Artists: Various R – Z

Various Artists Compilations R – Z
Raiders Of The Lost Dub
First released on USA Mango 1981, LP
I have this album recorded from vinyl to CDR.
Indiana Jones (Man Next Door Dub) (Paragons)
Whip That Tarantula (Moulding Dub) (I Jah Man)
The Monkey Is A Spy (Sinsemilla Dub) (Black Uhuru)
Pit Of Snakes (Social Living Dub) (Burning Spear)
Well Of Souls (Feel The Spirit Dub) (Wailing Souls)
The Dub Of Gold (Heart Made Of Stone Dub) (Viceroys)
Who’s In The Tomb (Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner Dub) (Black Uhuru)
Convoy Hijack (Sponji Reggae Dub) (Black Uhuru)
Bazooka Blast (Fort Augustus Dub) (Junior Delgado)
Fire And Brimstone (Jouney Dub) (Black Uhuru)
Banned rarity, unreleased in cd-format. Steven Spielberg stopped this album because its connection to his movie Indiana Jones in all songtitles and the cover art. Rare dubs of Black Uhuru, I Jah Man, Paragons, Viceroys, Junior Delgade and Wailing Souls re-titled for this album.
Ras Rojah´s Worldwide Reggae
I have this unreleased CDR.
Tehilim Part 2 (Kenguru, Israel)
Lively Up Yourself (Remix)
King In My Empire (Cornell Campbell, Germany 2005)
Creation (Gomba Jahbari (Puerto Rico 2005)
Chamber Of Justice (Vusi Mahlasela, South Africa, Demo 2006)
Concrete Jungle (Elliott Smith, his last recording)
Exodus (Albert Kuzevin & Yat-kah Live in Europe 2005, Albert is a throat-singer from Tuva)
Sexual Healing (Bob Marley Vs Marvin Gaye)
Waiting In Vain (Ka´au Crater Boys, Hawaii)
Slave Driver (Steele, Canada)
Daddy (Kenyatta Hill) (Tribute to his father Josepf, 2008)
7 Days (Vivien Goldman, Manasseh Sound & Andy Caine, UK 2006)
Rasta Reggae
I have this private collection mp3-sourced on CDR.
01. Jah Love Is Sweeter (Lacksley Castell)
02. King Tubby´s Mix (Lacksley Castell)
03. No Wicked Can Reign (Ripton Hilton aka Eek A Mouse, his first single 1978)
04. Wicked Version (Ripton Hilton)
05. Gamblings (Bunny Wailer) (DSR 0241A) (3,36)
06. Version (DSR 0242B) (3,48)
07. Woman (Bunny Wailer) (3,36)
08. Woman (Version) (3,14)
Raul Music Various (Mp3 sourced)
I have this private collection.
Julian Marley – Lion In The Jungle (4,13)
Julian Marley – Lion In The Jungle Version (4,09)
Melody Makers – Troding (Original 12-inch Mix) (5,37)
Melody Makers – Sugar Pie (Original Mix) (3,21)
Judy Mowatt – Way Over Yonder (Gay Feet 7-inch 1971) (3,10)
Senya – Children Of The Ghetto (Original) (2,37)
The Man X & The Wailers Band – It Won´t Come Easy (3,23)
Jimmy London – Cathy´s Clown (2,42)
Junior Byles – Fade Away (Live at Marysville 20th June 1998) (3,31)
Talat And Geeta Dutt – Milte Hi Ankhe Dil Hua Dewana (3,13)
Winston Mc Anuff – Sentenced (?) (Live) (3,45)
Winston Mc Anuff – Head Corner Stone (?) (Live) (4,36)
Winston Mc Anuff – Set Me Free (?) (Live) (5,22)
Rebel Music
I have the UK Trojan TRLD 403, 1979, 2-LP
You Don’t Know (Bob Andy, 1970)
The Loser (Derrick Harriott, 1969)
High School Dance (Freddie McKay, 1971)
The Russians Are Coming (Val Bennett, 1968)
Tonight (Keith & Tex, 1969)
Ain’t That Loving You (U-Roy, 1971)
Them A Fe Get A Beatin’ (Peter Tosh, 1971)
God Helps The Man (Leroy Smart, 1971)
Hypocrites (Heptones, 1972)
S.90 Skank (Big Youth, produced by Keith Hudson, 1972)
Hard Fighter (Little Roy, 1972)
2 Wedden Skank (Glen Brown)
Anywhere But Nowhere (K.C. White, 1973)
Beat Down Babylon (Junior Byles, 1972)
Concentration (Dennis Brown, 1972)
Screaming Target (Big Youth, 1973)
Slaving (Lloyd Parkes, 1974)
You Are My Angel (Horace Andy, 1974)
Melody Maker (Keith Hudson, 1973)
Money In My Pocket (Dennis Brown, 1972)
Maga Dog (Peter Tosh, 1971)
Cheater (Dennis Brown, 1973)
Black Man Time (I-Roy, 1973)
Satan Side (Horace Andy & Earl Flute, produced by Keith Hudson, 1974)
Give Praises (Big Youth)
Rock Away (Gregory Isaacs)
Saturday Night Special (Michael Dyke)
Cool Rasta (Heptones, 1976)
“Hypocrites” is a cover of the Bob Marley song.
I have the Dutch K-Tel TN 1331, 1979, LP
Now That We Found Love (Third World)
Jah Heavy Load (I Jah Man)
Israelites (Desmond Dekker & The Aces)
Reggae Woman (Cake)
Prodigal Son (Steel Pulse)
Up Town Top Ranking (Althea & Donna)
No Sympathy (Peter Tosh)
Sufferin In The Land (Jimmy Cliff)
No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley)
Fire In A Trenchtown (Owen Gray)
Best Of Both Worlds (Robert Palmer)
Rivers Of Babylon (Melodians)
Sticks Man (Disco Reggae Band Black Slate)
One Big Happy Family (Inner Circle)
This Is Reggae Music (Zap Pow)
Take Five (Reggae Clinic 65)
Reggae Got Soul (Toots And The Maytals)
Cocaine In My Brain (Dillinger)
Reggae Africa Hemisphere
First released on UK EMI, CD
I have this album on CDR.
Lion In A Sheep Skin (Harley & The Rasta Family)
Amagni (Koko Dembele)
Show Biz Ti Requin (Tangara Speed Ghoda)
Veto De Dieu (Alpha Blondy)
Nothing But Prayer (Senzo)
C’ Est Pas D Ni Bla (Serges Kassy)
Wondogbo (Lystrone Louame)
Unlucky Man (Ice T. Cool)
Sweet Reggae Music (Harley & The Rasta Family)
Politic Warrior (P.I. Ray)
Elle (Sold Jah Gunt)
Lord Say (Tangara Speed Ghoda)
N’ Ka Yere (Koko Dembele)
Children Of Africa (Ismael Issac Et Les Freres Keita)
Multi-lingual compilation of african artists playing roots reggae.
Reggae Fever
I have the German WEA 58076, 1979, LP
Staying Alive (Richard Ace)
Silly Games (Janet Kay)
It Was Written Down (The Draytons Two)
Up Town Top Ranking (Althea & Donna)
Ain’t That Loving You (Dennis Brown)
The Thing In C (Clarence Thompson)
Children Of The Carribean (Affetuosos Of St. Vincent)
Money In My Pocket (Dennis Brown)
China Gate (Guardian Angel)
Ban De Corruption (Black Roots)
Ethiopia (Affetuosos Of St. Vincent)
We’ve Got To Be Free (Quavers Of St. Lucia)
Roots Vibes (Rebirth Seven Original)
No Woman No Cry (Jimmy Cliff)
Reggae From Raul
I have this private collection.
Alpha Blondy – Kolombarian
Alpha Blondy – Peace In Liberia
Alpha Blondy – The Prophet
Alpha Blondy – Houphouet Yako
Alpha Blondy – Masada
Alpha Blondy – Yéyé
Desakato Dada – unknown track 1
Desakato Dada – unknown track 2
Desakato Dada – unknown track 3
Desakatero Dada – Igual De Distinctus
Desakato Dada – Solidariad
Jampara & The Wailers – Bad Times Dub
Jampara & The Wailers – Tolerance
Lee Perry – Scratch Walking
King Medious – This World (1972)
Reggae Island
I have the German Island 30247, 1978, LP
Take Five (Rico)
Famine (Toots And The Maytals)
Jah Heavy Load (I Jah Man)
Prodigal Son (Steel Pulse)
Struggling Man (Jimmy Cliff)
Is This Love (Bob Marley)
(On) Broadway (Justin Hines)
Dreamland (Bunny Wailer)
Some Sweet Day (Zap Pow)
Cocaine In My Brain (Dillinger)
Now That We’ve Found Love (Third World)
Everything Is Great (Inner Circle)
Reggae On Tempus, Volume 2
I have the French Tempus 883 042, 1980, LP
Nyah Luv (Steel Pulse)
Sun Is Shining (Bagga Matumbi)
Raindrops (Dennis Bovell)
I A Suffer (Sufferer Sound)
Jah Man (Errol Campbell)
Put It On The Line (Levi)
There Must Be A Place (Bill Spencer)
National Front (Sufferer Sound)
Blood Ah Go Run (Dennis Bovell)
England Man (Sonny Tomm)
Ordinary Man (Raw)
Most tracks are produced or co-produced by Dennis Bovell.
Reggae Ska Mix Up
I have this private compilation mp3-sourced on CDR.
01. Sitting In The Park (Alton Ellis)
02. Sitting In The Park (Cassandra) (UK D-Roy Maxi) taken from “D Roy Magic Presents Lovers” CD
03. I Wish You Were Here (Alpha Blondy) a Pink Floyd cover
04. Half Way Tree (Anthony Cruze)
05. Bike No License (Easton Clarke)
06. Sitting On The Hillside (Horace Andy) (Earthquake EQ 1003-A)
07. Hard Rock Times (Mighty Maytones & Little Roy) (GG Records GG 093-A)
08. In Time To Come (Earth And Stone) (Well Charge CO 7986-A)
09. Artibella (Michael Rose) (Taxi CB 3952-A RRS)
10. Positive (MiIchael Franti & Spearhead)
11. Come Together At The Controls (King Tubby Beatles) a Beatles remix
12. Things And Time (Wailing Souls) (Studio One)
13. Maga Dog (Invaders) (Iron Side FCD)
14. Fat Dog (Roy Richards & The Invaders) (Iron Side FCD 7728)
15. Never Had A Dream Come True Version (Upsetters) (3,30)
16. You Got To Change You Ways (Johnny Nash) (JAD JS 1207) (2,20)
17. Got To Change Your Ways (Jimmy London) (2,52)
18. Woman & Money (Lee Perry & Dennis Denzel)
19. Pressure & Slide (The Tennors) (Studio One FCD 7900-A)
20. Opportunity (Soulettes) (Studio One FCD 7900-B) (2,34)
21. Please Be Mine (Soulettes) (2,33)
22. Rudies Prayer (Alton, Peter & Zoot) (3,35) slow
Reggae Sunsplash Live
First released on German MCA, 1993, CD
I have this album on CDR.
Feel Like Jumping (Marcia Griffiths)
Got To Be A Better Way (Mystic Revealers)
She Loves Me Now (Beres Hammond)
Roughneck / Rudeboy (El Robinson)
Bad Boy (The Dreads & Morgan Heritage)
Workie Workie / Young Gal Business (Chaka Demus)
Bum Flick (Little Lenny)
Bonafide Love (Movie Star) / Test Me Nuh (Wayne Wonder feat. Buju Banton)
Ready Fi Dem (Ninjaman)
Murderer / Black Roses (Barrington Levy)
Wolves And Leopards (Dennis Brown)
To Be Poor Is A Crime (Freddie McGregor)
Recorded live at Reggae Sunsplash 1992.
Produced by Lee Jaffe.
Reggae The Sound of Jamaica
I have the German Bellaphon 22 07 003, 1979, LP
Soul Food (Dillinger)
UK Skanking (Capital Letters)
Goodbye Little Man (Sister Love)
Love Rasta (Gideon Jah Rubbaal)
Treat You Right (Bob Marley)
Rise Ethiopians (I Haicideons)
The Black Starliner (Reggae Regular)
Can’t Hide From Jah (Heptones)
Body Heat (Miss Misty)
Trying To Find Her (Johnny Nash)
I Never Run I Never Hide (Linval Thompson)
Rock To The Music (Dillinger)
Reminah Dub (Lee Perry & The Upsetters / Sly & The Revolutionaries)
I have the UK Original Music OMLP0011, LP
Iron Gate Dub (Dub Of Max Romeo’s “Iron Gate”)
No Tennants Dub (Dub of Jacob Miller’s “Tenement Yard”)
Long Sentence Dub (Cover recording, dub of Bunny Wailer’s “Battering Down Sentence”)
Jah Live Dub (Cover recording, dub Of Bob Marley’s “Jah Live”)
Babylon War Dub (Dub of Max Romeo’s “War In A Babylon”)
Reminiah Dub
Ratatata Dub
Naked City Dub
Heavy Revolution Dub
Prophecy Dub
Produced by N. Beckford (Jah Woosh), G. Weston. “Original Music” is a label owned by Jah Woosh.
There is a saying, “Long Sentence Dub” and “Jah Live Dub” would be made using the original masters. In fact both tracks seems to be cover recordings, maybe by the Agrovators.
