Part 8 – UK Reggae

Female UK band consisting of seven rasta women who sing and play the instruments. “Akabu” is the off-spring of the band „African Woman Abroad“. They were regarded as the only female dreadlocked band.

Mwanamke Mwfrika (African Woman Abroad)
Released in 1982 on LP.
Ethiopians Live It, Black Woman, We A Seh, Classic Steppers, African Woman, I Believe, Same Situation, Dem Took I Away

Akabu (Akabu)
Recorded and released in 1989.
French issue on Viva Records VV-003, 1989, LP
Africans United, Life, Warrior Queen, I Shall Sing, Apartheid, Time, Serious Business, Work
Their self-produced debut release under the name Akabu.

Warrior Queen (Akabu)
Released on UK On-U Sound CD in 1995.
Fate Of The World, People Get Ready, Warrior Queen, True Born, Madness And Mayhem, All We Need, No Crack, Have Mercy, My Love, Blackbird, Africans United, Sweet Inspiration, Feeling Good, The World

Alpha & Omega are John Sprosen and Christine Woodbridge. They play trance dub from UK with cultural message about Jah, Africa, Ancient History. Their website is

King & Queen
First released 1991 on UK Alpha And Omega, LP.
King And Queen, Mankind See, The Lions Den, The Vibration, Majesty, Jubilation, Rasta Woman, Pure And Clean, Sharu Att Our Aunt
Their 2nd album.

First released 1991 on UK Alpha And Omega, LP.
Jah Protection, Protect I Dub, A Homeless People, No Man´s Land, Solomon And Sheba, Freedom Fighters, Dub Mightier Than The Sword, Conscious Black Woman, Conscious Black Woman Version, In The Beginning
Their 3rd album.

Almighty Jah (with Dub Judah)
Released 1993 on UK Alpha And Omega, LP.
Almighty Jah, Hand To The Wheel, Dub Can Reveal, Honest Opinion, David And Goliath, Rasta Is Merciful, Merciful Version, Africa Is Calling, Banks Of The Nile, Shebas’ Journey
Their 5th album.

Dubplate Selection Volume 1
UK A & O 095, 1995, CD.
Under Contention (featuring Teacha), Pure And Clean, Ancient African Civilization (featuring Nishka), The Roots, David And Goliath (featuring Teacha), Jah Bless featuring The Iries), Jah Protection (featuring Nishka), Respect To The Warrior, One Woman Show (featuring Nishka), Wicked Man Drop, Show Me A Purpose (featuring Nishka), Rastafari
Their eighth album.

Sound System Dub
USA Roir RUSCD 8216, 1995, CD.
This album was not released on LP.
01. Rastafari, 02. Freedom Fighters, 03. Africa / Ethiopia, 04. Warrior, 05. Conscious Black Woman, 06. Dub Flute, 07. Fire, 08. Merciful Jah, 09. Sheba´s Journey, 10. Who Is The Ruler?, 11. Sharu Att Our Aunt, 12. Ancient Africa Dub, 13. Show Me A Purpose, 14. Pure & Clean, 15. Dub Is A Principal Thing
Their first USA release.
All tracks except one was previously released in UK.
01., 06. – 08. and 10. from “Watch And Pray”, 02. and 05. from “Overstanding”, 03. from “Tree Of Life”, 04. from “Everyday Life”, 09. from “Almighty Jah”, 11. and 14. from “King And Queen”, 12. from 12-inch, 13. and 15. from “Safe In The Ark”.

Voice In The Wilderness
UK A&O 97, 1997, LP (First UK Pressing).
Words Of Thy Mouth, Rastafari, The Firmament, Voice In The Wilderness, Seven Seas, Rightful Ruler, Dub Prophet, This Judgement, Ancient Of Days, Shashamani
Produced by Alpha & Omega.
Their tenth UK album.

Trample The Eagle And The Dragon And The Bear
UK A & O 2005, 2005, CD.
Dub Fire (featuring Lee Perry & Mad Professor), Magic String, Bush Ganja (featuring Gregory Isaacs), Oh What A Dub, Who Am I To Judge (featuring Bunny Lie Lie), Yabba Yabba Yabba, Survivors Of The City (featuring Horace Martin & Jonah Dan), Don´t Lock Me Down, The Eagle And The Dragon & The Bear (feauturing Reuben Master), Dub Ammunition, Moving Out Of Babylon (featuring Addis Youth & Sis Nya), Selassie I (featuring Reuben Master), Guide Over Dub, Wounded Children (featuring Boney & The Vibronics), Burn A Ring Of Fire (featuring Reuben Master) (full mix), Dub Masterpiece (full mix)
The album was also released on LP. But the last two tracks appear only on CD.

Private CDR 1:
One Woman Dub (1990, from “Daniel In The Lions Den”)
No Man’s Land (featuring Nishka) (1991, from “Overstanding”)
King And Queen (1992, from “King And Queen”)
Respect To The Warrior (1992, from “Dubplate Selection Volume 1?)
Wicked Man Drop (1992, from “Dubplate Selection Volume 1?)
Pure And Clean (remix) (1993, from “Almighty Jah”, CD extra track)
Justice Has To Be Seen (Remix) (1993, from “Almighty Jah”, CD extra track)
David And Goliath (featuring Teacha) (1993, from “Everyday Life”)
One Culture (1993, from “Everyday Life”)
One Prayer (1993, from “Everyday Life”)
Know Your History (1993, from “Everyday Life”)
Dub Signs (The Iries) (from “The Signs – Alpha And Omega Meets The Iries”)
Seven Seas (from “Dubmagic”)
Wounded (from “Mystical Things”)
Mirror Dub (Vibronics Remix) (from “Show Me A Purpose Versions”)
Only Jah Children (from “Show Me A Purpose Versions”)
Rastafari (Almighty Jah Dub) (1995, from “Sound System Dub”)
Dub Flute (1995, from “Sound System Dub”)
Fire (1995, from “Sound System Dub”)

Private CDR 2:
Merciful Jah (1995, from “Sound System Dub”)
Pure And Clean (Love Is A Principal Thing Dub) (1995, from “Sound System Dub”)
Show Me A Purpose (featuring Nishka) (1994, from “Safe in The Ark”)
Purposeful Dub (1994, from “Safe in The Ark”)
Ancient Wisdom (1994, from “Safe in The Ark”)
Love Is A Principal Thing (1994, from “Safe in The Ark”)
It’s Alright (featuring Nishka) (1994, from “Safe in The Ark”)
Over Hills And Mountains (1994, from “Safe in The Ark”)
Jah Is Calling (with The Disciples) (1994, from “Safe in The Ark”)
Bind Us Together (with Dayjah) (1994, from “Safe in The Ark”)
Bind Us Together Dub (1994, from “Safe in The Ark”)
Ancient Dub (1994, from “Safe in The Ark”)
Africa Ethiopia (ca 1995, from “Tree Of Life”)
Jerusalem (ca 1995, from “Tree Of Life”)
Great Tribulations (ca 1995, from “Tree Of Life”)
Stepping Up (ca 1995, from “Tree Of Life”)
Tree Of Life (ca 1995, from “Tree Of Life”)
Sacred Realm (with The Disciples) (ca 1995, from “Tree Of Life”)
Twelve Fruits (Ancient African Civilization Dub) (ca 1995, from “Tree Of Life”)

Private CDR 3:
Words Of Thy Mouth (from “Voice In The Wilderness”)
The Firmament (from “Voice In The Wilderness”)
Voice In The Wilderness (from “Voice In The Wilderness”)
Rightful Ruler (from “Voice In The Wilderness”)
Dub Prophet (from “Voice In The Wilderness”)
Ancient Of Days (from “Voice In The Wilderness”)
Shashamani (from “Voice In The Wilderness”)
Break Every Chain (from “Voice In The Wilderness”)
Words (from “Voice In The Wilderness”)
Prowling Lion (from “The Sacred Art Of Dub”, with The Disciples)
Philosopher Stone (from “The Sacred Art Of Dub”, with The Disciples)
Philosopher Dub (from “The Sacred Art Of Dub”, with The Disciples)
Dancing On A Rainbow (from “The Sacred Art Of Dub”, with The Disciples)
Seven Colours Of Dub (from “The Sacred Art Of Dub”, with The Disciples)
No Peace In The City (from “The Sacred Art Of Dub”, with The Disciples)
Many Stories To be Told (from “The Sacred Art Of Dub”, with The Disciples)
Book Of Dub (from “The Sacred Art Of Dub”, with The Disciples)
Poor Man’s Prayer (from “The Sacred Art Of Dub”, with The Disciples)
Poor Man’s Dub (from “The Sacred Art Of Dub”, with The Disciples)
Promised Land

Further albums are:
“Daniel In The Lions Den”, UK A & O 001, LP and CD (I have 2 and miss 7 tracks.)
“Watch And Pray”, UK A & O 027, LP and CD (I have 9 and miss 1 track.)
“Everyday Life”, UK A & O 093 LP and CD (I have 5 and miss 8 tracks.)
“Safe In The Ark”, UK A & O 094, LP and CD (I have 10 and miss 3 tracks.)
“Tree Of Life”, UK A & O 096, LP and CD (I have 7 and miss 6 tracks.)
“Dubplate Selection Volume 2?, UK A & O 098, LP and CD
“The Sacred Art Of Dub” (with The Disciples), UK A & O 2000, CD (I have 10 and miss 4 tracks.)
“Serious Joke”, UK A & O, 2002, CD
“Spirit Of The Ancients”, UK ISAO, 2004, CD
“City Of Dub”, UK A & O, 2007, CD


Feel Like Making Love / Version
Released in 1977 on UK Lightning TRO 9011, 7´´.

UK neo dub band.

Conscious Party
Released 1998.
Assassin, Black White, Naxalite, Taa Deem, Dub Mentality, Hypocrite, Buzzing, Charge, Free Saptal Ram, Tribute To John Steven, Free Saptal Ram (ADF Sound System Remix), Charge (ADF Sound System Remix), Digital Underclass, Culture Move (ADF vs MC Navigator Disco Plate)

Ravis Revenge
Released 1998.
Naxalite, Buzzing, Black White, Assassin, Hypocrite, Charge, Free Saptal Ram, Dub Mentality, Culture Move, Operation Eagle Lie, Change, Tribute To John Steven

Enemy Of The Enemy (Promo CD plus Album CD)
Released 2003.
Promo CD:
Intro, Fortress Europe, Blowback, 1000 Mirrors, Rise To The Challenge, 19 Rebellions, 2 Face, Fortress Europe, Power To The Massive, Cyberabad, Enemy Of The Enemy, Outro
Album CD:
Fortress Europe, Rise To The Challenge, La Haine, 1000 Mirrors (featuring Sinead O´Connor), 19 Rebellions, Blowback, 2 Face, Power To The Small Massive, Dhol Rinse, Basta, Cyberabad, Enemy Of The Enemy

UK based group started in the mid-seventies to play reggae in various styles, re-united in the late eighties to play pop reggae.

Released in 1976 on UK Island ILPS 9399, LP.
I A Rebel Soul, Can’t Stand The Pressure, Ethiopian Rhapsody, Natural Progression, Back To Africa, Red Up, Ire Woman, Concrete Slaveship
Their debut album produced by Aswad and Tony Plati.
Vocals, Rhythm guitar and percussion by Brinsley Forde (Chaka B).
Aswad Band:
Lead guitar, percussion and vocals by Donald Griffiths (Dee).
Keyboards, percussion and vocals by Courtney Hemmings (Khaki).
Bass guitar, percussion by George Oban.
Drums, percussion, piano, vocals by Angus Gaye (Drummie).
Aswad Friends:
Harmonica by Bunny McKenzie.
Acoustic guitar by Adetokumba Illorin.
Percussion by Trevor Bow.
Backing vocals by Candy McKenzie and Delroy Washington.

Babylon / Behold
Released in 1979 on UK Grove Music 12 WIP 6693, 12´´.

Released in 1979 on Grove Music LP.
Behold, Sons Of Criminals, Judgement Day, Not Guilty, Can´t Walk The Streets, Corruption, Playing Games, Hulet

Live At Rockpalast 1980
Transfer from German TV.
Only Jah Children, Rebel Soul, Back To Africa, Sons Of Criminals, Concrete Slaveship, Rainbow Culture, Not Guilty, Three Babylon, Natural Progression

Warrior Charge / Dub Charge
Released in 1980 on UK Island 12´´.

New Chapter
Releaaed in 1981 in Holland on CBS 85336, LP.
African Children, Natural Progression, Ways Of The Lord, I Will Keep On Loving You, He Gave The Sun To Shine, Tuff We Tuff, Didn’t Know At The Time, Zion, Inna Your Rights, Candles, Love Fire
Produced by Aswad & Mikey Campbell.

A New Chapter Of Dub
Released in 1981 on UK Island ILPS 9711, LP.
Dub Fire, Flikaflame, Truth, Bammie Blow, Tuffist, Shining Dub, Zion I, Natural Progression, Ghetto In The Sky
Produced by Aswad and Michael Campbell.
Mixed by Michael Campbell and Drummie Zeb.
Drums, vocals and percussion by Drummie Zeb.
Rhythm guitar, vocals and percussion by Brinsley Dan.
Bass, vocals, keyboards and percussion by Tony Gad.
Percussion by Levi.
Keyboards by Clifton (Bigga) Morrisson.
Guitar by Martin Augustine, John Kaipye, Jimmy (Senyan) Haynes.
Sax by Michael (Bammie) Rose.
Trombone by Vin Gordon.
Trumpet by Eddie (T-T-T Tan Tan).

Released in 1981.
Back To Africa, Thre Babylon, It´s Not Our Wish, Rainbow Culture, Warrior Charge, Babylon

Not Satisfied
Released in 1982 in Holland on CBS 85666, LP.
Oh Jah, Drum And Bass Line, Not Satisfied, Reality, African Children (Part 2), Pass The Cup, I Need Your Love, No More Living A Lie, Down The Line, Your Recipe, Girl´s Got To Know

Live and Direct (Live 1983)
Released in 1983 in USA on Mango MLPS 9723, LP.
Not Guilty, Not Satisfied, Your Recipe, Roots Rocking, Drum & Bass Line, African Children, Soca & Rumba, Rockers Medley: Ease Up – Your Love’s Gotta Hold On Me – Revolution – Water Pumping, Love Fire
Recorded live at Nottingham Carnival 1983.
Produced by Aswad and Michael Campbell.
Mixed by Michael Campbell and Drummie Zeb.
Drums, vocals by Angus Drummie Zeb.
Rhythm guitar, vocals by Brinsley Dan Forde.
Bass, vocals, by Tony Gad Robinson.
Keyboards, vocals by Clifton (Bigga) Morrisson.
Guitar by Martin Augustine, Jimmy (Senyan) Haynes.
Sax by Michael (Bammie) Rose.
Trombone by Henry Tenyue.
Trumpet by Eddie (T-T-T Tan Tan) Thornton.

Rebel Souls
Released in 1984 in UK on Island ILPS 9780, LP and in Germany on Island 206 683, LP.
In My Father´s House, Rebel, 54-46 (Was My Number), Just A Little Herb, Rainfall Sunshine, Mercy Mercy Me, You Can´t Show Me, Gave You My Love, I Asked The Question, Need Your Love, Chasing For The Breeze

Don’t Turn Around / Woman
Released in 1988 in Germany on Island 109 725, 7´´.
Taken from the album “Distant Thunder”, UK Island ILPS 9895, LP.

Jah Shaka Meets Aswad In Addis Ababa Studio
Released in 1988 on UK Shaka Records LP.
Addis Ababa, Shaka Special, Aswad Special, Rockers Delight, Drum Dub, Behold HIM, Creation

On & On / Two Feelings
Released in 1989 in Germany on Island 112 414, 7´´.

On & On (Aswad & Sweetie Ire) / Version
Released in 1989 in UK on Island DSR 5964, 5965, 7´´

Don´t Turn Around
Compilation released 2006 in UK on United UTD 029 CD.
Don´t Turn Around, Woman, Justice, Give A Little Love, The Message, Gave You My Love, Babylon, Chasing For The Breeze, Sons Of Criminals, 54 46 Was My Number, Hulet, Behold, Smokey Blues, Bubbling

More Aswad tracks:
Struggle (12´´ Mix) (Patrick Andy & Aswad)
It´s Not Our Wish (12´´ Mix)

UK band playing two styles: deep roots reggae and punk. Their albums contain songs of both genres. I do like the roots reggae songs, but the switch between so different styles is a bit too much for my taste.

I & I Survived (Dub)
Released in 2002 on UK Reggaelounge RLG007 LP.
Jah Love, Overdub, How Low Can A Punk Get, I & I Survive, Cowboy, Gene Machine, Ghetto, Rally, September, Ragga Dub, Gene Machine Remix, I & I Survive (Shine Massive Mix)

Bigga is Clifton “Bigga” Morrison from Aswad.

