Artists: S

Artists – S
One of the most famous hymn of reggae. Celebrated on: Tree Of Satta Vol. 1, CD.
Satta Massa Gana (Abyssinians)
Thunderstorm (Bongo Herman)
Mabrak (Abyssinians)
I Pray Thee (Big Youth)
Charming Version (Lloyd Charmers)
Wisdom (Prince Fari)
Satta Me No Born Yah (Bernard Collins)
I Saw Esau (Dillinger)
Mandela (Tommy Mc Cook)
Satta Don (Bernard Collins)
Blessed (U Roy)
Man Of Jah Order (Luciano)
It’s Of Jah (Natural Black)
Conspirancy (Yami Bolo)
Dislocate (Capleton)
How Long (Tony Tuff)
Ranglin Satta (Ernest Ranglin)
Corner Stone (Jah Mali)
Good And Bad (Anthony B)
Dahina Dimps (Dean Fraser)
Just a consideration on this subject:
MY SUGGESTED Tree Of Satta Vol 2 would contain:
taken from the various vinyls I have:
Mandela Version (Abyssinians)
Mandela Part 2 (Abyssinians)
Tommy’s Flute (Tommy Mc Cook hammond organ version)
Thunder Storm Pt 2 (Bongo Herman)
Satta Massa Gana (Basque Dub Foundation)
Another Satta (Headley Bennett)
I Pray Thee / Satta Amasagana (Big Youth)
Satta Amasagana (Johnny Clarke)
Peter Tosh Here Comes The Judge (Peter Tosh)
Rebeloution (Winston Wright)
Ah So (The Destroyers)
If Ah So Version (The Destroyers)
Satia (Keith Hudson)
Satta-Amasa-Gana I Roy)
Sata (Jah Lloyd)
No Partial Dud (King Tubby)
Satta Massa Gana (Light Of Saba)
Sata (Version 1) (Mighty Three)
Sata (Version 2) (Mighty Three)
Cedric Brooks Sattamassagana (Cedric Im Brooks & Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari)
And to continue this consoideration:
MY SUGGESTED Tree Of Satta Vol 3:
Satta Dub (Augustus Pablo)
Deck Of Life (Prince Fari)
Homeward Bound (Prince Fari)
Jordan River (Prince Fari)
Prophet Live (Prince Jazzbo)
Prophet Dub (Prince Jazzbo)
Satta Amasagana (Ernest Ranglin)
Sata Amasa Gana (Third World)
Satta-Amasagana (The Psalms, Live)
Satta (Tappa Zukie)
Lee Perry Special Dub (Lee Perry)
In The Ghetto (Big Joe)
Satia (Keith Hudson – Henry & Louis RMX)
Satta Dub Glass Version (Prince Fari)
and so on.
I found another list of versions online:
Abyssinians, Mabrak (Abyssinians)
Abyssinians, Satta Massa Ganna (Abyssinians)
Richard Ace, Charming Version (Abyssinians)
Beverley Bailey, I was In Love (Joe Gibbs)
Big Joe, In The Ghetto (Bunny Lee)
Big Joe, Satta In the Palace (Bunny Lee)
Big Youth, Dreader Than Dread (Abyssinians)
Big Youth, Give Praises (Michael Buchanan)
Big Youth, I Pray Thee (Abyssinians)
Bongo Herman, Thunderstorm (Abyssinians)
Cedric “Im” Brooks, Satta Massa Ganna (Herman Chin Loy)
Cedric “Im” Brooks, Satta (Coxsone Dodd)
Al Campbell, Jah Army (Joe Joe Hoo Kim)
Johnny Clarke, Satta (Bunny Lee)
Destroyers, Ah So (Joe Gibbs)
Dillinger, Addis Ababa Ethiopia (Bunny Lee)
Dillinger, I Saw E Saw (Abyssinians)
Dillinger, Three Fifty Four (Ossie Hibbert)
Don Carlos, Satta Massagana (Bunny Lee)
Clint Eastwood – Faith Moves Mountains (Joe Joe Hoo Kim)
I Roy, I Pray Thee (Joe Gibbs)
I Roy, It A Go Dread (Bunny Lee)
I Roy, Satta (Bunny Lee)
I Roy, Wicked Eat Dirt (Niney)
Jah Lion, Sata, (Lee Perry)
Jah Satta, Satta Me No Born Yah (Abyssinians)
Jah Scotchie, Man of Creation (Coxsone Dodd)
Tommy McCook, Mandella (Abyssinians)
Freddy McGregor, Rasta Have Faith (Niney)
Freddie McGregor – Satta (Freddie McGregor)
Jackie Mittoo, Night In Ethiopia (Coxsone Dodd)
Nitty Gritty, Down In the Ghetto (King Jammy)
Michael Palmer, Hold Me (King Jammy)
Augustus Pablo, Pablo Satta (Augustus Pablo)
Augustus Pablo & Jah Butty, Silent Satta (Augustus Pablo)
Prince Buster, Satta Massa Ganna (Prince Buster)
Prince Far I, Armagideon (Prince Far I)
Prince Far I, Commandments of Drugs (Prince Far I)
Prince Far I, Deck Of Cards (Joe Gibbs)
Prince Far I, Deck Of Life (Prince Far I)
Prince Far I, Psalm 2 (Lloydie Slim)
Prince Far I, Wisdom (Abyssinians)
Prince Far I & The Arabs, Homeward Bound (Prince Far I)
Prince Jazzbo, Prophet Live (Lee Perry)
Prince Muhammed, Money Man The Gal Want (Joe Gibbs)
Prince Muhammed, Owner Fe Di Yard (Harry J)
Prophets, Sattamassagana (Yaba Yu)
Peter Ranking & General Lucky, Black Am I (Don Mais)
Leroy Smart, Jah Is My Light (Niney)
Leroy Smart, Life Is a Funny Thing (Bunny Lee)
Rod Taylor, True History (Don Mais)
Third World, Satta Massa Ganna (Third World)
Peter Tosh, Here Comes The Judge (Joe Gibbs)
Tony Tuff, Cool It (Coxsone Dodd)
Trinity, Sams (Bunny Lee)
Upsetters, Prophet Dub (Lee Perry)
Viceroys, Shadrack, Meshach and Abendego (Coxsone Dodd)
Wayne Wade, Man Of The Living (Yaba Yu)
Winston Wright, Rebeloution (Joe Gibbs)
Tappa Zuckie, Satta (Tappa Zuckie)

