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Artists – R
Artist Info: Born 1932 he started his musical carrier in 1947 with the band of saxophone player Val Bennett. Jamaican piano player Monty Alexander among many testifies, Ernest Ranglin is one of the best guitar players of the world. In 1974 Ernest Ranglin recorded two album with Monty Alexander, produced in Germany, “Love & Sunshine” and “Rass!”. Ernest Ranglin´s guitar genius can be heared at some Skatalites´ recordings to support The Wailers at Studio One, at the first international jamaican hit, “My Boy Lollipop” by Millie and at the 1976 live set by Jimmy Cliff to mention only a few of his appearances. My kind advice for the serious music lover: Watch out for recordings with Ernest Ranglin on guitar to find Jamaican music at his best. Rarely but still active.
Ranglin Roots
First released on JA Water Lily, 1976, LP
I have the repressing on JA Water Lily ARCO LP 004, 90ies, LP
On Higher Grounds, The Trip, Ranglin Roots, Explosion, Double Talk, Love Is Loving June, Hail Count Ossie
Produced by Ernest Ranglin.
Instrumental music full of swing. Listen and enjoy!
From Kingston J. A. To Miami U. S. A.
I have the French Vista Sounds VSLP 4008, 1983, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Why Not, In The Rain, Papa “Doo”, Be What You Want To Be, Soft Touch, Keep On Dancing
Produced by King Sporty for Konduko, USA.
In Search Of The Lost Rhythm
I have the UK Palm Pictures PALM LP 2001, 1998, LP (First UK Pressing)
Up On The Downstroke, Anna, Haayo, Nuh Tree, Pili Pili, Ala Walee
Produced by Ira Coleman and Ernest Ranglin and Bart Farmie.
Recorded in Dakar, Senegal. Jazz improvisations of african rhythms. West Africa´s music is usually played by a band of many artists, sometimes five or more lead guitar players appear, what involves a tendency to confusion. Ernest Ranglin on one hand is adding his complex jazz guitar and on the other hand is keeping the sound very harmonic even hypnotic. Great. This album was recorded – amazingly – in the fifty-first year of the musical career of Ernest Ranglin!
Below The Bassline & More
I have this private collection on CDR.
Congo Man Chant, King Tubby Meets The Rockers, Satta Amasagana, 54-46 Was My Number, Black Disciples, Bourbon Street Skank, Nana’s Chalk, Music From The Coffeelands (all from “Below The Bassline” CD), Love And Happiness, Lulaby Of The Leaves, Fly Me To The Moon (all from “Now Is The Time” CD), Many Roots, What A Day, Swaziland (all from “Modern Answers To Old Questions” CD)
Jamaican Jazz
I have this private collection on CDR.
Cgerie, Rasta Roots Woman, Surfin´, Up On The Downstroke, Honky Tonks
Live At Coconut Grove, Bahamas Goombay Festival, Miami, USA, 6th June 1998
I have this unreleased CDR.
Intro, Ball Of Fire, Bourbon St. Skank, Surfin´, Band Intros, None Shall Escape The Judgement, Below The Bassline, Nana´s Chalk Pipe, 54-46 Was My Number, Encore, Black Disciples
I am looking for his further albums, like:
Ska Wey Dat, UK Trojan TJDDD 092, 2003 (Live recording featuring Intro/Surfing / 54 46 / Bourbon Street Skank / Satta Massagana / Ball O’ Fire / Headline News / Say Bye Bye / Sweet Lady / Ska Party / (It’s Only A) Paper Moon / You’re For Real / The Whip Medley

Artist Info: Seventies DJ born as Winston Brown. Still active.
Kunta Kinte Roots
I have the UK Burning Rockers BS 1037, 1979, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Kunta Kinte Roots, Leaving Out Of Babylon, Black Starlina, Poor Glory, Run Them Jah, Nursery Rhyme, Rainy Night In London, Natty Way Of Living, Melting Pot, Give Praise First
Ranking Dread In Dub
First released on Silver Camel SCLP 002, 1982, LP.
I have the Silver Kamel SKCD 024, 2004, CD on CDR.
Born Dub, No More Waiting, Dub Land, Jump Up Dub, Jah Dub, Give Them Dub, Dub It Star, 19000 Dub, Yes Yes Yes Dub, Dub It On Yah
Tracks 01. – 05. are backed by Roots Radics and mixed by King Tubby, tracks 06. – 10. are backed y Sly & Robbie and mixed by Scientist.
Track 02. is a version of Bob Marley´s “Waiting In Vain”.
2 Dread Inna Babylon (Ranking Dread & Massive Dread)
I have the Silver Kamel SKCD 028, 2006, CD on CDR.
Satta (Ranking Dread), Woman Lover (Ranking Dread & Horace Andy), Dread In Loving (Ranking Dread), Dread Inna Captivity (Ranking Dread & Cornell Campbell), First Love (Ranking Dread & Hortense Ellis), Something On His Mind (Ranking Dread & Horace Andy), Tappa Roots (Massive Dread), No More To Row (Massive Dread), Brutality (Massive Dread), Morgan The Pirate (Massive Dread), Understand (Massive Dread), Melody Of Life (Massive Dread)
Produced by Tappa Zukie.

Artist Info: Seventies DJ born as Joseph Jackson. Still active.
Armageddon Time
First released 1982.
I have the reissue on French M10 MU 205, 1999, LP
Armageddon, Can’t Stand It, Everybody’s Bawling, Skank It Over There, Oh What A Night, Mr. Finnigan, Can’t Stop Natty Dread, Come Outta Me Life, Revival Style, Burial, Beg You To Be True, Choice Of Colour, Cold Blood, Honda Accord
Tracks 11-14 are not part of the original 1982 release.
Tracks 1-10 recorded 1982, tracks 11-13 recorded 1973, track 14 recorded 1979.
“Mr Finnigan” is a toast over Johnny Clarke’s “Creation Rebel”. Other toasts over the same song are Dillinger’s “Power Bank” and Tappa Zukie’s “Ital Pot”.
“Revival Style” is over the “Shank I Sheck” rhythm.
Further albums include:
“Weakheart Fade Away”, UK Greensleeves, 1978, LP, including: Dub Sister Dub, Rock Pon The Rock, A Dread Earthquake, Natty Dread A Trademan, None Months Belly, Weakheart Fade Away, Natty Collie The Smoker, Queen Tell, Honest Living, Milkman Coming.

Artist Info: Just recently I discovered on some albums of him what I believe to be among the first so called chi chi man songs. These are songs meant against homosexual men and women. I listened the tracks again and his suggestion is to kill those with a bullet shot in head. I say, this is not music, but open call for murder. I trashed these records.
I am not wanting to support such. I just kept the note about this artist to share this info with you. It is up to you to recognize such vibes and do what you think is right. For details about this topic, you can check this site of a friend about murder in dancehall:
Shine Eye Gal (Featuring Mykal Rose)
I have the German Epic 6622332, 1995, Maxi-CD
Radio Edit, Royal Red Club Mix, Jeep Mix, Shy FX Easy Does It Mix, Shy FX Sample Tings Mix

Artist Info: Top Trinidian steel pan player born Elibank Crichlow. He was one of the first of such people to convert to rasta. He managed to bring Bob Marley and Jacpb Miller and others to Trinidad to perform live. He died September 24th 2007.
Forward Home / Forward Version (Ras Eliebank & `D` Black Market Rythm Band)
Released on Trinidadian Suncult, 1979, 12-inch Maxi.
I have these tracks on CDR.

Artist Info: Nyahbinghi group led by Ras Iauwata Amha Selassie.
Ark of The Covenant
I have the UK SurrZemaMuzik SZLP 003, 1994, LP (First UK Pressing)
Centenary Chant, Proud To Be Black, Where You Gonna Run, Every Time I Chant Nyahbinghi, Black Liberation, Ark Of The Covenant
Produced by Ras Iauwata Amha Selassie & Ras Surr Zema.
Their only album release.

