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Artists – P
Artist Info: Melodica player, who also plays keyboards, organ, piano, clavinet, synthezizer, strings, xylophone, bass, clarinet and kalimba. Born Horace Swaby in 1954 he started recording in 1969 with Herman Chin Loy at Randy’s Studio 17 with “Iggy Iggy”, followed by “Java”. He also worked as engineer and producer. “Hot Stuff”, “Message” and “Rockers” are his own labels. He died May 18th 1999.
The Red Sea
I have the Aquarius AQLP 001, 1998, CD on CDR.
The Red Sea, Iggy Iggy (Dub of Heptones´ “Why Did You Leave Me To Cry”), East Of River Nile (Original), Soul Vibration (DJ Version of “East Of The River Nile”), Song Of The East, Uganda, Youth Man, Invasion (Dub of Alton Ellis´ “Arise Blackman”), I Man (aka King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown), African Rock, African Zulu (Version Of Skatalites´ “Ringo”), 405, Reggae In The Fields, Darker Shade Of Red (Horns version Of “The Red Sea”).
A collection of his earliest work recorded 1971-1973, produced by Herman Chin Loy.
“Iggy Iggy” was his very first 7-inch in 1971 (soms say 1969).
Featuring Carlton Barrett and Mikey Richards on drums, Aston Barrett and Val Douglas on bass, Augustus Pablo, Glen Adams, Lloyd Charmers and Geoffrey Chung on keyboards, Sticky on percussion, Herman Chin-Loy on DJ vocals, Tommy McCook, Bobby Ellis and Vin Gordon on horns. Recorded at Randy´s.
This Is Augustus Pablo
First released on JA Impact!, 1973, LP.
Also released on Kaya ST 11213, 1974, LP.
Also released on Tropical TROPS 101, LP.
Also released on Heartbeat CDHB 34, 1989, CD.
Also released on Heartbeat CDHB 34, 1989, LP.
Also released on Musicrama, 1995, CD.
Also released on Clocktower, 1999, LP.
Also released on Clocktower, 1999, LP.
Also released on Above Rock ABOCD 2001, 1998, CD with two extra tracks. I have this album on CDR.
Dub Organizer
Please Sunrise
Point Blank
Arabian Rock
Pretty Baby
Pablo In Dub (Dub of Horace Andy´s “Children Of Israel”)
Skateland Rock
Dread Eye
Too Late (Dub of Alton Ellis´ “It´s Too Late”)
Assignment No. 1
Jah Rock
Lover´s Mood
Java (original) #
Guiding Red (Dub of Heptones´ “Guiding Star”) #
His debut album recorded at Randy´s Studio, produced by Clive Chin.
# : CD extra tracks on Above Rock and Clocktower LP and Clocktower CD.
Ital Dub
First released on JA Starapple STAR 004, LP.
Also released on UK Trojan TRLS 115, 1975, LP.
Also released on Abraham TRLS 115, LP.
Also released on Lagoon, 1993, CD.
Also released on Culture Press CP 4007, 1999, CD.
Also released on Clocktower, 2004, LP.
Also released on Clocktower, 2004, CD.
The Big Rip Off (Dub of Jacob Miller´s “Forward Jah Jah Children”)
Road Block (Dub of Inner Circle´s cover of Bob Marley´s “Rebel Music (3 O´ Clock Road Block”)
Curly Dub (Dub of Junior Byles´s “Curly Locks”)
Well Red
Gun Trade (Dub of Jacob Miller´s “Fire A Go Burn”)
Shake Up
Hillside Airstrip (Dub of Jacob Miller´s “Irie Feeling”)
Bardewire Disaster
Mr. Big (Dub of Jacob Miller´s cover recording of Bob Marley´s “Natty Dread”)
Eli´s Move (Dub of “Yabby You”)
House Raid (Dub of Jacob Miller´s “Burial” using the original riddim of the Peter Tosh track)
Shake Down
Recorded 1974.
“Mr Big” and “Road Block” also apear on the Trojan “Tribute To Bob Marley” 3-CD Box-Set.
Vibrate On / Vibration Dub (The Upsetters)
Recorded ca. 1976.
I have the reissue on JA Black Art ART 20, 2004, 7-inch.
East Of River Nile
First released on JA Message, 1977, LP (Matrix: DSR 7108).
I have the JA Message, LP (Matrix: DSR ASIDE – 2820 – River Nile / DSR BSIDE – 2821).
And I have the reissue on Dutch Walboomers WBLP04, 2000, LP including extra track: Africa Dub (1983).
Also released on USA Shanachie SH 45051, 1993, CD.
Also release on USA Shanachie, 2002, CD, including extra tracks: East Africa, East Of River Nile (Original), Memories Of The Ghetto Dub, Jah Light Dub, Islington Rock, Meditation Dub (Dub of The Gatherer´s “Words Of My Mouth”).
Chant To King Selassie I
Natural Way
Nature Dub
Upfull Living
Unfinished Melody
Sounds From Levi
Memories Of The Ghetto
Africa (1983) (Melodica cut to Hugh Mundell´s “Africa Must Be Free”)
East Of River Nile
Jah Light (Melodica cut to Douglas Boothe´s “When I Fall In Love”)
Chapter 2
Addis A Baba
King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
First released on USA Clocktower CTLP 085, 1977, LP (green label).
Also released on Yard International, 1977, LP (Matrix: DSR 2402)
Also released on Yard International, 1979, LP (Matrix: 2…)
Also released on Yard International, 1981, LP (Matrix: 9…)
Also released on Shanachie, 1982, LP.
I have the reissue on USA Pablo Music AP001, 1990, CD.
Also released on Message, 1993, CD.
Also released on Shanachie, 1995, CD (including “Braces Tower Dub No 2? and excluding “Say So Dub”).
Also released on Innovative Dist Netw, 2001, CD.
Also released on USA Shanachie, 2004, CD (including Braces Tower Dub No 2, Black Gunn, 1 Ruthlkand Closed, 1-2-3 Version, Silent Satta excluding “Say So Dub”).
Keep On Dubbing (Dub of “Keep On Knocking” by Jacob Miller)
Stop Them Jah (Dub of “Stop Them Jah” by Hugh Mundell and Dub of “Who Say Jah No Dread” by Jacob Miller)
Young Generation Dub (Dub of “Young Generation” by Bongo Pat)
Each One Dub (Dub of “Each One Teach One” by Jacob Miller)
555 Dub Street (Dub of “False Rasta” by Jacob Miller)
Braces Tower Dub (Dub of “Brace Boy” by Dillinger)
King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown (Dub of “Baby I Love You So” by Jacob Miller)
Corner Crew Dub (Dub of “One Jah One Aim One Destiny” by Hugh Mundell)
Say So Dub (Dub of “Say So” by Paul Whiteman)
Skanking Dub (Dub of “Swing Easy”)
Frozen Dub (Dub of “Love Won’t Come Easy” by The Heptones, also voiced by Leroy Sibbles and by Dillinger as “Take It Easy”)
Satta Dub (Dub of Abyssinians “Satta Amasagana”)
Compilation recorded 1972 – 1975. Produced by Augustus Pablo. Mixed by Errol Thompson & King Tubby.
Dub It (With Rockers All Stars)
Unreleased bootleg LP, circa 1977
I have this album on CDR.
Rockers Dub 1, Rockers Dub 2 (Dub of Immortals´ “World Without Love”), Rockers Dub 3, Rockers Dub 4, Rockers Dub 5, Rockers Dub 6, Rockers Dub 7, Rockers Dub 8, Rockers Dub 9 (Dub of “House Is Not A Home”), Little Less Talking (Delroy Williams), Java (Alternate Mix), Thunder & Lightning (aka “Lightning And Thunder” on the “Earth Rightful Ruler” album), Foxe´s Hole (Delroy Williams), Truth Seal, Hot Milk (originally recorded by Jackie Mittoo at Studio One), Robins Bay
Mixed by King Tubby. Similar to the album “Rockers Meets King Tubby Inna Firehouse”.
Original Rockers
I have the UK Greensleeves GREL8, 1979, LP (First UK Pressing).
Also released on USA Shanachie SH 44008, 1991, CD.
Also released on Greensleeves GREL 8, CD (including extra tracks: Tubby´s Dub Song (Dub Version 2), Brace A Boy (Dub Version 2).
Also released on Rockers, LP (including extra tracks: Tubby´s Dub Song (Dub Version 2), Brace A Boy (Dub Version 2).
Also released on Greensleeves, 2006, CD (including extra tracks: Tubby´s Dub Song (Dub Version 2), Brace A Boy (Dub Version 2).
Rockers Dub (Dub of “Love Won’t Come Easy” by The Heptones)
Up Warikka Hill
Cassava Piece (Dub of “Baby I Love You So” by Jacob Miller)
Tubby’s Dub Song
Jah Dread (Dub of “Who Say Jah No Dread” by Jacob Miller)
Brace A Boy (Dub of “Brace Boy” by Dillinger)
Thunder Clap (Dub of Horace Andy´s “Ain´t No Sunshine”)
Park Lane Special (Dub of “Africa Must Be Free By 1983? by Hugh Mundell)
New Style (Dub of “Young Generation” by Bongo Pat)
A P Special (Dub of “Brace Boy” by Dillinger)
Produced by Augustus Pablo. Mixed by Philip Smart, King Tubby’s and Prince Jammy. Vocals by Dillinger & Clive on “Brace A Boy”, Pablo and Paul K on “Rockers Dub”, Hugh Mundell on “Park Lane Special” and Pablo on “Jah Dread”.
Compilation of songs first released 1972 – 1975. These original first pressings are now sold for 500 GBP each.
The Legend
First released on Jah Live JLB 14102, 1979, LP.
Also released on Atra ATRALP 1003, 1979, LP.
Also released on Jah Live 8.9006, 1982, LP.
I have this album on CDR.
Pablo In Dub, Hap Ki Do, Lovers Mood, Place Of Peace, Jah Guide, I´m A Free Man (Freddie McKay), Children Of Israel (Horace Andy), Crime Does Not Pay (Max Romoeo), Yamaha Ride (I Roy), Problems (Horace Andy)
Also released on CD.
Eastman Dub
I have the UK Greensleeves GREL 109, 1980, LP (First UK Pressing).
Also released on RAS 3038, 1990, LP.
Also released on RAS 3038, 1990, CD.
Also released on Greensleeves, 1994, CD (including the vocal album by Tetrack)
Only Jah Jah Dub (Dub of “Only Jah Jah Know” by Tetrack)
Eastman Dub (Dub of “Let’s Get Started” by Tetrack)
Look Within Dub (Dub of “Look Within Yourself” by Tetrack)
Isn’t It Time Dub (Dub of “Isn’t It Time” by Tetrack)
It Up To Jah Dub (Dub of “It’s Up To You” by Tetrack)
Big Yard Connection (Dub of “We Won’t Get Along” by Tetrack)
African Dub (Dub of “Simple Things” by Tetrack)
Original Scientist
Corner Stone (Chapter 3)
Produced by Augustus Pablo. Dub of Tetrack´s album “Let´s Get Started”.
Rockers Meets King Tubbys In A Firehouse
First released on Rockers, 1980, LP.
Also released on Yard International YAM 003, 1982, LP.
Also released on Jet Star CDRP 019, 1999, CD.
Also released on Shanachie SH 43001, 1989, CD including four extra tracks: Son Of Man Dub, Rasta To The Hills Dub, Twin Seal Dub, House Of Dub Version.
Also released on Shanachie SH 43001, 1990, LP including four extra tracks: Son Of Man Dub, Rasta To The Hills Dub, Twin Seal Dub, House Of Dub Version.
Also released on Shanachie, 2003, CD including four extra tracks: Son Of Man Dub, Rasta To The Hills Dub, Twin Seal Dub, House Of Dub Version.
I have the USA Shanachie 43001, 1980, LP.
And I have the reissue on Dutch Walboomers WBLP 05, 2000, LP (with four different extra tracks as listed).
Rockers Meet King Tubbys Inna Fire House
Short Man Dub (Dub of “Little Short Man” by Hugh Mundell)
Zion Is A Home (Dub of “House Is Not A Home”)
Dub In A Matthews Lane Arena (Dub of “Time Has Come” by Hugh Mundell)
Jah Say Dub (Dub of Hugh Mundell´s “Time Has Come”)
Son Of Jah Dub (Dub of “Zion Hill”)
Simeon Tradition (Dub of “Chant To King Selassie I)
Selassie I Dub
Jah Mouly Ital Sip
Meditation Dub #
Tippa Tone Blues #
Chain Gang Dub #
Islington Rock #
# : extra tracks on Walboomers, LP only.
Produced by Michael McGeachy, Augustus Pablo.
Dubbing In Africa
First released on Abraham AALP 025, 1981, LP.
Also on Jasrac YHR 1056, 1992, CD and Clocktower, 2004, CD and Blue Moon BM 145, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Dubbing In Africa, Nigerian Love Dub, Mount Of Olives Dub, Dub In Ethiopia, I And I Dub, Everlasting Dub, Trench Town Dub, Universal Love, King Of Kings Dub, Herbal Weed Dub
I have been told, “Dubbing In Africa” would be the same album as “Thriller”, Echo STLP 1002, 1975, LP and Nationwide NW 003, 1975, LP and City Line SENTA LP 0042, LP (titled “Pablo Nuh Jester”) and President PRCD 605, 1996, CD and President, 2003, CD, including: Pablo Nuh Jester, Fat Girl Jean, Marcus Garvey, Rocky Road, Skibo Rock, Thriller, Pablo In Red, Pablo Style, Last Of The Jestering, Striker. CD extra tracks are Always Dub, Cultural Dub, Rough Dub, Gamblin´ Dub, Sleng Ten in Dub, all credited to Lloyd Parks & We The People Band.
Earth’s Rightful Ruler
First released on Message RP 011, 1982, LP.
I have the USA Shanachie SH 44011, 1991, CD.
Earth’s Rightful Ruler, King Alpha And Queen Omega, Jah Love Endureth, Rastafari Tradition, Zion Hill, Java, Lightning And Thunder, Israel School Yard, City Of David, Musical Changes
Produced by Augustus Pablo.
King David´s Melody
Fisrt released on Alligator AL 8307, 1983, LP.
Also released on Alligator, 1990, LP.
Also released on Greensleeves GREL 170, 1983, LP.
Also released on Greensleeves, CD.
Also released on Shanachie, 2006, CD.
Also released on Pony Canyon, 2006, CD.
King David´s Melody, Zion High, Mr. Bassie, West Abyssinia, Israel In Harmony, Rockers Mood, Sufferers Trod, Revelation Time, Selfish Youths, Corner Stone Dub, Kent Road. Recorded 1975 – 1982.
Crucial Burial / Sound Of Promotion
I have the reissue on JA Rockers International AP 1023, 12-inch Maxi.
The a-side contains Augustus Pablo’s melodica cut to Peter Tosh’s “Burial” aka “Funeral”, running (5,25), the b-side is a different Augustus Pablo song.
Recording date unknown, maybe around 1984.
Rising Sun
I have the JA Message / Greensleeves GREL 90, 1985, LP (First JA Pressing). Cover say “Greensleeves”, label is “Message”.
Also released on UK Greensleeves GREL 90, 1986, LP.
Also released on Greensleeves GRELCD 90, CD.
Also released on Shanachie, 1991, CD.
Dub Wiser
Hop I Land
Rising Sun
Fire Red
Jah Wind
Pipers Of Zion
The Day Before The Riot
African Frontline (Dub of Heptones´ “Party Time”)
Melchesedec (The High Priest)
Signs And Wonders
Recorded 1985. Produced by Augustus Pablo. Mixed by Noel Hearn and Scientist.
Augustus Pablo Live At Beacon Theatre, April 10th 1985
I have this unreleased CDR.
Presentation, false start of Frozen Dub, Frozen Dub, Skanking Easy, Rockers Rock, unknown title, East Of River Nile, Java, Rising Sun, unknown title
Rockers Come East
I have the USA Shanachie, 1987, CD on CDR.
Sun Ray Dub, Jah D Special, Rockers Come East, Dubbing The Opressors, Zion Seals Dub, Pablo Meets Phillip Smart, Progression Dub, Revelino Dub, Babylon Loosing You
Augustus Pablo Presents Rockers Story
First released on RAS, 1989, LP.
I have the RAS, 1990, CD on CDR.
555 Crown Street, Take It Easy (Dillinger), Guide I Jah (Ras Bull), Zambian Step (Rockers All Star), Think Twice (Delroy Wilson), I´m Not Satisfied (Tetrack), Power Of The Trinity (Augustus Pablo), World Without Love (The Immortals), Freedom Of Speech (Prince Irey), System (Barry Reid), Struggle In Soweto (Augustus Pablo), Pure Worries (Tetrack), Africa Must Be Free (Hugh Mundell)
Rockers International Showcase
I have the UK Greensleeves GRELCD 145, 1991, CD on CDR.
El Rockers Chapter One (Jah Iny), El Rockers Chapter Three (Augustus Pablo), Three Men In A Truck Back (Delroy Wilson), Free Jah Children (Jah Bull), Cool Melody (Augustus Pablo), The Rastaman (Earl Sixteen Daley), Peaceful Man Dub (Rockers All Stars), Protect Them (Norris Reid), Give A Little Bit (Tetrack), Destiny (Augustus Pablo), The People Of This World (Sisters Jam), El Rockers Chapter Two (Augustus Pablo), El Rockers Chapter Four (Rockers All Stars)
Recorded 1980 but first released 1991.
Blowing With The Wind
I have the UK Greensleeves GRELCD 149, 1990, CD.
Also released on UK Greensleeves GREL 149, 1990, LP.
Also released on USA Shanachie SH 43076, 1990, CD.
Blowing With The Wind, Twinkling Star, Ancient Harmonies, Creation Blues, Zion UFO, Eastern Code, Twenty-One Years Later, First World Call, This Song, Drums To The King
Produced by Augustus Pablo.
Authentic Gold Melodies
Released on Rockers International, 1990, LP (Matrix: DSR 3324).
I have the Rockers International CDRP 002, CD on CDR. Meditation Dub (Dub of The Gatherer´s “Words Of My Mouth”), Tippa Tone Dub (Dub of Yabby You´s “Conquering Lion”), East Man Sounds, New Lots Express, House Is Not A Home, Chain Gang Dub (Dub of Lloyd Parks´ “Slaving”), Viva Tirado, Islington Dub, Satta-3 (Dub of Abyssinians´ “Satta Massagana”, Jungle Cry (Version of Norris Reid´s “Entrance To Jah World”).
Recorded ca. 1980.
Augustus Pablo & Friends Singles CD 1 (1973 – 1990)
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Message no matrix-A Yammie Bolo – Poverty & Brutality (1990)
02. Message no matrix-B Pablo & Leroy Wallace – Poverty Version (1990)
03. Rockers AP 2065-A August Pablo – Unfinished Melody (1977)
04. Rockers AP 2066-B Pablo All-Stars – Melody Dub (1977)
05. Rockers AP 2430-A Augustus Pablo – Up Warika Hill (1979)
06. Rockers AP 2431-B Version (1979)
07. Rockers APD 6-A Norris Reid – Entrance To Jah World (1982)
08. Rockers APD 6-B Augustus Pablo – Twin Seal (1982)
09. Rockers DSR 4982-A Tetrack – Only Jah Jah Know (1980)
10. Rockers DSR 4983-B Rockers All Stars – Version (1980)
11. Rockers Intl. DSR 10955-A Augustus Pablo – Ethiopian High (1993)
12. Rockers Intl. DSR 10955-B Pablo All Stars – Version (1993)
13. Rockers Intl. DSR 9660-A Hugh Mundell – One Jah, Aim & Destiny (1980)
14. Rockers Intl. DSR 9661-B Rockers All Stars – Nice Up The World (1980)
15. Rockers Intl. FAP 8007-A Augustus Pablo – East Of The River Nile (1977)
16. Rockers Intl. FAP 8007-B Pablo All Stars – Version (1977)
17. Rockers RMM 818-A Yamie Bolo – She Love Me So (1989)
18. Rockers RMM 818-B Version (1989)
19. Rockers RMM NO 1-A Augstos Pablo – El Rocker’s (1980)
20. Rockers RMM NO 1-B Augstos Pablo – Rocker’s Rock (1980)
Augustus Pablo And Friends Singles CD 2 (1973 – 1990)
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Dee Jay 3698-A D.Wilson & Agustus Pablo – Pablo’s Mercy (1974, melodica cut to D. Wilson´s “Have Some Mercy”)
02. Dee Jay 3698-B (AF-3690) Tommy McCook – Mercy Version (1974, horns cut to D. Wilson´s “Have Some Mercy”)
03. Half Moon FSC 7849-A Joe Higgs – Creation (1976)
04. Half Moon FSC 7849-B Augustus Pablo & Super 8 Corporation – Creative Version (1976)
05. Impact 1846-A Agustus Pablo – Java (1973)
06. Impact 1847-B Impact All Stars – Version (1973)
07. Message DSR 6958-A Delroy Williams – I Stand Black (1982)
08. Message DSR 6959-B Rockers All Star – Blackman Dub (1982)
09. Message MML 498-A Rasheda – Each One Teach One (1984)
10. Message MML 499-B Judah Meet Pablo – Dub (1984)
11. Monica’s Records RG 47-A A.Pablo – Natty Jester (ca. 1975)
12. Monica’s Records RG 47-B Version (1975)
13. Move & Groove 2606-A Pablo & Fay – Bedroom Mazurka (1973)
14. Move & Groove 2606-B Version (1973)
15. Mummy WR 7595-A Shortie The President – Beast From East (1975)
16. Mummy WR 7595-B Augustus Pablo – Beast From East (1975)
17. Santic MICRON 6128-A Augustus Pablo – Pablo No Jester (1975)
18. Santic MICRON 6129-B Augustus Pablo & Santic All Stars – Last Of The Jestering (1975)
19. Top Ranking no matrix-A Augustus Pablo – Upfull Ites (12-inch)
20. Top Ranking no matrix-B Fatman Riddim Section – Redemption Song (12-inch)
One Step Dub
First released on Rockers International, 1991, LP.
I have the UK Greensleeves GRELCD 157, CD on CDR.
In The Red Dub, Hanging Dub (Dub of “Hanging Tree”), Riot Dub (Dub of “Riot In Juvenile Prison”), One Step Dub (Dub of “One Step More”), Zion Way Dub (Dub of “One Day”), Sunshine Dub (Dub of “Love Will Bring A Sunshine Day”), Dubbing King James (Dub of “King James” a new cut to “East Of River Nile”), Rastaman Dub, Good Looking Dub (Dub of “Hey Good Looking”), Night Patrol Dub (Dub of “Night Patrol”.
Dub version of Junior Delgado´s “One Step More” album.
Presenting Rockers Dub Store 90’s
I have the JA Yard, 1993, LP (First JA Pressing).
Also released on Rockers, 1993, CD.
Scud Hitile
Breezing Dub
Free Zone Dub
Roots Man Dub
Rockers Dub Store
Dubbing The Wasp
Specials Effects
Ark Dub
West St. Dub
Produced by Augustus Pablo.
Classic Rockers
I have the Island Jamaica, 1995, CD on CDR.
Baby I Love You So (Jacob Miller), King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown, Isn´t It Time To See, Jah In The Hills, Can´t Keep A Good Man Down (Immortals), Earth Wind And Fire (Paul Blackman), Love Won´t Come Easy (Leroy Sibbles), Changing World (Earl Sixteen), Blackman´s Heart (Junior Delgado), Jah Says The Time Has Come Now (Hugh Mundell), You Never Know (Delroy Williams), You Never Know Dub, Stop The Fighting (Delroy Williams), Stop The Fighting Dub, Suki Yaki, Eastern Promise.
Includes original vocal tracks and their versions by by Augustus Pablo.
Pablo And Friends
I have the RAS, 1995, CD on CDR.
Glory To The Father (U Roy), Pablo Put It On, Scorpion In Her Underpants (Nora Dean), The Sting, It Dread Inna Earth (Prince Jazzbo), Pablo´s Majestic Mood, Rough Rider (Derrick Morgan), A Tuff Dub, Ride Mommy Fanny (Derrick Morgan), Pablo´s Big Ride, My Desire (John Holt), Pablo´s Desire, Someday (Alton Ellis), A Wanted Dub, Cow Town Skank (I Roy), Pablo In Cow Town, Mule Train (Count Prince Miller), Pablo´s Train Dub
Bonus tracks on my CDR only: Rasta Train (Big Joe), The Great Pablo
The original vocal of each song is followed by Augustus Pablo´s harmonica version.
Presents DJs From 70s to 80s
I have the UK Big Cat ABB 131, 1997, CD (First release).
Take It Easy (Dillinger), Dub (Augustus Pablo), El Rocker (Jah T), Rocking Dub (Augustus Pablo), Fals Rumour (Jah Levi), Real Rock (Augustus Pablo), Zion A Fe Lion (Jah Levi), Bob Shuffle Lion Dub (Augustus Pablo), Guide I Jah (Jah Bull), Lion Of Judah Dub (Augustus Pablo), Let Jah be Praised (Jah Levi), Braces A Boy (Augustus Pablo)
Compilation produced by Augustus Pablo.
Valley Of Jehosaphat
First released on Charm / Jet Star CRCD 112, 1999, CD.
Also released on USA RAS 3184, 1999, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Kushites, Kushites Dub, Valley Of Jehosaphat, Jah Express, Sky Gazer, Foggy Mountain, Chalawa, 3rd Generation, Omega Africa, International Struggle, Sea Shell Dub, Burning Drums, Sleeping Chariots, Ethiopian Binghi Drums, Lymphatic Time
Dubbing With The Don
I have the UK Jamaican Recordings JRLP 002, 2001, LP (First UK Pressing).
Also released on Jamaican Recordings, JRCD 002, 2001, CD, including extra track: Keep On Skanking On Dub.
Also released on P-Vine, 2005, CD, including extra track: Keep On Skanking On Dub.
Skank On Dub, Way Out Rockers, Pablo’s Express, Pablo’s Happy Feeling, Soldier Man Dub, Well Frozen Dub, Sweet Cassava Dub, Talking Dub, Pablo’s Connection, Skanking With Pablo, Pablo’s Delight, Death Trap Dub, Rockers Downtown, New Train Dub
“Talking Dub” is Pablo’s working over the “12 Tribe Blues” rhythm cut by Cimarons, better known by the same years (1974) recording by Bob Marley titled “Talking Blues”.
Recorded during the 70ies. Produced by Bunny Lee.
Jah Inspiration
First released on UK Recall SMDCD 349, 2001, CD.
I have the first CD of this album on CDR.
CD 1: Pablo At Studio One, Pablo’s Good Hearted Melody, Rock Steady With Pablo, Pablo’s Last Stand, Pablo’s Conference, The Don Gorgon Pablo, Slave Master’s Execution, Pablo’s Runnin’ And Jumpin’, Pablo Ready For Dubbing, Pablo’s Musical Vibes, Pablo’s Greatest Mood, Pablo’s Midnight Rockers Dub, Pablo In Black Ark, King Pharaoh’s Army, CD 2: King Tubby´s Musical Gorgon Dub, King Tubby´s Nah Jester Dub, King Tubby´s Rock Steady Dub, King Tubby´s Roots Vibe Dub, King Tubby´s Rule Supreme Dub, King Tubby´s The Dub Organiser, King Tubby´s Musical Stalowatt, King Tubby´s Supercharge Dub, King Tubby´s The Professor Of Dub, King Tubby´s The Specialist In Dub, Pablo´s Drifting Dub, Pablo´s Delightful Dub, Pablo´s Magnificient Dub, Hold On Pablo, Pablo Rockers Jam.
Compilation of songs from the seventies to the ninieties.
El Rockers
I have the Pressure Sounds, 2000, CD on CDR.
Black Gunn, Brown Jim, New Stye, 555 Crown Street, 1 Ruthland Close, Tribalist, Cassava Piece, 132 Version, Rockers, Rockers Rock, Say So Version, Skanking Easy, Havendale Rock, Frozen Dub, Hot Dub, Silent Satta, Pablo Satta
Collection including some different takes of known songs.
In Fine Style
I have the Pressure Sounds, 2003, CD on CDR.
Far East, Phillip´s Showcase, East Man Sound, Levi Dub, Up Warrika Hill, Mountain View Dub Version One, Mountain View Dub Version Two, Pablo In Fine Style, Raw Dub, Cool Shade Dub, Ras Menelik Congo Harp, Roots Dub, False Rumour (Jah Levi), Zambian Style, Rockers Rock Version, Chock Full And Dub, Kid Ralph
Skanking With Pablo: Melodica For Hire 1971 – 1977
I have the UK Trojan, 2003, CD on CDR.
East Of River Nile, East Of River Nile Version, Java, Fat Baby, Ape Man, Hot And Cold Version 1, Hot And Cold Version 2, Our Man Flint, I Am Alright, Africa Queen, Bedroom Mazurka, Bedroom Mazurka Version, Bass And Drums Version, Bells Of Death, Fiat 125 (Cowtown Skank Version), Pablo In Red, Pablo Mood, Big Rip Off, Lama Lava, Vibrate On, Vibrate On Version
Dub Reggae and Roots From The Melodica King
First released on Ocho OCHOCD 004, 2004, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Cassava Piece, Baby I Love You So (Jacob Miller), 555 Crown Street, 555 Dub Street, Rockers Rock, Young Generation (Norris Reid), New Style, Meditation Dub, Give Praise (Norris Reid), Silent Satta, Dub Ethiopia, East Of River Nile, Let’s Get Together (Tetrack), Black Ants Lane, Memories Of The Ghetto, Skanking Easy, Black Gunn, Tipps Tone Blues, Up Warricka Hill, Thunder Clap, Braces Tower Dub
Compilation of tracks recorded during the 70ies and 80ies.
Augustus Pablo Collection
I have this private compilation on CDR.
01. Zion High, from King Davids Melody
02. Sufferer’s Trod, from King Davids Melody
03. Revelation Time, from King Davids Melody
04. African Sounds (Agrovators, not Pablo related) (Dub of Johnny Clarke´s “African People”)
05. African Step, unknown source
06. Dubbin’ And Pumpin’ (aka “Marcus Garvey” on “Thriller” album) (aka “Mount Of Olives Dub” on “Dubbing In Africa” album) (dub of Pablo Moses’ “Dubbing Is A Must”)
07. Bedroom Mazurka, from Skanking With Pablo
08. Drums Of Africa (Dub of Bob Marley´s “Time Will Tell”), from Dub Gone Crazy Vol. 2 (V.A.) (not Pablo, a fake
09. Dub Organizer, from This Is Augustus Pablo
10. Dub Wiser, from Rising Sun
11. Eastern Promise, from Classic Rockers
12. Hillside Air Strip, from Ital Dub
13. Jah Rock, from This Is Augustus Pablo
14. Lightning And Thunder, from Earth Rightful Ruler
15. Lion Of Judah Dub, from Presents DJs From The 70s to 80s
16. Powers Of Trinity, from Pablo Meets Mr Bassie Original Rockers Vol. 2
17. Revolution Dub, from Africa Must Be Free By 1983 Dub
18. Rockers Rock, from Pablo Meets Mr Bassie Original Rockers Vol. 2
19. Shake Up, from Ital Dub
20. Unity Dub, from Africa Must Be Free By 1983 Dub
Songs 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13, 18, 21 I don´t have elsewhere on album.
Augustus Pablo & Barrett Brothers
Private collection of the Augustus Pablo tracks believed by Raul to have the Barrett Brothers on bass and drums.
01. Rockers Meet King Tubby In A Firehouse, from Rockers Meets King Tubby Inna Firehouse, 1980
02. Skanking Easy, from Dub Reggae & Roots From The Melodica King, 2004
03. Pablo In Dub, from This Is Augustus Pablo, 1973
04. Natural Way, from East Of River Nile, 1977
05. Cassava Piece, from Original Rockers, 1979
06. Havendale Rock, from Pablo Meets Mr. Bassie Original Rockers Vol. 2, 1989
07. Assignment No 1, from This Is Augustus Pablo, 1973
08. Thunderclap, from Original Rockers, 1979
09. Java (Original), from This Is Augustus Pablo, Above Rock CD, 1998
10. East Of River Nile (Original), from East Of River Nile, CD, 2002
11. Guiding Red, from This Is Augustus Pablo, 1973
12. Up Warrika Hill, from Original Rockers, 1979
13. Stop Them Jah, from King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown, 1977
14. New Style, from Original Rockers, 1979
15. King Tubby´s Dub Song, from Original Rockers, 1979
16. AP Special, from Original Rockers, 1979
17. Herbal Weed Dub, from Dubbing In Africa, 1981
18. Frozen Dub, from King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown, 1977
19. Corner Crew Dub, from King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown, 1977
20. Jah Dread, from Original Rockers, 1979
21. Nature Dub, from East Of River Nile, 1977
22. Skanking Dub, from King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown, 1977
23. 1-2-3-Version, from King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown, CD, 2004
24. East Of River Nile, from East Of River Nile, 1977
“Havendale Rock”, “East Of River Nile (Original)”, “Herbal Weed Dub” and “1-2-3- Version” I don´t have elsewhere.
See also the album: “Various Artists – Java, Java, Java!”.
“Hugh Mundell – Africa Must Be Free By 1983 Dub”.
Further albums include:
“Pablo Meets Mr. Bassie: Original Rockers Vol. 2?, Rockers International, 1989, LP and USA Shanachie, SH 43 085, 1991, CD, including: 555 Crown Street, Rockers Rock, Burial Dub, Pablo Satta, Pablo Meets Mr Bassie, Havendale Rock, Golden Seal, Power Of The Trinity, West Abyssinia. “555 Crown Street” is a dub of Heptones´ “Love Won´t Come Easy”.
“Heartical Chant”, Rockers International, 1993, LP (Matrix: DSR 407) and Rockers International / RAS RCD 001, 1993, CD, including: Heartical Chant, Dub, Black African Lion, Melodica Rocking, 13th Day, Ozone Reversal, Special Treat, Eastern Code No, Java, Original Roots, Drum Song, Ethiopian High, General Soljie Dub Mix.
“King Selassie I Calling”, Message, 1996, LP (Matrix: DSR 2569) and (Matrix: DSR 2572), including: Way Of The World, H.I.M. Golden Harps, Earth Quaker, King Selassie I Calling, Eastwind, Freedom Dance, Fire People Dub, Seven Winds From Zion, Hippy Hop Babylon Pop, Ska Train, Eternal Dub, Ark Of The Covenant, Fountain Of Life, Crystal Dew Drops, Telepatic Blues, Rainbow In The Dark, Missing Link, Home Bound, Revolution In Anzania, Melodies From The Roots, Drums Of Redemption. Maybe a 2-LP.
“Raiders Dub”, Yard CDRP 014, 1996, CD (Dub version of Earl Sixteen´s “Them A Raiders” album), including: Ragga Dub, Cassava Dub, Clean Sweep Dub, Raiders Dub, Mission Possible Dub, Struggle Dub, Babylon Dub, Tear Drops Dub, Ruff Cut Dub, Real Dub, Jah Love, Teach One.
“Healer Dub”, Yard CDRP 015, 1996, CD (Recorded ca. 1980), including: Ethiopia Dub, Propaganda Dub, In I Dub, Rockers Meet Mad Professor Dub, Doctor Marshall Dub Store, Rockstone Dub, Solar Power Dub, Healer Dub, Rasta Vision Dub, 190 Mountain Dub, Jungle Lion Dub.
“Augustus Pablo Meets King Tubby At The Control In Roots Vibe”, Lagoon, 1997, CD, including: King Tubby´s A Ruler Fi Dub, King Tubby´s Supercharge Dub, King Tubby´s Supreme Dub, King Tubby´s The Dub Organiser, King Tubby´s The Musical Stalowatt Dub, King Tubby´s The Best Dub Inventor, King Tubby´s Roots Vibe Dub, King Tubby´s The Professor Of Dub, King Tubby´s Rock Steady Dub, King Tubby´s The Specialist In Dub, King Tubby´s Flyer´s Rock, King Tubby´s Musical Gorgon Dub, King Tubby´s Nah Jester Dub, King Tubby´s Augustus Pablo At The End Of Dub.
“Augustus´ Last Stand”, Varese Sarabande, 2002, CD, including: Pablo At Studio One, Pablo´s Goohearted Melody, No Mery For The Wicked, Pablo´s Progressive Roots, Rock Steady With Pablo, Pablo´s Rockers Jam, Pablo´s Last Stand, Pablo´s Conference, Hold On Pablo, Pablo Ready For Bubbing, Don Gorgon Pablo, Pablo´s Magnificient Dub, Slave Master´s Execution, Pablo´s Delightful Dub, Pablo´s Runnin´ And Jumpin´, Pablo´s Drifting Dub, Pablo´s Musical Vibes, Pablo´s Greatest Mood, Pablo´s Midnight Rockers Dub.