Artist info: Singer. Now supports The Skatalites on their tours.
Her albums include:
“The First Lady Of Reggae”, UK Economy SECO 31, 1970, LP, including: Walk Through The World, Everybody Needs Love, No Matter What, Try To Remember, How Long, If It Don´t Work Out, As Long As He Needs Me, Doggie In The Window, I Fall In Love Every Day, One Of Us Will Weep, June Night, Love Me With All Your Heart.

Artist Info: Born Overton Brown.
Scientist v Prince Jammy Big Showdown
I have the UK Greensleeves GREL 10, 1980, LP (First UK Pressing)
Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4, Round 5, Round 6, Round 7, Round 8, Round 9, Round 10
Produced by Henry “Junjo” Lawes, recorded at Channel One Studios, mixed at King Tubby´s by Scientist and Prince Jammy, MC: Jah Thomas, backing by Roots Radics Band featuring Errol “Flabba” Holt on bass, Carlton “Santa” Davis on drums, Gladstone “Gladdie” Anderson on keyboards, Ansel Collins on keyboards, Bo Peep on rhythm guitar, Earl “Chinna” Smith on lead guitar and Christopher “Sky Juice” Blake” on percussion.
Scientific Dub
First released on USA Clocktower LPCT 0119, 1981, LP.
Also released on USA Clocktower / SARGE PCTO 0119, 1981, LP.
I have the reissue on Canadian Abrahams / Clocktower LPCT 0119, LP.
Drum Song Dub, Keep A Good Man Down, Taxi To Baltimore, Satta Dread Dub, Every Dub Shall Scrub, Blacka Shade Of Dub, Bad Days Dub, East Of Scientist Corner (II Pieces), Just Say Dub … Who, Words Of Dub
Produced by Brad Osbourne (King Tubby).
Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires
First released 1981.
I have the reissue on UK Greensleeves GRELCD 25, 1990, CD.
The Voodoo Curse, Dance Of The Vampires, Blood On His Lips, Cty Of The Werewolf, The Mummy´s Shroud, The Corpse Rises, Night Of The Living Dead, Your Teeth In My Neck, Plague Of The Zombies, Ghost Of Frankenstein
Produced by Henry “Junjo” Lawes. Backed by The Roots Radics featuring Flabba Holt, Style, Santa, Sticky, Skully, Sky Jiuce, Gladdie Anderson, Ansel Collins, Winston Wright, Sowell, Bingy Bunny, Bo Pee, Alan, Deadly Headley, Dean Fraser, Nambo Robinson.
Meets The Space Invaders
I have the UK Greensleeves GREL 19, 1981, LP (First UK Pressing)
Beam Up, Red Shift, Time Warp, Cloning Process, Pulsar, Laser Attack, De Materialize, Fission, Super Nova Explosion, Quasar
Produced by Mickie “Roots” Scott & Linval Thompson. Backed by The Roots Radics featuring Sowell, Bingy Bunny, Flabba Holt, Style, Santa, Sky Juice, Skully, Steely, Winston Wright, Gladdie.
Encounter Pacman at Channel One
I have the UK Greensleeves GREL 46, 1982, LP (First UK Pressing)
Under Surveilance, Prince’s Wrath, Space Invaders Re-Group, World Cup Squad Lick Their Wounds, Vampire Initiative, Malicious Intent, The Dark Secret Of The Box, S.O.S., Man-Trap, Look Out – Behind You!
Produced by Linval Thompson. Backing by The Roots Radics.
“Under Surveilance” is the dub of “The Intelligence Of Her Mind” by The Viceroys and the dub of “Sensee Party” by Eek-A-Mouse.
“Prince’s Wrath” is the dub of “Things Couldn’t Be The Same” by Linval Thompson.
“Space Invaders Re-Group” is the dub of “Call Me” by Dennis Brown.
“World Cup Squad Lick Their Wounds” is the dub of “Are You Ready” by Linval Thompson.
“Vampire Initiative” is the dub of “Can’t Stop Us Now” by The Viceroys.
“Malicious Intent” is the dub of “Do You Remember” by Eek-A-Mouse.
“The Dark Secret Of The Box” is the dub of “Things Couldn’t Be The Same” by Linval Thompson. (Again?)
“S.O.S.” is the dub of “Time Is Important” by The Viceroys.
“Look Out – Behind You!” is the dub of “Holding On To My Girlfriend” by Linval Thompson.
Dub Poets Dub
I have the USA Heartbeat HB 30, 1983, LP (First USA Pressing)
Fork And Hoe, Death Row, Cussin De President, Illusion, Blood Shout Dub, Hide And Fine, Aids, Anti-Klan Dub, Land Control
Produced by Mutabaruka.
Dub to “Word Soun’ An Power – Jamaican Dub Poets”, mixed by Scientist.
Scientist Meets Roots Radics Dubbin With Horns
I have the UK Burning Sounds CDBS 560, 1996, CD
Miss Know It, Working Hard (Won´t You Come Home Girl), Nuh Brother Fight (Heavenless), Gunshot, Gunman, Young Lover (Shank I Shenk), Jah Wrote Me (A Letter From Zion), Best Dress (Pretty Looks), Evening Time, Gambling (Mama Say), One Way, What You Gonna Do, The Greatest, Scientist (Stalag 17)

