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Various Artists Compilations L – Q
Larry Ethnic meets The Wailers with Various Artiste
Recorded 1975, remixed in 1989 and probably first released on LP in 1989.
I have the reissue on UK Ethnic Fight Records EMW-CD 1, CD, ca. 2005
Get Ready Here i Come (Dave Collins), Chain Gang (Chosen Few), People Living In Glass Houses (Sidney Rogers), Reaction (Junior Delgado), The People Band Wagon (Hitch-Hike), Once In my Life (Jackie Paris), Falling In Love For First Time (Barrington Spence), Day Dream Believer (Jackie Paris & Dennis Brown), Tears On my Pillow (Barrington Spence), My Heart Cries Out (Dave Collins), Really For A Reason (Junior Delgado)
Producer Larry “Ethnic” Lawrence organized a various artist´s session on 24th June 1975 at Harry J.s Studio. Bass by Aston Barrett, drums by Carlton Barrett, piano by Pablo Black and Aston Barrett, organ by Wire Lindo and Winston Wright, melinoco by Aston Barrett, synthezizer by Ron Elliott, percussion by Carlton Barrett, rhythm guitar by Bob Marley and Ronnie Bop. Yes, during the Rastaman Vibration sessions Bob Marley participated at this session as rhythm guitarist.
Lovers Singles 1972 – 1986
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Attack BL 4769-A Derrick & Paulette – Feel So Good (1974)
02. Attack BL 4770-B King Tubby’s & The Aggrovators – A Nice Version (1974)
03. Audio Connection TAS-102-A Young Billy Cole – Sitting In The Park (1976)
04. Audio Connection TAS-102-B Young Billy Cole – I’m Yours (1976)
05. Cima Records CR 002-A T.T. Ross – Last Date (12-inch) (1976)
06. Cima Records CR 002-AA T.T. Ross – Single Girl (12-inch) (1976)
07. Cima Records CR 002-B Cassandra – If You Want Me (12-inch) (1976)
08. Duke Reid DUC 006-A Cynthia Richards – Sentimental Reasons (1973)
09. Duke Reid DUC 006-B (DUCHESS 007) Tommy McCook All Stars – Sentimetal (Version) (1973)
10. Holt VPRD 203-A John Holt – I Just Called To Say I Love You (12-inch) (1984)
11. Holt VPRD 203-B Jackie Mittoo & Roots Radics – Version (12-inch) (1984)
12. Hot Shot RANDYS 3773-A Jimmy London – Cathy’s Clown (1973)
13. Hot Shot RANDYS 3774-B All Star – Cathy’s Version (1973)
14. Jah Life DSR 9435-A Errol Dunkley – Black Cinderella (1972)
15. Jah Life DSR 9436-B Version (1972)
16. Jama LLOYD 1979-A Jimmy London – Together (1974)
17. Jama LLOYD 1979-B Version (1974)
18. Uhuru NO 004-A Yvette Grant – Your My Life (1986)
19. Uhuru NO 004-B Version (1986)
Marley Family Album
Released on Heartbeat, 2004, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
I Know ( Bob Marley & The Wailers) (3,32), Many Are Called (Original 12-inch Mix) (I-Threes) (6,31), Keep On Pushing (Rita Marley) (4,11), Pushing (Vibes Mix) (Rita Marley And Wickerman) (4,13), Lion In The Jungle (Julian Marley) (4,11), True Love Maccabee (Wanooto) (3,54), One Draw (90ies Style) (Rita Marley) (4,21), (Looking For) New Ways Of Loving (Dhaima) (4,51), Spend The Night (Murder Mix) (Richie B With Stephen Marley) (3,47), Look Through The Window (Rita Marley & Freddy McGregor) (3,45), Trodding (Original 12-inch Mix) (Melody Makers) (5,35), Genesis (Remix) (Dallol) (3,42), Sugar Pie (Original Mix) (Melody Makers) (3,19), Lion In The Jungle Version (Julian Marley) (4,07)
Michel´s Mix Tape
I have this private mix by Michel mp3-sourced on CDR.
Michel mixed a-sides and b-sides ad added reverbs and loops sometimes.
Love Light Burning (Gregory Isaacs) – Legalize It (Peter Tosh) – Stand Up To Your Judgement (Mighty Diamonds) – Jumping (Henry & The Revolutionaries) – See Them A Come (Culture) – Whip Them Jah (Dennis Brown) – If I Were A Carpenter (Tamlins) – Fade Away (Junior Byles) – Dance This Ya Festival (Orril Samuels, Fred McKay, Rags & Riches) – Country Boy (Heptones) – We A Socialists (The Youths)
Milk Dub Featuring Luciano, Sizzla, Cocoa Tea
First released on Dutch RAS, CD
I have this album on CDR.
Sweep Over My Soul (Luciano)
Ulterior Motive Dub (Luciano)
Repatriation Dub (Cocoa Tea)
Chant Down Babylon Dub (Luciano)
Asking Thee To Spear Dub (Ras Shiloh)
Never Give Up Dub (Fred Locks)
Love Jah And Live Dub (Luciano)
Weaponist Dub (Luciano)
Long Time Dub (Cocoa Tea)
Final Call Dub (Luciano)
Til If Somebody Dub (Sizzla)
How Long Dub (Louie Kulcha)
Kings Of Earth Dub (Sizzla)
Wicked Haffi Run Way Dub (Luciano)
Look Who Is Laughing Dub (Sizzla & Ninjaman)
Milton Henry & More
I have this private collection of vinyl recordings on CDR.