Artist Info: Singer who started in his teens like Hugh Mundell singing rockers love songs in late Seventies / early Eighties style. He came to recording as Tony Chin, the guitarist of The Soul Syndicate was his neighbour. He started to sing harmonies for Sugar Minott and Tony Tuff, two other neighbours, and later for Freddie McGregor. His first records were “Love Is A Message” for Bunny Lee (Bunny Lee single)and “A-Class Girl” (Black Solidarity, single) followed by “I´m Ready”, “Water Bubbling”, “Susan” and “Spliff Tale”. Then with 14 he worked for Jah Thomas who released “Entertainment” in UK. He continually worked for King Tubby and Jammy´s, later backed by the Roots Radics.
Joker Smoker
I have the UK Greensleeves GREL 43, 1982, LP (First UK Pressing).
Also released on USA Shanachie.
Also released on Clocktower AALP 0679, 1982, LP.
Innocent Man, Babylon, Give Me Give Me Your Love, Lonely Man, Got To Praise Jah Jah, Joker Smoker, Peace And Love In The Ghetto, Two-Timer, Ghetto King, Lover Man
Produced by Nkrumah Jah Thomas. Recorded at Channel One, mixed by Soldgie, backed by Roots Radics featuring Style Scott on drums, Flabba Holt on bass, Dwight on rhythm guitar, Sticky on percussion, Steely on piano, Gladstone Anderson on piano, Dean Fraser and Nambo on horns.
Further albums include:
“Presenting Triston Palma”, USA Black Roots BRLP 010, 1981, LP, produced by Sugar Minott.
“Showcase In A Roots Radics Drum & Bass”, Midnight Rock MRLP 90000, 1982, LP and Vista MRLP 90000, LP and Clocktower MRCD 90000, CD, produced by Jah Thomas.
“Joker Lover”, Jah Guidance VPRL1015, 1982, LP, produced by Linval Thompson.
“Touch Me, Take Me”, Midnight Rock, 1982, LP and Vista STLP 1017, LP and Abraham, LP, produced by Jah Thomas.
“Nice Time” (with Toyan), Jam Rock 386, 1982, LP, produced by Tony Robinson.
“Fancyness”, Gorgon, 1982, LP, produced by Triston Palmer & Phillip Morgan & Ossie Thomas.
“Settle Down Girl”, UK Trojan 215, 1983, LP, produced by Linval Thompson.
“The Big Showdown” (Trison Palma and Phillip Frazer), Harvest, 1984, LP.
“Wounded”, Bungem BG1-001-LP-A/B, 1989, LP, produced by Bunny Gemini & Triston Palma.
“Triston Palmer Meets Jah Thomas Inna Disco Style”, Munich Majestic Reggae MRCD 1003, 1996, CD produced by Jah Thomas.
“Born Naked”, I&I Foundation INICD002, 1997, produced by Triston Palma.
“Triston Palma Meets Early B The Doctor”, Sunset, LP and Fantastique, LP.
“On The Attack”, Blue Mountain 009, produced by Jah Thomas.
“Wounded”, Bun Gem 1004, produced by Bunny Gemini and Triston Palmer.
“I And I And Inity” (Triston Palmer & Phillip Frazer), Drum & Bass, LP.