Artist Info: Jamaican saxophon player.
The Wonderful Sound Of Ossie Scott
I have the UK Third World TDWD 13, ca. 1979, LP
Lapaloma, Cherry Part & Apple Blossom, Danny Boy, Perfidia, I Am In The Mood, Wonderful Sound, She Wears My Ring, Maria Elana, Fasnation, Wonderland by Night
Featuring Gladstone Anderson, Winston Wright, Willie Lindo, Little D, Frater, Bo Pee, Carlton Santa Davis, Scully, Michael Dread, Aston Barrett. Recorded at Harry J Studios, mixed at King Tubby´s, produced by Bunny Lee.
Romantic instrumental album full of american standars, meant for honey-moon couples in Jamaica, I guess. But what a line-up!

Artist Info: Early Jamaican DJ.
Unbelievable Sounds
First released on UK Trojan CDTRL 264, 1996, CD.
Songs 1 – 11 first released on “School Days”.
First released on JA Crystal, 1971, LP.
Also released on UK Trojan TRLS 33, 1971, LP.
Draw Your Brakes (Version Bedroom), Children Children, Penny For Your Song, Jam Rock Style, I Worry, Musical Chariot, Sing Along, Rosemarie, Sesame Street, Lonely Man, Riddle I This, Monkey Drop, I Count The Skank, Clean Race, Skank In Bed, Unbelievable Sounds, Salvation Train, Penny For Your Song (Version 2), I´ve Passed This Way Before, Shocking Love, By The River (Me And My Baby), Wailing Festival, In This World.
Produced by Derrick Hariott.
“Penny For Your Song” is the DJ Version of the Wailing Souls track with the same title.
“Riddle I This” is the DJ Version of Junior Murvin´s “Solomon”.
“Skank In Bed” is the DJ Version of Lorna Bennett´s “Breakfast In Bed”.

Artist info: Isaac Haile Selassie belongs to the family of Haile Selassie. He lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.
First released on USA Conscious Music, 1999, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Day Of The Fear, Dear Bob (Tribute To Bob Marley), Life, Black Panther, I & I, Love What You Gonna Say, Unite, Interlude: Selassie´s Last Words From The Throne, Careless Ethiopians, Can You Hear My Knocking?, Heading To The End, How Could It Be Lord (To Find Forgiveness), Abatechion Hoye Chant.
His debut album.

Artist Info: Senya is born as Olive Grant. Senya started recording with the tutorship of Aston Barrett in 1974.
She recorded “Oh Jah Come” and “Children Of The Ghetto” backed by The Wailers Band and produced by Aston Barrett. The “Children Of The Ghetto”, appearing on CD on “Roots Daughters, Women In reggae: Holding Up Half The Sky” and on a 7-inch on Impact!.
In 1978 she recorded “Roots Man”. This track and “Children Of The Ghetto” appear on CD on “Randy´s North Parade” album.
At Tuff Gong in 1979 / 1980 she recorded “Natural Woman” and re-recorded “Children Of The Ghetto”. Both tracks are released on Fam´s produced “Juvenile Delinquent” album and on Aston Barrett´s CD “Cobra Style: Lost Productions” and on a 12-inch Maxi. “Dubbing Naturally” and “Pickney Dub”, the dub versions of both songs, are released on the CD “Familyman In Dub”.
Early in the 80ies she recorded “Show Some Love”, produced by Jimmy Cliff and “Trying Woman”.
In UK on a compilation produced by Carlton Hibbert appear “Are You For Real?”, “Lonely Nights” and “One More Chance”.
She also sang backing vocals on Alpha Blondy´s “Jerusalem” album. She passed away on April 19th, 2001.
More info see: .
Children Of The Ghetto (Original) / Ghetto Dub
I have the reissue on JA Impact!, AB 54455A / AB 54455B, ca. 2007, 7-inch.
Oh Jah Come
I have this track running 2,22 on a private compilation, “AC´s Compilation 1 (Roots)”.
Oh Jah Dub
I have this track running 1,58 on Impact All Stars “Forward The Bass”, CD.
Natural Woman
I have this track on Aston Barrett´s “Cobra Style”, CD.
Dubbing Naturally
I have this track on Aston Barrett´s “Familyman In Dub, CD
Children Of The Ghetto (1978)
I have this track running 7,30 on Various Artists “Juvenile Delinquent, CD called “Children Of The Ghetto / Juvenile Delinquent” and on Aston Barrett´s “Cobra Style”, CD called “Children Of The Ghetto (Discomix).
Pickney Dub
I have this track on Aston Barrett´s “Familyman In Dub”, CD.
Missing tracks:
Roots Man, Show Some Love, Trying Woman, Are You For Real?, Lonely Nights, One More Chance.