Artist Info: Jamaican singer.
Longing For Your Touch (7-inch mix) (with The Wailers)
I have this track on CDR (Rare Tracks)
The Seven Seals
I have the USA Rockstone, 1984, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Discrimination (Seal #1), Babylon Gravestone (Seal #2), Rascals (Seal #3), Jah Rastaman , Rise Up Jah Jah Children (Seal #4), Jamaica Is Waiting (Seal #5), Longing For Your Touch, Why You Do Me That, Country Life (Seal #6), I´ll Never Leave You Again (Seal #7)
Produced by Ras Karbi.
Featuring Tyrone Downie, Earl Wire Lindo, Lloyd Parkes & We The People, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Robert Lyn, Franklyn Waul, Donald Kinsey, Andy Bass, David Madden, Chico, Dean Fraser, Vinnie Circoni, Nambo, Cat Coore, The Tamlins & Israel Vibration.

Artist Info: Nyahbinghi group led by Ras Michael born Michael Henry. Among his first singles are “Lion Of Judah” (1967), “Kings Highway” (1967) and “Rejoice” (1968). Still active. See his site:
Recorded in 1974.
First released on Starapple LP 002, 1974, LP and UK Trojan TRLS 113, 1974, LP.
I have the reissue on France Esoldun CC2-710, 90ies, CD,
Keep Cool Babylon, Rise Jah Jah Children (The Lion Sleeps), Pretty Little Face, Carnal Mind, Run Come (Throw Away Your Stoney Heart), Come Down (Pomps And Pride), Jah Got The Whole World In His Hands, Roll River Jordan, Cast Them In The Fire, Nyah Man Say, Rasta Man Chant, We’re Marching Unto Victory
Produced by Tommy Cowan.
“Rise Jah Jah Children” is a cover of the south-african classic by Miriam Makeba, written somewhen back in the 40ies or 50ies by a black american.
His debut album.
Freedom Sounds (The Sons Of Negus)
Recorded in 1974.
First released on JA Dynamic Sounds, 1974, LP.
I have this album on JA Dynamic DY 3350 (Matrix: DSR a-side-19820-FREEDOM SOUNDS-GEOVANNI / DSR b-side-19821-FREEDOM SOUNDS-GEOVANNI), probably a 90ies Repressing, LP
Watch And Pray, Written Down There, Holy Mount Zion, I Shall Not Remove, Roll River Jordan Roll, Tenoryestiling
Featuring Earl Chinna Smith on lead guitar.
His second album.
Recorded in 1975.
First released on JA Grounation GROL 505, 1975, LP and UK Vulcan VULP 005, 1975, LP and Rastafari, 1975, LP, reissued on UK Greensleeves GREL 153, 1990, LP, and GRELCD 153, 1991, CD)
I have this album on JA Top Ranking (Matrix: D.S.R. 1604-B-DT Tuff Gong / D.S.R. 1603-A-DT Tuff Gong), LP, probably a late 90ies repressing.
Mr Brown, Birds In The Treetop, Truth & Right, In Zion, None A Jah Jah Children No Cry, Glory Dawn, Give Love, It Is No Secret, Sufferation
Produced by Tommy Cowan. Distributed by Tuff Gong Records.
Featuring Peter Tosh on rhythm guitar and clavinet.
His third album.
Rastafari Dub
Recorded in 1975.
First released in limited quantity in JA Top Ranking, 1975.
Reissued on ROIR, 1989, LP.
I have the later reissue on USA ROIR RUSLP 8251, 1999, LP
None A Jah Jah Children No Cry, Truth And Rights, In Zion, Sufferation, Give Love, New Name, Birds In The Tree Top, No Hopppers
All songs in dub.
Featuring Peter Tosh on rhythm guitar and clavinet.
His fourth album.
Rastafari + Dub
I have the Lagoon, 1995, CD on CDR.
Give Love, Give Love (Dub Version), Sufferation, Sufferation (Dub Version), In Zion, In Zion (Dub Version), None A Jah Jah Children, None A Jah Jah Children (Dub Version), Truth And Rights, Truth And Rights (Dub Version), Mr Brown, Glory Dawn, It Is No Secret
A New Name Jah Got / A New Dub
I have the JA Rastafari, 1975, 7-inch (First JA Pressing)
Dadawah – Peace and Love Wadasow
Recorded in 1975.
First released on JA Wildflower, 1975, LP and UK Trojan TRLS 103, 1975, LP.
Reissued on CD together with the album “Nyahbinghi” UK Trojan CDTRL 400, 1998.
I have this album on CDR and on CD as part of the Trojan Box Nyahbinghi.
Run Come Rally, Seventy Two Nations, Zion Land, Know How You Stand
Produced by Lloyd Charmers.
His fifth album.
Tribute to the Emporer (with Jazzboe Abubaka)
Recorded in 1976.
First released on UK Trojan TRLS 132, 1976, LP.
I have the repressing on UK Trojan TRLS 132, 90ies, LP
Gabriel-A-Alma, Jazzboe Abubaka At Large, Tennaeslyn, Fa-Fa-Fa I Want You, Tribute To Rastafari, Tena In Love, Keep Cool Babylon, Needs Understanding, Peace And Love, Rasta Liveth
Produced by Jazzboe Abubaka.
(sadly the cover of my copy is missing.)
His sixth album.
Recorded in 1977.
First released on JA Top Ranking, 1977, LP and Rastafari, 1977, LP.
Reissued as “Glory To God” on VP, 1992
I have this album on UK Greensleeves GRELCD 158, 1991, CD
New Name, Wicked Men, No Hoppers, Zion Land, If Only They Knew, Babylon, Booma Yeah, Over The Mountain
Bass by Rasta Robbie, Robert Shakespeare. Guitars by Earl “Chinna” Smith and Peter Tosh. Keyboards by Robbie Lyn, Geoffrey Chung and Peter Tosh. Trap drums by Carlton Santa Davis. Fundes by Joshua Henry, Keith “Dreadlock” Halstead and Icy B. Akete bass drum by Michael “Junior” Jacob. Flute by Tommy McCook. Backing vocals by Philippa Street, Dawn Forrester, Joy Lindsay and The Sons Of Negus.
His seventh album.
Recorded in 1978.
First released on JA Dynamic Sounds, 1978, LP, red label with Ras Michael portrait
I have this album on JA Dynamic Sounds, LP, 1990ies repressing with black writing on white label background
Ethiopian Anthem, Sip Your Cup, The Hour, Run Aggression, Numbered Days, Amagideon, Hosanna, Where Is Your Goldmine, I Am Ethiopian, Children On The Mountain Top
His eighth album.
Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus Live At One Love Peace Festival, Kingston April 22th 1978
I have this unreleased tape on CDR. I never saw this one traded.
Ethiopian National Anthem, None A Jah Jah Children No Cry, Come Down, Amagideon, A New Name
Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus Live At Reggae Sunsplash II, Jarrett Park, Kingston, Jamaica, July 7th 1979
I have this unreleased CDR.
Introduction, Rastaman Chant, New Name, None A Jah Jah Children, Good People, Watch And Pray, Drums, Watch And Pray, Run Aggressor Run, Come Down – Nyahbinghi – Fly Away Home – Play On
Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus Live 1980
I have this unreleased 2-CDR.
CDR 1:
Yo Yo, Rastaman Chant – Zion Bells, I Ya I, Good People, None A Jah Jah Children No Cry, Stop Look And Listen, Boom A Yeah
CDR 2:
Morning Star, ? , Give Love, Run Come – This Train
As I don´t have a song list of this show and no place and exact date some titles that don´t appear at an album are suggested (”Yo Yo”, “Zion Bells”, “I Ya I”, “Good People”, “Stop Look And Listen”, “Morning Star”). My impression is, that this unreleased set is the complete show of which four tracks appear at the album “Promised Land Sounds Live” of 1980.