01. Rock On – Come Home (Milton Herny & Clive Field Marshall) (Wackies 12´´)
02. Leggo Badness (The Survivors)
03. What Can I Do (Milton Henry) (Success)
04. Strictly Dub (Success All Stars) (Success)
05. Fallow Fash (Milton Henry) (Globe International AB-KH 7608 A)
06. Fallow Fashion (Milton Henry) (Globe International AB-KH 7608 B)
07. Gypsy Woman (Milton Henry)
08. Late Night Blues (Al Campbell)
09. Dub Lady (Mighty Diamonds)
10. Late Night Blues (Don Carlos) riddim of “Carbine” (Black Uhuru)
11. Hold On To My Love (Jimym Ruffin)
12. Darling Ooh (Errol Dunkley) (Success DSR 5463-1-A1)
13. Darling Ooh Version (Errol Dunkley) (Success DSR 5463-1-A2)
14.  Darling Ooh (DJ Version) (Success DSR 5464-1-B1)
15. Darling Ooh Version (Success DSR 5464-1-B2)
16. Shaky Girl (Jacob Miller)
17. Shaky Version (Fatman Riddim Section)
18. My Dream Island (El Tempos) original of the Bunny Wailer track
19. Don´t Rock My Boat (Bob Marley) (Reggaetron Remix) (unreleased, NO COPY)
New Breed Of Dub
I have this album on CDR
Strickley Roots (The Truth)
Astral Flame (Disciples)
Heavy Dub (Dub Specialists)
Firing Dub (Bush Chemists)
Over The Rainbow (East Meets West)
Conflict (Dub Ghecko)
Meditation Rock (Horns Version) (Jonah Dan)
Take Heed (Armagideon)
007 Dub (Dubplate Vibe Crew)
Brain Damage (Iration Steppas Met D Rootical)
Tokyo Dub ( Hi Tech Roots Dynamics)
Hot Stepper Dub (King General)
Right From Wrong (Dub Specialists)
Falasha Dub (Jah Warrior)
Dub Outernational (East Meets West)
Talking Dubheadz (All Nation Rockers)
New Zealand Reggae Collection
I have this 2-CDR compiled by Allen.
Disc 1:
01. Lovers (Cornerstone)
02. Dragons And Demons (Herbs)
03. Home (Cornerstone Roots)
04. Roots Music (Katchafire)
05. Fade Away (Che Fu)
06. Clav Dub (Rhombus)
07. Love Sunshine And Happiness (Salmonella Dub)
08. Jah featuring Luciano (Cornerstone Roots)
09. Love Letter (Katchafire)
10. Cays Crays (Fat Feddy´s Drop)
11. Collie Herb Man (Katchafire)
12. Get Up (1814)
13. Dreadtown (Three Houses Down)
14. Burnin (Kora)
15. I´n´I (Katchafire)
16. Jah Rastafari (1814)
Disc 2:
01. Sometimes Enough (The Black Seeds)
02. So True (The Black Seeds)
03. Reggae Revivasl (Katchafire)
04. Forward Movement (Cornerstone Roots)
05. Wandering Eye (Far Feddy´s Drop)
06. Way Of The World (The Black Seeds)
07. Keep Rising (House Of Shem)
08. Roady (Fat Feddy´s Drop)
09. Reveal Yourself (Cornerstone Roots)
10. Frisk Me Down (Katchafire)
11. Meaning Of Life (Toki)
12. Move As One (House Of Shem)
13. Let Get Down (The Black Seeds)
14. Rastafari (Three Houses Down)
15. Love Is A Radiation (The Black Seeds)
I have this collection on DVD.
Artist info: “1814? is a reggae band from New Zealand.
Jah Rydem
NZ Ode, 2008, CD.
01. Morning Star
02. Jah Rydem
03. Jah Rastafari
04. Let My People Go
05. My Dear Friend
06. Shackled
07. Get Up
08. Insomnia
09. 4 Ununini
10. Let Jah Fire Burn
11. Whakahonohono Mai
Cornerstone Roots
Artist info: “Cornerstone Roots” is a reggae band from New Zealand.
Soul Revolution
NZ Motherland, 2003, CD.
01. Lovers
02. Miracles
03. Soul Revolution
04. Soundsplash
05. Visions
06. Reveal Yourself
07. Lyrical
08. Inst
09. One Fine Day
10. Panic
11. Light
Downbeat reggae from Raglan.
Free Yourself
NZ Motherland Collective, 2007, CD.
01. Calling
02. Home
03. Jah (featuring Luciano)
04. Freedom
05. Steppers
06. Forward Movement
07. Civilisation
08. Man Killer
09. Wake Up
10. War
More down-home, soulful and distinctly Kiwi sounding reggae from the Raglan roots collective – Cornerstone Roots. Free Yourself is the band’s second album from the band, following 2003’s fantastic Soul Revolution
The band has been anything but idle in the intervening years though; touring tirelessly here and across the Tasman (eight times to Australia in 2004 alone!) as well as Noumea and Japan. All this hard work is starting to pay off with the band garnering a solid fanbase in a growing amount of territories through touring and radio-play. They have shared the stage with Reggae royalty such as Burning Spear, Toots & The Maytals and legendary rhythm section Sly & Robbie. At their recent appearance at the Byron Bay Bluesfest they were joined onstage by none other than Spearhead’s Michael Franti!
Free Yourself sees Cornerstone Roots returning to a 4-piece – giving a well-suited, ‘no-frills’ stripped back sound to the album. Brian Ruawai delivers his conscious lyrics as well as some Hendrix-inspired bluesy guitar licks over a solid rhythmic bed laid down by Bassist Naomi Tuao, Drummer Turongo and Percussionist Aaron Bush. Several guests appear on the album too – including Reggae MC/vocalist Luciano and veteran Studio One DJ Ranking Joe. Free Yourself covers the gamut of Reggae styles – from the straight up Reggae of tracks like ‘Calling’ and ‘Jah’ to the more upbeat almost Ska feel of ‘Home’ and ‘Forward Movement’ and the instrumental track ‘Steppers’, which sees the group going into dubbed out mode – with big, deep bass and copious tape-echo all over the track. A solid second effort for this hardworking group and it will surely see the Cornerstone Roots sound spreading even further across the globe. Recommended.
Artist info: “DDub” is a reggae band from New Zealand.
Awake At Dawn
NZ Vunderchick, 2006, CD.
01. See A Sign
02. Comfort
03. The Flow
04. No Smoke
05. Join the Two
06. JuJu Mama
07. Magic
08. Give up Your love
09. Yesternight
10. Feet Firm
11. Give it Some
Fat Freddy’s Drop
Artist info: “Fat Freddy´s Drop” is a reggae band from New Zealand.
Based On A True Story
NZ The Drop DRP006, 2005, CD
01. Ernie
02. Cay´s Days
03. This Rom
04. Ray Ray
05. Dark Days
06. Flashback
07. Roady
08. Wandering Eye
09. Del Fuego
10. Hope
Giving new meaning to the term “Highly Anticipated”, the fact that this album went Gold the day it was released speaks volumes about the significance of this record and band behind it. No introductions are required here, Fat Freddy’s have been wowing audiences here and abroad for the last seven years, up until now teasing us with the odd compilation appearance, a live recording here and there, and a handful of limited vinyl singles, which are quickly snapped up. But, after many delays, the wait is over – Fat Freddy’s debut studio long-player is finally here!