Artist Info: Jamaican singer born 1952. Released also as “Jah Stone”.
Fat Thing (Jah Stone) / Version
I have the JA Scorpio, 1977, 7-inch
Love Forever / Love Forever Part 2
I have the UK Axumite AX 4, 12-inch Maxi
Stamper on b-side: “Arrange Bim Sherman & The Coptic Roots Band”
Produced by Bim Sherman.
This fourth self-produced 12-inch later became the title track of his debut album.
Love Forever
I have the UK Tribes Man PM 007, late 1970s, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Fight Against Natty Dread, Love Forever, My Whole World, Keep On Trying, Golden Tribesman, Ten Thousand Ethiopians, Just Can´t Stand It, Danger, Black Jah Jah Sound, Fit To Survive
Produced by Lloyd Coxsone and Janet Tomlinson.
His debut album.
I have the UK Mantra EFA CD 18667, 1996, CD
Golden Locks, Bewildered, Over The Rainbow, Must Be A Dream, Simple Life, Solid As A Rock, My Woman, Missing You, Can I Be Free From Crying, Lovers Leap, Just Can´t Stand It
Produced by Adrian Sherwood, Skip McDonald, Talvin Singh.
What Happened
I have the UK Mantra MNTCD 1012, 1998, CD
Heaven, Earth People, Guilty, What Happened, Keep On Trying, Cool Down The Pressure, Let The Spirit Move You, Don´t Crucify My Love, So Jah Say, Truth, Seven Times To Rise And Fall, Queen Of Hearts
“So Jah Say” is indeed written and recorded by Bob Marley (1974) although this album don´t give any such credit.
I have the German EFA 39904-1, 1999, Do-LP
Love Forever Dub, Lightning Dub, Golden Dub (Dub of Golden Locks), Black Jah Jah Dub, Keep On Dub, I Know Dub, World Dub, Love Jah Dub, Beyond The Hill Dub, Tribulation Dub, Ethiopian Dub, Golden Dub (Dub of Golden Stool), Raining Dub, Trenchtown Dub, My Woman Dub, Lovers Dub, My Brethren Dub, Chancery Dub
Produced by Bim Sherman, except “Trenchtown Dub” produced by Black Lion.

Artist Info: Veteran DJ.
Fire Fire
I have this album mp3-sourced on CDR.
Kaya, I Am A King, It´s Not Every Day, Have Some Mercy, Roots Man, Baby Why, Win Your Love, (track 8 “Rub A Dub Style” is missing), Do My Thing
Track 1 is written by Bob Marley.

Artist Info: Young roots singer who shared the sad fate of many jamaican artists to be killed in his youth.
Kingly Character / Version
I have the JA Digital-B, 1993, 7-inch.

Artist Info: Jamaican vocal group.
Silver Bullets
I have the Uk Trojan CDTRL 69, 1996, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
I´ll Take You Home, Early In The Morning, Sugar Sugar, Souvenirs Of Mexico, Rejoice Jah Jah Children, Rejouce Skank, That´s When It Hurts, Soul Sister, Rock Me In Your Soul, Sweet And Loviong Baby, He´ll Break Your Heart, Are You Sure
First released on UK Trojan TRLS 69, 1973, LP.

Artist Info: UK ska band supporting the latest ska revival.
Live In The Studio
I have the UK Reggae Retro TRRR 05, 2002, 10-inch
School Days, Ram Goat Ska, Kyoto Hop (Next Version), Ska Delight, Dizzy Ska, No Name Ska, Rising Sun (Next Version), Ska Bop
Live in the studio recording including classics like “School Days” and “Dizzys Delight” sounding pretty close to the Skatalites´ originals from the 60ies.

