Dear Wailers Friends..

bob reading the bible

The most complete book about this theme is „Bob Marley: The Definitive Discography“ by Roger Steffens and Leroy Pierson. Another one is Jeremy Collingwood´s book „Bob Marley – His Musical Legacy“. The earliest studies in the discography of The Wailers I found in Timothy White´s book „Bob Marley“ back in the early 1980ies. In between Ian McCann´s small book presented many details and ideas for further research.

For studies in roots reggae in general Chuck Foster´s book „Roots Rock Reggae“ provided interesting details for years of research. This year 2007 I dedicated to research for roots reggae and in a revision of my reggae compendium. If you go to „M-Q“ you can see how this is planned to be: to include all albums and in case of importance also single releases or all the artists. In my links section you can see further interesting sources for roots reggae albums often with more pics as I include.
Finally I have to give thanks to Steve who prepared the technical background and built this site so that I am able with my small knowledge to continually work on this site.

Friends, if you have in mind to start a site for your own and would need a little help of some friends, let me know. Maybe Steve or some other friends can help.

Finally I give thanks and say „Irie“ to all you precious visitors of my site:

To you people from European countries like Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain where many many reggae fans come from, to you from countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Andorra, Portugal, Malta, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, Serbia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarussia, Russia, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and finally Vatican City State.
to you people from Canada, USA, New Caledonia, Bahamas, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Dominica, Trinidad & Tobago, Netherlands Antilles, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Virgin Islands, Aruba, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay and Venezuela.
Another greeting goes to Turkey, Georgia, Israel, Lebanon, Japan, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South-Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and China.
A special salute to you people from Morocco, Egypt, Ghana, Cote D´Ivoire, Kenia, Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, Senegal, United Emirates of Arabia, Bahrain and Zimbabwe.
And another „Hi“ goes around the world to you people from Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Vanuatu, Tuvalu, French Polynesia and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands (however one of the 628 inhabitants managed to visit this site, I love it).
Yes, people, from all these countries Bob Marley fans came to visit this site. Rasta all over. If you feel like sharing your story how it comes that you like Bob Marley music, don´t hesitate to write a line of two. I am always curious to get to know how Bob Marley music can be obtained in many of these countries and how reggae is going on there.

One Love & I-nity.