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Artist Info: Huford Brown is born on 25th November 1956. je is a seventies DJ who learned and give respect to U Roy. His nicknames are “Nu Roy” and “New Roy”. He started to record with “Wet Up Your Pants Foor”, “Jamaica Tobacco” and “Jah Jah Whip Them” circa 1975. His first UK only album is “Satta Dread” on Klik. He went on with albums for Bunny Lee “London Rock”, “Revelation Time”, and “Starsky And Hutch”. Until 1984 he released in total eleven albums. In the late 1990s he came back to recording until now.
Revelation Time
I have the UK Live & Learn LALP 002, 1977, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Revelation Time, Keep On Moving, Natty Dub In A London, Gal Remember I, Forward I Home, Come We Have Fun, Don´t Kill Your Brother, Struggling Dreads, Jah Jah I Know Why, A Lie The Girl A Lie
Produced by Bunny Lee.
Mr. Brown Something
I have the UK Virgin FL 1003, 1978, LP
Turning Table, Natty Dread A Take Over, Natural Sound (DJ version of Black Uhuru´s “Natural Mystic”), Peace And Love (DJ version of Black Uhuhu´s “Willow Tree”), Know Yourself, Natty Dread Upon The Mountain Top (DJ version of Black Uhuru´s “I Love King Selassie”), Tottenham Rock (DJ version of Black Uhuru´s “Satan Army Band”), Natty Dread Unite (DJ version of Black Uhuru´s “Time To Unite”), Rocking Vibration, Mr. Brown Something
Drums by Carlton Santa Davis, bass by Robbie Shakespeare, keyboards by Winston Wright and Wire Lindo, rhythm guitar by Bo Pee, lead guitar by Chinna, percussion by Mr. Scully. Produced by Fat Man and U-Brown, mixed by Prince Jammy at King Tubby´s.
Train To Zion
I have the UK Blood And Fire BAFCD 020, 1997, CD
Watch This People (DJ Version of Owen Grey´s “Bongo Natty” 1974, originally by Alton Ellis as “Girl I´ve Got A Date”)
The Big Licking Stick (DJ Version of Cornell Campbell´s “Undying Love”, JA Jackpot, originally by Ernest Wilson)
Natty Hold The Handle (DJ Version of Johnny Clarke´s “I Hold The Handle”, originally by The Heptones for Studio One)
Let Love Shine Along The Way (DJ Version of Johnny Clarke´s “Give Me A Love”, originally by The Uniques)
Watch What Is Going On (DJ Version of Cornell Campbell´s “Watch That Sound” originally in reggae by The Uniques, written by Buffalo Springfield)
News To The Nation (DJ Version of Johnny Clarke´s “No Tribal War” originally titled “Strictly Rockers”)
Stop Them Jah (DJ version of a Bunny Lee recording of “King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown”), Live As One (DJ Version of Yabby U´s “Mr Smart”)
Too Much (DJ Version of Johnny Clarke´s “Do Good”)
Satta Dread Style (DJ Version of Horace Andy´s “Beware Of A Smiling Face” originally titled “Satta Dread”
Jah Give Me Strength (DJ Version of Cornell Campbell´s “Give Me Strength Oh Jah”)
Train To Zion (Discomix with Linval Thompson 1976 Socialist Roots 12-inch) (DJ Version using the rhythm of “Death In The Arena”, based on Bernard Purdie´s “Funky Donkey” 1968)
Bits Of Paper (Discomix) (DJ Version of “Real Rock” also used for Linval Thompson´s “Can´t Stop Natty Dread)
Nuh Kill Fi Dunza (Extended) (DJ Version of Johnny Clarke´s “Blood Dunza”)
Hard Times (extended) (DJ Version of Johnny Clarke´s “Age Is Growing”
Seven tracks (01, 06, 10 and four others) are taken from the rare “Satta Dread” album (1975).
His further albums include:
“London Rock”, Third World, late 70ies, LP, including: London Rock, Unity Of Love, Here We Come Again, Travel East To West, Rocking Vibration, Jamaican Shuffle, Manners, Going To The Ball, Special Request, Drum And Bass, Satta Natty Dread, Fire And Desire.

Artist Info: Reggae band from my home town, Bonn, Germany. They are formed in 1982 and their latest CD is of 2004. Still active.
Cinderella, Dub / Baby I Love You, Dub
I have the German RTD M 27 -5, 1989, 12-inch Maxi. This is their first release.