Artist Info: Ska All Stars Band. Formed in June 1964 and disbanded in August 1965 to reunite in 1975 or 1976 for two short sessions at Aquarius Studios (released at an album and it’s dub companion) and to reunite again in 1983 to play at Sunsplash in Montego Bay and to continue to record and play live from that time until this day. The first incaranation of the band included Tommy McCook, Roland Alphonso, Lester Sterling, Don Drummond, Johnny Dizzy Moore, Jerome “Jah Jerry” Hinds, Lloyd Knibbs and Lloyd Brevett. All except Don Drummond, who died 1969, were still present during their short reunification in 1975 / 76 and also at the reunification for the Jamaican Sunsplash in 1983 and the London Sunsplash in 1984. In 1998 Roland Alphonso and Tommy McCook died. The surviving four original members of The Skatalites are still on tour world wide.
Phoenix City (Rolando Alphonso), El Pussy Cat (Roland Alphonso) / Gun Fever (The Skatalites)
I have the UK Trojan TRM-9010, 1967, 7-inch
Hog In A Cocoa
I have the French Esoldun DK 034, 1991, CD
John James (The Maytals), Yea Yea Yea Baby (Stranger and Patsy and Baba Brooks), The Higher The Monkey Climbs (Justin Hinds & The Dominoes), Rukumbine (Shenley Duffus), Next Door Neighbour (Owen Grey and Leon Silvera), What A Man Doeth (Eric Morris & Duke Reid Groups), Over The River (Justin Hinds & The Dominoes), Run Joe (Stranger Cole & The Techniques & Baba Brooks), Hog In A Cocoa (Stranger and Patsy), Samson (Eric Morris), Housewife´s Choice (Derrick and Patsy), When I Call Your Name (Stranger and Patsy), Woman Come (Marguerita & Skatalites), Penny Reel (Eric Morris & Baba Brooks)
Musical accompaniment: The Skatalites featuring Lloyd Knibbs and Drumbago on drums, Lloyd Brevett on acoustic bass, Harold McKenzie on guitar, Jackie Mittoo on piano, Roland Alphonso and Tommy McCook on tenor sax, Lester Sterling on alto sax, Johnny Moore and Baba Brooks on trumpet, Don Drummond on trombone.
Produced by Duke Reid, recorded at Treasure Isle Studios & West Indies Studios
Herb Dub – Collie Dub
First released 1975 on JA JigSaw JS004, 1976, LP, in very limited scale.
I have the reissue on UK Motion FASTLP 008, ca. 2004, LP
Roots Dub, Whispering Dub, Bottom Dub, Sealing Dub, Dumboo Dub, African Dub, Herb Dub – Collie Dub, Kimble Dub
Recorded and mixed at Aquarius, but “”Sealing Dub”, African Dub” & “Herb Dub – Collie Dub” recorded at Black Ark and mixed by King Tubby at King Tubby’s.
Dub of the album “The Legendary Skatalites”, also released on Ranking International JLP 555, probably UK circa 1980.
The Return Of The Big Guns
First released 1984.
I have the LCKDM 3298-2, 1999, CD
After The Rain, Passing Through, Reasoning, Jogging, Meet To Come, Pep-Hep Lift, Eastern Rock, Mission
Produced by The Skatalites.
Hi Bop Ska
First released on USA Shanachie 45019, 1994, CD
I have this album on CDR.
Guns Of Navarone, Flowers For Albert, Ska Reggae Hi-Bop, You’re Wondering Now, Everlasting Sound, African Freedom, Man In The Street, Split Personality, Renewal, Nelsons’s Song, Burru Style, Ska Ska Ska
Produced by Joe Ferry & Tommy McCook and released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Skatalites.
Ball Of Fire
I have the UK Island Jamaica Jazz IJCD 4005/524 420-2, 1997, CD
James Bond Theme, Latin Goes Ska, Confucius, Occupation, Rock Fort Rock, Eastern Standard Time, Ball Of Fire, Swing Easy, Ringo, Freedom Sound
Lloyd Knibbs on drums Lloyd Brevett on electric upright bass, Roland Alphonso on tenor sax, Lester Sterling on alto sax, Nathan Breedlove on trumpet, Will Clark on trombone, Devon James on guitar, Bill Smith on piano and organ, special guest: Ernest Ranglin on guitar.
Produced by Nathan Breedlove, Bill Smith, Shay and The Skatalites.
Ska Splash (The Skatalites & Laurel Aitken & House Of Rhythm, Live 1996)
I have the UK Moon Ska Europe DCD 503, 1999, Do-CD
CD 1:
Freedom Sounds, Man In The Street, Eastern Standard Time, Four Corners, Bridge View, Can´t You See (with Doreen Shaffer), Simmer Down (with Doreen Shaffer), Sugar Sugar (with Doreen Shaffer), Come Down (with Laurel Aitken), In The Mood For Ska (with Laurel Aitken), Freedom, Guns Of Navarone, Phoenix City
CD 2:
Al Capone, Mad About You, Jesse James, Caledonia, Sally Brown, Skinhead Train (all: Laurel Aitken & The House Of Rhythm)
Skinhead, Head Charge, Nothing In Life, Rudi, Sign Of The Times, HOR´s Empire, Rockford Rock, Riddim
The Skatalites featuring Lloyd Brevett on bass, Lloyd Knibbs on drums, Roland Alphonso on tenor and alto sax, Lester Sterling on alto sax, Devon James on guitar, Will Clark on trombone, Nathan Breedlove on trumpet, Bill Smith on keyboards.
From Paris With Love
I have the French EFA 13692.1, 2002, Do-LP
Garden Of Love, Glory To The Sound, From Russia With Love, Ska Fort Rock, When I Fall In Love, Freedom Sounds, Trip To Mars, Pata Pata (Skata Skata), African Beat, Golden Love, Lester’s Mood, River To The Bank, Guns Of Navarone, Thinking Of You, Rock Fort Rock
Recorded 2002.
Live at Selhurst Park, London Sunsplash, July 7th 1984
I have this unreleased CDR.
Freedom Sounds, Bridge View, ?, ?, ?, They Got To Come (Prince Buster & Skatalites), Madness (Prince Buster & Skatalites), Al Capone (Prince Buster & Skatalites), ?, Freedom Sounds
Some suggestions what the “?” titles could be: Eastern Standard Time, Ska-Ba / Lee Harvey Oswald, Tear Up, Guns Of Navarone, Four Corners, Confucius. These titles appear at a release of this show on Synergy 1984, LP, but in different order and without the thre Prince Buster songs. Once I have to check that again.
Featuring Tommy McCook, Rolando Alphonso, Lester Sterling, Johnny Moore, Jackie Mittoo, Lloyd Brevett, Lloyd Knibbs and Jah Jerry.
Live at Splash Club, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, January 25th 1990.
I have this unreleased 2-CDR.
Including Freedom Sounds, Man In The Streets, Simmer Down and more.
Further albums include:
“The Skatalites With Sly And Robbie And The Taxi Gang”, Vista Sounds, LP, including: Red Fire, Blue Flame, Riding Westward, Hotter Fire, Take A Bread, Shades Of Black, 100 Tons Of TNT, Burning Inferno, Blazing Volcano, Thunder Storm, Big Fire Burning, Burning Fire, Cool Vibe. Produced by Bunny Lee, mixed by Professor.