Stop (Feeling Sorry For Yourself) / Stop (Feeling Sorry For Yourself) Mix
Released on UK First Time FT 002, 12´´.
Written, arranged and produced by Clifton “Bigga” Morrison.

Ika Black is a London born female singer who started her singing career in 1979 with the release of “Goodbye Little Man”. It was a smash hit. The credits went to „Sister Love“ what are Ika Black on lead vocals and Carol Williams and Sandra Williams on harmony vocals. This song was released in UK, Jamaica, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and America. “Every Bit Of My Heart” was the follow up hit release in 1980. “Human Life” was Ika Black´s first self-production for her I-ONE-I label in 1981. In 1983 “Crucial World” was released, followed in 1986 by the album “Special Love” containing all their hits. At least „Goodbye Little Man“ appears on this album in a new mix. So far I know there are no further releases of Ika Black.

Goodbye Little Man (Sister Love)
Released 1979. Taken from the various artists sampler „Reggae – The Sound Of Jamaica“, German Bellaphon 220 7003 LP.

Crucial World (Ika Black) / Crucial Dub (Ika Black And The Nations Cry)
Released in 1983 on UK Keyman K.M.D 001, 12´´.
Written, arranged and produced by Milton Henry.

Special Love
Released in 1986 on UK Keyman KM 004, LP.
Special Love, What You Gonna Do, Every Bit Of My Heart, Human Life, Loving Vibration, Nothing But Heartaches, Together Now, Goodbye Little Man
Bass by Maka Dub, Anthony Bradshaw, drums by Electric, Charlie, piano by Popeye, Ras T., Padget, organ by Ras T Fatfinger, rhythm guitars by Maka Dub, lead guitars by Michael Robinson, Sowel, sax by Rodger, Deadley Headley, Herman Marquis, trumpet by Bobby Ellis, percussion by Bonzo, backing vocals by Ika Black, Cynthia, Pauline, Marie.
Recorded at Addis Ababa, mixed at Easy Street Studio, produced, arranged and directed by Milton Henry.
“Goodbye Little Man” appears in a new mix on this album.

UK band featuring Delroy Ogilvie on lead vocals, Errol Brown on lead vocals, Cordell Francis on lead guitar, Jabulani Ngozi on rhythm guitar, Trevor Seivwright on drums, Kondwani Ngozi on congas and harmonies, Derrick King on bass and Carlton Smith on keyboards and harmonies.

Black Roots
Released in 1983.
The Father, Survival, Juvenile Delinquent, What Them Do, Opportunity, Tribal War, Africa, Move On

All Day All Night
Released in 1987 on UK Nubian NRLP 001, LP.
Realize, Pin In The Ocean, Release The Food, Freedom, Poor Children, Spare The Rod, Conman, Seeing Your Face, All Day All Night, Suffer Me Not, Mighty Lion, Childless Mother
Produced by Neil Fraser aka Mad Professor.
Featuring Vin Gordon on trombone.
Their third album.

Ina Different Style
Released in 1987 on UK Nubian NRCD 01, CD.
Realize, Realize Dub, Release The Food, Folitrickshun Dub, Freedom, Dub Free, Allday Allnight, Pressure Dub, Seeing Your Face, Face Dub, Childless Mother, Fertility Dub, Suffer Me Not, Apartheid Dub, Suzy Wong, Hong Kong Dub, Move On, Pretenders Dub, Let It Be Me, Strugglers Dub
This CD includes seven tracks from the album “All Day All Night” and its dubs followed by three songs and its versions, originally released in 1987 on Nubian 7-inches and 12-inches. From the sleeve of this CD we can know that the sound of Black Roots was a different one before this album / CD release.

Start Afresh / Version Instrumental Dub
Released in 1988 on UK Nubian Records NR 08, 7´´.

Live Power
Released in 1988 on UK Nubian Records NRLP 002, LP.
Juvenile Delinquent, Realize, All Day All Night, The Father, Suzy Wong, Oppressor, Start Afresh, Release The Food, Black Roots Skank (Mix Me Down)
Recorded live at Bath, Moles, UK, in September 22nd, 1988. Mixeed at Ariwa Studios by Mad Professor. Their fourth album.

Natural Reaction
Released in 1988 on UK Nubian Records NRLP 06, LP.
Natural Reaction, Drive The Road, Barriers, Home Once More, Tip Toe, Guide Us, Living With Jah, Voive Of The People, Where Did I Go Wrong, Strange Land, She Wants
Produced by Mad Professor, recorded and mixed at Ariwa Studio London. Bass, drums and additional keyboard overdubs by Black Steel.

On The Frontline
Released in 2004 on French Makasound MKS 09, 2004, CD on CDR.
Frontline, Juveline Delinquent, Africa, Blackheart Man (Extended), Move On (Extended), War, The Opportunity, Far Over, Struggling, What Them A Do, Signs & Wonders, Tribal War, The Father, Survival
Recorded 1980 – 1984.
Including the complete album “The Frontline”, first released in 1984 on UK Klik LP featuring War, Signs & Wonders, Frontline, Far Over, Blackheart Man, Struggling.

In Session
Released in 2007 on French Makasound MKS 20, CD (including six bonus tracks).
Tribal War, Confusion, Survival, Juvenile Deliquent, What Dem A Do, Move On, Opportunity, Africa, The Father, Chanting For Freedom, Bristol Rock, Confusion (12´´ Mix), Chanting For Freedom (12´´ Mix), The System, The Father (12´´ Mix), Tribal War (12´´ Mix)
Tracks 01 – 10 are first released on BBC, CD.

UK reggae band. They had their debut in 1976 and recorded until 1985. Vocals and percussion by Keith Drumond. Lead guitar by Chris Hansen. Drums by Desmond Mahoney. Rhythm guitar by Cledwyn Rogers. Keyboards by Anthony Brightly. Bass and percussion by Ras Elroy Baley.

Sticks Man / Robber Man In Dub
First released in 1976 on UK Slate 7´´.
Also released in 1977 on Belgium Music Master Disco Service / Fonior 511010/1, 7´´ on blue clear vinyl.
“Sticks Man” is a double entendre taken from trinidian calypso and on one sight is related to the trinidian stick fighting tradition. The second meaning should be obvious for all men. This play with words seems to come from the calypso recording “Stickman” by Zandolie in 1966.
“Robber Man In Dub” is the Version of “Sticks Man”.
The name of the band is given as “Disco Reggae Band Black Slate” at the Belgium 7´´.

Piano Twist / Piano Dub
Released on UK Panky P 513, 1977, 7´´.

Moodie In Dub Vol. 1 (Black Slate Meets The Soul Syndicate)
Released in 1978 on Moodie Music LP.
Burn Dub, Hold Dub, Lost Dub, Bearded Dub, Love Dub, Crazy Dub, Wine Dub, Expensive Dub, Miss World Dub, Radio Dub
I don´t know the vocal tracks these dubs belong to. If someone could tell me these, I would enjoy.

Moodie In Dub Vol. 4
First released in 1978 on Moodie Music LP.
Reissued in 2003 on Moodie Music LP.
Rupert Dub (UK Mix), Summer Dub (UK Mix), Expensive Dub (UK Mix), Money Money (D. Duffus) (Vocal Cut, UK Mix), Winter Dub (UK Mix), Loveland Dub (JA Mix), Wonderful Dub (JA Mix), Money Money (D. Duffus) (Vocal Cut, JA Mix), Dunny Dunny (DJ Cut JA Mix), Dunny Dunny (JA Mix)
Featuring the UK and JA Mixes of Black Slate.
Again I don´t know the vocal tracks these dubs belong to and would love, if someone could tell me.

Live Up To Love / Jah In The Ghetto
Released in 1978 on UK Slate KG 008 12´´.

Mind Your Motion (Extended Mix) / You Can’t Make Us (Extended Mix)
Released in 1979 on UK TCD D003 12´´.

Released in 1979 on UK TCD TCDLP1 LP.
Reggae Music, Mind Your Motion, Rocky Road, Amigo (Longplay Mix), Freedom Time (Black Star Liner), Boom Boom, Romans, You Have Been Warned, Black Slate Rock, Harvest Time (Joyful Sounds)
Trombone by Nicky Ridguard.
Tenor sax by Rudy Hymes on “Mind Your Motion”, “Rocky Road” & “Romans”.

First released in 1979 on UK TCD TCDLP 2 LP.
Also released on Hit And Run, LP and CD.
Dub In Motion (Dub of “Mind Your Motion”)
Universal Dub Warning (Dub of “You Have Been Warned”)
Live Up To Dub (Dub of “Live Up To Love”)
Ogima (Dub of “Amigo”)
Dub And Bondage (Dub of “Bondage And Slavery”)
Dub For The Romans (Dub of “Romans”)
King Dub (Dub of “Black Slate Rock”)
Dub To Freedom (Dub of “Freedom Time”)
Legal Dub (Dub of “Legalize Collie Herb”)

Released in 1980 on UK Wise Owl Music 6359041 LP.
Also released in 1980 on UK Ensign ENVY 15 LP.
Also released in 1980 on UK Virgin AE 260 201873 LP.
Also released in 1980 in Germany on Mercury / Ensign / Wise Owl 6359041 LP.
Amigo (12´´ Mix), Mind Your Motion, Reggae Music, Sticks Man ‘80, Freedom Time (Black Star Liner), Boom Boom, Losing Game, Romans, Thin Line Between Love And Hate, Legalize Collie Herb
This album features the longer 12-inch mix of “Amigo” and a new mix of “Sticks Man”.

Released on CD.
Amigo, Boom Boom, Sticks Man ´80, Freedom Time (Black Star Liner), Rockers´ Palace, Live A Life, Losing Game, Mind Your Motion, Thin Line Between Love And Hate, Sirens In The City, Legalise Colly Herb, Reggae Every Time, Reggae Music, Amigo (7´´)

Black Slate
Released in 1980 on USA Alligator AL 8301 LP.
Mind Your Motion (12´´), Freedom Time, Sticks Man (Original Mix), Reggae Music, They Can’t Make Us, Live Up To Love, Bondage And Slavery, Amigo (7´´), Africans To Africa
Produced by Black Slate.
Vocals and percussion by Keith Drumond.
Lead guitar by Chris Hansen.
Drums by Desmond Mahoney.
Rhythm guitar by Cledwyn Rogers.
Keyboards by Anthony Brightly.
Bass and percussion by Ras Elroy Baley.
Trombone by Nicky Ridguard.
Tenor sax by Rudy.
This USA album features the longer 12-inch mix of “Mind Your Motion” and a shorter mix of “Amigo”.

Rasta Festival
Released in 1981 on USA Alligator AL 8302 LP.
Boom Boom, Legalise Collie Herb, Harvest Time, Black Slate Rock, Rocky Road, You Have Been Warned, Thin Line Between Love And Hate, Romans
Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 from their 1979 UK album “Amigo”. Tracks 2 and 7 are from their second self-titled album.

Sirens In The City
Released in 1981 on UK Virgin AE 260 201885 LP.
Also released in 1981 in Germany on Ensign 67.505 LP.
Sirens In The City, Live A Life, I Love You Still, Reggae Everytime, Message To Mr. Sus Man, Dread In The House, Winners, Rockers´ Palace, Zion

Six Plus One
First released in 1982 in UK.
Also released in 1982 in Holland on Top Ranking TRY IT 1 LP.
Also released in 1982 on CBS 25206 LP.
Sticks Man, They Can’t Make Us, Rasta Reggae, Live Up To Love, Look What Love Has Done, De Yah Pon Creation, Africa To Africans, Rastaman Song, King David, Six Plus One
Also released as a Double-LP on Top Ranking TRY IT 1 including the dub album listed next.

Six Plus One Dub
Released in 1982 on UK Top Ranking TRY It 2 LP.
House Of Dub, Feel A Dub, Dub Pon Creation, Rasta Dub, Rockers Dub, Dub Sus Law, Dub De Beast, Thanksgiving Dub

Look What Love Has Done / Dub Pon Creation
Released in 1982 on UK Top Ranking 12TRY 4 12´´.
The a-side is the album vocal track. The b-side is the album dub mix.

Get Up And Dance
Released in 1995 on CD.
Amigo, Rasta Reggae, Keep The Fire Burning, Get Up And Dance, Time To Pack It Up, Keep Your Conscience Clear, Elixir Of Life, Never Give Up, Make New Friends, Where Were You, Rasta Reggae Dub, Juicy Fruits

I miss their final album:
“Black Slate”, Sierra FEDL 100, 1985, LP including Your Love, Midnight, Children Of Israel, Wiser Than Before, Brutality, Incidents, No Justice For The Poor, Praises, Your Love (Reprise)

Blackbeard is a pseudonym for Dennis Bovell. See next.

I Wah Dub
Released in 1978 or 1980 on UK More Cut RDC 2002 LP.
The label says “produced 1978?, the album sleeve says “produced 1980?.
Electrocharge, Steadie, Jazzz, Reflections, Blaubart, Oohkno, ‘Nough, Binoculars
Produced by Dennis Bovell.
Drums, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Fender Rhodes and Percussion by Dennis Bovell.
Drums by Jah Bunny on “Jazzz”, drums by Angus Gaye on “Electrocharge”, “Reflections”, “Oohkno” & “Binoculars”.
Polymoog by Nick “Straker” Bailey on “Electrocharge” & “Reflections”.
Guitar and piano by John Kpiaye on “Jazzz”.
Piano and organ by Tony Robinson on “Reflections”.
Harmonica by Julio Finn on “Steadie”.
Melodica by Patrick Tenyue on “Blaubart”.
Voices by Patrick Tenyue on “‘Nough”.

Dennis Bovell is the leader of the backing band of Linton Kwesi Johnson, a famous session player and producer.

Strictly Dubwize
First released in 1978 on UK Ballistic LBR 1013 LP.
Also released in 1978 in France on Tempus TMLP 001 LP.
Also released in 2006 on UK Virgin CDFL 2046 CD.
Cut After Cut, Rebel Chase, Ites Of Dub, River To Bank Rocking, Tell Yuh So, Strictly Dub, Mint Ah Music, Ska Be Doo Za, Ah Weh
Produced by Dennis Bovell.
Drums by Jah Bunny, bass by Bagga Walker and Dennis Bovell, guitars and keyboards by Dennis Bovell, percussion by Euton Jones.
Recorded at Gooseburry Studios, London, UK.

Decibel (More Cuts And Dubs)
Released in 2003 on UK Pressure Sounds PSCD 39 CD.
The Grunwick Affair, Harmoniser Dub, Dominion Dub, Rowing (Version), Zombie Zones, Zion Dub, Higher Ranking, Scientific, Shi, None Jah Jah Children (Melodica Version), Uganda Crisis, Ah Fi Wi Dis, Entebbe, Blood Ah Go Run, Dub´er
Compilation of tracks recorded 1976 – 1983.
Produced by Dennis Bovell.

See also Blackbeard.

The UK reggae band Brimstone should not be confound with a Jamaican band from the early 1970s. The UK band Brimstone was formed in UK in 1977 with members from Jamaica, Dominica and Britain: Samson Jones on rhythm guitar, Gus Philips on vocals, Peter Harris on lead guitar, Leo Charles on drums, John Thomas on percussion, Wayne Griffiths on bass, Vivienne Clark on vocals. In 1978 they released the track “Final Judgement 1978? on UK Grove Music 7´´ followed by “Fancy Living” on UK Karnak Songsl 7´´. The line up was expended to include Tony “Gad” Robinson who later joined Aswad. Brimstone backed Hugh Mundell at the bootlegged show „Live In Paris“.

Jah See And Know
Released in 1981 in Belgium on Lark INL 3521 LP.
Jah See And Know, Craven, No Badda Look, Calling Africa, Meditational Heights, Ska – Bluebeat – Rocksteady, Judgement Day, Eyes Tune, Don´t Go
Featuring Gus Philips on vocals, Leo Charles on drums, Vivienne Clark on vocals, Stephen Rene, Tony Clark, George Joseph and Lynford Odum.

The UK reggae band Capital Letters consists of Junior “JB” Brown on bass, Roderick “The Dude” Harvey on drums, Earl “Wizzard” Lynch on keyboards and vocals, Danny “Teacher” McKen on guitar and vocals, George “Bulk” Scarlett on guitar, Wenty “Country Boy” Stewart on percussion, Pauline “Dell” Spence and Paulette “Lee” Hayden as backing vocalists. Between 1979 and 1982 they released two albums, one EP and one 12´´. There are a few more tracks released as bonus tracks on CD.

Headline News
Released in 1979 in Germany on Greensleeves / Bellaphon BBS 25105 LP.
Five, Daddy Was No Murderer, President Amin, Rumours, Smoking My Ganja, Unemployed, Rejoice, Buzz Rock, Run Run Run, Out Of Africa

UK Skanking / Run Run Run
Released in 1979 in Germany on Bellaphon / Greensleeves BZC 4432 12´´.
Both tracks appear in extended 12´´ mixes.

