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Artists – J
Artist Info: Jackie Opel and Doreen Schaefer are famous singer of the late 50ies and sixities who also recorded as a duo together. Doreen Schaefer now sings vocals with The Skatalites.
The Vow (Jackie & Doreen) / I Made A Mistake (Wailers)
Recorded and released originally circa 1959. In fact a cover version of the 1957 US doo-wop classic by Gene & Eunice (Forest Gene Wilson and Eunice Levy).
I have the reissue on JA Coxsone (Matrix: C.Dodd – II – 3 / FC 6535), 2004, 7-inch.
Not to be confused with the cover version by Bunny Wailer & Rita Marley on the b-side of the original JA Studio One 7-inch release of The Wailers´s “I Made A Mistake”.

Artist Info: Jahcoustic is Joseph “Joe” Jurgensen from Kentucky, USA.
His site see:
First released 2003 on very limited EP (800 made).
I have this album on CDR.
Standing On The Shore, Overcome, Believenjah, Feeling Good, Dubbing In The Ocean, I Go, Jah Believe, Feeling Irie.
Engineered and mixed by Karl Pitterson who also plays all bass and some guitars.
Greet With Fire
I have the USA Jahcoustic, 2005, CD
Maintain, Imagination, Midnight Sway, J Groove, Seek Sound, Reflection, Eternal Vibration, One Man, No Settle, Scary Dub Train

Artist Info: This band is based in Oregon, USA. They play together since 1983 and are basically live reggae band. Some songs are strong reggae roots. Some songs enjoy a heavy lead guitar what fits astonishingly well to the nyahbinghi drumming. Some songs are of a different sound, new age to progressive dub. “Theocratic Records” is one of the first independant reggae labels in the USA. “Jah Works Studio” is the first solar powered digital recording studio in the world. For more infos see
Selassie I Vibration
First released on USA Theocratic Records JW 001, 1985, LP.
I have this album recorded on CDR.
Reissued on USA Theocratic Records, 2006, CD.
Black Star Liner, World Beat, Jah Jah Is The Way, Armaggedeon War, Golden Medley, Joy To Jah Children
“Black Star Liner” uses the same rhythm as “Kingdom Come Kingdom Fall” by Wailing Souls.
Their debut album.
The Power And The Glory
I have the USA Theocratic Records JW 002, 1990, CD on CDR.
Vision, Exodus, Offering, Version, Niyabinghi Chant, Niyabinghi Voyage
Armageddeon War
First released on USA Theocratic Records JW 005, 1992, CD.
I have the reissue on Theocratic Records, 2002, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Vision, Armageddeon War, Guidance Iniversal, Egyptian War, The Living Dub, Harmonic Convergance Inna Tradition (live)
Further albums are:
“Shamanic Voyage”, Theocratic Records JW 003, 1990, CD.
“The Living Dub”, Theocratic Records JW 004, 1991, CD.
“Vision”, Theocratic Records JW 006, 1992, 12-inch EP.
“The Living Version”, Theocratic Records JW 007, 1992, 12-inch EP.
“Live At Wetlands”, Theocratic Records JW 008, 1996, CD.
“Unplugged At The Wetlands”, Theocratic Records JW 009, 1993, CD.
“Niyabinghi – Tribute To Count Ossie”, Theocratic Records JW 010, 1994, CD.
“From The Heart”, Theocratic Records JW 017, 2002, CD.
“So Jah Say”, Theocratic Records JW 018, 2003, CD.
“So Jah Say”, Theocratic Records, CD plus DVD “Live At San Francisco 2004?, 2005, Combo-Pack.
“Praise Him”, Theocratic Records JW 019, 2006, CD.
“Praise Him”, Theocratic Records, CD plus DVD (”The Musical Healing Ministry Of Jah Levi”, 2006, Combo-Pack.
“Dub Factor”, Theocratic Records JW 020, 2007, CD.
“Self Rememberance”, Theocratic Records JW 021, 2008, CD.
“The World Fusion Project”, Theocratic Records JW 022, 2008, CD.