Rally Round
USA Shanachie, 1985, LP.
His thirteenth album release, a compilation of his biggest hits of 1977 – 1981 including: New Name (from the album “Kibir-Am-Lak”, 1977), Numbered Days (from the album “Movements”, 1978), Children On The Mountain Top (from the album “Movements”, 1978), The Hour (from the album “Movements”, 1978), Ethiopian Anthem (from the album “Movements”, 1978), International Year Of The Child (from the album “Disarmament”, 1981), Wicked Man (from the album “Kibir-Am-Lak”, 1977), Hosanna (from the album “Movements”, 1978), Sip Your Cup (from the album “Movements”, 1978), Jah Jah Power Shall Endure (from the album “Disarmament”, 1981).
I don´t have this compilation but all songs on the original albums.
Love Thy Neighbour
Recorded in 1981.
Released on USA Live & Learn LL LP 005, 1981, LP.
Also released on USA Live & Learn LL LP 1, LP.
I have the reissue on USA Live and Learn LLCD 001, 90ies, CD
And I have the Dreadbeat, 1994, CD on CDR.
Don’t Sell Daddy No Whiskey, Times Is Drawing Nigh, Hear River Jordan, Wicked Got To Go, Little David, Perfect Love, London Bridge Has Fallen
Produced by Delroy Wright, Hyman Wright and Ras Michael. Featuring Ras Michael, Awowo Nigerian, Sidney Wolfe, I Jack, I Marts, Awea Wonigerian, Hux. Recorded at Dynamics.
His tenth album.
There is an alternate mix first released on USA Jah Life JL 005, 1981, and also on Vulcan, 1981, LP.
I have this album on UK Trojan TRLS 203, 1981, LP (First UK Pressing on the blue label)
Jah Jah Power Endure, International Year Of The Child, Where Is Your Goldmine, International Children Dub, Stop Pay The Price For Sin, Unity
Produced by Ras Michael. Recorded during 1980 and 1981.
His eventh album.
Recorded in 1982.
First released on UK Trojan TRLS 212, 1982, LP.
I have the repressing on UK Trojan TRLS 212, 90ies, LP
Black Vibes, Red Gold & Green, Black & White, Build Up Your House, Ethiopian People, Rastafari
Featuring Earl Chinna Smith on lead guitar, Santa on trap drum, Puma Jones on backing vocals, David Madden on horns.
His twelveth album.
Zion Train
Recorded in 1988.
First released on SST, 1988, LP.
I have this album on CDR:
Something Good, Rasta Time, Fools Gold, King Of Kings, Jealous, Youthman Sufferer, I & I Praise Rastafari, Nazareth
His fourteenth album.
Know How
First released on Shanashie, 1990, LP
I have this album on CDR.
Jah Giveth Life, Marriage in Canaan, Rastaman Gives Thanks And Praises, I Am A Man Just Like You, War Mongers, Sister Lilac, Born In The Ghetto, He Is Risen
His fifteenth album. Recorded in 1989.
Recorded in 1992.
I have this album on JA High Times (Matrix: MML -ASIDE-150-ATRE Ras Micheal / MML 151-BSIDE-Ras Michael-JUNES), 1992, LP (maybe the first JA Pressing, on heavy and thick vinyl)
Trulilu, Mesha Mesha, Stop Cutting Down The Trees, Don’t Be Bad, Cocaine, Work, Face To Face, Free The People, Try Love, Travelling
His sixteenth album.
Ras Michael – More Tracks Of 1997
Psalm 25, from 7-inch, 1997 with Mutabaruka
No Bow Down, from 7-inch, 1997
If I Had The World To Give, from “Fire On The Mountain Vol. 2?, Pow Wow Records, 1997 (various artists compilation
I have these songs on CDR.
Lion Country
Recorded in 1998.
First released on Roots and Culture, 1998, LP
I have this album on France Taxi, 1998, CD
Ethiopian Anthem, Fly Away, Lion Country, Jah Is I Light, Rainbow (aka Jah Jah Rainbow Signs), Positive Vibration, Rollin Drums, Sunshine( aka Trulilu), Visioning, Sitting In (aka “Sitting In The Park”, the reggae classic), Children Of The Universe
Featuring Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Johnny “Dizzy” Moore, Earl “Chinna” Smith, Congo Roy, Stranger Cole, Skully, Winston Jarrett.
“Sitting In (aka “Sitting In The Park”) and “Children Of The Universe” is backed by The Wailers. Both tracks were recorded in the late 1970s. “Children Of The universe” was originally released on a 7-inch in Jamaica at the time.
His seventeenth album.
Spiritual Roots
Recorded in 1999.
I have this album on USA VP Records VPRL 2090, 1999, LP (First USA Pressing)
Nobody Knows The Troubles I Feel, This Train, Shine, Jah Jah Rainbow Signs, Gathering Time, No Sin Cannot Enter Zion, Fire, Fisher Of Man, Volunteer Ethiopians, Amazing Grace, Some Sweet Day, Key Man
His eighteenth album.
A Weh Dem A Go Do Wid It
Recorded 2001.
I have this album on USA Roir RUSCD 8282, 2001, CD
Nyahbinghi Medley (Rastaman Chant – Dry Bone – Jah Ark Is Movering), Haile Selassie Is The Chapel, All Things Bright And Beautiful, Sweet Jamaica (Rainbow People), Jamaican History (Version), Music History (Version), Sweet Jamaica Dub, No Smoke Without Fire, No Smoke Without Fire (Dub), A Weh Dem A Go Do Wid It? , A Weh Dem … (Dub), Cry Moon, Cry Moon (Dub)
Produced by Michael Henry. Featuring Sly Dunbar, Robert Shakespeare, Robert Lyn, Earl “Chinna” Smith, Johnny “Dizzy” Moore, Nando.
His nineteenth album.
Live Ina Babylon
Recorded at the Paladium, Geneva, in 1998.
I have the French Sankofa Blackstar SB082, 2002, CD.
Ethiopian Anthem – Kumba Ya (10,34), Rastaman Chant – Fly Away (15,32), Darker Shade Of Black (7,30), Chemical War Fear (7,09), Born And Raise In The Ghetto (8,46), Truth And Right – Mister Brown (9,52)
His twentiest album.
Merry Peasant (Live In San Francisco)
I have the USA 2b1 TBU 2057, 2003, CD.
Education (featuring DJ Bootleg)*, Instrumental None Jah Children, Born and Raised In The Ghetto*, Why You Keep On (featuring DJ Bootleg)*, Umbaya, Nyahbinghi Medley: Rastaman Chant – Jah Ark Is Movering – Fire, Merry Peasant, Rasta Man Give Thanks, Instrumental Wadada*, Love Love (featuring DJ Bootleg)*
Produced by Boots “Rolf” Hughston and Michael Henry.
His twenty-first album. * are studio tracks.
During the track “Rasta Man Give Thanks” Ras Michael sings a few lines of Bob Marley´s “Get Up Stand Up” and “The Heathen.”
Further albums are:
“Promised Land Sounds (Live)”, Lions Gate LGR 1201, 1980, LP. His nineth album including: Yo Yo, Boom A Ya, I Ya I, None A Jah Jah Children. Maybe all these titles are on a unreleased live 2-CDR recorded 1980.
“Try Love”, 2b1records, 2006, CD. The latest – his twenty-second – album including: Skin, Flesh & Bones, Don’t Be Bad Intro, Don’t Be Bad, Jah So Good To Me, Jump Nyabinghi, Herb Is For The Service Of Man, Try Love, Holy Mount Zion (Psalm), Snow Cap, Disarm Artillery (Dub Club), New World Order, Urban Queen, Mr. Brown, Fe Bun, Utterance Of H.I.M., Work. (”Holy Mount Zion” was first recorded in 1974. “Mr Brown” was first recorded 1975. “Don´t Be Bad”, “Try Love” and “Work” were first recorded 1992.)

