Artists: I

Artists – I
Artist Info: Singer with only one album release. Two further songs appear on various artists compilations: “Babylon” on “Cultural Showcase”, Rockers, 1994, CD, originally a Rockers, 1987, 7-inch, and “Captain Selassie I” on “Spotlight On Reggae Vol. 7?, UK Rocky One, CD, originally released on JA JWYANZA, 1983, 7-inch. There are only three further singles: “Mr User” on Power House, 1984, 7-inch, “Jah Calling All Over The World” on Creation, 1990, 7-inch, and “Jambalaya” for Augustus Pablo.
Glory to the King
I have the UK Jah Shaka SHAKACD 948, 1993, CD.
Glory To The King, Everyman Have A Talent, Rastafari, Love Is The Key, Reggae Music, Africa, Economic Crisis, Why, Revelation Time, Have No Fear

Artist Info: Virtually nothing is known about this band. Maybe they released only one song at all.
Rise Ethiopians
Released on 12-inch Maxi: UK Greensleeves, 1978, a-side: Rise Ethiopians (I Haicidonians) / b-side: Sign Of Messiah (I Jarzif)
I have this song on Reggae The Sound of Jamaica (Various Artists) German Bellaphon 22 07 003, 1979, LP

Artist Info: Singer born as Trevor Sutherland in 1946. A couple songs were recorded with Madge, his second wife. He has eleven children. In his teens he did a recording for Stranger Cole, also a session singing a song to Chris Blackwell. In 1962 he recorded “Red Eyes People” for Duke Reid, what seems to be his first 7-inch release.
In 1963 he migrated to UK with his family. He changed his name to Ijahman during a time in prison from 1970 to 1972. His prison number was Two Double Six 701 what would be a title of one of his albums later. Since 1978 he calls himself Ijahman Levi, inspired by the Twelve Tribes Of Israel. He plays a ten string guitar what is a 12 string guizar with the first small E-string and the first small A-string removed. This became his special sound.
He had a promising start with some vocals on Rico´s “Africa” (on “Man From Wareika” album and also a single with further vocals) that led to a contract with Chris Blackwell for four singles. Instead of four singles these tracks were released as his debut album “Haile I Hymn”. Further five recorded songs then appeared as his second album on Island “Are We A Warrior”.
After the contract with Chris Blackwell ended, there was a legal battle about the rights to release under his name. Surprisingly Ijahman Levi somehow won. Since then he released exclusively his music on his own labels Jahmani and Treeroots.
A rare dub called “Whip That Tarantula” is released on the various artists compilation “Raiders Of The Lost Dub” (UK Island ILPS 9705, 1981, LP). In 1999 he played two previously unreleased tracks “Busy Body” and “Live Like A Star” at the 8th RAW Conference in San Jose.
For an interview see here:
Haile I Hymn Chapter 1
I have the UK Island ILPS 9521, 1978, LP (First UK Pressing).
Also released on Uk Island RRCD, CD.
Jah Heavy Load, Jah Is No Secret, Zion Hut, I’m A Levi
Produced by I Jah Man.
His debut album. “Jah Is No Secret” is a hmyn to Jah running over ten minutes and “Zion Hut” with over 14 minutes is probably the longest track in reggae music. The whole album is a classic.
“Jah Heavy Load” was also released on a JA Concrete Jungle, 1978, 7-inch and UK Island WIP 6458, 7-inch of which I have a recording.
Another 7-inch was JA Concrete CJ 750 “I´m A Levi / Part 2? of which I also have recordings.
Haile I Hymn Chapter 2
I have the UK Treeroots JMI 100, 1988, LP.
Also released on UK Treeroots JMI 100, 1988, CD.
Jah Heavy Load, Jah Is No Secret, Zion Hut, I’m A Levi
Bonus tracks on CD only: Praises In Strange Places (from “Tell It To The Children”), Marcus Hero (from “Culture Country”), African Train (from “I Jah Man & Friends”), Africa Crisis (Extended) (from “Africa”, 12-inch Version)
Produced by I Jah Man.
Remixed and re-edited version of “Chapter 1?. While the 1978 album is titled “Chapter 1? this one is “Chapter 2?.
I Am A Levi (Extended) / I Am A Levi (Part 2)
I have the reissue on UK Basic Replay BRIJL-01, 2004, 12-inch Maxi.
Are We A Warrior
I have the German Island 200882, 1979, LP (First German Pressing).
Also released on UK Treeroots JMI 200, 1986, LP.
Also released on UK Tree Roots, CD including bonus tracks: Lend A Hand (from “Tell It To The Children”), Darling (Version) (from 12-inch and on “Long Versions”), Master Ideas (Version) (from “I Jah Man & Friends”)
Also released on Island RRCD 25, CD.
Are We A Warrior, Moulding, The Church, Miss Beverly, Two Sides Of Love
His second album produced by I Jah Man & Geoffrey Chung.
Mixed by Karl Pitterson.
Next to this album was released “Moulding / Moulding Version” on 7-inch and “Moulding / Moulding Dub” on 12-inch. I have recordings of this 7-ich and 12-inch.
Tell It To The Children
First released on Treeroots TRLPS 266, 1982, LP.
I have the UK Treeroots JMI 300, 1988, LP.
Also released on UK Treeroots JMI, 1988, CD.
Tell It To The Children, Closer To You, Jah Watch Man, Lend A Hand, Sinner Man, Praises In Strange Places, Tradesman, Thank You
His third album produced by I Jah Man.
First released on UK Jahmani JMI 400, 1984, LP.
I have this album recorded from vinyl on CDR.
Aso released on RAS and on Melodie, 2002.
Africa, To Be Loved By Jah, Play Girl, Rise And Shine, Ancient Lover, Jesus Selassie I Keepeth My Soul, Master Of My Mind, Africa Crisis
His fourth album.
Next to this album “Africa, Playgirl, Ancient Lover” was released on 12-inch. I have recordings of these three 12-inch mixes.
Lilly Of My Valley
First released on UK Jahmani JMI 500, 1985, LP.
I have this album recorded from vinyl on CDR.
Question Love No More, Lilly Of My Valley, Bits & Pieces Of Love, My Time, My Wishes Reply, Stop Playing With My Heart, Darling, Call On You
His fifth album.
I Do (With Madgie)
First released on UK Jahmani JMI 600, 1986, LP.
I have this album recorded from vinyl on CDR.
I Do, My Love, Call On You, Happy Home, Hold On Honey, Mellow Music, Chariot Of Love, Freedom
His sixth album.
Next to this album “I Do, Hold On Honey, Mellow Music” was released on 12-inch. I have recordings of these three 12-inch mixes.
Another 12-inch was “My Love / Chariots Of Love”. And there was a 7-inch “I Do / I Do Version” See next.
I Do / I Do Version
I have the UK Jahmani JMI 5601, 1986, 7-inch.
One of his most successful singles.
My Love / Chariots Of Love
I have the UK Jahmani JMI 604, 1986, 12-inch Maxi.
I Jah Man Singles 1976 – 1986
I have this collection of 7-inches and 12-inches recorded on CDR.
01. I´m A Levi (Original) (1976) (mp3) JA Concrete CJ 756 (3,58)
02. (I´m A Levi) Part 2 (mp3) (1976) JA Concrete CJ 756 (3,33)
03. Moulding (12-inch) (1979) (4,58)
04. Moulding Dub (12-inch) (1979) (3,46)
05. Playgirl (12-inch) (1984) (4,48)
06. Africa (12-inch) (1984) (7,04)
07. Ancient Lover (12-inch) (1984) (6,25)
08. I Do (12-inch) (1986) (9,32)
09. Hold On Honey (12-inch) (1986) (8,11)
10. Mellow Music (12-inch) (1986) (6,08)
11. Jah Is No Secret (1978) (6,01)
12. Jah Heavy Load (1976) JA Concrete CJ 750 / UK Island WIP 6458-A, 1978 (3,23)
13. Moulding (7-inch) (1979) (3,35)
14. Moulding (7-inch) (1979) (4,20)
15. Moulding Version (7-inch) (1979) (3,55)
I Jah Man Singles
I have this collection of 7-inches and 12-inches mp3-sourced on CDR.
01. I´m A Levi (Original Extended) (12´´)
02. Moulding (12-inch) (1979) (4,58)
03. Whip Them Tarantula (Moulding Dub (12-inch) (1979) (3,46)
04. Jah Is No Secret (1978) (6,01)
06. Playgirl (12-inch) (1984) (4,48)
06. Africa (12-inch) (1984) (7,04)
07. Ancient Lover (12-inch) (1984) (6,25)
08. I Do (1986) Jahmani JMI 601-A
09. Version (1986) Jahmani JMI 601-B
10. Take Your Time (Tappa MML 3357-A)
11. Take Your Time (semi acapella) (Tappa MML 3357-B)
Culture Country
I have the UK Jahmani JMI, 1987, LP (First UK Pressing).