I have the German Bellaphon BBS 25 108, ca. 1978, LP
Smokin Dread (Dub of Dillingers “Dread Called Fred”)
Babylon Must Fall (Dub of “Rivers Of Babaylon” by The Melodians)
Out Deh Light
Dumpling Squeeze Up
Thank Jah In Dub
Warrior And Babylon
Go Deh Jammie (Dub of “Go Deh Natty” by Tappa Zukie)
Dreaming Dread
Christmas 2000 (Dub of “White Christmas”)
Rockers (Original Sound Track)
Germany Island 200 925, 1979, LP
Reissued on CD, ca. 1992
I have this album on CDR.
We A Rockers (Inner Circle)
Money Worries (Maytones)
Police And Thieves (Junior Murvin)
Book Of Rules (Heptones)
Stepping Razor (Peter Tosh)
Tenement Yard (Jacob Miller)
Fade Away (Junior Byles)
Rockers (Bunny Wailer)
Slave Master (Gregory Isaacs)
Dread Lion (The Upsetter)
Graduation In Zion (Kiddus I)
Jah No Dead (Burning Spear)
Satta Amasagana (Third World)
Natty Take Over (Justin Hines & The Dominoes)
Exclusive a-capella version of “Jah No Dead” by Burning Spear.
Rockers Inna Hungry Town Vol. 1
First releasewd on JA Hunry Town, ca. 1978, LP
I have the reissue on JA Hungry Town HTLP 010, 2003, LP
Plan For Babylon (Barrington Spence)
Rocky Rocky Road (Ricky Grant)
Can’t Keep A Good Man Down (Immortals)
Something On My Mind (Horace Andy)
Pablo Meets Mr. Bassie (Augustus Pablo)
Pablo In Hungry Town (Augustus Pablo) (Dub of “Children Of Children” by Dennis Brown)
All For One (Ricky Grant)
Rasta Hammer Them (Prince Mohammed)
Rice And Peas (Roman Stewart)
Problems (Horace Andy)
Rocksteady Cool (Rocksteady Vol. 1)
I have this collection by Allan Kaatz taken from vinyl 7-inches from tape transfered to CDR.
01. Hold Down Ms. Winey (Glen Adams)
Produced by Bunny Lee. Released on UK Island WI 3100, 1968.
Also on “Glen Adams – Wonderthirst”, Landmark LMCD 004, 2003, CD.
02. Move Up (Al & The Vibrators)
Produced by Sonja Pottinger. Released on JAM Gay Feet.
A bongo version of the track by Count Ossie & Al & The Vibrators is on Trojan´s “Nyabinghi” 3-CD-Box.
03. Rocksteady Cool (Frederick Bell)
Produced by C. Bradford. Released on UK Amalgated Nu Beat NB 004.
04. Musically (Keith Blake)
Produced by Joe Gibbs. Released on UK Amalgated BS 102, and on JAM WIRL JG 3158-1.
Also on “Get On Up! Joe Gibbs Rocksteady Music”, CD.
05. She´s In Love (Ken Boothe)
Unknown producer. No info about the release available.
06. Mother Benge (Cliff & The Diamonds)
Produced by Joe Abrahams. No info about the release available.
07. Bongo Gal (Desmond Dekker & The Aces)
Also known as “Unforgettable”. Produced by Leslie Kong.
Also on “Desmond Dekker – Action” Culture Press, 2000, CD.
08. The Scorcher (Errol Dunkley)
Produced by Duke Reid. Released on UK Amalgated AMG 807, 1968.
Also on The Best Of Errol Dunkley, Trojan, CD.
09. The Preacher (Alton & The Flames)
Released on UK Doctor Bird DB 1049, 1966.
10. Run Dem Down (Ethiopians)
Produced by J. J. Johnson. No info about the release available.
11. Heartaches (Nora Dean)
Produced by Coxsone. Released on WIRL or Muzik City, 1968.
12. Go Tell Him (Hugh Godfrey)
Produced by Coxsone. Released on JAM Muzik City and UK Studio One 2015, 1967.
13. Hurt My Soul (Joe Higgs)
WIRL production.
Also on “Bob Marley & Friends” UK Trojan 3-CD-Box.
14. You Should Have Known Better (Justin Hinds & The Dominoes)
Produced by Duke Reid.
Also on “Justin Hinds – Carry Go Bring Come – Anthology”, UK Trojan, 2005, CD.
15. Girl You Cold (Hopeton & Glen)
WIRL production. No info about the release available.
16. Take You Anywhere (Winston Jarrett)
Produced by Joe Gibbs.
Also on “Winston Jarrett – Rise Up”, Sankofa, CD.
17. False Witness (Kingstonians)
Produced by J. J. Johnson. Released on UK Doctor Bird DB 1123, 1968.
18. Fun Galore (Kingstonians)
Produced by J. J. Johnson. Released on UK Doctor Bird DB 1126, 1968.
19. I´m Indebted To Someone (Alva Lewis)
Produced by Derrick Morgan. No info about the release available.
20. De A Pon Dem (Hopeton Lewis)
Merritone / Federal production. No info about the release available.
21. Run Man (George Agard)
Produced by Coxsone. No info about the release available.
22. Me Naw Give Up (Derrick Morgan)
Produced by Leslie Kong.
Also on “Derrick Morgan – Moon Hop: The Best Of The Early Years 1960 – 1969?, CD.
Roots 1
I have this private collection of vinyls on CDR.
01. Vernon Allen – Babylon (UK R&B 169, 1964)
02. Vernon Allen – Far I Come (UK R & B 169, 1964)
03. Michael Anthony – Jah Jah Dread (1970s)
04. Fourth Generation – Version (1970s)
05. Michael Anthony – Sinner Man (Kismet)
06. Michael Anthony – Version (Kismet)
07. Al Bell – Rough Tribulation (JA Weed Beat, 1976)
08. Mighty Artons- Version (JA Weed Beat, 1976)
09. Winston Blake – Bound In Chains
10. Winston Blake – Version
11. Ken Bob & Heptones – For Vanity Our Heart Cries Out (Winston & Riley)
12. Version (Winston & Riley)
13. Bluebells – Jah Know (JA Starapple, 1977)
14. Version (JA Starapple, 1977)
Roots 2
I have this private collection of vinyls on CDR.
01. Ken Boothe – Christopher Columbus (JA Fox, 1974)
02. Ken Boothe – Where My Friend (JA Fox, 1974)
03. Mike Brooks – Earth Is The Fullness (Harvest, 1975)
04. Mike Brooks – Version (Harvest, 1975)
05. Leroy Brown – Life In The Ghetto
06. Leroy Brown – Version
07. Anthony Bryan – Son Of The Almighty (9ine NR7001)
08. Anthony Bryan – Version (9ine NR7001)
09. Derland Byfield – Jah My Light (Mephenaij Phaton, 1980)
10. Derland Byfield – Version (Mephenaij Phaton, 1980)
11. Nedley Denton & Naturisers – Do Good (JA Brethren Of Art Soundtrack)
12. Nedley Denton & Naturisers – Version (JA Brethren Of Art Soundtrack)
Roots 3
I have this private collection of vinyls on CDR.
01. Raphael Gray – Long Way To Go (RG)
02. Raphael Gray – Version (RG)
03. Raphael Green & Tado (Dr. Alimantado) – Rasta Train (JA Upsetter Disco Jam, 1977, 12´´)
04. High Lights – Heavy Load
05. High Lighty – Version
06. Jah Hammed & The Outer Limits – Even Tough (King RAN 002, 1976)
07. Jah Hammed & The Outer Limits – Version (King RAN 002, 1976)
08. Tesfa McDonald – On To The North (Tesfa, 1975)
09. Tesfa McDonald – Hotter Dub (Tesfa, 1975)
10. Judah (Todd Henry ?) – Take Over The Town (JA Truths & Rights, 1979)
11. Judah – Version (JA Truths & Rights, 1979)
12. Marcus Reid – Poor Man Cry (JA Soul Fire, 1979)
13. Marcus Reid – Version (JA Soul Fire, 1979)
Roots 4
I have this private collection of vinyls on CDR.
01. Tyrone & The Mighty Soul Rebels – Do Good (Jah´s Love) (UK MSR, ca. 1977)
02. Tyrone & The Mighty Soul Rebels – Version (UK MSR, ca. 1977)
03. The Mystic M – Do Some Good (Adventure, 1977)
04. The Mystic M – Version (Adventure, 1977)
05. Netfa – Love Is my Answer
06. Netfa – Version
07. Peter Noel – Rebel Rock (JA Navara, 1976)
08. Peter Noel – Version (JA Navara, 1976)
09. Dennis Reid – Living In The Slum (UK Discoteque PFL 2102 / DLD 1002, 12´´)
10. Dave Richards – Colour Of The Rainbow (UK Attack TACK 14, 1979, 12´´)
11. Rising Son – Jah Jah Robe (JA New Flower, 1976)
12. Rising Son – Version (JA New Flower, 1976)
Roots 5
I have this private collection of vinyls on CDR.
01. Rising Son – Out On The Job (Ta-Shi, early 1980s)
02. Rising Son – Version (Ta-Shi, early 1980s)
03. Michael Rose – Freedom Over Me (Observer, 1972)
04. Michael Rose – Version (Observer, 1972)
05. Michael Rutherford – Dem A Fight (Ruddy T, 1980)
06. We The People Band – Stop Now (Ruddy T, 1980)
07. Black Skull – Black Slavery Days (Parrot PR 1546, 1982, 12´´)
08. Black Skull – Version (Parrot PR 1546, 1982, 12´´)
09. Dean Stone & Jah Walton – Jah Jah (Warriors WAR 146, 1980, 12´´)
10. Chokey Taylor – False Dread (High Note, 1979)
11. Solid Foundation Band – Rhythm (High Note, 1979)
12. Tommy Thompson – Wicked People (Express, 1978)
13. Jolly Brothers – Rub A Dub (Express, 1978)
14. Abe Rodway – Jah Jah Lead Us (Stabdard, late 1970s)
15. Abe Rodway – Version (Stabdard, late 1970s)
Roots And Fun
7-inch / 12-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Get Up Stand Up (Live 1975) (Bob Marley & The Wailers) (12BMRM-1) (1986) (12-inch) (6,23)
02. Get Up Stand Up (1973) (The Wailers) (12BMRM-1) (1986) (12-inch) (3,15)
03. Iration (Ketchy Shuby Version) (Peter Tosh) (JA Intel-Diplo PT 212-B, 1976) (3,06)
04. Peace Treaty (Peter Tosh) (12-inch) (4,03) shorter as the album track
05. Johnny B. Goode (Peter Tosh) (12-inch) (6,44)
06. I Know You Don´t Care About Me (Ziggy Marley & The Melodymakers with Bunny Wailer) (5,45)
07. So Come On (Earth Disciples) (Music Works)
08. Declaration Of Rights (Mighty Diamonds) (Music Works)
09. Special Lover (Freddie McGregor) (Music Works)
10. Way Out Rockers (Augustus Pablo)
11. Guns Of Navarone (Freddie Notes And The Rudies)
12. Popeye The Sailor Man (The Granville Williams Orchestra)
13. Wooden Heart (Hortense Ellis)
14. Gentle On My Mind (John Hartford) original
15. Gentle On My Mind (Pat Sandy)
16. Ska Suzanna (Billy Vernon & The Celestials)
06. is taken from the album “Live Vol. 1? (Ziggy Marley & The Melodymakers) (Electra, Nov 7th 2000)
Roots Bands Singles 1973 – 1980
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. April Rec. 8791-A Mighty Threes – One Black People (1978)
02. April Rec. 8792-B Mighty Threes – One Black People Pt.2 (1978)
03. April Rec. 9691-A High Lites & Sons Of Jah – Freedom Of Movements (1978)
04. April Rec. 9692-B High Lites & Sons Of Jah – Freedom Of Movements Pt.2 (1978)
05. Channel 1 JOE JOE 2869-A Earth & Stone – Jah Will Cut You Down (1976)
06. Channel 1 JOE JOE 2869-B (2892) Version (1976)
07. Echo-Sonic DP 45 1001-A Dill & The Pickles – Nine O’Clock (1980)
08. Echo-Sonic DP 45 1001-B Chalawa – Version (1980)
09. Generation GN-132-A Chalawa – Tropical Borscht (1979)
10. Generation GN-133-B Chalawa – Taxi De Paris (1979)
11. GG Records GG 4540-A Matumbi – Brother Louie (1973)
12. GG Records GG 4540-B Matumbi – Brother Louie (DJ Version) (1973)
13. Greensleeves GRE 001-A Reggae Regular – Where Is Jah (1978)
14. Greensleeves GRE 001-B Reggae Regular – Jah Is Here (1978)
15. Northcoast NG 151-A The Twinkle Brothers – Free Africa (1979)
16. Northcoast NG 151-B The Twinkle Brothers – Free Africa Dub (1979)
17. Talent FTC 7898-A Son Of Jah – Fly Away Home (”Rastaman Chant”) (1975)
18. Talent FTC 7898-B Son Of Jah – Waltzing Nyah Man (not the version of 17.) (1975)
19. Talent FTC 8078-A The Cimarons – Rooting For A Cause (1976)
20. Talent FTC 8078-B The Cimarons – Rooting Version (1976)
Roots Combination
First released on EU 33RPMRecords, CD
I have this album on CDR.