Artist Info: Seventies DJ. Born Patrick Francis alias Jah Ali alias Jah Lion alias Jah Lloyd started his career as a singer in 1969 when he formed The Meditators (with Paul Ashley and Aston Jennings). Since 1974 he also worked as producer and dub lyricist.
Herbs of Dub (Jah Lloyd)
First released on DIP PF-DL 1001, 1974, LP.
Leaf Of Life, Under Ground, Deep Thinking, Christ Was A Blackman, Eternal Emotion, Roots Of Wisdom, Sweet And Sour Rhythm, Ganja Crop, Heavy Water, Ire But Wise.
I have the re-release on UK Teem TMLP 1, 1996, LP with all songs re-titled.
Sharp Razor, Victory Dub, Herbs Of Dub, Theme Dub, Black Dub, Dull Razor, Tipper Dub, Walking Dub, Zion Zone, Raindrops Dub
Produced by Jah Lloyd. Recorded 1974.
“Walking Dub” uses George Faith’s “To Be A Lover” rhythm.
Final Judgement (Jah Lloyd)
I have the UK Teem TMLP 2, 1996, LP.
Piece A Banana, African Drums /Bongo Herman & Jah Lloyd), Black Love, Blacka Love, Shame And Pride (Mighty Diamonds), Pride Version (Mighty Diamonds), Black Snowfall, Bongo Natty, Natty Come Ya, Pslams I, Rock Dub, London Dub I, This Ya Corner
Recorded 1974.
The first 6 songs are different cuts of The Mighty Diamonds’ “Shame And Pride”.
Soldier Round The Corner (Jah Lloyd)
I have the UK Plum Jam PJLP 1000, 1992, LP.
Ganja Crop, Sunshine Girl, Knight Of The Round Table, Green Bay Massacre, Zion Dub, Psalm Two, Soldier Round The Corner, Channel One, No Tribal War, To Be Your Lover, Judge Natty, Zion Rock
Recorded 1974 – 1976.
“Sunshine Girl” is a toast of Horace Andy’s “Ain’t No Sunshine.
“No Tribal War” and “Zion Rock” uses the rhythm of Little Roy’s “Tribal War”.
“Soldier Round The Corner” is a toast over George Faith’s “To Be A Lover”.
Colombia Colly (Jah Lion)
First released on UK Island ILPS 9386, 1976, LP.
Also released on JA Upsetter, LP.
I have the re-release on France Island / Mango RRCD 47, 90ies, CD.
Wisdom, Dread Ina Jamdong, Hay Fever, Flashing Whip, Colombia Colly, Fat Man, Bad Luck Natty, Black Lion, Little Sally Dater, Sata, Soldier And Police War
Produced by Lee Perry.
“Hay Fever” is a version of Junior Byles’ “Fever”.
“Sata” is a version of “Satta Masagana” by the Abyssinians.
“Soldier And Police War” is a toast of Junior Murvin’s “Police And Thieves”.
Soldier & Police War (Jah Lion) / Magic Touch (Glen Da Costa)
“Magic Touch” is a horns-led instrumental of “Soldier And Police War”.
I have the UK Island WIP 6356, 1976, 7-inch.
Jah Lloyd Singles (1974 – 1976)
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Teem Label 765-A Jah Lloyd – Psalm Two (1974)
02. Teem Label 765-B Soul Syndicate – Chapter Two (1974)
03. Teem Rec. RRS 3903 PF-A Jah Lloyd – Soldier Round The Corner (1974)
04. Teem Rec. RRS 3904 PF-B Bungo Herman – Immortal Drums (1974)
05. Teem W 8018-A Jah Lloyd & D. Boothe – Sunshine Girl (1975)
06. Teem W 8018-B Francis All Stars – Sunshine (1975)
07. Monica’s Records RG 55-A Jah Lloyd – Unknown
08. Monica’s Records RG 55-B Version
09. Orchid LP 2763-A Jah Lloyd – Bad Luck Natty (1975)
10. Orchid LP 2764-B The Upsetter – Better Luck Next Time (1975)
11. Island WIP 6539-A Junior Murvin – Police & Thieves (1976)
12. Island WIP 6539-B Jah Lion – Soldier & Police War (1976)
13. Orchid UPSETTER 3391-A Jah Lion – Police & Soldier (1976) same as 12.
14. Orchid UPSETTER 3391-B Upsetter – Dub Of Justice (1976)
15. Devon Rec. TRI 391-A Jah Lloyd – No More Tribal War (1976)
16. Devon Rec. TRI 391-B Bongo Herman – Version (1976)
17. Giant VC 9110-A Jah Lloyd & Douglas Boothe – Channel One (1974 / 1976)
18. Giant VC 9110-B Soul Syndicate – Channel Two (1974 / 1976)
Tracks 01., 03., 05. and 17. are on “Soldier Round The Corner” album recorded 1974 – 1976.
12. and the identical 13. is on “Colombia Colly” album of 1976.
The Humble One (Jah Lloyd)
First released on JA State Line TR 7662, LP.
I have the UK Virgin FL 1005, 1978, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
St. Anne Collie, Special Request, The Humble One, Children Of Man, Time Of Weeping, Cocaine, Book Of Truth, Jah Lion, Upful Rasta Man, Dis Ya Sounds
Morwells production.
Reggae Stick (Jah Lloyd)
I have the UK His Majesty HMLP 1002, 1979, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Reggae Stick, Forgive Them Jah, Girl Like You, Know Your Culture, Lego Natty Hand, Cultural Education, Flood Victim, Dance Cork, Everything Crash, Soldier Round The Corner
Black Moses (Jah Lloyd)
I have the UK Virgin FL 1031, 1979, LP (First UK Pressing).
Greenbay Incident, Reggae Feeling, Black Moses, Dispencer, I.M.F., Rudy Come Back, Hold Them Natty Dread, Sounds Of Psalms, Sweat And Tears, Punk Reggae
Produced by Patrick Francis. Backing by The Revolutionaries. Drums by Sly Dunbar. Bass by Robbie Shakespeare. Organ by Ansel Collins. Piano by Bobby Kalphat. Rhythm guitar by Eric Lamont. Lead guitar by Rad Bryan. Percussion by Sticky Thompson. Flute by Huntley. Mixed by Prince Jammy.
His third album.
In Action With Revolutionary Dub Band (Jah Lion)
First released on UK Vista STLP 1011, 1983, LP.
I have the reissue on 2004, CD.
Life Story, Master Degree, Lots Of Loving, In Action, Reagan, Fight Zero Wondelem, When I Was Away, Jah Say, Give Thanks, Everybody Happy
There is also an album “The Good Old Days Of The 70s” of which the half are Jah Lloyd tracks and the other half is by Dennis Alcapone. See Alcapone, Dennis.
More albums include:
“Kaya Dub” (Jah Lloyd), USA / JA Kaya VC 2131, 1975, LP, including: Yard Man Dub, Meaning Dub, Another Lion Special, Conquering Dub Of Africa, Kaya Dub Song, Tribute To The King, Rattle Snake Echo, Dub A Natty Dub, Tracking To Africa, Dread A Rikers Island.
“Goldmine Dub” (Jah Lloyd) (Revolutionaries), UK Greensleeves GREL 4, 1979, LP and UK Greensleeves FRELCD 4, 1995, CD and UK Teem, 1983, LP, including: Calico Jack, Big Foot, Goldmine, Bitter Blod, Red River Dub, Musketeer Dub, Jamintel, Heart Burn, Sore Mouth, Pepper Dub.