Marcus Hero, No Syndicate, Hey Landlord, War Mongers, Are We A Warrior, Lend A Hand, Jah Heavy Load
Last three tracks are recorded live at the Dominion Theatre, London, 1985, vocal and acoustic guitar only.
His seventh album.
Next to this album a 12-inch “Marcus Hero / Hey Landlord” was released.
Marcus Hero (12-inch) / Hey Landlord (12-inch)
First released on UK Treeroots, 1987, 12-inch Maxi
I have this Maxi recorded on CD (on my I Jah Man & Friends CDR).
Forward Rastaman
I have the UK Jahmani CDJMI 800, 1987, CD (First release).
Bubble On, Forward Rastaman, Devil Disciple, Stones Bullets & Fire, Guess Who A Jah Jah, Fisherman & Singerman Are Friends, Thank You Teacher for 1.2.3 & A.B.C. , Living On The Street
His eighth album.
I Jah Man & Friends
First released on UK Jahmani, 1988, LP.
I have this album recorded from vinyl on CDR.
Master Ideas – Master Dub (Extended Dub), Let Him Go (Extended Dub), African Train (Extended Dub), Struggling Times – Struggling Dub (Extended Dub), Mellow Music (Extended Dub), Jah Is Coming Again (Extended Dub)
“Let Him Go” is a cover of a song by The Wailers.
His nineth album.
I Jah Man Long Versions
Moulding and Version (12-inch a-side plus b-side, 1979)
Africa Crisis and Version (12-inch a-side plus b-side, 1984)
Darling and Version (12-inch a-side plus b-side, 1985)
Jah Heavy Load (original version) (1978)
I´m A Levi (original extended version) 12-inch, 1988)
Playgirl (12-inch, 1984) (mp3-sourced)
Thank You (12-inch, 1982) (mp3-sourced)
I have all these tracks combined with Abyssinians´ “Yim Mas Gan” Versions on CDR.
Over Europe Live
I have the UK Jahmani JMI 1000, 1988, LP (First UK Pressing).
Tell It To The Children, Marcus Hero, To Be Loved By Jah, Jah Heavy Load, Ancient Lover, Are We A Warrior, Jesus Selassie I Keepeth My Soul, Bits & Pieces Of Love, Africa Crisis
Produced by I Jah Man.
His tenth album.
Inside Out
First released on UK Treeroots JMICD 1100, 1989, LP.
I have this album recorded from vinyl on CDR.
Ghetto Living Is Not Easy, Bob & Friends Over There, Mr C.B., Are You Sure, Madgie, I Fell In Love, I Want To Be Free, Sanction, Jah Heavy Load
His eleventh album.
Love Smiles
I have the UK Jahmani CDJMI 1200, 1991, CD (First release).
Love Smiles, Book Of Prophecy, Looking Holy, I Art Jah Watchman, Here Comes The Night, Oh Madgie, Why Do I Worry, I’d Rather Be Loving Jah
His twelveth album.
On Track
First released on UK Jahmani, 1991, LP.
I have this album recorded from vinyl on CDR.
Pillow Talk, High Price Crisis, Stop The War, On Dub Track, Dial For Love, Willow Blue, Love At First Sight, On Version Track
Eight variations using the same rhythm.
His thirteenth album.
First released on UK Jahmani CDJMI 1400, 1992, LP.
I have this album recorded from vinyl on CDR.
Sweet Anniversary, God & King, Pauper & The King, Africa Is Calling, Touch Me, Sweet Hello, Mothers Words, Let It Be You
His fourteenth album.
Gemini Man
I have the UK Jahmani JMI 1500, 1993, LP (First UK Pressing).
Amnesty, I’m A Gemini, Let’s Get Eclipe, Prayers In Your Heart, I Who Have Nothing, Earth No Heaven, I’ve Got To Carry Jah Heavy Load, With You
His fifteenth album produced and arranged by I Jah Man. Drums by Leroy Horsemouth Wallace. Bass by Obeah Denton. Lead guitar by Earl “Chinna” Smith. Rhythm guitar by I Jah Man.
Two Double Six 701
I have the UK Jahmani JMI 1700, 1994, LP (First UK Pressing).
Two Double Six 701, President Mandela, Ceasefire Part I, One Step From Hell, In Jah Vibes, It’s Crazy, Thy Trying A Mikki, Ceasefire Part II
Produced and arranged by I Jah Man. Drums by Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace. Bass by Obeah Denton, Chris Meredith and Flabba Holt. Lead vocals by Earl Chinna. Rhythm guitar by I Jah Man. Piano by Obeah Denton. Percussion by Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace, I Jah Man & Skull.
His sixteenth album.
Black Royalties
I have the UK Jahmani JMI 1800, 1995, LP (First UK Pressing).
Black Royalties, The Twelve Tribes In Colour, Blessed Ones, King Rastafari, I Will Never Let Go Rastafari, Humble & Live, Lovers Of Yesterday, Take Your Time
Produced by I Jah Man.
His seventeenth album.
Sings Bob Marley
First released on UK Jahmani, 1995, LP.
I have this album recorded from vinyl on CDR.
Also released on Jahmani, 1995, CD.
I also have this album on CDR.
Get Up Stand Up, Waiting In Vain, Crazy Baldheads, Rat Race, War, Redemption Song, I Shot The Sheriff, Natural Mystic
Recorded and mixed at Leggo Studios, Kingston, Jamaica.
His eighteenth album.
Live In Paris 1994
I have the UK Jahmani JMI 2000, 1995, LP (First UK Pressig).
Book Of Prophecy, Africa, President Mandela, Two Double Six 701, I Want To be Free, Let’s Get Eclipse, I’m A Gemini
His nineteenth album.
I Jah Man And Bob Marley In Dub
I have the UK Treeroots JMI 2200, 1996, LP (First UK Pressing).
Also released on Jetstar.
Dub Stand Up, Black Royalties Dub, Dub In Vain, Touch Me Dub, Natural Mystic Dub, Let Rastafari Go Dub, Dub Rats, It’s Crazy Dub, Dub Wars, President Dub, Dub Redemption, Blessed Dub
Produced by I Jah Man.
His twentieth album.
Beauty And The Lion
I have the Jahmani, 1997, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Beauty And The Lion, Knock Knock, Signs And Wonders, Perilous Time, Trodding, Love In A Bungle, Rasta A Ancient Lover, I Sing The Albums
His twenty-first album.
There is a CD issue with some bonus tracks: Talk To Me, Bring Back Yesterday, Everlasting Love Affair, Slave Drivers. I have these bonus tracks on “ArkArt”.
Beauty And The Lion Dub
I have the Jahmani, 1997, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Beauty And The Lion Dub, Knock Knock Dub, Signs And Wonders Dub, Trodding Dub, Love In A Bungle Dub, Rasta A Ancient Lovers Dub
Let´s Get Eclipse Dub, Gemini Man Dub, Amnesty Dub, Prayers In Your Heart Dub, Africa Is Calling Dub, I Who Have Nothing Dub, I´ve Got To Carry Jah Heavy Load Dub, The Paupers And The King Dub, On Track Dub
Tracks 1 – 7 are dubs of songs from “Beauty and The Lion”. Tracks 8 – 15 are dubs of the albums “Gemini Man” (1993), “Kingfari” (1992) and “On Track” (1991).
His twenty-second album.
Live At Reggae On The River, USA 1996
I have the Jahmani, 1997, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Africa, To Be Loved By Jah, Two Double Six, Prisoner To President, I Want To Be Free, Jesus Selassie I, Jah Watchman, Bob & Friends Over There, Amnesty, It´s Crazy, Blessed Ones, Get Up Stand Up, Jah Heavy Load, Moulding
His twenty-third album.
I have the UK Treeroots CDJMI 0355, 2000, CD (First Release).
Armageddon Warriors, Bun Bun, ArkArt, Mickey Mouse In The House, Woman And Man In A One, News Flash Courier, Money Women, Mischif Lady, Talk To Me, Bring Back Yesterday, Everlasting Love Affair, Slave Drivers
His twenty-fourth album.
Versatile Life
I have the Mediacom, 2006, CD on CDR.
Ring The Alarm, Spiritual Healig, Witness, Victim, Versatile Life, Lend A Hand, I Believe, Robin Hood, In The Night, In The Night (Acoustic Version), Busy Body
His twenty-fifth album.
Best Of I Jah Man Live
I have this private compilation on CDR.
01. Marcus Hero
02. Marcus Garvey (Groundation Live 2008)
03. Jesus Selassie I Keepeth My Soul
04. Bits & Pieces Of Love
05. Africa Crisis
06. Two Double Six 7001
07. Bob & Friends Over There
08. Jah Heavy Load
09. Moulding
10. I Believe
“Entitlement” from 1994 is a compilation with eleven songs from 1978 to 1992, all taken from albums.
