introduction, Love Shines Bright, Slice Of Mt. Zion, Tribal War, See Dem A Come, Jah Rastafari, Christopher Columbus, Zion Gate, Natty Taking Over, Land Where We Belong, One Stone, Down In Jamaica, International Herb, I´m Not Ashamed, Two Sevens Clash, Never Get Weary, So Long Rastfari Calling, Conquering Lion Of Judah
I have the Holland RAS RASLP 3252, 2000, LP (First Dutch Pressing).
Payday, Legalization, Share The Riches, Hav E Hav E, Do Something For Yourself, Election, Where The Tree Falls, Good Times, War In Sierra Leone, Chicken Titty, The Boss
Musicians: Phanso, Glen Browne, Wayne Armond, Dwight Pinkney, Andrew Simpson, Sticky, Harry T, Clive Hunt, Nambo, Chico Green, Bobby Ellis.
Scientist Dubs Culture Into A Parallel Universe
The album “Payday” in Dub.
I have the Holland RAS 33257, 2000, LP (First Holland Pressing).
Spacetime Continuum, Return Of Mr. Mxyztplk, Beam Me Up Dubby, Photon Phaser Phever, Intergalactic Excursion, Quantum Physics Revisited, Black Hole, To Go Where No Dub Has Gone Before, E Equals MC Squared, Unified Field Theory, Plasma Conduit
Humble African
First released on VP, 2000, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Why Am I A Rastaman, Revolution, Going Home, Rolling Stone, Humble African, Where Is The Love, Poverty, Too Much Ginals, Never Give Up, Weeping, It’s Hard To Live, Fishes To Fry, Home Grown, Poor Man Hungry, Nah Stay Inna Babylon
Live In Negril
I have the 2001, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Intro Band, I´m Worried (About The Ghetto), Peace And Love, One Grandson, What A Gwaan, Mr Music – Capture Rasta, Money Girl, See Dem A Come, Natty Never Get Weary – River Jordan
Live in Africa
First released on USA RAS 3270, 2002, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
I Tried, Pay Day, Addis Ababa, Tribal War, Won’t Somebody, Ganja Time, Legalisation, Revolution, Disobedient Children, Down In Jamaica, Money Girl, Rally Round, Trust Me, Jah Jah See Them A Come, Jah Rastafari, International Herb, Get Ready, Never Get Weary, Too Long In Slavery, Two 7’s Clash
World Peace
First released on Heartbeat, 2003, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Sweet Freedom, Time Is Getting Harder, World Peace, Coming Down, Long Day Bud A Bawl, Gun Put Down, Never Get Weary, Dog A Nyam Dog, No Segregation, Walk In Jah Light, Selection Train, Babylon Falling, Holy Mount Zion
Rare And Unreleased Dub
I have the South African Revolver REVCD 258, 2003, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Disobedient Children Dub*, Forward To Africa Dub*, Everyday Love Dub, Skilfull Dub, Iron Sharp Dub, Tropical Dub Fever, Heavenly Dub, Harder Than The Rest Dub, Freedom Jam Dub, Dep Roots Dub, Two Sevens Clash Dub*
This is the album “Culture In Dub”, 1978, LP plus three extra tracks (*).
Rare And Unreleased Vol. 2
I have the South African Revolver, 2003 or later, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Innocent Blood (original mix), Iniquity Worker (original mix), Iron Sharp Iron (original mix), Weeping And Wailing (unreleased version), Callie Weed Song (unreleased version), More Vacancy (original mix), Play Skilfully (original mix), White Belly Rat (unreleased version), This Train (12-inch version), Dance Hall Style (12-inch mix), Money Girl (12-inch mix), Forward To Africa (12-inch mix), Disobedient Children (12-inch mix)
Raw Truth (Joseph “Culture” Hill)
Raw Truth (Queens Radio Edit), Raw Truth (Kings Raw Edit), Raw Truth feat. Big Youth (Extended Mix), Raw Truth feat. Daddy Rings (Extended Mix), Raw Truth (Instrumental), Raw Truth (A Cappella)
This is the very last release of Joseph Hill.
I have the German Ababa Janhoy AJR-001-2, 2006, Maxi-CD.
Culture & The Deejays At Joe Gibbs
I have the 17 North Parade VP 4116, 2008, CD on CDR.
Two Sevens Clash / Prophesy Reveal (Culture / Bo Jangles), I´m Not Ashamed (Culture / I-Roy), See Them A Come / Natty Pass Him G.C.E. (Culture / Shorty The President), Natty Dread Taking Over (Culture / I-Roy), Baldhead Bridge (Culture / Ranking Joe), Jah Love / Selassie I Cup (Culture / Bo Jangles), Zion Gate / Forty Leg Dread (Culture / Prince Mohammed), Disco Train (Culture / Nicodemus), Send Some Rain (Culture / Clint Eastwood), Burning An Illusion / The Same Knife (Culture / Prince Far I), Innocent Blood / Rock It Up (Culture / U-Brown)