Artist Info: His major album is “Rastaman In Exile”, released on French AZ Disc AZ2399, 1980, LP, songs are: Rastaman in Exile, Rat & Cat World Power, Burning Revelation, Too Long In The Wind, Zion Last Train, Plague, Lean On Jah, Tout Long Temps Dans Le Vent.

Artist Info: Rasta Elder. Born Samuel “Sam Brown” Livermore at 16th December 1924. His kind of music is similar to the music of dub poets, religious and political speeches over strong rhythms. He died in August 1998.
I have the USA RAS 3074, 1991, LP (First USA Pressing)
Cocaine / Judgement Time / Apartheid Vanquish, Money Crisis / Slavery / Dem Hafi Leave, Aids / Desolation, Disaster / Sign Of The Time, Rape Bait, Church In Trouble / Dis A Time / Oneness, Black People / Pick Botha / Mr Mugabe / Paradox, Judgement, Back Stab, Peace, Congo Rape, Ethiopia Stretch Out Her Hand, Modeler / How The West Was Won, Girl You Abuse Me Kindness, Brutality
Featuring Joe Higgs on funde. Some songs are sequels of three or four different short poems.
History Past & Present
I have the USA RASCD 3199, 1996, CD
One long narration about a rasta elder’s view of history past and present divided into 22 “songs”. Essential rasta teaching.

Artist Info: Singer.
Babylon You Doom
I have this album on CDR.
Travel Lite, Joy (Onto Zion), Aluta Continua, Slavery, Right For The Poor, Little Black Boy, Babylon You Doom, At Evening, Change Gonna Come, Sandy, Head Gone Work, Nuff Injustice, Are You Satisfied, Brass Gates, Child Of A Slave
I have more songs on CDR:
Why The Good Die Young (on Yami Bolo CDR)
Zion Calling (on Yami Bolo CDR)

Artist Info: Nyahbinghi. Rastafai Elders are Ras Pidow, Bongo Shep, Ras Marcus, Ras Tawny, Ras Bigga, Ras Headful and Sista Bubbles, born 1931-1939.
Rastafari Elders
I have the USA RAS 3068, 1990, LP (First USA Pressing)
King’s Highway, Dialogue – Ras Headful, Jah Is I Shepherd, Dialogue – Ras Tawny, Jah Jah Know, Dialogue – Ras Pidow, Black Liberation, Dialogue – Ras Marcus, Trod Along, Dialogue, Sista Bubbles, Love Is To Open Jah Door, Dialogue – Bongo Shep, 400 Years, Dialogue – Ras Bigga, Trodding To Zion
Produced by Doctor Dread and Malika Sojourna Alcindor.

Artist Info: Singer. Early soulful lovers reggae.
The Same One
I have the UK Trojan TRLS 84, 1974, LP (First UK Pressing)
Ain’t It A Beautiful Morning, Play Boy, Riding My Bicycle, The Same One, Make Me Your Number One, I’m Gonna Get Married, Dream World Man, Just Because, Don’t Stop, White & Wonderful Black & Beautiful, How Can I Control You, Feel So Bad

Artist Info: Usually not a reggae artist. But the album listed is full of great reggae vibes, for example “Jahoviah” is the Twinkle Brothers amthem.
Word Sound and Power
I have the UK Big Life BLRLP 19, 1992, LP
Humanity, Rich Ah Getting Richer, Let Jah Light Shine, African Descendant, The Governments Fail, Jahovia, I Can’t Get No Sleep, People To The Power, Revolution, Revelation Time
Produced by Rebel MC except “Let Jah Light Shine” produced by Simon Law and Ross Anderson.

Artist Info:
Medley (Train To Skaville – The Tide Is High – To Be Young Gifted And Black – OK Fred – Rudie A Message To You – Up Town Top Ranking – The Israelites – Rivers Of Babylon) / The Road To Freedom (Instrumental)
I have the UK Spitfire SFS 1001, 1981, 7-inch

Artist Info: I could not find any info about this band, playing artists and location. It seems possible that the band is from New York, USA or maybe from Belgium. Besides the following only two more songs seemed to be released by Reggae Clinic 65: “Buffalo Step Dub” and “Topless In Dub”. “Take Five / Take Five Dub” and “Caravan / Caravan Dub” were also released on Intersong Basart 7-inches in Belgium.
Reggae Clinic 65
I have the Belgian Intersong Basart IBC 4B064-23829, 1979, LP (red vinyl)
Take Five, Caravan, Wheels, Take Five Dub, Caravan Dub, Wheels Dub
Instrumental album with sax and clarinet as leading instruments. “Take Five” is written by Paul Desmond, “Caravan” is written by Duke Ellington, “Wheels” is written by N. Petty.
An edited version of “Take Five” appears at the Various Artists Compilation Reggae on K-Tel. The USA rights of this record are owned by Fantasy New York. This seems to indicate that this band might be located in New York.

Artist Info:
President Botha / Botha Version (Roots Radics)
I have the UK Robin Hood RH 002, 12-inch Maxi
And I have these tracks mp3-sourced as bonus tracks on my “Fight On My Own” CDR.
Three Times A Lady (Reggae George & Baxter Irie) / Three Times A Melody (Tony Asher & High Times Band)
I have these tracks from Lion Kingdom LK 0005, 12-inch Maxi mp3-sourced as bonus tracks on my “Fight On My Own” CDR.
Fight On My Own
I have the UK Sky Juice SJ 005, 1985, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Fight On My Own, My Native Collie, Should I Want, Jah Sweet Love, Want To Go Home, Crying For Peace
Produced by Neville “Jah Woosh” Beckford & V. E. Walters.
Recorded at Channel One, Tuff Gong and Harry J.
Mix Up
I have the UK Trojan TRLS 213, 1982, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Stop Push The Fire, This Old World, Gimme Gimme Your Love, Sister Dawn, My Eyes, No Fuss Nor Fight, Hold On To Jah, Mix Up – Mix Up, Streetside Lover
Produced by Prince Far I.
Recorded at Channel One and mixed by Scientist.

Artist Info:
Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra
I have the German Island 209 532, 1988, LP (First German Pressing)
Minnie The Moocher, Love And Hate, Sharpeville, Working Class, Work Eat Sleep, The Fool, Best Friend, Dangling, As Time Goes By, Scrounger
Vocals, arrangements and production by Mykaell S. Riley.
Very unusual project with a philharmonic orchestra playing american standards in a kind of reggae style.

Artist Info: Singer. He was member of “Black Uhuru” during the mid 1980s. Then he was member of “Voice Of Progress”. Then he recorded solo.
One Blood
I have the JA JR Music 001, 1992, LP (First JA Pressing)
One Blood, A Nuh So, Who Done It, When It Snows, Searching For Better, Married Life, Eleanor Rigby, Groupie Diana, Sound, Dominant
Produced by Junior Reid.
Nineties reggae music in the style of Black Uhuru.
Action Speaks Louder Than Words
Shock & Cut Mix, Ragga Mix, Dub Action, Urban 7´´
Four different mixes of one track.
I have the USA Big Life, 1991, 12-inch Maxi.
Produced by Cold Cut.

