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Artists – G

Artist Info: Famous controversial french singer best known for his song “Je T´Aime … Moi Non Plus” with Jane Birkin. He recorded the following reggae songs in 1979 and 1980. It was the first time that a white artist recorded a complete album in Jamaica. French veterans of the war were set up when they heard him using the French national anthem, “Le Marseillaise”, for his song “Aux Armes Et Caetera”. As a reaction he bought the original manuscript of the Marseillaise at an auction. He died in 1991.
Live At Paris, France, December 28th 1979
I have this unreleased concert on CDR.
77 min, sound quality B.
Intro, Relax Baby Be Cool, Marilou Reggae, Daisy Temple, Brigade Des Stups, Elle Est Si …. (Poem), Aux Armes Et Caetera, Pas Long Feu, Mr Hyde Dr. Jekill, Harley Davidson, Javanaise Remake, Des Laids Des Laids (first part), Des Laids Des Laids (second part), Les Locataires, Introducing The Band / Bonnie & Clyde, Vieille Canaille, Lola Rastaquoere, Aux Armes Et Caetera
Featuring Sly & Robbie, Sticky, Michael Chung, Geoffrey Chung, Dougie Bryan, I-Threes.
Aux Armes et Caetera
The vocal tracks are first released 1979. The dubs are recent mixes.
First released on French Mercury, 2003, Double-CD.
I have this album on CDR.
CD 1:
Javanaise Remake, Aux Armes et Caetera, Les Locataires, Des Laids Des Laids, Brigade Des Stups, Vieille Canaille, Lola Rastaquouere, Relax Baby Be Cool, Daisy Temple, Eau Et Gaz A Tous Les Etages, Pas Long Feu, Marilou Reggae Dub (Version Longue), Planteur Punch (Inedit), Marilou Reggae (Version Inedite), Daisy Temple (Version Chantee Inedite)
CD 2:
Javanaise Dub, Dub Et Caetera, Dub Locataires, Des Laids Des Dub, Dub Des Stups, Dub Rastaquouere, Daisy Dub, Eau Et Dub a Tous Les Etages, Pas Long Dub, Mariloe Dub, Javanaise Remake (Brady LMJ), Aux Armes Et Caetera (Big Youth), Les Locataires (Spectacular), Des Laids Des Laids (King Stitt), Brigade Des Stups (Mr Murphy), Vieilee Canaille (Spectacular, Culture T), Lola Rastaquouere (Lisa Dainjah), Relax Babyb be Cool (Spydaman), Daisy Temple (Rizzlamigo), Eau Et Gaz a Tous Les Etages (Lone Ranger), Pas Long Feu (Telegram, Burning Spectacular, Culture T), Marilou Reggae Dub (Buffalo Bill), Planteur Punch (Dr. Rex), Lola Rastaquouere (Version Anglais) (Bruno Blum)
Aux Armes et Caetera
I have the French Philips / Mercury, 2003, LP
Javanaise Dub, Dub Et Caetera, Dub Locataires, Des Laids Des Dub, Dub Des Stups, Dub Canaille, Dub Relax, Dub Rastaquouere, Daisy Dub, Eau Et Dub a Tous Les Etages, Pas Long Dub, Marilou Dub, Planteur Punch
“Dub Canaille” and “Dub Relax” are vinyl only songs, not on CD.
Featuring the I-Threes, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Radcliffe Bryan, Michael Chung, Robbie Lyn, Ansel Collins, Sticky.
Mauvaises Nouvelles Des Etoiles
The vocal tracks are first released 1980. The dubs are recent mixes.
First released on French Mercury, 2004, Double-CD.
I have this album on CDR.
CD 1:
Overseas Telegram, Ecce Homo, Mickey Maousse, Juif Et Dieu, Shush Shush Charlotte, Toi Mourir, Nostalgie Camarade, Bana Basadi Balalo, Evguénie Sokolov, Negusa Nagast, Strike, Bad News From The Stars, Ecce Homo Et Caetera
CD 2:
Overseas Dub, Dub Homo, Dub Maousse, Juif Et Dub, Dub Charlotte, Toi Dub, Nostalgie Dub, Bana Basadi Dub, Strike Dub, Dub From The Stars, Overseas Telegram (DJ), Ecce Homo (DJ), Nickey Maousse (DJ), Juif Et Dieu 8DJ), Shush Shush Charlotte (DJ), Toi Mourir (DJ), Nostalgie Camarade (DJ), Bana Basadi Balalo (DJ), Evguénie Sokolov (DJ), Negusa Nagast (DJ), Strike (DJ)

Artist Info:
Re-released on France Esoldun LG1-1021, 1992, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Again re-released as “Peter Tosh – Negril”.
I have this album on CDR.
East Side West Side, Negril Sea Sunset, I Shot The Sheriff, Rasta, Lighthouse, Negril, Red Ground Funk, Honey Coral Rock
Unique cross over project of jazz guitarist Eric Gale with the créme de la créme of jamaican reggae musicians like Cedric Brooks, Peter Tosh.

Artist Info:
I Wanna Wake Up With You / You’re Good For Me
I have the reissue on German Chic 6.14670, 1986, 7-inch
This Old House / Simple Silly Fight
I have the Germany Blow Up INT 110.746, 1987, 7-inch.