Spoony Bill (Calbert Walker)
Painful Dub (Sonic Boom with Tamara)
Nah Bow Down (Sluggy Ranks)
Horny Dub (Rootical Sound)
Wicked A Go Dub It (Douglass and Degraw with Rob Symeonn)
General TSO (Calbert Walker)
C.B. Stories (Rootical Sound)
Move Along (4th Ave Rockers with Ruff Scott and Rob Symeonn)
Oh Lawd! (4th Ave Rockers with Ruff Scott and Rob Symeonn)
The Dub And The Restless (Sonic Boom)
Greedy For The Dollar (Rootical Sound with Ruff Scott)
Dub It Today (Rootical Sound)
Gift Of Dub (Rootical Sound with Ruffscott)
Roots Crew 2
I have this album mp3-sourced on CDR.
Soul Constitution (Family Man Barrett), Get Ready (Burning Spear, Fox), Prophesy Call (Gladstone Manning, Observer Gold), Jah Far I On A Pinnacle (Leroy Sibbles, Trojan), Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah (Wailers, Impact), Tribulations (Dennis Brown, Observer Gold), Tribulation Dub (Dennis Brown, Observer Goild), Fade Away (Junior Byles, Jama), Garden Of LIfe (Leroy Sibbles, Trojan), No Partial (Rhythm & Sound), The Time Is Now (Stranger Cole, Wackie´s)
Roots Reggae (Private Collection from Canary Islands)
01. Marcia Griffiths – Back In The Days
02. African Brothers – Lead Us Father
03. Dave Barker or Glen Adams – Unknown Title
04. Dave Barker – Tight Spot
05. Don Carlos – Just A Passing Glance
06. Don Carlos – You Are My Sunshine
07. Errol Dunkley – A Little Way Different (DJ Version)
08. Errol Dunkley – Darling Ooh (Alternate)
09. Israel Vibration – Give I Grace
10. Jimmy London – You Know What It Means
11. Jimmy London – Hold On
12. Jimmy London – You Know What it Means
13. Jimmy Riley – We´re Gonna Make It
14. King Tubby – Race Track Dub
15. Marcia Griffiths – Stepping Out Of Babylon
16. Max Romeo – Open Up The Iron Gate
17. Mutabaruka – Butta Pan Lulcha
18. Mutabaruka – Whey Mi Belong
19. Rita Marley – That´s The Way
20. Revolutionaries – Dub Forever
21. Unknown Artist – The Right Herbs
22. Theo Beckford – What A Woe
23. Tommy McCook & The Agrovators – Lamb´s Bread Herb
Roots Reggae Bands Singles 1969 – 1980s
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Jaywax DSR-HJ 9302-A The Heptones – Book Of Rule (1973)
02. Jaywax DSR-HJ 9304-B The Heptones – Book Of Rule (Part 2) (1973)
03. Jaywax FHJ 7904-A The Heptones – Suffering So (1973)
04. Jaywax FHJ 7904-B The Heptones – Part 2 (1973)
05. Jaywax HJ 1477-A The Heptones – Do Good To Each & Everyone (1973)
06. Jaywax HJ 1477-B The Heptones – Part 2 (1973)
07. Roots From The Yard OSSIE 2013-A Earth & Stone – Wicked A Fe Dress Back (1978)
08. Roots From The Yard OSSIE 2013-B Ossie & The Revolutionarys – Version (1978)
09. Wolf JR NN 7-A Eagles – Warn This Nation
10. Wolf JR NN 7-B Black Disciples – Creation
11. Diamond C Intl. DSR 7419-A Chalice – Boota (1980s)
12. Diamond C Intl. DSR 7420-B Chalice – Boota Version (1980s)
13. Panther DSR 2439-A The Slicker – Johnny (Too) Bad (1972)
14. Panther DSR 2439-B The Slicker – Johnny (Too) Bad Version (1972)
15. Summit SUM-8503-A The Melodians – Rivers Of Babylon (1972)
16. Summit SUM-8503-B Beverley All Stars – Babylon Version (1972)
17. Total Sounds SM 7780-A Im Light Of Saba – No Woman No Cry (1977)
18. Total Sounds SM 7780-B Light Of Saba – Saba In Dub (1977)
19. Matador Records FLD 1970-A The Little Roys (aka Little Roy backed by Hippie Boys including Aston and Carlton Barrett) – Bongo Nyah (1969) his 4th single and is first hit
20. Matador Records FLD 1971-B The Creations – Bad Name (1969)
Roots Singer Singles Vol. 1 – 1970 – 1984
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Black & White 1300-A Larry Marshall – I Admire You (2,28) (1975)
02. Black & White 1300-B King Tubby’s – Watergate Rock (2,47) (1975)
03. Black Arrow BDPP 009-A Noel Ellis – We Wine A
04. Black Arrow BDPP 009-B Version
05. Black Gold DSR 4044-A Noel Ellis – Live In Love
06. Black Gold DSR 4045-B Version
07. Jam Can EC 001-A Noel Ellis – Dancing Partner (1983)
08. Jam Can EC 001-B Sly & Robbie – Massive Rock (1983)
09. Mango MS 2008-A Ras Midass – Kude A Bamba (1976)
10. Mango MS 2008-B Ras Midass – Congo Dub (1976)
11. Medious M 5446-A Mill Henry – Say You Love Me (mid 1980s)
12. Medious M 5446-B Mill Henry – Rasta In Zion (mid 1980s)
13. Rockstone DSR 2454-A Ras Karbi – Jah Rastaman (1984)
14. Rockstone DSR 2455-B Ras Karbi – Jah Rastaman Dub (1984)
15. Shacks QC 1073-A Sang Hugh – Rasta No Born Yah (1973)
16. Shacks QC 1073-B The Thing – Version (1973)
17. Success DYNA R EDW 3055-A Joe Higgs – Burning Fire (1970)
18. Success DYNA R EDW 3056-B Rupie Edwards All Stars – Fire Burn (1970)
19. Sun Shine FJC 7634-A Lizard (aka Clive Hunt) – Satta I (1975)
20. Sun Shine FJC 7634-B Lizard – I & Eye (1975) version of 19.
21. Amanda CP RRS 4326-A Larry Marshall – I Admire You (2,48) (1975)
22. Amanda CP RRS 4326-B Version (3,05) (1975)
Note: 19. 20. is one of two 7-inches taken from the album “Satta-I”. Also released on JA Roots Rhythm (FJC 7634 A / FJC 7634 B) and on UK Black Wax (WAX 14). The other one is “Fight I Down” (Lizard) (JG 1803) / “Earthquake” (Mighty Two) (DSR 1804) on JA Belmont.
Roots Singers Singles Vol 2 – 1976 – 1987
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Rockers DSR 7752-A Hugh Mundell – This (Little) Short Man-Rockers All Stars – Selassie I Dub (12-inch) (1980)
02. Rockers DSR 7752-B (7635) (Jah Levi) (aka Hugh Mundell) – False Rumour (12-inch) (1980)
03. Jah Guidance VPRD 0640-A Hugh Mundell – Tell I A Lie (12-inch) (1982)
04. Jah Guidance VPRD 0640-B Hugh Mundell – Jah Music (12-inch) (1982)
05. Negus Roots NERT 008-A Lacksley Castell – Government Man (12-inch) (1982)
06. Negus Roots NERT 008-B P. Tullo – Straight To The Government (12-inch) (1982)
07. House Of Raggae WK 705-A Junior Ras & The Spears – Hold Them Prophecy (1976)
08. House Of Raggae WK 705-B Version (1976)
09. Stars SR 007-A Junior Ross & The Spare – Bow Down Babylon (12-inch) (1976)
10. Stars SR 007-B Junior Ross & The Spare – Send Me Over There (12-inch) (1976)
11. Scorpio BIMSHERMAN 11-A Jah Stone – Burning (1979
12. Scorpio BIMSHERMAN 11-B Version (1979)
13. Observers NINEY-A Andrew Tosh – Same Dog Bite You A Morning (1987)
14. Observers NINEY-B Observer Band – Hungry Dog (1987)
Roots Singers Singles Vol 3
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Venture VEN 7706-A Horace Andy – Sky Larking (1972)
02. Venture VEN 7706-B Horace Andy – Sky Dubbing (1972)
03. Earthquake EQ 1003-A Horace Andy – Sitting On The Hillside (1984)
04. Earthquake EQ 1003-B Horace Andy – Sea Of Love (1984)
05. Kaya Rec. K 002-A Horace Andy – Angel Call Woman (1978)
06. Kaya Rec. K 002-B Kayasonic – Natty Dread Dub (1978)
07. Taxi DSR 2718-A Horace Andy – She Gone
08. Taxi DSR 2719-B Sly & Robbie – Version
09. Top Ranking Intl. BLTRI 444-A Horace Andy – Tribute To Bob Marley (1981)
10. Top Ranking Intl. BLTRI 444-B Jah Batta – Great Super Star (1981)
11. Wildflower no matrix-A Bob Andy – Fire Burning (1991)
12. Wildflower no matrix-B Dadawah – Burning Drums (1991)
13. Jaywax HJ 1587-A Delroy Wilson – Place In Africa (1972)
14. Jaywax HJ 1588-B Delroy Wilson – Part 2 (1972)
15. Taxi DSR 0377-A Dennis Brown – Sitting & Watching (1986)
16. Taxi DSR 0378-B Center Forward (1986)
17. Jahmikmusik FD 7635-A Fred Locks – Black Star Liners (1976)
18. Jahmikmusik FD 7635-B Fred Locks – Version (1976)
19. E & J Records no matrix-A Don Carlos – Genieal Ship (1982)
20. E & J Records no matrix-B Version Genieal Ship (1982)
Track 13 is a remake of The Eagles´ “House Of The Rising Sun” produced by Keith Hudson. Track 14 is its version.