Artist Info: Vocal trio from Jamaica established in 1964 including John Holt, Garth “Tyrone” Evans and Howard Barrett.
On The Beach
I have the JA Treasure Isle TILP 100, 1970, LP in CD reissue mp3-sourced on CDR.
Happy Go Lucky Girl, I Want To Go Back, When The Lights Are Low, On The Beach, Island In The Sun, Riding On A High And Windy Day, Silver Bird, The Same Song, The Tide Is High, I Wanna Be With You, Mercy Mercy Mercy, Wear You To The Ball, I´m A Worried Man, My Best Girl, You Mean The World To Me, Only A Smile, Paragons Medley
Sly & Robbie Meet The Paragons
First released on UK Island ILPS 9631, 1981, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
Happy Go Lucky Girl, I´ll Be Back, Man Next Door, Only A Smile, My Best Girl, The Tide Is High, Riding High, Wear You To The Ball, The Same Song, On The Beach
Produced by Lister Hewan-Lowe.

Artist Info: Lloyd Parks started The Termites at Studio One in 1967. Then he sang with The Techniques. He played also with The Invincibles including Sly Dunbar, Ansel Collins, Scott and Lloyd Carr. He started to play bass in the late sixites and was highly in demand as a session player. He released his first solo track “Slaving Everyday” on his own Parks label. He played bass for “Skin, Flesh and Bones”, Joe Gibbs´ Professionals, the Revolutionaries, and since 1974 for his own “We The People Band”. For example he appears at Abyssinians´ “Arise” (1978), Al Campbell´s “Freedom Street” (1984), Beres Hammond “Beres Hammond” (1985), Culture´s “Two Sevens Clash” (1977), Dadawah´s “Peace And Love” (1975), Dennis Brown´s “Joseph´s Coat Of Many Colours” (1979), Dillinger´s “Cup Of Tea” (1980), Don Carlos “Just A Passing Glance” (1984), Gladiator´s “Naturally” (1979), Gregory Isaacs´ “All I Have Is Love Love Love” (1986), Half Pint´s “In Fine Style” (1984), Impact All Star´s “Forward The Bass” (1972-75), Jacob Miller´s “I´m Just A Dread” (70ies), Joe Gibbs´ “African Dub All-Mighty”, Linval Thompson´s “Six Babylon” (1979), Little Roy´s “Tafari Earth Uprising” (1976), Mighty Diamonds´ “Planet Mars Dub” (1978), U Roy´s “Natty Rebel”, Upsetters´ “Blackboard Jungle Dub” (1973) and probably on some further 1.000 album and single tracks.
Jeans / Jeans Version
I have the UK Tads TRD 19886, 1985, 12-inch Maxi, a-side is taken from his album “Jeans, Jeans”, on TAD, 1985, LP, but here in 12-inch mix.
His albums include:
“Officially”, Attack ATLP 1009, 1974, LP, produced by Lloyd Parks.
“Girl In The Morning”, Trojan TRLS 109, 1975, LP, produced by Lloyd Parks.
“Loving You”, Trojan TRLS 126, 1976, LP, produced by Lloyd Parks.
“What More Can I Do, Parks, 1983, LP, produced by Lloyd Parks.
“Jeans Jeans”, TAD TRD 19885, 1985, LP, produced by Lloyd Parks.
“Ain´t Too Proud To Beg”, Exodus, 1988, LP.
“Mafia”, PR.So, 2000, LP.
“Wonder Of You”, T.P., 2001, CD.

