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Artists – F
Artist Info:
Shaving Cream / Cream
I have the JA Rahtid, 1975, 7-inch (First JA Pressing).

Artist Info:
Midnight Hour / Diana / To Be A Lover
I have the UK Island IPR 2034, 1977, 12-inch Maxi.

Artist Info: Fatman Ridim Section is the backing band of Inner Circle.
Bald Head Justice
I have the Top Ranking International, 1978, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Straight To Cuddley´s Chest, Wariera Rock, The Black Spy, Joshua A Leaf, Copper Bullet, S.M.G. Skank, Laughing Babylon, Pass The Pipe, Badness Never Pay (Dub of Jacob Miller´s “Peace Treaty”)
Produced by Fat Man.
Recorded at Harry J. Studio.
Players: Calvin McKenzie, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Ian Lewis, Bernard Harvey.
Israel Tafari
I have the JA Top Ranking, 1978, LP (First JA Pressing).
Twelve Tribes Dub (Jah Time Has Come Version), Dreadheights, Celebration Dub, Ki Bir Am Lak, Lift Up This Dub, Sounds Of Israel, Creation Vibes, The Year 1983
Dub Companion of Israel Vibration’s debut album “The Same Song”. This album has the instrumental versions with rarely any vocals audible, whereas “Israel Dub” by Israel Vibration has dub versions with more vocal samples and more dub effects. And there is the LP “The Same Song – Dub” by Israel Vibration, another companion of the vocal release. I don´t have that dub album, but read, it is an earlier dub mix including some vocals and dub effects.
Featuring “Touter”
First released on JA Top Ranking, 1978, LP.
I have this album on CDR (mp3-sourced).
Laughing Policeman, Buckie Brown, Pipe Load, Bounty Hunter, East an Skank, Fatman Special, Alexander Road Special, Kingston Rock, Zion i Skank
Heavyweight Dub
First released on JA Top Ranking, 1978, LP.
I have the reissue on “The Inner Circle & Fatman Riddim Section – Heavyweight Dub + Killer Dub, UK Blood And Fire BAFCD 029, 1999, CD on CDR.
Copper Bullet, Fidel At The Control (Dub of Jacob Miller´s “Peace Treaty Special”), General Amin (Dub of Desi Roots´ “School Tonight”), Frelimo (Dub of “Take Five”), Down Rhodesia, Bad Reputation, Peace Time Now, Too Much War, Unemployment Rock (Dub of Jacob Miller´s “Deck Of Halls”), Massacre
Recorded at Channel One.
Mixed by Prince Jammy & Maxie at Channel One and King Tubby´s.
Meets Downtown Horns
I have the USA Top Ranking Sounds TR-79-1, 1979, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Black Orphans, 1190 Rock, Nyah-Man Solo (Copticosmic), Take It All
Produced by Roger Lewis.
Tough Guys In Dub
I have the Top Ranking International, 1979, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Humphry Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, Kojak, Elliot Ness, Lee J. Cobb, Al Capone, Doc Holiday,
George Raft, Mickey Spillane, Lee Marvin
Is It War Is It Peace
I have the Top Ranking International, 1980, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Olympic Boycott, Russian Invasion, Carter´s Answer, Hostages 50, Writing On The Wall, Peace Tomorrow,
Is It War, Election Now
Wagon Of Dub
First released on USA Top Ranking International TRI 3242, ca. 1982, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Brethren, President, Dance Hall Style, Wagon Of Dub, Lick Chalice, Rock All Night, Sensi, Famming On The Land
One more album is:
Tribulation Dub, Top Ranking International TRI 3244, 1982, LP.

Artist Info:
African Woman / Version
First released on UK Trojan 9010, 1977, 7-inch.
I have the Belgium Trojan/ IBC 4B006-99552, 1977, 7-inch.
Produced by P. Cann.

Artist info: Early Jamaican vocal group.
Oh Carolina
First released on JA Buster Wild Bells ZSP 52834-B 7-inch in 1961. Recorded 1960.
Also released on UK Blue Beat BB 030, 7-inch in 1962.
I have this track on “Various Artists – Ska Singles 1960 – mid 1970s” CDR.
Before reggae has started, before rocksteady, even before ska became famous this recording of the Folks Brothers is a document of the first time a vocal group was accompanied by the rasta nyahbinghi drumming group of Count Ossie at a studio recording.
I Met A Man
First releasd on JA Buster Wild Bells ZSP 52833-A 7-inch in 1961.
Also released on UK Blue Beat BB 030, 7-inch in 1962.
I have this track on “Various Artists – Ska Singles 1960 – mid 1970s” CDR.