Bread And Water
Released on UK Greensleeves WOLVES 1, 1980, EP
Bread And Water, Do We Really Need A Government?, Cheap School Meals, Run Man Run

Released in 1982 in Germany on Gulp 3001002 LP.
Muss Muss, Murdering Style, No Jobs, Why, Vinyard, How Far, Baggawolf, Old Old Owl, Africa Bound, Fi With Parents

The Cimarons were founded back in 1967. The Cimarons are Carl Levy, Franklyn Dunn, Winston Reid, Locksley Gichie and Maurice Ellis. They first played as backing band for visiting Jamaican artists. From 1970 on they released some 7-inches: “Funky Fight” (Big Shot, 1970), “Oh Mammy Blue” (Downtown, 1971), “Holy Christmas” (Downtown, 1971) and “Struggling Man” (Horse, 1972). Under the name “Hot Shots” they had a UK hit with “Snoopy Vs. The Red Dragon” (Mooncrest, 1973). They had a No. 1 chart hit in Jamaica with a cover of Bob Marley “Talking Blues” (JA Talent, 1974), which was also used for Jah Woosh´s “Rocking Blues / Dub” 7-inch (UK Lucky, 1976). Winston Reid went solo in 1983 and had a hit with “Dim The Light”. See Reedy, Winston. Their drummer Jah Bunny played drums for Matumbi. Franklyn Dunn and Winston Reid still perform as “The Cimarons”.
Besides the listed tracks I know of only one more song: “Rosie”, on “People Say”, Lagoon LG2-1006, 1991, CD.

Talking Blues / Blues Dub
Releaased in 1974 on JA Talent, 1974, 7´´.

In Time
First released in 1974 on UK Trojan TRLS 87 LP.
Ship Ahoy, Zion, Over The Rainbow, I Wanna Please You, Utopian Feeling, You Can Get It If You Really Want, Time Passage, Moving On Up, Didn’t I Fool You, Reggae Time, My Blue Heaven, Kush Maroons
Their debut album.

Reggae Time
Released in 1992 on Lagoon LGD 1033 CD.
Also released in 1995 on Culture Press CP 6008 CD.
You Can Get It If You Really Want, Time Passage, Moving On Up, Wicky Wacky, Keep On Stepping, Rock Your Baby, Didn´t I Fool You, Reggae Time, My Blue Heaven, Kush Maroons, We Are Not The Same, Bumb My Baby, Kung Fu Fighting, Talking Blues
Tracks 1-3 and 8-11 are released on their debut album “In Time” in 1974.
All other tracks are first released on 7´´ between 1972 and 1976 and reissued as bonus tracks on CD. “Wicky Wacky” appeared first on UK Vulcan VUL 1005, 1975, 7-inch.
“You Can Get It If You Really Want” is originally recorded by Jimmy Cliff.
“Rock Your Baby” is a reggae version of the 1974 disco hit by George Mc Crae.
“My Blue Heaven” is a reggae version of the US standard, originally recorded by Gene Austin in 1927 and famous by Fats Domino recorded in 1957.
“Kung Fu Fighting” is a reggae version of the 1974 disco hit by Carl Douglas.
“Talking Blues” is originally recorded by Bob Marley.

On The Rock
Released in 1976 on UK Vulcan VULA 501 LP.
Wake Up Jah-Man-Can (On The Rock), Hear Talk Of Inflation, Rooting For A Cause, Take Heed (He Who Hides), Jah No Dead, Roots Rock Reggae Rhapsody, Dim The Light, Free As Life, Paul Bogle, Fight To The End
Produced by Cimarons and Tommy Cowan.
“Paul Bogle” is recorded at Black Ark Studio.
Their second album.

On De Rock Part 2
Recorded 1976 but first released not earlier as in 1983 on UK ButtOnly 4 LP.
Wake Up Jah-Man-Can (On The Rock), Jah No Dead, Soul And Inspiration, Rooting For A Cause, Rock Rock Reggae Rhapsody, Dim The Light, Paul Bogle, Take Heed (He Who Hides), Greedy Man, Ship Took Us Away
Their third album.

Released in 1978 on UK Polydor 2383512 LP on green clear vinyl.
Mother Earth, Civilization, The Word, Give Thanks & Praise, So Free (Best Things In Life), Loosenin’ Out, Willin’ (Rock Against Racism), Truly, Reggae Rockin’, Natty Time
Produced by The Cimarons.
Lead vocals by Winston Reid.
Bass, percussion, acoustic piano and vocals by Franklyn Dunn.
Drums, percussion by Maurice Ellis.
Rhythm guitar, lead guitar, percussion and vocals by Locksley Gichie.
Keyboards, acoustic guitar, marimba and vocals by Carl Levy.
Their fourth album.

Recorded live at The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London, in Summer 1977 and released in 1978 on UK Polydor 2383489 LP.
Ship Ahoy, Ship Took Us Away, Harder Than The Rock, Ethiopia, Reggae Rhapsody
Produced by Cimarons.
Lead vocals and percussion by Winston Reid.
Bass, vocals and percussion by Franklyn Dunn.
Drums and percussion by Maurice Ellis.
Lead guitar and percussion by Locksley Gichie.
Keyboards, vocals and percussion by Carl Levy.
Their fifth album.

Freedom Street
Released in 1980 UK Virgin ONLY 3 (203 092) LP.
Also released in 1980 in Germany Virgin / Ariola 203 092 LP.
Freedom Street, River Jordan, Rub A Dub Shoes, Release Me, Ready For Love, Distraction, Row Your Boat, Ball Head, Reality
Lead vocals by Winston Reid.
Bass, lead and backing vocals by Franklyn (Jupi) Dunn.
Drums, percussion by Jah Bunny.
Rhythm guitar, lead guitar, backing vocals by Locksley Gichie.
Keyboards, backing vocals by Sonny Binns.
Produced by The Cimarons.
Their sixth album.

Released in 1982 on UK Pickwick SHM 3106 LP.
With A Little Luck, Poor People Of Paris, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Pickin’ A Chicken, Mull Of Kintyre, Love Me Do, Walk Like A Man, C Moon, Meet Me On The Corner, That’ll Be The Day, Arriverderci Roma
Lead vocals by Winston Reedy.
Drums by Jah Bunny.
Bass by Franclyn Dunn.
Lead guitar by Locksley Gichie.
Keyboards by Sonny Bins.
This album began as a concept of Paul Mc Cartney, was organized by Alan Crowder and was realized by The Cimarons: Standards of popular music played in a reggae style.
Their seventh and last album.

Big Girls Don’t Cry / How Can I Proove Myself To You?
Released in 1982 in Germany on Safari 30.596 7´´.
Benjamin Zephaniah reworked the a-side as “Big Boys Don’t Make Girls Cry”.

More Cimarons tracks I have:
People Say
Ethiopean Romance (both from “The Reggae Masters”, CD, the only exclusive tracks on this compilation)
Tradition (from JA Talent or UK Vulcan, 7-inch)

UK Producer.

Kings And Queens Of Dub
Presed in Jamaica and released in the 1980s on UK Tamoki-Wambesi TWLP 1017 LP.
Hail Him, Queen Of Sheba, The Lion Of Judah, Rise With The King, Ruler Of The Universe, All The High Priests Give Praises, Change And Give Praise, Jah Kingdom Live Forever, Ruler Of The Nation, Black Prince And Princess, Take Off Your Shoes Before You Enter, The Wrong Side Of The Baldhead The Right Side Of The Dread
All tracks written, arranged and produced by Roy Cousins.
Recorded at Channel One.
Engineer: Scientist.

Jamaican born veteran Deejay who came to UK in 1962 aged 14. First he build a sound system called “Lloydie The Matador”. In 1968 he founded and since then manages his sound system called “Sir Coxson Outtanational”.

Sir Coxson Sound – King Of The Dub Rock Part 1 & 2
Tracks 01. – 10. first released on Safari SFA 100, 1975, LP.
Tracks 11. – 18 first released on Regal RLP 01, 1982, LP (also two further tracks: “Reggae Fusion” and Poor Man´s Story”)
Released in 1994 on Tribesman TMCD 3 CD.
King Of The Dub Rock, Capital Radio Rock, Live And Love, Born To Love, Mouth Of The Wicked, Picadilly Circus Dub, Tribute To Mohammed Ali, Many Moods Of Coxsone, It´s Reggae Time Dub Rock, Sound Of Safari, Black Wars Reggae, Zion Bound, Travelling Israel Dub, East Of The Rockfort Rock, Psalms 87,2, Bower Dub, So Much Dub To Give, United Africa
Produced by Lloyd Coxsone.
Recorded and mixed at King Tubby´s.

Creation Rebel started as the studio band featuring “Fish” Clarke, the drummer with “The Arabs”, who backed Prince Fari. Also featured was Clinton Jack on bass. After a shift of personell the group consisted of Keith “Lizzard” Logan, “Crucial Tony” Philipps, “Bigga” Morrison, Doctor Pablo, Style Scott.

Dub From Creation
Tracks 1-10 are released in 1978 on UK Hitrun APLP 9001 LP.
Released in 2005 including two bonus tracks in Japan on Beat Records BRC 89 CD.
Dub From Creation, Basic Principals, Rebel Rouser, Creation Vibration, Creation In A Iration, Dub Fusion, Mirage, Liberation, Rising Star, Vision Of Creation, Frontline Speech (featuring Prince Fari) (CD Bonus Track), Frontline Dub (CD Bonus Track)
Their debut album.
Drums by Eric “Fish” Clarke.
Keyboards by Clifton Morris.
Bass by Clinton Jack.
Rhythm guitar by Tony Chinn.
Melodica and percussion by Doctor Pablo.
Engineers: Dennis Bovell and Sid Bucknor.

Close Encounters Of The Third World
Released in 1978 on UK Hitrun APLP 9008 LP.
Know Yourself*, Conspiring, Beware*, Dangerous And Deadly*, Shouldn´t Do That, Creation Fever*, Natty Consciousness Free*, Joyful Noise*
* also appear on Japanese CD “Rebel Vibration” as extra tracks.

Threat To Creation
Released in 1981 on UK Cherry Red BRED 21 LP.
Chemical Specialist, Threat To Creation, Eugenic Device, Last Sane Dream, Painstaker, Earthwire Line, Ethos Design, Final Frontier
Featuring Eskimo Fox, Style Scott, Bruce Minty Smith, Lizard Logan, George Oban, Crucial Tony, Keith Levine, Mr Veral Ranking Magoo Rose, Ari Stepper.

Lows & Highs
Released in 1982 on UK Cherrie Red / On-U BRED 33 LP.
Independant Man Pts. 1 / 2, Rebel Party, A Reasoning, No Peace, Love I Can Feel, Rubber Skirt Pts. 1 / 2 / 3, Creation Rebel, Creative Involvements
Featuring Eskimo Fox, Deadley Headley, Dave Wright, Donald Campbell, Mr Bubblers.

Psychotic Jonkanoo
Also released in 1998 in France on On-U CD.
The Dope, African Space, Chatto Mouth / Threat To Creation, Highest Degree, Mother Don´t Cry, Yuk Up, Drum Talk

Historic Moments Vol. 1
Released in 1994 on UK On-U CD 72 CD.
Dub From Creation, Basic Principles, Rebel Rouser, Creation In A Iration, Mirage, Liberation, Rising Star, Vision Of Creation, Rebel Vibration, Jungle Affair, Hunger And Strife, Ian Smith Rock (Dub), Diverse Doctor, Mountain Medley, Black Lion, Doctors Remedy
Produced by Adrian Sherwood.
Tracks 1 – 8 are from “Dub From Creation”, 1978, LP excluding “Creation Vibration” and “Dub Fusion”.
Tracks 9 – 16 are the complete “Rebel Vibration”, UK Hitrun APLP 9004, 1979, LP.

Historic Moments Vol. 2
Released in 1994 on UK On-U CD 74 CD.
Space Movement – Section 1, Space Movement – Section 2, Space Movement – Section 3, Space Movement – Section 4, Space Movement – Section 5, Space Movement – Section 6, Space Movement – Section 7, Space Movement – Section 8, Space Movement – Section 9, Chemical Specialist, Threat To Creation, Last Sane Dream, In I Fathers House
Tracks 1 – 9 are the complete “Starship Africa”, 1980, LP.
Tracks 10 – 12 are from “Threat To Creation, 1981, LP.
Track 13 is a bonus track on Japanese “Starship Africa”, CD featuring Prince Far I.

I find 20 tracks I miss:
There are longer versions of “Beware” and “Natty Conscious Free” on UK Hitrun DD 8, 1979, 12-inch Maxi.
Then there is “Checking It Out / Checking It Out Version” by Sonia & Creation Rebel on S&S Records GFERGY 001, 1981, 12-nch Maxi.
Then there is “Monkey Grinds The Organ”, a bonus track on Japanes CD “Psychotic Jonkanoo”.
Then there are “Creation Rock”, “Give Me Power” and “Original Power” bonus tracks on Japanese CD “Starship Africa”.
Then there is a “Independant Man” mixed different on On-U DP 3, 1982, 10-inch.
And there is “Love I Can Feel (Edited) / Read And Learn” on UK Cherry Red CHERRY 41, 1982, 7-inch.
And finally there is their last album: “Return From Space”, Ruff Cutt Records RCR 0321, 1984, LP including: See Me Now, To Be Happy, Rogers Rhapsody, Dance Of Jedhi, Rebel 2000, A Peace Remedy, Natty Conference, The Dense, Voice Of A Blackman.

UK trance dub band.

Released in 1995 on UK Cloak and Dagger NLX 004 CD.
Eastern Fire, Wild Fire, From Genesis To Revelation, Root Of Creation, Mabrak, Thunder And Lightning, Fire Burn, Faithful Man, Inner Spirit, Iyaman Say, After The Battle, Tribute To The Don, Salute To The Brave

Hail H. I. M. In Dub
Released in 1995 on UK Roots Records RRCD 014 CD.
Dub Out Iniquity, Jah Man Dub, Africa Call Dub, Only Jah Worthy Dub, Gather Dub Children, Hail H. I. M. In Dub, Dub Babylon System, Give Jah Praise Dub, Raised In Dub, Jah No Partial Dub, Iniquity Dub, Gather Jah Children In Dub, Don´t Ever Think It Dub

Rebirth (Disciples meets the Rootsman)
Released in 1997 on UK Third Eye TEMCD 007 CD.
Roadblock, Curfew Dub, Memories, Disciples Special, Young Lion, Roaring Lion, Strong Heart, Conscious Dub, Dub Conspiracy, Bless Them, Rootsman Special, Rebirth, Two Big Bull Dub

Infinite Density Of Dub
Released in the 1990s UK Dubhead DBHD 004 CD.
Higher Dimensions, Astral Flame, Fals Distinctions, Realm Of Symbols, Ritual Drum, Absolute Motion, Temporal Chains, Beneath Time, Celestial Dub, Paradoxical Dub, Dub Realms, Oscillating Curve, Celestial Horizons, Substratum Dub, Natural Selection

Keyboard & melodica player from the On-U crew from UK. He also plays on records of “Creation Rebel”, “The Dub Syndicate”, “African Head Charge”, “New Age Steppers” and Prince Fari.

North Of The River Thames (Dr. Pablo & The Dub Syndicate)
Released in the 1980s on UK ON-U LP 30 LP.
Also released in 1998 on UK On-U CD 0030 CD.
Man Of Mystery, Dr. Who?, Pressurized, Tribute, A Taste Of Honey, North Of River Thames, Red Sea, We Like It Hot
Melodica by Dr. Pablo.
Drums by Style Scott and Fox.
Bass by George Oban, Ras Ani, Frederix, Evar, Lizard.
Keyboards by Dr. Pablo, Datfingers, Webster, Kishi.
Guitar by Frederix, Ashanti, Dr. Pablo, Bloodvessel.
Percussion by Bonjo, Ashanti, Jah Dave.
His only album recorded Dec 1982 – Jan 1984 produced by Adrian Sherwood.

Born Alex Hughes in 1945, this white singer had twelve UK hit singles between 1972 and 1976 and was famous for his risque lyrics which led to continual banning of his singles from radio play. He died from a heart attack on stage in Canterbury on March 13th, 1998.

Je T´Aime (Moi Non Plus) / Look A Pussy
Released in 1975 on UK Cactus CT 65 7´´.
The Serge Gainsbourgh smash hit in reggae style with the story a little bit reworked.

Y Viva Suspenders / Confessions Of A Bouncer
Released in 1976 on UK Cactus CT 99 7´´.

UK dub band.