Roots Singers Singles Vol. 4 – 1974 – 1984
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Cord DSR 4135-A Earth & Stone – Satta-Amasagana (12-inch) (1978)
02. Cord DSR 4136-B Earth & Stone – Ain’t That Loving You (12-inch) (1978)
03. JA Well Charge – Earth & Stone – Run For Your Life (1976)
04. JA Well Charge – The Revolutionaries – Run For Your Life Version (1976)
05. Black Roots DSR 7953- A Barry Brown – Not So Lucky (1980)
06. Black Roots DSR 7954-B Black Roots – Jah Live Special (1980)
07. ICI Disc FSD 1948-A Joseph Cotton – Izzesse I
08. ICI Disc FSD 1948-B Iwhazzessezi – Ironcickles
09. Jah Rubbaal DSR 3080-A Gideon Jah Rubbaal – Love Rasta (1977)
10. Jah Rubbaal DSR 3081-B Jah Rubbaal All Stars – Version (1977)
11. House Of Raggae WK 704-A Ras Alla & The Spears – Came From Buzrock (1978)
12. House Of Raggae WK 704-B Version (1978)
13. Red Fire DSR 7757-A Prince Alla – My Love (between 1982 and 1984)
14. Red Fire DSR 7758-B Version (between 1982 and 1984)
15. Prophet TZ 3031-A Ras Ala & Prophets – Bosrah (1978)
16. Prophet TZ 3032-B Ras Ala & Prophets – Dipped In Blood (1978)
17. Prophets DSR 9187-A Yabba You – Love Me
18. Prophets DSR 9187-B Version
19. Prophets FVJ 7396-A Vivian Jackson & The Sons Of Jah – Jah Vengence (1974)
20. Prophets FVJ 7396-B Tubby’s Vengence (1974)
21. Prophets VJ 8151-A Vivian Jackson & The Prophets – Fire In Kingston (1976)
22. Prophets VJ 8152-B Kingston Dub (1974)
Roots Singers Singles Vol. 5 – 1974 – 1985
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Hawkeye HE-101-A Little Roy – Way Down In Babylon (1981)
02. Hawkeye HE-101-B Aquarius All Stars – Down (1981)
03. Hitrun LYN 5620-A Carol Kalphat feat. Clint Eastwood – African Land (12-inch) (1978)
04. Hitrun LYN 5621-B Dr. Pablo & The Crytuff Allstars – African Melody (12-inch) (1978)
05. Starapple TLC 1645-A Ken Boothe – Speak Softly Love (Theme from ”The Godfather”) (1974)
06. Starapple TLC 1646-B The Godfather – Instrumental (1974)
07. GG’s no matrix-A Jah Stone (aka Bim Sherman) – Ten Ton Woman (1978)
08. GG’s no matrix-B G.G.All Stars – Part 2 Dubwise (1978)
09. Channel One EJ 005-A Hands & Heart – Jah Live (12-inch) (1978)
10. Channel One EJ 005-B Hands & Heart – Waiting For Jah (12-inch) (1978)
11. LTD 504-A Delroy Wilson – I’m Still Waiting (1977)
12. LTD 504-B Delroy Wilson – Dub Waiting (1977)
13. Shabazz 3009-A Winston Jarrett & Rightous Flames – Kaya (1978)
14. Shabazz 3009-B Winston Jarrett & Revolutionaries – Kaya Dub (1978)
15. FRM FRM-150-A Ernie Smith – Guava Jelly (1972)
16. FRM FRM-150-B Ernie Smith – Ride On-Sammy (1972)
17. Observers DSR 3320-A Peter Broggs – Blood Stain (1985)
18. Observers DSR 3321-B Nine Created New Band – Foot Drum (1985)
19. Taxi DSR 0988-A Jimmy Riley – Bang Bang (1982)
20. Taxi DSR 0989-B Sly, Robbie & The Taxi Gang – Version (1982)
Roots Singers Singles Vol. 6 – 1972 – 1982
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Volcano DSR 3082-A Eek-A-Mouse – Wha-Do-Dem (12-inch) (1981)
02. Volcano DSR 3083-B Errol Shorter – Wild Inna Eighty-One Style (12-inch) (1981)
03. Volcano DSR 3956-A Michigan & Smiley – Lu-Be-Lu (12-inch) (1982)
04. Volcano DSR 3957-B Eek-A-Mouse – For Hire & Removal (12-inch) (1982)
05. E.A.D. Prod. GEM 0019-A Eek-A-Mouse – My Mummy (12-inch)
06. E.A.D. Prod. GEM 0019-AA Version (12-inch)
07. E.A.D. Prod. GEM 0019-B Robert French – Rumours (12-inch)
08. Greensleeves GRED 88-A Eek-A-Mouse – Do You Remember (12-inch) (1982)
09. Greensleeves GRED 88-B Toyan – Strictly The Dread (12-inch) (1982)
10. Earthquake EQ 1000-A Earth & Stone – Migrate (12-inch) (1979)
11. Earthquake EQ 1000-B Ossie, Robbie & Sly feat. The Horns Connection – Jump The Fence (12-inch) (1979)
12. Earthquake TJ-1020-A Pat Kelly – Whiter Shade Of Pale (12-inch) (1979)
13. Earthquake TJ-1020-B Dean Frazer – Whiter Shade Instrumental (12-inch) (1979
14. Prophet VJ RRS 3693-A Vivian Jackson & The Ralph Brothers – Conquering Lion (1972)
Roots Singers Singles Vol. 7 – 1971 – 1980
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Bushays BFM 108-A Janet K & Rico – Silhouette (12-inch) (1980)
02. Bushays BFM 108-B Janet K, Prince Jazzbo & Rico – Silhouette Gone Clear (12-inch) (1980)
03. Chanan-Jah CJ 912-A Jimmy London – Got To Change Your Ways (1971)
04. Chanan-Jah CJ 912-B Jimmy London – One Of These Days (1971)
05. Joe Gibbs JGMD 8138A Chalice & Paddy Roots – Good To Be There / Jah A The Magician (12-inch) (1981)
06. Joe Gibbs JGMD 8138B Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Gates Of Zion Open (12-inch) (1981)
07. Khouri KSM RZ 7-A R.Zee Jackson & King Sparny – Rock Yu Boat Style (12-inch) cover of Bob Marley´s “Satisfy My Soul (Rock Your Boat)”
08. Khouri KSM RZ 7-B Fitty & The Agrovators – Rasta Jazz (12-inch)
09. Micron FMM 7451-A Joe Higgs – Sincerely (1976)
10. Micron FMM 7452-B Joe Higgs – Sincerely Yours Dubwise (1976)
11. Micron MIC CAN 026-A Ken Boothe – Everything I Own (12-inch) (ca. 1978)
12. Micron MIC CAN 026-B Chalawa – Every Dub I Own (12-inch) (ca. 1978)
13. Negus Roots NERT 004-A Don Mc Carlos – Gimmie Gimmie Your Love (12-inch) (1981)
14. Negus Roots NERT 004-B Papa Tullo – Gimmie More Love (12-inch) (1981)
15. Roosevelt DSR HJ 7639-A Bongo Herman – S 90 Red Skank (1972)
16. Roosevelt DSR HJ 7640-B Version (1972)
Roots Singers Singles Vol. 8
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Ally’s Production ALP 002-A Prince Ally & Safkia Kirften – It Burns Inside (12-inch)
02. Ally’s Production ALP 002-AA Prince Ally & Mark White – Ain’t No Sunshine (12-inch)
03. Ally’s Production ALP 002-B Prince Ally & Ahamad Ally – Ain’t No Sunshine (Dance Mix) (12-inch)
04. Circle Sound CS12-15-A Althea Ranking & The Donnaz – Where Have All The Natty Dreads Gone (12-inch)
05. Circle Sound CS12-15-B (CS-009) Althea & The Donnaz – Virgin Style (12-inch)
06. Top Ranking Sounds VPTRR 055-A Screw Driver – Ring The Bell
07. Top Ranking Sounds VPTRR 055-B Screw Driver – One Of A Kind
08. Top Ranking Sounds DSR 579-A Tony Tuff – Tell Me
09. Top Ranking Sounds DSR 580-B Version
10. Puppy MOO 100-A Augustus Thomas – International Year Of The Child (12-inch)
11. Puppy MOO 100-B Mr.Position – Ism Skism (12-inch)
12. Cocoa Tea – A Heathen (1996)
13. Joe Gibbs DSR 9514-A Xanadu & Sweet Lady – Rappers Delight (12-inch) (1979)
14. Joe Gibbs DSR 9515-B Xanadu & Sweet Lady – Rockers Delight (12-inch) (1979)
Roots Singers Singles Vol. 9
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. The Teacher – Soul Vibration (DJ Version of Augustus Pablo´s “Iggy Iggy”) (1969)
02. Konduko M 1699-A King Sporty – A Year Full Of Sundays (1974) using “Put It On” riddim
03. Konduko M 1700-B King Sporty – Concrete Jungle (1974)
04. Micron MIC-CAN 0017A Pete Weston – Desirée (12-inch)
05. Micron MIC-CAN 0017B Chalawa – Desirée Instrumental (12-inch)
06. Oneness DSR 3429-A Jimmy Cliff & D.J. Errol Scorcher – Rub-A-Dub Partner (12-inch) (1982)
07. Oneness DSR 3430-B Rub-A-Dub Disco Version (12-inch) (1982)
08. Randy’s 8002-A Matador – Bongo Nyah Inst.
09. Randy’s 8002-B Matador – Dread Lock Inst.
10. Sun Shot PP 1985-A Keith Poppin – Envious (1975)
11. Sun Shot PP 1986-B The Sunshot Band – Dub Envious (1975)
12. Top Ranking VP 2214-A Bi Bi Seaton – One Thing Leads To Another
13. Top Ranking VP 2214-B Version
14. Alton Ellis – Sitting In The Park (late 1960s)
15. Chantells And Jah Berry – Waiting In The Park and Version (1977)
16. Gregory Isaacs – Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)
17. Sugar Minott – Its a Small World
18. The Crystalites – The Big Gundown – Reggae Inspired By Spaghetti Westerns – A Fistful Of Dollars (1970)
19. Denzil & Pat – All I Have To Do Is Dream
20. Byron Lee & The Dragonaires Feat. Pam Hall – My Boy Lollipop
21. Jackie Mittoo – James Bond (between 1965 and 1967)
22. Cool Shade – The Neasden Connection – Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1 (1972)
Roots Techniques
I have the UK Pressure Sounds PSLP 24, 1999, LP
Your Love Is A Game (Dave Barker)
Purify Your Heart (Johnny Osbourne)
Prophecy (Jimmy Riley)
Prophecy Version (Techniques All Stars)
All Nations Bow (Big Youth)
Love Is The Light (Horace Andy)
Who Is The Man (I Roy)
Who Is The One Version (Techniques All Stars)
Don’t Mock Jah (Donovan Adams)
Don’t Mock Jah Version (Techniques All Stars)
Zion I (Winston and Ansel)
Nothing Is Impossible (The Interns)
Black Out (Ansel Collins)
Cheer Up Blackman (Morvin Brooks)
Cheer Up Blackman Version (Techniques All Stars)
All songs produced by Winston Riley.
“All Nations Bow” & “Love Is The Light” use the “Stalag” rhythm.
“Purify Your Heart” & “Prophecy” & “Prophecy Version” use the same rhythm.
“Zion I” & “Nothing Is Impossible” use the same rhythm.
Roots To Roots Soul To Soul Vol. 1
I have the UK Vista VSLP 2008, 1983, LP
Teaching (Barry Brown)
Soul To Soul (Rod Taylor)
Whip Them (Rankin Barnabas)
Chuckie Chuckie (Welton Irie)
Money Money (Georgi McKay)
More Soul To Soul (Rod Taylor)
Class Of 69 (C. Livingston)
Dub Of 69
Tribute To Bobby (C. Livingston)
Dub To Bobby
“Whip Them” is a toast of Dennis Brown’s “Whip Them Jah”.
“Money Money” is a cover of the Horace Andy song.
Select Cuts From Blood & Fire Chapter Three
I have the German Blood & Fire / EFA 33403-1, 2000, 2-LP
Waterhouse Rock (Big Youth – Groove Corporation RMX)
Do You Love My Music (Horace Andy – Black Star Liner RMX)
Great Stone / Lot’s Wife (Prince Alla – Dreadzone RMX)
Political Confusion (Big Youth – Small Axe Feat. Wood’N’Spoon RMX)
Bandulu / Hard Time (Cornell Campbell feat. Ranking Dread – Walkner.Müstl RMX)
Great Stone / One People (Prince Alla / Pablo Moses – Dan Donovan / Don Letts Dub Cartell RMX)
Ragga Muffin Style (Jah Stitch – Pressure Drop RMX)
Jim Screechy (Big Youth – Smith & Mighty RMX)
Dubwise Situation (Impact All Stars – Watershell RMX)
Satia (Keith Hudson – Henry & Louis RMX)
Ital Vital (Horace Andy – Different Drummer Soundsystem RMX)
Chucky No Lucky (Big Youth – Disciples / Chucky Dub Disco Style RMX)
Get Ready (Gregory Isaacs – Kaleidoscope RMX)
Blood & Fire Megamix (Fila Brazillia RMX)
“Waterhouse Rock” is a reworking of “Rockfort Rock”.
Shank I Sheck Vol. 1
I have the UK Vista VSLP 2003, 1983, LP
Shank I Sheck (Dennis Brown)
Shank I Sheck (Sugar Minott)
Shank I Sheck (Horace Andy)
Shank I Sheck (Tristan Palmer)
Shank I Sheck (Delroy Smith)
Shank I Sheck (aka “Revival Style”, Ranking Joe)
Shank I Sheck (Ranking Dread)
Shank I Sheck (U Brown)
Shank I Sheck (Dean Fraser)
Shank I Sheck (King Tubby)
Shank I Sheck (Linval Thompson)
Produced by Tad A. Dawkins.
Another recording using the “Shank I Sheck” rhythm is Tappa Zukie’s “Peace And Love”.
Ska All Mighty
I have the USA Heartbeat HB 117, 2002, LP
Don De Lion (Don Drummond)
Running Around (Owen and Leon Silvera)
Mama Let Her Out (Upsetters)
Spanish Eyes ( Tommy McCook and Lynn Taitt)
Time Marches On (Derrick Morgan and Naomi)
Foul Play (Dottie and Bunny)
Melody Jamboree (Don Drummond and The Baba Brooks Band)
Sailing Along (Skatalites)
Man May Go Man May Come (The Duke Reid Group)
What Have I Done (The Miracles)
Feeling Fine (Roland Alphonso)
Man Is Going To Eat Man (Slickers)
Why Should I Worry (Justin Hinds & The Dominoes)
Strolling In (Skatalites)
Skill And Craft (Owen and Leon Silvera with The Skatalites)
Koo Koo Do (Stranger Cole with Owen and Leon Silvera)
Corner Stone (Justin Hinds & The Dominoes)
Independence Ska (Lynn Taitt and The Baba Brooks Band)
Red Gal Ring (Hayward Brice and The Baba Brooks Band)
All songs are produced by Duke Reid and recorded at Treasure Isle Studio.
Ska, Christmas & More
I have this private collection mp3-sourced on CDR.
01. Double Minded Man (Anthony Rocky Ellis) (Ja Studio One CD 1030A)
02. I´ve Got You (Ken Boothe) (Studio One)
03. Push Pull (Pablove Black) (Szudio One) (Clavinet version of Burning Spear´s “Swell Headed”)
04. A Cradle In Bethlehem (Jimmy Tucker) (Studio One CS 9014A)
05. A Cradle In Bethlehem Pt. 2 (V. Morgan & The Coxsonaires) (Studio One CS 9014B)
06. Christmas Feelings (Silvertones) (JA Studio One)
07. King Of Kings (Silvertones) (Studio One SO 100036A)
08. King Of Kings Pt. 2 (Silvertones) (Studio One SO 100036A)
09. Christmas Jamboree (Sugar Minott) (Studio One SO 100035A)
10. Christmas Jamboree Pt. 2 (Sugar Minott & Brentford Disco Set) (Studio One SO 100035B)
11. Merry Christmas (Al & The Vibrators) (Coxsone / WIRL CD 4545-1)
12. Bide Up With Reason (Aston Barrett)
13. Bide Up Dub (Aston Barrett)
14. No Woman No Cry (Alphonso Stewart)
15. ……… (Live, Groundation)
Skank De Riddims
I have this private compilation.
01. Love One Another (Mandrill)
02. Melodymaker (Keith Hudson)
03. Satan Side (Horace Andy & Earl Flute)
04. Ain´t No Sunshine (Jimmy Riley)
05. Rock Away (Gregory Isaacs)
06. Put Down The Gun (Errol Dunkley)
07. Solid As A Rock (Winston Jarrett)
08. Hypocrite (Heptones)
09. Screaming Target (Big Youth)
10. Give Praises (Big Youth)
11. S.90 Skank (Big Youth)
12. Truth And Truth (Jah Mojo)
13. Ain´t That Loving You (U Roy)
14. Wedden Skank (Glen Brown)
15. South East Rock (Glen Brown)
16. No More Slavery (Glen Brown)
17. Gathering (God Sons)
18. Mitchville Rock (God Sons)
19. African Drums (Bongo Herman)
20. The Russians Are Coming (Val Bennett)
21. U.F.O. (Harry J Allstars)
22. Liquidator (Harry J Allstars)
23. Return Of Django (Upsetters)
Mandrill is a funk band.