Artist Info: Nasio Fontaine is a singer from Dominica. He recorded his first 12-inch in 1986, titled “Born To be Free” and an EP in 1990, “Babylon Is Falling”. He has his own website:
Living In The Positive
First released 2004.
I have this album on CDR.
Living In The Positive, African Spirit, Herb And Loving, Dangerous, Black And Comely, New Song, Where We Belong, No Love, Ithiopia, Riding On, Rise Up, Wolf Cathcer, Under Attack
His fourth album.
His further albums are:
“Reggae Power”, 1994, CD.
“Wolf Catcher”, 1997, CD.
“Revolution”, 1999, CD.
“Universal Cry”, 2006, CD.

Artist Info: Vocal Trio. Foundation are: Errol “Keith” Douglas, Euston “Ipal” Thomas and Emillo “Father” Smiley.
I have the USA Island MLPS 9807, 1988, LP (First USA Pressing).
Flames, Animal Mind Human Body, Beverly Hills, Sometimes, Some People, Dance If You Dancin’, Reggae Music, Just To See Love, Pride, Blackman World
Produced by Jack Ruby (L. Lindo) and Steven “Cat” Coore.
Heart Feel It
I have the USA Mango MLPS 9837, 1989, LP (First USA Pressing).
When Will It End, Struggle Have To End, You And I (Got To Be Free), If They Could They Would, Heart Feel It, Symptom And Sign, Sign Of The Time, Lack Of Wisdom, Laughing Reggae, Genie
Produced by Jack Ruby.
Featuring Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Stephen “Cat” Coore, Scully “Zoot” Simms, Handel Tucker, Noel Browne, Dean Fraser, David Madden, Nambo Robinson.

Artist Info: Jamaican sax player.
Pure Horn
I have the UK Cha Cha CHALP 006, 1979, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Story Book Children, Lovers Samba, If I Was A Carpenter, Black Mamber, Sweet Africa,
Brandy, Love Jah, River Of The Bank, Ethiopian Love Song, Get Ready
Produced by Ossie Hibbert.
Recorded ad mixed at Channel One.
“If I Was A Carpenter” was a big USA hit for Bobby Darin in 1966 and was covered by many artists.
Revolutionary Sounds
I have the USA Germain Revolutionary Sounds, 1980, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Best Of Both Worlds, Crucial Horns, 1394 St. Johns Place, Bionic Sax, A Touch Of Dean, Morant Bay Rebellion, Your Choice, Tribute To Marcus, Six Million Dollar Sax, Cudjoe
Produced by D. Germain.
Backing by The Revolutionaries.
Recorded at Channel One, Joe Gibbs, Treasure Isle and Tuff Gong.
Dean Fraser Plays Bob Vol. 1
First released on USA RAS 3127, 1994, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Africa Unite, So Jah Seh, Turn Your Lights Down Low, The Heathen, Pimper’s Paradise, I’m Hurting Inside, Crazy Baldheads, Lick Samba, Is This Love, Small Axe, Roots Rock Reggae
Dean Frazer Plays Bob Vol. 2
First released on USA RAS 3186, 1996, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
One Drop, Don’t Rock My Boat, Bad Card, Time Will Tell, Give Thanks And Praises, Chant Down Babylon, Misty Morning, No Woman No Cry, Zimbabwe, Crisis, Sun Is Shining, Rastaman Chant, Talking Blues
Stop The Train
Redemption Song
Rainbow Country
Wings Of A Dove
Bug Up / Armageddon Time
I have these tracks on my Dean Fraser Plays Bob Vol. 1, CDR.
Helicopter Rhythm
Mr Saxman
I have these tracks on my Dean Fraser Plays Bob Vol. 2, CDR.

Artist info:
Rastaman I-tation (Freedom Fighters & The Wailers)
I have the JA Freedom Fighters, 1991, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Pastaman I-tation, Pledging Allegiance, Blues With Jah Music, Reggae, Computer, Israelites, Death Squad, Black Africa, Mr Warder, Night Stalker
Produced by Samuel Mickle, Pansy Mickle, Aston “Familyman” Barrett and Donna Gilmour.
Featuring Aston “Familyman” Barrett, Junior Marvin, Earl “Wire” Lindo, Bongo Herman, Roy “Congo Ashanti” Johnson.

Artist Info: Leader of Word, Sound & Power, the backing band of Peter Tosh during his last world tours.
Live At Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, Frogtown, Angels Camp, California, USA, June 19th 2004, Valley Stage
I have this unreleased concert on CDR.
Creation – Buk-In-Hamm Palace, Coming In Hot, Not Gonna Give It Up, Pick Myself Up, African, Equal Rights, Downpressor Man, Don´t Look Back, The Toughest, Legalize It, Love You One Another *, My Chalice Broke *, Gangstas Rock *, Cry Freedom *, Get Up Stand Up
A Live Peter Tosh Tribute set. The titles marked with * are songs by Fully Fullwood not by Peter Tosh. I don´t know the titles, what I give is an estimated title.