Artist Info: Famous black leader who was born in Jamaica August 17th 1887 and died in London June 10th 1940. He was a journalist and business man. He founded the Back-To-Africa-Movement. In 1914 he founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL). In the 1920ies he prophecied about a King to be crowned in Africa to be the redeemer of the black race. When Haile Selassie was crowned in 1930 this led to the Rastafari-Movement. He founded the “Black Star Liner” shipping company. In 1964 the Jamaican Government brought his bones home to Jamaica and Marcus Garvey became the first national hero of Jamaica. For further studies look:
Marcus Garvey (Marcus Garvey), Marcus Garvey (Burning Spectacular), Marcus Garvey (Big Youth), Garvey’s Duppy (Big Youth) (feat. Marcus Garvey original speech recorded 1919)
I have the JA Human Race 002, 2002, 12-inch Maxi (First JA Pressing).
Bruno Blum found an original schellac record from 1919 and used it for this 12-inch. His kind of preaching is typical for the early 20th century. It could be described as gun-shot preaching, pretty fast, pretty energic, not to say aggressive. Starting with a confession in the King Of Ethiopia, full of confidence in the vision of africa for the africans, soon to come, belief as a question of life in zion or die in babylon identified as USA and western civilization.He closes his sermon with the words: “One Love”.

Artist Info: Vocal trio. Not so long ago they changed their name to “The Psalms”. It is said the reason could be found in the recent anti gay activity on jamaican dancefloors. They backed Bunny Wailer at some live shows.
Easy Snapping (Theophilius Beckford) / Slipping & Sliding (The Gaylads)
I have the reissue on JA Studio One SDSA 003, ca. 2004, 7-inch.
Both songs originally produced 1960.

Artist Info:
Journey to Jah
First released on German Four Music FOR 507651-2, 2002, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Dem Gone, Ina Different Style (feat. Jahmali & Daddy Rings), Runaway, Man A Rise (feat. Bounty Killer), Love Chant, See Dem Coming, Man Of My Own (feat Morgan Heritage), Leave Us Alone, Long Face, Younger Generation (feat. Luciano & Mikey General), Dangerzone (feat. Junior Kelly), Empress, Fire Ago Bun Dem (feat. Capleton), Jah Ina Yuh Life, Children Of Tomorrow (feat. Jack Radics)
First released 2004.
I have this album on CDR.
Send A Prayer, Superior, Caan Hold Us Down (Feat. Barrington Levy & Daddy Rings), Intoxication, New Day, Be Yourself (Fest. Cocoa Tea), All That You Had, Lifes Takes More Than That, Rumours, Weary No More (Feat. Tamika), After A Storm, Unconditional Love, Face Off (feat. Anthony B.), Strange Things, Blessings Of Jah (feat. Ras Shiloh), Church And State, Lions Den, Mystic Wind (feat. Tony Rebel), For The Children, No More Time Now (feat. Jack Radics)

Artist Info:
One Love / Version
I have the JA Ghetto Youth, 90ies, 7-inch (First JA Pressing).

