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Artists – L
Artist Info: Early reggae artist. Still alive and re-releasing all his albums.
Reggay International
First released on JA Dynamic, 1976, LP.
I have a reissue of this record on JA Dynamic DY 3362 (so say the front sleeve) DY 3363 (so say the label) (Matrix: DY 3363 A / DY 3363 B), LP, looks like made using the original stampers.
Duppy Jambooree, MPLA, Rat Race, Fe Wi Music, Working Mood, Paloma Reggae, Roof Over My Head, Tenement Yard, Six Million Dollar Man, All Night Till Daylight
Covers of songs by Tappa Zukie, Bob Marley, Mighty Diamonds, Jacob Miller and more.

Artist info: Jamaican singer born circa 1920 who migrated in the early 1940s to Great Britain to become one of Britain´s most polular singers.
In Jamaica
I have the JA Federal FRM 353, 1972, LP.
Love Story, It´s Impossible, My Way, For The Good Times, Blessings In Shades Of Green, Mary In The Morning, I´ll Catch The Sun, The World I Used To Know, This Is My Song, Old Man River
An album of American standards.
Produced by Ken Khouri.
Recorded at Federal Studios.

Artist Info: Nyahbinghi group. Cedric Im Brooks is born 1943. The group released on their Light Of Saba label “Lambs Bread Collie” as a single, “Africa / World Sound” as a 12-inch and three albums: “Cedric “IM” Brooks & The Light Of Saba”, Total Sounds, LP, including: Theme: Light Of Saba / Divine Light, Song For My Father, Abuka, Love Bredda and more, “Sabebe” and “In Reggae”.
In Reggae
I have the JA Total Sounds, 1977, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Jah Light Is Right, Rebirth, Sabayindah, Everyday, Outcry, No Woman Noh Cry, Hold On Jah-Jah Children, Ethiopa Tikdem, Axum
Their third album release.
The Magical Light of Saba
I have the Honest Jons HJRLP 4, 2003, Do-LP (First Pressing).
Lamb’s Bread Collie, Sabasi, Free Up Black Man, Outcry, Salt Lane Rock, Sabebe, Nobody’s Business, Rasta Lead On Version, Sabayindah, Rebirth, Satta Massa Gana, Africa, Sound, Sly Mongoose, Words Of Wisdom, Jah Light It Right, Ethiopia Tikdem, Song For My Father, Collie Version
“Song For My Father” is taken from “Cedric “IM” Brooks & The Light Of Saba”, Total Sounds, LP.
“Jah Light Is Right”, “Rebirth”, “Sabayindah”, “Outcry” and “Ethiopia Tikdem” are taken from “In Reggae”, Total Sounds, 1977, LP.

Artist info: Willie Lindo is a Jamaican veteran guitar player, producer and engineer who worked for most of the famous reggae artists.
It´s Not Too Late
I have the JA Village Records VR 001, 1977, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
M.P.L.A., It´s Not Too Late, Reggae Machine, Have Mercy, African Style, Bawling For Love, Don´t Get Hooked On Me, Straight To Zion, Please Don´t Change The Cords, Music Love.
Produced by Trevor Chong, Recorded at Joe Gibbs.
Horns by Bobby Ellis, Herman Marquis, Herome Franscique, Vin Gordon, voiced by Pam Savana, Beres Hammond, Errol Lee, Carren Marr, string synthezizer by Harold Butler, piano by Ansel Collins, bongos by Scully.
Two further albums are:
Samba Pa Ti, Midnite MR 005, 1976, LP.
Tuned In Reggae, Joe Gibbs JGML 6012, 1980, LP.

Artist Info: Singer. He released only two albums.
Where Is Your Love
I have the GEM GEMLP 101, 1979 mp3-sourced on CDR.
Where Is Your Love, Easy, Love Was Never Meant For Me, I Will Love You, Reaching Out, Daughters Of Babylon, I´ll Be There, Ain´t No Sunshine, Step Inside Me, Sail Away
“Ain´t No Sunshine” is a reggae version of the hit of Billy Withers.
Children Of Rastafari
I have the GEM GEMLP 110, 1980, LP mp3-sourced on CDR (missing track 2: “Weh You A Defend”)
Children Of Rastafari, Rastaman, Back Out Weak Heart, It´s Hard, Press Along, Stand Up, People Of The Third World, The Truth, If It´s War Dem Want
Produced by Lloyd Coxsone and Rasuji.
Drums by Asher P. Martin, bass by Elroy, guitars by Alan Weeks and Milton Myrie, keyboards by L. Lewis and Jah Bins, horns by Raycarles, Roy Edwards Gale, Jeff, Herschel, Vin Gordon, backing by “Black Harmony”, percussion by Jimmy, Lilton, Larry, Macky, Philip, Don, Max, Lindel.