Artist Info: Famous all star backing band with lots of dub releases between 1973 and 1980.
First released on UK Cha Cha CHALP 014, 1982, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Black Sabbath, Naggoes Head, Rebel´s Underground, Tanzania, P.L.A., Big Head Spliff, Black Serenade, Cuban Connection, Death, Castro´s Bid
Recorded 1973 – 1976.
Drums by Sly Dunbar, bass by Ranchie and Robbie Shakespeare, percussion by Sticky & Barnabas, guitars by Duggie, rhythm & lead guitar by Duggie & Chinna, keyboards by Ansel Collins & Tarzan, trumpet by Bobby Ellis, trombone by “Don Junior”, tenor sax by Tommy McCook, alto sax by Marques.
Revival Roots Dub Now
First released on JA Well Charge, 1976, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
01. Luger 9 m/m Auto (Dub of Gladiators´ “Hello Carol”)
02. Browning 9 m/m Auto (Dub Of “Mark My Word”)
03. Mauser 9 m/m Auto (Dub of Bob Andy´s “Unchained” and Dennis Brown´s “Easy Take It Easy”)
04. No. 44 Magnum (Dub of Leroy Smart´s “Ballistic Affair”)
05. No. 41 Magnum (Dub of “Broken Heart”)
06. .357 Magnum (Dub of Wailing Souls´ “Fire Coal Mine”)
07. Arms MK III Carbine (Dub of “My Fix St…”)
08. AR_180-223 CAL (Dub Of “Things And Time”)
09. AR-47 Auto (Dub of Heptones´ “Fight To The Top”)
10. Valmet M-62 (Dub of “Sweet Talking”)
Satta Dub Strictly Roots
First released on JA Disco Mix, 1978, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
01. untitled (Dub of Earth & Stone´s “Don´t Let Them Fool You”)
02. untitled
03. untitled
04. untitled (Dub of The Melodians´ “Everybody Bawling”)
05. untitled
06. untitled (Dub of Earth & Stone´s “In Time To Come”)
07. untitled (Dub of Abyssinians´s “Declaration Of Rights” and Junior Ross´ “Judgement Day”)
08. untitled (Dub of “Things Gone Over The Limit”)
09. untitled (Dub of “Darker Shade Of Pale”, “Promises”, Barry Brown´s “I Love You So”, Mighty Diamonds´ “Stand Up To Your Judgement”, “Pass The Ku Shung Peng”)
10. untitled (Dub of Burning Spear´s “Black Disciples”)
Satisfaction In Dub
I have the UK Live & Love LALP 005, 1978, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Satisfied Dub, Summerton Dub, Steppers Dub, Peaceful Dub, Seated Dub, Babylon Dub, Frightner Dub, Electronic Dub, Mighty Dub, (? the last track is missing at my copy)
Revolutionaries´ riddims recorded 1976 / 1977 dubbed by Ossie Hibbert at Channel One.
The album comes without artist credits. Some credit it to Ossie Hibbert as he mixed the dubs. I list it as a Revolutionaries´ album as they are playing here.
Reaction In Dub
First released on USA Channel One, 1978, LP.
Reissued on USA Hit Bound JJLP-0016, 1996, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Reaction In Dub, Atom Bomb, Nuclear, Fall Out, Megaton, TNT, Peace, Love
Produced by Jo Jo Hoo Kim. Recorded and mixed at Channel One Studios.
Drums by Sly Dunbar, percussion by Scully Simms, bass by Ranchie, lead guitars by Rad Bryan, rhythm guitars by Robbie Shakespeare, keyboards by Ansel Collins, piano by Errol Nelson, trumpet by Bobby Ellis, alto sax by Herman Marquis, tenor sax by Tommy McCook.
Dutch Man Dub
First released on UK Burning Vibrations BV 1002, 1979, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Night Dub, Riding In Fine Style, Man In The Street, Est Rock, Dutch Man, Africa Is A Must, Pretty Dub, Dip Rock, King Spring, Burning Mike
Goldmine Dub
I have the UK Greensleeves GREL 4, 1979, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Also released on Teem Work, 1983, LP.
Also released on Greensleeves GRELCD 4, 1995, CD.
Calico Jack, Big Foot, Goldmine, Bitter Blood, Red River Dub, Musketeer Dub, Jamintel, Heartburn, Sore Mouth, Pepper Dub
Macca Rootsman Dub
I have the Portugese Jamaican Gold JMC 200.218, 1994, CD
Dub Under Mamre Tree, Eve Dub Adam, Abram and Sarah Dub, The Valley Of Sjawe Dub, Evil Dub In Sodom, Joseph And Jacob Farewell Dub, Seventh Day Of Creation Dub, Tower Of Babel Destruction Dub, The Flood Of Dub, Melkisedek King Of Dub, Dub In The Garden Of Eden, Jah Dub Pharaoh Land, Archangel Lucifer Dub, Mount Ararat Dub, Cain Kills Abel Dub, Genesis 1-50 Dub
Produced by Alvin Ranglin.
Recorded 1977-1980.
As most songs were unreleased or released titled as “Version” the compiler gave these titles to these dubs.
“Dub Under Mamre Tree” is the dub of Gregory Isaacs’ “Willow Tree”, originally recorded by Alton Ellis.
“Abram And Sarah Dub” is the dub of Gregory Isaacs’ “Look Before You Leap”.
“The Valley Of Sjawe” is the dub of Gregory Isaacs’ “Breaking Up”, originally recorded by Alton Ellis.
“Evil Dub In Sodom” is the dub of Gregory Isaacs’ “Special Guest”.
“Seventh Day Of Dub Creation” is the dub of Gregory Isaacs’ “My Number One”.
“The Flood Of Dub” is the dub of Gregory Isaacs’ “Happiness Come”.
“Melkisedek King Of Dub” is the dub of Gregory Isaacs’ “Teardrops”.
“Dub In The Garden Of Eden” is the dub of Gregory Isaacs’ “Border”.
“Mountain Ararat Dub” is the dub of Gregory Isaacs’ “Philistines”.
“Tower Of Babal Destruction Dub” is the dub of Heptones’ “In A Groove”.
“Jah Dub Pharaoh Land” is the dub of Freddie McKay’s “Blow Wind”.
“Archangel Lucifer Dub” is the dub of Lone Ranger’s “Barnabas Calling”.
Channel One Revisited Dub
I have the UK Top Beat TBX 004, 1995, LP
Arms Of Dub, Give My Heart Dub, Heart And Soul Dub, Key Dub, I See You Dub, Each Dub, Love Dub, City Dub, Outer Dub
Recorded in the 1970s.
See also: Dunbar, Sly. See also Agrovators. See also Mighty Diamonds – “Vital Dub”.
Further albums include:
Musical Dub Attack
Revolutionaries Sounds Vol 2
The Revolutionaries
Dread At The Controls Dub
Dub Expression
Earthquake Dub
Jonkanoo Dub
Sentimental Dub
Top Ranking Dub
Burning Dub
Dub Out Her Blouse & Skirt
Green Bay Dub
Outlaw Dub
Roots Man Dub
Dawn Of Creation
Dub Plate Specials
Medley Dub
Phase 1 Dubwise Vol 1 & 2
Dial M For Murder In Dub Style
I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