“Monkey Man” from 1998 is a compilation with 14 tracks from 1978 to 1995, all taken from albums.
“Crocodile Man”, from 1998 is a compilation with 14 tracks from 1979 to 1994, all taken from albums.
“Roots Of Love” from 2001 is a compilation with 15 tracks from 1979 to 1995, all taken from albums.

Artist Info: Houseband of Clive Chin at Randy’s. There are two albums credited to this band and uncounted b-sides of singles of various artists who recorded at Randy´s.
Java Java Java Java
First released on JA Impact!, 1973, LP (released in a limited scale of 1.000. All have labels but no song titles on the label. The song titles given at the sleeve are:
Kelly´s Place
More Stars
Rebel´s Spot
Java (Part 1)
Java (Part 2)
Black Man´s World
Bubble Strut
Jam-Rock Reggae
I have the reissue: on JA Impact CC2003-1, ca. 2004, LP (this reissue has – different – titles on the label)
Guiding Dub
Cheating Dub
E.T. Special
Soulful Dub
Ordinary Version Dub
Java Dub
Meet Me Dub
Black Man’s Dub
King Babylon Dub
Hide Away Dub
“Java, Java, Java, Java” is one of the very first dub albums ever made. It is not documented, if the very first one is this album or the various artists album “Aquarius Dub” or Lee Perry´s “Upsetters 14 Dub Blackboard Jungle”.
Forward The Bass – Dub From Randy’s 1972-1975
I have the first release in this form on UK Blood And Fire BAFCD 022, 1998, CD
Jaro (sax version of Augustus Pablo´s “Java”) originally a 7-inch a-side in 1972
Maro (clavinet version of Augustus Pablo´s “Java”) originally the b-side of “Jaro”
Ordinary Version Chapter 3 (Dub of “Ordinary Man” by Lloyd Parks) originally on “Java Java Java Java” album, 1973
Extraordinary Version (Dub of “Ordinary Man” by Lloyd Parks) originally a US 7-inch b-side in 1973
Wire Dub (Second Dub of “Miss Wire Waist” by Carl Malcolm) *
Shining Dub (Dub of “Sun Won’t Shine For Me” by Sweeny, rhythm by Familyman & The Wailers) *
Easy Come Dub (Dub of “It Won’t Come Easy” by Sweeny, rhythm by Familyman & The Wailers) *
Dubwise Situation (Dub of “What A Situation” by Winston Morris a.k.a. Tony Tuff) *
Last Of The Jestering (Dub of “No Jestering” by Carl Malcolm) *
Oh Jah Dub (Dub of “Oh Jah Come” by Olive Grant aka Senya, rhythm by Familyman & The Wailers, Aston Barrett production) *
Sabotage In Dub (Dub of unknown vocal track, rhythm by The Wailers band) *
S-Corner Dub (Dub of “Spanish Town Road” by Skin Flesh & Bones) *
Just Another Dub (Dub of “Just Another Man” by Sabrina Williams) *
Upbeat Version (Dub of “Just Another Man” by Sabrina Williams) originally the 7-inch b-side of “Just Another Man”
Verdict In Dub (Dub of “Judgement Come” by Carl Malcolm) *
All tracks produced, written and composed by Clive Chin.
* these ten tracks were originally released on “Randy´s Dub” on JA Impact! in 1975 in a very limited scale of “lesser than 200?.

Artist Info: Founded by Roger Lewis and his brother Ian Lewis at the end of the sixties who are playing bass and drums, Inner Circle went through some changes in personal. At the start supported by members of Third World, in 1974 Jacob Miller became lead singer. Jacob Miller released solo albums at the same time. See later: Miller, Jacob.
When Jacob Miller died, the search for a new lead singer was a difficult task. Long time they couldn´t continue their successful career. Finally they scored again in 1992 with another new lead singer then in pop music with some caribbean flavor.
Rock The Boat
First released on UK Trojan TRLS 93, 1974, LP.
I have the German Teldec 6.24148, 1980s pressing, LP.
You Make Me Feel Brand New, I’m Going Home, Here I Am Baby, Westbound Train, Duppy Gunman, Book Of Rules, Homely Girl, Rock The Boat, Some Guys Have All The Luck, Everything I Own, None Shall Escape The Judgement, Curfew, Have Some Mercy, T.S.O.P.
Their first album produced by Tommy Cowan.
Blame It On The Sun
First released on UK Trojan TRLS 114, 1975, LP.
I have the German Trojan 6.23972, 1979, LP.
Natty Dread, Can You Handle It, I Shot The Sheriff, When Will I See You Again, Road Block, Irey Feeling, Forward Jah Jah Children, Judgement, Burial, Blame It On The Sun, Your Kiss Is Sweet, Curley Locks
Their second album.
Best of Inner Circle with Jacob Miller
First released 1992.
I have the reissue on UK Music Club / Demon MCCD 431, 2000, CD
Forward Jah Jah Children (*2), Natty Dread (*2), None Shall Escape The Judgement (*1), Curfew (*1), Book Of Rules (*1), Here I Am Baby (*1), Westbound Train (*1), Homely Girl (*1), Irie Feeling (*1), Have Some Mercy (*1), Blame It On The Sun (*2), I Shot The Sheriff (*2), Some Guys Have All The Luck (*1), Curly Locks (*2), Burial (*2), I’m Going Home (*1), Rock The Boat (*1), T.S.O.P. (*1), You Make Me Feel Brand New (*1)
Compilation with most tracks of their second and third album.
(*1) taken from the album “Rock The Boat”, UK Trojan TRLS 93, 1974, LP (Jamaican title: Dread Reggay Hits”, LP).
(*2) taken from the album “Blame It On The Sun”, UK Trojan TRLS 114, 1975, LP (Jamaican title: “Heavy Reggae”, Starapple, LP).
A few Inner Circle songs (”Forward Jah Jah Children”, “Blame It On The Sun”) and many covers of songs by Bob Marley ( “Curfew”, “I Shot The Sheriff”, “Natty Dread”), The Chi-Lites (”Homely Girl”), The Heptones (”Book Of Rules”), The Hues Corporation, an american 70ies soul band (”Rock The Boat”), Leon Huff / Kenneth Gamble, an american song-writer duo (”T.S.O.P.”), Johnny Clarke (”None Shall Escape The Judgement”), Johnny Mathis (”Going Home”), Junior Byles (”Curley Locks”), Peter Tosh (”Burial”),Marvin Gaye (”Have Some Mercy”), Al Green (”Here I Am Baby”), and more (”Some Guys Have All The Luck”),(”You Make Me Feel Brand New”)
Reggae Thing
First released on Capitol ST 11574, 1976, LP.
I have the reissue on Holland EMI 724357605328, 2000, CD-Box.
Also released on EMI 5760532, 2002, CD.
Love Is The Drug, 80.000 Careless Ethiopians, Reggae Thing, Jah Music, Roman Soldiers Of Babylon, Groovin’ In Love, Tired Fe Lick Weed In A Bush, Forward Jah Jah Children, Ghetto On Fire, This World
Their fourth album.
Ready For The World
First released on Capitol ST 11664, 1977, LP.
I have the German EMI 85-210, 1977, LP (First German Pressing).
Ready For The World / I Like To See You Dance, Music For Everyone, Catch Me When I’m Coming (With My Music), Never Born To Be Wild, Live Together, I Found A Girl, Oh Lord, Great American Dream, I’m A Rastaman
Their fifth album produced by Robert Margouleff & Roger Lewis.
“The Best Of The Capitol Years, Capitol 7243 8 27170, 1993, CD, is a compilation with tracks from “Reggae Thing” and “Ready For The World”.
Killer Dub
First released on JA Top Ranking (DSR 5620), 1978, LP.
I have the reissue on “The Inner Circle & Fatman Riddim Section – Heavyweight Dub + Killer Dub, UK Blood And Fire BAFCD 029, 1999, CD on CDR.
01. Release Dub (Dub of Jacob Miller´s “I Shall Be Released”, also by The Heptones and by The Uniques)
02. Careless Dub (Dub Of Jacob Miller´s “80.000 Careless Ethiopians”)
03. Dread At The Control (Dub Of Jacob Miller´s “Mrs. Brown”)
04. Meditation Rock (Dub of Jacob Miller´s “Lamb´s Bread Collie”)
05. Rock For Ever (Dub of Jacob Miller´s “Big Stripe”)
06. Shaky Dub (Dub of Jacob Miller´s “Shakey Girl”)
07. All Babylonians (Dub of Jacob Miller´s “City Of Weak Hearts”)
08. Killer Dub (Dub of Jacob Miller´s “Killer Miller”)
09. Addis Ababa Rock (Dub of Jacob Miller´s “Land Called Home”)
Jacob Miller´s album “Jacob “Killer” Miller” in dub credited on the original release to Inner Circle.