God Sons is a band of Glen Brown.
01. Jeff Lane production 1977
02. Keith Hudson production 1973
03. Keith Hudson production 1974. the dub appears as “Black Rights” on Keith Hudson – Pick A Dub.
05. Niney / L. Campbell production, 1976
06. is the vocal of Tappa Zukie´s “Stop The Shooting”
07. Aston Barrett production 1972
08. Joe Gibbs production 1972
09. A. Clarke production 1973
10. Manley Buchanan production, 1975
11. Keith Hudson production 1972
12. Lenord Chin production 1973
13. Duke Reid production 1971
14. Glen Brown production 1972
19. is a bongo version of Glen Brown´s “Crisp As A Ball” )
20. Bunny Lee Production 1968
21. Harry J production 1973 or earlier
22. Harry J production
23. Lee Perry production
Ska Singles 1960 – mid 1970s
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Buster Wild Bells ZSP 52833-A The Folks Brothers – I Met A Man (1961)
02. Buster Wild Bells ZSP 52834-B The Folks Brothers – Oh Carolina (1960)
03. Clan Disc DYNA CE 1289-A Stitt, Andy Cap & Dynamites – Herb Man
04. Clan Disc DYNA CE 1289-B (713) Higg & Wilson – Don’t Mind Me (1970) the last released track of the duo recorded probably a bit earlier in the late 1960s before Wilson left to USA.
05. Duke Reid DSR 5372 TIS 80-A Justin Hinds – Mighty Redeemer PT.1 (between 1964 and 1974)
06. Duke Reid DSR 5373 TIS 81-B Justin Hinds – Mighty Redeemer PT.2 (between 1964 and 1974)
07. Duke Reid MFD DYNA 3932-A Justin Hinds & The Dominos – Bother Ration (1965)
08. Duke Reid MFD DYNA 3933-B Vincent Hinds w. Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Mouth Trombone (1965)
09. Fox JR 5298-A Justin Hinds – Prophecy Must Fulfill (1974)
10. Fox JR 5299-B Version (1974)
11. High Note DR 2006-A Justin Hinds – If It’s Love That You Need
12. High Note DR 2006-B (FBL 712) Unknown Instrumental
13. Iron Side DSR CN 4030-A The Cyclones with Cont Ossie – Meditation (1972)
14. Iron Side DSR CN 4030-B (CD 0016) The Soul Defenders – Sound Almighty (1972)
15. Island CX 240-A Jacke Opel – You Send Me
16. Island CX 240-B Jacke Opel – Fly Me To The Moon
17. Port-O-Jam CN 3082-A The Carribean Disco Band – Carifta Special
18. Port-O-Jam CN 3082-B The Carribean Disco Band – Carifta Soul
19. Studio 1 CSDODD 52-A The Clarendonians – You Won’t See Me
20. Studio 1 CSDODD 52-B (55) The Clarendonians – The Jerk
21. Studio No.1 FCD 7353-A Dennis Brown – Little Green Apple (1972)
22. Studio No.1 FCD 7353-B The New Establishment – Little Green Apple (Ver.) (1972)
Track 02 is coming from the very first session of Prince Buster.
(Joe) Higgs & (Roy) Wilson are one of Jamaica´s first successfull recording artists with her 1st single “Oh Manny Oh” sold 50.000 times in 1960.
Solomonic & More
I have this compilation of 7-inches mp3-sourced on CDR.
01. Warrior (Bunny Wailer) (Solomonic) (Warrior A) (3,45)
02. Warrior Dub (Bunny Wailer) (Solomonic) (Warrior B) (3,25)
03. Here In Jamaica (Bunny Wailer) (Solomonic) (DSR 5526-A) (3,36) (12-inch)
04. Version (Solomonic) (DSR 5527-B) (4,01) (12-inch)
05. Arab´s Oil Weapon (Wailers) (Solomonic) (BW 3668-2-3675-RRS) (3,39)
06. Dub´d Version (Wailers) (Solomonic) (BW 3676-RRS) (3,47)
07. Moneyman (Martha Velez) (Sire) (DM 2 S-A) (12-inch) (4,42)
08. Moneyman (Martha Velez) (Sire) (DM 2 X-B) (12-inch) (4,42)
09. Rock ´N Roll Reggae (Marcia Griffiths) (Solomonic) (DSR 1401-A) (3,01)
10. Energy Observation (H. Bennet) (Solomonic) (LE 990 Beat A) (3,04)
11. Crying In The Street (Shadon Tucker) (Solomonic) (SM 037-A) (3,39)
12. Crying In The Street (Shadon Tucker) (Solomonic) (SM 037-B) (3,48)
13. Bed Too Big Without You (Sheila Hylton) (Jaywax DSR 1527-A)
14. Version (Sheila Hylton) (Jaywax DSR 1526-B)
15. Book Of Rules Part 2 (The Heptones) (Jaywax DSR HJ 9304-B)
16. Loving Reggay (Maytones) (G.G.) (DYNA HR GGR 907-B AR 1698)
17. Do The Reggay (The Maytals) (1968)
18. Flying Reggay (Roy Shirley & The Mighty Vikings) (JA Public) (DYNA RS 123) (1969)
19. Tom Sprang
20. Samfi Man (The Pioneers) (Boss Rec) (BR 104-A)
Soul Of Jamaica
I have the UK Island HELP 15, 1973, LP
This Is Reggae Music (Zap Pow)
Funky Kingston (Toots And The Maytals)
Starvation (Boston Jack)
Concrete Jungle (Wailers)
U.F.O. (Harry J. Allstars)
The World Is Upside Down (Joe Higgs)
Hey Mr. Yesterday (Jimmy Cliff)
Chapel Of Love (Lorna Bennett)
Guava Jelly (Owen Gray)
Dream Lover (Greyhound)
Sound And Pressure Volume 1
First released on UK Pressure Sounds, 1995, CD
I have this album on CDR.
Barbican Dub (Keith Hudson)
Problems (Horace Andy)
Congo Harp (Augustus Pablo & Ras Menelik)
Red Blood (Black Skin The Prophet)
Mansion Of Invention (Prince Fari)
Black Belt Jones (Keith Hudson)
Tribal War (Little Roy)
Sinners (Keith Hudson)
Bass Ace (Prince Fari)
Same Song (Israel Vibration)
King Tubby’s Dub Song (Augustus Pablo)
(Private Added Tracks on this CDR:)
The House Of The Rising Sun (Gregory Isaacs)
Give Me (Earth & Stone)
Jah Will Cut You Down (Earth & Stone)
With Rockers HiFi (Prince Fari)
Bedward The Flyer Preacher (Prince Fari)
Let Jah Arise (Prince Fari)
Waizero (Prince Fari)
Satta Dub Glass Version (Prince Fari)
Rasta Band Wagon (Max Romeo)
The Coming Of Jah (Max Romeo)
Woe Unto Them (Max Romeo)
Wet Dream (Max Romeo)
Still Waiting
01. You´re Still Waiting (Sandra & Jah Larry) (Charmers 12-inch)
02. Waiting Dub (Charmers Dub Children) (Charmers 12-inch)
ß3. Johnny Tood Bad (Live) (Joe Higgs)
04. Rivers Of Babylon (Live) (Joe Higgs)
05. Equal Rights (Love) (Culture)
06. Ah Deh (Live) (Dennis Brown)
07. What A Man Saw (Live) (Winston McAnuff)
08. Tribute To Bob Marley (Christopher Mae)
09. Down Pressor Man
10. My Way Of Thinking (UB40)
11. No Deputy (Richard Grey feat Bob Marley) (Dub Vocal) (2,35)
12. Three Little Birds (Alvin & The Chipmunks) (2,53)
13. Sun Is Shining (alternate take 1967) (Wailers) (2,15)
14. Thank You Lord (Bob Marley) (UK Trojan TRO 9065 A, Mono) (3,25)
15. Wisdom (Bob Marley) (UK Trojan TRO 9065 B, Mono) (3,16)
16. Road Block (Live at Sunsplash II) Bob Marley) LP source (5,11)
17. Babylon Queendom (Intel Diplo PT 3011-A) (Peter Tosh) (3,42)
18. Iration (Intel Diplo PT 3011-B) (Peter Tosh) (3,08)
19. Burial (Rehearsal) (Eric Clapton with Peter Tosh, 1974) (4,06)
20. Watcha Gonna Do (Rehearsal) (Eric Cpalton with Peter Tosh, 1974) (3,06)
21. Rock To The Rock (2008 Remix) (Bob Marley) (excerpt from Friendly Rasta Blends Vol. 3 FR003, 12-inch) (1,31)
Sufferer´s Choice
First released on UK Attack ATLP 101, 1989, LP.
I have the UK Trojan, CD on CDR. (Track 5 “Rome” (Lloyd Jones) is replaced here by “Jordan River”. But “Rome” is added from 7-inch as a bonus to my CDR.
Sufferer (The Kingstonians), Condition Bad A Yard (The Ethiopians), Trench Town Rock (Bob Marley & The Wailers), Know Far I (Bongo Herman & Bunny), Jordan River (Max Romeo & Glen Adams), Take Warning (Bill Dyce), Way Down South (U Roy), Redder Than Red (Bob Marley & The Wailers), Jah Jah Me No Born Yah (Cornell Campbell), Deliver Us To Africa (Alton Ellis), Yim Mas Gan (The Abyssinians), Crank Shaft (The Now Generation), Niah Man (Johnny Osbourne), Warrika Hill (The Versatiles), The Song My Mother Used To Sing (Dennis Brown), Nice Time (Bob Marley & The Wailers)
Bonus tracks on my CDR taken from 7-inch:
Rome (Lloyd Jones), Leaving Rome (Jo Jo Bennett)
Sunsplash Showcase
I have the UK Kingdom KVL 9007, 1981, LP
A Love That’s True (Cornell Campbell)
Stranger In Love (Meditation)
Shy Girl (Skully)
Rising Of The Sun (Jah Stitch)
Unity (Meditation)
Prophecy (George White)
Total Togetherness (Copie Copewell)
My Memory (Joe Brown)
Roy Cousins production.
Tappa Singles late 1980s – early 1990s
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Tappa DSR 1014-A Johnny Osbourne – Teach The Youths Right (1987)
02. Tappa DSR 1015-B Version (1987)
03. Tappa DSR 1845-A Ken Boothe – Soldier Girl (1987)
04. Tappa DSR 1846-B Robbie Lyn – Version (1987)
05. Tappa DSR 2124-A Frankie Paul – What About Us
06. Tappa DSR 2125-B Version
07. Tappa DSR 2126-A Johnny Clarke – Don’t Take Your Guns To Town
08. Tappa DSR 2127-B Version
09. Tappa DSR 2325-A Courtney Melody – A We Rule
10. Tappa DSR 2326-B Version
11. Tappa DSR 8015-A Gregory Isaacs – Hard Drugs (1988)
12. Tappa DSR 8016-B Tappa Rhythm (1988)
13. Tappa GGTM-342-A Gregory Isaacs – Commitment (mid 1990s)
14. Tappa GGTM-342-B Semi-Acapella (mid 1990s)
15. Tappa GGTM 139-A Dean Frazer, Sly Dunbar & Clive Hunt – Out On Bail (1992)
16. Tappa GGTM 139-B Acapella (1992)
Taxi (Sly And Robbie Present)
I have the German Island 203 623, 1981, LP
My Woman’s Love (Jimmy Riley)
Smiling Faces Sometimes (Tamlins)
Merry Go Round (Junior Delgado)
Sitting And Watching (Dennis Brown)
Hot You’re Hot (Sly Dunbar)
Sweet Sugar Plum (Wailing Souls)
World Is Africa (Black Uhuru)
Drunken Master (General Echo)
Old Broom (Wailing Souls)
Oh What A Feeling (Gregory Isaacs)
Heart Made Of Stone (The Viceroys)
Fort Augustus (Junior Delgado)
Produced by Sly & Robbie.
That’s Original Reggae
I have the German Fontana 6445 001, ca. 1970, LP
Elizabethan Reggae (Byron Lee & The Dragonaires) from the album “Reggae Blast Off!”, UK Trojan TBL 110, 1970
Liquidator (Harry J. All Stars) from the album “Liquidator”, UK Trojan TBL 104, 1969
Fattie Fattie (Clancy Eccles) from the album “Herbsman Reggae”, UK Trojan /Clandisc TBL 124, 1970
Return Of Django (Upsetters) from the album “Return Of Django”, UK Trojan / Upsetter TRL 19, 1969
Jumping The Gun (Rico) from the album “Blow Your Horn”, UK Trojan /Downtown TTL 12, 1969
Red Red Wine (Tony Tribe)
Long Shot Kick The Bucket (Pioneers) from the album “Longshot”, UK Trojan TBL 103, 1969
Sweet Sensation (Melodians) from the album “Reggae Chartbusters” (Various Artists), UK Trojan TBLS 105, 1969
Pressure Drop (Maytals) from the album “Monkey Man” UK Trojan TBL 107, 1970
One Way Love (Coloured Raisins)
Skinhead Moon Stomp (Symarip) from the album “Skinhead Moonstomp”, UK Trojan TBL 102, 1970
A Live Injection (Upsetters) from the album “Return Of Django”, UK Trojan / Upsetter TRL 19, 1969
The Harder They Come (Original Sound Track)
First released on UK Island, 1972 (The first pressing comes in a gatefold sleeve)
I have the German Island 86 381, late 70ies pressing, LP, including one-page-booklet with texts
Reissued on CD, ca. 1992
I have this album on CDR.
