Artists: O

Artists – O
Artist Info: Dub Poet born Orlando Wong. Poverty led him to robbery, brought him for seven years into jail where he starts his poetry.
Pressure Drop (With AK 7)
I have the French Blue Moon BM 103, 1984, LP.
A Slum Dweller Declares, Dread Times, Sketches, Last Night, Pressure Drop, Heathen (Let Wi Go), The Call, Beat Yuh Drums, Decolonization, Thinkin’, Change Yes Come
Also released on Zola & Zola ZZCD 12, 1993, CD (including extra tracks: Changes Dub+, Dread Dub*, Sketches In Dub*, Let Wi Go Dub*, Pressure Dub+). (* also appearing at “I A Tell ” and + also appearing at Dubbin´ Away”.
Recorded at Tuff Gong.
I A Tell … Dubwize & Otherwise
Recorded 1982.
Released on ROIR RE199, 1993, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Wat A Situashan, I A Tell, Telling Dub, Echo, Echoing Dub, Wi A Come, Dub Di Situashan, Dread Dub, Dub Sketches, Let Wi Go Dub, Reflections In Red, Reflections In Dub.
Recorded at Tuff Gong
Bus Out
I have the Zola & Zola, 1993, CD on CDR.
Words, How Long, Trouble, Double Trouble, Tears, Bus Out, Dub Out, Can´t Resist, Untitled Dub, Tell Me True, Education, No Way, We´ll Keep On Struggling, Can´t Wait, Dub Can´t Wait, Sunshine, Solar Dub, Defiance, Untitled Dub II
Dubbin´ Away
I have The Roir, 1999, CD on CDR.
Defiance, Dub Out, Untitled Dub, Double Trouble, We´ll Keep On Struggling, Dub Can´t Wait, Sun Dub (Solar Dub), Dub Pressure, Dub Sketches, A Slum Dweller Declare, Dub Changes, Dubbing Away, Ruff Dub, Cumin Dub, More Dub, Fia Dub, Tears
“Dub Changes” is a funky instrumental. “Dubbin´ Away” is a jazzy interpretation of Bob Marley´s “Running Away”.
Eight tracks previously appeared at “Bus Out”.
And there are two further albums:
“Reflection In Red”, JA 56 Hope Road, 1979, LP (said to be the very first dub poetry LP at all, well, after LKJ´s “Dread Beat & Blood” of 1978).
“New Jerusalem Dub”, Roir, 1990, LP and Roir 1990, CD including: Creation, Sabbath, Adam And Eve, Temptation, Cain And Abel, The Flood, Tower Of Babel, Jabob´s Prophecy, Vision, Message, Seven Seals, Two Beats, Judgment, Fall Of Babylon, The Lamb, New Jerusalem. An experimental “poetry without words” album, in fact a minimal dub album with a few vocals.
“Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”, Who Dun It, 1999, CD.
“Overdub: Tribute To King Tubby”, 2000, CD including: Rub A Dub, Dub A Dub, Dub It, Dub In, Dubnology, Dub Art, Dub Over, Dubnology, Dubsession, Dub Fi Dub, Dub On, Over Dub, Mello Dub, Dub Up, Dub U, Tubby Dub-Tribute, Bubble Dub.

Artist Info: Trinidadian singer who moved to Jamaica for some years to gain success during the late 1960s. Later he went back to Trinidad where he died in a car accident in 1970.
Cry Me A River
I have the JA Studio One SOL 9013, 1969, LP mo3-sourced on CDR.
Cry Me A River, Try Me, Wipe These Tears, Till The End Of Time, I Am Free, Don´t Let Me Die, Shelter The Storm, My Prayer (a hit for Glenn Miller in 1939 and for The Platters in 1956), Forever Forever, Eternal Love, My Sweet Lover, One More Chance
His debut album produced by C. S. Dod and backed by The Skatalites.
The Best Of Jackie Opel
I have the JA Studio One SOL 9020, 1970, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Turns Your Lamb Down Low, You Are No Good, I´ll Get Along, Wipe These Tears From My Eyes, Hairy Mango, Time To Cry, I Pity A Fool, King Liger, Sit Down Servant, My Sweet Lover, Go Away
His second album produced by C. S. Dodd.
The Memorable Jackie Opel
I have the Trinidadian WIRL WCD 503, 1999, CD.
You Send Me, You´re No Good, Welcome You Back Home, Forever & Forever, Live And Let Live, You Set My Soul On Fire, Cry Me A River, Tears From My Eyes, Fly Me To The Moon, Higher & Higher, Lonely Tears, I´m In Love Again (CD bonus track), Every Word I Say Is True (CD bonus track)
Tracks 01 – 11 first released on Trinidadian WIRL, 1970, LP.
Backed by a band from Trinidad and recorded in Trinidad.

Artist Info: Reggae Band from New York, USA. Until now only this one album is released.
Vibe Vol. 1 (featuring Johnny Osborne)
I have the USA First Step FST 1126, 2000, LP (First USA Pressing).
Also released on Redeye 2000, CD.
Also released on First Step FSTCD 1126, 2000, CD (titled “Vibe”) including four extra tracks: Yo Yo Brawta, Ice Cream Brawta, Jah Love Brawta, Grievious Brawta.
Ice Cream Love, Why Not, Kryme Dog, Yo Yo, Surgeon General, Who Goes, Eternal, Jah Love, Alien, Grievous Word
“Why Not” uses a drum and bass rhythm.