Artist Info: Famous rhythm section and producers. Noel Charles Dunbar is born 1952 and started to record at Channel One. Robert Shakespeare is born 1953 and started with The Aggrovators. At Channel One since 1975 they were the rhythm section of The Revolutionaries, supporting Gregory Isaacs, Black Uhuru, Peter Tosh, Culture and many more. They are also known as “The Riddim Twins”. Later they coworked with international stars like Bob Dylan, Joan Armatrading, Grace Jones, Ian Dury, Joe Cocker. Their own label “Taxi” enabled them to develop immense influence until now.
Disco Dub
I have the JA Gorgon GN 1001, 1979, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Side Walk Doctor, War Of The Gods, Depth Charge, Mickey Mouse, Battle Of The Titans
Produced by Sly & Robbie.
Dub Reggae
First released in the seventies.
I have the EU 1999 Proper ABCD 119, CD (first half of this CD, second half is Aggrovators)
Jah In Dub, Righteous Dub, Dub The Government, Dub Softly, Night Of Dub, Bound In Dub, Dub Of My Woman, Dub Glory, Doctor In Dub, Leaving Dub
Hot You’re Hot (Long Version) / Hot You’re Hot (Different Style)
I have the German Taxi / Virgin (Island / Ariola) 600 355-213, 1981, 12-inch Maxi
The Sting (Taxi Gang featuring Sly and Robbie)
I have the Suisse Moving Target MT 004, 1986, CD
Maxi Taxi, Stone Wall, The Entertainer, The Good The Bad And The Ugly, Peter Gunn, Land Of Rhythm, Pumping Iron, Twilight Zone, Roxann
Drums by Sly Dunbar. Bass and bass synthesizer by Robbie Shakespeare. Acoustic piano and Synthesizer by Robert Lyn. Synthesizer by Richard. Keyboards by Andel Tucker on “Twilight Zone”. Soprano and tenor sax by Dean Frazier. Trombone by Nambo Robinson. Trumpet by Chico Chin. Vocoder by Tyrone Downie.
Taxi Connection Live In London
I have the German Mango / Island 208 166, 1987, LP (First German Pressing)
Red Hot (Sly & Robbie), When You´re Hot You´re Hot (Sly & Robbie), Trouble You A Trouble (Ini Kamoze), Call The Police (Ini Kamoze), One In A Million / Sensimilla (Half Pint), Mr Landlord (Half Pint), Greetings (Half Pint), Reggae Calypso (Yellowman)
Recorded live in London December 1986. Produced by Michael Roots.
The Summit
I have the UK RAS 3032, 1988, LP (First UK Pressing)
All Aboard, Spy Vs Spy, Super Cool, First Light, My Turf, Free At Last, Rice And Peas, Here And Beyond
Produced by Fatis.
Meet King Tubby
I have the French Esoldun LG1-1019, 1991, LP
Disgraceful (Dub of Johnny Clarke’s “It’s A Disgrace”), Dread Dread (Dub of Johnny Clarke’s “Dread A Dread”), African Roots (Dub Of Johnny Clarke’s “African Race”), Playful (Dub of Rita Marley’s “Play Play”), Everybody’s, Forever, Passion, Peace, Conference, War, Its True, Fancy Make Up, Only My Love, Jah Jah Man
Produced by Bunny Lee.
See also: Black Uhuru
See also: Osbourne, Johnny

Artist Info: Jamaican roots singer active between 1977 and 1985. He recorded over two dozen further albums.
Dread Hot In Africa
I have the UK Burning Sounds BS 1004, 1977, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Jah Jah Forgive Them, Beautiful Rainbow, Africa, Babylon Wicked, I Love You Girl, Love in My Heart, African Woman, Give Jah Praises, No Love, Love Everyone, Just Tell Me, Mr Smart
In London Clinker
First released on JA Attack, 1978, LP.
I have the Attack ATTACKCD 001, 2001, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Back Out Babylon, honour Your Mother And Father, It´s A Long Time Now, Jennifer, We Want To Know, Your Kisses Are Sweet, Come Let Us Have Some Fun, Jah Jah Forgive Them, Know Yourself, Give Praise To Jah, Let Your Heart Be Pure, Life Is A Funny Thing, I Don´t Like It, Jah Is Mighty
Produced by Bunny Lee. Backed by The Agrovators.

Artist Info: Famous guitar session player. He met music as a child as his father run a sound system since the 50ies / 60ies. He started to record with “The Soul Syndicate”. He founded his label “High Times” in te early 80ies.
Sticky Fingers
First released on JA Third World TWS 924, 1977, LP
Also released on JA High Times, 1994, LP.
I have this album on CDR.
Swinging Shuffle, Answer In Sound, Time Is Moving On, Forward The Hands Of Time, Melody Of Love, Mark This Sound, Sound Of War, Cultural Music, Age Is Showing, Dread Lock Shuffle, Raving Sound, Baby Be Sure, Guitar Rockers, A Rocking Melody
Produced by Bunny Lee. Mixed by Jammy at King Tubby´s.
Drumy by Carlton Davis & Sly Dunbar, bass by Robbie Shakespeare, guitars by Earl “Chinna” Smith, organ by Willie Lindo & Winston Wright, piano by Ossie Hibbert & Keith Sterling, horns by Tommy McCook & Bobby Ellis, clavinet by “Wya” Lindo & Winston Wright, percussion by Scully Simms.
Home Grown
I have the JA High Times, 1991, LP (First JA Pressing)
Modern Ska, Westmoreland, High Gear, Stone Out Of My Mind, Line & Space, My Imagination, You Will Know, Daniel, Home Grown, Fade Away, Pick Pocket, I Feel Secure
Music by The High Times Players. Recorded at Tuff Gong, Music Mountain & Leggo Sounds, JA. Produced by Earl “Chinna” Smith.