Stoned Immaculate
Released in 1991 in France on On-U LP 56 LP.
Wadada (Means Love), Stoned Immaculate, Forward Not Back, Glory To God, No Dog Barks, More And More, Well Tuned Now, The King Of Sound And Blues, Fight The Power

Live at the T+C 1991
Released in 1991 in France on On-U LP 59 LP.
Ravi Shankar, No Alternative, Stampede, Stoned Immaculate, Slummy Ghetto, Cuss Cuss, Too Hot Too Handle, Walking On The Edge

Research and Development
Released in 1996 on UK On-U LP 85 LP.
Dubaddisababa (Soundclash), 2001 Love (Iration Steppas), Bedward (Zion Train), The Only Alternative (Dub Syndicate), Can’t Take It Easy (Dave Ruffy / Seggs Ruts DC), Jungle (Disciples), Mafia (D. J. Scruff), 2003 Struggle (Dougie Wardrop / Centry), Ravi Shanker (Rootsman)

Mellow & Colly
Released in 1998 Germany on Lion & Roots 001 CD.
Lion King, Country Man Talk, God Is A Man, Sound Clash, Jah Rasta, Mellow & Colly, Patient Man, Breath Of Fresh Air

UK dub duo. “East Meets West” are Hiroshi and Hughie Isachaar. Seemingly they coworked as “East Meets West” only in the short period between 1995 and 1997.

Time is the Master
Released in 1997 on UK Dubhead DBHD 005 CD.
Time Is The Master, Time Dub, Distant Dub, Plea For Peace, Over The Rainbow, Rainbow Dub, Valve Dub, Gates Of Zion, London Callong, London’s Dubbing, Prophet Lives, Give Love, Ghost Killer, Jah Say, Feel Good, Feel Good Dub
“London´s Dubbing” is a dub of “London Calling” by UK punk band The Clash. A bridge between reggae and punk as Bob Marley´s song “Punky Reggae Party”.

And there two albums I miss:
“Megadub”, UK Dubololgy, 1995, CD.
“Dubology”, UK Dubology, 1997, CD.

UK reggae singer.

Positive Thinking (Plus Dub)
First released on UK Word Sound & Power WSPCD 007, CD.
Streets Of Fear, Jah Love, Forgive And Forget, Don’t Give In, Never In A Million Years, Home And Abroad, Time To Meditate, Be Strong, Warm And Easy, Positive Thinking, Streets Of Dub, Jah Dub, Forgive Dub, Don’t Give In Dub, Million Dub, Dub Abroad, Time To Dub, Strong Dub, Warm Dub, Positive Dub

UK roots rasta singer.

Blood Suckers / Jail House Pressure
Released in 1978 on UK Burning Sounds BSD 009 12´´ on red clead vinyl.
Seemingly his first 12-inch Maxi release.

Who Is The Terrorist / Who Is The Terrorist (Heavy Vibe Dub)
Released in 1987 on UK Rhythm King LEFT 14 T 12´´.

Life Without Death
Released in 1994 on UK Reggae On Top ROTLP 005 LP.
Johnnie Reggae, For Jah Name, Lash On My Back, Nuclear Invasion, Living And Giving, Coke Addict, Life Without Death, Crazy, Jah Love, The Beginning
Produced by Pablo Gad and Barry Isaac.

Sound system DJ from UK with seemingly only one album release.

King Size Dub
Released in 1995 on UK Hypoxia 2 CD.
I-Shenskank, Groove Is In The Dub, Conscious Stepping, Selling Babylon By The 9-Bar, Skulldubbery, Deep In Dub Purple, Omega Grown Dub, Killer Herb Dub, His Master´s Dub, Getting Heavy, Om Dub I, Om Dub II, Geroni mong, Om Skank, Geroni mo, Heavy Dub
Composed, performed and produced by I-Shensound. Engineered by Dread-I Knight. Remastered by Bob. Vinyl Cut at JTS by Aba Shanti-I.

Singer, guitarist, bassist, percussionist and melodica player born in Jamaica and migrated to UK as a youth. He come to recording as the side of Pablo Gad and Ras Imru and coworked with Mad Professor, Jah Shaka, Dub Syndicate and more.

Melody Muzik Volume One Instrumental Dub
Released in Ethiopia on Melody Muzik MMCD-001 CD.
Meroe, Timbuctu, Kamit, Axum, Carthage, Thebes, Napata, Kumais, Lalibela, Addis Abebba
Produced by Dawit Menelik Tafari.
Recorded at Addis Abebba, Ethiopia, remixed in UK and JA.
Featuring Hughy Izachaar, Loui Beckett, Steven Wright, Dean Frazer, David Madden, Tom & Jerry, Clifton Wazir Carnegie.

Further albums include:
“Can´t Take The Pressure: Vocal & Dub”, UK Jah Warrior JWLP 012, 1998, LP and UK Jah Warrior JWCD 012, 1998, CD.
“African Melodica Dub, Reggae On Top, CD.
“Praise Jah”, Reggae On Top, CD.
“Blessed be Thy Name”, Raspect Muzik, LP.
“Roots & Culture” (Barry Isaac & Hughie Izachar), Reggae On Top, CD.

UK producer, owner of the Jah Shaka label and bassist.

The Commandments Of Dub
Released in 1982 on UK Jah Shaka 824 / ROUGH 50 LP.
Verse 1, Verse 2, Verse 3, Verse 3, Verse 4, Verse 5, Verse 6, Verse 7, Verse 7, Verse 8, Verse 9, Verse 10
Produced by Jah Shaka.
Mixed by Neil Frazer (Professor) and Jah Shaka.
Drums by Wazair (Black Brother) and Errol Drummie on “Verse 5? and “Verse 7?.
Bass by Shaka and Hugh Issachar on “Verse 3? and “Verse 7?.
Piano by Dudley and Wazair on “Verse 1? “Verse 5?, “Verse 7? and Verse 19?, and Shaka on “Verse 1?.
Organ by Wazair and Errol Drummie on “Verse 10?.
Percussion and bongos by Joseph (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9), Wazair (1, 5, 6, 7, 10), Shaka (3, 4, 6) and Dan (5, 7, 10).
Melodica by Hughie Issachar on “Verse 1? and “Verse 10?.
Xylophone by Joseph.
Rhythm guitar by Hughie Issachar and Tony Benjamin on “Verse 10?.
Lead guitar by Hughie Issachar and Tony Benjamins on “Verse 5?.
His second album.

Commandments of Dub Chapter Two
Released on UK Jah Shaka 841 LP.
Zion Chant, Praises Dub, Noah’s Dub, Over Yonder Dub, Roaring Dub, Dread Dub, Rastafari Dub, Majestic Dub, Lion Dub
Produced by Jah Shaka.

Jah Shaka Meets Aswad in Addis Ababa Studio
Released in 1985 on UK Jah Shaka SHAKA LP850 LP.
Addis Ababa, Shaka Special, Aswad Special, Rockers Delight, Drum Dub, Behold H.I.M., Creation
Produced, arranged and mixed by Jah Shaka.

Jah Shaka Presents Dub Masters Volume 1
Released in 1989 on Island MLPM 1001 LP.
Institution Dub (Burning Spear), Very Well Dub (Wailing Souls), Row Fisherman Dub (Wailing Souls), Wild Suspense Dub (Wailing Souls), Natural Aggression (Aswad), Mosman Skank (Aswad), Carry Us Beyond (Human Cargo), Ghetto In The Sky (Version) (Aswad)
Recorded 1978 – 1981.

Dub Symphony
Released in 1990 on USA Island 539884-1 LP.
Black Steel, Dance Wicked, Dub Symphony, Come And Get Dub, Sound Clinic Dub, Cryptic Dub, True Independence, Mystic Dub, Immortal Dub, Earth Rightful Dub

Further Jah Shaka produced albums I miss include:
UK Shaka LP777, The Music Message, LP
UK Shaka LP831, Brimstone and Fire, LP
UK Shaka LP833, Revelation Songs, LP
UK Shaka LP844, Fly Me Away (Junior Brown), LP
UK Shaka LP846, The Right Way (Twinkle/Shaka), LP
UK Shaka LP847, Commandments of Dub Part 3, LP and CD
UK Shaka LP848, Message from Africa, LP and CD
UK Shaka LP849, Shaka Meets Pepper, LP
UK Shaka LP851, Commandments of Dub Part 4, LP
UK Shaka LP856, Commcondments of Dub Part 5, LP
UK Shaka LP857, Hits From The House, LP
UK Shaka LP860, Commandments of Dub Part 6, LP
UK Shaka LP861, Jah Works (Vivian Jones), LP
UK Shaka LP866, Jah Jah Way (Sis Nya), LP
UK Shaka LP867, Commandments of Dub Part 7, LP
UK Shaka LP868, Commandments of Dub Part 8, LP
UK Shaka LP871, The Disciples Part 1, LP and CD
UK Shaka LP872, Commandments of Dub Part 9, LP and CD
UK Shaka LP873, My Prayer (Jah Shaka), LP
UK Shaka LP875, Ironworks Part 1 (Dread & Fred), LP and CD
UK Shaka LP915, On High – Ironworks Part 2 (Dread & Fred), LP and CD
UK Shaka LP916, Commandments of Dub Part 10, LP and CD
UK Shaka LP917, Rasta Surface, LP and CD
UK Shaka LP921, Fari Is The Captain of My Ship (Max Romeo), LP and CD
UK Shaka LP922, Natty With A Cause (Willy Williams), LP and CD
UK Shaka LP923, New Testaments of Dub Chapter 1, LP and CD
UK Shaka LP924, The Disciples Part 2 – Addis Abohn, LP and CD
UK Shaka LP935, In the Ghetto (Jah Shaka), LP and CD
UK Shaka LP936, New Testaments of Dub Chapter 2, LP and CD
UK Shaka LP937, African Chant – Ironworks Part 3, LP and CD
UK Shaka LP938, The Disciples Part 3 – The Lion, LP and CD
UK Shaka LP940, Dub Salute 1 (Horace Andy dub), LP and CD
UK Shaka LP941, Dub Salute 2 (Icho Candy dub), LP and CD
UK Shaka LP942, Dub Salute 3 (Willy Williams dub), LP and CD
UK Shaka LP947, Shaka Meets Horace Andy, LP and CD
UK Shaka LP948, Glory To The King (Icho Candy), LP and CD
UK Shaka LP949, See Me (Willy Williams), LP and CD
UK Shaka LP989, Fari Ship Dub, LP and CD
UK Shaka LP951, Our Rights (Max Romeo), LP and CD
UK Shaka LP952, Jah Children Gather Round (Prince Allah), LP and CD
UK Shaka LP953, Dub Salute 4 (Max Romeo dub), LP and CD
UK Shaka LP954, Dub Salute 5 (Rasta Surface dub), LP and CD
UK Shaka Repressing 989, Fari Ship Dub, LP
UK Shaka Repressing 949, See Me Willie Williams, LP
UK Shaka Repressing 952, Jah Children Prince Allah, LP
UK Shaka Repressing 924, Addis Ababa Disciples, LP
UK Shaka Repressing 936, New Testament of Dub Pt 2, LP
UK Shaka Repressing 941, Dub Salute Pt 2, LP
UK Shaka Repressing 947, Shaka meets Horace Andy, LP
UK Shaka Repressing 917, Rasta Surface Twinkle Brothers, LP
UK Shaka Repressing 844, Fly Me Away Jnr Brown, LP
UK Shaka Repressing 866, Jah Music Sis Nya, LP
UK Shaka Repressing 867, Commandments of Dub 7, LP
UK Shaka Repressing 868, Commandments of Dub 8, LP
UK Shaka Repressing 873, My Prayer Jah Shaka, LP
UK Shaka Repressing 875, Iron Works Dread and Fred, LP
UK Shaka Repressing 831, Brimstone and Fire, LP
UK Shaka Repressing 857, Hits from the House of Jah Shaka, LP
UK Shaka Repressing 824, Commandments of Dub 1, LP
UK Shaka Repressing 847, Commandments of Dub 2, LP
UK Shaka Repressing 850, Shaka Meets Aswad, LP
UK Shaka Repressing 860, Commandments of Dub 6, LP

Jah Warrior is Steve Mosco. They started as a sound system in 1987 in North London, UK. Then they also started to produce. His first own production is “Warrior Dub” (Zulu Warriors), Modo, 1990, LP. Since 1995 they produce many artists on their own Jah Warrior label. They have a website:

Dub From The Heart
Released in 1997 on UK Jah Warrior JWLP 009 LP.
Also released in 1997 on UK Jah Warrior JWCD 009 CD.
Mount Zion Gates, Strictly Yard Music, Herbsman Anthem, Spiral Echoes, Sound Boy’s Chest, Living Dub, It A Go Dread, Destination Revelation, An Eye For An Eye, Dub From The Heart
Produced by Jah Warrior.
“Mount Zion Gates” is a dub of Horace Andy’s “Zion Gate”.

His further albums I miss are:
“African Tribes Dub”, UK Jah Warrior JWLP 005, LP and UK Jah Warrior JWCD 005, 1996, CD.
“Great Kings Of Israel In Dub”, UK Jah Warrior JWLP 007, 1996, LP and UK Jah Warrior JWCD 007, 1996, CD.
“Dub From The Heart Pt. 2?, UK Jah Warrior JWLP 013, 1998, LP and UK Jah Warrior JWCD 013, 1998, CD.
“Jah Warrior Showcase” (Various Artists), UK Jah Warrior JWLP 015, 1999, LP and UK Jah Warrior JWCD 015, 1999, CD.
“Jah Warrior Showcase Vol. 2? (Various Artists), UK Jah Warrior JWLP 019, 2001, LP and UK Jah Warrior JWCD 019, 2001,CD.

“Love Grocer” are Dave Fullwood and Chris Petter from UK. They play chilly dub music featuring horns. Until now they released two albums.

Rocking with The Love Grocer
Released in 2000 on UK Dubhead DBHD 021 LP.
A Little Rain Must Fall, Paloma, Water Off A Ducks Back, Sweet As A Nut, How Are The Mighty Fallen, Wood Of Life, Middle Platt Skank, Gure Ametsa (Our Dream), Barking Up The Wrong Tree, Far As The I Can See
Also released in 2000 on UK Dubhead DBHD021 CD including two extra tracks.
An album of horns-led instrumentals sounding like a cool breeze in a hot summer in the woods.
Their debut album.

Fresh Produce
Released in 2002 on UK Dubhead DBHB 028 LP.
Waiting At The Gate, No Turning Back, Under The Stars (Balafonie All Stars Mix), Forty Nights (Bullseye Mix), Across The Valley, In Abundance, Summer Pudding, Sitting On A Fence, Salute To Sam, In Like A Lion
Also released in 2002 on UK Dubhead DBHD028 CD including four extra tracks.
Their second album.

Macka B is a UK singer and producer born as Christopher Mac Farlane. He started his career in 1984 at the UK Ariwa posse. Still active.

Sign Of The Times
Released in 1986 on UK Ariwa ARILP 028 LP.
Also released in 1996 on UK Ariwa CD.
Wet Look Crazy, Baked Beans & Egg, Invasion, Serve You Right, Dreadlocks, Baby I Love You, Plastic Bullets
His debut album produced by Mad Professor.

Here Comes Trouble
Released in 1993 on UK Ariwa ARILP 088 LP.
Also released in 1994 on UK Ariwa CD.
Promises, Here Comes Trouble, Do The Butterfly, Getting Blacker, Don’t Worry, Thank You Father, Squeeze Me, Reggae On The Rampage, Crackpot, Rottweiler
Produced by Macka B.

Hold On To Your Culture
Released in 1995 on UK Ariwa ARICD 108 CD.
Bob, Legalize The Herb, Beautiful Eyes, Greetings, Hold On To Your Culture, Give The Workers, Woman, Put Down The Gun, Tribute To Garnett Silk, Wailers Dub, Smoking Dub, Cultural Dub
Produced by Mad Professor.

By Royale Command
Released in 2006 on Salamta SALCD 001 CD.
Lingua, Positive, Land Of Sense, Live Music, Princess, Clase Shave, Peace, Une Benediction, All About The Youth, Jump 4 Jah, Azania, Haile Haile, Spiritual Vibration, So What
Backed by The Royale Roots Band. Produced by Al-G “Royale”.

And there are more albums I miss:
Buppy Culture, UK Ariwa, 1984, LP, and UK Ariwa, 1991, CD.
We´ve Had Enough, UK Ariwa, 1984, LP, and UK Ariwa, 1991, CD.
Looks Are Deceiving, UK Ariwa, 1990, LP, and UK Ariwa, 1991, CD.
Natural Suntan, UK Ariwa, 1991, LP.
Peace Cup, UK Ariwa, 1991, CD.
Jamaica, No Problem, UK Ariwa, 1992, CD.
Roots Ragga, UK Ariwa, 1993, CD.
Discriminiation, UK Ariwa, 1995, CD.
Suspicious, UK Ariwa, 1998, CD.
Roots And Culture, UK Ariwa, 1999, CD.
Global Messenger, Uk Ariwa, 2000, CD.
Word, Sound And Power, Charm, 2004, CD.
Who Likes, Macka B Music?, Japan Pony Canyon, 2005, CD.