Artist info: Jahmel is a Jamaican roots singer and member of the Twelve Tribes Of Israel who migrated to USA. He recorded a further self-titled album as “Jahmel & The Rhythm Factory”.
Watchful Eyes
I have the USA Andy´s, 1983, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Reissued on “Now And Then” USA Andy´s, 2006, CD including six further tracks.
Eruption, Home Sick, If Today, Left With A Broken Heart, Love Is All I Have, Never Be Over Me, Suffer´s Song, Try Love, Watchful Eyes
Prouced by Roydale (Andy) Anderson. Recorded at Harry J. Backed by The Wailers: Carlton Barrett on drums, Aston “Familyman” Barrett on bass, Earl “Wya” Lindo on keyboards supported by Ian Nathaniel and Leroy “Gitts” Hamilton on guitars.

Artist Info: Seventies DJ Jah Stitch is born as Melbourne James on July 27th 1949.
Jah Woosh Meets Jah Stitch At Leggo Sounds
Released on Original Music OMCD 31, CD.
I have this albumn on CDR.
Bad Minded (Jah Woosh), Stalawah (Jah Stitch), Satan Follow (Jah Woosh), Rise And Shine (Jah Stitch), Two Roads (Jah Stitch), Bless Them Jah (Jah Woosh), Domino Tournament (Jah Stitch), Show Us The Way (Jah Woosh), Fruits In Due Season (Jah Stitch), Wicked Melt Away (Jah Woosh)
“Fruits In Due Season” and “Wicked Melt Away” are toasts over Winston Jarrett’s “Must Be A Revolution”.
Original Raggamuffin 1975-1977
I have the UK Blood and Fire BAFCD 010, 1996, CD (First release).
Give Jah The Glory, African People (3 in 1), Ragga Muffin Style, Zion Gate / Every Wicked Have To Crwal, Watch Your Step Youthman, Crazy Joe, No Dread Can’t Dead, Sinners Repent Your Soul, Judgement, Militant Man, Real Born African, Cool Down Youthman, African Queen, King Of The Arena
Compilation produced by Bunny Lee, “Judgement” & “African Queen” are produced by Vivian Jackson.
“Give Jah The Glory” is a toast over Burning Spear’s “Wadada”.
“African People (3 in 1)” is a toast over Abyssinians’ “Declaration Of Rights”.
“Ragga Muffin Style” is a toast over Horace Andy’s “Money Money”.
“Zion Gate / Every Wicked Have To Crwal” is a toast over Horace Andy’s “Zion Gate”.
“Watch Your Step Youthman” is a toast over Horace Andy’s “Crazy Baldheads”.
“Crazy Joe” is a different toast over Horace Andy’s “Crazy Baldheads”.
“No Dread Can’t Dead” is a toast over “Natty Congo / Rockaman Soul”.
“Judgement” is a toast over Watty Burnett’s “Open The Gate”.
“Militant Man” is a toast over Johnny Clarke’s “Dread Natty Congo”.
A dub of “King Of The Arena”, called “Rastafari Dub” by King Tubby is found at King Tubby – Rastafari Dub LP.
Dread Inna Jamdown
I have the Kingston Sounds, 2007, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Dread Inna Jamdown, Dem Seek Natty Everywhere, Make A Joyful Noise, Serious Thing, The Best By Any Test, Natty Dread Skanking, From Dusk To Dawn, Hold On Tight, Love For Everyone, Rock To The Beat, Natty Going On So, Love Together In Harmony, Turn Into Jumpers, Channel 1 Lesson
Private CD
Set Up Yourself Dreadlock, from “The Killer” album
Bury The Barber, from “The Killer” album
Black Harmony Killer / Just Say Who, from “The Killer” album
Combination Three
Danger Zone, from “Sky High & Mau Mau”, RAS Compilation
Greedy Girl, from “The Killer” album
How Long
Love And Harmony, from “Love And Harmony”, 1994
Make A Joyful Noise To Jah, from “The Killer” album
Marshall Dread, from “Bunny Lee Meets King Tubby & Aggrovators”
Mash Down Babylon (Chosen Brothers)
The Barber Feel It, from “The Killer” album
The Burial Of The Barber, from “The Killer” album
Jah Help The Dread, from “Heavyweight”, Blood And Fire Sampler
Further albums include:
“No Dread Can´t Dead”, Third World TWS 401, 1976, LP, including: Two Roads Before You, Grey Ethiopian, Let Love Stay, See And Blind, Bawl For The Roots, No Dread Can´t Dead, Watch Your Step, Every Wicked Have To Crawl, Reggae Muffin Style, Heavy Heavy Stuff, Sinners Repent Your Soul, It Dread In A Rome.
“Watch Your Step Youth Man”, Third World TWLP 701, 1977, LP, including: The Rod Of Creation, Natty Gone Clear, Dreadlocks Don´t Play, Them Love Natty Dread Everywehere, Let´s Have Some Fun, Crazy Woman, Under Heavy Manners, God Is Good, Old Macdonald´s Farm, Miodnight Iwah, Dread Ina Jamdown.
“Moving Away”, Live And Love LAP 009, 1979, LP, including: Autumn Season, Make A Joyful Noise To Jah, Natty Dread Skank, Dummley Shuffle, Different Fashion, Love And Harmony, Music Hold You, No Love In Community, Put On Your Dancing Shoe, The Wisest Dread, No Dog Bark, Moving Away From The Rest Of The Field.
Also released as “Love And Harmony” (Jah Stitch & Jackie Mittoo), Rhino RNCD 2058, 1994, CD.
“The Killer”, Culture Press CP 44513-2, 1999, CD. Compilation including: The Killer, Raggamuffin Style, Bury The Barber, Make A Joyful Noise, Give Jah The Glory, Black Harmony Killer, Different Fashion, The Wisest Dread, King Of The Arena, The Barber Feel It, Greedy Girl, Watch Your Step Youthman, Autumn Season, No Dread Can´t Dead.
“Bunny Lee Meets King Tubby & Agrovators”, Culture Press, CD, includes one Jah Stitch track: Marshall Dread.
“Heavyweight” (Various Artists), UK Blood And Fire BAFCD 017, 1997, CD, includes two Jah Stitch tracks: Ragga Muffin Style, Jah Help The Dread.