Artist info: Vocal trio from Jamaica formed by Roy Shirley, Slim Smith and Franklyn White in 1966 that released a few singles. In late 1967 Slim Smith formed a new group with Jimmy Riley and Lloyd Charmers active unitil late 1969. In 1977 Jimmy Riley and Cornell Campbell and in 1997 these two and Al Campbell revived the band shortly.
Among their albums are:
“Absolutely The Uniques”, JA Trojan 15 (UK cover), LP, including: Run Come, Watch This Sound, Just A Mirage, Out Of Love, A Yuh, Speak No Evil, Standing In, My Conversation, You Will Lose A Precious Love, Thats The Way, Gypsy Woman, Freedom Song.


Artist Info: Born as Ewart Beckford on September 21st 1942 he became famous djing  as U Roy in 1970 with hits like “Wake The Town”, “Wear You To The Ball”, “Rule The Nation” and “Flashing The Whip”. He is still active.
Version Galore
First released on JA Treasure Isle, 1970, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Your Ace From Space, On The Beach, Version Galore, True Confession, Tide Is High, Things You Love, The Same Song, Happy Go Lucky Girl, Rock Away, Wear You To The Ball, Don´t Stay Away, Hot Pop
His debut album.
Dreamland (aka Rhythm Land) (2,28) (U Roy), Dreamland Version (aka Rhythm Land Version) (2,35) (U Roy) / Moving On (Big Youth) (3,00)
I have the reissue on JA Black Art ART 25, 7-inch
Dread Inna Babylon
I have the UK Virgin V 2048, 1975, LP (First UK Pressing)
Runaway Girl, Chalice In The Palace, I Can’t Love Another, Dread Locks Dread, The Great Psalms, Natty Don’t Fear, African Message, Silver Bird, Listen To The Teacher, Trench Town Rock
Produced by Tony Robinson. Mixed by Errol Thompson and Prince Tony. Backed by The Soul Syndicate and Skin, Flesh And Bones Band.
His third album.
Natty Rebel
I have the UK Virgin VX 1008, 1976, LP (First UK Pressing)
Babylon Burning, Natty Rebel, So Jah Jah Say, Natty Kung Fu, If You Should Leave Me, Do You Remember, Travelling Man, Have Mercy, Badie Boy, Go There Natty, Fire In A Trenchtown
“Natty Rebel” is the DJ-Version of “Soul Rebel” by The Gladiators, their Bob Marley cover.
“Have Mercy” is the DJ-Version of “Have Some Mercy” by The Mighty Diamonds.
“Fire In A Trenchtown” is the DJ-Version of Owen Gray’s “Fire In A Trenchtown.
His fourth album.
Natty Rebel (3,50) / Rebel Version (4,00)
I have the JA TR Groovemaster V2509, 1976, 7-inch
Produced and arranged by Prince Tony Robinson.
DJ-Version and it’s dub by U Roy using the 1976 cover recording by The Gladiators of Bob Marley´s “Soul Rebel” (1970).
Natty Rebel Extra Tracks
Private made CDR.
Babylon Burning, Natty Rebel, So Jah Jah Say, Natty Kung Fu, If You Should Leave Me, Do You Remember, Travelling Man, Have Mercy, Badie Boy, Go There Natty, Fire In A Trenchtown, Natty Rebel (7-inch), Rebel Version (7-inch)
Rasta Ambassador
I have the UK Virgin V 2092, 1977, LP (First UK Pressing)
I have the reissue on EU Virgin CDFL 2016, 2004, CD
Control Tower, Wear You To The Ball, Evil Doers, Mr Slave Driver, Small Axe, Come Home Little Girl, Say You, No More War, Tide Is High, Jah Jah, Small Axe (Version)
Small Axe & Version is written by Bob Marley.
His seventh album.
With Words of Wisdom
First released 1979.
I have this album recorded from vinyl to CDR.
Honey Come Forward, Treasure Isle Skank, Rule The Nation, Drive Her Home, Tom Drunk, Words Of Wisdom, The Merry Go Round, Wake The Town, What Is Catty, Everybody Bawling, Ain’t That Loving You, Behold
His eighth album.