Artist info: Pecker is a electronic wizzard from Japan. He met Bob Marley while he was in Japan touring and was invited to come to Jamaica. He didn´t recorded with Bob Marley but with the creme de la creme of Jamaican musicians.
21st Century Dub
I have the Roir, 1991, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Recorded 1980 and first released on two Japanese LPs.
01. Mystical Cosmic Vibration
02. Dr Dr Humanity
03. International Orchitis
04. Pecker Power Pt. 2
05. Pecker Power Pt. 1
06. Concrete Jungle
07. Militant Stuff
08. Jamming
09. Mystical Electro Harakiri
10. Beggars Suite Pt. 1
11. Beggars Suite Pt. 2
12. Beggars Suite Pt. 3
13. Dub Jam Rock
14. Kylyn
Featuring Sly & Robbie, Augustus Pablo, Rico, Mikey Chung, Carlton Barrett, Aston Barrett, Earl Wya Lindo, Judy Mowatt, Tyrone Downie, Marcia Griffiths, Sticky, Skully.
Artist info: Lee Perry, born Rainford Hugh Perry on March 20th 1936, The Upsetter, Scratch, producer, singer, arranger of thousands of sides, owner of the legendary Black Ark Studio in the seventies that was finally destroyed by fire in 1983, now lives in Switzerland. A very details web-site you can find here:
Music Sweet (Various Artists)
Private made collection of Lee Perry´s early work, recorded from original vinyl 7-inches by a serious collector.
I have this 4-CDR-Set.
CD 1:
01. Spit In The Sky (Delroy Wilson)
02. Royalty (Lee Perry)
03. Old For New (Lee Perry)
04. Prince & Duke (Lee Perry)
05. Chicken Scratch (Lee Perry)
06. Exodus (Tommy Mc Cook)
07. Help The Weak (Lee Perry)
08. Wishes Of The Wicked (Lee Perry & The Dynamites)
09. Hold Down (Lee Perry & The Dynamites)
10. Trail & Crosses (Lee Perry & The Dynamites)
11. John Tom (Lee Perry & The Dynamites)
12. Deacon Johnson (Lee Perry & The Dynamites)
13. So Good (Roland Alphonso)
14. Twin Double (Roland Alphonso)
15. Rape Bait (Lee Perry)
16. Feel Like Jumping (Lee Perry)
17. Tackoo (Lee Perry)
18. Solid As A Rock (Lee Perry & The Dynamites)
19. Roast Duck (Lee Perry & The Dynamites)
20. Hand To Hand Man To Man (Lee Perry & The Dynamites)
21. Grumba (Lee Perry & The Dynamites)
22. Please Don´t Go (Lee Perry & The Soulettes)
23. By St. Peter (Lee Perry & The Soulettes)
24. Open Your Cookbook (Lee Perry & The Soulettes)
25. Just Keep It Up (Lee Perry & The Dynamites)
26. Sugar Bag (Lee Perry)
27. Pussy Galore (Lee Perry)
28. Dr. Dick (Lee Perry)
29. Rub & Squeeze (Lee Perry & The Soulettes)
CD 2:
01. The Wood Man (Lee Perry)
02. Give Me Justice (Lee Perry)
03. Run For Cover (Lee Perry)
04. Something You Got (The Sensations)
05. Set Them Free (Lord Defend)
06. Don´t Blame The Children (Lord Defend)
07. Wind Up Doll (Lee Perry)
08. Wind Up Doll (Version) (Lee Perry)
09. Johnny Cool Pt. 1 (Prince Buster)
10. Johnny Cool Pt. 2 (Prince Buster)
11. Please Stop Your Lying (Errol Dunkley)
12. Lulubell (The Versatiles)
13. Girl You Ruff (The Overtakers)
14. Train To Soulsville (Count Sticky)
15. Trust In The Book (The Versatiles)
16. I Am The Upsetter (Lee Perry)
17. Upsetting Version (Lee Perry)
18. Kimble (Lee Perry)
19. You Crummy (Lee Perry)
20. Version (Lee Perry)
21. People Funny Boy (Lee Perry)
22. Long Shot (The Pioneers)
23. How Come (UK) (Lee Perry)
24. How Come (US) (Lee Perry)
25. Barbara (Lee Perry)
26. Spanish Harlem (Val Bennett)
27. Steel Drum Rhythm (Upsetters)
28. Popeye On The Shore (Val Bennett)
CD 3:
01. Uncle Desmond (The Mellowtones)
02. Nonesuch (The Pioneers)
03. Bookie Man (The Race Fans)
04. Honey Love (Burt Walters)
05. Evol Yenoh (Burt Walters)
06. CN Express Pt. 1 (Clancy All Stars with Lee Perry)
07. CN Express Pt. 2 (Clancy All Stars with Lee Perry)
08. Prison Sentence (Upsetters)
09. Give Me (Slim Smith)
10. Cut Down Your Speed (The Ethiopians)
11. Not Me (The Ethiopians)
12. Dark End Of The Street (Pat Kelly)
13. Give Love A Try (The Gaylads)
14. Powercut (Glen Adams)
15. Walking Trouble (Upsetters)
16. Unknown (Upsetters)
17. How Could I Forget (Busty Brown)
18. Do It Madly (Chuck Berry Jr.)
19. Soulful I (Upsetters)
20. Wolfman (Upsetters)
21. What You Gonna Do (The Reggae Boys)
22. Down In The Park (The Inspirations)
23. Love Oh Love (The Inspirations)
24. Can´t Get No Peace (Monty Morris)
25. For A Few Dollars More (Upsetters)
26. Taste Of Killing (Upsetters)
27. Freedom Train (Ernest Wilson)
28. My Mob (Upsetters)
29. Dry Acid (Count Sticky)
30. Earth Rightful Ruler (U Roy & Peter Tosh)
31. Non Such Version (Upsetters)
Note: Track 31. was titled as “Unknown”. There are three possible b-sides. “Handy Cap” I have and is a different track. “Selassie” is the riddim used for “Earth Rightful Ruler”. So we should have here the third b-side: “Non Such Version”.
CD 4:
01. Prisoner Of Love (Dave Barker)
02. Soul Juice (Busty Brown & Upsetters)
03. Clint Eastwood (Upsetters)
04. Lennox Mood (Lennox Brown)
05. Ease Up (The Bleechers)
06. You Gonna Feel It (The Bleechers)
07. Ram You Hard (The Bleechers)
08. Soul Stew (The Mediators)
09. Tell Me, Tell Me (Unknown)
10. Roll On (Roland Alphonso)
11. All Africans (Little Roy)
12. Copasetic (Upsetters)
13. What´s The World Coming To (King Chubby)
14. Live As One (King Chubby)
15. All Combine Pt. 1 (Upsetters)
16. All Combine Pt.2 (Upsetters)
17. You Can Run (The Hurricanes)
18. Where Love Goes (Donald Smythe)
19. You Gonna Miss Me (Owen Gray)
20. Sex Education (The Classics)
21. Cherrio Baby (The Classics)
22. Civilization (The Classics)
23. Don´t Give Up (Paul Freeman)
24. Give Up (Upsetters)
25. Downpressor (Peter Tosh)
26. Got The Tip (Junior Byles)
27. Pop A Top 1 (Dave Barker)
28. Pop A Top 2 (Dave Barker)
Return Of Django / Dollar In The Teeth
I have the UK Upsetter US-301, 1969, 7-inch (First UK Pressing).
Return Of Django
I have the UK Trojan TRLS 19, 1969, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Return Of Django, Touch Of Fire, Cold Sweat, Drugs And Poison, Soulful I, Night Doctor, One Punch, Eight For Eight, Live Injection, Man From M.I.5, Ten To Twelve, Medical Operation
The first Upsetters album release produced by Lee Perry.
The Good, The Bad & The Upsetters
First released on UK Trojan TBL 119, 1970, LP.
I have the France Esoldun / Lagoon LG2-1083, 1993, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Capo, Phil The Fluter, Guns Of Navarone, What Do You Say, Straight To The Head, Red Or Red, Mellow Mood, Family Man, Oncy (Happy Clap), Mama Look (Monkey Man), Snow White, The Good The Bad & The Upsetters
Note: The Jamaican first pressing on Upsetters with this title has some different tracks.
Scratch The Upsetter Again
Tracks 01. – 12 are first released as “Scratch The Upsetter Again” (Upsetters) on UK Trojan TTL 28, 1970, LP.
Tracks 13. – 26. are first released as “Clint Eastwood Rides Again” (Upsetters) on UK Trojan TTL 125, 1971, LP.
I have the UK Trojan CDTRL 352, 1995, CD on CDR.
Bad Tooth, Dentist, Out Of Space, One Punch, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, Take One, Soul Walk, I Want To Thank You, Mule Train, Touch Of Fire, She Is Gone Again, The Result,
Eastwood Rides Again, Hit Me, Knock On Wood, Popcorn, Catch This, You Are Adorable, Capsol, Power Pack, Dollar In My Teeth, Baby Baby, Django (Old Man River), Red Hot, Salt & Pepper, Tight Spot
Return Of Django – The Best Of The Upsetters
I have the UK Trojan, 2002, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Return Of Django, Dollar In The Teeth (Take II), Clint Eastwood, Kill Them All, For A Few Dollars More, Django Shoots First, Big John Wayne, French Connection, Live Injection, Jungle Lion, The Pillow (Take I), Dark Moon (Blue Moon), Soulful I, Black I.P.A., Stranger On The Shore, Dreamland (Instrumental), Waap You Waa, Big Noise (Take VI), Battle Axe, Sipreano, I Caught You, Tipper Special, Double Wheel, Night Doctor, Thunderball (Take II)
Compilation of early Upsetters tracks.
Cloak & Dagger
First released on JA Black Art TSLP 9001, 1973, LP.
Also released on Upsetter, LP.
I have the reissue on USA Black Art C&D 2001, 90ies, LP (identical mix as the 1973 JA LP).
Cloak & Dagger, Sharp Razor, Hail Stone, Musical Transplant, Liquid Serenade, Side Gate, Iron Claw, Iron Side, Rude Walking, Bad Walking, Caveman Skank, Pe-We-Special
Also released on UK Rhino SRNO 8002, LP with different tracklist.
Recorded at Black Ark Studio.
Blackboard Jungle Dub
First releasaed on JA Upsetter SCR LP1, 1973, LP (stereo mix, only here, titled “Upsetters 14 Dub Blackboard Jungle”).
That album mix released on Auralux, 2004, CD (Remastered).
Also released on Upsetter / Coxsone SCR LP 1, LP.
With different tracks list released on USA Clocktower LPCT 0115, 1981, LP.
Identically released on JA Upsetter, 1981, LP.
Also on Canadian Clocktower, CD.
A further different mix appears on RAS called “Scratch Attack”, also released on Jet Star titled “Original Blackboard Jungle”. I have this Clocktower album on CDR.
Blackboard Jungle Dub (Vers. 1), Rubba Rubba Words, Cloak A Dagger (Vers. 3), Dub From Africa, Dreamland Dub, Pop Goes The Dread Dub, Sin Semilla Kaya Dub, Moving Forward, Blackboard Jungle Dub (Vers 2), Kasha Macka Dub, Setta Iration Dub
Produced by Lee Perry. Recorded at Black Ark.
This album is one of the vey first dub albums at all.
“Rubba Rubba Words” is the dub of “Lion” by Lee Perry.
“Dub From Africa” is the dub of Junior Byles’ “A Place Called Africa” featuring Peter Tosh on melodica.
“Dreamland Dub”, “Sin Semilla Kaya Dub” and “Moving Forward” are 1973 remixes of Bob Marley recordings. They are also called “Dreamland Skank”, “Kaya Skank” and “Moving Skank”.
Double Seven (Various Artists)
First released on UK Trojan TRLS 70, 1974
I have the reissue on UK Trojan, 1997, on CDR.
Kentucky Skank, Double Six, Just Enough To Keep Me Hanging On (David Isaacs), In The Iaah, Jungle Lion, We Are Neighbours (David Isaacs), Soul Man, Stick Together (U Roy), High Fashion (I Roy), Long Sentence, Hail Stones, Iron Side, Cold Weather, Waap You Waa
Produced by Lee Perry.
Musical Bones
First released on DIP DLP 6000, 1975, LP.
I have the Justice League JLCD 5002, 1997, CD on CDR (* are CD bonus tracks).
Coco Macca, Fly Away, The Message, Licky Licky, Labbrish, Quinge Up, Raw Chaw, 5 Cardiff Crescent, Four Of A Kind, Voodoo Man, Nah Go Run*, Mek It Soon*, Bredda´s Dub*, Matches Lane Affair*, A Wise Dub*
Horns-led instrumentals.
Return Of Wax
First released on DIP DLP 6001, 1975, LP.
Also released on Justice League JLCD 5003, 1998, CD.
I have the reissue on UK Justice League JLLP 5003, 1998, LP.
Last Blood, Deathly Hands, Kung Fu Warrior, Dragon Slayer, Judgement Day, One Armed Boxer, Big Boss, Fists Of Vengeance, Samurai Swordsman, Final Weapon
Produced by Lee Perry. Recorded at Black Ark.
Kung Fu Meets The Dragon
First released on DIP DLP 6002, 1975, LP.
Also released on Justice League JLCD 500, 1999, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Enter The Dragon, Theme From Hong Kong, Heart Of The Dragon, Hold Them Kung Fu, Flames Of The Dragon, Scorching Iron, Black Belt Jones, Skango, Fungaa, Black Belt, Iron Fist, Kung Fu Man, Exit The Dragon, Rockstone Dub, The Dragon Enters (Alt. mix of “Dread Lion”), 23rd Dub, Rebels Dub
Produced by Lee Perry. Recorded at Black Ark. Melodica by Augustus Pablo.
The last five tracks appear on CD only.
Tracks 1 – 12 also appear on “Heart Of The Dragon”.
Revolution Dub
First released on UK Cactus CT 112, 1975, LP.
Also released on Lagoon LG 1083, LP.
Also released on Anachron TSLP 9006, LP.
Also released on UK Rhino RN 2120, CD.
Also released on Orange Street CDDUB 2, CD.
I have the French Esoldun CC2-702, 1992, CD.
Revolution Dub, Woman´s Dub, Kojak, Doctor On The Go, Bush Weed, Dreadlock Talking, Own Man, Dub The Rhythm, Rain Drops
“Revolution Dub” uses the rhythm of Bob Marley´s “Revolution” (JA Tuff Gong 1974)
Super Ape
First released at UK Island ILPS 9417, 1976, LP (I have this First UK Pressing).
Also released on Mango 162 539 417-2, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Dread Lion, Zion´s Blood, Three In One, Curly Dub, Patiencve Dub, Super Ape, Croaking Lizard (featuring Prince Jazzbo), Black Vest, Underground Root, Dub Along.
Produced by Lee Perry.
A dub of “Zions Blood” is released on the album “Megaton Dub 2?.
“Black Vest” uses the rhythm of “War In A Babylon”.
Lee Perry Produced Singles 1969 – 1977
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Blank WIRL LP 4202-A David Isaacs – Place In The Sun (1976)
02. Blank WIRL LP 4203-B The Upsetters – Handy Cap (1969 / 1970)
03. Impact RRM I&I 1936-A Junior Byles – King Of Babylon (1972)
04. Impact RRM I&I 1936-B Upsetters – Version Nebuchadnezzer (1972)
05. Island IS 061-A Max Romeo & The Upsetters – One Step Forward (1976)
06. Island IS 061-B Max Romeo & The Upsetters – One Step Dub (1976)
07. Island MS 2002-A Junior Murvin – Police & Thieves (1976)
08. Island MS 2002-B The Upsetters – Grumbling Dub (1976)
09. Orchid DSR 2664-A Junior Mervin – Tedious (1977)
10. Orchid DSR 2665-B Version (1977)
11. Orchid DSR 6067-A Bunny & Ricky – Bushweed Corntrash (1975)
12. Orchid DSR 6068-B Upsetters – Cally Butt (1975)
13. Orchid LP 5081-A Junior Byles – Long Way (1975)
14. Orchid LP 5082-B Junior Byles – Longer Way (1975)
15. Orchid LP 5345-A Susan Codogan – Do It Baby (aka “Nice And Easy”) (1976)
16. Orchid LP 5346-B Upsetters – Dub It (1976)
17. Orchid VP 4370-A Junior Byles – Curley Locks (1974)
18. Orchid VP 4371-B Junior Byles – Lock & Key (1974)
Return of the Super Ape
First released on Lion Of Judah LPIR0001, 1978, LP.
Also released on Upsetter LPIR0001, LP.
Also released on VP VPCD1001, CD.
I have the reissue on JA Upsetter (USA Distribution), 90ies, LP.
Dyon Anaswa (Full Experience), Return Of The Super Ape, Tell Me Something Good (Upsetters), Bird In Hand (Sam Carty), Crab Yars (Upsetters), Jah Jah Ah Natty Dread, Psyche & Trim, The Lion (Upsetters), Huzza A Hana, High Rankin Sammy
Roast Fish Collie Weed & Corn Bread
First released on JA Lion Of Judah, 1978, LP.
I have the JA Upsetter (USA Distribution), 90ies, LP.
Also released on VP VPCD 1000, CD.
Soul Fire, Throw Some Water In, Evil Tongues, Curly Locks, Ghetto Sidewalk, Favorite Dish, Big Neck Police,Free Up The Weed,Yu Squeeze My Panhandle, Roast Fish & Cornbread
Produced by Lee Perry. Recorded at Black Ark.
Black Ark In Dub (Black Ark Players)
First released on UK Black Ark International BALP 4000, 1980, LP.
Also released on UK Third World TWL 3000, 1983, LP.
I have the reissue on French Esoldun LG1-1013, 1991, LP.
Also released on Lagoon, CD.
Jah, Cool Rockers, Lion, Rasta Man, Camp, Ethiopia, How Deep, Loving, Money, In The Valley, Dreadlock, Guidance, Irie Irie, Grumbling
Produced by Aisha Morrison.
Compilation with only half of the tracks being Lee Perry Black Ark recordings. “Rasta Man” is a version to “Open The Gate”. “Loving” is a version of George Faith´s “Guide Line”.
Upsetter Collection (Various Artists)
First released 1981.
I have the reissue on UK Trojan TRLS 195, 90ies, LP
Cold Sweat (Upsetters)
Return Of Django (Upsetters)
Check Him Out (Bleechers)
Django Shoots First (Upsetters)
Kill Them All (Lee Perry & The Upsetters)
The Vampire (The Upsetters)
Drugs & Poison (Upsetters)
Sipreano (Upsetters)
Black I.P.A. (Upsetters)
Bucky Skank (Lee Perry)
Words Of My Mouth (Gatherers)
Tipper Special (Upsetters)
Cow Thief Skank (Lee Perry & Charlie Ace)
French Connection (Upsetters)
Better Days (Carlton & His Shoes)
Freak Out Skank (Upsetters)
All tracks produced by Lee Perry and recorded during 1969 / 1970 and 1972 / 1973.
Megaton Dub (Various Artists)
First released on UK Seven Leaves, 1983, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Seven Leaves SSLP 002, 90ies, LP.
Recorded 1977 / 1978.
Dem No Know Dub (Dub of “Them Don’t Know Love” by Twin Roots), Conscious Man Dub (Dub of “Conscious Man” by Jolly Brothers), Such Is Dub (Dub of “Such Is Life” by Lord Creator), Corn Picker Dub (Dub of “African Freedom” by Brother Hood), Rasta Dub (Dub of “Rasta Far-I” by Leroy Sibbles), Freedom Dub (Dub of “Freedom” by Earl Sixteen), Megaton Dub (Another Dub of “Rasta Far-I” by Leroy Sibbles), Dreader Dub (Dub of “Dread Dreader” by Jolly Brothers), School Girl Dub (Dub of “School Girls” by Mikey Dread and dub of “Elaine” by Mystic I)
Produced by Lee Perry. Recorded at Black Ark.
Megaton Dub 2 (Various Artists)
First released on UK Seven Leaves, 1983, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Seven Leaves SLLP 5, 90ies, LP.
Recorded 1977 / 1978.
Travelling Dub (Dub of “Travelling” by Debra Keese), Fisher Man Dub (Dub of “Fisherman” by Congos), Zion In Dub (Dub of “When Jah Come” by Devon Irons (Bunny Gale) and Dub of “Zion Blood” by The Upsetters), Groovy Dub (Dub of “Groovy Situation” by Keith Rowe), Dub Crisis (Dub of “Economic Crisis” by Jack Lord (Jackie Bernard), Green Bay Killing (Dub of “Greenbay Bay Incident” by Lord Sassafras (Michael Johnson), Big Neck Dub (Dub of “Big Neck Police” by Lee Perry), Living In Dub
History, Mystery, Prophesy
I have the Canadian Island ISL 90178, 1984, LP (First Canadian Pressing).
Also released on Mango MLPS 9774, LP.
Also released on Lion Of JUdah LP1, LP.
Also released on UK Island 539 774-2, CD.
Mr Music, The Ganja Man, Nice Time, Tiger Lion, Funky Joe, Heads Of Government, Daniel, Bed – Jamming
Produced by Lee Perry.
“Nice Time” is a cover of the Bob Marley song.
One Drop / Judgement In A Babylon
First released on UK Lion Of Judah LPD 001, 1985, 12-inch.
I have the reissue on UK Sanctuary / Trojan TJITW 013, 2004), 12-inch Maxi.
When you listen to Lee Perry at “Judgement In A Babylon” proclaiming Chris Blackwell “a blood drinking vampire”, “the one who killed Bob Marley” and more, you can understand, why this controversial maxi was banned shortly after its release. Surprisingly re-released in original discomix in 2004.
Public Jestering (Various Artists)
I have the UK Attack ATLP, 1990, LP
Public Jestering (Judge Winchester)
I’m A Dread Locks (Upsetters)
Dread Locks Dread (Upsetters)
Stay Dread (Lee Perry)
Kingdom Of Dub (Upsetters)
Babylon Deh Pon Fire (Truth Fact & Correct)
Jungle Fever (Truth Fact & Correct)
Hypocrites (Jimmy & Glen)
Nine Finger Jerry Lewis) (Jimmy & Glen)
Black Candle (Leo Graham)
Bad Lamp (Upsetters)
Doctor Demand (Leo Graham)
Back Bat (Upsetters)
Big Tongue Buster (Leo Graham)
Bus-A-Dub (Upsetters)
Herb Vendor (Horse Mouth)
Penny Reel (Prince Jazzbo)
Judge Winchester is Winston Blake.
All songs are produced by Lee Perry and recorded at Black Ark Studio.
Lee Perry Meets The Mad Professor In Dub: Chapter Two
I have the French Blue Beat REG 109, 1990, CD.
Torch Of Freedom, Public Enemy, East Of The River Nile, Rough And Smooth, Flaming Torch, Hotter Than Hot, Navarone Guns, Tuturiing, Bone Of Witch, Music For Ever
Bass by Blacksteel, guitar by Joe Richard and Blacksteel, keyboards by Joe Richard and Blacksteel, drum program by Sean and Joe, background vocals by Dennis Brown, Phil Pratt and John Holt. Recorded at Ariwa Studios London, 1988. All titles written and composed by Phil Pratt.
Voodooism (Various Artists)
I have the UK 90ies Pressure Sounds PSLP 009, 1996, LP
Psalms 20 (James Booms)
Proverbs Of Dub (Upsetters)
Better Future (Errol Walker)
Future Dub (Upsetters)
River (Zap Pow)
Freedom (Earl Sixteen)
Africa (The Hombres)
Foundation Dub (The Upsetter)
African Style (The Black Notes)
Wolf Out Deh (Lloyd & Devon)
Shepherd Rod (The Upsetter)
All songs produced by Lee Perry, recorded at Black Ark Studio, most in 1977.
“Psalms 20? & “Proverbs Of Dub” use the “War Ina Babylon” rhythm.
“Africa” & “Foundation Dub” use the “The Lion” rhythm.
“”African Style use a rhythm from “Africa Must Be Free” by Hugh Mundell.
James Booms is James Brown.
Words Of My Mouth
I have the UK Trojan CDTRL 374, 1996, CD on CDR.
01. Words Of My Mouth (The Gatherers)
02. Words Of My Mouth Version (The Upsetters)
03. Kuchy Skank (The Upsetters)
04. Rejoice In Jah Jah Children (The Silvertones)
05. Rejoicing Skank (The Upsetters)
06. Bush Weed Corn Trash (Bunny & Ricky)
07. Callying Butt (The Upsetters)
08. Ba Ba Bay (The Upsetters)
09. Kiss Me Neck (The Upsetters)
10. Curly Locks (Junior Byles)
11. Dreader Locks (Lee & Junior)
12. Many A Call (The Unforgettables)
13. Too Bad Bull (Bunny & Ricky)
14. Too Bad Cow (The Upsetters)
15. Fists Of Fury (Lee Perry)
16. Herb Vendor (Horsemouth Wallace)
17. Cane River Rock (Lee Perry & The Upsetters)
18. Riverside Rock (The Upsetters)
19. Stay Dread (Lee Perry)
20. Kentucky Skank (Lee Perry)
21. Bathroom Skank (Lee Perry)
22. Spiritual Whip (Jah Lloyd)
Arkology (Various Artists)
I have the UK Island Jamaica CRNCD 6/524 376-2, 1997, Triple-CD-Box
CD 1:
Dub Revolution (Pt. 1) (prev. unreleased altermate take)(Lee Perry & The Upsetters), One Step Forward (Max Romeo), One Step Dub (extended mix) (Upetters), Vampire (Devon Irons), Vamp A Dub (Upsetters), Sufferers Time (prev. unreleased alternate take) (Heptones), Sufferers Dub (extended mix) (Upsetters), Sufferers Heights (alternate mix) (Junior Dread), Don´t Blame On I (Congoes, previously unreleased track from the “Heart Of The Congos” sessions), Much Smarter (Meditations), Much Smarter Dub (Upsetters), Life Is Not Easy (alternate mix) (Meditations), Life Is Not Easy Dub (prev. unreleased alternate mix) (Upsetters), Tedious (extended mix) (Junior Murvin), War In A Babylon (Max Romeo), Revelation Dub (Upsetters), Mr President (Heptones & Jah Lion), Chase The Devil (Max Romeo)
CD 2:
Dreadlocks In Moonlight (Lee Perry & The Upsetters), Dread At the Mantrols (Mikey Dread), I)n These Times (Errol Walker), In These Times Dub (prev. unreleased) (Upsetters), Norman (extended domino mix)(Max Romeo & The Upsetters), Police And Thieves (Junior Murvin), Magic Touch (Glen Dacosta), Soldier And Police War (Jah Lion), Grumblin´ Dub (Upsetters), Bad Weed (prev. unreleased alternate mix) (Junior Murvin), John Public (Errol Walker), John Public (Version) (prev. unreleased) (Errol Walker & Enos Barnes), Roots Train (extended mix with previously unreleased toast) (Junior Murvin & Dillinger), No Peace (Meditations), Peace A Dub (Upsetters), Rasta Train (Raphael Green & Dr. Alimantado) (prev. unreleased alternate mix), Party Time (Part 2) (Upsetters)
CD 3:
Vibrate On (prev. unreleased alternate cut) (Augustus Pablo Meets The Upsetters), Vibrator (prev. unreleased alternate cut) (Upsetters), Bird In Hand (Upsetters), Congoman Previously unreleased alternate vocal take) (Congoes), Dyon Anasawa (alternate mix) (Upsetters featuring Full Experience), Rastaman Shuffle (prev. unreleased alternate mix) (Upsetters), Why Must I (Version) (extended mix with previously unreleased scat vocal) (Heptones & Lee Perry), Make Up Your Mind (prev. unreleased outtake from “Party Time” sessions) (Heptones), Closer Together (The Upsetter Review featuring Junior Murvin), Groovy Situation (Keith Rowe), Groovy Dub (Upsetters), To Be A Lover (George Faith), Soul Fire (Lee Perry), Curly Locks (Lee Perry), Feast Of The Passover (extended mix) (Congoes), Roast Fish & Corn Bread (extended mix) (Lee Perry), Corn Fish Dub (extended mix) (Upsetters)
Lost Treasures of the Ark (Various Artists)
I have the UK Orchard ORCHCDB2, 1998, Triple-CD-Box
CD 1:
I Know A Place (Bob Marley) (3,57)
I Know A Dub (Bob Marley) (3,37)
Who Colt The Game (Bob Marley) (3,22)
Who Colt The Dub (Bob Marley) (3,30)
Shocks Almighty Mix I (Bob Marley) (Shocks Of Mighty, Soul Almighty Alternate Feat Lee Perry) Bob Marley) (3,32)
Shocks Almighty Mix II (Bob Marley) (Shocks Of Mighty, Soul Almighty Alternate Feat Lee Perry, Alternate Mix) (Bob Marley) (3,34)
Shocks Almighty Vocal/Dub Mix (Shocks Of Mighty Version Feat. Lee Perry) (Bob Marley) (3,24)
More Axe (Alternate mix, full length) (Bob Marley) (4,08)
More More Axe (Alternate) (Bob Marley) (4,07)
Stand By Me (Inspirations)
You Know What I Mean (Inspirations)
You Know What I Mean (Unissued Take) (Inspirations)
Django Shoots First (Sir Lord Comic & Lee Perry)
CD 2:
Dollar In The Teeth (Upsetters)
Dollar In The Teeth (Take II) (Upsetters)
Baby Baby (Unissued Take) (Val Bennett)
Baby Baby (Val Bennett)
Barbara (Val Bennett)
Beware Of The Peper (Denzil Laing)
Skanky Chicken (Dave Barker)
Runaway Child (Dave Barker)
Glory Glory (Sister P And Full Experience)
Glory Glory Dub (Upsetters)
Shoulder To The Wheel (Flying Sensation)
Earth Ago Wheel (Upsetters)
Cost Of Living (Keithis)
Poor Man Dub (Upsetters)
CD 3:
Weak Heart Feel It (Shuamark & Robinson)
Peace And Love (Shuamark & Robinson)
Peace And Love Dub (Upsetters)
Open The Gate (Watty Burnett)
Open The Gate Dub (Upsetters)
Take Heed (Armageddeans)
Garden Of Life (Leroy Sibbles)
Garden Of Dub (Upsetters)
A Real Version (Upsetters)
Rainy Night In Portland (Watty Burnett)
Brother Noah (Black Shadows)
Bring It Up (Put It On Alternate, Soulettes) (2,25)
Connection (Dillinger)
Scratch (Compilation)
I have the EU Time Music TMI 258, 2001, CD.
Soul Fire, Roast Fish And Cornbread, Throw Some Water In, In The Iaah, Long Sentence, Scratch Waklking, Curley Dub, Return Of The Super Ape, Tell Me Something Good, Scratch The Dub Organizer, Stick Together, Crabby Yars, Bird In Hand, The Lion, Psyche And Trim
Compilation. Three songs, “Soul Fire”, “Roast Fish And Cornbread” & “Throw Some Water In” , are from the LP “Roast Fish Collie Weed & Corn Bread”. One song, “Curly Dub” is from the LP “Superape”. Six songs, “Return Of The Superape”, “Tell Me Something Good”, “Bird In Hand”, “Crab Yars”, “Psyche & Trim” and “The Lion” are from the LP “Return Of The Superape”. “In The Iaah” is from the LP “Double Seven”. “Scratch Walking” is made over rhythm of Horace Andy´s “Skylarking”.
Chapter 2 Of Words (Various Artists)
Reissued on on UK Trojan, 2003, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Words (Intro) (Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters), Forward Up, Forward (Version) (Upsetters), Nebuchadnezzer (Upsetters), Peace, Peace (Version) (Upsetters), Three Blind Mice (Leo Graham), Mice Skank (Upsetters), Station Underground News (Lee Pery & The Upsetters), Sunshine Showdown (Lee Scracth Perry & The Upsetters), Sunshine Showdown Version (Upsetters), Dr Who (I Roy), Sunshine Rock (Dave Barker), Rasta Dub (Dennis Alcapone), Rasta (Version) (Upsetters), Space Flight (I Roy), Burning Wire (Jerry Lewis), Militant Rock (Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters), Silver Locks (Upsetters), Words (Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters), Little Flute Chant (Upsetters), Hot Tip
Cutting Razor: Rare Cuts From The Black Ark (Various Artists)
First released on Heartbeat CDHB 253, 2003, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
01. Cutting Razor (Junior Byles)
02. Staring (Time Unlimited)
03. Let´s Fall In Love (Junior Murvin)
04. What A Sin (Lee Perry)
05. Sufferer´s Time (The Heptones)
06. One Step Forward (Max Romeo)
07. Righteous Judgement (The Upsetters)
08. Black Candle (Leo Graham)
09. Big Tongue Buster (Leo Graham)
10. Come Along (The Bluebells)
11. Yama Khy (U Roy And The Children)
12. Land Of Love (Sons Of Light)
13. Feelings (Sharon Isaacs)
14. Mister Craven (Junior Murvin)
15. Walk The Streets (The Upsetters)
16. 4 And 20 Dreadlocks (Evan Jones)
17. Judgment (Time Unlimited)
Produced by Lee Perry. Recorded 1974 – 1980.
Dub Triptych (Compilation)
Released on UK Trojan TJBDD 172, 2004, 3-CD.
I have this album on 3-CDR.
CD 1:
Cloak & Dagger, Sharp Razor, Hail Stone, Music Transplant, Liquid Serenade, Side Gate, Iron Claw, V/S Iron Claw, Rude Walking, Caveman Skank, Pe-We Special, Table Turning, Jungle Lion, Cloak & Dagger Horns Dub Plate Pressure
CD 2:
Black Panta, V/S Panta Rock, Khasha Macka, Elephant Rock, African Skank, Dreamland Skank, Jungle Jim, Drum Rock, Dub Organiser, Lovers Skank, Moving Skank, Apeman Skank, Jungle Fever, Kaya Skank, Dub Revolutions, Woman´s Dub, Kojak, Doctor On The Go, Bush Weed, Dreadlocks Talking, Own Man, Dub The Rhythm, Rain Drop
Three albums on two CDs. The first CD includes three previously unreleased extra tracks. “Dreamland Skank”, “”Moving Skank” and “Kaya Skank” are 1973 remixes of Bob Marley recordings, also called “Dreamland Dub”, “Sin Semilla Kaya Dub” and “Moving Forward”.
Chicken Scratch (Deluxe Edition)
I have the 2008, CD mp3-sourced on CDR.
Feel Like Jumping, Chicken Scratch, Please Don´t Go (with The Souletttes), Solid As A Rock, By Saint Peter (with The Soulettes), Tackoo, Roast Duck, Hand To Hand (with The Wailers), Gumma (with The Dynamites), Rape Bait (aka Jane Ann And The Pumpkin), Just Keep It Up, Open Up (aka Puss In Bag), Mother In Law, Madhead, Help The Weak, Cannot Wrong, John Tom (with The Dynamites), Run Rudie Run (with The Gaylads), unknown
Lee Perry 12-inch Maxis
I have this private collection on CDR.
01. Disco Devil (Lee Perry) (7,54)
02. Keep On Moving (Bob Marley) (8,51)
03. One Drop (Lee Perry) (7,02)
04. Judgment In A Babylon (Lee Perry) (7,12)
05. Midnight Hour (George Faith) (7,12)
06. Diana (George Faith) (4,43)
07. To Be A Lover (George Faith) (5,59)
08. Sign Your Name (Terence Trent D´Arby) (Lee Perry Remix) (5,18)
09. If You All Get To Heaven (Terence Trent D´Arby) (Lee Perry Remix) (4,51)
10. Rain (Terence Trent D´Arby) (Lee Perry Remix) (2,52)
Black Art Reissue Singles CD 1
7-inch – wav – CDR.
01. Black Art 01 A The Upsetters – Enter The Dragon (1974)
02. Black Art 01 B The Upsetters – Black Belt Jones (1974)
03. Black Art 02 A Lee Perry – White Belly Rat (1976)
04. Black Art 02 B Jah Lloyd – White Belly Rat (1978)
05. Black Art 03 A Junior Byles – Fever (1972)
06. Black Art 03 B King Medious – This World (1972) over “Fever” riddim
07. Black Art 04 A The Mystic – Forward With Jah Orthodox (1978)
08. Black Art 04 B The Upsetters – Orthodox Dub (1978)
09. Black Art 05 A Devon Iron – When Jah Come (1976)
10. Black Art 05 B The Upsetters – Iron Dub (1976)
11. Black Art 06 A Bunny & Ricky – Freedom Fighter (1976)
12. Black Art 06 B The Upsetters – Iron Wolf (1976)
13. Black Art 07 A Augustus Pablo – Hot & Cold Version 1 (1972) over “Fever” riddim
14. Black Art 07 B Augustus Pablo & Jah T – Lick The Pipe (1972) over “Fever” riddim
15. Black Art 08 A Junior Byles – The Long Way (1974)
16. Black Art 08 B The Upsetters – All The Way (1974)
17. Black Art 09 A Peter & Paul Lewis – Ethiopian Land (1977)
18. Black Art 09 B The Upsetters – Dub Land (1977)
19. Black Art 10 A Danny Hensworth – Mr. Money Man (1978)
20. Black Art 10 B The Upsetters – Money Dub (1978)
Black Art Reissue Singles CD 2
7-inch – wav – CDR.
01. Black Art 11 A Junior Ainsworth – Thanks & Praise (1978)
02. Black Art 11 B The Upsetters – Thanks & Dub (1978)
03. Black Art 12 A Dillinger – Middle East Rock (1973)
04. Black Art 12 B Prince Django – Hot Tip (1973)
05. Black Art 13 A Lee & Junior – Dreader Locks (1974)
06. Black Art 13 B The Upsetters – Militant Rock (1974)
07. Black Art 14 A Max Romeo – One Step Forward (1976)
08. Black Art 14 B The Upsetters – One Step Dub (1976)
09. Black Art 15 A Junior Delgado – Sons Of Slave (1976)
10. Black Art 15 B The Upsetters – Sons Of Dub (1976)
11. Black Art 16 A The Heptones – Mistry Babylon (1976)
12. Black Art 16 B The Upsetters – Mistry Dub (1976)
13. Black Art 17 A Sons Of Light – Land Of Love (1978)
14. Black Art 17 B The Upsetters – Land Of Dub (1978)
15. Black Art 18 A The Black Notes – African Style (ca. 1978)
16. Black Art 18 B The Upsetters – African Dub (ca. 1978)
17. Black Art 19 A The Silvertones – Rejoice Jah Jah Child (1976)
18. Black Art 19 B The Upsetters – Rejoicing Skank (1976)
19. Black Art 20 A Augustus Pablo – Vibrate On (1977)
20. Black Art 20 B The Upsetters – Vibrate Off (1977)
Black Art Reissue Singles CD 3
7-inch – wav – CDR.
01. Black Art 21 A Brent Dowe – Down Here In Babylon (1975)
02. Black Art 21 B The Upsetters – If The Cap Fits (1975)
03. Black Art 22 A Lee Perry – Bathroom Skank (1973)
04. Black Art 22 B The Upsetters – Washroom Skank (1973)
05. Black Art 23 A Jah Lion – Columbia Collie (1976)
06. Black Art 23 B Jah Lion – Wisdom (1976)
07. Black Art 24 A Carlton Jackson – History (aka “History Of Captivity”) (1977)
08. Black Art 24 B The Upsetters – Old Dub (1977)
09. Black Art 25 A U Roy & Upsetters – Dreamland & Version (1970)
10. Black Art 25 B Big Youth – Moving On (aka “Moving Version”) (1972)
11. Black Art 26 A Junior Murvin – Philistines On The Land (1977) over “Police & Thieves” riddim
12. Black Art 26 B Earl Smith & The Upsetters – Bingo Kid (1977)
13. Black Art 27 A The Hurricanes – You Can Run (1971)
14. Black Art 27 B The Upsetters – You Can Dub (1971)
15. Black Art 28 A The Gladiators – Time
16. Black Art 28 B The Upsetters – Dub In Time
17. Black Art 29 A Juks Dread & Big Youth – 23rd Psalm
18. Black Art 29 B The Upsetters – 23rd Dub
19. Black Art 30 A Augustus Pablo & Lloyd Young – Our Man (aka “Our Man Flint”) (1973)
20. Black Art 30 B The Groovers – Pi-A-Ring (1973)
Can’t Take It Anymore I have this song on my Yami Bolo CDR.