Everything Is Great
First released on UK Island ILPS 9558, 1979, LP.
I have the German Island 200 378, 1979, LP (First German Pressing).
Music Machine, Mary Mary, Stop Breaking My Heart, Roots Rock Symphony, Everything Is Great, Playing It, We A Rockers, I’ve Learned My Lesson
Their sixth album produced by Inner Circle and Youth Sound.
Music Is For Everyone / Great American Dream
I have the German EMI 006 85 254, 1977, 7-inch.
Mary Mary / Sinners
I have the France Island 100.756, 1979, 7-inch.
New Age Music
First released on UK Island ILPS 9608, 1980, LP.
I have the German Island 202 524, 1980 LP (First German Pressing).
We Come To Rock You, Summer In The City, Call It Love, Discipline Child (Never Born To Be Wild), Carry That Weight, If I Can’t Have You, New Age Music, Chips & Bruises
Their seventh album produced by Inner Circle & Chris Blackwell.
Something So Good / Save The Children
I have the Germany Carrere 2044 221, 1982, 7-inch.
Taken from their seventh album “Something So Good”.
Rock With You (Remix Edit) / Sweat (A La La La La Long)
I have the German WEA 4509-91308-7, 1992, 7-inch.
See also “Miller, Jacob” later in this compendium.
Without Jacob Miller they recorded:
“Something So Good”, Carrere, 1983, LP.
“One Way”, RAS, 1987.
“Identified”, Vision, 1989.
“Black Rose”, RAS, 1990.
“Bad To The Bone”, RAS, 1992.
“Bad Boys”, Atlantic, 1993.
“Games People Play”, Atlantic, 1994, LP.
“Da Bomb”, Soundbwoy, 1997, CD.
“World 2000?, Delta, 1998, CD.
“Speak My Language”, UMVD, 1998, CD.
“Jamaika Me Crazy”, Eureka, 1998, CD.
“Reggae Man”, Japan WEA, 1999, CD.
“Big Tings, VP, 2000, CD.
“Jah Jah People”, Dressed To Kill, 2001, CD.
“Kool Operator”, Select-O-Hits, 2002, CD.



Artist Info: Iqulah represents Integrity, Quality, Unity and Love for Africa as Home. He set up his onw label Mozziah in 1985 to release his first 7-inches in Jamaica. A little later he released his debut album “Rasta Philosphy” backed by his band Gideon Force. Extended world tours followed this release and his second album release, too. In 1998 Iqulah took a break of recording and touring to establish an international Rasta Centre in St. Ann, Jamaica. Two live CDs were released including only songs not released on album before. In 2004 he came back to the studio and released his third studio album.
Rasta Philosophy Vol. 1
First released circa 1986.
Re-released on UK Rasta, 1998, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Wagga Wagga, Born Jamaican, Addicts, Ignoble Characters, Jah First, Twenty Add Million, Rasta Magic, History Will Recall
His debut album featuring Marcia Grifiths and Judy Mowatt on harmonies.
The Mission – Rastafari In Exile – Rasta Philosophy Volume 2
First released 1993.
I have the Austria IQ Records RICD 1301, 1994, CD (First release).
The Mission, King Jah Jah, Slave, Sunshine Reggae, Revelation Time, Wolf (Back Off), See Them / Si Dem, Jah Jah Liveth (Hail The Man), Pain, Original Queen, H.I.M. Puppa Majesty, Have You Seen My Baby, Speak The Truth
His second album.
Rasta Live – Live in Switzerland
First released on UK Fotofon FOF 2003, 1997, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Work, Light Of This World, Uncle Sam, Irie Vibes (Instrumental), Jah First, Rastafari Chant, Heads Of Government, Wanted, I Wanna Be There
His third album.
Live in Switzerland II
First released on 2001, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Move, Unite, Highlight It, Roots Man, 20 Add Million, Punkhead, Pray, Come In, Bye-Bye
His fourth album.
4 Eva
First released on 2004, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Change, Revolution, A Little Bit, Heavy Load, Ithiopia Land, Who Am I (Feat. Jr. Gong & Stephen Marley), Rastafari 4 Eva, Love H.I.M., Survive, Abba Yeh, Dread Nut, Ippah, Ital Stew, Fire Bun
His fifth album release, the third studio album.

Artist info:
Ghettoman Corner
First released on Pantomime 013044, 1977, LP
I have this album on CDR.
Money Man Skank, Slaving Ghettoman Corner, Wicked Running, Stone Throwing, Lamb´s Bread, Unite, Greetings, Give Jah The Glory
Produced by Glen Brown. Mixed by King Tubby. Recorded at King Tubby´s, Randy´s, Harry J and Federal Studios.
Drums by Fish Clarke, Santa Davis and Carlton Barrett, bass by Lloyd Parks, Jackie Jackson and Val Douglas, guitars by Willie Lindo, Michael Chung, Bo Peep and Glen Brown, keyboards by Winston Wright, Gladstone Anderson and Wire Lindo, sax by Tommy McCook, percussions by Skully and Bongo Herman.

Artist Info: Seventies DJ I Roy was born as Roy Samuel Reid June 28th 1944. He started as a sound system DJ in the early 70ies. His first solo single is called “Musical Pleasure”. He was one of the top four Jamaican DJs of the early seventies. His clash with Prince Jazzbo in the mid seventies and its happy end in the late 80ies is well documented on many records. He died November 27th, 1999.
Further infos you can find here:
It May Sound Silly / Version
I have the reissue on JA Moodisc HM 10125, 2004, 7-inch.
A DJ Version of the John Holt song with the same title.
Talking Blues Version
I have this track on JA Tuff Gong (Matrix: Micron 6088 / Micron 1675), 1974 or 1975, 7-inch, a-side: Talking Blues / b-side: Talking Blues Version.
This 7-inch appears with the label with Bob´s head. The a-side is an edit of the album track. The b-side is a DJ Version.
Musical Shark Attack
First released on UK Virgin V 2075, 1976, LP.
Also released on Channel One (Matrix: DSR 3440), 1977, LP.
I have the re-release on UK Virgin / EMI CDFL 19, 2001, CD.
Semi Classical Natty Dread, Musical Shark Attack, Drum Sound, Is Love I A Deal With, Social Development, Jamboree, Skyjuice And Festival Dumpling, Run For Your Life, Tribute To Michael Holding, Everybody Ballin’, Tribute To Marcus Garvey
Produced by Joseph Hoo Kim. Backed by The Revolutionaries.
Dread – Baldhead
First released on UK Klik 9020, 1976, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Blackpot BSIL 63, 2002, LP.
Bring It To Me, Love Inspiration, Big Tree, Franco Nero, Set Me Free, War And friction, Saboo, I And Equality, Dub Broke, La Paloma
Produced by Bunny Lee (Striker).
“I And I Equality” features the rhythm of “Small Axe” by Gladiators cover of the Bob Marley song.
Exodus Chapter 2 – The 10 Commandments
First released on CAN Micron 911, 1978, LP.
Retitled as “Ten Commandments”, UK Virgin FL 1028, 1978, LP
Also released on Virgin ONLY 1, 1980, Picture-LP.
I have this album on CDR.
I Am The Lord Thy God Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me, Thou Shalt Not Make Unto Thee Any Graven Image, Thou Shalt Not Take The Name Of The Lord Thy God In Vain, Remember The Sabbath Day To Keep It Holy, Honour Thy Father & Mother, Thou Shalt Not Kill, Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery, Thou Shalt Not Steal, Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness, Thou Shalt Not Covet.
Using the riddims of the songs of Bob Marley´s “Exodus” album.
Heart Of A Lion
I have the UK Virgin FL 1001, 1978, LP (First UK Pressing).
Also released on Virgin CDFL 1, CD.
Heart Of A Lion, Sister Nelly, Casmas Town, Tonight, Catty Rock, Jordan River, Fire Stick, Peace In The City, Tiddle Le Bop, Move Up Roots Man
Produced by Roy Reid and Harry Johnson.
Remixed by I Roy and Scientist.
I have the UK Virgin FLX 4001, 1979, LP (First UK Pressing).
Cancer, Bubblin’ Jug, Devils Bug, Andy Capp, Lead Belly, Tribute To Herbie Mann, The Gold Coast, Columbian Red, Virgin Affair, Walk Like A Dragon
Produced by Roy Reid.
Crisus Time
First released on UK Virgin CA 2015, 1976, LP.
Crisus Time – Extra Version
First released on UK Virgin CDFL 2015, 1991, CD.
I have the re-release (Extra Version) on Holland Virgin VI 882372, 1997, CD.