Artist Info: Jamaican singer.
Pure Gold Rock N Roll Rocksteady
I have the JA Wildflower LP 377, 1975 mp3-sourced on CDR.
Rock Around The Clock, Let The Good Times Roll, See You Later Alligator, Kansas City, Medley, You Won´t See Me, Medley, Nice Time, I´ve Got To Go Back Home, Take It Easy
Bend Down Low (Disco 45)
I have the UK S CBS 4508, 1976, 12-inch Maxi mp3-sourced on CDR.
Bend Down Low (12-inch mix), One Man Same Man
To Behold Jah
I have the USA Generation GEN 3011, 1979, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Show Me A Sihn, To Behold Jah, Who I Am, Freedom, Take Your Time, Don´t Down Me Now, Time, Top Rankin Skankin
Brown Sugar (7-inch)
I have the KRT 1, 1980, 7-inch mp3-sourced on CDR.
Brown Sugar, Brown Sugar Version
I have the USA Generation GEN, 1981, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Bend Down Low, Oh But If I, Bend Down, Wash Wash, Ska Medley, Freedom Street, Everything Crash, Money Can´t Buy Life
Mr Smith´s Classics
I have the UK RCA KRLP 3002, 1982, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Key Card, Bend Down Low, You Won´t See Me, All For Jesus, Pitta Patta, Life Is Just For Living, Reggae Reggae, One Man Same Man, We The People, Dupy Gunman
After 30 Years Life Is Just For Living
I have the 2-CD mp3-sourced on 2-CDRs.
CD 1:
I Can´t Take It, Bend Down Low, Ride On Sammy, Girl, One Dream, Sunday Morning, Pitta Patta, Life Is Just For Living, Bad Woman, Footprints On The Ceiling, Hail The Man, Duppy Gunman, Play De Music, Elsaida, All For Jesus
CD 2:
Rebel Music, We De People (The Power And The Glory), Don´t Down Me Now, To Behold Jah, Time, Stay A While With Me, Let The Children Play, Singer Man, Mr Music, New York You´re Gong Crazy

Artist Info: Dub Poet. His album is recorded in England, UK, produced by Linton Kwesi Johnson and Dennis Bovell who also plays bass, keyboards and percussion. Drums by Angus Gaye and piano by Tony Robinson, both from Aswad. Trombone by Rico Rodriguez, drums by Tony Nelson (on Give Me Little Dub Music). Flugelhorn by Patrick Tenyue, trombone by Henry Tenyue, guitar by John Kpiaye, all members of the Dennis Bovell Dub Band, the band playing at all Linton Kwesi Johnson albums. Saxophone by Steve Gregory, keyboards by Paget King, percussion by Everald Forrest, Tony Utah. Mixed by Dennis Bovell. Released in UK by Island and in USA by Island / Mango. All songswritten by Michael Smith. Like Linton Kwesi Johnson he is singing in jamaican patois which can be understood while reading the given vocals at the record sleeve. The title track and the song Roots is reduced to the very heart, as they are a-capella sermons, strong supported by vocal art of Michael Smith. When he sings: “.. An dem a roots… lawwwwwwwwwwwd ” , this will be remembered even without any music. Sad that his hopeful carreer was brutally stopped when he became victim of a murder not long after this recording was made. So this remains his only album. It made him one of the ancestors of Dub Poetry as better-known singers like Mutabaruka give respect to this man to the recent day.
Mi C-Yaan Believe It
I have the USA Island / Mango MLPS 0717, 1982, LP (First USA Pressing)
And I have this album recorded on CDR.
Black ‘n’ White, Mi Feel It, Mi C-Yaan Believe It, Long Time, Trainer, Picture Or No Picture, Roots, It A Come, Give Me Little Dub Music
Produced by Dennis Bovell & Linton Kwesi Johnson.
Trombone by Rico on “Give Me Little Dub Music”.

Artist info: Reggae band from Virginia, USA. SoJa are Jacob Hemphill on lead vocals and guitar, Bob Jefferson on lead vocals and bass, Ken Brownell on percussion, Ryan Berty on drums and Patrick O´Shea on keyboards. Their first release is the EP “SoJa” from 2000. Interloop is their own label.
Get Wiser
First released on USA Interloop, 2006, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Open My Eyes, By My Side, My Life Alone, Faith Works, What Would … ?, Strong For Them, Can´t Tell Me, Be Aware, I´ve Got Time, Sorry, Bring Back Truth, You Don´t Know Me, 911, Devils
Their debut album.
Further albums are:
“Peace In A Time Of War”, 2003, CD.
“Dub In A Time Of War”, 2005, CD.

Artist Info:
Sonny & The Stoneagers
I have the German Philipps 6305044, ca. 1970, LP
Mercy, Freedom Train, I Second That Emotion, Spirit, Bad Moon Rising, Fattie Fattie, She’s A Woman, The Liquidator, Get Ready, Harlem Shuffle
Produced by Simon Napier-Bell and Ray Singer.
“Bad Moon Rising” is a song by J.C. Foggerty recorded by the american blues rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival.
“She’s A Woman” is the John Lennon / Paul McCartney song.