Artist Info: Vocal trio with a line up including many changes and many unknown details. George Agard (Dekker), the brother of Desmond Dekker not only sang but also wrote most of the original titles of the Pioneers. Other members include Sidney Crooks who also produced many of their albums, and Jackie Robinson. It is said other members would be Dennis Walks and Glen Adams. They started in the times of rocksteady in 1967 in Jamaica to reocate to London to record for Trojan. Beside their original songs they sang many covers written by Elton John, Percy Sledge and others.
I Believe In Love
I have the UK / JA Trojan TRLS 48, 1972, LP (record made in JA and cover made in UK) (First Pressing).
The World Needs Love, Poor Man’s Son, Alright On The Night, Take It Easy, Higher & Higher, I’ll Be Standing By, I Believe In Love, Time Hard, Live To Love, Habit, Do What You Wanna Do, Destiny
Produced by S. Crooks and Clive Crawley.
Further albums include:
“Greetings From The Pioneers”, Amalgated AMGL 2003, 1968, LP, including: Me Naw Go A Believe, You´ll Never Get Away, Baby Don´t Be Late, Shake It Up, No Dope Me Pony, Whip Them, Gimme Gimme Girl, Things Just Got To Change, Sweet Dreams, Tickle Me For Days, Jackpot, Give Me A Little Loving.
“Long Shot”, UK Trojan TBL 103, 1969, LP, including: Long Shot, Caranapo, Black Bud, Long Up Your Mouth, Bring Him Come, Mother Ritty, Poor Ramseses, Samfie Man, Belly Gut, Lucky Side, Trouble Dey A Bush, Boss Festival.
“Yeah”, UK Trojan TRL 24, 1971, LP, including: Let Your Yeah Be Yeah, Let It All Hang Out, Message From Maria, More Love, Rockin´ Chair, How I Want To Love, Twentieth Century Faces, I Hear You Knocking, Amen, I Can´t Believe, Na Na Hey Hey, Baby Can I Change Your Mind. Produced by The Pioneers and Jimmy Cliff.
“Freedom Feeling”, UK Trojan TRLS 64, 1973, LP, including: Freedom Train, Marita, Papa Was A Rolling Stone, Smokin´, Bye Bye Love, Pony Express, Bad To be Good, My Love, Tale A Look Around, Some Livin´ Some Dyin´, Vanity, At The Discotheque. Produced by The Pioneers.
“I´m Gonna Knock On Your Door”, UK Trojan TRLS 98, 1974, Lp, including: Knocjk On Your Door, Give And Take, A Little Bit Of Soap, Step By Step, Jamaica Jerk Off, Scientist, Keep Your Mouth Shut, Hit Me With Music, Hot Blooded Man, Rub It Up, Upsided Down, Grandma Grandpa. Produced by Sidney Crooke.
“Pusher Man”, UK Trojan TRLS 156, 1978, LP, including: Bus Them Shut, Pusher Man, Riot In Notting Hill, Ohio, Tears On my Pillow, Bad To Worse, Ahuma, Feeling High, The Ghetto, Goodbye My Love, Sabotage, Them A Wolf. Produced by Sidney Crooke.
“Pusher Man”, Squad Disco SQLP 4, 1978, LP, including: Bus Them Shut, Ahuma, Ghetto, Pusher Man, Ohio, Move With The Time, Raindrops, Samfi man, Goodnight My Love. Produced by Sidney Crooke.
“What A Feeling”, Pioneer International PILP 30, 1980ies, LP, including: Medley, What A Feeling, You No Ready Yet, I Know How You Love Me, Run Run Run.
“From The Beginning 1969 – 1976?, WWS TPCD 001, CD, including: Samfi Man, Mother Ritty, Money Day, Nosey Parker, Feling high, Time Hard, Chucky, Let Your Yeah be Yeah, Poor Ramaceas, Slip Away, Hundred Pound Of Clay, Drift Away, Little Bit Of Soap, Driven Back, Papa Was A Rolling Stone, The Oak Tree, Trouble Deh A Bush, Long Shot Lick The Bucket, Live To Love, Knock On Your Door. Compialtion produced by Sidney Crooks.
“Give And Take – The Best Of The Pioneers”, UK Trojan TJACD 067, 2003, CD, including: Let Your Yeah Be Yeah, Long Shot, Long Shot Kick De Bucket, Starvation, Time Hard (aka Everyday), Jackpot, Battle Of The Giants, Samfie Man, You Don´t Know Like I Know, Give Me A Little Loving, I Need Your Sweet Inspiration, Ali Button, I Believe in Love, Black Bud, Reggae Fever, Get Ready, Easy Come Easy Go, Papa Was A Rolling Stone, Poor Rameses, Pusher Man, Na na, Simmer Down Quashie, Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye), Shake It Up, Give And Take. Compilation recorded in the 60ies and 70ies.
“Long Shot Kick De Bucket: The Best Of The Pioneers”, Rhino RNCD 2064, CD, including: Everybody Plays The Fool, If You Could See Me Now, Standing In, Forgot To be Your Lover, Candida, Sweet Dreams, Imagine, You No Ready Yet, Feeling High, Starvation, Raindrops, Soap, Nine Pound Steel, Sabotage, At The Club, Pardon, Hit Me With Sweet Music, Come Down, Long Shot Kick The Bucket. Compilation produced by Sidney Crooke.
“Let Your Yeah Be Yeah, UK Trojan, 2001, 2-CD, including: Doreen Girl, Good Nannie, Never Come Running Back, Whip Them, (Some Of) Them A Brawl, Shake It Up, Give Me A Little Loving, Long Shot Kick De Bucket, Jackpot, Dip And Fall Back, No Dope Me Pony, Catch The Beat, Me Naw Go A Believe, Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye), Miss Eva, Don´t You Know, Ali Button, Who The Cap Fits, Easy Come Easy Go, Pee Wee Chuck Chuck, Long Shot Kick De Bucket, Black Bud, Poor Rameses, Samfie Man, Driven Back, Simmer Down Quashie, Batte Of Giants, Starvation, Get Ready (Yeah), I Need Your Sweet Inspiration, Let Your Yeah By Yeah, Give & Take, Message To Maria, Let It All Hang Out, You Don´t Know Like I Know, Roll Muddy River, Come On Over My Place, The World Needs Love, Time Hard, I Believe In Love, At The Discotheque, At The Club, Papa Was A Rolling Stone, Pony Express, Keep Your Mouth Shut, A Little Bit Of Soap, I´m Gonna Knock On Your Door, Jamaica Jerk Off, My Special Prayer, Feeling High, Bust Them Shout, Them A Wolf, My Woman. Compilation of their greatest hist.

Artist Info: Pluto is born as Leighton Shervington. He started his singing career with “Tomorrow´s Chilrden” in the late 60ies. He gained some success in the mid-seventies. he now lives in Miami, USA.
I have the JA Wildflower LP 366, 1974, LP (First JA Pressing).
Jamalaya, Sixpence, Ramgoat Liver, Here And Now, Kung Fu Fighting, Rock The Boat, I Shot The Sheriff, Never Ending Love, Knotty Dread, Got A Letter From Miami
Recorded at Federal Studios, produced by Ken Khouri.
His first album.
“I Shot The Sheriff” & “Knotty Dread” are covers of Bob Marley songs. The second appear at Trojan´s Tribute To Bob Marley Box.
“Rock The Boat” is originally recorded by thre american soul group The Hues Corporation and recorded in reggae style by Inner Circle in 1974.
“Kung Fu Fighting” is originally recorded by american soul singer George McCrae and was a world wide smash hit for him in 1974.
“Jambalaya” is written and recorded by Hank Williams, most famous is the recording by Jo Stafford (1952).
Further albums include:
“Pluto”, JA Wildflower, 1975, LP, including: Sweet Steel Band, Your Kiss Is Sweet, Doctor´s Orders, Ride ´em Cowboy, Your Honor, Rockin´ Soul, Laughter In The Rain, Winston Spree, Dat, Ms. Grace.
“Pluto” JA Opel PL 1002, 1976, LP, including: Dat, Never Ending Song Of Love, Here And Now, King Fu Fighting, I Shot The Sheriff, Ram Goat Liver, Letter From Miami, Rock The Boat, Knotty Dread, Jambalaya, Sixpence.
“Greatest Reggae Hits”, JA Wildflower XYZ 006, LP, including: Here I Am, Book Of Rules, No Joshua No, I Man Bitter, Cassandra, My Heart Don´t Know When To Stop Breaking, Some Guys Have All The Luck, Everything I Own, Have Some Mercy, Mother Liza.
“Ire Mas Rockers Carnival”, Top Ranking TRI 3240, 1981, LP, including: Pas Mass, Charlee, Ethel, Making Love, Take Your Time, Vampire Year.
“Again”, KR KRLP 3003, 1982, LP, including: Your Honour, I Man Bitter, I Man Born Ya, Ramgoat Liver, Dat, Head Above The Water, Dancing Mood, What ´da´, Diy Your Hard Time (Can´t Last), Reggae Tonight.
“DAT” UK Trojan, 2004, CD. Compilation including: Sat, Your Honour, Ram Goat Liver, Bend Down, I Man Bitter, Boogie Bump, Dancing Mood, Dis Ya Hard Time (Can´t Last), I Man Born Ya, Head Above The Water, Book Of Rules, Letter From Miami, What ´Da´, Here And Now, Reggae Tonight, I Shot The Sheriff, Jambalaya, Your Kiss Is Sweet, Here I Am (Come And Take Me), Gimme, Laughter In The Rain.