“Based on a True Story” reveals DJ Fitchie (Mu) as the phat controller, directing the traffic from behind his MPC2000 sampler and ever-present space-echo. The well-loved and iconic Wellington musician produced and recorded “Based on a True Story” in the basement of his house, The Drop HQ and just footsteps from Wellington’s Lyall Bay beach. If Fitchie is the brains of the operation, sublime vocalist Joe Dukie (Dallas Tamaira) is the heart and most definitely the soul. On “Ray Ray”, Dukie asks us “What’s the world with no soul?” The answer is that as long as he keeps singing there’ll be plenty to go around. Rounding out Fat Freddy’s sound is Jetlag Johnson (Tehimana Kerr) with his old school reggae guitar skank; analog keyboard scientist Dobie Blaze (Iain Gordon from Ebb) laying down the funk; and the booty shaking horn section made up of Fulla Flash (Warryn Maxwell from TrinityRoots) on saxophone, Hopepa (Joe Lindsay) on trombone &
Tony Chang (Toby Laing from Black Seeds) as resident trumpet maestro. As well as the core seven members of the group, other familiar players in the Aotearoa music scene drop in and throw their talents into the mix. TrinityRoots’ Riki Gooch and Rio Hemopo add some organic beats and bass while Hollie Smith, Ladi 6, and P Digsss (of Shapeshifter fame) lend their considerable vocal talents and Aaron Tokona (guitarist for Weta and pre ‘drop group Bongmaster) even pops in to jam with the bros. Patient fans may think it seems a little lean with only 10 tracks but they not likely to be disappointed for long, as they discover within the running time of over an an hour, new versions of live favourites like ‘This Room’, and ‘Ernie’ (a.k.a ‘Willow Tree’), alongside the recent sold out 12? ‘Flashback’ and six completely new tracks. A new, almost gospel version of “Hope”, the song that introduced Fat Freddy’s back in ‘98 (on Radio Actives 21st birthday CD), is a enduring standout and a fitting closer for this truly outstanding album. Highly Recommended. ‘Based On A True Story’ is the eagerly anticipated, long awaited & much debated debut studio album from one of New Zealand’s most loved & respected groups, Fat Freddy’s Drop. The legendary brotherhood of midnight marauders & purveyors of hi-tek soul, deliver an album which is steeped in dub, reggae & dancefloor electronica. Fat Freddy’s Drop’s music is a constantly evolving, organic experience, which is rhythm heavy with luscious coatings of jazz, soul & funk, rooted in Aotearoa & delivered with an Island attitude.
Live At The Matterhorn
NZ Fat Freddy´s Drop, DRP002, 2005, CD.
01. Runnin
02. Rain
03. No Parking
04. Bounce
Okay, before we go any further don’t get put off by the number of tracks on this CD, this is a full seventy minute recording! Fat Freddy’s Drop are in essence a collaboration of six Wellington based musicians, each an integral part of their own group, but in Fat Freddy’s Drop they explore the freedom and space given them by such a collaboration, delivering a live presence that swings between crafted songs and improvisation.
Based around the legendary DJ MU (Roots Foundation, Bongmaster) and his ever-present MPC 2000, Fat Freddy’s also features the distinctive talents of Dallas Tamaira (’Better Than Change’) on vocals, Iain Gordon (Bongmaster, EBB) on analogue keys, Warren Maxwell (TrinityRoots) on sax, Toby Laing (Black Seeds) on trumpet and Tehimana Kerr (old school Exponent) on guitar. ‘Live at the Matterhorn’ was captured on DAT and is perfect example of Fat Freddys Drop in full swing. Featuring favourites ‘Runnin’, ‘Rain’, ‘No Parking’ & ‘Bounce’, in their full expanded ‘live’ glory, this recording is essential for any of you who have been fortunate to catch these talented guys in person, and for the rest of you laggards, well Fat Freddy’s are currently one of this country’s hottest and most original live acts. After being out of print for what seems like an eternity, ‘Live at the Matterhorn’ is finally available again – re-released on the back of mega-selling success story ‘Based On A True Story’ – ‘Live at the Matterhorn’ has already reached Number One on the national “heatseekers” charts.
House of Shem
Artist info: “House Of Shem” is a reggae band from New Zealand.
Keep Rising
NZ Shock, 2008, CD.
01. Keep Rising
02. Thinking About You
03. Cries Of Our Youth
04. Move As One
05. Jah Bless
06. Dreams
07. New Day
08. Need To Know
09. Jah Reggae
10. What About The Children
11. Holy Mount Zion
12. Without You
House of Shem’s strength is their phenomenal tightness and precision playing combined with the sweetness of their vocal harmonies. Like other popular local groups Kora and Katchafire,this is no doubt down to genetics. It’s most definitely a ‘whanau thing’ with Carl Perkins (Dad) steering the ship.
Carl has been writing and playing reggae music for more than thirty years and as a member of such legendary groups as Herbs, Mana and The Twelve Tribes of Israel Band amongst others, his credentials are impeccable. He is joined in this band by two of his sons, Te Omeka and Isaiah who not only both provide vocals and keyboards, but also share the song-writing duties. It is this clever distribution of labour that gives this band its variety of flavours and the family’s tight musical bond that renders an overall cohesion. Perkins senior’s compositions are statesman-like and rooted in the familiar tradition of the greats like Marley, Tosh and Spear. Te Omeka provides a slightly more modern militant and ‘dread’ style whilst Isaiah brings the sweetness and youth. Each of the three sing lead vocals in the show with the other two harmonizing. Backing this vital vocal trio is one of the most formidable rhythm sections in the South Pacific – Kaya Webster, who has been playing a solid ‘one drop’ since primary school days and Francis Harawira, bassist who both hail from other well-known local reggae familys. Earlier recorded works like ‘Dreams’ and ‘What About The Children’ which were highlights of the best-selling ‘Conscious Roots’ compilations are present and there’s no doubting that the title track, ‘Keep Rising’ is a sure-fire hit, but it is Isaiah Perkins’ beautiful ‘Jah Bless’ that steals the show for me. Spiritual lyrics, state of the art production techniques and an understated but heavenly vocal style give this track everything that exemplifies excellence in modern roots music. These guys display the best of both worlds – a traditional NZ roots reggae vibe combined with an innate knowledge of the latest Jamaican sounds. The wisdom that comes with age and experience alongside a contemporary and youthful zeal. For those that like local reggae, this album is a must. It is a refreshingly strong debut and indicates that only great things are in store for this band’s future.
Artist info: Katchafire were formed in 1997 by Grenville Bell who originally managed the band that both his sons, Logan and Jordan, performed in. Brought up on a lifetime of reggae, soul, R’n’B and jazz, both boys became steeped in the sounds of the classic late 70s-early 80s era of radio-friendly reggae music, best exemplified by Bob Marley. Today we can best hear those influences coming through in Logan’s extraordinary voice and songwriting.