Artist Info: Famous jamaican producer and mixing engineer. Owner of the Joe Gibbs Studio and the Joe Gibbs label. He was born 1943 in Montego Bay and passed away in Kingston of a heart attack on February 21st, 2008 at the age of 65.
Dub Serial
First released on JA (Blank label), ca. 1973, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
01. (untitled) (Dub of Abyssinians´ “Satta Massagana”)
02. (untitled) (Dub of Johnny Lover´s “More Dub”)
03. (untitled) (Different dub of Johnny Lover´s “More Dub”)
04. (untitled) (Dub of The Heptones “Love Me Girl”)
05. (untitled) (Dub of Nicky Thomas´ “Turn Back The Hands Of Time”)
06. (untitled) Dub of Nicky Thomas´ and Dennis Brown´s “Money In My Pocket”)
07. (untitled) Dub of Nicky Thomas “Rainy Night In Georgia”)
08. (untitled) (Dub of Nicky Thomas´ “God Bless The Children”)
09. (untitled) (Dub Of “Love Jah Jah”)
10. (untitled) (Dub of Ken Boothe´s “Without Love”)
11. (untitled) (Dub of The Heptones´ “The Road Is Rough”)
12. (untitled) (Dub of Big Youth´s “Foreman Vs Fraser”)
One of the very first dub albums. Prices at e-bay reach 800 to 1.000 USD.
African Dub All-Mighty “Solid Gold”
First released 1975.
I have the reissue on UK Lightning Records LIP10, 1978, LP.
And I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
01. African Dub (Dub of “My Woman” by Barrington Levy)
02. Universal Dub (Dub of “No Peace” by Shorty The President)
03. Midnight Dub (Dub of “Movie Star” by Errol Dunkley)
04. Ghetto Shank (Dub of “My Kind” by Dennis Brown)
05. Lime Key Rock (Dub of “Poor Side Of Town” by Dennis Brown)
06. Lovers Serenade (Dub of “Play Girl” by Dennis Brown)
07. Treasure Dub (Dub of “Strictly Cash” by Trinity)
08. Schooling The Beat (Dub of “Unchained” by Bob Andy)
09. Campus Rock (Dub of “Let Me Live” by Dennis Brown)
10. Half Ounce (Dub of “Chucky No Lucky” by Big Youth, also voiced as “Waterhouse Rock” by Big 11. Youth and as “Kingston Two Rock” by Trinity)
12. Worrier (Dub of “Riot” by Soul Syndicate and Johnny Dizzy Moore)
13. East Africa (Dub of “My Woman” by Barrington Levy)
Produced by Joe Gibbs. Backed by The Professionals.
African Dub All-Mighty Chapter Two “Golden Gold”
I have the JA Joe Gibbs, 1976, LP.
01. Chapter Two
02. The Marriguna Affair
03. Angola Crisis (Dub of “Uptown Top Ranking” by Althea & Donna, also voiced by Trinity as “Three Piece Suit”)
04. Peeping Tom (Dub of “Falling In Love” by Melodians)
05. Outrage
06. Idlers Rest
07. My Best Dub (Dub of “Hypocrites” by The Wailers, 1967)
08. Third World (Dub of “Babylon Too Rough” by Gregory Isaacs)
09. Heavy Duty Dub (Dub of “Mad Mad” by Alton Ellis and “I’m Just A Guy” also by Alton Ellis)
10. Musical Arena
11. Mackarus Serenade
12. Jamaican Grass
Produced by Joe Gibbs.
African Dub All-Mighty Chapter Three
First released on Uk Lightning LIP 12, 1978, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
01. Chapter Three (Dub of “Baby I Love You So” by The Heptones)
02. Rema Dub (Dub of “Everybody Bawling” by The Melodians)
03. Tribesman Rockers (Dub of “Why Birds Follow Spring”)
04. Freedom Call
05. Jubilation Dub (Dub of “Repatriation” by Dennis Brown)
06. The Entebbe Affair Dub of “Hypocrites” by The Wailers)
07. Angolian Chant (Dub of “There Ain´t Nobody Else” by The Heptones)
08. Zion Gate (Dub of “Ten To One” by Mad Lads)
09. Jungle Dub
10. Dub Three (Dub of “Rockfort Rock” by Sound Dimension)
African Dub Chapter 4
I have the reissue on UK Lightning LIP 13, CD.
Reissued on USA Rocky One RGLP 029, 1995, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
01. Crucial Attempt (Dub of “Swing Easy” by Augustus Pablo)
02. Behind Iron Bars (Dub of “No No No” by Dawn Penn)
03. Ghetto Slum (Dub of “Frozen Soul” by Augustus Pablo)
04. Yard Music
05. Iron Gate (Dub of “Fattie Fattie” by The Heptones)
06. Power Pack (Dub of “Drum Song” by Augustus Pablo)
07. Free The Children (Dub of “Something On My Mind” by Horace Andy)
08. Fashion “One” (Dub of “I’ve Got A Date” by Dennis Brown)
09. Rhythm Tackle (Dub of “Danger In Your Eyes” by The Paragons)
10. Sniper (Dub of “Tribal War” by Little Roy)
Produced by Joe Gibbs. Drums by Neville Grant, Sly Dunbar, Michael Boo, Horse Mouth. Bass by Lloyd Parks, Robert Shakespeare. Guitar by Willie Lindo, Winston “Bopeep” Bowen. Keyboards by Franklin Waul “Bubbler”, Winston Wright. Horns by Dean Fraser, Ronald “Nambo” Robinson, Willie Breakridge. Percussion by Ruddy Thomas, Franklin Waul.
Majestic Dub
First released on Belgium IBC (4B064-62148), 1979, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Ten Commandments, Majestic Dub, Social Justice, Kings Of Dub, Bionic Encounter, Edward The Eight, International Treaty, Martial Law, Nations Of Dub, Embargo
Wish You A Merry Rockers Christmas
First released on USA Joe Gibbs Music JGMD 8077, 1979, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Sleigh Bells Chant – Jolly Old St. Nickaleus – Little Rockers Boy – Oh Holy Night – Love Gets Better At Christmas – The Christmas Song (Chestnut Roasting On An Open Fire) – I Saw Three Ships – Christmas Bells Are Ringing – Rappers Rockers Delight – Silent Night – Auld Long Syne, On The Twelve Days Of Ismas, We Three Kings, Deck Of Halls, Winter Wonderland, Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem
African Dub Chapter Five
First released on USA Joe Gibbs Music JGML-6061, 1984, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
01. The Day After
02. Long Distance Affair
03. Full Moon Ikky
04. Ladies Night Out
05. Chapter Five
06. Bad Verdict
07. Military Intervention
08. Campus Flash Back
Joe Gibbs Produced Singles 1976 – 1982
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Channel One JOE JOE 4032-A Wailing Soul – Back Out (1976)
02. Channel One JOE JOE 4033-B Version (1976)
03. Joe Gibbs DSR-JG-7517-A Dennis Brown – Money In My Pocket (1978)
04. Joe Gibbs DSR-JG-7517-B Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Money Love (1978)
05. Joe Gibbs JGMD 8163-A Culture & U. Brown – Innocent Blood-Rock It Up (12-inch) (1981)
06. Joe Gibbs JGMD 8163-B Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – E.T. Rock (12-inch) (1981)
07. Joe Gibbs Ultra Sound JGM 4568-A Eek-A-Mouse – Once A Virgin (1979)
08. Joe Gibbs Ultra Sound JGM 4568-B Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Modeling Queen (1979)
09. Jogibs Rec. JG 3944-A Unknown
10. Jogibs Rec. JG 3945-B Unknown
11. Pressure Beat FJG 7804-A Winston Scotland – Screw Face Set Your Pease
12. Pressure Beat FJG 7804-B Joe Gibbs – Freedom Day
13. Well Charge JOE JOE 19G-A Wailing Soul – Things & Time (1982)
14. Well Charge JOE JOE 19G-B Version (1982)
Rent Man (Black Uhuru) / Tennanent (Joe Gibbs & The Professionals)
I have the reissue on JA Joe Gibbs, ca. 2004, 7-inch.
“Tennanent” is not connected to the a-side, no dub or version but a different vocal song.