Artist Info: Jah Stone is Bim Sherman. See later “Sherman, Bim”.

Artist Info: Seventies DJ. Born in Kingston on September 16th, 1952 as Neville Beckford he come from a family that has brought forth some of the finest musicians, Theophilius Beckford, Stanley Beckford and Ewart “U Roy” Beckford. Jah Woosh started his singing career in 1970 at Prince Lloyd´s sound system what led to his first album “Jah Woosh” in 1972 on Creole Records. Later he lived in UK and in the 80s he stopped recorded and lived in Ghana for some projects. He is owner of his label Original Music. He still is re-releasing his old recordings.
Lick Him With The Dustbin
First released on K & B KBLP 002, 1977, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Original Music OMLP 040, LP.
Lick Him In The Dustbin, A So We Stay, Old Time Days, Try A Thing, Fire, Top Ranking, Don’t Take Your Gun To Town, Peace And Love, Babylon Is A Wicked Man, This Old Man
Recorded in 1977.
“Fire” is over Keith Hudson’s “My Eyes Are Red”.
Gathering Israel
First released on Dread & Dread D&D 002, 1978, LP.
I have the reissue on JA Original Music OMLP 036, ca. 2000, LP.
Israel, Redemption, I Pray For My People, King Shaka, Gathering Israel, African Chant, Judge Them Jah, Cool Runnings, Jah Call, Walls Of Babylon
Jah Woosh Meets Jah Stitch At Leggo Sounds
Released on Original Music OMCD 31, CD.
I have this albumn on CDR.
Bad Minded (Jah Woosh), Stalawah (Jah Stitch), Satan Follow (Jah Woosh), Rise And Shine (Jah Stitch), Two Roads (Jah Stitch), Bless Them Jah (Jah Woosh), Domino Tournament (Jah Stitch), Show Us The Way (Jah Woosh), Fruits In Due Season (Jah Stitch), Wicked Melt Away (Jah Woosh)
“Fruits In Due Season” and “Wicked Melt Away” are toasts over Winston Jarrett’s “Must Be A Revolution”.
Best Of – 24 Tracks
I have this album on CDR.
The Wanderer, Reaction, Crooked Skank, Famine On The Land, Chucky Jean, This Train, Liberation, Batter Ears Skank, Judy Drowned, Pretty Paul, Love Brother Love, Meditation Dub, Hey Daddy, Love You Girl, Freedom, Jah Jah Dey Dey, Collie Sound, Reggae In Yu Jeggae, Give To Get, Si Si Si Senorita, Peace And Love In The Ghetto, Keep On Knocking, Fire, Tickle You
Private CD
Fay Love It, from “Chalize Blaze” album
Georgie Girl, from “Marijuana World Tour” album, 1977
I Man Nah Jester, from “Chalize Blaze” album
Ital Faces, from “Chalize Blaze” album
Live Up Right, from “Marijuana World Tour” album, 1977
Love In The Ghetto, from “Chalize Blaze” album
Mr Batwing, from “Collection 1972-1976?
Mr Tallyman, from “Marijuana World Tour” album, 1977
Penetrate The Works Of Jah, from “Marijuana World Tour” album, 1977
Marijuana World Tour, from “Marijuana World Tour” album, 1977
Rat Under Mi House, from “Raw Roots Volume Two”, Various Artists Compilation
Rocking Blues, from “Dreadlocks Affair” album, 1976
Away You Come From, from “Strictly Rockers In A Bad Land, Various Artists Compilation
I’m Alright (Keith Hudson / Horace Andy)
Blessed Is The Man
Marcus Garvey Words, from “Strictly Rockers In A Bad Land, Various Artists Compilation
Religious Dreadlocks Affair, from “Dreadlocks Affair” album, 1976
Woodpecker Sound, from “On-U Sound Celebration”, Various Artists Compilation
Further albums include:
“Jah Woosh”, Creole, 1970, LP and UK Cactus CTLP 103, 1974, LP.
“Chalize Blaze”, Midnight Rock, 1976, LP and Student STULP 1003, LP and Original Music, 1996, LP.
“Dreadlocks Affair”, UK Trojan TRLS 133, 1976, LP.
“Psalms Of Wisdom”, Black Wax WAXLP 2, 1976, LP.
“Religious Dread”, UK Trojan TRLS 157, 1978, LP.
“Marijuana World Tour”, Creation Rebel CRB LP 7001, 1979, LP and Original Music OMLP 0017, LP and Original Music OMCD 0017, CD.
“Rebellion (Jah Woosh & Sis Bee)”, Form BM 1003, 1981, LP.
“Sing And Chant Jah Woosh”, September SEPLP 002, 1982, LP.
“Some Sign”, Sky Juice SJ 008, 1985, LP.
“Sinsemilla Song”, Original Music, 1990, LP.
“We Chat You Rock” (I Roy & Jah Woosh), UK Trojan TRLS 296, 1991, LP. Recorded 1987.
“Dub Plate Specials”, Original Music, 1992, LP. Probably a compilation.
“Jah Woosh Meets Mixman: Fire Inna Blackamix”, Blackamix, 1993, LP.
“Jah Is The Ruler”, S.R.D., 1995, LP.
“Collection 1972 – 1976?, Original Music, 2001, LP. Compilation recorded 1972 – 1976.