You Can Get It If You Really Want (Jimmy Cliff)
Draw Your Brakes (Scotty) taken from the album “Schooldays”, UK Trojan TRL 33, 1971
Rivers Of Babylon (Melodians)
Many Rivers To Cross (Jimmy Cliff) taken from the album “Jimmy Cliff”, UK Trojan TRLS 16, 1969
Sweet And Dandy (Maytals)
The Harder They Come (Jimmy Cliff)
Johnny Too Bad (Slickers)
Shanty Town (Desmond Dekker)
Pressure Drop (Maytals) from the album “Monkey Man”, UK Trojan TBL 107, 1970
Sitting In Limbo (Jimmy Cliff)
You Can Get It If You Really Want (Jimmy Cliff)
The Harder They Come (Jimmy Cliff)
39 Shades of Reggae
First released on German Ripe XD 193, 1994, CD
I have this album on CDR.
Not A Pretty Girl (Frankie Paul)
Words Of Wisdom (Dennis Brown )
See Them A Come (Culture)
Plese Don’t Go (Winston Groovy)
Fuss Fuss (Don Carlos)
Stormy Night (Frankie Paul)
The Creator (Dennis Brown)
In Pieces (Don Carlos)
Give Me Time (Winston Groovy)
Behold I Come (Culture)
Malcolm X (Dennis Brown)
Money In My Pocket (Dennis Brown)
Be My Baby (Frankie Paul)
Girl Without (Winston Groovy)
Two Sevens Clash (Culture)
This & Dat (Maxis & More)
I have this compilation mp3-soured on CDR.
Amigo (12-inch) (Black Slate), Cocaine (12-inch) (Dillinger), Cherry Oh Baby (12-inch) (Eric Donaldson), I Want To Wake Up With You (12-inch) (Boris Gardiner), No More Fussing & Fighting (Stranger Cole) (Bachak SF-2003-A), Sing A New Song (Peter Broggs), Zema idée (Sam Mangwana) (Juju music), White Liver Mable (Mr X & Sweety), Reuben (Winston Wright & Larry Mc Donald), Lively (Lively Up Yourself Raw Mix by Steve using the multi track masters) (4,36)
This Is Reggae Music
I have the Dutch Island 300.331, 1978, 2-LP
This Is Reggae Music (Zap Pow) (*1)
Roots Rock Reggae (Bob Marley)
Police And Thieves (Junior Murvin)
Old Marcus Garvey (Burning Spear)
Carry Go Bring Come (Justin Hinds & The Dominoes)
The Harder They Come (Jimmy Cliff)
Funky Kingston (Toots & The Maytals) (*1)
Jah Live (Bob Marley)
Reggae Got Soul (Toots & The Maytals)
Chase The Devil (Max Romeo & The Upsetters)
Freedom Song (Third World)
Book Of Rules (Heptones) (*1)
Rastaman (Bunny Wailer)
King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown (Augustus Pablo)
Punky Reggae Party (Bob Marley)
Mama Say (Heptones)
One Step Forward (Max Romeo)
Have Mercy (To Be A Lover) (George Faith)
Man In The Hills (Burning Spear)
Pomps And Pride (Toots & The Maytals)
Cokane In My Brain (Dillinger)
Dial Africa (Rico)
Sun Don’t Shine (Third World)
No Sympathy (Peter Tosh)
Breakfast In Bed (Lorna Bennett, 1972) (*1)
Johnny Too Bad (Slickers)
Dreamland (Bunny Wailer)
“Punky Reggae Party” is the over-nine-minutes-mix.
(*1) previously released on “This Is Reggae Music”, UK Trojan TRLS 104, 1974, LP
Treasure Isle Showtime
I have the USA Heartbeat HB 126, 2002, LP
Boom Shacka Lacka (Hopeton Lewis)
On The Beach (Paragons)
Come On Little Girl (Melodians)
Rocking Soul (Tommy and Roy)
Girl I’ve Got A Date (Alton Ellis)
Musical Date (Winston Wright)
Wake The Town (Take 2) (U Roy)
Ali Baba (John Holt)
I Can’t Hide (Ken Parker)
It’s Raining (The Three Tops)
Wear You To The Ball (Paragons)
You Don’t Care (Melodians)
Go Lizzy Go (Lizzy and Dennis Alcapone)
Cry Tough (Alton Ellis & The Flames)
Happy Go Lucky Girl (Paragons)
Rock Steady (Phyllis Dillon)
Carry Go Bring Come (Justin Hinds & The Dominoes)
Baba Boom (Jamaicans)
You Don’t Need Me (Melodians)
All songs are produced by Arthur “Duke” Reid and recorded at Treasure Isle Studio.
Treasure Isle Singles – CD 1 – 1964 – 1968
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Treasure Isle 2476 1A-A Justin Hines with The Dominos, Tommy McCook & His Ska-Talite – Carry Go Bring Come (1964)
02. Treasure Isle 2476 2A-B Tommy McCook & His Ska-Talite – Hill & Gully Ride (1964)
03. Treasure Isle DR 239-A John Holt with Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Tonight (1968)
04. Treasure Isle DR 239-B Paragons with Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Maybe Someday (1968)
05. Treasure Isle DR 243-A Alton Ellis – Willow Tree (1968)
06. Treasure Isle DR 243-B Alton Ellis – Can’t Stop Now (1968)
07. Treasure Isle DR 248-A Melodians – Last Train (aka Last Train to Expo ´67) (1967)
08. Treasure Isle DR 248-B Don Drummonds – Eastern Standard Time (1964)
09. Treasure Isle DR 252-A Phillis Dillon, Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Don’t Touch My Tomato (1968)
10. Treasure Isle DR 252-B Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Tomato (Ver.) (1968)
11. Treasure Isle DRI 1291-A The Techniques – Bad Minded People (1967)
12. Treasure Isle DRI 1391-A The Techniques – Queen Majesty (1967)
13. Treasure Isle DUC 0085-A The Africans – Cool Im Dong
14. Treasure Isle DUC 0085-B The Africans – Cool Im Version
15. Treasure Isle DYNA 2476-A Justin Hinds & The Dominoes – Carry Go Bring Come (1964)
16. Treasure Isle DYNA 2476-B (TIS 440) Justin Hinds & The Dominoes – Once A Man, Twice A Child (1964)
Treasure Isle Singles – CD 2 – 1962 – 1974
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Treasure Isle FDR 6173-F1-A Baba Brooks with Don Drummond – Dr.Decker (1964)
02. Treasure Isle FDR 6173-F1-B (6210-F1) Owen, Leon Silvera & Baba Brooks Band – I Want My Cock (1965)
03. Treasure Isle FDR 6358-A The Techniques & Baba Brooks – Don’t Leave Me (1965)
04. Treasure Isle FDR 6358-B (6381) The Techniques & Baba Brooks – Telling Lies (1965)
05. Treasure Isle FDR 6716-A Derrick Morgan & Baba Brooks Band – Don’t Call Me Daddy (1965)
06. Treasure Isle FDR 6716-B (6737) Baba Brooks Band – Girls Town Ska (1965)
07. Treasure Isle TI 7073-A Ken Parker – Help Me Make It Through The Night (1971)
08. Treasure Isle TI 7073-B Tommy McCook All Stars – Help Me (Version) (1971)
09. Treasure Isle TIS 001-A Stranger Cole – Ruff & Tuff (1962) his first 7-inch and a No 1 hit for months
10. Treasure Isle TIS 001-B Stranger Cole & Patsy – When You Call My Name (1962)
11. Treasure Isle TIS 0010-A Ken Parker – Jimmy Brown (1974)
12. Treasure Isle TIS 0010-B Ken Parker – Jimmy Brown (Ver.) (1974)
13. Treasure Isle TIS 131-A The Jamaicans – Ba Ba Boom (1967) No 1 hit of the 2nd Jamaican Festival Contest
14. Treasure Isle TIS 131-B (DR 200) The Jamaicans – Dedicated To You (1967)
15. Treasure Isle TIS 260-A Justin Hinds & The Waves – Drink Milk (1970)
16. Treasure Isle TIS 261-B Justin Hinds & The Dominos – Travel With Love (1970)
17. Treasure Isle WIRL DR 1039-A Baba Brooks & His Orchestra – Froggy (1966)
18. Treasure Isle WIRL DR 1039-B (1063) Derrick, Naomi, Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – So Wonderful (1966)
Tribute to Bob Marley
I have the UK Trojan TRBCD 006 Z, 1999, Triple-CD-Box
CD 1:
Tribute To Bob Marley (Intro) (Prince Fari)
Tribute To Bob Marley (Pt. 2) (Prince Fari)
Mellow Mood (Judy Mowatt)
Mellow Mood (Gaytones)
Mr. Chatterbox (Max Romeo)
I Shot The Sheriff (Ken Boothe)
Some Woman Must Cry (Derrick Morgan)
Some Woman Must Cry (Version) (Aggrovators)
The Meducia (Tommy McCook)
Time Will Tell (Johnny Clarke)
Guava Jelly (Owen Gray)
Dreamland (U Roy)
Dreamland (Version) (Upsetters)
Bend Down Low (The Groovers)
I’m Still Waiting (Jackie Edwards)
Natty Dread (Inner Circle)
Mr. Big (Augustus Pablo)
CD 2:
Tribute To Bobby (C. Livingstone)
Dub To Bobby (C. Livingstone)
Get Up Stand Up (Big Youth)
Skanky Dog (Winston Scotland)
Maingy Dog (Bunny Flip)
Fat Dog (Joe Gibbs & The Love Generation)
Simmer Down (Johnny Clarke)
Long Time No Nice Time (Phyllis Dillon)
Kaya (Ronnie Davis)
Hypocrites (Al Campbell)
Duppy Conqueror (Ken Lazarus)
African Lady (Ken Boothe)
Three O’Clock Roadblock (Inner Circle)
Three O’Clock Roadblock (Version) (Augustus Pablo)
Natty Dread (Pluto Shervington)
Bend Down Low / Put It On (R. Zee Jackson)
CD 3:
(Marley’s Gone) His Songs Live On (Intro) (Toots & The Maytals)
(Marley’s Gone) His Songs Live On (Outro) (Toots & The Maytals)
Concrete Jungle (Dennis Brown)
Burial( Inner Circle)
My Sympathy (Upsetters)
Nice Time (Delroy Wilson)
Natty Dread (Sambo Jim)
War (Killerman Jarrett)
Talking Blues(The Maroons aka The Cimarons)
Guava Jelly (The Fab Five Inc.)
Natty Dread Don’t Cry (Tapper Zukie)
No Woman No Cry (Ken Boothe)
Bend Down Low (Ernie Smith)
Keep On Moving (John Holt)
Put It On (Jackie Mittoo)
Easy Skanking (Johnny Clarke)
Ghost Capturer (Duppy Conqueror) (Joe Gibbs All Stars)
Tribute To Bob Marley
Get Up Stand Up (Ojos De Brujo) (3,30)
I Shot The Sheriff (Plumstead Radical Club) (3,16)
No Woman No Cry (Xavier Rudd) (4,22)
Lively Up Yourself (Brinsley Forde) (4,17)
Kinky Reggae (Sebastian Storm) (3,53)
War (Live) (Israel Vibration) (6,12)
Trench Town Rock (Live) (Sly & Robbie) (5,18)
Sun Is Shining (Black Uhuru) (3,03)
I have the Wagram Promo-CD on “Bob Marley – Remixed & Tribute” CDR.
Tuff Gong Singles
I have this private collection of 7-inches mp3-sourced on CDR.
01. The Beauty Of God´s Plan (Rita Marley) (Tuff Gong DSR 0373-A) 1982
02. Version (Tuff Gong 0373-B) 1982
03. Been “A” So Long (Karl Pitterson) (Tuff Gong RMM 589-A)
04. Dubbing So Long (Tuff Gong RRM 589-B)
05. Since I Found You (Derrick Morgan & Lavern Jordan) (Tuff Gong RMM 803-A)
06. Version (Tuff Gong RMM 803-B)
07. Don´t Leave Me Now (Ernest Wilson) (Tuff Gong RMM 1337-A) 1986
08. Version (Tuff Gong RMM 1337-B) 1986
09. Sugar Pie (Melody Makers) (Tuff Gong TG 1986-A)
10. Sugar Pie Dub (Melody Makers) (Tuff Gong TG 1986-B)
11. Music Lesson (Original Wailers) (Tuff Gong TG 7001-A)
12. Nice Time (Original Wailers) (Tuff Gong TG 7001-B)
Typhoon Singles 1970 – 1978
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
Tycoon DSR 9633-A Hot Stuff – Slave Driver (Bonus track)
Tycoon DSR 9634-B Fab 5 Inc. – Version (Bonus track)
Typhoon DSR GGR 4469-A The Maytones – Black & White (1970)
Typhoon DSR GGR 4470-B G.G.All Stars – Version (1970)
Typhoon DSR GGR 4545-A The Maytones – Little Boy Blue (1971)
Typhoon DSR GGR 4546-B Typhoon All Stars – Version (1971)
Typhoon DSR GGR 5700-A The Maytones – As Long As You Love Me (1972)
Typhoon DSR GGR 5701-B The Maytones – As Long As You Love Me (Slow Ver.) (1972)
Typhoon DSR GGR 7629-B Shorty Perry – Half-Way-Tree-Rock (1972)
Typhoon DSR-GGR 6054-A The Maytones – Born To Be Loved (1972)
Typhoon DSR-GGR 6857-A The Maytones – Hands & Feet (1972)
Typhoon FGG 7997-A Eric Donaldson – Lonely Nights (1972)
Typhoon FGG 7997-B (DSR GGR 6001) Unknown DJ – Parachute Version
Typhoon RM 2009-A The Blue Bells – Call Me Teacher (1978)
Typhoon RM 2009-B The Blue Bells & G.G.All Stars – PT.2 Dub (1978)
Upsetters 7-inches
I have this private collection of 7-inches mp3-sourced on 2-CDR.