NZ Mai Music, 2003, CD.
01 Giddy Up
02 Reggae Revival
03 Get Away
04 Who You With
05 Lose Your Power
06 Callie Herb Man
07 Sensimillia
08 Seriously
09 Done Did It
10 Bounce
11 Colour Me Life
12 Who You With (Dub)
Reggae has always had a special place in the heart of New Zealand music fans, with this country being amongst the highest consumers of reggae, and particularly Bob Marley (per capita New Zealanders have bought more Bob Marley albums than anywhere else in the world). Bands such as Herbs, Dread Beat & Blood and Aotearoa led the way during the eighties and influenced numerous current working bands (TrinityRoots, Black Seeds, Cornerstone Roots, etc). The latest of these to gain attention and release a debut album is Katchafire. Originally formed over five years ago (the current line-up settled a couple of years ago), this eight-piece band (all of whom are of Maori descent) produce reggae of the more traditional pop-meets-soul variety as witnessed by their recent win at the NZ Music Awards for the single “Giddup”. If you’ve caught them live (and many have), or via their single (either on the radio or video), and like the “cut of their jib”, you won’t be disappointed with this soulful slice of homegrown reggae. Debut album from 8-piece Hamilton reggae band, Katchafire – winners of the 2003 Tui Award for Highest Selling Single. New Zealands’
hardest working reggae band KATCHAFIRE are re-releasing their first album, REVIVAL on May 16 to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the album’s original release. KATCHAFIRE continue touring playing songs from this and their current platinum release SLOW BURNING. After barely 2 years in the market, REVIVAL is well past double platinum status, yielded 5 radio hits and 1 TUI AWARD WINNER (Giddyup), and it is still in the top 15 sellers of IMNZ independent label album chart.
Slow Burning
NZ Mai Music, 2004, CD.
01 Roots Music
02 Hey Girl (version)
03 Call Right Up
04 I Got Ya Back
05 Close Your Eyes
06 I And I
07 Frisk Me Down
08 Human Bonding
09 Hey Girl
10 Rainbow
11 Rude Girl
Mining the great New Zealand love and tradition of reggae (reflected over the years by bands such as the Herbs, Aotearoa, Dread Beat & Blood, Cornerstone Roots, etc), roots reggae outfit Katchafire hit paydirt with their Bob Marley influenced debut ‘Revival’, making the band a household name in New Zealand via a slew of videos and radio singles, plus considerable hard work and extensive touring. The new album ‘Slow-Burning’ finds this eight-piece outfit continuing to mine their reggae influences, although with considerable new-found confidence and originality. The Marley influences are obviously still there (I mean how could a reggae band not be influenced by the great man?) but are now less pronounced as the band, and particularly principle songwriters Logan Bell, Jordan Bell and Jamey Ferguson, find their own songwriting footing (all songs on this album are written by the band). The blend of “pop” and reggae is now almost seamless, while the use of horns and harmonica on tracks such as “Roots Music”, “I And I”, “Frisk Me Down” and “Call Right Up” add real colour and swing to proceedings, resulting in an album that is overall more cohesive and infinitely tighter sonically. With our impending summer (he says hopefully looking out his rain splattered window) this skanking pop delight should find favour with many in New Zealand, and it is a genuine pleasure to announce that Katchafire have now delivered an album to match their considerable “live” reputation. Recommended. Katchafire were, and remain, unique in New Zealand music. They are a viable, touring eight-piece band which can work the length of the country without exhausting the place. They can return to a venue they played just a few months before and pack it out all over again. That is rare for any band, regardless of what style of music it plays.
Say What You’re Thinking
NZ Katchafire, 2007, CD.
01 Say What You’re Thinking
02 Now Girl
03 Doesn’t Anybody
04 Mr. Flava
05 J Dubb
06 This World
07 Hold On
08 Love Letter
09 Ultra Music
10 Meant To Be
11 Pain
12 Working
With their third and slickest album to date, Katchafire take their R&B-infected Reggae to new heights. Coming a long way since forming as a Bob Marley (there name comes from the Wailers ‘Catch A Fire’ album) covers band in Waikato back in 1997, the group has gone on to become one of this countries leading Roots/Reggae lights on the international stage. They are constantly touring and fostering an impressive fanbase around the globe, especially in Australia and more surprisingly Hawaii – this all-Maori group finding a particular affinity with the people of those Islands. ‘Say What You’re Thinking’ is a big step musically for Katchafire, with all members of the group contributing to the songwriting which had previously been handled primarily by Guitarist/Vocalist Logan Bell and Saxophonist Jamey Fergusson. Vocally, this is an extremely strong album. The band describe themselves as a family (and with Bell and his brother Jordan and Father Grenville all members, that is almost literally the case) and with the super-tight doo-wop harmonies that open the album with the title track, musically this is also very true. These guys are so attuned to each other musically, it’s almost supernatural – as anyone who has seen their hypnotic live show will attest.
This album leaves you with a warm, positive glow and a feeling that you’re all the better for the experience. Refreshing in these days of unit-shifting pop commodities. That’s not to say this album won’t sell either – based on the sales of their debut ‘Revival’ and it’s follow up ‘Slowburning’, we predict ‘Say What You’re Thinking’ is going to be huge – taking Katchafire to the furthest corners of the globe. As Logan Bell says: “The language barrier’s there but somehow the music overrides that and you wouldn’t notice the difference” and that sums up this album perfectly.The third album from New Zealand’s best loved reggae/ roots band, following on from platinum selling albums Revival and Slow Burning. Includes first single and title track, Say What You’re Thinking.
Party Pack Singles And Live & Direct
NZ Mai Music, 2007, 2-CD,
Disc 1
01. Giddyup
02. Bounce
03. Close Your Eyes
04. Seriously
05. Who You With
06. Hey Girl
07. Colour Me Life
08. Get Away
09. Frisk Me Down
10. Rude Girl
11. I Got Ya Back
Disc 2
01. Iron Lion Zion
02. Get Up Stand Up
03. Lively Up Yourself
04. Burnin And Loootin
05. 96? In The Shade
06. Reggae Revival
07. Bounce
08. In The Ghetto
09. Zion Train
10. Exodus
11. Who You With
12. Redemption Songs
A new compilation by the country’s premiere Roots-Reggae outfit. A double disc set, ‘Party Pack’ compiles the band’s singles on one disc and a collection of live recordings on the second. Having all of the bands most loved songs on one disc is great but the second disc will be the real treat for the dedicated fans of this band. Sub-titled ‘Live & Direct’, it collects a series of recordings that capture the band’s famous live show in full-flight. Originally starting life as a Bob Marley and the Wailers covers-band, the band pays tribute to their roots with this album, containing mostly Marley-penned tunes – given the special Katchafire treatment of course! This 2 cd set is comprised of 2 NEW RELEASES! SINGLES COLLECTION…all the radio mixes, including a previously unreleased US radio mix from top reggae studio LION&FOX … all now back-to-back on 1 great album! LIVE & DIRECT…a live bonus disc featuring KATCHAFIRE performing some of their most well-known Bob Marley songs…like GET UP STAND UP, EXODUS and LIVELY UP YOURSELF….12 tracks of what KATCHAFIRE do best!