Artist info: Short lived project of Skully Simms, Justin Hinds, Sparrow Martin and Johnny Moore.
Right Tracks
I have the USA CD Promo.
Revolution Rock, See Them A Come, On The Last Day, Heavy Rock, Shake Sinora, Linstead Market, Hey Mama, Swing Easy, Drink Milk, Armagideon, Coconut Rock, Army Man

Artist Info: Drummer and singer Jamaica Papa Curvin is born as Curvin Merchant in 1943 in Jamaica. In the mid of the sixties he moved to Germany. In the early 70s he founded the band “Broadway” and was also a member of the band “Malcolms Locks”, both among the very first reggae bands in Germany. He was the drummer of disco band Boney M. and was influencial at their recording “Rivers Of Babylon” and “Brown Girl In The Ring”, both charts hits in the seventies with some reggae feeling. He is known as “Germany´s Grandfather Of Reggae”. In the 80s he was located in Hamburg and built the “Reggae Center” including a studio. he was endless touring Germany and Europe until 1998. In 2003 he moved to Jamaica and have there a studio running, too. He has his own website:
First released on German, 1989, LP and CD.
I have this album on CDR.
I’m Sorry, Super Star, Free Mandela “Why”, Pain And Sorrow, Jah Love, World, Give Me A Chance.
Recorded live at Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany, December 24th 1988.
I have the German Fünfundvierzig 4555-08, 1992, LP (First German Pressing).
Celebration, Help We Out, Atomic Trouble, No Worry, War, Supastar, This Time, Shine
Produced by “Papa” Curvin Merchant.
Re-released on Fünfundvierzig 4555-2, CD with two extra tracks.
I have this album on CDR.
Celebration, Help We Out, Atomic Trouble, No Worry, War, Supastar, This Time, Shine, Atomic Trouble Dub, Celebration (U.K. Mix)
I have the German Zander RB 02341, LP (First German Pressing).
Harder And Harder, Africa Southafrica, World Is Closing In, Tonight Is The Night, Move To The Sunrise, Sunday Morning, Confusion, Brothers Come Home
Produced by C. Merchant, T. Ndlovu & B. Plenge.
4000 Days – Give Thanks
First released on German Fünfundvierzig, 90ies, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Shine (feat. Daddy Rings), Celebration (Kingston Mix), Chant Reggae Music, Musical Addiction, See The Light, Lovin’ Woman, Riddim, Oh What A Shame, Praise Jah (feat. Mystic Dan), See The Flute, World Dub, Mission
There are two more albums:
“Heavy Load”, CD, including: Come Together, Bow Down, Heavy Load, Move And Go Way (Back Off), Rock Dis World, Light Dem Up, Daily News, Feelin Fine, Make We Move.
“Live (Backed by K-Crew)”, 2003, CD, including: Intro, Jah Voice, No Worry, Riddim, Them Talk, Weeed, Never Stop, Rasta Drums, Thank You Mama, Ska.