Artist info: Gilberto Gil is a Brazilian musician, active since the seventies. Now he is the minister for culture in Brazilian government. In 1978 he recorded a version of “No Woman No Cry” in Portuguese language, released on his album “Realce”. In 1984 he released an album called “Raca Humana” with a track “Vamos Fugir” featuring the Wailers, Aston and Calrton Barrett and more.
Kaya N´Gan Daya
First released on WEA, 2002, CD
I have this album on CDR.
Buffalo Soldier, One Drop, Waiting In Vain, Table Tennis Table, Three Little Birds, Nao Choe Mais (No Woman No Cry), Positive Vibration, Could You Be Loved (featuring Sly & Robbie), Kaya N´Gan Daya (Kaya), Rebel Music (3 O´Clock Road Block), Them Belly Full (But We Hungry), Tempo So (Time Will Tell), Easy Skankin´, Turn Your Lights Down Low, Eleve – Se Alto Ao Ceu (Lively Up Yourself), Lick Samba
Some songs featuring The I-Threes on harmonies. Recorded at Tuff Gong Studio, Kingston, JA.

Artist Info: Albert Griffith and Clinton Fearon have been recording together as “The Gladiators” since 1966 when they and Errol Grandison recorded “The Train Is Coming Back”. Errol Grandison left the band and was replaced by Gallimore Sutherland. They recorded their first album for Tony Robinson’s Groovemaster label in 1976. Albert Griffith and Gallimore Sutherland play the guitars and Clinton Fearon plays the bass at their records.
Trenchtown Mix Up
I have the UK Virgin V 2062, 1976, LP (First UK Pressing).
Mix Up, Bellyfull, Looks Is Deceiving, Chatty Chatty Mouth, Soul Rebel, Eli Eli, Hearsay, Rude Boy Ska, Know Yourself Mankind, Thief In The Night, Hello Carol
Produced by Prince Tony Robinson.
There is a U Roy DJ-Version of “Soul Rebel” the cover version of the Bob Marley song from this album. “Rude Boy Ska” is another Wailers cover.
Proverbial Reggae
First released on UK Virgin, 1978, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
I have the reissue on UK Virgin FL 31, 2002, LP.
Jah Works, The Best Things In Life, Dreadlocks The Time Is Now, Fly Away, Marvel Not, Stick A Bush, Stop Before You Go, Can You Imagine How I Feel, We’ll Find The Blessing, Music Makers From Jamaica
Produced by Tony Robinson.
Sweet So Till
I have the UK Virgin FL 1018, 1979, LP (First UK Pressing).
Sweet So till, No Disturbance, A Day We Go, Let Jah Be Praised, Red Green And Gold, Backyard Meditation, Press Along, Merrily, Holiday Ride
Produced by The Gladiators.
First released on Jamaican TR Groovemaster, 1979, LP and UK Virgin Frontline FL 1035, 1979, LP
I have this album on CDR.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Naturality, Struggle, Write To Me, Counting My Blessings, Get Ready, Praises To The Most High, Nyahbinghi Marching On, Dry Your Weeping Eyes, Greatest Love, Exodus
“Exodus” is a cover recording of the Bob Marley song.
Studio One Presenting Gladiators (1969 – 1976)
First released on Jamaican Studio One, 1979, LP
I have this album recorded from LP to CDR.
Hello Carol, Rainy Night In Georgia, Jah Almighty, Love And Meditation, On The Other Side, Jah Goes Before Us, Roots Natty Roots, Peace Trace, My Thoughts, Down Town Rebel, Re-Arrange
I have the German Virgin 202382, 1980, LP (First German Pressing).
Oh What A Joy, Good Music, Hello Carol, Feel Like A Star, Duppy Conqueror, Disco Reggae, Come Take My Hand, Behind Closed Doors, Mine For All Time, A Man Who’s Strong
Produced by Eddy Grant.
Dreadlocks, The Time Is Now
First released 1983.
Re-released on Caroline, 1990, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Mix Up, Bellyfull, Looks Is Deceiving, Chatty Chatty Mouth, Soul Rebel, Eli Eli, Hearsay, Rude Boy Ska, Dreadlocks The Time Is Now, Jah Works, Pocket Money, Get Ready, Stick A Bush, Write To Me, Naturality, Struggle, Day We Go, Sweet So Till, Hello Carol
Serious Thing
First released 1984.
I have this album on CDR.
Serious Thing, My Thoughts, Fling It Gimme, Rearrange, Mid-Range, Freedom Train, Good Foundation, After You
The Gladiators And Israel Vibration Live!
I have this album on CDR.
Roots Natty, Fight To Survive, Stick A Bush, Highway Robbery, Hello Carol, Never Gonna Hurt Me Again, Bongo Red, Jah Jah Time Has Come, Small Axe, Friday Evening, War, Licks And Kicks
Something A Gwaan