Artist info: Keith Poppin born as Keith Smith is a Jamaican roots singer with his first solo release made in 1973.
I have the JA Sunshot LPS 505, 1975, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Mother In Law, Envious, Fed Up, Never Let The Fire Burn, Bye Bye Babe, How Log, Matter Of Time, Remember Darlng, If I Had Only Taken The Time, If You Need Me
His debut album produced by Phil Pratt.
Recorded and mixed at Channel One.
Drums by Horsemouth Wallace and Carlton Barrett, bass by Aston Barrett and Robbie Shakespeare, guitars by Earl “Chinna”Smith and Rad Bryan, organ by Ossie Hibbert and Ansel Collins, piano by Lloyd Willis.
Further albums include:
Pop Inn, UK Burning Rockers BR 1001, 1977, LP. His second album.
Journeys, 2003, CD. His third album.
More Of Keith Poppin, Black Heat, 1979, LP. Compilation.
Get Together: Original Recordings 1970-79, 2007, CD. Compilation.

Artist info: Jamaican producer.
Medley Dub
I have the JA High Note, 1970s, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Trinity In Dub, Revelation Of Dub, Dub You Know, Say Dub, Under Heavy Rhythm, Natty Dutty Dub, Starlight In Dub, Tip Tap Affair, Swing And Dub, Engineer´s Special
Produced by Sonja Pottinger.

Artist info: Producer.
Star Wars Dub
I have the UK Burning Sounds, 1978, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
African Communication, Which Clapp, Star Wars, Side Walk Rider, Tower Dub, Stay Loose, Con-Man (using the “Kunta Kinte” riddim), Concertman, Roffa Yet

Artist Info: Singer. Born as Keith Blake 10th May 1950, also known as Ras Alla, Prince Allah and Prince Ala. Seemingly only two studio albums and one compilation album were released during the late 1970s and early 1980s. In 1996 Jah Shaka brought Prince Allah back to the studio and since this comeback six further albums, one dub album and two more compilations were released.
Heaven Is My Roof
First released on JA Stars TZ 005, 1978, LP.
Go Down In Silence, Go To School, Jah Jah, Gold Diver, Bos Rah, Heaven Is My Roof, Don’t Go A Funeral, Daniel In Lion’s Den, Just One Way, Slave Master
I have the reissue on JA Tappa, 1990, LP with the tracks in a different order.
Don’t Go A Funeral, Bos Rah, Heaven Is My Roof, Slave Master, Go Down In Silence, Gold Diver, Go To School, Daniel In Lion’s Den, Just One Way, Jah Jah
Produced by Tappa Zukie. Mixed at King Tubby’s by King Jammy.
His debut album.
Also released as “I Can Hear The Children Singing” (Prince Alla & Junior Ross), Blood And Fire BAFCD 040, 2002, CD, including:
Bosrah (Extended), Funeral (Extended), Go Down In Silence, Slave Master, Gold Diver, Heaven Is My Roof, Daniel In The Lions Den (12-inch), Black Man (12-inch), Jah Jah Bird, Go To School, Just One Way,
plus the album “Babylon Fall” by Junior Ross & The Spears: Judgement Time (Extended), Man From Zion, Send Me Over There (12-inch Mix), Bow Down Babylon (12-inch Mix), You Can´t Run, Rough Way Ahead, Jah Love (Extended), Liberty, Freedom Fe Natty, African Border, So Jah Jah Say, Hold Them Prophecy (Extended), Babylon Fall (Extended)
The Best Of Prince Allah
First released on JAM Redemption Sounds (Matrix: DSR 1090), 1980, LP.
Also released on JAM High Times, 1992, LP.
Bucket Bottom, I Don´t Want To Be Late, Only Love Can Conquer, They Never Love (Disco Style), Youthman In The Ghetto (Disco Style), Great Stone, City Without Pity, Lots Wife, Riddim
Reissued on CD:
Youth Man (Disco Style), Stone, Lot´s Wife, Cities, Bucket Bottom, I Don´t Want To Be Late, Only Love Can Conquer, They Don´t Love (Disco Style) Reissued as “Great Stone”, 1984.
Bucket Bottom, I Don´t Want To Be Late, Only Love Can Conquer, They Never Love (Disco Style), Youthman In The Ghetto (Disco Style), Great Stone, City Without Pity, Lots Wife
Reissued as “Only Love Can Conquer (1976-1979)”.
I have the UK Blood and Fire BAFCD 014, 1996, CD.
Stone, I Don’t Want To Be Late, Only Love Can Conquer, Sun Is Shining, They Never Love (Disco Style), Lot’s Wife, Bucket Bottom, Mama No Fight, City Without Pity, Lady Deceiver, Youthman In The Ghetto (Disco Style), Black Rose (with Philipp Fraser), Their Reward, Dread Locks Nazarine
A compilation of singles recorded 1976 to 1979.
Lion A Go Bite Yu
I have the UK Headphone Music HD CD 001, 1999, CD.
Red Gold And Green Upfront, Upful And Right, Miracle, No Fun, Poor Man Feel It, Forty Days And Forty Nights, Lion A Go Bite Yu, Stay In My World, Miserable Woman, Lately – Missing You, Devil Woman, Miracle (Remix), Ruff Way Ahead, Thank You Lord
Compilations of tracks recorded in the mid seventies to the eighties.
The last two tracks are recorded in the mid seventies at King Tubby´s and released on Seven Street 7-inches.
The first and the fifth are recorded at King Tubby´s, the eleventh track is recorded at Channel One. These three tracks were released at Cornerstone 7-inches circa 1980.
The others tracks are probably recorded during the eighties and are probably previously unreleased.
Sweet Sensation
Recorded 1982 – 1984.
I have the JA Corner Stone, 1999 or 2000, LP (JA First Pressing).
Released on CD in 1999 or 2000.
Promise, In My Father’s House, Captive Bird, Take My Love, Young Wings, Oh Carol, Jah Jah Make My Days, Sweet Sensation, Chatty Chatty Mouth, Evil Force
Produced by Michael (Pep) Chin. Mixed by Sylvain Morris. Backing by Earl Chinna Smith & The High Times Players.
Compilation album of tracks recorded between 1982 and 1984.
More Love
I have the UK Jah Warrior, 2002, CD on CDR.
More Love, Don´t Run Away, Children Of Jericho, Writing On The Wall, Sun Is Shining, Jonah, I Hear A Voice, So Much Souls To Save, Open The Gate, Early This Morning, Good Morning Africa, Sensimilla, Our Father, Don´t Cry
Seven more albums were released:
“King Of The Road”, JA Ital International LP 002, 1982, LP, including: Don´t Give Up + Dub, The Ethiopian Song + Dub, King Of The Road + Dub, Jah Morning Sun + Dub, So Much Soul To Save + Dub, Old Man River + Dub. Also released as “Showcase”, USA Vista STLP 1030, 1984, LP, including: Jah Morning Sun, Morning Sun Dub, So Much Soul To Save, Soul Dub, Old Man River, River Dub, Don´t Give Up, Don´t Give Up Dubbing, The Ethiopian Song, Ethiopia Dub, King Of The Road, King Dub.
“Jah Children Gather Round”, UK Jah Shaka, 1996, LP including: Gather Round, Rastafari, Togo The Lion, It Ain´t Easy, Righteous, King Midas, Captive Birds, Souls To Save, Feel The Spirit, Born A Fighter.
“Glory”, Jah Warrior, 2000, CD, his seventh album including: Glory, Glory Dub, Stop Your Crying, Start Your Dubbing, Gather Round, Dub Round, Jah Mountain, Mountain Dub, Fools Never Learn, Fools Never Dub, Citites, Dub With No Pity, I Don´t Mind, I Don´t Dub.
“One Bright Day”, UK Back Yard, 2002, CD including: Nuclear Race, Dub Disgrace, Leave The City, Dub Without Pity, One Bright Day, One Day Of Dub, Captive Bird, Free To Fly Dub, King Alpha, Queen Omega Dub, Jah Bless Noah, Dub The Man On Board, So Much Souls To Save, Law Of Man Dub.
“40 Acres Of Land & A Mule”, Bold Gold, 2002, CD including: Forty Acres, Fools Never Learn, Laws Of Men, Heavenly Father, Jah Bless, Strange World, True Love, Love Treasure, 40 Days, Sail Away, Builder, Rasta, No Love, Too Much Killing, Red Hot, Stop Your Crying, Never Turn Back.
“More Dub”, Jah Warrior, 2004, CD. The dub companion of “More Love” including: Our Father Dub, More Dub, Dubbing Away, Children Of Jericho Dubwise, Dubbing On The Wall, Dub Is Shining, Jonah Dub, I Hear A Dub, So Much Souls To Dub, Open The Dub, Early Morning Dub, Good Morning Africa Dub, Sensimilla Dub, Don´t Cry Dubwise.
“Man Of My Word – Roots And Culture”, UK Super Power, 2006, CD including: Man Of My Word, Can´t Fight I Down, Remember, Happy Times, House Of Fan, My Father´s Will, Mother Land Is Calling, Praise To The King, You Can´t Escape, The War Is Over, Safe And Sound, Where Is The Love, Listen The Prophet, Repatriate Out Of Rome, Lately I´ve Been Missing You, Sun Shining Dub, Bull Buch Bud, Jah Wise Dub.

Artist Info: Born Cecil Bustamante Campbell on May 28th 1938 he is one of the most famous Jamaican ska and rocksteady artists. He started in the times of sound systems. In 1960 he produced the Folkes Brothers “Oh Carolina”. He recorded dozens and produced hundreds of records for Blue Beat from 1963 to the 80ies.
A very nice discography with many scans you can find here:
Al Capone / One Step Beyond
First released 1964.
I have the reissue on Blue Beat BB 324 (green label), late 70ies or early 80ies, 7-inch. (Thanks to Andre for this info).
“Al Capone” is the first Jamaican hit to break into UK´s Top 20.
Ten Commandments (From Man To Woman) / Don’t Make Me To Cry
I have the UK Philipps 40427, 1967, 7-inch.
Prince Buster Singles 1961 – 1968
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
01. Islam 6364OH3-A Prince Busters All Stars – Congo Revolution (1965)
02. Islam 6364OH4-B Rico & His Blue Boys – Soul Of Africa (1963)
03. Prince Buster DSR 1655-A The Folks Brothers, Prince Buster & The All Stars – Oh Carolina (1961)
04. Prince Buster DSR 1656-B Prince Buster & The All Stars – Sercy Tea (aka Helena) (1964)
05. Prince Buster DSR 2789-A Derrick Morgan – Sunday Monday (1962)
06. Prince Buster DSR 2790-B Derrick Morgan – Be Still (1962)
07. Prince Buster DSR 9361-A Prince Buster & The All Stars – Time Longer Than Rope (1962)
08. Prince Buster DSR 9361-B (DSR CC 9517) Prince Buster & The All Stars – Fake King (1962)
09. Prince Buster DSR PB 10002-A Prince Buster & The All Stars – Rough Rider (1968)
10. Prince Buster DSR PB 10002-B (10728) Lord Creator, Prince Buster & The All Stars – Evening News (1968)
11. Prince Buster DSR-9361-CC-A Prince Buster – Time Longer Than Rope (1962) repetiton
12. Soulsville Center 65039H1-A Buster’s All Stars – Seven Wonders Of The World (1967)
13. Soulsville Center 65039H2-B Prince Buster – Dancing Time (1967)
14. Soulsville Center WIRL 1431-3-A C.Campbell & Prince Buster All Stars – Ten Commandments (1963)
15. Soulsville Center WIRL 1432-3-B C.Campbell & Prince Buster All Stars – Ryging (1965)
Note: Track 03. is the first track recorded by a rasta group in a studio using nyahbinghi drumming.
There are some UK album releases of Prince Buster that now are among the most rare and most expensive records of the time:
“I Feel The Spirit”, UK Blue Beat BBLP802, 1963, LP.
“Ska-Lip-Soul”, UK Blue Beat BBLP805, 1965, LP.
“It´s Burks Law”, UK Blue Beat BBLP806, 1965, LP.
“What A Hard Man Fe Dead”, UK Blue Beat BBLP807, 1967, LP.
Further albums include:
“Ten Commandments”, RCA, 1967, LP.
“Judge Dread Rock Steady”, Prince Buster, 1967, LP and Melodisc, LP and Dojo, CD.
“Prince Buster On Tour”, Westmoor, 1967, LP and Blue Beat 808, LP and Skank, 1988, LP.
“Fabulous Greatest Hits”, UK Melodisc, 1967, LP and UK FAB / Sequel, 1993, CD and Diamond Range, 1998, CD and Sequel, 1998, CD and 2002, CD.
“Wreck A Pum Pum”, UK Blue Beat, 1968, LP.
“She Was A Rough Rider”, UK Blue Beat, 1968, LP and Skank, 1988, LP and Dojo, CD.
“Golden Oldies”, Prince Buster, 60ies, LP.
“The Message Dub Wise”, UK FAB / Melodisc MS 7, 1972, LP.
“Big Five”, UK Blue Beat, 1972, LP and UK Melodisc / Prince Buster MLP12-157, 1988, LP.
“Fly Flying Ska”.
“Pain In My Belly”.
“The Outlaw”.
“15 Oldies But Goodies”, UK FAB, LP.
“Tutti Frutti”, UK Melodisc, LP.
“Sister Big Stuff”, UK Melodisc, LP.
“Jamaica´s Greatest”, UK Melodisc, LP.
“Dance Cleopatra Dance”, Blue Elephant.
“King Of Ska”, Quatro, 1992, CD.
“Prophet”, UK Melodisc, 1994, CD and Laggon, 1994, CD.