Artist Info: Singer. Born 1944 he started singing with The Flames backing Alton Ellis in 1965 and renamed the group as “The Righteous Flames” when Alton Ellis left the band. He started to record solo in 1967. After ten years his first album was released. He is still active in the studio and on tour.
Kingston Rock (Horace Andy & Winston Jarrett And The Wailers)
First released on UK, 1974, LP.
Re-released on Atra LP 1001, 1988, LP (retitled as “Earth Must be Hell”).
I have this album on CDR.
True Born African (Winston Jarrett)
Unity Strength & Love (Horace Andy)
Can’t You See It’s Time (Horace Andy)
Country Woman (Winston Jarrett)
Earth Must be Hell (Horace Andy)
Let The Music Play (Winston Jarrett)
Wake Up Suzy (Winston Jarrett)
I Stand Before You (Horace Andy)
How Do You Think I Feel (Horace Andy)
Treasure Call Love (Horace Andy)
Isn´t It Wrong (Winston Jarrett)
Writing On The Wall (Winston Jarrett)
Produced by Brent Clarke. Bass by Aston Barrett. Drums by Carlton Barrett. Piano and organ by Tyrone Downie. Electric piano by John “Rabbit” Bundrick. Recorded 1974 during the Natty Dread Sessions. Recorded at Randy’s. Engineer Errol Thompson. The dub of this album is “Tribute To Carly Barrett”.
Tribute To Carly Barrett
First released on UK Atra, 1987, LP
I have this album recorded from vinyl to CDR.
Let Jah Music Dub (Dub of “Let The Music Play” by Winston Jarrett)
True Born Dub (Dub of “True Born African” by Winston Jarrett)
Time Dub (Dub of “Can’t You See It’s Time” by Horace Andy)
How Do You Think I Dub (Dub of “How Do You Think I Feel” by Horace Andy)
Lion Dub
Dubbing In Hell (Dub of “Earth Must be Hell” by Horace Andy)
Earth Must Be Hell (different Dub of “Earth Must be Hell” by Horace Andy)
Wake Up Dub (Dub of “Wake Up Suzy” by Winston Jarrett)
Country Dub (Dub of “Country Woman” by Winston Jarrett)
Produced by Brent Clarke. Dub Mix by Ribs & Familyman. Remix by Mad Professor. Bass by Aston Barrett. Drums by Carlton Barrett. Piano, organ by Tyrone Downie. Electric piano by John “Rabbit” Bundrick. Recorded 1974 during the Natty Dread Sessions. Recorded at Randy’s. Engineer Errol Thompson. Dub of “Horace Andy & Winston Jarrett And The Wailers – Earth Must Be Hell” album, released on Atra LP 1001, 1988.
Sings Tribute to Bob Marley
I have the Original Music OMCD 28, 1994, CD (First release).
African Herbsman, Dub Version, Stand Alone, Dub Version, Selassie Is The Chapel, SelassieIs The Chapel Part 2, Must Be A Revolution, Dub Version, Pound Get A Blow, Dub Version
Produced by N. Beckford.
All songs are Bob Marley covers, but “Must Be A Revolution” is a Winston Jarrett song.
His further albums include:
“Man Of The Ghetto”, Sonic Sounds SSR 009, 1977, LP. His debut album.
“Wise Man”, Tamoki-Wambesi TWLP 1001, 1979, LP and Tamoki-Wambesi TWCD 1001, CD.
Reissued as “Rocking Vibration”, Culture Press CSLP 5008, 1984, LP.
“Ranking Ghetto Style”, Gorgon, 1980, LP.
“Jonestown”, Nighthawk, 1989, LP.
“Solid Foundation”, Heartbeat, 1991, LP.
“Kingston Vibration”, RAS, 1991, LP.
“Too Many Boundaries”, RAS, 1995, LP.
“Unity & Livity”, Roots & Culture, 1999, CD. Compilation recorded in the 70s and 80s.
“Rise Up”, Sankofa, 2001, CD. Compilation recorded 1967 – 1995.
“Crucial Times”, Studio One SOLP 2112, 2003, LP.
“Survival Is The Game”, USA Young Tree YTR 1225, 2005, 2-CD. Compilation recorded 1969 – 2005

Artist Info: “Jazz Jamaica” is a project of Gary Crosby to create a fusion of mento, ska, reggae and jazz. Not to mix with another of his projects called “Jazz Jamaica All Stars”. Gary Crosby is the son of US entertainment legend Bing Crosby. He is born June 27th 1933. he died August 24th 1995. He plays double bass and leads the band. Clifton “Bigga” Morrison on keyboards and melodica, Rico Rodriguez on trombone, Michael “Bammie” Rose on alto saxophone and flute, Kendrick Rowe on drums, Eddie “Tan Tan” Thornton on trumpet, Tony Uter on percussion and Alan Weekes on guitar. Seemingly only one album of this project was released.
First released 1993.
I have the re-release on USA Hannibal HNCF 1397, 1996, CD.
Barbados, Don Cosmic, Skaravan (Caravan), Ramblin´, Nubia, Bridge View, You´re So Delightful, The Peanut Vendor, Green Island, Africa
Produced 1993 by Clifton Morrison. Saxophon on “Bridge View” by Cedric Brooks.

Artist Info: DJ, started at Studio One. Some further songs available on various artists compilations are “Scorcher” (1968), “More Scorcher” (1969), “Fever” and “Come Down”.
Correction Train / Version (Soul Defenders)
I have the JA Money Disc MD-106, 1972, 7-inch (First Jamaican pressing).

Artist Info: Producer and mixing engineer. Owner of Harry J Studio.
Cultural Dub
First released on JA Harry J, 1978, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Neighbour Dub (featuring Big Youth), Hearts Of Dub, Rivers Of Babylon (featuring The Melodians and I Roy), Breakdown Dub (Dub of Lorna Bennett´s “Breakfast In Bed”), World Of Dub (Dub of The Cable´s “What Kind Of World”), Undermind Dub, Cultural Dub (Dub of Prince Jazzbo´s & Rossie Davis “Crankie Bine”)
Produced by Harry J. Recorded at Harry J Studio. Mixed by Sylvain Morris.