Live ,Club Red-Tempe Arizona 2007 2-CD
Unreleased 2-CD.
Artist info: “Ladi6? (Karoline Tarnati) is a female vocalist DJ from New Zealand with soulful vocals and conscious lyrics.
Time Is Not Much
Ladi 002, 2008, CD.
01. Give Me The Light
02. Call You Out
03. So Far
04. Walk Right Up
05. Dwn & Out
06. Question?
07. Time Is Not Much
08. Dark Brown
09. Believe Me
10. Jacknife
11. More Than Fake
This one’s been a long, LONG time coming! Finally, after 10 years of backing up and touring with the likes of Shapeshifter, Scribe, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Opensouls, the NZ soulstress and our Queen of hip hop, Ladi6 has just completed her highly anticipated solo album ‘Time Is Not Much’. It’s a family affair too, with cousins Tyra Hammond and Scribe lending their vocal talents, while some of NZ’s top musicians – including Julien Dyne (Opensouls), Chip Matthews (Anika Moa, Opensouls), Jo Lindsay (Fat Freddy’s Drop) and Riki Gooch (Eru
Dangerspiel) feature on the album.
Artist info: “Masef” is a reggae band from New Zealand.
Music & Soul
01. Real Love
02. Life
03. I Am Me
04. Papatuanuku
05. Self Identity
06. Trust In Me
07. Shackles
08. In The Life
09. Mentor
Salmonella Dub
Artist info: “Salmonella Dub” is a reggae band from New Zealand.
Heal Me (Limited Edition CD 1)
NZ Virguin, 2007, 2-CD.
01. Watching It Rain
02. Beat the Game
03. Love Sunshine and Happiness
04. Lightning
05. Heal Me
06. Rong
07. Gifts
08. That Easy
09. Seeds
10. Nothing Is Free
11. Hapuku Rain Outro
(Disc 2 has some remixed tracks plus a video)
Since the release of 2003’s ‘One Drop East’ (their last album proper), Salmonella Dub have left us hanging – teasing us periodically with the odd remix album or rarity compilation. Now after four years, the wait is finally over – an album of all new Salmonella Dub material is here! The ‘Dub are pioneers of the NZ’s healthy Live Roots/Dub scene, forming in Christchurch in 1992. ‘Heal Me’ is their sixth album and from opening track ‘Watching It Rain’ it’s clear why these guys are still considered the leaders of pack, not only holding their own against some of these younger groups but showing the whipper-snappers a thing or two in the process!
‘Heal Me’ is the band’s sixth album and is by far their most vocally lush to date. In fact it would be fair to call this their fully-fledged vocal album without lacking any of the rich texturing or Dub atmospherics of their earlier, more instrumental work. Fair not, those Salmonella Dub hallmarks we all know and love are still in full effect; big wide open spaces where horns and guitars dart back and forth and of course great big bottom-end!
Live with the NZSO
NZ Virgin, 2008, CD.
01. Weherua Po
02. First Light
03. Tui Dub
04. Love, Sunshine and Happiness
05. Tetekura
06. Watching It Rain
07. Karekare
08. Drifting
09. Heal Me
10. Heal Me Coda
11. Lightning
12. Feel The Seasons Change
13. Aniwaniwa
14. Gifts
15. Platetectonics (Fartyboom)
The Black Seeds
Artist info: “The Black Seeds” is a reggae band from New Zealand.
On the Sun
NZ Capitol, 2004, CD.
01. Tuk Tuk
02. Turn It Around
03. Bring You Up
04. Sort It Out
05. So True
06. Fire
07. Lets Get Down
08. Shazzy Dub
09. You Get Me
10. Senegal Champions Of Africa
11. On The Sun
On the back of plenty of hard gigging and 2001’s debut ‘Keep On Pushing’, The Black Seeds have set themselves up for big things with the release of ‘On The Sun’. Where the mega-successful ‘Keep On Pushing’ (one of Smokecds most popular sellers) established the band as a clever and talented reggae/dub influenced pop outfit, ‘On The Sun’ shows the band’s undoubted progression into one of New Zealand’s premiere live acts (along with Fat Freddy’s Drop and TrinityRoots of course). The playing is infinitely tighter, the songwriting continues to mature and evolve nicely, while the music itself has moved away from the obvious reggae influences to now include a distinctive and original funk element which allows the band to really explore and develop the sounds that the various members of this collective bring to the party. Production is handled by in house maestro Lee Prebble, with mastering done in Sydney, resulting in an album which sounds magnificent on a big fat system. Sounding a little like a sonic hybrid of Salmonella Dub and past NZ outfits such as the Holiday Makers and Netherworld Dancing Toys, ‘On The Sun’ is a thrilling, stylish and original slice of contemporary New Zealand pop music that could happily sit in any home. Congatulations must go to The Black Seeds for this excellent album. Heartily Recommended.
Into The Dojo
01. Sometimes Enough
02. The Answer
03. Heavy Mono E
04. Cool Me Down
05. One By One
06. Give And Take
07. Got A Girl
08. Love For Property
09. Good People (Get Together)
10. Way Of The World
11. The Prince
12. Cool Me Down
13. Sometimes Dub
The Black Seeds return with their third studio album and high expectations from their ever-growing fan-base. And those fans won’t be disappointed as Into the Dojo is an album that should see them cementing their place as one of New Zealand’s favourite bands. On the Sun and similar critical and commercial success for lead singer Barnaby Weir’s Fly My Pretties project – Sensibly enough, the band haven’t messed with their seemingly simple and successful formula. So expect infectious reggae beats, smooth melodies and singalong lyrics, all wrapped up in a warm blanket of pop, rock and dub sensibilities. Lee Prebble returns as the band’s producer, and has somehow managed to find even more dynamic range for this release – never before has the band sounded so sumptuous and rich as they have here. The aptly titled ‘Heavy Mono E’, for example, just about falls out of the speakers so fat and full is the bottom-end. Highlights include the upbeat party tracks like ‘Sometimes Enough’ and ‘Good People (Get Together)’ and lazy summer tunes ‘Way the World’ and ‘Love for Property’, although the album as a whole is a pleasure to listen to from start to finish. A perfect party album, or maybe something to slip on when having a few beers around the barbeque. Recommended.