Artist Info: Singer. Born 1948. He started to record with The Sensations for producer Winston Riley in the late 60ies. During the seventies he was the lead singer of Canadian´s Ishan Band. With the start of the 80ies he was back in Studio One to continue for a couple of producers since then. One of his latest works is the “Vibe” album of “Organized Kryme” in 2000.
I have the JA Techniques, 1981, LP (First JA Pressing).
Also released on UK Black Joy DHLP 2001, 1981, LP with different track order.
Warrior, Bad Boy, Inflation, Wish I Could Express In Words, Jah Jah Live Forever, Too Wise, What A Fire, Can’t Get Next To You, Mr. Politician, Love Is For Jah
The song “Warrior” was also recorded by Bunny Wailer for his “Gumption” album of 1991.
Osbourne in Dub
First released 1983.
I have the reissue on Sly & Robbie – Dubmasters CD 1, German Charly CDVAL 105-2, 1999, CD.
Loving Tonight, Reggae Stylee, Dance Dub, Jah Is With You, Chopping Dub, Pumping Dub, Double Trouble, See No Evil, Pure Is The Soul, Rise Up
Fally Lover & Never Stop Fighting
“Fally Lover” is first released on UK Greensleeves GREL 12, 1980, LP, also on Jah Guidance, LP and also on Allegro, 1998, CD.
“Never Stop Fighting” is first released on UK Greensleeves GREL 38, 1982, LP.
I have the re-release of these two albums on one CD on UK Greensleeves GRELCD 512, 1992, CD.
Fally Lover
Fally Lover, You´re Too Sexy, Two Bad Daughter, Ice Cream Love, Man Of Jahoviah, Mushroom, No Lollipop No Sweet So, Love So Strong, He Can Surely Turn The Tide, Come Back Darling
Never Stop Fighting
Never Stop Fighting, Love Is Universal, In Your Eyes, Over 31 Under 21, Sister Mister, Give A Little Love, Freelance Lover, Curly Locks Girl, Baccara, Words Of The Ghetto
Two albums of one CD. Both albums are produced by Henry “Junjo” Lawes and backed by The Roots Radics featuring Errol “Flabba” Holt, Style Scott, Winston Wright, Gladstone Anderson, Bo Pee, Sorel, Christopher “Sky Juice” Blake, Skully, Deadly Headley, Nambo.
Fally Rankin / Dub / Live Good / Dub
I have the UK Jammy’s Gold, 2003, 10-inch.
“Fally Rankin” is backed by The Roots Radics, produced by King Jammy, released at Greensleeves as 12-inch in 1980. “Live Good” is released 2003 at the same titled album, recorded 1978.
Further albums include:
“Come Back Darling”, JA Techniques, 1969, LP and UK Trojan TTL 29, 1970, LP.
“Ready Or Not”, Big Shot, LP.
“Truth And Rights”, JA Studio One SOLP 0132, 1980, LP and USA Heartbeat CDHB 3513, 1992, CD.
“Folly Ranking”, JAM Jammy´s JAM 1000, 1980, LP and Positive Sounds, 1980, LP.
“In Nah Disco Style”, UK Cha Cha CHALP 010, 1981, LP.
“Yo Yo”, Arrival ALP 002, 1092, LP.
“Musical Chopper”, JA Jammy´s, 1983, LP and Vista VSLP 4062, 1983, LP (titled “Reggae On Broadway”).
“Water Punping”, UK Greensleeves GREl 61, 1983, LP and USA Shanachie, 1983, LP.
“Bring The Sensi Come”, JA Sonic Sounds, 1984, LP and Rhino RNCD 2059, CD titled “Big Mama Jamma” and including three 90ies extra tracks.
“Dancing Time”, Londisc LDLP 005, 1984, LP and Esoldun LG2-1099, 1994, CD including one extra track.
“Johnnie Osbourne”, Lix, 1984, LP.
“Reality”, Selection, 1984, LP.
“Dancing Time”, Londisc, 1984, LP and Lagoon, 1994, CD and Culture Press, 2000, CD.
“Rock Me Rock Me”, Tp Rank, TRALP 6004, LP.
“Wicked”, Vibes & Vibes VV 001, 1985, LP (Michael Palmer Meets Johnny Osbourne).
“Rougher Than Them”, JA Digital-B, 1989, LP and VP, 1992, CD.
“Nuh Dis (Come Ya Fe Drink Milk)”, Serious Business, 1989, LP.
“Groovin´”, VP 1989, LP and VP, 1992, CD and VP, 1992, LP.
“Cool Down”, VP, 1991, LP and VP, 1991, CD.
“Sexy Thing”, Lagoon, 1994, CD.
“Ready Or Not”, 1972, LP (Compilation).
“1980 – 1981 Vintage”, Abraham AACD 193, CD (Johnny Osbourne Meets The Roots Radics) (Compilation).
“Live Good”, Black Arrow BACD 005, 2003, CD (Compilation).
“Nightfall”, Jah Guidance, VPR 1009, 1981, LP (Compilation) and Munich, 1997, CD (titled “Nightfall Showcase” with extra tracks).
“Budy Bye” (”Mr Budy Bye”), 80ies, LP and Priority, 1995, LP and VP, 1995, LP and VP, 1995, CD (Compilation).
“Best Of 1970 – 1979?, 2007, 2-CD (Compilation).