Heart Of A Lion, Casmas Town, Tonight, (all: 1978), Whap’N Bap’N, Union Call, London, (all: 1980), Roots Man Time, African Tak, Crisus Time, Equality And Justice, Hypocrite Back Out, Musical Injection, Don’t Touch I Man Locks, Satta-Amasa-Gana (Sette Messganana), African Herbsman, Love Your Neighbour, Send Us Little Power Oh Jah, Moving On Strong (all: 1976)
The Longplay “Crisus Time” is a compilation with twelve songs from 1976. The CD-Reissue adds six more tracks from 1978 and 1980.
Further albums include:
“Presenting I Roy”, Gussie GLP 002, 1973, LP and Trojan TRLS 63, 1973, LP.
“Hell And Sorrow”, UK Trojan TRLS 71, 1973, LP.
“Presenting I Roy / Hell And Sorrow”, Uk Trojan CDTRL 389, 1997, CD.
“Many Moods Of I Roy”, UK Trojan TRLS 91, 1974, LP.
“Truths And Rights”, Grounation GROL 504, 1975, LP and Micron, LP.
“Step Forward Youth” (I Roy / Prince Jazzbo), Live & Love LAP 003, 1975, LP.
“Can´t Conquer Rasta”, Justice JUS LP 08, 1976, LP.
“The Godfather”, Third World TWS 930, 1977, LP.
“Hotter Yatta”, Harry J HJLP 8711, 1978, LP.
“World On Fire”, Virgin FL 1033, 1978, LP.
“African Herbsman”, Joe Gibbs, 1979, LP.
“The General”, UK Virgin FLD 6002, 1979, 2-LP, including the dub album “Spider´s Web”.
“Sunset At Moonlight City” (Derrick Morgan & I Roy), CAN Imperial IC 8012, 70ies, LP.
“Whap´n Bap´n”, UK Virgin V 2164, 1980, LP.
“I Roy´s Doctor Fish”, CAN Imperial IRC 014, 1981, LP.
“Outer Limit”, Intense INLP 4, 1983, LP and Hawkeye HLP 004, 1983, LP.
“Lyrics Man”, USA Witty, Music Master, 1989, LP.
“We Chat You Rock” (I Roy & Jah Woosh), UK Trojan, 1991, LP.
“Soundsystem Anthology”, Kings Music, 1992, CD.
“Love Is My Game”, Lagoon, CD, recorded 1983.
Further compilations albums include:
“Best Of I Roy”, GGs, 1977, LP.
“Crucial Cuts”, UK Virgin VX 1011, 1983, LP, including: Firestick, Dog War, Tiddle Le Bop, Package Deal, Stronger Strong, Jordan River, Everybody Ballin´, Musical Shark Attack, Hill And Gully, World On Fire, Fire In A Wire.
“Straight To The Heart”, Lagoon, 1990, LP and Esoldun, 1991, LP.
“Black Man Time”, Jamaica Gold JMC 200.217, 1994, CD.
“Sunshine For I”, Esoldun, 1991, LP and Lagoon LG1-1027, 1992, LP and Lagoon, 1995, CD.
“Don´t Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff 1972 – 1975?, UK Blood And Fire BAFCD 016, 1997, CD.

Artist Info: Singer. Started in the late 60ies. His love songs and conscious songs from the seventies made his a big star during the seventies and eighties. His intense use of cocaine nearly destroyed his life.
All I Have Is Love
I have the UK Trojan TRLS 121, 1976, LP (First UK Pressing).
And I have this album on CDR.
Give A Hand, Since The Other Day, All I Have Is Love, Sinner Man, Help Us Get Over, Hold Me Tight, Promise Land, Way Of Life, Coming Home, Lonely Lover, Hard Road To Travel
Produced by Sydney Crooks.
Cool Ruler
I have the UK Virgin FL 1020, 1978, LP (First UK Pressing).
And I have the JA African Museum (AFM 2656), LP hi res mp3-sourced on CDR.
Native Woman, John Public, Party In The Slum, Uncle Joe, Word Of The Farmer, One More Time, Let’s Dance, Don’t Pity Me, Created By The Father, Raving Tonight
Produced by Gregory Isaacs.
“Created By The Father” is originally written and recorded by Dennis Brown.
“Let’s Dance” is originally written and recorded by John Holt.
Soon Forward
I have the UK Virgin FL 1044, 1979, LP (First UK Pressing).
Universal Tribulation, Mr Brown, Down The Line, Lonely Girl, Bumping And Boring, My Relationship, Slave Market, Black Liberation Struggle, Jah Music, Soon Forward
Gregory Isaacs Meets Ronnie Davis
I have the UK Plant PLAN 10001, 1979, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Mr Know It All, Sunshine For Me, Be Your Self, Thief A Man, Love Light, Fancy Make Up, Rock With me Baby, Mercy Mercy, Please Don´t Go, Fever, Version
I have the UK Taxi 1001, 1980, LP.
Also released re-titled as “Sly & Robbie Presents Gregory Isaacs” on RAS, 1987, LP.
Soon Forward, You´ll Never Know, Motherless Children, Slave Driver, Mistake, Going Down Town
Produced by Sly & Robbie.
Extra Classic
First released on Conflict, 1980, LP.
I have the UK Echo STLP 1003, 1980, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Mr Cop (Original), Rasta Business, Black Against White, Extra Classic, My Religion, Promise, Dread Locks Love Affair, Loving Pauper, Something Nice, Warrior, Jailer Jailer, Once Ago (Original)
His third album. Produced by Pete Weston, Lee Perry & Gregory Isaacs. Backing by Agrovators, Revolutionaries, Soul Syndicate and Upsetters.
Lonely Lover
I have the JA African Museum (LP DSR 2239), LP hi res mp3-sourced on CDR.
Also released on UK PRE, 1980, LP.
Happy Anniversary, Gi Me, Tribute To Wa-Dee, Poor And Clean, Natty, I´m Sorry, Few Words, Protection, Hard Time, Tune In
Mr. Brown
I have the Holland Virgin / Disky VI 854362, 1999, CD.
Mr Brown, Words Of The Farmer, John Public, Raving Tonight, Tribute To Waddy, One More Time, Let’s Dance, Lonely Girl, Soon Forward, Poor Millionaire, Once Ago, Native Woman, My Only Lover, Poor And Clean
Compilation of songs from three albums, released 1978, 1979, 1980.
Gregory Isaacs Singles (1974 – 1982)
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. African Museum 033-A Gregory Isaacs – Can’t Give You My Love Alone (1980)
02. African Museum 001 A Gregory Isaacs – Front Door (1981)
03. African Museum 001 B Chancery Lane Rock (1981)
04. African Museum 034-B version (Can´t Give You My Love Alone) (1980)
05. African Museum AM 986 A Gregory Isaacs – Lonely Soldier (1974)
06. African Museum AM 986 B – Version (1974)
07. African Museum DSR 1484 A Gregory Isaacs – To The Land
08. African Museum DSR 1485 B Version
09. African Museum DSR 2200 A Gregory Isaacs – Inseparable
10. African Museum DSR 2202 B Rhythm
11. African Museum MICRON 1976-A Gregory Isaacs – Love Light Burning (1974)
12. African Museum MICRON 1976-B Dub Part 2 (1974)
13. BK. Records DSR 8178-A Gregory Isaacs – Love Affair (12-inch)
14. BK. Records DSR 8179-B Version (12-inch)
15. Junie WIP 6800-A Gregory Isaacs – Night Nurse (1982)
16. Junie WIP 6800-B Roots Radic Band – Version (1982)
Track 11 is no Bob Marley cover but a different song.
Sensational Gregory Isaacs
I have the Vista Sounds, 1982, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Lonely Man, Black & White, Be Your Self, Too Late, Far Beyond The Valley, Each Day, Don´t Let Me Suffer, Mr Know It All, Sunshine, Love Light.
Slum Dub
I have the UK Burning Sounds / CSA BS 1051, 1983, LP
And I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Public Eye´s (Dub of Gregory Isaacs´ “John Public”)
Slum (Dub of Gregory Isaacs´ “Party In The Slum”)
Reform Institution (Dub of Gregory Isaacs´ “Uncle Joe”)
Crofts (Dub of Gregory Isaacs´ “Word Of The Farmer”)
Tam Tam (Dub of Gregory Isaacs´ “Tam Tam”)
Aso (Dub of Gregory Isaacs´ “Don´t Pay Me”)
Nigger (Also vocalised by The Heptones as “Party Time”)
Leaving (Dub of Gregory Isaacs´ “Black A Kill Black”)
Leggo Beast (Riddim used for Augustus Pablo´s “Swing Easy” and Dennis Brown´s “Spirit Of Umoja”
Embarrassment (Riddim used for Augustus Pablo´s “Frozen Soul” and The Heptones´ “LOve Won´t Come Easy”
Produced by Gregory Isaacs.
Rhythms recorded at Channel One, mixed by Prince Jammy at King Tubby´s.
Out Deh!
First released on Mango, 1983, LP.