The Originator Nu & U-Roy
I have the UK Carib Gems CGLP 107, 1980, LP (First UK Pressing)
The Originator, Ride On, Jump For Joy, Conference At The Temple, Feel Jah Jah Spirit, A Catch You Red Handed, King Tubby’s On The Scene, Porosite Girl, Heavy Duty, Don’t Be No Folly, Coming On Strong
Different to a later released album of the same title.
With A Flick Of My Musical Wrist Jamaican DeeJay Music 1970-1973
I have the UK Trojan TRLS 268, 1988, LP
You Keep On Running (U Roy over Delroy Wilson’s “You’ll Never Get Away”)
For Our Desire (King Sporty over Justin Hines’ “Carry Go Bring Come”)
Ontarious Version (Charley Ace)
Love I Tender (U Roy)
Golden Chickens (Ramon & The Crystalites)
Hammering (Cat Campbell & Nicky Thomas)
Moving Version (Big Youth over Bob Marley’s “Keep On Moving”)
Festival Wise (U Roy over Eric Donaldson’s “Blue Boot”, 1972)
Medley Train (U Roy & Ken Boothe)
Space Flight (I Roy, 1973)
On Top Of The Peak (U Roy)
Opportunity Rock (Big Youth over “Midnight In Moscow”)
Speak No Evil (King Tony)
Hard Feeling (U Roy)
Musical Drum Sound (I Roy over Audley Rollins’s “Repatriation” rhythm)
Free From Chains (Prince Jazzbo)
Serious Matter
I have the Dutch Walboomers WBLP 07, 2000, LP
Half Me Get (with Dennis Brown), Attention (with Third World and PierPolJak), Money (with Horace Andy), Same Vibe (with Israel Vibration), Half 3 The Hard Way (with Dennis Brown & Cheb Aissa), Know Yourself (with Ernest Wilson), Love Fe Me (with Jimmy London), Serious Matter (with Beres Hammond), Ska Version (with Johnny Dizzy Moore), When Jah Come (with Dennis Brown), Bass Power (with Horace Andy), Know Who I Am (with Third World)
Produced by Guillaume Bougard & Piere Simonin. Bass by Errol “Flabba” Holt & Mikey Wallace. Drums by Derrick “Stewie” Stewart, Lowell “Sly” Dunbar, Audrey “Prince” Manning & Flabba Holt. Guitars by Steve “Cat” Coore, Rupert Bent and Steve Golding. Keyboards by Lloyd “Obeah” Denton, Keith Sterling, Mallory Williams & Mikey Wallace. Horns by Johnny “Dizzy” Moore, Felix “Deadly Headly” Bennett, Dean Frazer, Calvin Cameron, & Geoffrey Brown.
“Love Fe Me” is a dj version of “Give A Little Love” by Jimmy London, probably recorded with Peter Tosh on guitar.
Serious Matter Dub
I have the Dutch Walboomers WBLP 06, 2000, LP
Serious Matter Dub, Malf Me Get Dub, Know Yourself Dub, Bass Power Dub, Same Vibe Dub, Money Dub, Attention Dub, Ska Version Dub, When Jah Come Dub, Miss Till I Kiss Dub
Produced by Guillaume Bougard & Piere Simonin.
Further albums:
“U Roy”, 1974. His second album.
“Dreadlocks In Jamaica”, 1976. His fifth album.
“Jah Son Of Africa”, 1977. His sixth album.
“Dubbing To The King In A Higher Rank (The Best Of U Roy – King Attarney)”, BALT 4003, 1977, LP, including: Jah Berry, Run Away Child, Right Time, Shave The Barber, Crash Programme Project, Ital Stew, Jail House, Swell Headed, Please Be True, Cane Man Skank, Traitor, Bag A Wire.
“Crucial Cuts”, 1983.
“Line Up And Come”, 1987.
“Music Addict”, 1987.
“Version Of Wisdom”, 1990.
“True Born African”, 1991.
“The Teacher Meets The Student”, 1992.
“Rock With I”, 1992.
“Smile A While”, 1993.
“Original DJ”, 1995.
“Babylon Kingdom Must Fall”, UK Ariwa ARILP 129, 1997, LP
“U Roy Live”, 1998.
“Right Time Rockers (The Lost album 1976)” (over Mighty Diamonds “Right Time” album), 2000
“Now”, 2001.
“Rightful Ruler”, 2002.
“Rebel In Style”, 2003.
“Now”, 2005.
“Musical Vision”, 2006.
“Hold On Rasta”, 2007.
“Old School New Rules”, 2007.