Artist Info: LKJ was born August 24th 1952 in Jamaica and migrated to UK in 1963. Dub Poet, singer, songwriter, musician, producer, polital activist LKJ since over 25 years is one dominating factor in UK reggae. Because of him we know about Dub Poetry. Because of his we know about the situation of individual black sufferers in UK. He released some of his poems in book form, as songs and as a-capella citings. He is dealing with the reality of humans often telling individuals sad stories. All his poems showed to have the potential to be up to date for decades. His dub albums are minimalistic trance-like drum and bass with synthi and vocal samples. His live performances are unique as some songs are played with supporting Dennis Bovell Dub Band and some songs are done a capella like a poetry reading. His first five albums are released on UK Island, all later albums are released on his own LKJ label. His website is:
Dread Beat and Blood (Poet And The Roots)
First released on UK Virgin Frontline FL 1017, 1978, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Virgin VX 1002, 1981, LP.
Also released on Heartbeat CDHB 01, CD.
Also released on Virgin CDFL 12, CD.
And I have the re-release on Austria Virgin CDFL 9009, 1990, CD (With two extra tracks).
Dread Beat An’ Blood, Five Nighty Of Bleeding, Doun De Road, Song Of Blood, It Dread Inna Inlan, Come We Go Dung Deh, Man Free, All Wi Doin Is Defendin, Command Counsel Dub (CD extra track), Defense Dub (CD extra track)
Produced by LKJ.
His debut album.
Forces of Victory
First released on UK Island ILPS 9566, 1979, LP.
I have the German Island 200 459, 1979, LP (First German Pressing).
And I have the re-release on German Island / Mango 250 459, 1992, CD.
Also released on Island RRCD 32, CD.
Want Fi Goh Rave, It Noh Funny, Sonny’s Lettah (Anti-Sus Poem), Independent Intavenshan, Fite Dem Back, Reality Poem, Forces Of Viktry, Time Come
His second album.
Bass Culture
First released on UK Island, 1980, LP.
I have the reissue on German Island / Mango 252 211, CD.
Also released on UK Island RRCD 26, CD.
Bass Culture, Street 66, Reggae Fi Peach, Di Black Petty Booshwah, Inglan Is A Bitch, Loraine, Reggae Sounds, Two Sides Of Silence
His third album.
In Dub
First released on UK Island ILPS 9650, 1980, LP.
I have the reissue on German Island 203 181, 1980, LP (First German Pressing).
Also released on UK Island RRCD 34, CD.
Serious Dub (Forces Of Viktry Dub), Reality Dub (Reality Poem Dub), Peach Dub (Reggae Fi Peach Dub), Shocking Dub (Reggae Sounds Dub), Iron Bar Dub (Sonny’s Lettah Dub), Bitch Dub (Inglan Is A Bitch Dub), Cultural Dub (Bass Culture Dub), Brain Smashing Dub (Fite Dem Back Dub)
Four dubs from “Forces Of Victory” and four dubs from “Bass Culture”. Featuring Rico on trombone.
Making History
First released on UK Island ILPS 9770, 1984, LP.
I have the German Island 206155, 1984, LP (First German Pressing).
Also released on Island CCD 9770, CD.
Di Eagle An’ Di Bear, Wat About Di Workin’ Claass?,Di Great Insoreckshan, Making History, Reggae Fi Radni, Reggae Fi Dada, New Craas Massahkah
Produced by Dennis Bovell & LKJ.
His fourth studio album.
Live In Concert With The Dub Band
First released on UK LKJ, 1985, Do-LP.
Also released on UK LKJ 003, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Five Nights Of Bleeding, Dread Beat An’ Blood, Intro, All Wi Doin Is Defendin, It Dread Inna Inglan, Man Free, Want Fi Goh Rave, It Noh Funny, Forces Of Victory, Independant Intavenshan, Reggae Fi Peach, Di Black Patty Booshwah, New Crass Massahkah, Reality Poem, Wat About Di Working Class?, Di Great Insorekshan, Making History
Recorded live in London, UK.
Peenie Waali (Various Artists Project)
I have the Suisse Mensch / Blue Moon Productions, 1991, CD.
This compilation is the only release of an exclusive LKJ recording of 1989: “Beacon Of Hope” (by LKJ with drums and percussion Fizzé and Dizzy, trombone by Rico and bass by Dennis Bovell) and its dub called “Version Of Hope” (by Fizzé & Dizzi).
Tings And Times
First released on UK LKJ 013, 1991, LP.
Also released on UK LKJ 013, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Story, Sense Outta Nansense,Tings And Times, Mi Revealushanary Fren, Di Good Life, Di Anfinished Revalueshan, Dubbin Fi Life
His fifth studio album.
In Dub Volume Two
I have the UK LKJ 009, 1992, LP (First UK Pressing).
Also released on UK LKJ 002, CD.
Historic Dub (Making History Dub), Cold War Dub (Di Eagle An’ Di Bear Dub), Guyanese Dub (Reggae Fi Radni Dub), Timeless Dub (Tings An’ Times Dub), Sensical Dub, (Sense Outta Nansense Dub 1), Sensical Duprise (Sense Outta Nansense Dub 2), Face Card Dub (Story Dub), Dub Tale (Story Dub 2), Dubbin Di Revalueshan (Di Anfinished Revalution Dub)
Three Dubs from Making History, 6 Dubs From Tings An’ Times with two of them in two different mixes.
Independant Intavenshan: The Island Anthology
I have the UK Island / Polygram 524 575-2, 1998, 2-CD on 2-CDR.
CD 1:
Want Fi Goh Rave, It Noh Funny, Sonny´s Lettah (Anti Sus Poem), Iron Bar, Independant Intavenshan, Fite Dem Back, Brain Smashing, Reality Poem, Reality, Forces Of Viktry, Victorious, Time Come, Bass Culture, Culture, Street ´66, Reggae Fi Peach, Peach, Di Black Petty Booshwah (12-inch version), Di Black Petty Booshwah (Dub) (a.k.a. “Action Line”, 12-inch b-side, 1980)
CD 2:
Inglan Is A Bitch, Bitch, Loraine, Reggae Sounds, Shocking, 2 Sounds Of Silence, Di Eagle An Di Bear (12-inch version), Wat About Di Workin Class?, Di Great Insohrekshan, Insohreckshan, Making History, Historic, Reggae Fi Radni, Reggae Fi Dada, New Crass Massakah
More Time
First released on UK LKJ 018, 1998, LP.
Also released on UK LKJ 018, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
More Time, Reggae Fi Bernard, Hurrican Blues, Liecense Fi Kill, If I Waz A Tap Natch Poet, Reggae Fi May Ayim, Poems Of Shape And Motion, Seasons Of The Heart, New Word Hawdah
His sixth studio album.
In Dub Volume Three
I have the UK LKJ 021, 2002, LP (First UK Pressing).
Also released on UK LKJ 021, 2002, CD.
Dirty Langwidge Dub (New World Hawdah Dub),Rootikal Dub (Reggae Fi Bernard Dub), Liesense Fi Dub (License Fi Kill Dub), Dubbin Di Tradition, Time Fi Dub (More Time Dub), Row Man Tik Dub (Hurrican Blues Dub), Mensch Dub, Afro-German Dub (Reggae Fi May Ayim Dub), Dubbin Di Diaspora (If I Waz A Tap Natch Poet Dub), Poetic Dub (Poems Of Shape And Motion)
Eight Dubs from More Time. The originals of “Dubbin Di Tradition” and “Mensch Dub” I am not able to identify.
Live In Paris With The Dennis Bovell Dub Band
I have the UK LKJ 022, 2004, CD on CDR.
Intro / Di Eagle An Di Bear, Want Fi Goh Rave, Sonny´s Lettah, Dread Beat An´ Blood, Fite Dem Back, Reggae Fi Peach, Reggae Fi Radni, Di Great Insohreckshan, Mekkin´ Histri, Tings An´ Times, Liesense Fi Kill, More Time, Reggae Fi Bernard
Recorded live at the Zenith, Paris, France, 2003.
One more album is:
“LKJ A-Cappella Live”, UK LKJ Records 016, 1996, CD, including: Five Nights Of Bleeding, Reggae Sounds, Bass Culture, Sonny´s Lettah, It Noh Funny, New Crass Massakah, Di Great Insoreckshan, Reggae Fi Dada, Story, Mi Revahlueshanary Fren, Tings An Times, Di Anfinich Revahlueshan, If I Woz A Tap Natch Poet, Hurricane Blues.