Artist Info: Born October 17th 1934 and educated at Alpha Boys Catholic School in Jamaicatrombonist Rico Rodriguez started to record in the late 50ies at a session that produced Clue J & The Blues Blasters´”Silky” and “Stew, Peas & Cornflakes” as well as The Jiving Junior´s “Over The River” and Theo Beckford´s “Easy Snapping”. Similar to Ernest Ranglin his appearance adds a unique flavour to many roots reggae recordings during the seventies. He toured with Bob Marley in 1977. In the 80ies his work for the UK Two Tone label led to some cooperations with UK musicians like The Specials and The Special A.K.A. In the 90ies he came back to recording supported by the band Jazz Jamaica and is touring and recording until today. Besides the following there is his first album Reco in Reggae Land (Pama, 1969) and lots of 7-inch releases and a few more 12-inches.
Blow Your Horn & Brixton Cat
I have the UK Trojan CDTRL 361, 1995, CD (two albums on one CD)
Blow Your Horn (Rico & The Rudies – Earl Dunn on lead guitar, Ardley White on bass, Sonny Binns on organ and Danny Smith on drums) (First released on UK Trojan TTL 12, 1969, LP) :
Reco´s Message, Niyah Man, Jumping The Gun, The Lion Sleeps (Dandy), I´m Your Puppet (Dandy), Caribbean Serenade, Quando Quando, Session Man, Doctor Sure Shot, Muma Muma (Israelites), Biafra
Brixton Cat (Joe´s All Stars featuring Dice The Boss aka Hopeton Reid) (First released on UK Trojan TBLS 106, 1969, LP:
Since I Met You Baby, Reggae On the Shore, The Judge, But Officer (Dice The Boss), The Bullet, The Proud One, Friendly Persuasion, Sugar Serenade, Hey Jude, Brixton Cat (Dice The Boss), Poison Snake, Funky Reggae, Reco´s Torpedo, Honky Joe´s
Man From Wareika
I have the UK Island ILPS 9485, 1976, LP (First UK Pressing)
This Day, Ramble, Lumumba, Africa, Man From Wareika, Rasta, Over The Mountain, Gunga Din, Dial Africa
Produced by Karl Pitterson.
The most famous instrumental reggae album. The only vocals can be heared at “Africa”, it is I Jah Man singing. I Jah Man released the full vocal of this song on 7-inch.
I have the Japanese Island UICY-3793, 2004, CD including bonus tracks on CDR.
This Day, Ramble, Lumumba, Africa, Man From Wareika, Rasta, Over The Mountain, Gunga Din, Dial Africa
CD bonus tracks:
Children Of Sanchez (1979), You Really Got Me (1979), Midnight In Ethiopia (1979), Free Ganja (1995), Take Five (1979), Far East (1995), No Politician (1995), Firestick (1995), Ska Wars (1977)
This Japanese album but only seven of the nine bonus tracks was previously released in 1995 as “Roots To The Bone” but the songs are in different order there: Children Of Sanchez (1979), Midnight In Ethiopia (1979), Free Ganja (1995), Take Five (1979), No Politician (1995), Firestick (1995), This Day, Ramble, Lumumba, Africa, Man From Wareika, Rasta, Over The Mountain, Gunga Din, Dial Africa
The two tracks exclusive at the Japanese CD are “You Really Got Me” from UK Island IPR 2030, 1979, 12-inch and “Ska Wars” from UK Island IPR 2006, 1977, 12-inch.
Wareika Dub (The Ghetto Rockers)
First released on UK Island / Black Swan (PRE LP 1), 1977, LP
I have the Japanese Island UICY-3792, 2007, CD on CDR.
This Day Dub, Gunga Din Dub, Africa Dub, Lumumba Dub, Dial Africa Dub, Man From Wareika Dub, Over The Mountain Dub, Rasta Dub, Ramble Dub
The concept of a dub of an instrumental album is unique in itself. The release on blank label only supports its rarity. The first limited edition blank label release is much sought-after. It is clearly identifiable by an identical copied white label with the same handwriting on it. The albums with a different or no handwriting are reissues, made in UK or France around 2000. And there is Japan CD release.
Dial Africa (Live at The Rainbow 1977) / Dial Africa (Dub)
I have the UK Island IPR 2002, 1977, Promo 12-inch Maxi.
The a-side is recorded at the show opening for Bob Marley. The b-side is the dub also released on “Wareika Dub” by Ghetto Allstars.
Soundcheck / Take Five
I have the UK Island IPR 2016, 1979, 12-inch Maxi.
That Man Is Forward
First released 1980.
I have the reissue on UK Reggae Retro RRTLP 01, 1998, LP
And I have seven tracks on CDR.
Easy Snappin’, Fiesta, Chang Kai Shek, Stay Out Late, Red Top, X, Ganja, That Man Is Forward
Produced by Dick Cuthell and Rico. Featuring Jah Jerry, the first time in the studio again after fifteen years when The Skatalites broke up.
Jama Rico
I have the UK Two Tone CHR TT 5006, 1982, LP (First UK Pressing)
Destroy Them, We Want Peace, Jam Rock, Some Day, Distant Drums, Love And Justice, Java, Do The Reload, Easter Island
Produced by Dick Cuthell.
You Must Be Crazy
I have the German Grover GROCD 002, 1994, CD
Confucious, Bridge View, Jungle Beat, Take Five, I Caught You, Rockfort Rock, Africa, One O’Clock Boogie, Do What You Do
Live at RZW Dortmund, Germany 29th March 1994.
“Confucious” & “Bridge View” are songs by The Skatalites, “Take Five” is by Paul Desmond, “I Caught You” is a Melodians’ song, “One O’Clock Boogie” is written by legendary band leader Count Basie, Jimmy Mundy & Milt Ebbins.
Return From Wareika Hill
I have the Japanese Alpha Enterprise YHR-1102, 1995, CD on CDR.
Rasta Serenade, Easy Snappin´, Fire Escape, Stay Out Late, Try To Reach De Top (Bontro Mix), Chang Kai Shek, Vin Laurence, Park, I Know, So So, Try To Reach De Top (vocal mix), West End Sundown
The European issue of this album was titled “Rico – Rising In The East. The Tokyo Sessions with Kuubo and The Rare Riddim Crew”. That issue don´t have “Try To Reach De Top (vocal mix) but has “Peanut Vendor” not part of the Japanese issue. Also the track order is different.
Rico’s Message – Jamaican Jazz
I have this UK Rhino / Jetstar, 1997, CD on CDR.
Fu Man Chu, Luke Lane Shuffle, Wonderful World, Work Song, Stand Firm, Do What You Do, Bridge View Shuffle, I Have The Right, Over The Mountain, Rico´s Message, Stardust
Previously released as “Wonderful World” in 1995.
bonus tracks on my CDR, not part of the album release:
What You Talking ´Bout, Home And Family, Soundcheck (UK Island IPR 2016, 1979, 12-inch), Take Five (UK Island IPR 2016, 1979, 12-inch).
Get On Your Foot
First released 2001.
I have this album on CDR.
Get Up On Your Foot, Latin Expression, House & Family, Weep, Runaway, Easy Does It, Lambs Bread, Slim & Sam, Casha Macaa, Blackberry Brandy, Symphony, Children Of Sanchez, Fatty Fatty
I have more songs on CDR:
Jungle Music aka Jungle Beat (You Must Be Crazy), on my Rico – Wareika Dub CD
Confucius (Live) (longer as the 1994 live recording) on my Rico – That Man Is Forward CD
Midnight In Ethiopia on my Rico – That Man Is Forward CD
Reggae Magnet on my Rico – That Man Is Forward CD
Sea Cruise on my Rico – That Man Is Forward CD
Carolina on my Rico – That Man Is Forward CD
Matilda on my Rico – That Man Is Forward CD

Artist Info:
Take A Step / Take A Step Dub
I have the USA Olive Tree OTR 103, 1986, 12-inch Maxi

Artist info:
World For Everyone
I have the Canadian Blue Mountain BMLP 002, 1985, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Reggae Music, You Too Frisky, Trigger Happy, This Little Boy Is Lost, World For Everyone, Ride On, You Don´t Love Me, Merican Money
Live At Denver, Colorado, USA, March 10th 1986
I have this unreleased show on 2-CDR. Sound quality B
CDR 1:
Bang Bang, Reggae Music, Put The People First, Conversation, World For Everyone – Keep Trying, This Little Boy´s Lost, It´s Too Hot, It´s Too Hot (continued), Everybody Needs Somebody To Love – I Try, Sweet Sensimilla
CDR 2:
Give Me Your Love, Love And Devotion – Watch This Sound
Carlton Barrett on drums, Aston Barrett on bass, Earl “Wya” Lindo on keyboards, Lloyd “Gits” Willis on rhythm guitar, Robbie Lyn on synthezizer.
Further albums are:
Majority Rule, Burning Sounds BS 1029, 1978, LP.
Makossa International Records Presents Jimmy Riley, Makossa International, 1978, LP.
Showcase, Yes, 1978, LP, Burning Sounds BS 1011, 1978, LP, Makossa International MN 2359, 1978, LP.
Tell The Youths The Truth, UK Trojan WITE 1, 1978, LP.
Rydim Driven, Island ILPS 8671, 1981, LP aka Love & Devotion, Rhino RNCD 7114, 2000, CD.
Put The People First, Shanachie SH 43005, 1982, LP.