Following on from the double-platinum success of ‘On The Sun’ The Black Seeds are very please to announce their highly anticipated third studio album. The 13-track album was written and recorded over the past 12 months with Lee Prebble at The Surgery in Wellington. This is the first Black Seeds album to be recorded with the new rhythm section. The first single ‘Sometimes Enough’ is playing on high-rotate on Bnet stations nationwide and will be serviced to mainstream radio in the first week of July.
Solid Ground
Self Released, 2008, CD.
01 Come to Me
02 Slingshot
03 Take Your Chances
04 Love Is a Radiation
05 Send a Message
06 Make a Move
07 One Step at a Time
08 Bulletproof
09 Afrophone
10 Strugglers
11 Rotten Apple
12 The Bubble
13 Make a Move (Dub)
After 11 years of warming the hearts and minds of fans all around the globe with their sunny brand of reggae, Wellington’s beloved Black Seeds roll out album number four. Having previously released records with Loop and EMI, ‘Solid Ground’ sees the band taking the independent route – releasing the album themselves.
Three Houses Down
Artist info: “Three Houses Down” are a jaw-droppingly tight 12-piece roots reggae band from Otara, with a radio friendly harmony and horns laden sound.
NZ Moving Productions, 2007, CD.
01 Dandyman
02 Anthem
03 Ghettoworld
04 Dreadtown
05 What babylon want
06 Soldiers
07 Rastafari
08 Island lullaby
09 Duty solicitor
10 Fio Paongo
Three Houses Down are a jaw-droppingly tight 12-piece roots reggae band from Otara, with a radio friendly harmony and horns laden sound. Up and comers in the roots music scene of NZ, their debut album is a much anticipated release since since their appearance on Conscious Roots 3. ‘Dreadtown’ is released on the Moving Productions label who also produced and released both Unity Pacific albums and of course, the much-loved Conscious Roots compilations.On their first single Anthem, Three Houses Down combine superb vocal harmonies, horns and driving rhythm to create their own effervescent brand of Pacific roots reggae.
Various Artist – Conscious Roots 1
NZ EMI, 2004, CD.
01. Though We Are (Unity Pacific)
02. Get Away (Katchafire)
03. Miracles (Cornerstone Roots)
04. Black Sunrise (House of Shem Remix) (The Black Seeds/Te Omeka Perkins)
05. Bag Of Money (Barnaby)
06. Barely Can See (Kora)
07. Are You Strong (Unity Pacific)
08. Problems (Salmonella Dub)
09. Call to You (Trinity Roots)
10. Hope (Fat Freedy’s Drop)
11. Hold Tight (Che Fu)
12. From Street To Sky (Tigilau Ness)
13. Light (Cornerstone Roots)
Various Artist – Conscious Roots 3
NZ Capitol, 2006, CD.
01. Get Up (1814)
02. Home (Cornerstone Roots)
03. Poor Man Shall Save The City (Unity Pacific)
04. Duty Solicitor (Three Houses Down)
05. I N I (Katchafire)
06. The Answer (The Black Seeds)
07. Outside Looking In (The Midnights)
08. Kingite Soundsystem (The Kingites)
09. Danger (Verse Two)
10. What About The Children (House Of Shem)
11. Falling In (Opensouls)
12. War (Kora)
13. Babylon Destiny (Toki)
14. Ahi Kaa (Beau Te Awe And Will The Kid)
15. Prayer (Hollie Smith)
The Conscious Roots series goes from strength to strength with the release of this excellent third installment, perfectly timed to greet the coming of the southern summer. And it’ll no doubt be on high-rotate at many a BBQ over the summer months, with its irresistible mix of reggae and dub beats. Live reggae and roots favourites Katchafire, Cornerstone Roots and Kora all provide tunes that double up as excellent sunny day tunes as well as musical social statements; Opensouls provide a touch of the funk with their track ‘Falling In’ (featuring the inimitable vocals of Ladi6); and Hollie Smith cements her status as one of the most soulful New Zealand songstresses on the scene by closing the album with a beautiful vocal and acoustic guitar performance of her song ‘Prayer’. The breadth and quality of the New Zealand roots scene is amply demonstrated on this album: from established artists like The Black Seeds and Verse Two, to brilliant new up-and-comers The Kingites and Three Houses Down, it’s easy to see why this musical form is so cherished in this country. As essential as a good sunscreen for the coming summer months – Highly Recommended.
Various Artist – Conscious Roots 2009
NZ EMI, 2008, CD.
01. Doesn´t Anybody (Katchafire)
02. Foi Pa´ongo (Three Houses Down)
03. Move As One (House Of Shem)
04. Hand In Hand (The Native Sons)
05. Mr Jones (Ska Child)
06. People Of The Sun (Tenement Yard)
07. Sunshine (Tahuna Breaks)
08. Wake Up (Cornerstone Roots)
09. Notify The World (The Kingites)
10. Footsteps (Tenement Yard)
11. Rampant (The Kingites)
12. Wahinetoa (Rio Hunuki-Hemopo)
13. Apocalypso No. 3 (Olmecha Supreme)
14. Comes A Time (Unity Pacific)
15. Past Present Future (Tiki Taane)
New Zealand Reggae
by Oblex.B KFM dj plus members of Twelve Tribes of Israel.
I have this set on CDR.