Neil Fraser born in Guyana and living in London, UK, started to work with the Ariwa posse in 1982 as mixing engineer. He is now among the most famous active reggae dub producers. He did release over 40 dub albums under his nickname Mad Professor. Still active.

New Decade Dub (Mad Professor & Jah Shaka)
Released in 1996 on UK Ariaw ARICD 136 CD.
Ecological Dub, Natural Roots, One Million Man Dub, Wig Wam, Chanting Down The Wicked, New Decade Dub, Gautrey Road Style, Roots Jamboree, Zulu Hut, Morphing Dub, Only The Good

UK reggae band. “Matumbi” is a nigerian word with the meaning of „to be born again“. They released also under the name “Bagga Matumbi”. Founded by singer and guitar player Dennis “Blackbeard” Bovell with Bunny “Jah Bunny” Donaldson on drums, Eaton “Jah Blake” Blake on bass, Webster “Scratch” Johnson on keyboards, Euton “Fergus” Jones on percussion, Glen “Bagga” Fagan and Glaister “More Ears” Venn on vocals. Their first release of 1972 “Wipe Them Out” appeared on UK Trojan. They continually released records until 1979, seemingly to come back to the studio in 1982 for a final album before they disbanded.

First released on UK (white label) 1975, LP.
Also releasaed in 1981 in Holland on EMI 1A 062-07435 LP.
Nothing At All, Sus, Write Them, Zimbabwe, Breakdown, My Love, Straight To My Head, Blood Of Jesus, War, Malfunction
Produced by Matumbi.

Can’t Satisfy (Bagga Matumbi) / Satisfied Version (Bagga Matumbi)
Released in 1977 on UK Trojan TRO 9021 7´´.

The Best Of Matumbi
Released in 1977 on UK Trojan TRLS 145 LP.
After Tonight, Can’t Satisfy, Law Of The Land, Wipe Them Out, Brother Louie, Running In And Out Of Life, The Man In Me, Go Back Home, Come Back Sunshine, Take It From Me, Reggae Stuff
“The Man In Me” is written by Bob Dylan.
“Reggae Stuff” is the funky reggae version of “Funky Stuff” by Kool And The Gang, originally released at their “Wild And Peaceful” album, USA Delite DEP 201, 1973, LP.

Seven Seals
Released in 1978 in Germany on Harvest 064-06789 LP.
Guide Us Jah, Hook Deh, Hypocrite, Bluebeat & Ska, Empire Road, Music In The Air, All Over This World (Money), Rock
Produced by Matumbi.

Ah Who Seh Go Deh
Released in 1978 on UK Rama LP.
Ah Who Seh, Za-ion, Jah Chase Dem, Half Way To Za-ion, Run Dem Out, Out-A-Order, Sing-A-Man, Go Deh, Rite Dem, Raw Kut
Produced by Dennis Bovell.
“Ah Who Seh / Go Deh” also appeared on UK (White Label) RM 001, 12-inch.

Rama (Scientific) Higher Ranking Dubb
Released in 1978 on UK Rama RMLP 04 LP as a pre-release-only album.
Higher Ranking, One Life To Live, Still In Dub, Scientific, Higking Ranher, Hosaso, Rainy, Hurting, Kunta Kiap, Oh Lawd, Exodus
Produced by Dennis Bovell.

Empire Road (LP Version) / Music In The Air (Short Edit)
Released in 1978 in Germany on Harvest 52-62 398 12´´ Promo.

Empire Road (LP Version) / Blackman (LP Version)
Released in 1978 in Holland on Harvest 5C K052Z.62065 12´´.

Blue Beat & Ska / Sunrise Blues, Beat & Ska Version
Released in 1978 on UK Harvest / EMI 12 HAR 5174 12´´.

Point of View (UK Issue)
Released in 1979 on UK EMI RDC 2001 LP.
Come With Me, Bookie To The Bank, Daughter Of Babylon, Nothing To Do With You, Black Civilization, Good Book, Point Of View (Squeeze A Little Lovin’), Judy Mc Queen, Ordinary Man, Boy Oh Boy, Things I Do For You, Living In A Dream.
“Bookie To The Bank”, “Daughter Of Babylon”, “Nothing To Do With You”, “Good Book”, “Judy McQueen”, “Ordinary Man”, “Boy Oh Boy” and “Living In A Dream” appear only at the UK issue.

Point of View (USA Issue)
Released in 1979 in USA on EMI SW 17034 LP.
Point Of View (Squeeze A Little Lovin’), Come With Me, Blue Beat And Ska, Things I Do For You, Pretender, Guide Us, Hook Deh, Black Civilization, Music In The Air, All Over The World (Money)
Without “Bookie To The Bank”, “Daughter Of Babylon”, “Nothing To Do With You”, “Good Book”, “Judy McQueen”, “Ordinary Man”, “Boy Oh Boy” and “Living In A Dream”. But only at the USA issue appear: “Blue Beat And Ska”, “Pretender”, “Guide Us”, “Hook Deh”, “Music In The Air”, “All Over The World (Money)”.
Produced by Matumbi, “Blue Beat And Ska” and “Pretender” produced by Dennis Bovell.
“Point Of View” featuring I Roy.
Lead vocals and bass by Bevin (Begga) Fagan.
Lead vocals and guitar by Glaister (More Ears) Fagan.
Bass by Eton (Jah Blake) Blake).
Drums and percussion by Lloyd (Jah Bunny) Donaldson.
Lead guitar, ridim guitar, clavinet and vocals by Dennis Bovell.
Organ, piano, synthesizer, clavinet by Webster (Tazz) Johnson.
Congo, bongo, percussion by Euton (Fergus) Jones.
Flugel horns and trumpet by Patrick (Zebulion) Tinyue.
Alto Sax and trombone by Henry (Button) Tinyue.
Synthesizer and clavinet on “Things I Do For You” by Nick (Ginger) Straker.

Point Of View / Pretender
Released in 1979 in Holland on EMI K052Z-071219 12´´.

Empire Road (Best Of Matumbi)
Released in 2001 on UK EMI 72435 34829 2 3 CD.
Bluebeat & Ska (7-inch version), Empire Road, Music Is In The Air, Hook Deh, Malfunction, Breakdown (7-inch version), Points Of View (Squeeze A Little Lovin´) (12-inch dub version), Guide Us Jah, Straight To My Head, Rock, Ordinary Man, Come With Me, War, Nothing At All (12-inch dub version), Black Civilisation, Blackman (7-inch version), Bluebeat & Ska (12-inch dub version)
Best of Compilation with three 12-inch mixes and three 7-inch mixes.

Dub Planet Orbit 1?
Released in 1980 on UK Extinguish Records Orbit 1 MR 007 / AA 00102 LP.
Frenz, Ajali, Call Pon 1, Hearts Of Art, Afi Laugh, Fuss & Fight

Released in 1982 on UK Solid Groove SGL 105 LP.
Ethiopian, Chatty Chatty, Testify, In Daylight, Jah Movements, I Wanna Take You, She´s A Model, In Brixton

Music In The Air
Released in 2005 on 2-CD.
Bluebeat & Ska (7´´ MIx), Empire Road, Music In The Air, Hook Deh, Malfunction, Breakdown (7´´ Mix), Points Of View (Squeeze A Little Lovin´) (12´´ Dub Version), Guide Us Jah, Straight To My Head, Rock, Ordinary Man, Come With Me, War, Nothing At All (12´´ Dub Version), Black Civilisation, Blackman (7´´), Bluebeat & Ska (12´´ Dub Version)
Best Of Compilation with many previously unreleased tracks from their earliest sessions.

MDV is a live reggae band with over 20 years experience and still active. They play a tight sound covering many styles located in London, UK. Reggae music for the 21st century, with a London sound. They played at Nottingham Hill Carnival, Anti Racism festivals and shared the stage with many of the greatest reggae artists. They started as “One Style MDV” and recorded two albums under this name. Then they changed their name to “MDV” and recorded an EP and a dub album. “MDV” means “Many Different Variations” and shows their concept to play the various styles of reggae, dancehall, dub and beyond. They are playing together since the mid 80ies basically as a live band. MDV are Seyi aka “Stix” on drums, Femi aka “Ranx” on bass, and Hamzah aka “G86? and Floyd aka “Prophet” on vocals. Their recent releases are available on itunes, and Their site is

International Struggle
Released in 1992 in Wales on CRAI 029 / Boot Records MDV A1 LP.
Everything Is For A Time, Feelings, Your Love, Jump For Joy, Open Road, Teef In The Night, Rebel, His Majesty
The cover sleeve do not mention the fourth title on a-side and the fourth title on the b-side. The beautiful cover art includes temples, pyramids, a buddha.
“Jump For Joy” and “His Majesty” were both previously released on a promotional single on Boot Records. The label “Crai” is based in Wales.

Right To Say
Released in 1993 in Wales on Crai 0034M LP.
Also released in 1993 in Wales on Crai CD (including one bonus: “Lend A Hand”)
Right To Say (Part 1), System, Praise Jah Name, Crossroads, Bad Boy, Love Along The Dub, Conscious Yout, Once Upon A Time, Sardines In A Can, Keep I Down, Spiritual Bow, Gunrunner, Sweet Reggae Music, Right To Say (Part 2)
CD Bonus Track: Lend A Hand
“Right To Say” is a harp and guitar accompagnied song, the vocals of “System” are in parts in welsh language, “Once Upon A Time” is a vision of a time we could fly, well new-age-touched. The cover art features pyramids, a godly eye, buddhistic and muslim symbols. Besides these unusual aspects a nice roots reggae album.

Style One
Released in 2004 on UK Too Much Peace And Quiet TMPQ 001 CD-EP.
Don´t You Care, Wake Up, Keep It Real, No Fear, Down Ism Capital, Who R You?, So Good

Roots All Sorts
Released in 2006 on UK Too Much Peace And Quiet TMPQ 002 CD.
Change Their Ways, Beautiful Day, Dangerous Times Pt. 1, Screwface, The Heat Is On, Riff, Keep It Real, Dangerous Times Pt. 2, Wake Up, Death´s Bells´ Toll, Saturday Sunday, Nagasaki Dub, Down Ism Capital

Hands Of Time, Hands Of Time (Instrumental)
Released in 2008 as mp3 download.
A new track of MDV recorded 2008 and its version.

Ripple Effect
Released in 2008 as mp3 downloads.
Hands Of Time, Finding Love, Woman, See We Are, Moving, Soon Come, Crush, Swine, Creation, Days Of Sorrow, Cup Of Peace

One of the hardly known reggae bands in UK. Merger are founded by Winston Bennett, Michael Dorane and Barry Ford. Later band members are Tony Osei, Ras Danjuma, Michael Osei. It seems, the band was founded in 1977 or earlier, active until the mid 1980s and now again.

Exiles In A Babylon
Released in 1977 on UK Pye / Ultra PFULP 2502 (Sun Starr SUN 1001) LP.
77, Ghetto Child, Life Song, Exiles Ina Babylon, Understanding, African Lady, Have You Heard?, Waterfalls, Massa Gana
Also released in 1979 in France on CBS 33921 LP.
Life Song, 77, Ghetto Child, Exiles In A Babylon, Have You Heard, Waterfalls, Massagana, Understanding, African Lady
Songs are in different order at the French release.
Produced by Merger.

Armageddon Time
Released in 1980 on UK Emergency ERD 010 LP.
Prisoner Of Your Love, You Are To Me As Love, Vision Of Life, Armageddon Time, Why, Evergreen Land, Fathers Children, It Ain’t Easy But I’ll Try
Produced by Merger.

Biko / Biko (Version)
Released in 1980 on UK Emergency ERD0009 12´´.

Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him / Island In The Sky (both tracks: Tchai and Merger)
Released in 1982 in Germany on Ariola 600 638 12´´.
A-side song is a cover of the song written by Yoko Ono. Unusual song and unusual interpretation.

Further releases I miss are:
“Prisoner Of Your Love” (Winston Bennett & Merger), Takoma TAK 7114, 1984, LP, reissued on 1996, CD, with these songs: Prisoner Of Your Love, You Are To Me As Love, Shine On, Young Generation, On The Road Again, If I Was A Baby, Ain´t Gonna Do It, Ask Them, Jenny, Andria, Lost A Friend, Glad To Be Alive, Happiness. The first two tracks appear also on UK Emergency ERD 011, 1980, 12-inch Maxi.
“It Hurts Too Much” (Winston Bennett & Merger)
Winston Bennett writes, he works on a new album with Merger to be released in 2010.

UK band based in Southall West London. Originally led by the brothers Walford Tyson and Delvin Tyson. They started in 1978, recorded sporadically during the 80ies, stayed in silence during the 90ies and came back to recording in 2001. Still active.

Live At The Counter Eurovision ´79
First released on UK People Unite PU 003 ALB, 1979, LP.
The whole album is re-released on CD as the second CD of “Jah Sees … Jah Knows”.
Man Kind, Ghetto Of The City, How Long Jah!, Oh Wicked Man, Judas Iscariote, See Them Ah Come, Sodome And Gomorra
Recorded live at The Cirque Royal in Brussels on March 31 and April 01, 1979.
Produced by Misty In Roots.
Their first album.

Misty Over Sweden
First released only on Swedish Naksving 031-28, LP.
Never released on CD.
Misty Jaming, Judas Iskariot, Time’s Getting Harder, See Them-A-Come, Ghetto Of The City, Oh Wicked Man, Mankind, Sodom & Gomorra
Their second album.

Wise And Foolish
First released on UK People Unite PU 101 ALB, 1981, LP.
Also released on UK KAZCD603, 1995, CD.
Bail Out, City Blues, Wise And Foolish, Live Up, Life Boat, Slavery Days, Jah Bless Africa, Peace And Love
Vocals by D. Mc Kay, D. Tyson and W. Tyson, bass by T. Henry, drums by J. Peters, rhythm by D. Agustine, keyboards by J. Brown, lead guitar by D. Benjemin and Chelsey Sampson, say by Godson Bedau. Produced by Misty In Roots.
Their third album.

First released on UK People Unite PU 1002 ALB, 1983, LP.
Follow Fashion, Earth, Own Them Control Them, New Day, Poor And Needy, Servant To Jah, Persecution, Dreadful Dread
Produced by Misty In Roots.
Their fourth album.

Wandering Wanderer / Cry Out For Peace / Cry Out For Peace Dub
Released on UK People Unite PU 006, 12´´.
All tracks are non-album tracks. The first song appears on a CD compilation.

First released on UK Kaz, 1985, LP.
Also released on UK KAZCD 602, 1995, CD.
No Love, Food Clothes And Shelter, West Livity, Ireation, Economical Slavery, Musi-O-Tunya, Horizon, Praises
Produced by Misty In Roots.

First released on UK KAZCD, 1989, CD.
Festa, The Midas Touch, Hawks On The Street, Save A Thought, Forward, Jah See Jah Know, Eny Us, Look Before You Leap, Feelings, Sinners
Produced by Misty In Roots and Clarence Baker.

Chronicles – The Best Of Misty In Roots
Released on UK KAZ, 1994, CD.
Food Clothes And Shelter, Live Up, Follow Fashion, Earth, Wondering Wandere, Wise & Foolish, Musi-O-Tunya, Poor & Needy, Dreadful Dread, Peace & Love, West Livity, Bail Out, Ireation, Economical Slavery, Salvataion, Rich Man, Jah Bless Africa
Produced by Clarence Baker.
Also released on “Jah Sees … Jah Knows”, 1998, 2-CD (The first CD is “Chronicles”, the second CD is the complete “Live at The Counter Eurovision” album.)

The John Peel Sessions – Live At BBC
First released on UK Strange Fruit, 1996, CD.
Babylon´s Falling, True Rasta Man, Judgment Coming On The Land, Sodom And Gomorrah, Bail Out, Wise And Foolish, Live Up Jah Life, Lifeboat, Africa, New Day, Can´t Stand It No More, Wanderer, Own Them Control Them

Own Them Control Them (12-inch), Own Them Control Them (Version 1), Own Them Control Them (Version 2)
Released on 12´´.

The Complete John Peel Sessions Live At The BBC
Unreleased set.
Wicked Man, Rich Man, Savation, Babylon´s Falling
Own Them Control Them, New Day, Earth
West Livity, City Runnings, The Wanderer,
Hawks On The Street, Thought For The Children, Horizon
Envy Us, Just A Festa, Together, Own Them Control Them

Roots Controller
Released on UK Real World, 2002, CD.
True Rasta, Cover Up, How Long Jah, Almighty (The Way), Dance Hall Babylon, On The Road, Follow Fashion, Ireation, New Day, Dreadful Dread, Musi-O-Tunya, Mankind (Live), Ghetto Of The City (Live)
Six new tracks: “True Rasta”, “Cover Up”, “Almighty (The Way)”, “Dance Hall Babylon”, “On The Road” and “Ireation”,
five tracks from their 80ies albums: “How Long Jah”, “Follow Fashion”, “New Day”, “Dreadful Dread” and “Musi-O-Tunya”,
and two live tracks from “Live At The Counter Eurovision”: “Man Kind” and “Ghetto Of The City”.