Artist Info: Prince Far I as born as Michael James Williams in Spanish Town, Jamaica, in 1945. He started deejaying as “King Cry Cry” for Sir Mike the Musical Dragon and later went to El Toro Hi-Fi. He was a singer, toaster, DJ and percussionist as well as owner of the label “Cry Tuff” founded 1976. He died on September 15th 1983 in London, UK.
Bunny Lee produced his first 7-inch called “The Great Booga Wooga” circa 1970.
Then Clement “Coxsone” Dodd produced a handful of 7-inches including “Natty Farmyard” and “Queen Of The Ministrel”. In 1971 the single “I Had A Talk” (King Cry Cry) / “Chuckie” (Sound Dimension) appeared. “I Had A Talk” was also a UK Banana 7-inch. Another Studio One 7-inch was “Cain & Abel”.
In 1973 the Cordell´s “Simpleton” appeared with a flip called “Simpleton Skank” on the Lion label. At the same time “Johnny Got Worse” was released by producer Syd Bucknor on a blank 7-inch.
In 1974 he recorded “Deck Of Cards” for Winston Riley, a track that appeared on the album “Bobby & Tommy – Green Mango” UK Trojan, 1974, LP. The same track appears at the compilation “If DJ Was Your Trade” as “Shuffle & Deal”.
In 1974 he voiced Enos McLeod´s “Let Jah Arise” and recorded “Foggy Road” released on Enos Mc Leod´s Soul Beat label.
In 1975 he recorded “Yes Joshua” and “Moses” for Pete Weston´s Micron label followed by “Moses A Williams / Part 2?, “Silver & Gold / Version” and “Armey Gideon / Version”.
1976 singles include: “Natty Farmyard” / “Mean Dub” (Sound Dimension) for Studio One.
Then in 1976 Prince Far I formed his own label “Cry Tuff”. The first 7-inch on Cry Tuff was “354 Skank” followed by “Who Has Eyes To See” by Errol Holt and its DJ take “Talking Rights” and Errol Holt´s “Gimme” and the dj version “Zion Call”.
For Joe Gibbs he recorded in 1976 “Tribute To Michael Holding” / “Heavy Bowling” (Mighty Two), “Deck Of Cards” / “Version” (Mighty Two), “, “Heavy Manners” / “Heavy Discipline” (Mighty Two)
For Bernard Collins he voiced “Widsom” over Abyssinians´ “Satta Massa Gana” in 1977.
1977 singles included: “Blackman Land” / “Version”, “Heavy Manners” / “Version”, “Message From The King” / “Black Reggae Music” (Culture & The Arabs), “Peace Perfect Peace” / “Version”, “Things Nuh Bright” / “Equality” and “No More War”.
1978 singles include: “Front Line Speech” / “Version”, “Weather Man Tam” / “Weather Cup”, “Love By Every One” / “Version”, “No More War” / “War Is Over”.
Later singles are: “Red Sea” / “Blue Sea” (Cry Tuff Original) and “Musical History” / “Version” (The Geography) of 1979, “Big Shot” (Congo Ashantie Roy) / “Put It Out” (Prince Far I) and “Big Fight” / “Prince Far I Dub” (Roots Radics Band) of 1981, “Prophecy Fullfill” / “Sun Get Hotter” (Roots Radics) of 1983.
Some more recent singles are: “Same Knife” / “Different Dagger” (Errol T.) of 1999, “Stop The War” and “Survival” of 2001, “Deck Of Cards” / “Chuffel The Deck” (The Professionals) and “Heavy Manners” / “State Discipline” (The Professionals) of 2003.
A nice tribute page with interviews, pictures and many more info you can find at:
Psalms For I
First released on UK Carib Gems CGLP 1002, 1977, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Carib Gems CG CD 1002, 90ies, CD.
Also released on UK Pressure Sounds, 2002, CD, including one extra track: “Psalm 48 Version” by Record Smith & The All Stars.
Psalm 49, Psalm 48, Psalm 24, Psalm 87, The Lord’s Prayer, Psalm 95, Psalm 53, Psalm 23, Psalm 2, Psalm 1
Recorded 1975 at King Tubby´s and Randy´s. Produced by Lloydie Slim. The vocals taken from the Bible in King James Version are credited to King David who is said to have written or have collected the Psalms three thousand years ago, back in 1.000 B.C.
Under Heavy Manners
First released on Joe Gibbs JG 002, 1977, LP.
Also released on Joe Gibbs JGML 2914, 1980, LP.
Also released on Rocky One RGLP 032, 1995, LP.
I have the reissue on UK CRCD 002, 90ies, CD.
Also released on T.P. Records, 2000, CD (including seven bonus tracks.)
I have the Joe Gibbs JGMCD 1013, 2000, CD on CDR (including seven bonus tracks).
Rain A Fall, Big Fight, You I Love And Not Another, Young Generation, Shine Eye Gal, Boz Rock, Show Me Mine Enemy, Shadow, Deck Of Cards, Heavy Manners, Heavyweight Version*, Johnny Reggae*, ET Version*, Same Knife*, Different Dagger*, Emmanuel Road (Goosie Gander)*, Mighty Two Version*
“Heavy Manners” was the first big hit of Prince Far I in Jamaica, using the riddim of Naggo Morris´ “Su Su Pon Rasta”.
Message From The King
First released on Carib Gems CGLP 1003, 1977, LP.
I have the reissue on USA Virgin / Caroline CAR 49915, 2000, CD.
Also released on UK Frontline, 2000, CD.
Message From The King, The Dream, Commandment Of Drugs, Moses Moses, Blackman Land, Concrete Column, Dry Bone, Foggy Road, Wisdom, Armageddon
“Black Man Land” uses King Jammy’s “Holy Mount Zion” rhythm as King Jammy himself do at “Jump Song Dub”, on the Various Artists´ CD compilation “Dub Chill Out”.
Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter I
First released on UK Hitrun APLP 9002, 1978, LP.
Also released on Roir, 1992, CD.
Also released on Danceteria, DANCD 075, CD.
I have the reissue on UK Pressure Sounds PSCD 13, 1997, CD.
A Message, The Visitor, The Right Way, Long Life, The Encounter, Ghardaia Dub, Mansion Of The Almighty, Mozabites, Prince Of Peace, Abderrahane
The album “Message From The King” in dub.
Long Life
First released on UK Virgin Frontline FL 1021, 1978, LP.
I have this album recorded on CDR.
Also released on UK Virgin / Frontline CDFL 33, 2002, CD.
Daughters Of Zion, Right Way, Black Star Liner Must Come, Praise Him With Psalms, In Your Walking Remember Jah Jah, Farmyard, Love One Another, Who Have Eyes To See, So Long.
John Peel Session
I have this unreleased show on CDR.
Spoken Introduction, Black Man Land, No More War, The Dream, Foggy Road, Frontline
Recorded June 4th 1978. Broadcasted by BBC Radio 1 on June 7th 1978. Re-broadcast on November 13th 2005.
Produced by Jeff Griffin. Lead vocals by Prince Far I, bass by Clinton Jack, guitar by Vernon, drums by Charlie, keyboards by Clifton Morrison, melodica by Dr. Pablo.
Dub To Africa
First released on UK Hitrun APLP 9006, 1979, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Pressure Sounds PS 002, 1995, LP including two extra tracks.
Bass Ace (Dub of “Siren”), Dub To Africa (Dub of “I And I Are The Chosen One”), Good Music Brother (Dub of “When Jah Ready You Got To Move”), Glory To God (Dub of “Call On I In Trouble”), Hello Love Brother (Dub of “Don’t Deal With Folly”), Cry Tuff And The Originals (Dub of “Light Of Fire”), Give Love, Big Fight Dub (Dub of “Reggae Music”), Internal Dub, Out Of The Abyss
“Internal Dub” and “Out Of The Abyss” are not part of the original 1979 release. These are from Dub Plates. Produced by Prince Fari.
Free From Sin
First released on UK Trojan, TRLS 175, 1979, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Trojan TRLS 175, 90ies, LP.
Free From Sin, When Jah Ready You Got To Move, Call On I In Trouble, Don’t Deal With Folly, Light Of Fire, Reggae Music, Go Home On The Morning Train, Siren, I And I Are The Chosen One
Produced by Michael Williams. Mixed by Sylvain Morris and Errol Brown.
I have the USA Caroline / Virgin CAROL 1871-2, 1991, CD.
Throw Away Your Gun, Throw Away Your Gun (Dub), Love Divine Dub, If You Want To Do Ya Dub, Jah Do That Dub, Jah Do That, No More War, No More War Dub, Suru-Lere Dub, Anambra Dub, Kaduna Dub, Oyo Dub, Borno Dub, Bendel Dub, Ondo Dub, Ogun Dub
“No More War” & “No More War Dub” uses Little Roy’s “Tribal War” rhythm.
“Ondo Dub” uses the classic “So Long Rastafari So Long” rhythm.
This album starts with eight unreleased tracks to continue with all songs from the album “Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter II”, UK Virgin Frontline FLX 4002, 1979, LP (songs 9 – 16 here), which is the album “Free From Sin” in dub.
Jamaican Heroes
First released on UK Trokan, TRLS 190, 1980, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Trojan TRLS 190, 90ies, LP.
Deck Of Life, The Vision, Natty Champion, Read A Chapter, Golden Throne, Jamaican Heroes, Prison Discipline, Musical History, Jah Will Provide
Produced by Prince Fari. Mixed by Dave Hunt & Prince Fari.
“Deck Of Life” is over the “Satta Massagana” rhythm.
“The Vision” is over the “Stalag” rhythm.
A toast of “Natty Champion” by Dillinger called “Natty Kick Like Lightning” is on Dillinger’s album “CB 200?.
A different vocal to “Prison Discipline” called “Take Caution” by Prince Far & King Tubby is found at the Prince Fari album “In The House Of Vocal And Dub”.
Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter III
First released on UK Daddy Kool DKLP 15, 1980, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Pressure Sounds PSCD 007, 1996, CD.
Plant Up (Golden Throne Dub), Back Weh (The Vision Dub), The Conquest (Natty Champion Dub), Final Chapter (Jamaican Heroes), Shake The Nation (Prison Discipline Dub), Homeward Bound (Deck Of Life Dub), Low Gravity (Read A Chapter Dub), Mansion Of Invention (Jah Will Provide Dub)
The album “Jamaican Heroes” in dub.
Voice Of Thunder
First released on UK Trojan TRLS 204, 1981, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Trojan TRLS 204, 90ies, LP.
Also released on USA Trojan, 2003, CD.
Ten Commandments, Tribute To Bob Marley, Hold The Fort, Every Time I Hear The Word, Head Of The Buccaneer, Shall Not Dwell In Wickedness, Give I Strength, Kingdom Of God, Coming In From The Rock, Skinhead
Produced by Michael Williams.
Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter IV
First released on UK Trojan TRLS 205, 1981, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
And I have the reissue on UK Trojan TRLS 205, 90ies, LP.
Also released on Roir, 1991, CD.
Foundation Stepper (Dub of “Ten Commandments”, Deadly Command ( Dub of “Tribute To Bob Marley”), Time Stone Turning (Dub of “Hold The Fort”), Sound Gesture (Dub Of “Every Time I Hear The Word”), Earth Stone Shake Down ((Dub of “Give I Strength”), Lion Stone (Dub of “Head Of The Buccaneer”), Stone African Ground (Dub of “Kingdom Of God”), Destruction Sound Battle (Dub of “Skinhead”)
Produced by Michael Williams.
The album “Voice Of Thunder” in dub.
With King Tubby – In The House Of Vocal And Dub
First released ca. 1981.
I have the reissue on Greylan LJCD 001, 1995, CD.
Jordan River (Prince Fari), Fireman (King Tubbys), Don’t Rape The Black Daughter (King Tubbys), Rally Rally (King Tubbys), Take Caution (Prince Fari), Cleopatra (King Tubbys), Not All That Glitters Is Gold (King Tubbys), Stop Oppression Now (King Tubbys), Poor A Di Biggest Crime (Prince Fari), Wicked Man (King Tubbys), Tribulation (King Tubbys), Old Nega War (King Tubbys), Iron Bar Stay Far (Prince Fari), Death To All Racists (King Tubbys)
Produced by Prince Fari & King Tubby. Mixed by King Tubbys & Scientist.
“Jordan River” uses the “Satta Amasagana” rhythm.
“Fireman” is a dub of Yabby You’s “Fire Fire”.
“Rally Rally Round” is a dub of Yabby You’s “Run Come Rally”.
“Take Caution” is a different vocal of “Prison Disciple” from Prince Fari’s “Jamaican Heroes” album.
Black Man Land
I have the Austrian Virgin CDFL 9005, 1990, CD.
Also released on UK Frontline, 1995, CD.
Also released on Virgin, 1999, CD.
Message From The King, The Dream, Reggae Music Moving, Black Man Land, Marble Stone, Wish I Have A Wing, Armageddon, Commandments Of Drugs, Badda Card, Moses Moses, Some With Roof, Foggy Road, Put It Out, King Of Kings, Ghetto Living, River Of Jordan
This CD combines nine songs (Reggae Music Moving, Marble Stone, Wish I Have A Wing, Badda Card, Some With Roof, Put It Out, King Of Kings, Ghetto Living, River Of Jordan) from the album “Livity”, 1981, missing only one song “Give Me Mine Continent”, and seven songs (Message From The King, The Dream, Black Man Land, Armageddon, Commandments Of Drugs, Moses Moses, Foggy Road) from the album “Message From The King”, 1978
Musical Revue (Live 1982 with The Suns of Arqa Live)
I have the French Roir RE 161, 1994, CD (First release).
Steppin’ To The Music, Throw Away Your Guns, Brujo Music, Version Galore, ‘83 Struggle, Trancedance Music, Foggy Road, What You Gonna Do On The Judgement Day
Recorded live at Manchester, England, U.K. December 7th, 1982.
Musical History
First released on UK Trojan 214, 1983, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Trojan TRLS 214, 90ies, LP.
Everytime I Talk About Jah, Prince Far I Come Again, Tell Them About Jah Love, More We Are Together, At The Cross, Working For My Saviour, I Don’t Know Why I Love Jah So, What You Gonna Do On Judgement Day, Take Heed Frontline
Produced by Prince Far I.
Cry Freedom Dub
I have the UK Tamoki-Wambesi TWLP 1053, LP (First UK Pressing).
Also released on Tamoki Wambesi TWCD 1053, CD.
Free Jah Jah Children (Dub of “Special Request”), Blood At The Corner Of Orange Street, Idlers Rest, Tired Fe See The Mothers Cry, Rudeboy Anthem, Tribute To Cry Cry, Famine In Africa (Dub of “Survival”), Ethnic Cleansing (Dub of “Ask Ask”), Will We Be Free From Poverty (Dub of “African Queen”), Pose For Hire, Sacrifice For The Truth (Dub of “Stop The War”), Feed Jah Jah Children
Recorded 1980 – 1983. Produced by Roy Anthony Cousins. Mixed by Scientist and Maxie.
Umkhonto We Sizwe (Spear Of The Nation)
First released on UK Kingdom KVL 9016, 1984, LP.
I have the reissue on UK Tamoki-Wambesi TWLP 1013, 1988, LP.
Also released on UK Tamoki Wambesi, 1988, CD.
Survival, Ask Ask, African Queen, Stop The War, Jerry Doghead, Special Request
A showcase album. Each song is presented in a vocal / dub mix.
The Dub of “Survival” is called “Famine In Africa”, Dub of “Ask Ask” is called “Ethnic Cleansing”, Dub of “African Queen” is called “Will We Will Be Free From Poverty”, Dub of “Stop The War” is called “Sacrifice For The Truth”, Dub of “Special Request” is called “Free Jah Jah Children.”
Megabit 25, 1922 Dub (A Pril 3 1930)
First released on UK Tamoki Wambesi TWLP 1066, 1985, LP.
I have the UK Tamoki-Wambesi TWCD 1066, 1997, CD.
Negusa Nagast, Janhoi, Tenastelin!, Itege, Ejarsa-Gora, Gebbi, Menelik-1, Itchege, Hapta, Maskal, Tesfa, Waizero, Qurban, Abun, Ras Makonnen, Kebra Nagast
Produced 1985.
Health And Strength
I have the UK Pressure Sounds PSLP 18, 1997, LP (First UK Pressing).
Frontline Speech, Brother Joe, House Of Jah, Health Warning, Weatherman Tam, When The King Comes On Earth, Easy Squeeze, Solomon’s Wisdom, The Will To Win, Clean Hands Pure Heart, Leave Babylon
Recorded 1978 / 79 but unreleased at that time, because the master tape was lost. In 1997 a copy of the mastertape appeared and was restored for this album release.
“Brother Joe” is a version to Gregory Isaacs’ “Uncle Joe”.
“House Of Jah” is a version to Gregory Isaacs’ “Handcuff”.
“Health And Strength” uses Gregory Isaacs’ “Sacrifice” rhythm.
“Clean Hands Pure Heart” is a version of George Calstock’s “The Ungodly”.
“Easy Squeeze” and “When The King Comes On Earth” features the DJ voice of Blackskin The Prophet.
Ten Commandments
Released on Cactus CT 3004.
Also released on EU Rhino, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Ten Commandments, Jah Footstep, Round One, Babylon Walls, Cool Me Cool, Jah Will Provide, Falling Wall, Never Defeated, Mr President, All Tears From My Eyes, Mount Zion, Give Thanks And Praise, Lambs Bread Collie, Reggae Reggae
Produced by Prince Fari.
Joe Presents DJ Originators Head to Head – Vol. 2 – Prince Fari & Trinity
I have the USA Rocky One ROLP 021, 1995, LP
Also released on USA Rocky One ROLP 021, 1995, CD including extra tracks by Trinity: “Slim Ting” and “Starsky & Hutch”.
Deck Of Cards (Original Mix), Equal Rights & Justice, Best Dress, Cricket Lovely Cricket, Discipline (all by Prince Fari)
Top Ranking, What Kind Of World, Ital Fighting, Financial Business, Wrong Card, What A Windy Day (all by Trinity)
Produced by Joe Gibbs.
Silver & Gold 1973-1979
I have the UK Blood And Fire BAFCD 049, 2005.
Johnny Get Worse (1973)*
Yes Joshua (1974)+
Let Jah Arise (1974)#
Jah Dub Version (1974)#
Silver & Gold (1975)+
Silver & Gold Version (1975)+
354 Skank (1976, first Cry Tuff 7-inch)
354 Version (1976, first Cry Tuff 7-inch)
Things Nuh Bright (1977, Cry Tuff)
Equality Version (1977, Cry Tuff)
Who Have Eyes To See (Errol Holt) (1976, second Cry Tuff 7-inch)
Ears To Hear Version (1976, second Cry Tuff 7-inch)
Talking Rights (1976, third Cry Tuff 7-inch)
Talking Rights Version (1976, third Cry Tuff 7-inch)
No More War (1978, Cry Tuff)
War Is Over (1978, Cry Tuff)
Gimme (Errol Holt) (1976, fourth Cry Tuff 7-inch)
Gimme Version (1976, fourth Cry Tuff 7-inch)
Yes Yes Yes (Errol Holt 12-inch) (1979)
* produced by Syd Bucknor.
+ produced by Pete Weston.
# produced by Enos Mc Leod.
All other tracks produced by Prince Far I.
Thunder Storm Pt 2 (Bongo Herman) / Wisdom (Prince Fari)
Recorded 1976.
I have a reissue on JA Clinch, 1998, 7-inch.
Sharp Knife / Stick The Sheep (The Professionals)
I have the reissue on JA Gibbs, 2003, 7-inch.
Tell Me Why / Riddim
I have the reissue on JA Cry Tuff, 2003, 7-inch.
The Message / Riddim
I have the reissue on JA Cry Tuff, 2003, 7-inch.
Voiced over different rhythm as on the album.
(Tell Them About) Jah Love (Prince Fari & Bim Sherman) / Riddim
Recorded 1983.
I have the reissue on JA Cry Tuff, 2003, 7-inch.
83 Struggle (Prince Fari & Congo Ashanti Roy) / Riddim
Recorded 1983.
I have the reissue on JA Cry Tuff, 2003, 7-inch.
Head Of The Bucaneer / Riddim
Recorded 1981.
I have the reissue on JA Cry Tuff, 2003, 7-inch.
Psalms Of David / Riddim
I have the reissue on JA Cry Tuff, 2003, 7-inch.
Bedward The Flying Preacher / Version
Recorded ca. 1983.
I have the reissue on UK Soundboy SB 003, 2005, 7-inch.
Produced by Adrian Sherwood.
Who Has Eyes To See (Prince Fari & Prince Michael aka Mike Brooks) / Version
Recorded ca. 1983.
I have the reissue on UK Teams EB 22, 2005, 7-inch.
Produced by E. Brooks
Private CDR with the songs taken from the singles mentioned before recorded on CDR.
The Message, Version, Pslams Of David, Version, Tell me Why, version, Jah Love, Version, Head Of The Bucaneer, Version, Bedward The Preacher, version, Who Has Eyes To see, Version, 83 Struggle, Version.
Live At Bonn, Germany, March 2nd 1981, With Congo Ashanti Roy & The Arabs
I have this unreleased CDR.
Drum Song (The Arabs), River To The Bank (The Arabs), Chant Niabinghi (Congo Ashanti Roy), Badda Card (Prince Far I), How Love Divine (Prince Far I), Jah Do That (Prince Far I), ´83 Struggle (Prince Far I)
Live At Wiesbaden / Germany March 1981 with Congo Ashanti Roy
I have this unreleased show on CDR.
Badda Card (Prince Far I), How Love Divine (Prince Far I), Jah Do That (Prince Far I), ´83 Struggle (Prince Far I), Drum Song (The Arabs), River To The Bank (The Arabs), River To The Bank (continued) (The Arabs), Stay Red (Congo Ashanti Roy), Big Shot (Congo Ashanti Roy), Chant Niabinghi (Congo Ashanti Roy)
Live At Manchester, UK, December 7th 1982, With The Suns Of Arqa
I have this unreleased CDR.
Steppin´ To The Music / Throw Away Your Guns, Brujo Music, Version Galore, ´83 Struggle, Trancedance Music, Foggy Road, What You Gonna Do On Judgment Day
This source is identical to the released CD, except the first two songs appear here combined.
Live At München, Germany, 1983, With Creation Rebel
I have this unreleased CDR.
Some A Holler Some A Bawl (Creation Rebel), Love That I Can Feel (Creation Rebel), Yuk Up (Creation Rebel), Big Fight (Prince Far I), Prodigal Son (Prince Far I), Virgin (Prince Far I), Every Time I Hear The Word (Prince Far I), What You Gonna Do On Judgment Day (Prince Far I), African Space (Creation Rebel)
There are two further albums:
“Showcase In A Suitcase”, UK PRE PRE XF 3, 1980, LP, including: Throw Away Your Gun Jam Down, Buds Bush, How Love Divine, Lovers Rock, If You Want To No You Friend, Farm Drunk, Can´t Take Su Su Pon Dred, Prince Fari Dub, Mitey Ruler, Jah Do That. Featuring Radics, Naggo Morris, Ashanti Roy, Wailing Souls.
“Livity”, besides the songs included in “Blackman Land”, this album includes: “Give Me Mine Continent”.
And there are some further tracks:
1970 “The Great Booga Wooga” (Bunny Lee)
1971 “Queen Of The Ministrel” “Cain & Abel” (Clement Dodd)
1973 “Simpleton Skank”
1975 “Moses A Williams” and “Armey Gideon”
1976 “Tribute To Michael Holding”
1978 “Love By Every One”
1979 “Red Sea”
1983 “Prophecy Fullfill”
See also Singers & Players.
See also Gladstone Anderson.
See also Dub Syndicate.
See also Burning Spear – Singles For Jah Spear”
See Various Artists Compilations.