Artist info: Famous backing band of the seventies and eighties.
Rasta Dub ´77
I have the JA Micron, 1977, LP mp3-sourced on CDR. (sadly with many jumps)
Wireites Dub (Battering Down Sentence Dub), Gunfight At O.K. Coral Dub (Tradition Dub), The Diplomat Dub (Sis Aristocrat Dub), Black Tse Tung Dub (M.P.L.A. Dub), Eternal Dub (Jah Live Dub), Quake A Setter Dub (Sipple Out Deh Dub), Have Hit I Will Version Dub (Babylon Queendom Dub), Quake A Talen Dub (Tenement Yard Dub), Revolution Dub (Wake Up Dub), Flesh Axe Dub (Rocks And Mountains Dub)
Produced by Pete Weston.
Drumy by Anthony Benbow Creary, guitars by Tony Chin and Michael Chung, organ and electric piano by Geoffrey Chung, trumpet by Bobby Ellis, sax by Tommy McCook, trombone by Vin Gordon, congas by Pete Weston.
Recorded at Dynamic Sounds, Kingston, JA.
Was, Is & Always
First released on USA Epiphany, LP.
Also released on JA High Times, 1980, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Tonight, The Sowjets Are Coming, There´s A Fire, That´s Life, Guns Of Navarone, Just Another Girl, I Can´t Get Over Losing You, Gloria, Knotty Dread She Want
Produced by Warren Smith & Soul Syndicate. Recorded at Channel One, Channel “Tew” (Tewkesbury) & Tuff Gong. Mixed at Tuff Gong by Karl Pitterson.

Artist Info: German amateur band.
Bag Of Joys
I have the German, 90ies, CD
All Along The Watchtower, I Don’t Like Reggae, You Ain’t Going Nowhere, Nobody Move, Marihuana, Fools Rush in, On Broadway, Want A Woman, You Ain’t … Special Mix
Produced by Special Request Band.

Artist Info: Singer.
Speak Softly
I have the UK Trojan TRLS 117, 1975, LP (First UK pressing)
The Message, Speak Softly, Jah Jah Train, I’ve Seen You Everywhere, Let Locks Grow, Darling Dry Your Eyes, Children Don’t Cry, Let’s Get It On, Jah For All, Living Just A Little
His debut album produced by Tony Robinson. Backed by Skin Flesh And Bones Band. Three songs were also released as singles: “Let Locks Grow”, “Jah Jah Train”, “Darling Dry Your Eyes”. “Let Locks Grow” is a different vocal over the “Curly Locks” rhythm. “Speak Softly” is originally recorded by Ken Boothe and is the theme of the movie “The Godfather”.
Tears On My Pillow
I have the Klik KLP 9014, 1976, LP (First pressing) mp3-sourced on CDR.
I´m A Stranger, It´s Gonna Take A Miracle, This Is My History, Now You Come Running Back, Tears On My Pillow, Pamela, Blood Of Babylon, Skin Flesh & Bones, Don´t Touch I Locks, Everything I Own
His second album produced by Bunny Lee.
Star In The Ghetto
I have the USA Circle Sounds CSLP-8005, 1982, LP (First pressing) mp3-sourced on CDR.
Reggae Docius, Curly Perm, Star Of The Ghetto, Natty Kung Fu, Wisdom Street, Dance Hall Music, Back It Up Baby
His third and last album produced by I & T Productions and backed by Fatman Riddim Section.

Artist Info: Singer.
In The Dark
I have the UK Sky Note LP 10, ca. 1975, LP
Jet Plane, It Hurts To Be Alone, I Love You So, Damn Him, Make Love To Me In The Dark, No Charge, Peace And Unity, When, Why Did You Leave Me, Give Thanks
Produced by Sonja Pottinger.

Another hymn of reggae music, originally by The Techniques.
There is a Hollywood movie “Stalag 17? dealing with a prison war camp of US soldiers in Germany during WW II.
Stalag (Techniques)
Love Is The Light (Horace Andy)
George Foreman (Big Youth)
George Foreman Pt 2 (Big Youth)
Joe Frazer (Big Youth)
Jim Screechy (Big Youth)
All Nations Bow (Big Youth)
Stalag 80 Dubwise (King Tubby)
The Vision (Prince Fari)
Back Weh (Prince Fari)
Slow Motion Dub(Prince Jammy)
Jah Jah Rule (Sugar Minott)
Give Thanks For Life (Junior Reid)
A Man Is Just A Man (Garnett Silk)
Every Knee Shall Bow (Cocoa Tea, Garnett Silk & Charlie Chaplin)
Bubbling (Prince Mohammed)
Intro (Bob Marley & The Wailers Live Dortmund 1980)
and many more to find.

Artist info:
Fire & Rain
I have the Makasound MKS 21, 2008, CD on CDR.
Some Say This, The Time Has Come, Coomaya (African Herbsman), Porgy, Tafari Safari, Jah Man On Calvary, Got To Say Love, Jah Higher High, Old Time Religion, Come Back Sunday Mornin, Fire & Rain, Market Place Revolution, Cornfield, Some Say This (Original Version), Got To Say Love (Dub), Jah Man On Calvary (Dub)
Compilation recorded 1975 – 1984.
All tracks produced by Michael Ashley except tracks 07. and 15. produced by Bob Marley.
Featuring Carlton Barrett on drums, Peter Tosh on piano, Bunny Wailer on percussion and Tyrone Downie on oran.

Famous rhythm, based on the melody of the song “Fiddler On The Roof” from the stage-play of the same title, originally recorded by Jackie Mittoo.
Swing Easy – Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Brothers, 1967, Coxsone
E. T. Special – Impact All Stars (on their “Java Java” album)
Skanking Easy – Augustus Pablo
Skanking Dub – Augustus Pablo
Feel Alright – Hugh Mundell
Take It Easy – Dillinger