I have the reissue on USA Island, 2002, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Good Morning, Private Secretary, Yes I Do, Sheila, Out Deh, Star, Dieting, Love Me With Feeling, Cream Of The Crop (cd bonus track), LOve Me With Feeling (In A Rub A Dub Style) (cd bonus track)
Night Nurse
First released 1984.
I have the France Island / Mango RRCD 9, 90ies, CD.
Night Nurse, Stranger In Town, Objection Overruled, Hot Stepper, Cool Down The Pace, Material Man, Not The Way, Sad To Know (You’re Leaving)
Produced by Gregory Isaacs.
Judge Not
I have the UK Greensleeves GREL 72, 1984, LP (First UK Pressing).
Crazy List, Judge Not, Deceiving Girl (all by Dennis Brown)
Live & Love, Street Walker, Innercity Lady (all by Gregory Isaacs)
Produced by Augustus Gussie Clarke. Featuring Lloyd Parks, Robbie Shakespeare, Willie Lindo, Dwight Pinkney, Sly Dunbar, Style Scott, Robert Lyn, Steelie, Dean, Chico, Nambo, Madden. Backing by Tetrack: Carlton Hines, Dave Harvey, Paul Mangaroo.
Released on German Island / Mango 217, 1985, LP and CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Number One, Tune In, Substitute, Soon Forward, Mr Brown, Sunday Morning, Ooh! What A Feeling, Love Is Overdue, Top Ten, Front Door, The Border
“Sunday Morning” was first recorded by The Wailers for Studio One.
Gregory Isaacs 12-inch Maxis CD 1 (1979 – 1985)
12-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. African Museum AM2 A Gregory Isaacs – Wailing Rudy (1980)
02. African Museum AM2 B Gregory Isaacs – Dubwise (1980)
03. African Museum AM 05-A Gregory Isaacs – Top Ten (1982)
04. African Museum AM 05-B Gregory Isaacs – Chart Version (1982)
05. African Museum AM11 A Gregory Isaacs – Secretary (1979)
06. African Museum AM11 B Version (1979)
07. African Museum AMD 12 A Gregory Issacs – Addicted To You (1984)
08. African Museum AMD 12 B Gregory Issacs – Rub A Dub (1984)
09. African Museum AM 005 A Gregory Issacs – G.P. (1985)
10. African Museum AM 005 B Version (1985)
11. African Museum BTR 006 A Gregory Issacs – Drifting Away (1985)
12. African Museum BTR 006 B Roots Radics – Version (1985)
Gregory Isaacs 12-inch Maxis CD 2 (1979 – 1985)
12-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. African Museum C&C 002-A Gregory Isaacs – Tune In (1980)
02. African Museum C&C 002-B Version (1980)
03. African Museum MLPS 7798-A CP3 Gregory Isaacs – Night Nurse (1982)
04. African Museum MLPS 7798-B CP2 Gregory Isaacs – Material Man (1982)
05. African Museum SS 5208 A Gregory Isaacs – Love Feeling (ca. 1980)
06. African Museum SS 5208 B Version (ca. 1980)
07. African Museum CC 6680-A Gregory Isaacs – Next To You (1981)
08. African Museum CC 6680-B Gregory Isaacs – A Few Words (1981)
09. African Museum DSR 4080-A Gregory Isaacs – Cream Of The Crop (1982)
10. African Museum DSR 4081-B Roots Radix Band – Dub (1982)
All I Have Is Love, Love, Love
I have the UK Tad´s TRD LP 15586, 1986, LP (First UK Pressing).
First Aid, Bang Belly, Just Be Nice, No Body Know, When I Neede A Friend, Hard Drugs, Footsteps, All I Have Is Love, Love, Love, Sad And Lonely Man, You Brought Me, Settle Nuh
Talk Don’t Bother Me / Talking Dub (Lloyd Parks & We The People)
I have the JA Skengdon SKDL 030, 1986, 12-inch Maxi.
Private Beach Party
I have the JA Music Works / Anchor MWRT 11989, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Also released on RAS, 1988, LP.
Private Beach Party, Wish You Were Mine, Feeling Irie, Bits And Pieces, Let Off Sup´m, No Rushings, Better Plant Some Loving, Special To Me, Got To Be In Tune, Promise Is A Comfort
Red Rose For Gregory
I have the UK Greensleeves GRELCD 118, 1988, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Red Rose For Gregory, Teacher´s Plight (12´´ Promo Mix), Break The Date, Rumours (12´´ Hit Mix), Slow Doiwn, All I Need Is You, Rough Neck (12´´ Street Mix), Intimide Potential, Me No In A Dat, Closer Than A Brother, Mind Yu Dis (12´´ Manners Mix)
I have the 1989, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Too Good To Be True, Fall For You Again, Fatal Attraction, What´s The Matter, Can´t Make AStep, Report To Me, I. O. U., Express Love, Hard Road To Travel, Break The Ice, Easy Life, Big All Around, Jealousy
Past & Future
I have the VPRL 116, 1991, Cassette.
And I have the cassette transfered to CDR.
Medley: Tune In – Night Nurse – Soon Forward – Front Door – All I Have Is Love – Mr Brown – Cool Down The Pace – Good Morning – Sad To Know That You Are Leaving – Love Overdue – Border – Love Me With Feeling – Hang On, Johnny Gone, I Miss You, Private Lesson, You Are The One For Me
Produced by Winston Riley.
Baby Come Back (New Contract) / Version
I have the UK Exodus London EXO 5, 90ies, 12-inch Maxi.
Night Nurse (Remix featuring Lady Saw) I have this track on my Yami Bolo, CDR.
In the late 80ies and during the nineties he released uncounted albums, sometimes one album each month. The early is the best of his music.

Artist Info: Vocal Trio. Israel Vibration are Cecil “Skeleton” Spence (Gad), Albert “Apple” Craig (Reuben), Lascelle “Wiss” Bulgin (Dan). They started recording in 1977 with “Why Worry” for the Orthodox label and “The Same Song / Jam This Jam” for Top Ranking. The 1978 debut album contains later recordings of these songs. They broke up 1983 to reunite circa 1988. Since 1998 their albums are recorded without “Apple” because of health problems.
The Same Song
I have the USA Top Ranking, 1978, LP (First USA Pressing).
Also released on UK Harvest, 1978, LP.
Also released on Culture Press, 2000, CD including the dub album.
The Same Song, Weep & Mourn, Walk The Streets Of Glory, Ball Of Fire, I’ll Go Through, Why Worry, Lift Up Your Conscience, Prophet Has Arise, Jah Time Has Come, Licks & Kicks
Their debut album produced by Tommy Cowan.
The Same Song
I have the UK Pressure Sound PS003, 1995, CD.
The Same Song (Extended Version), Weep & Mourn, Walk The Streets Of Glory, Ball Of Fire, I’ll Go Through, Why Worry, Lift Up Your Conscience, Prophet Has Arise, Jah Time Has Come, Licks & Kicks, Crisis (12-inch), Crisis Dub
Reissue of their debut album including two extra tracks “Crisis” and “Crisis Dub” and one different mix: “The Same Song (Extended Version)”.
Also released on EMI & Harvest, 2001 including “Crisis (Disco Mix)”, “The Same Song (12-inch)”, “Weep And Mourn (12-inch)”, “Crisis (Dub)”.
Unconquered People
First released on Israel Vibes, 1980, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Greensleeves GREL 148, 1990, LP.
Also released on Lagoon, 1995, retitled “Survive”.
Also released on Culture Press, 1999, retitled “Practise What Jah Teach”.
Give I Grace, Friday Evening, Mr. Taxman, Survive, Top Control, We A De Rasta, Unconquered People, Possibility, Dwellers Of Darkness, Practise What Jah Teach
Their second album produced by Israel Vibration and Tommy Cowan.
Israel Dub
The first ten tracks are first released on Top Ranking, 1978, LP as “The Same Song Dub”.
The next eight tracks and two further dubs are first released on Israel Vibes, 1980, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Greensleeves GRELCD 510, 1991, CD.
Dub Worries (Why Worry Dub), Dub Of Conscience (Lift Up Your Consciousness Dub), Tribute To Gadman (Prophet Has Arise Dub), Jah Jah Dub (Jah Time Has Come Dub), Licks And Kicks Dubwise (Licks And Kicks Dub), The Same Dub (The Same Song Dub), Weepers And Mourners (Weep And Mourn Dub), Glory Dub (Walk The Streets Of Glory Dub), Fire Dub (Ball Of Fire Dub), Go Through Dub (I’ll Go Through Dub),
Possibility In Dub (Possibility Dub), Survival Dub (Survive Dub), Top Controlling Dub (Top Control Dub), Friday Blues (Friday Evening Dub), Graceful Dub (Give I Grace Dub), Unconquered Dub (Unconquered People Dub), Practise Jah Dub (Practise What Jah Teach Dub), Taxman Dub (Mr Taxman Dub)
The complete album “Same Song Dub” & eight of ten tracks of the album “Unconquered People Dub”.