First released on RAS, 2001, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Trouble, Something A Gwaan, Slim Thing, Hug Me Up, Sick And Tired, Hold Me Jah, The Bull, Follow You, Reggae Genius, Head To My Toe
Once Upon A Time In Jamaica
I have this 2002 CD on CDR.
Jah Garden, Good Good Loving, War Is Over, War Is Over (Dub), Lonely Heart, Babe And Suckling, Trial And Crosses, Unite, Red Hot, Red Hot (Dub), Determination, Wicked Man, Wicked Man (Dub)
Live In Paris
First released on Generic, 2003, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Intro, Head To My Toe, Hug Me Up, Bongo Red, Belly Full, Look Is Deceiving, Hello Carol, Jah Works, Something A Gwaan, Big Fish, Stick A Bush, Soul Rebel
Recorded live at L´Elysee Montmarte in October 2000.
Father And Sons
First released 2005.
I have this album on CDR.
Promise Me, Can´t Get Around Me, Can´t Get Around Me (Dub), Captivity, Bull Buck (Water Out Of Your Fire), Bull Buck (Dub), Mercifull, Holding On, Attack, Attack (Dub), Jumping (Jumping (Dub), Farewell, Good Old Days
Private Collection CDR
Happy Man, from At Studio One
Pretending, from At Studio One
Dreadlocks The Time Is Now, from Proverbial Reggae, 1978
Get Ready, from Naturality, 1979
Praises To The Most High, from Naturality, 1979
Red Green And Gold, from Sweet So Till, 1979
Sweet So Till, from Sweet So Till, 1979
God Bless, from Back To Roots, 1982
Guts, from Back To Roots, 1982
Marcus Garvey Time, from Back To Roots, 1982
Prayer To Jah, from Back To Roots, 1982
Ship Without A Captain, from Reggae To Bone, 1982
The Race, from Back To Roots, 1982
Bongo Red, from Valley Of Decision, 1991
I’m Not Crying, from Full Time, 1993
Reggae Jamboree, from Full Time, 1993
Rocking Vibration, from Full Time, 1993
Take Heed, from Valley Of Decision, 1991
Jah Is The Man, from Strong To Survive, 1999
Frying Pan, from Strong To Survive, 1999
Jah Glory, from Strong To Survive, 1999
Bongo Red
Dreadlocks Time Is Now
Roots Natty
Seven Times To Rise
I have these tracks on my Gladiators & Israel Vibration – Live, CDR.
Gladiators – Eleven Albums MP3 CDR
01. Vital Selection
Naturality, Hearsay, Looks Is Deceiving, Chatty Chatty Mouth, Pocket Money, Hello Carol, Stick A Bush, Write To Me, We´ll Find A Blessing
02. Babylon Street
USA Jamrock, 1982, LP
A Prayer To Jah, The Race, Guts, Jah Jah Go Before Us, Rich Man, No Wrong Ideas, The Warriors, God Bless, Babylon Street, Rainbow
03. Back To Roots
Marcus Garvey Time, God Bless, The Race, Guts, Rich Man Poor Man, No Wrong Idea, Follow The Rainbow, The Warriors, Prayer To Jah, Streets Of Freedom, On The Other Side, Chatty Mouth, Talking Blues, Rude Boy Ska
04. Symbol Of Reality
Symbol Of Reality, Symbol Of Reality Dub, Small Axe, Bumping And Boring, Cheater, Watch Out, Mister Goose, Streets Of Gold, Righteous Man, Righteous Man Dub, Stand Alone, Not Afraid To Fight
05. Country Living
Country Living, Rise And Shine, Guide And Protect, Take Your Time, See And Blind, Easy Squeeze, Gone Already, Susu (Hearsay), Take It Or Leave It, Give Me Your Love (Write Correct)
06. A Whole Heap
Give It Up Willing, New York, Make It Work, Vitamin A And C, Clean Hands, Careless Gun, On TV, Merciless Pay, The Holy Hill, In Store For You, Country Living, Rise And Shine, Guide And Protect, Take Your Time, See And Blind, Easy Squeeze, Gone Already, Take It Or Leave It, Give Me Your Love (Write Correct)
07. A True Rastaman
No Rice No Peas, Let´s Face It, Think Twice, Sea Breeze, Heart On Fire, South Africa, A True Rastaman, Giddie Head, Every Moment, One Way Ticket,
08. Full Time
Bongo Red and Red Version, Ship Without A Captain, Run Them, Fussing And Fighting and Fussing Version, You Little Rat, I´m Not Crying, Rocking Vibration, Vibration Version, Reggae Jamboree, Boy In Long Pants, Full Time, One Love
09. Valley Of Decision
Bongo Red, Consciousness, Valley Of Decision, Bad Habit, Dog Bite, Take Heed, Songwriter, Mr Wicked Man, Walk Foot Man, Manners And Intelligence, Tricks, Beware
10. Sold Out: Live Tour 1997 / 1999
Big Fish, Bongo Red, Hello Carol, Naturality, Jah Works, Getty Getty, Looks Is Deceiving, Jah Glory, Roots Natty, Belly Full, Rude Boy Ska, Write To Me, Stick A Bush
11. Strong To Survive
Jah Glory, Riddle Me Dis, Big Fish, Sister Ruby, Strength To Survive, Not In My Life Before, Thorns And Prickles, New World Order, Watch And Play, The Winner, Frying Pan