Artist info: Rising Lion is Daniel Lott aka Danny Dred from Florida, USA. He is on tour since 14 years. He has his own label “Ruff Stuff”.
New Day
First released on USA Ruff Stuff, 1998, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Rise Up, Live Up De Life, Soon Come, Lion Band Sound, Dat Woman Is Gone, Who A Feel It, Let Light Shine, Peace And Love, Rastaman, Lyah Woman, Hope Life Treats You Well, New Day, Jah Keep Us There, Who Feel (Dub), Lion Band (Dub).
His further albums are:
“Don´t Lose Yourself”, RPH, 2001, CD.
“American Dread” is announced to be released in 2007.

Artist info: Jamaican singer.
Miracle Worker
I have the UK Ethnic Fight ETH 22145, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Child From A Broken Home, Past Time Lover, Miracle Worker, Make A Break, Raggy Raggy Clothes, Love And Friendship, Itch And Scratch, Don´t Throw Stones, The Peppermint Seller, One Out Of A Million
Produced by Larry Lawrence. Recorded at Dynamic, Regent B, Chalk Farm.
Bass by Jackie Jackson, Lloyd Sparks, Aston “Familyman” Barrett (probably on track 9), drums by Winston Grennan, Melvin Patterson, Mikey of Now Generation, Carlton Barrett (probably on tracks 4, 7, 8 and 9), lead guitar by Bux Brown, Irving Yarde, rhythm guitar by Rad Bryan, Trevor Brown, Ronnie Williams, organ by Winston Wright, Sonny Binns, Hawk, piano by Gladstone Anderson, horns by Gary and Friends, backing by The Carlos, Tito Simon, Danny Ray, Eddie Smith.
Artist Info: Jamaican singer, started with The Emotions in 1967 then went solo, first recorded some songs with early slackness themes like “Wet Dreams” that was a big hit, to continue concentrating on rasta themes in his songs.
Pray For Me (The Best Of Max Romeo 1967 – 1973)
Released on Trojan, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Don´t Want To Let You (With The Emotions), Careless Hands (With The Emotions), Put Me In The Mood, Indeed I Love You (With The Emotions), Wet Dream, I Been Looking Back, Watch This Sound, People Get Ready, Great Lover, Let The Power Fall On I, Don´t You Weep, Macabee Version, Word Of Wisdom, Jordan River (With Glen Adams), Ginalship, Public Enely Number One, Babylon Burning (With niney and Scratch Perry), The Coming Of Jah, Beardman Feast, Rasta Bandwagon, Pray For Me, Man In Your Life, Murder In The Place, Everybody Watching Everybody, My Jamaica Collie, No Joshua No
War Ina Babylon
I have UK Island ILPS 9392, 1976, LP (UK First Pressing).
One Step Forward, Uptown Babies Don’t Cry, I Chase The Devil, War Ina Babylon, Norman, Stealing In The Name Of Jah, Tan And See, Smokey Room, Smile Out A Style
Produced by Lee Perry.
Open The Iron Gate
First released 1978.
I have the reissue on USA Liberty LT 51165, 1985, LP
Open The Iron Gate, No Peace, Tacko, Blood Of The Prophet, Warning Warning, A Quarter Pound Of I’cense, Three Blind Mice, Revelation Time
Produced by Clive Hunt & Turhan Hutcherson.
Holding Out My Love To You
I have the German Celluloid / Shanachie (Ariola-Distribution) 204 772-320, 1981, LP
Wishing For Love, Vow Of A Nazarene, Holding Out My Love To You, Truth Is Truth, No Loafin´, Bell The Cat, Smiling In Your Face, Nice ´N´ Easy, Keep On Dancin´, I´ll Be There To Meet You
Featuring Keith Richards on lead guitar, Earl “Chinna” Smith on rhythm guitar, Robbie Shakespeare on bass, Sly Dunbar on drums, Robbie Lynn, Augustus Pablo, Ansel Collins on keyboards, Sticky Thompson on percussion, Janis Pendavarvas, Joshie Armstead, Zack Sanders, Bobby Floyd, I Kong on back up vocals, Barry Rodgers, Selvin Powell, John Mc Fadis on horns.
Produced by Keith Richards, Geoffrey Chung, Earl Chin. Horns arranged by Clint Hunt.
Max Romeo Sings Bob Marley In Dancehall
Released on Rhino, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
No Water, Version, Don´t Rock My Boat, Version, Nice Time, Version, Hypocrites, Version, Mellow Mood, Version, Thank You Lord, Version, Rainbow Country, Version, Soul Rebel, Version, Keep On Moving, Version, Corner Stone, Version
No Dance Hall album but Max Romeo sings over the original Upsetter rhythm tracks of The Wailers with The Wailers vocals audible in the background of the version tracks.
Bunny Lee Presents Max Romeo Sings Hits Of Bob Marley
Released on Jet Star, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Soul Rebel, Version, Corner Stone, Version, Nice Time, Version, Hypocrites, Version, Mellow Mood, Version, Thank You Lord, Version, Rainbow Country, Version, Keep On Moving, Version, Don´t Rock My Boat, Version, No Water, Version
Further albums include:
“Let The Power Fall”, JA Dynamic DY3313, LP and UK Pama 2010, LP.

Artist Info: Famous backing band, supporting Bunny Wailer, Eak-A-Mouse, Barrington Levy, Linval Thompson to mention a few, with lots of eighties dub releases.
Radical Dub Session
First released on Uk Solid Groove SGL 102, 1982, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Rock In Dub, Jah Jah Dub, Crucial Dub, Good Times Dub, Lovers Dub, Cool In Dub, Do Good Dub, Wiseman Dub, Stone Dub, Travel Dub.
Prduced by Ras Okoro and Gladstone Anderson.
Scientist and Jammy Strike Back!
First released 1982.
I have the reissue on UK Trojan TRLS 210, 2003, LP
Storming The Death Star, Mission Impossible, The Alien Aborts, Buck Rogers In The Black Hole, The Death Of Mr Spock, The Princess Takes Her Revenge, The Crushing Of The Stormtroops, Flash Gordon Meets Luke Skywalker, The Son Of Darth Vader, C-3PO + R2-D2 = The Force
Produced by Linval Thompson. Mixed by Scientist & Prince Jammy.
“Storming The Death Star” is the dub of “Big Ship” by Freddie Mc Gregor and the dub of “True Love” by Barrington Levy.
“Mission Impossible” is the dub of “Sweet Lady” by Barrington Levy.
“The Alien Aborts” is the dub of “Rootsman Skanking” by Freddie Mc Gregor.
“Buck Rogers In The Black Hole” is the dub of “You’re Young” by Linval Thompson.
“The Death Of Mr Spock” is the dub of “Baby Mother” by Linval Thompson.
“C-3PO + R2-D2 = The Force” is the dub of Rob And Gene” by Barrington Levy.
I have the UK Kingdom KVL 9021, 1984, LP (First UK Pressing)
Earsay, Rainbow, I’m Not A King, Too Much Fuss, Party Time, Everywhere Natty Go, Dance With Me, Midnight, Mash It Up, Reggae On Broadway
Dub Fi Junjo
I have the Dutch Walboomers WBLP 01, 2000, LP
Blind Rodent Attack, Drifting Dub, Taxi Dub, Dubba Dub, Honey Dub, Disillusioned, Leggo De Dub, Rocking Miss D, Blame Them Dub, English Cow Boy, The Dark Zone, Jah Dub

Artist Info: Singer. Best known as lead singer of Black Uhuru.
Mother & Child Reunion / Richie The Rich
I have the German RCA PB 43953, 1990, 7-inch.
The a-side is writen by Paul Simon and was a controversial hit in 1971 as it was the first reggae track recorded in Jamaica by a foreign artist who had spend far more money in the production as it was common at the time.
I have the USA Heartbeat HB 197, 1999, LP (First USA Pressing)
Ganja Bonanza, Someone Is Watching, Youths Of The Ghetto, It’s Alright, Whoo-La, Give A Little, Chatto, Jah Jah Never Fail I, We All Need Love, Rock With Somebody, Christian Soldiers, Revolution, Brown Eyes, Bogus Badge
Produced by Michael Rose.