Artist info: The Joint Chiefs is a reggae band from Washington, DC., USA, founded 1995 and recently disbanded. Blue Bee is their own label.
No Boundary
First released on Blue Bee, 2001, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Launch Us, No Boundary, Form, Balance & Balance Dub, Troddin´, Action Make Due, I Can See, Culture & Culture Dub, Fire In The Belly.
Their debut album.

Artist info:
Conscious Man
I have the Seven Leaves RR CD 001, 1993, CD (First album release) mp3-sourced on CDR.
Conscious Man, Brotherly Love, Have A Little Faith, Back Biter, Cool Down, Babylon A Fight Rasta, Dread Dreader, Play Play, Oppression, Colour
Produced by Lee Perry.
Recorded at Black Ark, Kingston, JA in 1978.
One original album release is:
“Consciousness”, UK Ballistic UAG 30621, 1979, LP.

Artist Info: Jamaican singer. No biographical details known. Although “4 And 20 Dreadlocks” seems to be quiet popular as appearing on a couple of compilations, it seems to be the only song this singer ever recorded.
4 And 20 Dreadlocks / 4 And 20 Dub (Upsetters)
I have the JA Upsetter, 1977, 7-inch (First JA Pressing).
Both tracks appear on “Rastafari Liveth In The Hearts Of Everyone Itinually” (Various Artists”, Justice League, LP.
A disco mix of the track appears on Lee Perry´s CD “Cutting Razor”.
Produced by Lee Perry. Backed by The Upsetters.
The song is based on an old english nursery rhyme.

Artist Info:
Compared To What
I have the JA Studio One SOL 9019, 1971, LP reissued as JA Studio One SOLP 9019, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Common People, There´s A Chance For Me, Honey Come Back, Compared To What, Oh Me Oh My, Let It Be, Freedom Train, All In The Game, Trying Times, Hold On, I Found That Somene, If I Only Had Time
Bonus tracks on my CDR taken from UK Bamboo BAM 65 1970, 7-inch: Still Waters, Wig Wam.

Artist Info: Junior Cony is the name of the dub project of Jean-Mi who is also known as part of the french punk groups “Ludwig Von 88? and “Bérurier Noir”. He started to record roots dub music in 2003 and until now has released three albums.
Inna Roots Tradition
First released on Crash Disques / Pias, 2003, CD.
Recorded and mixed between 105 and 2001.
I have this album on CDR.
Burn Babylon, Guide My Star, Reggae International, Maka Booka, Originally Dub Mix 1, Slavery 77, Clappers Roots, Judgement, Keus Keus, Family Man, Jaures Dub
His debut album.
Meets Shanti D. & Mister Irie At The Government Shop
First released on Pias, 2003, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Originally, No More A Dat, I Don’t Like To Dub, Vision, Now Is The Time, Now Is The Dub, Meditation, Pay Back, Nowhere To Go, Face Reality, Nowhere To Dub, War, Final War
His second album.
One more album is released:
“Peace Monger”, FZM / Wagram, 2006, CD. His third album.