Artist Info:
You Make Me Sing / You Make Me Sing Version
I have the UK Spinning Gig GIGD 001, 12-inch Maxi.
Produced by G. Webb / S. Ketter & P. Chow

Artist Info: Jamaican trombone player. Als known as “Don Drummond Junior”.
Way Over Yonder
I have the Joe Gibbs JGML 6042, 198x, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Easy Living, Fiddler Rock – Real Rock, Green Callie, Confucious, So Delightful, Summertime – Blue Moon, Loveable You, Way Over Yonder.
Produced by Errol Thompson.
Instrumental interpretations of classic tracks from JA and USA.
Gordon In De Garden, Vol. 1
I have the Masaya, 2008, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Addis A Rasta, African Thing, Stepping In, Stepping In Dub, See You, Race Track, Jones Town Special, Double Take, Double Take Dub, Heavy Skank, Melodies In The Hill, Melodies In The Hill Dub, Valley Dub.

Artist Info: Eddy Grant is born March 5th 1948 in Guyana. He started his UK singing career with the band “The Equals”. “The Equals” were a mix of Jamaican and British musicians with Merseybeat background. Next to Eddy Grant the band included Derv Gordon, Lincoln Gordon, Patrick Lloyd and John Hall. The Equals started in 1965 with the first releases in 1967. The Equals released the album “Equal Explosion” on UK President PTL 1015, 1967, LP and “Equals Supreme” on UK President PTL 1025, 1968, LP. In 1971 Eddy Grant left the band and a few month later “The Equals” folded. Now Eddy Grant is better known for his pop-reggae chart hits from 1979 to the mid 1980ies.
Hold Me Closer / Baby Come Back
I have the Belgium President PTF 135, 7-inch.
The Belgium issue of their second single from 1967. A hit first in Germany and then in UK, too.
Viva Bobby Joe / Instant Love
I have the German President 14 402, 7-inch.
The a-side is from their eighth 7-inch, Uk President PT 260, 1969.
Do You Feel My Love / Symphony For Michael Opus 2
I have the German Ice INT 111.102, 1980, 7-inch.
Time To Let Go / California Style
I have the German Ice INT 111.105, 1981, 7-inch.
Can’t Get Enough Of You / Neighbour Neighbour
I have the UK Ensign ENY 207, 1981, 7-inch.
Electric Avenue / Walking On Sunshine
I have the German Ice INT 111.107, 1983, 7-inch.
Till I Can’t Take It / Love No More
I have the German Ice INT 111.109, 1983, 7-inch (red vinyl).
Boys In The Street / Time To Let Go
I have the German Ice INT 111.111, 1984, 7-inch (red vinyl).
Put A Hold On It / Put A Hold On It (New York Mix)
I have the EU Parlophone 006 20 2980, 1988, 7-inch.

Artist Info:
Black And White
Recorded in 1971.
First released on UK Trojan TRL 27, 1971
I have this album on German Trojan 6.23057, LP, probably a early 80ies pressing with the label writing in blue.
Black And White, Love Is Blue, Sand in Your Shoes, The Change, Be Loving To Me, You’re The One, Yesterday’s Love, Peace And Love, Moon River, Funky Jamaica, High And Dry
Black And White / Sand In Your Shoes
I have the German Trojan / Bellaphon 10 301, 1971, 7-inch.