Artist Info: Althea Rosemarie
I Need You / Mr Casanova
I have the UK SSMusic SSMD 001, 12-Inch Maxi.

Artist Info: A young roots singer like Hugh Mundell with strong roots message.
Babylon Fall
I have the reissue on JA Tappa, 1992, LP
Babylon Bow Down, Judgement Time, So Jah Seh, Send Me Over There, You Can’t Run, Jah Love, Hold Them, Rough Way Ahead, Man From Zion

Artist Info: Vocal trio led by Roy Cousins founded 1964 and disbanded 1981.
Pick Up The Pieces
First released 1977, in UK on Magnum.
I have the UK Ballistic LBR1010, 1979, LP
Pick Up The Pieces, Ghetto Man, Jah Jah Knows, Sufferer Of The Ghetto, If I Were You, When You Are Wrong, Promised Land, Only For A Time, Blacker Black, Peace And Love
Their first album.
Ten Years After
I have the UK Ballistic UAS 30189, 1978, LP on CD.
My Seat Turns To Blood (Disco Style), Come A Long Way, Make Believe (Disco Style), Stand And Give Praise (Disco Style), Down Comes The Rain, Free Speech And Movement (Disco Style), Freedom Fighters, Court Of Law.
Their second album produced by Roy Cousins. Recorded at Channel One, Dynamics and King Tubby´s. Mixed at King Tubby´s.
Bonus tracks on my CDR only:
Pick Up Th Pieces, My Sweet Turns To Blood (Discomix), Make Believe (Discomix)
Liberated Dub (The Force Of Music)
First released on Tamoki-Wambesi TWLP 1052, 1979, LP.
Also released on UK Ballistic UAS 30229, 1979, LP.
Also released on “Humanity and Liberated Dub”, Orange Street CDUB 14, 2001, CD combined with Prince Lincoln´s album “Humanity”.
I have these tracks on CDR.
Moonlight City, Baktu, Waterhouse, Marverly, Riverton City, Cockburn Pen, Bell Rock, Whitewing Walk, Tower Hill, Central Village
The Royal´s album “Israel Be Wise” in dub.
Moving On
I have the UK Kingdom KVL 9006, 1981, LP on CDR.
Also released on UK Tamoki-Wambesi TWLP 1041, LP.
It´s Real, Facts Of Life, Rising Sun, Malnutrition, Familiar Music, Moving On, Vanity Crazy, Swing Low
extra track on my CDR:
Strange World
Produced by Roy Cousins.
Featuring Sly Dunbar on drums, Robbie Shakespeare and Mickey Roots Scott on bass, Ranchie and Ernest Ranglin on guitars, Ansel Collins and Robert Lynn on organ, Pablo Black on piano, Tommy McCook and Bobby Ellis on horns, Scully Simms and Sticky on percussion.
Their fourth album.
Dubbing With The Royals
I have the UK Pressure Sounds 44, 2004, CD
Negusa Nagast (Featuring Knowledge & Prince Fari) (If You Want Good, Nose Hole (If You Want Good), Waizero (Facts Of Life), Wigwam (Blacker Black), Llongo (Pick Up The Pieces), Pride Of A Black Man (Gladstone Anderson) (Pick Up The Pieces), Monkey Fashion (I Roy) (Pick Up The Pieces), Land Of Milk & Honey (Promised Land), Manna From The Sky (Malnutrition), Peace, Love & Dub (Peace & Love), Tirang (Only For A Time), Tekla (Sufferer Of The Ghetto), Mia (Way Of Life – Gregory Isaacs), Jemima Antonia Dub (Oh My Love), Sugar Candy (I Roy) (Ghetto Man), Oongaan (Ghetto Man), Janhoi (featuring Knowledge & Prince Fari) (Make Believe), Jammy´s Dub (Make Believe), Dub The Wrong (When You Are Wrong)
Produced by Roy Cousins for Tamoki Wambesi Dove.
Compilation of dub tracks.
1964 – 1981 Sweat
I have the UK Tamoki-Wambesi, 2005, CD on CDR.
We Are In The Mood, Save Mama, Pick Out Me Eye, Never See Come See, Don´t Mix Me Up, 100 Pounds Of Clay, Think You Too Bad, Pick Up The Pieces (First Pressing Release), Quarter Pound Of Ishen (Part II), Can´t Catch Quako, Out De Fire, Things Have Got To Change, Never Gonna Give You Up, Down Comes The Rain, Spooky (Part II) (Lloyd Charmers), Oh My Love, Bird Man Hunting (Charlie Chaplin), Many Mood Of Joy, Pick Up The Pieces (Part 6), Fashion Monkey (I Roy), Tribute To Super Don (Part 7)
Another album is:
“Israel Be Wise”, UK Ballistic UAG 30206, 1978, LP and UK Tamoki-Wambesi TWLP 1032, LP including: Israel Be Wise, Come Let´s Hold Hands, If You Want Good, Happy Time, Lonely Lover, Never Be Tomorrow Before Today, I Cried, Everything So Nice, New Generation, Same Old Story. Their third album produced by Roy Cousins. Recorded at Channel One.

Artist Info: Producer and singer. Born Lawrence Lindo.
Crucial Records Presents Jack Ruby Hi-Fi
I have the USA Clappers CLPS 1981, 1980, LP
Peace Time (Ken Boothe)
Khomeni Skank (Iranian Students)
Hypocrites (Earth Last Messengers)
Brezinsky Dub (Black Disciples)
Better Must Come (Lenox Miller)
Jah Coller Speaks His Mind (Jah Coller)
Jail House Free (Revealers)
Rikers Island Dub (Crucial All Stars)
All tracks produced by Jack Ruby.
All tracks recorded at Jack Ruby´s studio, Ochos Rios, Jamaica on January 1st, 1980.
Black Foundation
I have the USA Heartbeat HB 122, 2000, LP
Marcus Garvey (Burning Spear)
Mosiah Garvey (previously unreleased) (Big Youth)
Come Away Jah Jah Children (The Black Survivors)
Hard Time (previously unreleased) (Vinnie Taylor And The Revealers)
Warn The Nation (The Eagles)
Death Before Dishonour (previously unreleased) (The Black Disciples)
African Children (previously unreleased) (Heptones)
Come Running Back (previously unreleased) (Gaylads)
Slavery Days (Burning Spear)
Every Knee Shall Bow (Black Survivors)
Free Rhodesia (previously unreleased) (Jack Ruby & Black Disciples)
Decent Citizen (Prince & The Seraphim)
Fire (Is The Desire) (Justin Hinds & The Dominoes)
All tracks produced by Jack Ruby.
Black Foundation In Dub
I have the USA Heartbeat HB 123, 2000, LP
Marcus Garvey Dub
Come Away Jah Jah Dub
Time Hard
Patient Dub
African Birthright
Running Dub
Track 20 Dub
Slavery Days Dub
Dub Upright
Dub In Time
Dub Of Tomorrow
All tracks produced by Jack Ruby.

Artist info: Hareruia Ruia Aperhama is a maori composer from Nea Zealand. Ranea is his twin brother.
Waiata Of Bob Marley Vol. 1
Nea Zealand, 2001, CD
I have this album on CDR.
01. Arohaina Ra Koe (Could You Be Loved)
02. Nei Te Aroha (Is This Love)
03. Umere (Jamming)
04. Kaati E Hine To Tangi (No Woman No Cry)
05. Naku I Puhi Te Apiha (I Shot The Sheriff)
06. Koroitia (Stir It Up)
07. Matika Maranga (Get Up Stand Up)
08. Toru Manu Iti (Three Little Birds)
09. Maakona Tamaroto (Satisfy My Soul)
10. Kotahi Aroha (One Love / People Get Ready)
There is another album:
Waiata Of Bob Marley Vol. 2, 2002, CD.