This CD has dubs of all songs from the album “The Same Song” including some vocal samples and dub effects, whereas the album “Israel Tafari” by Fatman Ridim Section has the instrumental versions with rarely any vocal audible and lesser dub effects.
“Israel Dub” is also released on Japan 2001, CD titled as “The Same Song Israel Dub”.
“Same Song Dub” (the first ten tracks) is also released on Culture Press, 2000, CD including the vocal album.
Be Mine / Version (”Apple” solo)
I have these tracks as bonus tracks on “Wiss – Mr Sunshine” CDR.
In 1981 Apple released three solo 7-inches, The other two are: “Blue Jeans” and and “Rock On”.
Why Are You So Craven
First released on Arrival AR 0001, 1982, LP.
I have the reissue on USA RAS 3210, 1991, CD.
Universal Father, Why Are You So Craven, On Jah Solid Rock, Jah Is The Way, Morning Light, Highway Robbery, Give Thanks And Praise, What’s The Use, Smack Right Jam
Produced by H. Junjo Lawes. Mixed by Scientist. Backing by The Hi Times Band.
Their third vocal album.
Live At The Reggae Sunsplash 1982 (The Gladiators & Israel Vibration)
First released on Adelphi, 1990, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Roots Natty (Gladiators), Fight To Survive (Israel Vibration), Stick A Bush (Gladiators), Highway Robbery (Israel Vibration), Hello Carol (Gladiators), Never Gonna Hurt Me Again (Israel Vibration), Bongo Red (Gladiators), Jah Jah Time Has Come (Israel Vibration), Small Axe (Gladiators), Friday Evening (Israel Vibration), War (Gladiators), Licks And Kicks (Irsael Vibration).
Mr Sunshine (”Wiss” solo)
I have the Jah Life JL 018, 1985, LP on CDR.
Mr. Sunshine, Praise To Jah, Roads To Babylon, Reach So Far, They Don´t Care, Equal Rights, Handful Of Corns, Haunted Valley, Scrabbling Down, Mr Sunshine Dub
His only solo album release.
Strength of My Life
I have the USA RAS 3037, 1988, LP (First USA Pressing).
Cool And Calm, Jah Love Me, Payday, Greedy Dog, Don’t Want Apartheid, Perfect Love And Understanding, Live And Give, The Middle East, Strength Of My Life
Their fourth vocal album produced by Dr. Dread & Israel Vibration and backed by The Roots Radics. Melodica and organ overdub by Augustus Pablo on “Greedy Dog”.
I have the Dutch RAS 3054, 1990, CD (First Dutch release).
Vultures, There Is No Ende, Rumors Of War, So Far Away, Real And Right, Make It Work, Jailhouse Rocking, New Wave, Try Again
Their fifth vocal album produced by Doctor Dread and Israel Vibration and backed by The Roots Radics.
Dub Vibration
First released on USA RAS 3055, 1990, LP and CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Far Away Dub (So Far Away Dub), Dubbing Against Apartheid (Don’t Want Apartheid Dub), Perfect Dub (Perfect Love & Understanding Dub), Gimme Dub (Live And Give Dub), Dub Of The Middle East (The Middle East Dub), Real Together Dub (Make It Work Dub), Greedy Dub (Greedy Dog Dub), Nuclear Dub (Rumors Of War Dub), Jah Love Dub (Jah Love Me Dub), Dub Corner (Cool And Calm Dub), There Is Some Dub (There Is No End Dub), Strength Of My Dub (Strength Of My Life Dub), Behind Bars Dub (Jailhouse Rocking Dub), Cought It Up (Payday Dub), Wavy Gravy Dub (New Wave Dub), Scavenger Dub (Vultures Dub)
The albums “Strength Of My Life” & “Praises” in dub.
Produced by Dr. Dread and Israel Vibration.
I have the USA RAS 3080, 1991, LP (First USA Pressing).
Poor Man Cry, Children Under The Sun, Racial Discrimination, Soldiers Of Jah Army, Reggae On The River, False Pretense, Be Carefull, Live In Jah Love, Red Eyes
Their sixth vocal album produced by Dr. Dread and Israel Vibration.
Vibes Alive
I have the UK RAS 3091, 1992, Do-LP (First UK Pressing).
Intro, Vultures, There Is No End, Racial Discrimination, Jailhouse Rocking, Reggae On Teh River, Pay Day, Greedy Dog, Live In Jah Love, Perfect Love & Understanding, Cool & Calm, New Wave
Recorded live at Santa Cruz, California, USA, 2nd October 1991.
Produced by Dr. Dread and Israel Vibration.
I have the Dutch RAS 3120, 1993, CD (First Dutch release).
You Never Know, Falling Angels, Reggae Rock And Roll, Hard Times, Racial Injustice, Run But You Can’t Hide, Babylon By Bus, Naw Give Up The Fight, Thank You Jah
Their seventh vocal album produced by Dr. Dread and Israel Vibration.
IV Dub
I have the Dutch RAS 3140, 1994, CD (First Dutch release).
Knowingly Dub (You Never Know Dub), Angelic Dub (Falling Angels Dub), RR And R Dub (Reggae Rock And Roll Dub), Timely Dub (Hard Times Dub), Dub Of Injustice (Racial Injustice Dub), Hide And Go Dub (Run But You Can’t Hide Dub), Dubbing On A Bus (Babylon By Bus Dub), Naw Give Up The Dub – Never! (Naw Give Up The Fight Dub), Thanks For The Dub (Thank You Jah Dub)
Extra tracks: Dubs from “Forever”:
A Military Dub (Soldiers In Jah Army Dub), Dubbing In The Rio (Reggae On The River Dub), A Pretentious Dub (False Pretend Dub), Carefully Dubbed (Be Careful Dub), Can’t Live Without Dub (Live In Jah Love Dub), Seeing Dub (Red Eyes)
Produced by Dr. Dread and Israel Vibration.
On The Rock
I have the Dutch RAS 3175, 1995, CD (First Dutch release).
Mr Consular Man, Ambush, Rebel For Real, Find Something To Do, Love Makes A Good Man, Brother’s Keeper, Struggling Youth, Rudeboy Shufflin, Love Is All You Need, Borderline, Sugar Me, On The Rock
Their eighth vocal album produced by Dr. Dread and Israel Vibration.
Dub The Rock
I have the Dutch RAS 3190, 1995, CD (First Dutch release).
Prejudice (Mr Consular Man Dub), Danger (Ambush Dub), Myself (Rebel For Real Dub), Forward (Find Something To Do Dub), Angel (Love Makes A Good Man Dub), Family (Brother’s Keeper Dub), Hardship (Struggling Youth Dub), Times (Rudeboy Shufflin Dub), Love (Love Is All You Need Dub), Influence (Borderline Dub), Sweet (Sugar Me Dub), Cellblock (On The Rock Dub)
Produced by Dr. Dread and Israel Vibration.
Free To Move
I have the USA RAS 3231, 1997, LP (First USA Pressing).
Terrorist, Mud Up, Travelling Man, System Not Working, Pretty Woman, Livity In The Hood, Saviour In Your Life, Solomon Bloodline, Feelin’ Irie, Another Day, Life Is Real, Mighty Negus
Their nineth vocal album produced by Doctor Dread and Israel Vibration.
Melodica on “Terrorist” and organ by Augustus Pablo.
Live Again
First released on RAS, 1997, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Rockford Rock, Same Song, Jailhouse Rocking, Rudeboy Shuffling, Never Gonna Hurt Me Again, You Never Know, There Is No End, On The Rock, Greedy Dog, Racial Injustice, Red Eyes, Strength Of My Life, Licks And Licks, War
On The Strength Of Trinity
I have the France Passage 29001, 2003, CD and DVD (First release).
Intro, Strenghth Of My Life, Vultures, There Is No End, Never Gonna Hurt, Greedy Dog, Rudeboy Shufflin’, On The Rock, Jailhouse Rocking, War / No More Trouble, Red Eyes, Same Song / LicksAnd Kicks / New Wave
Recorded live at Zenith, Paris, France, 1995
Solo “Apple” Gabriel released one album.
Another Moses
I have the RAS, 1999, CD on CDR.
Telepathic Wave, Another Moses, Be As One, Back Out Hyena, Power Struggle, Poor Man Street, Keep On Dancing, Heat Wave, Venus, I´m Still Waiting
His first and only solo album. There is only a further Maxi-CD release of 2000: “Give Me MTC / Dub”.
As a duo “Wiss” and “Skully” released these albums as “Israel Vibration”.
Pay The Piper
I have the France Island 524 605-2, 1998, CD (First release).
Systematical Fraud, Pay The Piper, Original Soljahs, Nuttin’ Nah Bruk, Pop Off, Exploitation, Hard Road, So Much Youths, Get Up And Go, Stinky Mouth, Nuff Rude Boys, Surfin / Surfin Dub
Produced by Israel Vibration. Backed by The Roots Radics.