Artist Info: One of the most famous Jamaican female singer. She started to record in the 1960s. He recorded some famous duets with Bob Andy. Member of The I-Threes, who sang harmonies for Bob Marley.
At Studio One
First released on JA Studio One SOL 1126, LP.
Repressed in the 80s.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Truly, Always Together, Melody Life, Ambition, Let Me Hold You Tight, Words, Mark My Word, Tell Me Now, Feel Like Jumping, Let Me Be Yours
Marcia Griffiths Singles 1969 – 1977
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Money Disc FCD 7748-A Marcia Griffiths – Tell Me Now (1969)
02. Money Disc FCD 7748-B Sound Dimension – Tell Me Now Ver. (1969)
03. Coxson Records CSD 147-A Marcia Griffths – Sometimes (ca. 1969)
04. Coxson Records CSD 147-B (CD 21) Mislabeled (ca. 1969)
05. Exterminator DSR 11100-A Marcia Griffiths – No, No, No (ca. 1969)
06. Exterminator DSR 11101-B Version (ca. 1969)
07. Antrim DSR TC 10064-A Marcia Griffiths – When Will I See You Again (1974)
08. Antrim DSR TC 100645-B Onika – See You Again (1974)
09. Splash 45 4089-A Marcia Griffiths – Play Me (1974)
10. Splash 45 4089-B Marcia Griffiths – Sweet Bitterlove (1974)
11. Jam Sounds ST 2373-A Marcia Griffith – Question (1975)
12. Jam Sounds ST 2373-B Marcia Griffith – Question II (1975)
13. Roosevelt FHJ 7565-A Marcia Griffiths – Give & You’ll Get (1975)
14. Roosevelt FHJ 7565-B Version (1975)
15. High Note SEP 6046-A Marcia Griffiths & Sky Nation – Survival (1977)
16. High Note SEP 6046-B Sky Nation – Survival Version (1977)
Electric Boogie, Electric Boogie (Long Version) / Electric Boogie (Dub 1), Electric Boogie (Dub 2), Electric Boogie (Dub 3)
I have the UK Island 12IS 112, 1983, 12-inch Maxi.
Backing by Bunny Wailer.
Melody Life
I have the VP Records VP 1715, 2007, 2-CD on 2-CDR.
CD 1:
Oh My Darling (Bob Marley & Marica Griffiths, 1966), Feel Like Jumping (1968), Melody Life (ca. 1968), Truly (1978), Really Together (featuring Bunny Rugs, 1995), Don´t Let Me Down (1969), Put A Little Love In Your Heart (ca. 1969), Young Gifted & Black (Bob Andy & Marcia Griffiths, 1970), I Just Don´t Want To Be Lonely (1974), First Time I Ever Saw Your Face (1974), Band Of Gold (ca. 1974), Sweet Bitter Love (1974), When Will I See You Again (1974), Survival (1977), Dreamland (1978)
CD 2:
Lonesome Feeling (1978), Peaceful Woman (1979), Stepping Out A Babylon (1979), Electric Boogie (featuring Bunny Wailer, 1983), Everywhere (1988), Deep In My Heart (1988), Live On (featuring Beres Hammond, 1988), I Shall Sing (1998), Closer To You (1995), Half Idiot (featuring Cutty Ranks, 1998), Tell Me Now (featuring Bounty Killer, 1999), Steppin´ To Mount Zion (featuring Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Tony Rebel & Cobra, 1997), Land Of Love (1997), All My Life (Da´ Ville featuring Marcia Griffiths, 2003), Wave Your Banner
This compilation covers the recording career of Marcia Griffiths from it´s start in the 1960s to the present. “Oh My Darling” is written in the 1930s and a famous recording is made by B. B. King in 1959 as “I Love You So”.
“Don´t Let Me Down” is originally recorded by The Beatles in 1969.
“Put A Little Love In Your Heart” is originally recorded by Jackie De Shannon in 1968.
“I Just Don´t Want To Be Lonely” is originally recorded by “The Main Ingredient” in 1974.
“First Time I Ever Saw Your Face” is written in 1957 and a famous recording is made by Roberta Flack in 1969.
“Dreamland” is the track of which Bunny Wailer made a couple recordings.
“Lonesome Feeling” is written by Bob Marley.
“Electric Boogie” is originally written and recorded by Bunny Wailer.
“Everywhere” is originally recorded by Fleetwood Mac in 1987.

Artist Info: Roots reggae from California, USA. Groundation is founded 1997. The lead singer Harrison Stafford is the first professor who did a “History Of Reggae” class at University. Strong in the tradition of seventies roots reggae bands. Full of conscious lyrics. For further info see their homepage: My suggestion: See them live!
Each One Teach One
First released on On The Corner, 2001, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Weak Heart, We Na Forget (Rome), Wanna Know, Throwing Stones, One More Day, Head Strong, If I, Waterfall, Nyahbinghi Order, Jah Spirit, Each One Teach One
Featuring Ras Michael and Marcia Higgs.
Their first album.
Young Tree
Recorded 1999. Probably released on USA, LP.
Re-released remastered on On The Corner, 2002, CD.
I have the re-release on CDR.
Long Long Ago, Glory To The Kings, Confusing Situation, Congress Man, Craven Fe´ Dead, Young Tree, Vibes Alive, Groundation Chant, Grounding Dub
Their second album.
Hebron Gate
First released on UK Young Tree, 2003, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Jah Jah Know, Babylon Rule Dem, Silver Tongue Show, Weeoing Pirates, Picture On The Wall, Something More, Hebron, Freedom Take Over, Undivided
Featuring Don Carlos & The Congos.
Their third album.
Dragon War (Dub Remixes Of Hebron Gate)
I have the USA Young Tree, 2003, LP.
Re-released remastered on 2006, CD with further dubs.
Ruling Dub, Don´s Intro, Elder´s Dub, The Drago, Elements, Freedom Taking Over
We Free Again
First released on Nocturne, 2004, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Praising, Dem Rise, Suffer The Right, Music Is The Most High, Wish Them Well, We Free Again, Smile, Fourth Dimension, Feel Jah, Cultural Wars I, Cultural Wars II, Cultural Wars III, Cultural Wars IV, Seventh Seal
Featuring Don Carlos and Apple Gabriel.
Their fifth album.
Live Bob Marley Tribute At The Catalyst, 2005
I have this unreleased 2-CDR.
CDR 1:
Intro, Natural Mystic, Lively Up Yourself, Revolution, Rude Boy, War, High Tide Or Low Tide, Hypocrites, Trench Town, Roots, Bend Down Low, Fussing And Fighting
CDR 2:
Intro, No More Troubles, Hammer, Wake Up And Live, Guiltiness, Top Ranking, Could You Be Loved, Want More, Rat Race, Buffalo Soldier, Misty Morning, Soul Shake Down Party, Exodus, Get Up Stand Up
Live at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, California, 2006
I have this unreleased CDR.
Intro featuring a reading of Pslam 20, Praising, Dem Rise, Music Is The Most High, Jah Jah Know, Picture On The Wall, Undivided, Wish Them Well, Weeping Pirates, Hebron, Freedom Taking Over, Encore: Suffer The Right.
Recorded Nov 25th or May 13th. All tracks taken from their 2003 and 2004 albums.