Artist Info: Singer born as Beres Simpson. He started to record in the late seventies. His earliest singles are “Orthodox Rock” for Crazy Joe and “Never See Come See” on I.S.D.A. and further songs released on Soul Beat, Belva and Gold Cup labels. It seems a Sonic Sounds single called “Jah Rastafari” from circa 1989 / 1990 is his last release.
I have the UK Virgin FL 1004, 1978, LP (First UK Pressing).
Jah Is My Refuge, Selassie School, Forty Days, Morwell Esquire, Flash Your Dread, Sister Bella, Bible, Wicked Woman, The Lion, Mourning For You
His debut album produced by Morwell Records. Featuring sleeve-notes by Linton Kwesi Johnson.
World War Dub Part 1
First released on UK Hitrun APLP 9007, 1979, LP.
I hzave this album on CDR ( hi res mp3-sourced).
His third album, self-produced.
King Selassie In Dub, Mussolini, Desert Rat Dub, Churchill, Hitler, Rooseveld, Kamikaze Dub, Field Marshall Montgomery, ´D´ Day Dub, Dreadlocks Rebel Force.
Produced by B. Simpson. Mixed by Prince Jammy and Scientist at King Tubby´s Studio.
His third album.
Respect I Man
First released on UK Tamoki Wambesi TWLP 1026, 1984 or 1989, LP.
I have the UK Tamoki-Wambesi TWCD 1026, 1989, CD.
Also released on UK Tamoki-Wambesi, 1994, CD.
Respect I Man, Yard Man Rule, Red, Export Ganja, Crazy For Your Love, Hail Rasta Far I, Coronation Market, Can’t Talk To Me, Bouncin’ Stylie, Changes
His fourth or fifth album produced by Roy Cousins recorded 1984 or 1989.
Rastafari Bible
I have the French Patate PRP 005, CD on CDR.
01. Black Tradition, 02. Flash Your Dread, 03. Good Morning Teacher, 04. Dutty Man Skank, 05. Dreadlocks Ting, 06. Legalise It (Discomix), 07. Brixton Trial & Crosses, 08. Words Of Parables, 09. Sadam Dub, 10. She No Jestar, 11. Hickey Bite, 12. Never See Come See, 13. Sabbath Day.
Compilation recorded 1976 – 1982 and produced by Prince Hammer & Dr. Alimantado & Rod Taylor.
02. is from the album “Bible”.
01. is from the album “Roots Me Roots”.
06. is the track from the album “Roots Me Roots” but in 12-inch mix on CD.
Further albums include:
“Roots Me Roots”, UK Miss Pat Walker PW1, 1979, LP. His second album, self-produced, including: Natty Fire, Four Piece Suit, Black Tradition, Princess Bress, Good Bad Ugly, King Of Kings, Addis Ababa, Righteous Man, Juck In A Yourself, Legalize It.
“Vengeance”, UK Belva, 1985, LP. His fourth or fifth album produced by Adrian Sherwood including Dread Locks A Conqueror, Special Request, Warika Hill, Flash It, Well Hot, What A Struggle, Africa Dance Hall, Supa Dupa, Feel Good, Just A King.
Further singles include:
“Dance Hall Style / Ina Dance Hall”, Garand 002, 12-inch Maxi.

Artist Info: DJ, producer. Born Lloyd James.

Artist Info: Seventies DJ born Linval Carter started to record in 1971.
Wise Shepherd / Jazzbo Rocking
I have the JA Brisco, early or mid 70ies, 7-inch (First JA Pressing).
Ital Corner
First released on USA Clocktower LPCT 0103, 1979, LP.
I have the reissue on Canadian Abrahams / Clocktower LPCT 0103, ca. 2000, LP.
Also released on Clocktower CTCD 013, CD.
Also released on RAS, 1995, CD.
Also released on JDH, 2006, CD.
Ital Corner, Natty Pass Through Rome, Prophet Live, Prophet Dub, Live Good Today, Dreadlock Corner, Coming On Strong, Blood Dunza, Weeping & Wailing, Story Come To Bump
Produced by Lee Perry. Mixed by Lee Perry. “Prophet Dub” mixed by King Tubby.
“Ital Corner is a toast of Max Romeo’s “One Step Forward”.
“Natty Pass Through Rome” is a toast of Lee Perry’s “Dread Lion”.
“Prophet Live” is a toast of a version of “Satta Amasagana”.
“Prophet Dub” is the dub of “Prophet Live”.
Also released on UK Black Wax WAXLP 1, 1976, LP titled “Natty Pass Through Rome” with some titles different: Dreadlocks Corner, Story Come To Bump, Natty Passin´ Through Rome, Hold My Hand, Prophet Live, Ital Corner, Bloody Dunza, Weepin´ And Wailin´, Live Good Today, Life Is Gonna Easy.
Further albums include:
“Step Forward Youth”, Live And Love LAP 003, 1975, LP, produced by Bunny Lee, including: Straight To I Roy Head (Prince Jazzbo), I Bust In The Name Of Jah (Prince Jazzbo), Mr Benwood Dick (I Roy), Straight To Prince Jazzbo Head (I Roy), The Duke (I Roy), Wood & Stone (Prince Jazzbo), Rock By Sir Dee Scorcher (Tommy McCook), Denham Town Dub (Agrovators), Jah Dub (Agrovators), Dub Incorporated (Tommy McCook & Agrovators), Version Satellite (Agrovators), Duke Of The Road (Agrovators).
“Kick Boy Face”, Third World TWLP 109, 1976, LP, produced by Prince Jazzbo and Bunny Lee, including: Kick Boy Face, I And I, Hand Of Babylon, Nigger Is A Winner, Virgin, Rebel Boy, Church Is A Rome, Far Star, Hello, Youth In Service.
“Get Tonight Brother”, USA Clocktower CTLP 888, LP and USA Clocktower, 2006, CD, including Mek I Tell You, Donkey, Freedom, Get Together Brother, You´re A Boy I Roy, In Jah Jah Name, Jah Jah Version, War And Fighting, Tribulation, Hard Times, Love Potion Dub.
“Pepper Rock”, Studio One PSLP, 2003, LP, recorded 1975, including: Ministral, Choice Of Version, Jah Dread, Dub From The Skies, Rock Forth Dub, Pepper Rock, Apollo 16, Take Over, Imperial I, School.
“Head To Head Clash” (I Roy & Prince Jazzbo), RAS 3039, 1990, LP, compilation including: Jamaican Collie (Prince Jazzbo), 333 (Prince Jazzbo), Lally (Prince Jazzbo), Prince Jazzbo Rocking (Prince Jazzbo), Live Together (Prince Jazzbo & I Roy), Bible (I Roy), Hard Me Hard (I Roy), Billy Goat (I Roy), Aids (I Roy), Country Man (I Roy).
“In The 70´s”, Carter House Music, LP, compilation recorded 1971 – 1976, including: School, Crab Walking, Wise Shepherd, Pepper Rock, Cankie Bine, I Roy You A Boy, Kick Boy Face, Plum Plum, Mr Harry, Gal Boy I Roy, Jah Dread, Every Nigger, Bag A Wolf, Natty Dread, Jamaican Killer, Wise Man.
“Choice Of Version”, Studio One, 1990.
“Mr Funny, UK Pressure Sounds PSCD 30, 2001, CD. Compilation including: Mr Funny, Mr Funny Version, Step Forward Youth, Black Is Power, Kick Boy Face, Kick Boy Face Version, Jazzbo´s Mercy (aka Youth In Service), Every Nigga Is A Winner, Crankie Bine, Let Go Donkey, Stealing, Freedom, Free Dub, Jamaican Collie, Wood & Stone, Sin & Shame, For Star.
“Step Forward”, Carter House, 1999, LP, including: Step Forward, Plum Plum, Jamaican Kallie, To Be Free, Down West, Leggo Beast, Every Nigger, Rock Natty, Down In Babylon, England Cold.
“Wise Shepherd”, Ujama, LP, including: Wise Shepherd, Blood Of Jah, Youths In Service, You I Love, Some Ah Dem, Sadom, The Don, School, Eag Ah Wolf, Wise Man.

Artist Info: Vocal band. Active from 1975 to 1983. “The Rass-Es” also called “Royal Rasses” are Lincoln Thompson, Keith Peterkin and Clinton Hall. God Sent is the label owned by Prince Lincoln. Prince Lincoln died 1999.
First released on UK Ballistic UAG 30227, 1979, LP.
I have the UK God Sent GSLP 2001, CD on CDR.
San Salvador (Disco Style), They Know Not Jah, Old Time Friends (Disco Style), Unconventional People, Humanity (Love The Way It Should Be), Mr Kissinger, Kingston 11.
His first album.
extra tracks from vinyl on my CDR:
Whopping Good Vibration, Whopping Good Dub, Unite The World, No Future At All, Nobody Here But Me, Babylon Is Falling, Smiling Faces, Natural Reprise
Originaly released in 1979 on Ballistic UAG 30259, LP and God Sent GSLP 300, LP.
I have the German Ballistic / EMI 064-82746, 1979, LP (First German Pressing).
Also released on Orange Street, 2001, CD including some tracks of this album in 12-inch mix and including the album “Harder Na Rass”, listed next.
Nobody Here But Me, Blessed Are The Meek, Slave Driver, You Gotta Have Love (Jah Love), Babylon Is Falling, True Experience, For Once In My Life, Walk In Jah Light, Jungle Fever, Thanksgiving
Lead guitars by Ernest Ranglin.
Harder Na Rass
First released 1979 on Ballistic LBR 1031, LP / Warior WARLP 2002, LP.
I have the reissue as “Vortex Dub” (Record 1), Italian Get Back, 2003, Do-LP.
Also released as “True Experience” on Orange Street, 2001, CD including the album “Experience”.
Interstellar Over Dub, Second Sight, Nebular Dub, Time Wharp, Universally Dubbed, Terrestrial Dub, Gravitional Echoes, Dub Vortex, Regenerated Dub, Cosmic Silence
Dub companion to “Experience”. Mixed by Prince Jammy. In 1979 there was a white label release of a few hundreds.
True Experience
I have the Orange Street, 2001, 2-CD on 2-CDR.
CD 1:
Nobody Here But Me, Blessed Are The Meek, Slave Driver, Jah Love, Babylon Is Falling, True Experience, For Once In My Life, Walk In Jah Light, Jungle Fever, Thanksgiving (While Your Living)
CD 2:
(Harder-Na-Rass), Interstellar Over Dub, Second Sight, Nebular Dub, Time Wharp, Universally Dubbed, Terrestrial Dub, Gravitional Echoes, Dub Vortex, Regenerated Dub, Cosmic Silence
Natural Wild
First released 1980 on United Artists LP / God Sent GSLP 400, LP.
I have the reissue on Italian Get Back GET 907, 2002, LP.
Mechanical Devices, Natural Wild, My Generation, Natural (Reprise), Spaceship, People’s Mind, Peolpe Love Jah Music, Smiling Faces
Produced by Lincoln Thompson, “Smiling Faces” produced by Joe Jackson.
God Sent Dub (Natural Wild Dub)
First released 1980.
I have the reissue as “Vortex Dub” (Record 2), Italian Get Back, 2003, Do-LP.
Mechanical Devices, My Generation, Spaceship, People Love Jah Music, Peoples Mind, Natural Wild Dub
Mixed by Prince Jammy. In 1980 there was a white label release of a few hundreds.
Spaceship (Extended Version) / Generation Dub
I have the UK Ballistic / United Artists 12 BP 369, 1980, 12-inch Maxi.
B-side is shorter as the album dub track “My Generation Dub”.
Roots Man Blues
UK Target Tar 003, 1983, LP
Also released on Bold Reprive BRMLP 026, 1988, LP.
Also released on Lagoon, 1994, CD and Allegro Corporation, 2000, CD, titled “Unite The World”.
Unite The World, Hail Shanti, Whopping Good Vibrations, Roots Man Blues, Revolutionary Man, You Make Me Feel Alright, Love The Way It Should Be, Whopping Good Dub
Produced by Prince Lincoln Thompson.
Recorded at Addis Ababa Studios, London, UK.
Organ, piano, synthezizer, rhythm and lead guitar and percussion by Lincoln Thompson, drums and percussion by Desmond Mahoney, bass by Collin McNeish, drums and percussion by Errol Tama, piano by Marcus (Naphtali) Hodges.
The album and song “Hail Shanti” is dedicated to humanity and specially to Bob Marley and remembers of “Want More”: “The more you get the more you want, do you want more”. The CD re-release is re-titled “Unite The World”.
21 Century
I have the 1-5 South Records, 1996, CD on CDR.
Intro, Heroes Just The Same, 21st Century, Hard Times Come Again, Hear Our Cry, Let Freedom Reign, Fire Burning, Preacher Man, Ain´t Gonna, Mediation Time, Outro
His comeback after 13 years.
One more album is:
“Ride With The Rasses”, UK God Sent GSLP 100, 1982, LP, including: One Common Need, Kinky Money Game, Come Spring, Fall Back, The Brotherhood Of Man, Ride With The Rasses, No Future At All.

Artist Info: Prince Mohammed born George Nooks started a career as a singer as “George Nooks” and a second career as DJ under the name “Prince Mohammed”. His singers´ career led to singles like “Tribal War” (for Joe Gibbs) and “You Too Greedy” (for Tony Robinson) and an album “Today”, Jimpy´s JW&L 842, 80ies, LP). His DJ career led to the hit single “Forty Leg (Inna Him Dread)” (for Joe Gibbs). As “Prince Mohammed” he was active between 1979 and 1982. Since 1997 he started a new career as “George Nooks”. He is still active today.
People Are You Ready
I have the UK Ballistic / United Artists 30192, 1979, LP (First UK Pressing).
Go Up Town, Great Sounds Ska, Angelina, Natty Going Back To Africa, Fat John Tom, Africa Rocker, Johnny Trasher, Willow Tree, People Are You Ready
Produced by B. Riley.
I have the JA Techniques, 1980, LP (First JA Pressing).
Bubbling, Don’t Keep Natty Waiting, Stop Mock Jah, Hot Cross Bun, Jack Sprat, You I Love, Come Mek We Rub Dub, Bad Mind, Dead Trap, Rightful Ruler
“Bubbling” is voiced over the “Stalag” rhythm.
Further Prince Mohammed albums, not reissued on CD as he started a different career, include:
“(Untitled album)” (Prince Mohammed), JA Hungry Town, 1979, LP, including: Pass It On, Jah No Parshall, Robman Money, Problems, Dub Cassanova. The DJ album to “Chanting Dub”. Backed by Augustus Pablo & Rockers Allstars. Produced by Everton Da Silva.
“? Inna Him Head”, Joe Gibbs, 1979, LP.
“African Roots”, UK Burning Rockers, 1979, LP.
“No One Remember Africa”, Unity House 001, 1979, LP and Makossa, LP, including: McDonald, Wicked Fade Away, No One Remembers Africa, Moses Moses, My Brethren, Purpose, Man To Man, Darling.
“Someone Loves You Honey” (June Lodge featuring Prince Mohammed), Joe Gibbs, LP and Ariola 204858, 1982, LP.

Artist Info: Born George Haynes in 1957 in Kingston. Started recording for Yabby You in 1977 to continue for Junjo Lawes and Delroy Wright before he stzarted to produce his music by his own.
Serious Reasoning
First released on Grove Music, 1980, LP.
Also released on UK Island ILPS 9606, 1980, LP.
Also released on Island RRCD 48, CD.
I have the reissue on German Island / Mango 74321 222822, CD with two extra tracks.
Fight To The Top, Hear I Prayer, Turn Me Loose, The Gates Of Zion, Praise You Jah Jah, Love And Unity, Warn Them, Conscious Man, Give Thanks, Serious Reasoning, Fight To The Top (12-Inch Mix) #, Love And Unity (12-Inch Mix) #
# : extra track only on CD.
His second album release. Produced by Vivian “Yabby U” Jackson. Drums by Santa. Bass by Clinton Ferron. Rhythm guitar by Albert Griffiths. Lead guitar by Chinna Smith. Keyboards by Bernard Harvey and Ansel Collins. Percussion by Scully. Horns by Tommy McCook and Bobby Ellis. Background vocals by Tony Tuff, Yabby U, Patrick Andy.
Further albums include:
“Vocal & Dub”, Vivian Jackson (Matrix: DSR 8399), 1979, LP and Prophet, LP.
“Consciousness”, Yabby U / Musidisc M776, 2000, CD.
“Original Prophet”, Corner Stone, 2004, LP.
“Righteous Are The Conqueror”, UK Greensleeves GREL 18, 1980, LP.
“Know The Right”, Vivian Jackson, 1981, LP.
“Michael Prophet”, UK Greensleeves GREL 27, 1981, LP.
“Yabby You & Michael Prophet Meets Scientist At The Dub Station”, Vivian Jackson, 1981, LP and Prophet, 1981, LP.
“Stars In Disco Style”, Vivian Jackson, 1982, LP and Prophet, 1982, LP.
“Prophecy”, (Yabby You & Michael Prophet & Wayne Wade), WLN YULP 002, 1982, LP and Yabby U YVJ009, CD.
“Gunman / Righteous Are The Conqueror”, UK Greensleeves GRELCD 508, 1991, CD and UK Greensleeves, 1997, CD.
“Certify”, UK Burning Sounds BS 1056, 1983, LP.
“Gun Man”, Jah Guidance VPRL 27, 1983, LP.
“Jah Love”, Live & Learn LL LP4, 1983, LP and RAS, 1990, LP and Live & Learn /Sanctuary, 2000, CD.
“Love Is An Earthly Thing”, CSA CSLP 7, 1983, LP and UK Charly, 1999, CD and and Dressed To Kill METRO 361, 2000, CD titled “Reggae Music Allright” and Dressed To Kill, 2001, CD titled “Michael Prophet”.
“Bloodstain”, Ashanties, 1984, LP.
“Cease Fire”, Live & Learn LL LP 13, 1984, LP and RAS, 1990, LP.
“Settle Yu Fe Settle”, Live & Learn, 1986, LP and RAS, 1990, LP.
“Cease & Settle” (Two albums on one CD), Live & Learn / Sanctuary, 1994, CD.
“Loving You”, Tuff Gong, 1987, LP.
“Bull-Talk”, UK Greensleeves, 1992, LP and UK Greensleeves, 1992, CD.
“Magnet To Steel”, Jetstar, 1994, LP.
“Rootsman”, UK Ariwa, 1999, LP and UK Ariwa, 1999, CD.
“Michael Prophet & Friends”, Roots Tradition, 1999, LP.
“Al Campbell Meets Michael Prophet”, Reggae Superstars, 2001, LP.