Further tracks I miss are:
“Rich Man, Version / Salvation, Version”, from UK People Unite PU 002, ca. 1979, 12´´.

Kids group that has become grown up and older over the many years of their career. Although the kids were born in Jamaica, “Musical Youth” started in 1979 in Birmingham, UK, led by Fred Waite, his sons Junior Waite and Patrick Waite, and their school mates, the brothers Michael Frant and Kelvin Grant. Their release of a 7-inch “Political” on a small label led to an appearance in John Peel´s BBC radio show what led to a contract with MCA. Their single “Pass The Dutchie” went #1 in UK, #2 in Germany and #10 in USA and sold 4 million times. “Never Gonna Give You Up” again charted as #6 in UK and “Unconditional Love” reached again the UK Top Twenty. They split in 1985 to shortly reunion for a oldies tour in 2003 as a trio as Partick Waite had died in 1993. In 2005 only Dennis Seaton and Michael Grant appeared as “Musical Youth”, now as a duo.

Pass The Dutchie / Give Love A Chance
Released on German MCA 104 694, 1982, 7´´.
“Pass The Dutchie” is originally written and recorded by Jackie Mitto as “Full Up”, reworked as “Pass The Kutchie” by The Mighty Diamonds.
While “cutchie” refered to a joint, “dutchie” refers to a Dutch oven.
The b-side is a non-album track.

Pass The Dutchie (12-inch) / Give Love A Chance (12-inch)
Released on German MCA 600-684-213, 1982, 12´´.
The a-side is a longer non album mix. The b-side is a non-album track in longer mix.

Youth Of Today / Gone Straight (Instrumental)
Released on German MCA 104 919-100, 1982, 7´´.
The b-side is a non-album track.

Tell Me Why / Reason
Released on German MCA 105 571, 1983, 7´´.

Whatcha Talking ‘Bout / Strictly Vibes
Released on German MCA 259 666-7, 1983, 7´´.
“Whatcha Talking ´Bout” is featuring Stevie Wonder.

There are some album releases I miss:
“The Youth Of Today”, MCA, 1982, LP and MCA, 1990, CD, including Pass The Dutchie, Children Of Zion, Rockers, Youth Of Today, Young Generation, Mirror Mirror, Heartbreaker, Never Gonna Give You Up, Schoolgirl.
“Different Style “, MCA, 1983, LP.
“Anthology”, One Way, 1994, CD.
“The Best Of Musical Youth”, MCA, 2003, CD.
Besides the singles listed abve they released these singles:
Generals / Political, 7´´.
Never Gonna Give You Up / Rub ´n´ Dub, MCA, 1983, 7´´.
Heartbreaker / Rockers, MCA, 1983, 7´´.
Unconditional Love (with Donna Summer) MCA, 1983, 7´´.
007 / Do You Want My Love, MCA, 1983, 7´´.
Sixteen / Strictly Vibes, MCA, 1984, 7´´.
She´s Trouble / Tell Jack, 7´´.
She´s Trouble / Yard Style, 7´´.
007, Do You Want My Love / Youth Of Today, MCA, 1983, 12´´.
Different Style, MCA, 1983, 12´´.
Heartbreaker (Long Version) / Heartbreaker (Short Version), MCA, 1984, 12´´.
Rub ´N´ Dub (Special Version), MCA, 12´´.
Never Gonna Give You Up / Rub ´n´ Dub, MCA, 1983, 12´´.

Arianna Foster, formerly “The Slits”, Neneh Cherry, Bruce Smith and Sean “Hogg” Oliver, both formerly “Pop Group”, Style scott from The Roots Radics, George Obdan from Aswad, Eskimo Foy and “Crucial” Tony Phillips from Creation Rebel, Viv Goldman, Vikki Aspinall, Steve Beresford together are New Age Steppers. They released three albums. Their hits are collected on “Massive Hits Vol. 1?, Restless, 1994, CD. They also appear at Creation Rebel´s “Threat To Creation” album.

New Age Steppers
First released on On-U LP 1, 1981, LP.
Also released on UK On-U Statik 009, 1982 or 1985, LP (Second or third pressing).
Also released on Japan On-U / Beat, 2003, CD including some extra tracks that I do miss: Izalize, May I, Avante Gardening, Singing Love.
Fade Away, Radial Drill, State Assembly, Crazy Dreams And High Ideals, Abderhamane’s Demise, Animal Space, Love Forever, Private Armies
Produced and mixed by Adrian Sherwood. “Fade Away” makes use of the famous same-titled Junior Byles rhythm. “Love Forever” uses Bim Sherman’s “Love Me Forever”. Their debut album recorded 1980.

Action Battlefield
First released 1982.
Also released on French On-U Statik Stat LP 2, 1991, LP.
Also released on Japan On-U / Beat, 2004, CD with some extra tracks that I miss: Wide World Version, Unclear.
My Whole World, Observe Life, Got To Get Away, My Love, Problems, Nuclear Zulu, Guiding Star
Eskimo Fox on drums and vocals on “Observe Life” and “Nuclear Zulu”, Antonio Alpheuse “Crucial Tony” Philipps on lead and rhythm guitar and bass guitar on “My Love” and “Got To Get Away”, George Oban on bass, Ari on lead vocals, piano, organ, bass guitar on “Problems”, percussion, Neneh on vocals on “My Love”, Bim Sherman on harmony vocals on “My Love”. Produced by Adrian Sherwood.
Their second album.

Foundation Steppers
First released on UK On-U 21, 1983, LP.
Also released on French On-U LP 21, 1993, LP.
Also released on Japan On-U / Beat, 2004, CD with some extra tracks that I do miss: Aggro Dub Version, Strong Foundation.
Some Love, Memories, 5 Dog Race, Misplaced Love, Dreamers, Stabilizer, Stormy Weather, Voice Of My Enemies, Mandarin
Drums by Style Scott, percussion by Bonjo I, electric percussion by Eskimo, lead vocals by Ari and Bim Sherman, harmonies by Ginger, Joy, Bim Sherman, Eskimo, Joseph, Sis Judah, Ari, bass by Crucial Tony, Errol Flabba Holt, Feorge Oban, lead guitar by Dwight, Crucial Tony, Bingy Bunny, piano by Bubblers, Steely, organ and prophet by Bubblers, Kishi, Nick Plytas, Doctor Pablo, horns by Vin Gordon, Bammy, cinese Lute by Kishi. Produced by Adrian Sherwood and New Age Steppers. Tracks 1 and 7 are recorded in JA in early 1982.
Their third album.

Artist info: Singer from Ireland. Her personal relationship to reggae led to the following reggae album.

Throw Down Your Arms
Released on Japanese Victor Entertainment VICP-63188, October 31st 2005, CD.
01. Jah Nuh Dead (originally performed by Burning Spear)
02. Marcus Garvey (originally performed by Burning Spear)
03. Door Peep (originally performed by Burning Spear)
04. He Prayed (originally performed by Burning Spear)
05. Y Mas Gan (originally performed by The Abyssinians)
06. Curly Locks (originally performed by Juniorr Byles)
07. Vampire (originally performed by Devon Irons)
08. Prophet Has Arise (originally performed by Israel Vibration)
09. Downpressor Man (originally performed by Peter Tosh)
10. Throw Down Your Arms (originally performed by Burning Spear)
11. Untold Story (originally performed by Buju Banton)
12. War (originally performed by Bob Marley)
13. Move Out Of Babylon (originally performed by Johnny Clarke)
14. Abendigo  (originally performed by The Abyssinians)
15. Jah Can Count On I (originally performed by Little Roy)
Produced by Sly & Robbie.
Recorded at Tuff Gong Studio, Kingston, Jamaica.
Featuring Katrina Harley, Keisha Patterson, Pamela Hall on backing vocals, Robbie Shakespeare on bass, Sly Dunbar on drums, Mikey Chung on guitar, Dalton Brownie on rhythm guitar, Robbie Lyn on keyboards, Uziah “Sticly” Thompson on percussion, Carol Bowie McLaughlin on piano, Dean Frazer on sax, David Madden on trumpet.

There is also a dub companion to this album that I miss. If someone could help me with that, I would enjoy.

ONE STYLE M.D.V. (a.k.a. MDV)
See above: MDV.

UK singer. Seemingly she only recorded one album in 1979.

Walk Away / Nothing Gained
Released on UK Trojan TROT 9057, 1979, 12´´.
Both tracks taken from their album “Love Affair”, here in 12-inch mix.
Dennis Bovell is producer and writer of the tracks.

Love Affair
Released on UK Trojan TRLS 177, 1979, LP.
Also released on UK Trojan TRLS 177, 1996, LP.
Choose Me, Can´t Go Through (With Life), I Believe, Somebody Else´s Man, Nothing Gained (From Loving You), Humanity, Rowing, My Best Friend, Walk Away, Over Reacting.
This album is recorded in UK, produced by Dennis Bovell and backed by The Dennis Bovell Band consisting of Jah Bunny on drums, Dennis Bovell on bass and organ, John Kpiaye on lead and rhythm guitar, Webster Johnson on piano, Patrick Tenyue on trumpet and Henry Tenyue on trombone.
„I Believe“ is written by Stevie Wonder and recorded by him as „I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)“ released 1972 on his album „Talking Book“.

Winston Reedy was the lead singer of The Cimarons, also called The Maroons, since the early seventies. He started a solo career in the early eighties. He charted in UK with the song “Dim The Light”. Also see Cimarons.

Released on German Virgin / DEP 207 115, 1985, LP.
Romantic Girl, The Word (In The Beginning), Love Is A Treasure, Judah’s Dream, For The Music, Ambition, Rumours Of Love, Baby Love, Superstar, World Crisis
Produced by Jackie Mittoo. Words, music and arrangements by Winston Reedy and Jackie Mittoo. His third solo album.

Rumours Of Love / Personally Speaking
Released on UK Inner Light DTL 7, 1985, 12´´.
Produced by Jackie Mittoo.

Personally Speaking / Version
Released on UK Inner Light DTL 102, ca. 1985, 12´´.

Everyday I Write The Book / Everyday I Write The Book (Version)
Released on UK Priority P 14, 1986, 7´´.
Written by Elvis Costello. Produced by Jackie Mittoo.

UK reggae band. The Regulars are Errol Francis, Anthony Rookwood, George Clarke, Norman Ebanks, and at the first album: Byron Burrell, Errol Rookwood, Lloyd Price and Leroy Tyrell, replaced at the second album by Allan King, Trevor Salmon and Patrick Donegan.

I & I
First released on UK Sound Off SOFF LP 001, 1978, LP (clear green vinyl).
Armageddon Rock, Marcus The Prophet, Portrait Of A Bad Man, Born With Nothing, Dress Up Yourself, Jah Made Them All, Marcus Children, Marijuana

First released on UK CBS 83541, 1979, LP with Bonus 12´´ in gatefold-sleeve.
Fools Game, Hey Girl (Don’t Bother Me), Weed Stalk, Not Any More, Victim, Jah Jah Children, Friends Of Tomorrow, Ital Club, Where Is Jah, Fools Game, Bombay Duck, Funky Shack
The last three songs are from the Bonus 12-Inch Maxi.
There is also a release of the longplay without this bonus record and these three songs.

The Black Starliner / Where is Jah
Released on German Bellaphon BZC 4433, 1978, 12´´.


Rockers To Rockers
Released on CD.
Push Push, Rockers To Rockers (Come Again), What A Life!, More And More (The Hidden Person), DTI (Don’t Stop The Music), Round Reversion , Dick From Outaspace , Look For A Spark , Stoned (Manali Cream Mix), Seven Shades Of Dub

UK trance dub act.

Into The Light
First released on UK Third Eye TEMLP 005, 1996, LP.
Into The Light, Sidi Ayoub, High Atlas, Tribal Dervish, Healing Spirit, Free At Last

Third Eye Dimension
First released on German Echo Beach EB011, 1997, CD.
Engines Of Godly Behaviour (Oochi, Rootsman Remix), Sidi Ayoub, Return Of Ustad (Vibe Remix), Temple Of Light, Perilious Time (with Monument) (Strongpoint Remix), Bind Us Together (with Dayjah), Luxor (with El Jethoor) (Vibe Remix), Mektoub, Walk With I, (Dayjah), Koyaanisqatsi, Roadblock (with Disciples) (Soundman Mix), Cry Of The Fellaheen, Healing Spirit, Tribal Dervish, We Come In Peace (Strongpoint), Giving Up The Ghost (Dub Chandra), Mother Of Nature
Dub meets tribal music, electronic dance music, chill out music.

Singer connected to the Twinkle Brothers possee.

Beware / Version (Twinkle Riddim Section)
Released on UK Twinkle NG-103, 1991, 7´´.
“Beware” is co-written by Norman Grant and Steve Santana.

UK producer.

Never Trust A Hippie
First released on UK Real World CDRW 110, 2003, CD.
No Dog Jazz, Hari Up Hari, Haunted By Your Love, X Planation, Strange Turn, Dead Man Smoking, Paradise Of Nada (Remix), Boogaloo, Processed World, The Ignorant Version, Majestic 12

Loose collective of musicians.

War Of Words
First released 1981 on UK 99 Records.
Also released on German On-U 005, 1998, CD.
Devious Woman, Quanté Jubila, Sit And Wonder, Fit To Survive, Reaching The Bad Man, World Of Dispensation, 91 Vibration
Produced by Adrian Sherwood. Drums by “Style” Scott, Eskimo Fox. Bass by Lizard, “Crucial” Tony, George Oban. Guitars by “Crucial” Tony, Keith Levene. Keyboards by Ari “Stepper”, “Bigga” Morrisson, Doctor Pablo, Nick Plytas, “Crucial” Tony. Percussion by Mr. Ranking Magoo. Vocals by Bim Sherman, Prince Fari, Lizard, Jah Woosh, “Crucial” Tony. Harmony by Basheeba, Ari “Stepper”, Eskimo Fox.
An instrumental of Bim Sherman’s vocal track “Devious Woman” called “Without A Love Like Yours” by Deadley Headley can be found at his album “35 Years From Alpha”.
“Quanté Jubila” features the vocals of Prince Fari, accompanying Crucial Tony’s vocals.
“Sit And Wonder” is a vocal track by Bim Sherman, featuring DJ vocals by Jah Woosh.
“Fit To Survive” and “World Of Dispensation” are other vocal tracks by Bim Sherman.
“91 Vibration” is a Prince Fari DJ version of a Crucial Tony song.
Their debut album.

Revenge Of The Underdog
First released on UK Situation2 656.029, 1982, LP.
Also released on German On-U 0011, 1997, CD.
Dungeon, Merchant Ship, Jah Army Band, Too Much Work Load, Prodigal Son, Follower, Water The Garden, Resolution (Pt. 2/ Version 2), Thing Called Love (Don’t Fight), Cha-Ris-Ma
Produced by Adrian Sherwood. Recorded in 1981 and first released in 1982.
“Dungeon” is originally voiced by The Wailing Souls, then covered by Glen Miller and here redone by Lizard.
“Merchant Ship is the DJ version of “Dungeon” by Prince Fari.
“Prodigal Son” is a version of Bob Andy’s “Unchained” by Prince Fari.
“Resolution” is a take on the Bim Sherman tune “World Of Dispensation”.
“Follower” features Jah Woosh.
“Cha-Ris-Ma” features Prince Fari.
Their second album.

Staggering Heights
First released in UK on 1983, LP.
Also released on German On-U 0023, 1998, CD.
African Blood, Bedward The Flying Preacher, Snipers In The Street, A Matter Of Time, School Days, Socca, Autobiography, This Assembly
Produced by Adrian Sherwood. Drums by Style Scott, Eek-A-Roo, Bass by George Oban, Crucial Tony, Lizard, Errol Holt. Guitar by Crucial Tony, Bingy, Dwight, Martin Frederick, Ashanti Roy, Bloodvessel. Percussion by Ashanto Roy, Bonjo I. Harmonies by Vyris, Valerie. Keyboards by Fatfingers, Dr. Pablo, Bubblers, Nick Plytas. Penny Whistle by Martin Frederick. Electric Percussion by Eskimo. Horns by Vin Gordon, Bammy, Deadly Headley, Flash.
“African Blood”, “Snipers In The Street” features Roy Johnson aka Congo Ashanti Roy.
Bedward The Flying Preacher” make use of a rhythm by Dub Syndicate, the dub is at their album “Pounding System”.
“Autobiography” is Prince Fari telling his own story on the “Kunta Kinte” rhythm, the track launches off into an extended tribal version of the rhythm by Jah Shaka.
“Socca” features Bim Sherman.
“School Days” featuring Mikey Dread.
Their third album.