Artist info: Jamaican singer. Gyptian is born as Windel Beneto Edwards on October 25th. In 2005 his debut single “Serious Times” hit the local and oversee charts and even topped Junior Gong´s “Welcome To Jamrock” to become declares as Jamaica´s Most Important Song of 2005. he has his onw website:
My Name Is Gyptian
First released 2006.
I have this album on CDR.
Beng Beng, Ma Ma, Beautiful Lady, You Never Know, Around The World, Serious Times, Take Me Higher, Through The Valley (featuring Round Head), Woman I Love You (featuring Teflon), School Girl, Take My Money, Keep On Knocking, What Are We Fighting For, Stop The Fussing And Fighting, Holiday (featuring Keisha)
His debut album featuring his big hits in Jamaica: Serious Times, Ma Ma, Beautiful Lady.
Gyptian – Singles
I have this CDR taken from vinyls.
01. Stepping Higher (Gyptian) (W. Edwards / Professa)
from JAM Irievibrations, 2006, 7-inch. Produced by Professa.
02. My Fadda Say (Gyptian) (W. Edwards)
from JAM Real Lyfe, 7-inch. Produced by Vernal Newman.
03. Listen To The People (Anthony Que / Gyptian) (A. Clarke / A. Lue)
from JAM Muzik House, 7-inch. Produced by Muzik House.
04. Chanting (Gubu / Gyptian) (C. Johnson / W. Edwards)
from JAM Abba Movement, 2006, 7-inch. Produced by C. Johnson / Alaine Reid / R. Francis.
05. Tell Me How (Gyptian) (W. Edwards / R. Mahabeer)
from JAM Main Frame, 2006, 7-inch. Produced by Richard Mahabeer.
06. Crying (Gyptian) (W. Edwards)
from JAM Free Willy FW 0020, 7-inch. Produced by Neil Amos.
07. Bad Mind (Gyptian) (W. Edwards)
from JAM Amplex, 7-inch. Produced by Troyton.
08. Nobody Nuh Cry (Gyptian) (W. Edwards)
from JAM Vertex, 7-inch. Produced by R. Stephens & Ricky Genius.
09. Pilgrimage (Gyption) (W. Edwards / R. Mais)
from JAM Nuff-A-Dat, 2005, 7-inch. Produced by Robert Mais.
10. Girl (Gyptian)
from JAM Rhythm Of Da´ Seasons, 7-inch. Produced by Rhythm Of Da´ Seasons.
11. Be Strong (Gyptian) (W. Edwards / R. Morgan / A. Hibberts)
from JAM Firecracker, 2006, 7-inch. Produced by R. Morgan & K. Graham.
12. Foundation Riddim (B-side of “My Fadda Say”)
from JAM Real Lyfe, 7-inch. Produced by Vernal Newman.
13. Feelings Riddim (A. Lue) (B-side of “Listen To The People”)
from JAM Muzik House, 7-inch. Produced by Muzik House.
14. Dub Track (B-side of “Chanting”)
from JAM Abba Movement, 2006, 7-inch. Produced by C. Johnson / Alaine Reid / R. Francis.
15. January February Riddim (B-side of “Crying”)
from JAM Free Willy FW 0020, 7-inch. Produced by Neil Amos.
16. Instrumental (B-side of “Bad Mind)
from JAM Amplex, 7-inch. Produced by Troyton.
17. Foreign Love Riddim (B-side of “Girl”)
from JAM Rhythm Of Da´ Seasons, 7-inch. Produced by Rhythm Of Da´ Seasons.
*18. Run Away Girl (Collie Rose) (B-side of “Be Strong”)
from JAM Firecracker, 2006, 7-inch. Produced by R. Morgan & K. Graham.
*19. A No Lie (Brilliant) (J. Bernard / Professa) (B-side of “Stepping Higher”)
from JAM Irievibrations, 2006, 7-inch. Produced by Professa.
*20. Jump Fence (Ragga Taani) (Al Campbell / R. Mahabeer) (B-side of “Tell Me How”)
from JAM Main Frame, 2006, 7-inch. Produced by Richard Mahabeer.
*21. Say Yes (Caramel) (L. Chambers / R. Mais) (B-side of “Pilgrimage”)
from JAM Nuff-A-Dat, 2005, 7-inch. Produced by Robert Mais.
The b-side of “Nobody Nuh Cry” is labeled as “Hagnet Rhythm” but in fact is the a-side again. Both sides have the same vocal track.
The label of “Girl” has no writer credit.
All b-sides don´t have any vocals of the a-side. They are the riddim only, probably also used for many other artist´s vocal recordings over this riddim. That´s why I placed these at the end.
Four singles don´t have a version as b-side but a different vocal track by a different artist using the same riddim. These tracks I placed at the end of the CD as probably not related to Gyptian.