CDR 1:
01. (Babylon Chapter 9) Informer Man (Junior Byles & Jah T) (Upsetters DSR LP 5605-A)
02. Babylon Chapter 10 (Upsetters) (Upsetters DSR LP 5605-B) (5571)
03. Ironfist (Upsetters) (Upsetters ETH 16-A)
04. The Lama (Upsetters) (Upsetters Eth 16-B)
05. Doctor Demand (Leo Graham) (Upsetters FLP 118-A)
06. Black Bat (Upsetters) (Upsetters FLP 119-B)
07. Babylon Deh Pon Fire (Truth, Fact & Correct) (Upsetters LEE PERRY 3091-A)
08. Jungle Fever (Truth Fact & Correct) (Upsetters LEE PERRY 3092-B)
09. Example Part 1 (Winston Wright) (Upsetters LP 3634-A)
10. Example Part 2 (Upsetters) (Upsetters LP 5087-B)
11. Hypocrites (Jimmy & Glen) (Upsetters LP 5087-A)
12. Ninefinger Jerry Lewis (Jimmy & Glen) (Upsetters LP 6087-B)
13. Three Blind Mice (Upsetters) (Upsetters LP 5279-A)
14. Three Times Three (King Tubby´s) (Upsetters LP 5280-B)
15. Clean The Rifle (Errol Scorcher) (Upsetters RMM 475-A)
16. Version (Upsetters RMM 475-B)
17. Fresh Up (Junie Ranks) (Upsetters RMM 940-A)
18. Version (Upsetters RMM 940-B)
19. Alpha Omega (Dennis Alcapone) (Upsetters FLP 7678-A)
20. King Alpha (Upsetters) (Upsetters FLP 7678-B)
21. Dark Moon (The Upsetters) (Upsetters MFD DYNA LP 1455-A)
22. Earthquake (U Roy) (Upsetters MFD DYNA LP 1455-B) (DSR LP 4675)
23. Beat Down Babylon (Junior Byles) (Upsetters DSR 3415-A)
24. Version (Upsetters DSR 3416-B)
CDR 2:
01. Four & Twenty Dreadlocks (Evan Jones) (Upsetters LP 2051-A)
02. Four & Twenty Dub (Upsetter) (Upsetters LP 2052-B)
03. Down Here In Babylon (Brent Dow) (Upsetters LP 2465-A)
04. If The Cap Fit Wear It (Upsetters) (Upsetters LP 2465-B) (266)
05. War In A Babylon It Sipple Out Deh (Max Romeo) (Upsetters LP 2989-A)
06. Revelation Dub (The Upsetter) (Upsetters LP 2990-B)
07. Stop The War In Babylon (James Brown) (Upsetters LP 3097-A)
08. Dub In Peace (The Upsetter) (Upsetters LP 3097-B)
09. Suferers Time (The Heptones) (Upsetters LP 3255-A)
10. Suferers Dub (The Upsetters) (Upsetters LP 3255-B)
11. Sufferes Heights (Junior Dread) (Upsetters LP 3257-A)
12. Heavy Manners (The Upsetters) (Upsetters LP 3257-B)
13. Penny Reel (Prince Jazzbo) (Upsetters LP 5049-A)
14. Penny Version (Upsetters) (Upsetters LP 5049-B)
15. Dark Moon (The Upsetters) (Upsetters MFD DYNA LP 1455-A)
16. Earthquake (U Roy) (Upsetters MFD DYNA LP 1455-B) (DSR LP 4679)
17. Enter The Dragon (The Upsetters) (Upsetters WB 1412-A)
18. (Unlabeled) (The Upsetters) (Upsetters WB 1413-B)
19. Send Me That Love (Bob Marley & The Wailers) (Upsetters DYNA BOB MARLEY 3176-A)
20. Love Light (Bob Marley & The Wailers) (Upsetters DYNA BOB MARLEY 3177-B)
21. Duppy Conqueror (Bob Marley & The Wailers) (Upsetters FLP 3345-A)
22. Zig Zag (The Upsetters) (Upsetters FLP 3346-B)
Note: CDR 1-21 is a version of the USA classic “Blue Moon”.
Various Reggae Artists
I have this private collection on CDR.
Burning Spear – Driver (4,10)
Burning Spear – Farover (12-inch) (4,19)
Burning Spear – Institution Version (12-inch) (5,17)
Burning Spear – Man In The Hills (12-inch) (6,55)
Burning Spear – Rocking Time (5,14)
Burning Spear – Son Of He (5,49)
Keziah Jones – So Much Trouble (Acoustic) (3,38)
Rhythm Collision – So Much Trouble (Instrumental Harmonica Cut) (5,38)
Ben Harper – With My Own Two Hands (4,35)
Ben Harper – Oppression (feat. Get Up Stand Up) (7,30)
Steel Pulse – Smile Jamaica (Live 1981 Reggae Sunsplash) (3,21)
Alpha Blondy – Jah Houphouet (Live) (4,20)
Vibes: Love
I have this private CDR
01. Tradition – Moving On (UK Venture, 1976)
02. Tradition – Movin Rockers (UK Venture, 1976)
03. Althea & Donna – Love One Another (Germany Atlantic, 1978)
04. Althea & Donna – Love One Another (Version) (Germany Atlantic, 1978)
05. Althea & Donna – Uptown Top Ranking (Germany Warner, 1978)
06. Althea & Donna – Calico Suit (Uptown Top Ranking Version) (Germany Warner, 1978)
07. Matumbi – Can´t Satisfy (UK Trojan, 1977)
08. Matumbi – Satisfied Version (UK Trojan, 1977)
09. Black Slate – Piano Twist (UK Panky, 1977)
10. Black Slate – Piano Dub (UK Panky, 1977)
11. Winston Fergus – African Woman (Belgium Trojan, 1977)
12. Winston Fergus – African Woman (Version) (Belgium Trojan, 1977)
13. Bernie Lyon – Babylon Is A Dream (Germany Barclay, 1979)
14. Bernie Lyon – Hell (Germany Barclay, 1980)
15. Bernie Lyon – Eleanore Rigby (Germany Barclay, 1979)
16. Bernie Lyon – Your World Is Fine (Germany Barclay, 1980)
17. Black Slate – Sticks Man (Belgium, ca. 1977)
18. Black Slate – Robbery Man In Dub (Sticks Man Version) (Belgium, ca. 1977)
19. Bunny Maloney – Baby I´ve Been Missing You (France Gull, 1978)
20. Elizabeth Archer & The Equators – Feel Like Making Love (UK Lightning, 1978)
21. Elizabeth Archer & The Equators – Feel Like Making Love (Version) (UK Lightning, 1978)
Vibes: Roland Alphonso´s Ska
I have this private CDR.
01. Salt Lane Gal (The Skatalites) (1964)
02. Do It Good (1966)
03. Four Corners Of The World (1960)
04. Jah Shakey (aka Jack Steady) 1968)
05. Proof Rum (1958)
06. From Russia With Love (1965)
07. Grand National (1961)
08. James Bond (The Soul Brothers) (1965)
09. Rolando Special (1967)
10. Dr. Ring Ding (1965)
11. Groovy Sax (1967)
12. Something Special (1966)
13. Feeling Fine (1964)
14. Jack Ruby (1964)
15. Federal Special (1961)
16. El Pussy Cat (Take 2) (1965)
17. Sailing Along (The Skatalites) (1964)
18. Bongo Tango (aka Down Beat Alley) (1966)
19. Strolling In (The Skatalites) (1964)
20. Sucu-Sucu (1965)
21. Pepe To (1966)
22. Cut Munu (The Soul Brothers) (1966)
23. 20-75 (1965)
24. Phoenix City (1965)
25. Ska-Au-Go-Go (1965)
26. Guns Of Navarone (The Skatalites) (1964)
01., 18., 20., 23. are from “This Is Jamaica Ska” (Studio One), 02.- 12., 14.-16., 21. are from “Something Special: Ska Hot Shots” (2000, Heartbeat), 13., 17., 19. are from “Ska All Mighty” (2002, Heartbeat), 22., 25. are from “Ska-Au-Go-Go” (Studio One), 24., 26. are from UK Trojan 7-inch, 1967)
Vibes: Ska & Early Reggae
I have this private CDR
01. Heaven & Earth (Don Drummond)
02. Independence Ska (Lynn Taitt and The Baba Brooks Band)
03. Don De Lion (Don Drummond)
04. Melody Jamboree (Don Drummond and The Baba Brooks Band)
05. Lion (Don Drummond)
06. Mesopotamia (Don Drummond)
07. African Shuffle (Don Drummond)
08. African Beat (Count Ossie)
09. Confucius (Don Drummond)
10. Lawless Street (Soul Brothers)
11. Al Capone (Prince Buster) (1964, Blue Beat)
12. One Step Beyond (Prince Buster) (1964, Blue Beat)
13. Gone Is Yesterday (Joe Higgs and Roy Wilson) (1964, JA Blank/ LOP)
14. Love Is Not For Me (Joe Higgs and Roy Wilson) (1964, JA Blank / LOP)
15. Ten Commandments (From Man To Woman) (Prince Buster) (Germany Philipps)
16. Dancing Mood (Delroy Wilson)
17. Pied Piper (Rita Marley)
18. My Boy Lollipop (Millie) (1963, UK Blue Mountain)
19. I´m In Love (Millie) (1964, Blue Mountain)
20. Big Bamboo (Gaylads)
21. Don´t Make Me To Cry (Prince Buster) (Germany Philipps)
22. I´m Gonna Get You (Larel Aitken) (1971, Belgium Hebra)
23. Black Cinderella (King Sporty) (USA Konduko)
24. Black Cinderella (Ver.) (King Sporty) (USA Konduko)
25. Burning Fire (Joe Higgs) (1971, UK Big)
26. Burning Fire (Version) (Joe Higgs) (1971, UK Big)
27. The World Is Upside Down (Joe Higgs) (1973, Island)
28. Pretty Little Blackgirl (Joe White) (1974, UK Cactus)
01. is from “This Is Jamaica Ska” (Studio One), 02., 03., 04 are from “Ska All Mighty”, (2002, Heartbeat), 10, 16., 17. are from “Club Ska ´67? (Island), 20. is from “Ska-Au-Go-Go” (Studio One), 5-9 are from mp3.
Vibes: Dub Poets
I have this private CDR.
01. Beat Yuh Drums (Oku Onura)
02. Dread Times (Oku Onura)
03. Pressure Drop (Oku Onura)
04. Heathen Let Wi Go (Oku Onura)
05. Saga Of “Too Kool” (Mutabaruka)
06. Canaan Land (Mutabaruka)
07. Signs Of The Times (Oliver Smith)
08. Victom (Malachi Smith)
09. Blood Shout (Glenville Brown)
10. Drop It (Tamlin Ellis)
11. To Plant (Breeze)
12. Miss World (Benjamin Zephaniah)
13. You´re Under Arrest (Benjamin Zephaniah)
14. Get High (Benjamin Zephaniah)
15. Rasta (Benjamin Zephaniah)
16. Cocaine – Judgement Time – Apartheid Vanquish (Ras Sam Brown)
17. Disaster – Signs Of The Times – Rape Bait (Ras Sam Brown)
18. Church In Trouble – Dis A Time – Oneness (Ras Sam Brown)
Compilation of dub poetry taken from vinyl releases. For further details see the complete albums listed above.
Vibes: Roots Dub
I have this private CDR.
01. Children Of Today (Burning Spear), from Living Dub, UK PRE 3, LP)
02. Present (Burning Spear), from Living Dub, UK PRE 3, LP)
03. Associate (Burning Spear), from Living Dub, UK PRE 3, LP)
04. Jah Boto (Burning Spear), from Living Dub, UK PRE 3, LP)
05. In Those Days (Burning Spear), from Living Dub, UK PRE 3, LP)
06. Ira Niya Keith (Burning Spear), from Living Dub, UK PRE 3, LP)
07. Help Us (Burning Spear), from Living Dub, UK PRE 3, LP)
08. Musiya (Burning Spear), from Living Dub, UK PRE 3, LP)
09. All Over (Burning Spear), from Living Dub, UK PRE 3, LP)
10. Public Eyes (Gregory Isaacs), from Slum, UK Burning Sounds BS1051, 1983, LP
11. Slum (Gregory Isaacs), from Slum, UK Burning Sounds BS1051, 1983, LP
12. Round 5 (Scientist), from Big Showdown, UK Greensleeves, 1980, LP
13. Blacka Shade Of Dub (Scientist), from Scientific Dub, USA Clocktower, 1980, LP
14. Cus-Cus (Horace Andy), from Showcase, France Vista, circa 1979, LP
15. Ice Cream Love (Johnny Osbourne) (with Organized Kryme), from USA Fisrt Step, 2000, LP
16. Wood For My Fire (Black Uhuru), from 4Star Showcase, UK Rads, circa 1979, LP
17. Rent Man (Black Uhuru), from 4Star Showcase, UK Rads, circa 1979, LP
18. Rockfort War (Yabby U), from Time To Remember Vol. 1, JA Prphet, 70ies, LP
19. King Tubby´s Sound (Yabby U), from Time To Remember Vol. 1, JA Prphet, 70ies, LP
20. They Don´t Want Me (Yabby U), from Time To Remember Vol. 1, JA Prphet, 70ies, LP
Compilation of dubs taken from vinyl releases. For further details see the complete albums listed above.