Leap & Bounds
First released on UK LP.
Also released on French On-U LP 33 / BRED 58, LP.
Moses, Make A Joyful Noise, Alla La – Dreadlocks Soldier, Autobiography (Dread Operator), Breaking Down The Pressure, Dog Park, Vegetable Matter, Striving
Drums by Fox, bass by Ras Ani, Evar, Lizard, guitars, by Congo Ashanti Roy, Matrin Frederix, Curcial Tony, keyboards by Webby, Kishi, Bubblers, Saxophone by Deadly Headly, percussion by Dave Ishence, Ashanto Roy, Bonjo I, vopcals by Congo Ashanti Roy, Prince Fari, Mikey Dread, Bim Sherman, and the Roots Radics Band (Style Scott, Flabba Holt, Bingy Bunny, Steely). Produced by Adrian Sherwood. Their fourth album. So far I remember also the last one.

UK reggae singer.

Babylon Walls
First released on UK Ariwa ARICD 074, 1992, CD.
Babylon Walls, Listen Rasta, Freedom Now, Rasta Man, Marcus, A Love That I Can Feel, A Woman Got Soul, Miss Tulley, Children Rise, Babylon Dub, Freedom Dub, Listen Dub

Not For Sale
First released on UK Next Step NXXLP 01, 1993, LP.
Living, Changing World, Give Me Your Love, Fight Fight Fight, We’re In Love, I’m Not For Sale, Seels Like Forever, So Much Love

Further albums that I miss include:
“Super Duper”, Jam Rock, 1982, LP, including: I Am The One, Girl On My Mind, Super Duper, Herb Man Corner, Have Mercy, Holy Mount Zion, Slave, Poverty, Music Shall Live, Tradition.

The Sons Of Jah were a UK reggae band based in Ladbroke Grove in West London. They included the brothers Trevor Bow and Derek Bow. They released four albums between 1978 and 1982 and some singles and 12-inch Maxis until 1986. They ran the Natty Congo label and also produced other artists. Bob Marley visited the house of Trevor Bow on Talbot Road, Portobello Green during 1977 carnival. It seems that it is Trevor Bow who is featured in those famous photographs of Bob Marley and some friends playing football in Battersea Park.

Bankrupt Morality
First released on UK Natty Congo PFULP 3501, 1978, LP.
What The World Needs, Banishment, Gloomy Babylon, Woman, John Brown, Home To Zion, Letter To Me Brethren, Bankrupt Morality, Pleasant Experience, Modern Day Slavery
Their debut album produced by Michael “Reuben” Campbell who also worked as producer for Aswad, owns Grove Music and works with King Sound.
Featuring Aston “Familyman” Barrett on bass, Carlton Barrett on drums, Earl Wire Lindo on organ, Earl Chinna Smith on guitar, all from The Wailers.
“Modern Day Slavery” appears also on UK Natty Congo NC 001, 1978, 12-inch Maxi.
“Home To Zion” and “Woman” both also appear on UK Natty Congo PFUL 2301, 1979, 12-inch Maxi.

Burning Black
First released on UK Natty Congo PFULP 3502, 1979, LP.
Grass Is Green, Wind Of Change, Win Your Love, Feel Like Dancing, Superdude, Burning Black, One Son, Fooling The Children, Rastaman Tell I So, Bye Bye Jungle.
Their second album produced by Trevor Bow. Vocals by Sons Of Jah.
“Win Your Love” also appears on UK Natty Congo NCDM 003, 12-inch Maxi.

Reggae Hit Showcase Featuring Ranking Reuben, Bunny McKenzie, Tan Tan, Speego, Negus Dawtas
First released on UK Natty Congo PFULP 3503, 1980, LP.
Meseret, Simbabwe Victory Song, Eanie Meanie, Speak The Truth, Anthem, Ayo
Their third album faturing Aston “Familyman” Barrett, Carlton Barrett, Earl Chinna Smith, Santa Davis, all from The Wailers, and T. Bow, Bunny McKenzie, Speego & Tunga of Sabandis, Brother Nat, Tony Robinson, Tenda I of Sabandis, Rico, Tan Tan, Tex, Negus Dawtas. Ranking Reuben worked with Dennis Bovell.
“Anthem” also appears on UK Natty Congo NCDM 002, 1980, 12-inch Maxi, backed by “His Majestys Authority” by Wiya Lindo.

Universal Message
First released on UK Natty Congo NCLP001, 1982, LP.
Look Mankind, How You Love, Need Some Company, Humanity, Might Can´t Conquer Right, Now Is The Time, Universal Message, Breaking Down The Barriers, Praises, Working People.
Their fourth and last album. Vocals by Sons Of Jah, bass by Aston Barrett and T. Bow, drums probably by Carlton Barrett (probably on songs 2, 5, 7 and 10) and another drummer (on the other tracks), rhythm guitar by T. Bow and Aston Barrett, lead guitar by Bunny McKenzie and Aston Barrett, keyboards by Wire Lindo, Tarzan and Aston Barrett, horns by Dean Fraser, Nando Robinson, David Madden, percussion by T. Bow. Recorded at Harry J and Tuff Gong.
“Breaking Down The Barriers” also appears on UK Natty Congo NCDM 013, 1982, 12-inch Maxi.

Jah Vengeance (Yabby You & Sons Of Jah)
Released on „Yabby You – Jesus Dread“, 3-CD.

22 further songs and versions I miss are these:
“Psalm 72 / Save The Children”, UK Natty Congo NC 001, 1978, 12´´, that also includes “Modern Day Slavery” from their 1978 album as second song on the b-side.
“Israel / Dubsco”, UK Natty Congo CONGO 002, 1978, 12´´.
“Medley”, UK Natty Congo NCDM 003, 12´´, backed by “Win Your Love” from their 1979 album.
“Version”, UK Natty Congo NCDM 013, 1982, 12´´, also including “Breaking Down The Barriers” from their 1982 album.
“Marshall Rock / Johnny Too Late”, UK Natty Congo NCDM 017, 1982, 12´´.
“Memories & Melodies / Melodies Version”, UK Natty Congo NCDM 018, 1983, 12´´.
“Yu Nuh Ready / Love Is A Treasure”, UK Natty Congo NCDM 026, 12´´.
“Sommer Love / Sommer Dub”, UK Natty Congo NCDM 027, 1985, 12´´.
“Same Old Song / Same Old Music”, UK Natty Congo NCDM 044, 1986, 12´´.
“Wait A Minute / Time Bomb”, UK Natty Congo NCDM 048, 12´´.
“When She Love”, on UK Natty Congo NCDM, b-side to Dennis Brown´s “Fire”.
“Fly Away Home / Waltzing Nyah Man”, JA Talent, 7´´.
“Jah Jah Ital” (with Diego), released on “Various Artists – Babylon A Fall Down”, UK Trojan TRLS 290, 1991, LP and CDTRL 290, 1991, CD.

One of the most famous UK reggae bands.

Bun Dem / Nyah Luv
I have the French Tempus 881024, 1977, 12-inch Maxi.

Handsworth Revolution
I have the UK Island ILPS 9502, 1978, LP
Handsworth Revolution, Bad Man, Soldiers, Sound Check, Prodigal Son, Ku Klux Klan, Prediction, Macka Splaff
Produced by Karl Pitterson.

Tribute To The Martyrs
I have the German Island 200 584, 1979, LP
Unseen Guest, Sound System, Jah Pickney – R.A.R., Tribute To The Martyrs, Babylon Makes The Rules, Uncle George, Biko’s Kindred Lament, Blasphemy (Selah)
Produced by Karl Pitterson.

Sound System (12-inch) / Babylon Makes The Rules – Devil’s Disciples (12-inch)
I have the UK Island 12XWIP 6490, 1979, 12-inch Maxi.

Caught You
I have the German Island 202 200, 1980, LP
Drug Squad, Harassment, Reggae Fever, Shining, Heart Of Stone (Chant Them), Rumours (Not True), Caught You (Dancing), Burning Flame, Higher Than High, Nyahbinghi Voyage
Produced by Geoffrey Chung.

True Democracy
First released 1982.
I have this album on CDR.
Chant A Pslam, Ravers, Find It Quick, A Who Responsible, Worth His Weight In Gold (Rally Round), Leggo Beast, Blues Dance Raid, Your House, Man No Sober, Dub Marcus Say

Earth Crisis
I have the German Elektra 960 315, 1984, LP
And I have this album on CDR.
Steppin’ Out, Tight Rope, Throne Of Gold, Rollerskates, Earth Crisis, Bodyguard, Grab Education, Wild Goose Chase
Produced by Jimmy Haynes and Steel Pulse.

Babylon The Bandit
I have the German Elektra 960 437, 1985, LP
Save Black Music, Not King James Version, School Boy’s Crush (Jail Bait), Sugar Daddy, Kick That Habit, Blessed Is The Man, Love Walks Out, Don’t Be Afraid, Babylon The Bandit
Produced by Jimmy Haynes.

State Of Emergency
I have the German MCA 255 620-1, 1988, LP
State Of Emergency, Dead End Circuit, Steal A Kiss, Hijacking, P.U.S.H., Love This Reggae Music, Said You Was An Angel, Reaching Out, Melting Pot, Disco Drop Out

First released 1994.
I have this album on CDR.
Bootstraps, Back To My Roots, Island Unite, Better Days, In My Life, Endangered Species, New World Order, X Resurrection, Whirlwind Romance, No Justice No Peace, Dirty H2O, Dub To My Roots, Dubite

Sound System
I have this album on 2-CDR.
CD 1:
Handsworth Revolution, Bad Man, Soldiers, Sound Check, Prodigal Son, Ku Klux Klan, Prediction, Macka Spliff, Bun Dem, Nyah Love, Unseen Guest, Sound System, Jah Pickney, Tribute To The Martyrs
CD 2:
Babylon Makes The Rules, Uncle George, Biko’s Kindred Lament, Blasphemy, Macka Spliff, Drug Squad, Harassment, Reggae Fever, Shining, Heart Of Stone, Rumours, Caught You Dancing, Burning Flame, Higher Than High, Nyahbinghi Voyage, Don’t Give In

Island Period 1978 – 1980
I have this private collection on CDR.
Soldiers, Prodigal Son, Ku Klux Klan, Prediction, Macka Splaff, Revolution Dub Take 1, Handsworth Revolution (all from “Handsworth Revolution”, 1978, Dub from CD Reissue), Sound System, Jah Pickney – R.A.R., Tribute To The Martyrs, Babylon Makes The Rules, Biko’s Kindred Lament (all from “Tribute To The Martyrs”, 1979), Drug Squad, Reggae Fever, Rumours (Not True), Burning Flame, Higher Than High (all from “Caught You”, 1980)

Steel Pulse 1982 – 1991
I have this private collection on CDR.
Complete “True Democracy” album, 1982, (details see above), Not King James Version, Blessed Is The Man, Love Walks Out, Don’t Be Afraid, Babylon The Bandit (all from “Babylon The Bandit”, 1985,) Love This Reggae Music (from “State Of Emergency”, 1988), Taxi Driver, Ever More (from “Victims”, 1991)

Steel Pulse 1994 – 1997
I have this private collection on CDR.
Complete “Vex” album, 1994, (details see above), Emotional Prisoner, Brown Eyed Girl, Peace Party, Spiritualize It (all from “Rage And Fury”, 1997)

Steel Pulse – Live
I have this private collection on CDR.
Handsworth Revolution, Smile Jamaica, Jah Live, Can’t Stop Losing You, (all from “Live At Reggae Sunsplash, 1981?), State Of Emergency, Rollerskates, Ku Klux Klan, Blues Dance Raid, Taxi Driver, Soldiers, Stepping Out, Gang Warfare, Stay Wid De Riddim, Rally Round (all from “Live At Paris – Rastafari Centennial, 1992?)

I have more songs:
Hold Me Jah, Slim Thing, Something A Gwaan
(all released 1999)

Team Works are Michael John and Chris “CT” Gibbons.

Team Works Presents Rudy Lee & Stepper
I have the UK Wau Mr Modo MOWLP 003, 1989, LP (First UK Pressing)
Rudy’s Side: Nice Time Tonight, Version, Charmain, Version, Love Jah So, Version
Stepper’s Side: Rockfort Rock, Version, No Love, Version, Loving Mood, Version
Produced by Teamworks & Sound Iration.
Featuring G. Cousins, D. Judah, Joel M, Masakao, Gaffa, Slug.
For both Rudy Lee and Steppers this appearance of a split two artist´s  album is the only album appearance.

She is a well known singer of lovers-rock born in 1960 in UK. She started to record solo in 1981 seemingly until 1993. Her three album releases are “Hopelessly In Love” (1981), “Carroll Thompson” (1983) and “The Other Side Of Love” (1993).

I’m So Sorry / Version
I have the UK Santic SAN 0011, 1981, 12-Inch Maxi (clear blue vinyl)
Female lovers sweet as candy produced by Leonard Chin. Her first hit release.

UK reggae band featuring Les McNeil, Paul Thompson, Chris Henry, Paul Dawkins and Tony Matthews, active between 1976 and 1980 and reunited recently.

Movin On / Movin Rockers
I have the UK Venture VEN 7705, 1976, 7-inch
Produced by D. Tyrone. Written by Les McNeil.

Alternative Routes
I have the UK RCA PL 251186, 1978, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Reach My Goal, Gambling Man, Love Is A Wonderful Thing, Never Gonna Settle Down, You Keep On Telling Your Friend, This Way, Everybody´s Looking At Me, Breezin´, Squeezing My Breeze, Reggae Music

Their seven further albums are:
High Risk Dub, Venture CUT 6, 1976, LP.
Tradition in Dub, BPI BLP 8081, 1977, LP.
Moving On, RCA PL 25156, 1978, LP.
Tell Your Friends About Dub, RCA 25169, 1978, LP.
Captain Ganja & The Space Patrol, Venture CUT 9, 1980, LP.
Runaway Love, RCA 25273, 1980, LP.
Tradition´s Party Disco Episode 1&2, Venture, 198X, LP.

Reggae band from UK.

New Sound! Reggae
I have the German Metronome SKMLP317, 1970, LP
To Love Somebody, Wild Raggae, Ned Kelly, Get Back, Those Precious Words, Reggae Weather, Tell All The World, Come And Get It, Looking for Joy, Its All Over Now, Youre Been Hurt
Early reggae album of rock pop hits in reggae style.
The record sleeve gives an unbelievable funny introduction how to dance reggae.
Produced by Larry Steele and David MacKay.
Some songs written by Robin Gibb, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, some songs written by Larry Steele, co-written with L. Strike or J. Blair.

UK sound system.

Love Is What We Need (Vocal & Dub) / Instrumental Version / Love Dub Remix (Twilight Circus Dub Sound System Featuring Big Youth)
Recorded and first released 2003.
UK M-Records, 2003, 10-inch.

The Twinkle Brothers are a Jamaican reggae band consisting of Norman Grant, Ralston Grant, Derrick Brown and Karl Hyatt. The band was formed in 1962, recorded first in 1966 and is still active. In the early 1980s Norman Grant moved to UK and use the Twinkle Brothers name for his solo works.

Rasta Pon Top
First released on Grounation GROL 506, 1975, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Twinkle Records NG 532, 2004, LP
Give Rasta Praise, Natty Dread Up Town, Jah-Jah Gonna Get You, Barabas, Rasta Pon Top, Beat Them Jah-Jah, African Liberation, Different Kind A World, Big Bam Bam, It Gwine Dreada
Produced by Norman Grant. Their debut album recorded 1975.

I have this album recorded from vinyl to CDR.
Free Africa, Solid As A Rock, Watch The Hypocrites, Jahoviah, Love, I Love You So, Distant Drums, In This Time
Produced by Norman Grant.

Free Africa
I have the Austrian, 1990, CD
I Don’t Want To Be Lonely Anymore, Free Africa, Love, I Love You So, Gone Already, Solid As A Rock, Come Home, Shu Be Dup, Patoo, Never Get Burn, Dread In The Ghetto, Watch The Hypocrites, Jahoviah, Since I Threw The Comb Away, One Head, Free Us
Produced by Norman Grant.
Compilation from “Love”, “Praise Jah” & “Countrymen”.

Dub Massacre (Vol. 1)
I have this album recorded from vinyl to CDR.
Jahoviah In Dub Majesty, Dub Assassinator (Inna Murder Style), Magnetic Enforcer, Nations Liquidator, Escape From Hell, Dub Examiner, Kingdom Dub, Give Rasta Dub, One World Wide Dub , War Zone
Produced by Norman Grant.