There is no info at the sleeve to expect “Surfin” running longer as (4,53), in fact it runs 9,33 and includes the dub version.)
Their first album as a duo.
I have the France M10 / RAS 320182, 2000, CD (First release).
Lost Souls, Gang Bang Slam, Evening Shadow, Jericho, Breeze A Blow, On Borrowed Time, Violence In The Street, African Unification, Trouble, Jammin, Move Over, Thank God It’s Friday
Their second album as a duo, produced by Cecil Spence, Lacell Bulgin and Flabba Holt.
Dub Combo
I have the USA RAS 3261, 2001, Do-LP (First USA Pressing).
False Babylon (Systematical Fraud Dub), Show Me The Money (Pay The Piper Dub), True (Original Soljahs Dub), Nah Fix It (Nuttin Nuh Brukk Dub), Take Cover (Pop Off Dub), Unfair Advantage (Exploitation Dub), Outta Here (Hard Road Dub), Future Generation (So Much Youth Dub), Foul Talking (Stinky Mouth Dub), Whole Heap A Dem (Nuff Rude Boys Dub), Hope Springs Eternal (Lost Souls Dub), Don’t Follow Trouble (Gangbang Slammin Dub), Dusk Till Dawn (Evening Shadows Dub), Peace Process (Jericho Dub), Make Some Room (Move Over Dub), Oneness (African Unification Dub)
Their third album as a duo produced by Israel Vibration and Flabba Holt.
The albums “Pay The Piper” & “Jericho” in dub.
Fighting Soldiers
I have the Sanctuary, 2004, CD on CDR.
Unseen Bullet, Craven Raven, Level Every Angle, Fighting Soldiers, Tippy Tippy Toes, Jah Runnings, Miscalculation, Sodom And Gomorrah, Men In High Places, Peace Not War, Bloodstain, Wish You Were Here
Their fourth album as a duo produced by Israel Vibration (”Wiss” & “Skully”).
I have the Nocturne, 2007, CD on CDR.
Far Beyond, Back Staba, Flood Water, Herb Is The Healing, Guly Bank, Natty Dread, Lion In The Jungle, Stamina, Diowntown kingston Intro J.A., Runaway Girl, Cleanliness, Little Children, Free Loafter, Sautez Reggae
Their fifth album as a duo featuring Sly Dunbar and the Roots Radics.
Two further albums are released:
“Power Of The Trinity” RAS, 2000, CD-Box, best of compilation including interviews with all three original members.
“Live & Jammin´”, RAS, 2003, CD (live show of all three).

Artist Info: The Itals are one of the essential vocal groups of the seventies. At first they didn´t had in mind to built a group. Their first single has Keith Porter and Ronnie Davis on vocals. Both had a solo singing career running and they had recorded together as singers of the Westmorlites. Lloyd Ricketts joinded the duo circa 1976 to record a couple further singles like “Time Will Tell”, “Don´t Wake The Lion” and “Brutal” (all on Lloyd Campbell´s Spiderman label), “Temptation” on JA Man, “Jah Glory” on Top and “Beware” on Joe Frazier and in 1983 a 12-inch of “Jah Glory” and “In Deh”. After the release of their 1986 EP Lloyd Rickets was replaced by David Isaacs. From the late 80ies there is a 12-inch “What About me” and 7-inch “Want It Want It” (On Top). In 1998 Ronnie Davis was replaced by Kada Porter, the first female voice of The Itals. The Itals´ music can described best as psalms, music for the conscious soul.
Ina Dis Ya Time / Version
First released circa 1975.
I have the reissue on UK Love Love Love LOV 0049, circa 2005, 7-inch.
The a-side is credited to The Itals. The b-side is credited to The Revolutionaries.
Their debut single featuring Keith Porter and Ronnie Davis, first released credited to Keith Porter, produced by Lloyd Campbell.
Ina Dis Ya Time
Don’t Wake The Lion
I have these tracks on “Wiser Dread” (Various Artists Compilation), USA Nighthawk, 1981, LP.
Brutal Out Deh
First released on USA Nighthawk, 1981, LP.
I have this album on CDR.
Brutal, Herbs Pirate, Run Baldhead Run, Temptation, Action, Rastafari Chariot, Truth Must Reveal, Give Me What I Want, Time Will Tell, Smile Knotty Dread
Their debut album.
Herbs Pirate
Jah Glory
I have these tracks on “Calling Rastafari” (Various Artists Compilation), USA Nighthawk NH-304, 1982, LP.
Give Me Power
First released on USA Nighthawk, 1983, LP.
I have this album on CDR.
In Deh, Roll River Jordan, We Want Justice, Kill Crime, Give Me Power, Make Merry, Love Affair, Physical Pollution, Jah Calling, Material Gain
Their second album.
Live Spectrum De Montreal, 1984
I have this unreleased show mp3-sourced on CDR.
In Deh, Truth Must Reveal, Smile Knotty Dread, Give Me What I Want, Make Mercy, Kill Crime, Love Affair, Run Baldhead Run, Temptation, Herbs Pirate, Give Me Power, Brutal Out Deh, Living In The Ghetto
Rasta Philosophy
First released on USA Nighthawk, 1985, EP.
I have this EP recorded on CDR.
Rasta Philosophy, No Call Dread Name, Satisfaction, Dance A Yard, My Woman, Don’t Blame It On Me
Their third album.
Early Recordings 1971-1979
I have the USA Nighthawk NH 310, 1987, CD on CDR.
In A Dis Ya Time, Time Will Tell, Dont’t Wake The Lion, Brutal, Time Getting Harder, Living In The Ghetto, Smile Knotty Dread, Run Baldhead Run, Last Prayer, False Preachers, You Don’t Care, Temptation, Seeing Is Believing, I See A Sign.
Produced by Robert Schoenfeld, Lloyd Campbell and The Itals.
A collection of their first 7-inches and some early solo tracks.
Cool And Dread
I have the USA Nighthawk NH-311, 1988, LP (First USA Pressing).
Heathen, Sing Farewell, Easy Now, Material Competition, I Am What I Am, What An Agony, Peace And Love, Chat With My Woman, Jah Help Those, Helpful Dub
Their fourth album produced by The Itals.
Easy To Catch
I have the Rhythm Safari, 1991, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Never Says Never, Wanti Wanti, Could You Be Loved, Play Your Part, Blood Thicker Than Water, Easy To Catch, Time Take No Share, Hallelujah, Too Much Religion, Rescue Me
“Could You Be Loved” is a cover of the Bob Marley song including samples and harmonies by The I-Threes.
Modern Age
I have the USA RAS, 1998, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
In A Dis Ya Time, Titanic, Render Love, Give This Love A Try, Surrender, Modern Age, Crazy, Sweet Memories, Together Forever, Happen Before The Time, Almighty, In A Dis Ya Time Ska!
Featuring Keith Porter, David Isaacs and Kada Porter, the Itals first female voice.

Artist Info: Female singer trio. The I Threes are Judy Mowatt, Marcia Griffiths and Rita Marley. All of the three singer also have a solo singer career. Most famous they are as backing singers for Bob Marley & The Wailers since 1974. They released a couple of singles:
On JAM Wail´N Soul´M appeared “Medley / Version”.
On JAM Tuff Gong appeared on 7-inches: “Many Are Called / Chosen”, “No Woman No Cry / Dub”.
There is also a JAM Tuff Gong 12-inch Maxi of 1978, TG 85 “Many Are Called / Music For The World”, also released on USA Shanachie 5007 in 1983.
Then there is “Precious World / Precious Dub” on JAM Hope Road 56, 12-inch.
In 1984 a 7-inch appeared on JAM Rita Marley Music: Calling Out Around The World / I´m So In Love With You (?) the b-side is mislabeled and has a further vocal track, the titles is estimated.
They released a Maxi-CD in 1985 with “He´s A Legend / He´s A Legend (Instrumental)”.
A further JAM Tuff Gong 7-inch appeared in 1986: “Neighbor”.
I have the USA EMI ST-17222, 1986, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Also released on Jamaican Rita Marley Music ST-17222, 1986, LP.
Come To Me Tonight, Now That We Are Standing, Mamma Can´t Buy You Love, Neighbour, Baby Be True, Calling Out, That´s How Strong, Jealousy, Sing Joy, He Is A Legend
Live At Copa Club, Toronto, Canada, 1983 (With The Fab Five as openers)
I have this unreleased concert on CDR.
Solomon (Fab Five), Get Up Stand Up (Fab Five), Precious World, Nice Time, Sister´s Chant, Medley: Peaceful Woman – Unknown Title – Dreamland, Steppin´ Out Of Babylon, Many Are Called, Slave Queen, You´re My People, That´s How Strong My Love Is, A Jah Jah, One Draw, Music For The World.