Fade Away (Che Fu), Long Ago (Herbs), French Letter (Herbs), Dragons And Demons (Herbs), Jah´s Son (Herbs), Thou We Are Original (Tingi Ness / 12 Tribes), This Train (Fire Lion), Honour The Prophet (Lessa Tamas / 12 Tribes), Sellassie I (Mighty Asterix / 12 Tribes), Hail Sellassie I (Victar Thomas), Tribulation Soldier (Brother Zeb / 12 Tribes), Found In You (Jules), Sweet Child (Jules), Found In You Dub (Jules), Sweet Child Dub (Jules), Mother Of Creation (Indaca aka Asterix and Oblex.B), Hate It Or Love It I Smoke Marijuana (Asterix), Jump Rastaman (Jr. Ranks / Hamocane)
I have the UK Trojan/Sanctuary TJETD094, 3-CD Box, 2003
CD 1:
Keep Cool Babylon (Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus)
Know Fari (Bongo Herman & Eric Bingy Bunny Lamont)
Back To Africa Part One (Count Ossie & His Band)
Rivers Of Bbabylon (Prince Student)
Rise Jah Jah Children (The Lion Sleeps) (Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus)
African Breakfast (Bongo Herman & Eric Bingy Bunny Lamont)
Rasta Regga (aka I’m Going Home) (Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation)
Run Come Rally (Dadawah)
Roll River Jordan (Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus)
Salaam (Peace) (Bongo Herman & Eric Bingy Bunny Lamont & Les Chen)
Ethiopian Kingdom (Prince Roland Downer & Count Ossie With His Band)
Drums Of Passion (Morgan’s All Stars)
We’re Marching On To Victory (Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus)
Tribute To Don Quarrie (Bongo Herman)
Soul Drums (Count Ossie & Leslie Butler)
Rasta Dreadlocks (The Heaven Singers)
Words Of Wisdom (Max Romeo)
CD 2:
Run Come (Throw Away Your Stoney Heart) (Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus)
Dew Of Herman (aka Eternat Drums) (Bongo Herman & Les Chen)
Move Up (Nyah Bongo) (Al Vibrator With Count Ossie & His Band)
Burning Drums (Dadawah)
Carnal Mind (Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus)
Earth’s Rightful Ruler (U Roy & Peter Tosh)
Nyah Man Story (The Linkers)
Reggae With The Birds (Bongo Herman & The Harry J All Stars)
Jah Got The Whole World (Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus)
Rack-A-Tack (The Typhoon All Stars)
Seventy Two Nations (Dadawah)
Water Pump (Bongo Herman)
Rastaman Chant (Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus)
Samia (Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation)
Sounds Of Babylon (Samuel The First)
Tribute To The President (Bongo Herman)
CD 3:
Nyah Man Say (Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus)
Freedom Fighters (Bongo Herman & Eric Bingy Bunny Lamont)
A Ju Wah (Prince Roland Downer & Count Ossie With His Band)
Zion Land (Dadawah)
I Dread Version (Count Ossie & His Band)
Cast Them In The Fire (Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus)
Feel Nice (Bongo Herman & Eric Bingy Bunny Lamont)
Bongo Man ( A Come) (Jimmy Cliff)
Blacker Black (Count Ossie & His Band)
Pretty Little Face (Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus)
Vice President (Bongo Herman)
Know How You Stand (Dadawah)
Back To Africa Part Two (Count Ossie & His Band)
Starvation (Boston Jack & The Soulites)
Come Down (Pomps And Pride) (Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus)
Musical Drum Sound (I Roy)
Musical Drum Sound (Version) (The Now Generation)
Peace And Love From Jamaica
I have this private collection mp3-sourced on CDR.
01. Africa (I Jah Man, 1976) vocal to Rico´s “Africa”
02. Africa Dub (I Jah Man, 1976)
03. So It Go (Joe Higgs, High Times DSR 0497-A)
04. Big Friend (High Times Players, High Times DSR 0498-B) dub of “So It Go”
05. Jogging (Freddie McGregor, Tuff Gong)
06. Youth Sax (Dean Frazer, Mash It DSR 8515-A) instrumental of “Whiter Shade Of Pale”
07. Single Woman (Black Skin, Solomonic DSR 3632-A)
08. There´s No Sunshine (Delroy Wilson & Revolutionary, Clintones 1079-A)
09. Chim Cherrie (Big Youth, D.A.N.S.C. DSR 1309-A)
10. Slow Coach (Garth Dennis feat. Carly Barrett, 12-inch)
11. Blood Money (Willie Brackenridge & Soul Syndicate, Harvest DSR 2009-A)
12. It´s Not Our Wish That We Should Fight (Aswad, Grove Music GMDM 9-A)
13. Always Something (Bunnie Maloney, Music Works Dubwise)
14. Dub (Bunnie Maloney, Music Works Dubwise)
15. Too Experienced (Winston Francis, said to be with Bob Marley & Bunny Wailer on harmonies at 1,38, 1968)
Peeni Waali
I have the Swiss Mensch / Blue Moon AGR 004, 1991, CD
Beacon Of Hope (Linton Kwesi Johnson & Fizzé & Dizzi)
Skarab (Fizzé)
Ricochet (short Version) (Rico)
Licht & Stein (Lee Perry & Fizzé & Dizzi)
Peeni Waali (Version) (Fizzé & Dizzi)
Paper Mensch (Fizzé)
A No Nottn (Fizzé)
Irish Ire (Fizzé & Dizzi with Rico, Deadly Headly, Scully)
Rockaman Soul (Rico & Fizzé)
Satin Doll (Rico & Dennis Bovell)
Mini Mali (Dennis Bovell & Dizzi & Fizzé)
Version Of Hope (Fizzé & Dizzy with Rico, Dennis Bovell, Scully)
Rockaman Dub 1(Rico & Fizzé)
A No Nottn Dub (Fizzé)
Peeni Waali (Fizzé & Dizzi)
Swiss label Mensch recordings from the eighties featuring otherwise unreleased tracks of Linton Kwesi Johnson, Rico, Deadly Headly Bennett, Scully, Dizzi and Fizzé. There is a follow-up CD called “Peeni Waali 2?.
Pop Hits In Reggae Style Vol 1
I have this private collection mp3-sourced on CDR.
01. Roy Richards – See See Ryder (Winro JA 7)
02. Roy And Sound Dimension – See See Version (Winro JA 7)
03. Brentford All Stars – Blue Moon (Studio 1 12)
04. Jackie Opel – My Prayer (Coxsone JA 7)
05. Hamlins – Sentimental Reason (Remix)
06. Sound Dimension – Sentimental Version (Remix)
07. Nana McLean – Till I Kissed You (Studio 1 12)
08. Jeff Dixon With Alton Ellis – Yakety Yak (Studio 1)
09. Roland Alphonso And The Skatalites – From Russia With Love (Coxsone UK 7)
10. Winston Francis – California Dreaming (Bamboo UK 7)
11. Ernest Wilson – If I Were A Carpenter (Studio 1 12)
12. Jackie Mittoo And Soul Vendors – Something Stupid (Coxsone UK 7)
13. Heptones – Dock Of The Bay (Studio 1 12)
14. Hubert Lee – Sweet Caroline (Bongo Man 7)
15. Leroy Sibbles – Everybody´s Talking (Music Lab 10)
16. Freedom Singers – Give Peace A Chance
17. Winston Francis – In The Summer Time (Studio 1 JA 7)
18. Monty And Cyclones – My Sweet Lord (Banana UK 7)
“See See Rider” aka “C. C. Rider” is written and recorded by Gertrude “Ma” Rainey, the “Mother Of Blues” in 1924.