The Right Way
I have this album recorded from vinyl to CDR.
The Right Way, His Imperial Majesty, Marcus Garvey, Jungle, Let I Go, The Right Dub, His Majesty Dub, Garvey Dub, Jungle Dub, Let Go Dub
Produced by Norman Grant.

Chant Rastafari
I have this album recorded from vinyl to CDR.
Jah Never Fail I Yet, It Will Happen To You, True Friendship Will Never Die, Mi Brethren Jah Shaka, Chant Rastafari, Different Style, Zulu Dawn Again, Fight, Man A Go Ball, Chant
Produced by Norman Grant.

I have this album recorded from vinyö to CDR.
The World Was One, Underground, Set Some Example, Battlefield, Ghetto Life, African Nation Come Together, War Is Not The Answer, Hell Break Loose, Sodom & Gomorah, It Was A Vision I Had
Produced by Norman Grant.

Live At Reggae Sunsplash: Since I Threw The Comb Away
I have this album on CDR.
Babylon Falling, I Don’t Want To be Lonely Anymore, Jah Kingdom Come, It Dread All Over, Since I Threw The Comb Away, Give Rastafari The Praise, Jah Jahovia, Free Africa
Produced by Norman Grant.

Equality And Justice
I have the UK Twinkle NGCD 541, 1994, CD
Equality & Justice, Rejoice, Lamb To The Slaughter, We Nah Go Let Jah Go, Blood On Their Hands, The Wicked Them A Go Run, Lightning & Thunder, You’re Bound, I Will Praise Jah
Produced by Norman Grant.

New Songs For Jah
I have the UK Twinkle Records, 2000, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
New Song For Jah, New Song For Jah Version, Be Hold, Be Hold Version, Evil Doers, Evil Doers Version, Let Us Sing, Let Us Sing Version, Go To Hell, Go To Hell Version, Concrete Floor, Concrete Floor Version, Weep Not, Weep Not Version, Wrong Train

UB40 are the founding brothers Alistar “Ali” Ian Campbell, Robin Campbell and Astro, Jim Brown, Earl Falconer, Norman Hassan, Brian Travers, Michael Virtue. The band was founded in 1978 to release their debut album in 1980. At first they released on the indie-label “Graduate”. Later they founded their own label “DEP International”. 2008 Ali Campbell and Michael Virtue left the band. They were replaced by Duncan Campbell, the brother of Ali and Robin, who took over lead vocals and Tony Mullins on keyboards. Still active.

Signing Off
I have the UK Graduate GRADLP2, 1980, LP & 12-inch (First UK Pressing)
Tyler, King, 12 Bar, Burden Of Shame, Adella, I Think It’s Going To Rain Today, 25 %, Food For Thought, Little By Little, Signing Off, Madam Medusa, Strange Fruit, Reefer Madness
Their debut album.

The Earth Dies Screaming / Dream A Lie
I have the UK Graduate INT 111.702, 1980, 7-inch

I Think It´s Going To Rain Today (12-inch)
My Way Of Thinking (12-inch)
Dream A Lie (12-inch)
The Earth Dies Screaming (12-inch)

I have these tracks from “More UB40 Music”, Sound Label, CD on CDR.
That CD includes tracks of their debut album “Signing Off” plus these four extra tracks.

Present Arms
I have the Dutch Epic 85 126, 1981, LP with bonus 7-inch.
And I have the UK Virgin, 1992, CD on CDR.
Present Arms, Sardonicus, Don’t Let It Pass You By, Wildcat, One In Ten, Don’t Slow Down, Silent Witness, Lambs Bread, Don’t Walk On The Grass (Bonus 7-inch), Dr. X (Bonus 7-inch)
“Lamb’s Bread” has a jump on my copy. One Day I should find a perfect copy.
Their second album.

Present Arms In Dub
I have the Dutch DEP 85 380, 1981, LP
Present Arms In Dub, Smoke It, B Line, Kings Row, Return Of Dr. X, Walk Out, One In Ten, Neon Haze
Produced by UB 40 / Ray Falconer.
Their third album.

UB 44
I have the German DEP / Virgin 205 039, 1982, LP
So Here I Am, I Won´t Close My Eyes (Remix), Forget The Cost, Love Is All Is Allright (Remix), The Piper Calls The Tune, The Key, Don´t Do The Crime, Folitician (Remix), The Prisoner
Produced by UB 40 and Ray “Pablo” Falconer.
Their fourth album.

I’ve Got Mine (6,02) / Forget The Cost (4,03), Dubmobile (3,43)
I have the UK DEP / Virgin 600.751, 1983, 12-inch Maxi

Love Is All Is All Right / One A Penny, Tyler (Live)
I have the UK DEP 12DEP4, 1983, 12-inch Maxi

I have the German DEP / Virgin 205 292, 1982, LP
Food For Thought, Sardonicus, Don’t Slow Down, Folitician, Tyler, Present Arms, Piper Calls The Tune, Love Is All Is Alright, Burden Of Shame, One In Ten
Recorded live on tour in Ireland, February 1982.
Produced by UB 40 and Ray “Pablo” Falconer.
Their fifth album.

Labor Of Love
I have the German DEP / Virgin 205 716, 1983, LP
Cherry Oh Baby, Keep On Moving, Please Don´t Make Me Cry, Sweet Sensation, Johnny Too Bad, Red Red Wine, Guilty, She Caught The Train, Version Girl, Many Rivers To Cross
Produced by UB 40 and Ray “Pablo” Falconer.
Their sixth album.

Red Red Wine (5,20) / Sufferin’ (8,25) (mixed by Mikey Dread)
I have the German DEP / Virgin 600.968, 1983, 12-inch Maxi

Red Red Wine / Sufferin’
I have the German DEP / Virgin 111 859, 1983, 7-inch

Please Don’t Make Me Cry / Keep On Moving
I have the German DEP / Virgin 105 895, 1983, 7-inch

Geffrey Morgan
I have the German DEP / Virgin 206 615, 1984, LP
Riddle Me, As Always You Were Wrong Again, If It Happens Again, D.U.B., The Pillow, Nkomo A Go Go, Seasons, You’re Not An Army, I’m Not Fooled So Easily, Your Eyes Were Open
Produced by UB40 and Howard Gray.
Their seventh album.

Riddle Me (5,35) / D.U.B. D.U.B. (7,45)
I have the German DEP / Virgin 601 611, 1984, 12-inch Maxi

If It Happens Again / Nkomo A Gogo
I have the German Virgin / DEP 106 829, 1984, 7-inch

If It Happens Again (Dance Mix) / Nkomo A Gogo (Dance Mix)
Both tracks are longer and different dance mixes.
I have the German Virgin / DEP 601.518 213, 1984, 12-inch Maxi

I have the German DEP / Virgin 210 688, 1985, LP and E.P.
The E.P.:
Don´t Break My Heart, I Got You Babe, Mi Spliff
The L.P.:
The King Step Mk. 1, The Buzz Feeling, Lyric Officer Mk. 2, Demonstrate, Two In A One Mk. 1, Hold Your Position Mk. 3, Hip Hop Lyrical Robot, Style Mk. 4, Fight Fe Come In Mk. 2, V´s Version
Produced by UB 30 and Ray “Pablo” Falconer.
The whole LP consists of dancehall songs prominent at the time but not the common UB 40 sounds at all.
Their eighth album.

I Got You Babe, I Got You Babe (Dub Version) / Theme From Labour Of Love, Up And Coming M.C. (DJ song with vocals by Admiral Jerry)
I have the German DEP/ Virgin 601.912-213, 1985, 12-inch Maxi

Don’t Break My Heart / Mek Ya Rok
I have the German Virgin / DEP 107 718, 1985, 7-inch
“Mek Ya Rok” is mixed by Mikey Dread.

Rat In The Kitchen
I have the USSR Metronome C60 25593 008, 1986, LP (I don´t think, so many of those were pressed in former Sowjet Union in 1986.)
All I Want To Do, You Could Meet Somebody, Tell It Like It Is, The Elevator, Watchdogs, Rat In The Kitchen, Looking Down My Reflections, Don’t Blame Me, Sing Our Own Song
Their nineth album.

Sing Our Own Song (Full Length Version) (8,26) / Sing Our Song (DEP Mix) (6,50)
I have the New Zealand DEP / Virgin 23-12, 1986, 12-Inch Maxi

All I Want To Do (12-inch Re-Mix) (7,05) / All I Want To Do (12-inch DEP-Mix) (5,59)
I have the UK DEP 24-12, 1986, 12-Inch Maxi

CCCP – Live In Moscow
I have the German DEP / Virgin 208427-630, 1987, LP
All I Wanna Do, Cherry Oh Baby, Keep On Moving, Watchdogs, Don’t Blame Me, Tell It Like It Is, Please Don’t Make Me Cry
Recorded live in Moscow 1986. Produced by UB40. Trumpet by Patrick Tenyue. Trombone by Henry Tenyue.
Their tenth album.

Labour Of Love II
I have the German Virgin, 1989, LP
I have the UK DEP / Virgin DEPCD 14, CD
Here I Am (Come And Take Me) (incorporating Small Axe), Tears From My Eyes, Groovin’, The Way You Do The Things You Do, Wear You To The Ball, Singer Man, Kingston Town, Baby, Wedding Day, Sweet Cherrie, Stick By Me, Just Another Girl, Homely Girl, Impossible Love
Produced by UB 40.
Their eleventh album.

Homely Girl / Gator (Instrumental)
I have the German Virgin / DEP 112 768, 1989, 7-inch

Kingston Town / Lickwood
I have the German Virgin / DEP 113 085, 1990, 7-inch

Impossible Love / First Shot
I have the German Virgin 113 841, 1990, 7-inch

Promises And Lies
I have the UK Virgin, 1993, CD on CDR.
C´Est La Vie, Desert Sand, Promises And Lies, Bring Me Your Cup, Higher Ground, Reggae Music, Can´t Help Falling In Love, Now And Then, Things Ain´t Like They Used To Be, It´s A Long Long Way, Sorry
Their twelveth album.

Guns In The Ghetto
I have the UK Virgin 7243 8 44402 2 0 / DEP CD16, 1997, CD.
Always There, Hurry Come Up, I Love It When You Smile, I´ve Been Mising You, Oracabessa Moonshine, Guns In The Ghetto, Tell Me Is It True, Friendly Fire, I Really Can´t Xay, Lisa
Produced by UB 40.
Their thirteenth album.

Labour Of Love III
I have the UK Virgin, 1999, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Holly Holly, It´s My Delight, Come Back Darling, Never Let You Go, Soul Rebel, My Best Girl, Good Ambition, Train Is Coming, Blood And Fire, Mr Fix t, Stay A Little Bit Longer, Some Like You, Time Has Come, Crying Over You, Legalize It
Their fourteenth album.

Who You Fighting For
I have the UK Virgin, 2005, CD on CDR.
Who You Fighting For, After Tonight, Bling Bling, Plenty More, War Poems, Sins Of The Father, Good Situation, Gotta Tell Someone, Reasons, One Woman Man, I´ll Be On My Way, Kiss And Say Goodbye, Things You Say You Love
Their seventeenth album.

Live At Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada, April 11th 2006
“Live And In Your Face Tour”
I have this unreleased 2-CDR.
CDR 1:
01. Intro (1,51)
02. Food For Thought (3,40)
03. Who You Fighting For (3,49)
04. Homely Girl (3,25)
05. Kiss And Say Goodbye (3,12)
06. Come Back Darling (3,39)
07. Kingston Town (4,39)
08. Don´t Let It Pass You By (7,00)
09. You Could Need Somebody (5,37)
10. Cherry Oh Baby (3,15)
11. Rat In Mi Kitchen (4,51)
12. Red Red Wine (5,58)
13. After Tonight (4,30)
CDR 2:
01. Gotta Tell Someone (6,26)
02. Higher Ground (4,22)
03. Keep On Moving (4,56)
04. Sing Your Own Song (5,16)
05. Wear You To The Ball (3,35)
06. Here I Am (Come And Take Me) (4,09)
07. I Can´t Help Falling In Love With You (3,58)
08. Applause to Encore (3,11)
09. The Way You Do The Things You Do (3,18)
10. Maybe Tomorrow (5,24)
11. One In Ten (4,51)

Dub Sessions
I have the limited release of 2007 on CDR.
Alum Rock, Night Drive To Tijuana, New York Sidewalk, Dub Drop, Bananaman Dub, Bubblin´ In Dublin, Duck Soup Dub, Innocent Dub, Soundchek Dub, Doomsday Dub
This dub album consists of four dubs of songs of the album “24/7? and six outtakes from that sessions. It was available only for attendants of their 15 date UK tour of 2007 and at their website and at iTunes for download.

Further albums are:
Cover Up (2002) (15th album), Homegrown (2003) (16th album)

Unitone Hifi are: Joost “Dutchieman” Langeveld, “Stinky” Jim Pinckney, and Angus McNaughton. After tehri initial album of 1995 they released two more albums in 1996 “Boomshot” and “Rewound and Rerubbed” and a maxi to pause until 2008. In 2008 and in 2009 they released two new 7-inches.

Wickedness Increased
I have the UK Incoming INCCD 3303, 1995, CD
Unitone Intro, Unitone Hifi, Unitone Hifi (Bonus Dub), Guiding Star (M.P.L.A. Burial), Wickedness Increase (Original), Lucky Strike, Load Bank, Lucky Lighters, Juicy Fruit, Static (Corduroy Dreams), Lonely + Sad, Wickedness Increase (Chalice Rerub), Daktari (Audio Safari), Babylon (Neo Showdown), Star Dub (M.P.L.A. Burial)

UK reggae singer who seemingly released only these two albums.

First released 1976.
I have the reissue on UK Virgin CDFL 36, 2002, CD
Jah Wonderful, Generation Game, Midnight Ravers, Stoney Blows, Freedom Fighters, Gotta Keep On Moving, Observance, Time Passage, Clean Hearted People, This Ya Reggae Music, The Streets Of Ladbroke Grove
Produced by Delroy Washington and Michael Campbell.
“Midnight Ravers” is a cover of the Bob Marley song.

First released 1977. I have the reissue on UK Virgin FL 20, 2001, LP
Chant I, Rasta, Mystic Revelation, Brothers In Trouble, Wake Up Jamaica, Zion, There Must Be A Way, Dres Back, You Know I Want To Be, Chant II
Produced by Delroy Washington. Bass by Delroy Washington and Bunny McKenzie. Drums by Angus Gaye. Lead guitar by Al Anderson, Junior Marvin, Bunny McKenzie. Rhythm guitar by Delroy Washington, Trevor Starr. Percussion by Delroy Washington, Karl Pitterson, Dick Cuthell, George Oban. Horns by Rico, Eddie Thornton, Keith Gernell, Dick Cuthell. Flute by Keith Gernel.

UK dub band founded 1990 and relocated to Wales. They started from reggae and dub and later mixed various styles like hip-hop, trance, chill out and more. Their website is

Natural Wonders Of The World In Dub
I have the WWCD 5, 1994, CD.
Gargantua Del Diablo, Great Barrier Ref, Amazon, Kilimanjaro, Giant Redwoods, Aurora Borealis, Ross Ice Shelf, Bora Bora, Llanberis Pass, Roussillon, Sargasso Sea, Chomolungma, Krakatoa, Tassili Plain, Zion Canyon
Their second album.

Love Revolutionaries
I have the Universal Egg WWCD 030, 1999, CD on CDR.
Freedom, Building Rome, Speaker Shaker, Flag, Movement Of The People, Fly, One Inch Dub, Beware, Free Heart, War In Babylon, Rockers Revival, Dubzilla
Their seventh album.

Further albums I miss include:
“Passage To Indica”, their debut album.
“Secrets Of The Animal Kingdom In Dub”, 2000, CD. Recorded 1994.
“Homegrown Fantasy”
“Grow Together”
“Original Sounds Of The Zion”, 2002, CD.
“Original Sounds Of The Zion Remixed”, 2004, CD.
“Live As One”, 2007, CD.


Don´t Call Us Immigrants
I have the UK Pressure Sounds PS28, 2000, CD on CDR.
01. Six One Penny (Misty In Roots) their first 7inch pressed lesser as 500x
02. Rat A Cut Bottle (Lion Youth)
03. Sticksman (Black Slate) 1977
04. Don´t Call Us Immigrants (Tabby Cat Kelly)
05. Where Is Jah? (Reggae Regular) 1978
06. Skip Away (Trevor Hartley)
07. Gimme African Love (African Brothers) featuring Dennis Bovell
08. The Man In Me (Matumbi) 1977 written by Bob Dylan
09. Hard Time (Pablo Gad)
10. Nyah Love (Steel Pulse)
11. It´s Not Our Wish (Aswad)
12. Run Rasta Run (African Stone) featuring Dennis Bovell
The very first CD sampler of British reggae. Be kind supriuse I take to note that this one is released in 2000 so that it took 30 years to create a first of such collections.