Wave Of War
I have this private collection of vinyl recordings on CDR.
01. Wave Of War (Joe Higgs) (Harry J)
02. Version
03. The World Is Upside Down (Joe Higgs) (Roosevelt)
04. Down Side Up Version
05. You Must (Joe Higgs) (Gorgon)
06. Version
07. More Slavery (Joe Higgs) (Micron)
08. Version
09. Why Don´t You Do Right (Dimple Hinds)
10. Version
11. Badda Badda (Hot Rocks)
12. Version
13. Once Bitten (Ralston Hunt)
14. Version
15. Children Of The Emperor (Albert Malawi)
16. Version
17. Jah Knows (Bluebells)
18. Version
19. My Baby Has Gone (Clive Matthews)
20. Version
Wailers Friends
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Caturna DSR 2288-A Hippy Boys – Ashes To Ashes (1976)
02. Caturna DSR 2288-B Hippy Boys – Dust To Dust (1976)
03. Godfather FLP 7803-A Winston Palmer, Family Man & The Upsetters – Mafia Skank (1970s)
04. Godfather FLP 7803-B (DSR LP 4340) Family Man & The Upsetters – Mafia Skank Version (1970s)
05. Fam’s AB-0809-A Brimstone – Air Pass Through (1970s)
06. Fam’s AB-0809-B Version (1970s)
07. Channel One JOE JOE 935-A Leroy Smart – Waiting In Vain (1977)
08. Channel One JOE JOE 935-B Version (1977)
09. Disco Mix DSR 2663-A Leroy Smart – Without Love (1978)
10. Disco Mix DSR 2664-B Version (1978)
11. Channel One DSR 3013-B Leroy Smart – Pride & Ambition (new recording) (1977)
12. Channel One DSR 3013-BB Version (1977)
13. Greensleeves GRED 82-A Ranking Dread – Shut Me Mouth (1981 / 1982)
14. Greensleeves GRED 82-B Shut Up Shut Up feat. Family Man (1981 / 1982)
15. 56 Hope Road DSR 4939-A Nadine Sutherland – Hands & Heart
16. 56 Hope Road DSR 4939-B Nadine Sutherland – Until
17. Freedom Fighters TGI-0018-A Freedom Fighters & The Wailers – Rastaman Itation (1991)
18. Freedom Fighters TGI-0018-B Freedom Fighters & The Wailers – Blues With Jah Music (1991)
Wailers Sisters Singles
7-inch – wav – mp4 – CDR.
01. 56 Hope Road DSR 0280-A I-Threes – Precious World
02. 56 Hope Road DSR 0281-B I-Threes – Precious Dub
03. Shanchie Rec. SH 703-A Rita Marley – Who Feels It Knows It (1980)
04. Shanchie Rec. SH 703-B Rita Marley – One Draw (1980)
05. Micron FB 7742-A Bunny & The I Threes – Bucket A Well
06. Micron FB 7742-B Bucket A Well Version
07. Ashandan DSR 5534-A Judy Mowatt – Reasons
08. Ashandan DSR 5535-B Ashandan Aggregation – Dub With Reason
09. Ashandan JM 45-1983-A Judy Mowatt – Hush Baby Mother (1985)
10. Ashandan JM 45-1983-B Judy Mowatt – Hush One Vibe (1985)
11.Jamaica All Stars Vol.1 – 05 – Time For Everything (The Soulettes) (1966)
12. Studio One – Time For Everything (Soulettes) (1966)
Wambesi Singles 1977 – 1982
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Wambesi RC 3652-A The Royals – Pick Up The Pieces (1977)
02. Wambesi RC 3653-B The Royals – Llongo (1977)
03. Wambesi RC 3677-A The Royals – Ghetto Man (1977)
04. Wambesi RC 3678-B The Royals – Tirang (1977)
05. Wambesi TWDV 506-A Ken Parker – Girl Asheba (ca. 1982)
06. Wambesi TWDV 506-B Version (ca. 1982)
07. Wambesi TWDV 547-A Knowledge – Chant Rasta Man (1982)
08. Wambesi TWDV 547-B Version (1982)
09. Wambesi TWDV 548-A Knowledge – Na Buy Apartheid (1982)
10. Wambesi TWDV 548-B Version (1982)
11. Wambesi TWDV-516-A Pablove Black – Cool Meditation (ca. 1982)
12. Wambesi TWDV-516-B Version (ca. 1982)
13. U.F.O. DSR 5495-A Knowledge – Camouflage (1980)
14. U.F.O. DSR 5496-B Moving Mirage (1980)
Wiser Dread
I have the USA Nighthawk 301, 1981, LP
Last Call Fe Blackman (Sang Hugh)
Wiser Dread (Jackie Brown)
Life Line (Bunny Wailer)
In A Dis Ya Time (Itals)
Woman Follow Man (Sang Hugh)
Reggae Party (Morwells)
Sheep And Goat (Jackie Brown)
Don’t Wake The Lion (Itals)
Africa We Want To Go (Morwells)
Arab’s Oil Weapon (Bunny Wailer)
Bearded Babylon (Jackie Brown)
Rasta No Born Yah (Sang Hugh)
Cut Them Down (Morwells)
Words Of Prophecy
I have this private collection of vinyl recordings on CDR.
01. Words Of Prophecy (Tony Brevett)
02. Version
03. Don´t Get Weary (Tony Brevett)
04. Mission Impossible (Randy´s Allstars)
05. I Need To Belong (Tony Brevett & The Melodians)
06. Version
07. Bless The Sunshine (Tony Brevett & The Melodians)
08. Version
09. Father Will Cut You Off (12´´) (Leonard Chin)
10. Rebel Woman (12´´) (Leonard Chin)
11. No Happiness Here (Carl Dawkins)
12. Version
13. Perception (The Divine Brothers)
14. Version
15. Rockstone Was My Pillow (Carl Dobson & The Mighty Liberals)
16. Version
17. My Baby Is Gone (Errol Dunkley)
18. Version
19. Lay A Foundation (Joe Higgs)
20. Version
Word Soun’ Ave Power Reggae Poetry
I have the USA Heartbeat HB 15, 1983, LP (including 12-page-booklet)
To Plant (Breeze)
Set De Prisoners Free (Mutabaruka)
Victim (Malachi Smith)
Drop It (Tomlin Ellis)
Blood Shout (Glenville Bryan)
Mr Bigness Man (Navvie Nabbie)
Aid Travels With A Bomb (Breeze)
Signs Of The Times (Oliver Smith)
Out Of Many (Mutabaruka)
Produced by Mutabaruka.
Disco Devil (Lee Perry & The Full Experience) /
Keep On Moving (Bob Marley & Wong Chu)
First released on JA Upsetter, 1977, 12-inch Maxi
I have the reissue on UK Sanctuary / Trojan TJITW005, 2003, 12-inch Maxi
Wicked Ah Go Feel It (12-inch Version) (Sugar Minott) /
Musical Episode (12-inch Version) (Horace Andy)
I have the reissue on UK Bullwackies W 589, 2003, 12-inch Maxi
Reggae Disco Medley (R. Zee Jackson) /
Love Another Love (Leroy Brown)
I have the UK Echo 12-006, 12-inch Maxi
“Reggae Disco Medley” featuring: Red Red Wine, Carry Go Bring Come, Train To Skaville and many more
Crisp As A Ball (Glen Brown) /
African Drums (Bongo Herman) /
Gathering (God Sons) /
Mitchville Rock (God Sons)
I have the reissue on UK South East Music Limited, 2003, 10-inch
Recorded 1972. The second track is a dub of the first track.
Trail & Cross Dub (Dillinger) /
Tubby’s Dub Skank (U Roy)
I have the reissue on UK Jamaican Recordings, 2003, 10-inch
Both dubs from circa 1975.
Put Down The Gun (Errol Dunkley) /
Stop The Shooting (Tappa Zukie) /
Dub (King Tubby) /
Hold Them Prophesy (Junior Ross & The Spears) /
Dub (Tappa Zukie)
I have the reissue on UK Stars Gold, 2003, 10-inch
The a-side collects the vocal, the dj-version and the dub, all produced by Tappa Zukie. The b-side is another classic recorded for Tappa Zukie by Junior Ross, and its dub recorded 1976.
Don’t Trouble I (Wayne Jarrett)
Wicked Babylon (Linval Thompson)
I have the reissue on UK Attack Gold, 2003, 10-inch
Both songs and dubs are made with the same rhythm also used for Prince Fari – Deck Of Cards. Recorded 1977. Wayne Jarrett’s voice is sounding similar to Horace Andy.
Boom Shack A Lack (Junior R)
Rewind (Johnny Osbourne)
Understand Me (Little John)
I have the reissue on UK King Jammy´s Gold Records 008, 2004, 10-inch
Fight Fight (Horace Andy)
Can´t Stop Righteousness (Extended Dub) (Gladiators)
So Jah Jah Say (Barry Brown), Fight Fight (Don Carlos)
I have the reissue on UK Channel One CH1-001, 2004, 10-inch
Four different cuts using the same rhythm.
Blood Dunza (Johnny Clarke) /
Blood (Version) (King Tubby) /
Blood Sweat & Dunza Dub (King Tubby) /
Don’t Trouble Trouble /
A Ruffer Version (King Tubby)
I have the reissue on UK Sanctuary / Trojan / Jackpot, 2003, 10-inch
Recorded 1977.
Chant Down Babylon (Sylford Walker) /
Request Granted In Dubwise (King Tubby) /
No More Slavery (Glen Brown) /
South East Rock (Glen Brown) /
I’m Your Puppet (Lloyd Parks)
I have the reissue on UK South East Music Limited, 2003, 10-inch
The vocal track is recorded in 1977, the second track is its dub, the third and fourth are instrumentals, the fifth is another vocal, all over the same rhythm.
Deutoronomy (Sylford Walker) /
Deutoronomy Dub (King Tubby) /
Give Jah The Glory (Welton Irie) /
Africa Homeland (Sylford Walker) /
Africa Dub (King Tubby)
I have the reissue on UK South East Music Limited, 2003, 10-inch
Recorded 1977. “Give Jah The Glory” uses the rhythm of “Deutoronomy”.
Wise Man (Junior Murvin) /
Be Wise (Dub) (Junior Murvin) /
Praise Him (Winston Fergus) /
Jamboree Dub (Winston Fergus)
I have the UK Dubwise, 1999, 10-inch
Gussie P remixes are made in 1999.
Musical Storm (Matic Buttons Horns) /
Storm In Dub ( Gussie P All Stars Meets Buttons) /
Fi Mi Horns (Matic (Buttons) Horns) /
Dub Of Dub (Buttons & The Mafia & Fluxy Band)
I have the UK Sip A Cup / Gussie P. Records, 2001, 10-inch
Henry “Buttons” Tenyue is one of the high praised trombone players in the reggae scene, played with Dennis Bovell Dub Band, LKJ and many more.
Jah Light (Judah Eskender Tafari) /
Jah Light Dub (Gussie All Stars) /
Rastafari Tell You (Judah Eskender Tafari) /
Rasta Dub (G.P. Meets Mafia & Fluxy)
I have the UK Sip A Cup / Gussie P. Records, 2001, 10-inch
New roots and dub for the 2000s.
Judah Eskendar Tafari is born Ronald Merrils.
I Know (Tenor Saw) /
Mr Want It All (Tenor Saw & Cutty Ranks) /
Dust Another Sound (Sandeeno) /
Growler Riddim (Gussie P. All Stars)
I have the UK Sip A Cup / Gussie P. Records, ca. 2003, 10-inch
One rhythm four songs.
Dreadlocks (Mykal Rose) /
Dreadlocks in Dub (Mafia & Fluxy) /
Day And Night (Mykal Rose) /
Day And Dub (Mafia & Fluxy)
I have the UK Mafia & Fluxy, 2003, 10-inch
No Peace (Max Romeo) /
Peace Dub (Mafia & Fluxy) /
Reverend (Max Romeo) /
Reverend Dub (Mafia & Fluxy)
I have the UK Mafia & Fluxy, 2003, 10-inch
Max Romeo reworkings of recordings from 1974, both Mafia & Fluxy Dubs from 2003.
Rivers Of Babylon (Melodians) /
Many Rivers To Cross (Jimmy Cliff)
I have the reissue on German Island, 1978, 7-inch
Down Here In Babylon (Brent Dowe) /
If The Cap Fits (The Upsetters)
I have the reissue on UK Black Art ART 21, 2004, 7-inch
Both tracks recorded at Black Ark.
Easy Snapping (Theophilius Beckford) /
Slipping & Sliding (The Gaylads)
I have the reissue on JA Studio One SDSA 003, 7-inch
Both songs originally produced 1960.
Cherry Baby (Bumps Oakley) /
Beggars Have No Choice (King Sparrow)
I have the reissue on JA Studio One, 7-inch
The b-side of my record is blank.