“Blue Moon” is written by Lorenz Hart and Richard Rodgers in 1934 and was recorded by Louis Armstrong, Billy Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, The Supremes, The Upsetters and many more.
“My Prayer” is written by Georges Boulanger in 1926 and has lyrics by Jimmy Kennedy written in 1939. The recordings by Glen Miller in 1939 and by The Platters in 1956 are the most famous.
“Sentimental Reason” was written by William Best in 1945 and was recorded by Nat King Cole in 1946 and by Dinah Shore in 1947.
“Till I Kissed You” is written by Don Everly and recorded by The Everly Brothers in 1959.
“Yakety Yak” is written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller and recorded by The Coasters in 1958.
“From Russia With Love” is written by John Barry in 1963 for the same titled James Bond movie.
“California Dreaming” is written by John and Michelle Philips and recorded in 1965 by Barry McGuire and by The Mamas and The Papas in 1966.
“If I Were A Carpenter” is written by Tim Hardin in 1966 and recorded by Bobby Darin in 1966 and later by Joan Baez and many more.
“Something Stupid” is written by C. Carson Parks and recorded by Carson And Gaile and more famous in 1967 by Frank Sinatra.
“(Sittin´On) Top Of The Bay” is written by Otis Redding and Steve Cropper and recorded by Otis Redding released posthumous in 1968.
“Sweet Caroline” is written and recorded by Neil Diamond in 1969.
“Everybody Talkin´” is written by Fred Neil and recorded by Harry Nilsson in 1969.
“Give Peace A Chance” is written by Paul Mc Cartney and John lennon and recorded by John Lennon in 1969.
“In The Summer Time” is written by Ray Dorset and recorded by his band Mungo Jerry in 1970.
“My Sweet Lord” is written and recored by George Harrison in 1970.
Pop Hits In Reggae Style Vol. 2
I have this private collection mp3-sourced on CDR.
01. Myrna Hague – Time After Time
02. Brentford Disco Set – Nature Dub
03. Susan Cadogan – Fever
04. Lord Tanamo & Sound Dimension – Rainy Night In Georgia
05. Tyrone Davis – I Believe In Yesterday
06. Sound Dimension – Yesterday Version
07. Delroy Wilson – Funky Broadway
08. Winston Wright – Road Block
09. Dennis Alcapone – Sunshine Version
10. Brentford Road All-Stars – Love At First Sight
11. Delroy Wilson – Rain Drops Keep Falling
12. Delroy And Brentford All Stars – Rain Drops (Ver)
13. Pansey Scott – Top Of The World
14. Cherry Ann – Tell Me Something Good
15. New Establishment – Tell Me Something (Version)
16. Alpha Blondy – Wish You Were Here
17. Richard Ace – Staying Alive
18. Norma White – I Want Your Love
19. Brentford Disco Rockers – I Want Your Love Pt 2
20. Jennifer Lara – Do That To Me One More Time
21. Jennifer Lara – Do That To Me (Version)
01 “Time After Time” written in 1947 by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne. Famous recording by Frank Sinatra.
02 Dub of “Nature Boy” that was written in 1947 by Eden Ahbez for the movie “The Boy With Green Hair” of 1948. Famous recordings by Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, George Benson.
03 “Fever” is written by Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell. Originally recorded by Little Willie John in 1956. Famous recordings by Peggy Lee, Elvis Presley.
04. “Rainy Night In Georgia” was written in 1962 by Tony Joe White. Famous recording by Brook Benton.
05 & 06 “Yesterday” written in 1965 by Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Originally recorded by The Beatles. Over 3.000 cover recordings made what is world record. To say: the standard of all standards in pop music.
07 “Funky Broadway” in fact “Uptight (Everything´s Alright)” written in 1965 by Stevie Wonder, Sylvia Moy and Henry Cosby. Originally performed by Stevie Wonder. It was the first song co-written by Stevie Wonder.
08 “Road Block” in fact “Hey Joe” written and performed in 1967 by Jimi Hendrix.
09 “Sunshine Version” in fact “Aquarius” originally performed in 1969 by The Fifth Dimension for the hippie musical “Hair”.
10. “Love At First Sight” in fact “Je T´aime (Moi Non Plus)” originally recorded in 1969 by Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg.
11 & 12 “Raindrops Keep Fallin” was written in 1969 by Hal David and Burt Bacharach for the movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”.
13 “Top Of The World” written by Richard Carpenter and performed in 1973 by The Carpenters.
14 & 15 “Tell Me Something Good” was written by Stevie Wonder and originally performed in 1974 by Chaka Khan and Rufus.
16 “Wish You Were Here” written by David Gilmour and Roger Waters and performed in 1975 by Pink Floyd.
17 “Stayin´ Alive” written by Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb and performed in 1977 by the Bee Gees.
18 & 19 “I Want Your Love” originally written and recorded in 1978 by Chic.
20 & 21 “Do That To Me One More Time” originally written and performed in 1980 by Captain And Tenille (Daryl Dragon and his wife Toni Tenille).
Pride & Ambition
I have this private compilation on CDR.
01. Pride & Ambition (Leroy Smart) (Tuff Gong 7-inch)
02. Pride & Ambition (DJ Version) (Big Youth)
03. Track 2, (Earl Chinna Smith & Augustus Pablo)
04. Darling Ooh (Alternate) (Errol Dunkley) (excerpt)
05. Babylon Must Fall (Barbara Paige)
06. Give Me Little Loving (Dillinger)
07. Children Of The Ghetto (Senya) (Impact! 7-inch)
08. Ghetto Dub (Senya) (Impact! 7-inch)
09. Wet Dreams (Instrumental) (Glen Adams)
10. The Whip (Ethiopians)
11. Fire In Town (unknown artist)
12. I´m Still Waiting (Delroy Wilson) (12-inch)
13. Our Day Will Come (Heptones)
14. Maga Dog (The Invadors) (Studio 1 7-inch)
15. Crime Don´t Pay (Bob Andy) (maybe with The Wailers)
16. Would Be A Fool (Bob Andy) (maybe with The Wailers)
17. I Don´t Want Her (Jackie Opel) (maybe with The Wailers)
18. Bury The Razor (Lee Perry & The Upsetters)
19. Nothing Like Rocksteady (Alton Ellis & Tupac)
20. Redemption Song (female soft light cover version)