Artist Info: Singer. Born Earl Lowe in 1953, he started recording with “Cool It” at Studio One in 1965. Then he worked with Prince Buster who gave him his name “Little Roy”. “Bongo Nyah” for the Matador label was his first hit, in 1969.
Tafari Earth Uprising
First released 1975 (in USA as “Tribal War” and the dub-companion as “Free For All Dub”).
I have the reissue on UK Pressure Sounds PS 006, late 90ies, LP.
Prophesy, Christopher Columbus, Don’t Cross The Nation, Earth, Easy Chair, Mr. T , Tribal War, Forces, Working, Rich Man Laugh, Blackbird, Jah Can Count On I
“Mr T” is also recorded by Dennis Brown as “Set Your Heart Free”, on Packing House album.
“Tribal War” is often versioned, as “Zion Rock” by Jah Lloyd, as “No Tribal War” again by Jah Lloyd.
Nyah Bongo a.k.a. Columbus Ship
JA Tafari, circa 1981, LP (titled “Nyah Bongo”).
Bus I Shut, Pull Your Kutch, Forces Deh Deh, Where Did Your Loving Go, Columbus Ship, Half Pass Four, Old Man, Sambo, Little Girl
UK Copasetic COP LP5001, 1981, LP (titled “Columbus Ship”).
Columbus Ship, Half Pass Four, Old Man, Sambo, Little Girl, Bus I Shut, Pull Your Katch, Forces Deh Deh, Where Did Your Loving Go
Free For All Dub
JA, circa 1981, LP or 10-inch.
Pull Your Dub, Bus I Dub, Sambo Dub, Little Girl Dub (maybe some more tracks)
Columbus Ship
I have this CD on CDR.
Buss I Shut, Pull Your Katch, Forces Deh Deh, Where Did Your Loving Go, Columbus Ship, Half Past Hour, Old Man, Sambo, Little Girl Dub, Pull Your Katch, Pull Your Dub, Bus I Dub, Sambo Dub
Reissue of all tracks from “Nyah Bongo” aka ” “Columbus Ship” plus four dubs of “Free For All Dub”.
Live On
I have the UK Tafari, SCLP 446, 1991, LP (First UK Pressing).
Without My Love, Rastaman Fight, Mr T, Mr T Live On, Jamming To Jah Love Music, Piece Of The Earth, Hobby, Tampi, South Africa, Live on
I have the UK On-U 87, 1996, CD (First release).
All Day Long, Way Down, Long Time Rocksteady, See Them Fighting, Singing The Blues, New Song, Righteous Man, Frankenstein, Piece Of The Earth, Blackman, Blackman Dub
Produced by Little Roy & Adrian Sherwood.
Friends Packin House
UK Pressure Sounds PSLP 26, 1999, LP (First UK Pressing).
Hurt Not The Earth, Burnin’ Fire (Carl Dawkins), Ticket To Ride, Revolution (Heptones), Total Destruction (Leroy Sibbles), Version (Featuring Baba Leslie), Rat Trap, Set Your Heart Free, Version (Featuring Bongo Herman, Don D Junior), Forward On A Yard (Heptones), Zion Fever (Winston Scotland), Natty Yard, Free For All (Tafari All-Stars)
More From A Little
I have the UK Lion LINC 013, 1999, LP (First UK Pressing).
More From A Little, Owl, Prophecy, Mamma, Watch Your Back, Soldier, Natty Yard, Year 2000, Love Is Magic, False Teacher
Produced by Ronnie Lion.
Backing vocals, live drums and percussions by Norman Grant from Twinkle Brothers, DJing on “Watch Your Back” by Joseph Cotton.
Rocking Steady (Little Roy & Ruffie Cutt)
Recorded 2000.
I have this track on CDR.
His latest album is “Children Of The Most High” (Pharos Records, 2006) including: Bongo Nyah, Children Of The Most High, Christopher Columbus, Fals Talk, Heat, Membership Card, Bomazee, My Swet Lord, Stay (A Little Bit Longer), Our Time Will Come.
“Stay A Little Bit Longer” was also released on a cd-single in 2005.

Artist Info: Lizzard is Clive Hunt, singer, better known as producer.
Satta I
I have the UK Trojan TRLS 138, 1976, LP (First UK Pressing).
Coloured Face, Jah Jah Bless I, Milk And Honey, Jehosaphat, No Peace, I Thiopians, Fight I Down, Lady Of The Night, Satta I
Produced by Clive Hunt.
The song “Satta I” (Lizard) appears also on Roots Rhythm 7-inch backed by “Version” (Village Bunch).

Artist Info: Born as Stafford Elliot.
Black Star Liner
First released on Jamaican JahLoveMuzik, 1975, LP.
Also released on Top Ranking, LP, Vulcan, LP, Vista Sounds, LP and VP, 1997, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Black Starliner, Vision Of Redemption, I’ve Got A Joy, Sons Of Almighty, Sing-A-Long, True Rastaman, Don’t Let Babylon Use You, Walls, Wolf Wolf, Time To Change
All songs written by S. Elliott.
His debut album.
Love And Only Love
First released on Regal, 1982, LP.
Also released on Tribesman, 1982, LP.
I have the Tribesman TMCD 2, 1992, CD on CDR.
Love And Only Love, Give Jah Your Heart And Soul, Voice Of The Poor, Cut Eye Cut Eye, News Carrier, Homeward Bound, Eternally, Africa Africa, What You´re Not Supposed To Do, No Further Woman. His third album.
Produced by Lloyd Coxsone. Backing By The Creation Steppers. Recorded at Channel One & Harry J.
Never Give Up
First released 1998.
I have this album on CDR.
Come Now, Dreadlocks Princess, Don’t Wait For Me, Never Give Up (My Faith), Throw Down Your Arms, My Lord And Saviour, Black Starliner, All Is Vanity, Mama Don’t Know Love, I Feel Like Job, Don’t Sell Your Soul
His fifth album.
The Missing Link
I have the VP Records VPCD 2128, 2000, CD on CDR.
Rastafari Rule, Wheat And Tears, Hurry Brings Worry, I Know, Rastaman Time, Child Of The King, Gun Court Affair, The Only One, The Only Dub, Judge Not, The Key Of Life, The Key Of Life (Acapella)
His sixth album produced by Hugh Boothe.
Recorded 1978.
Private CD:
Rastaman Chant, Life Styles, Want You Into My Life, Behold, Blood Money, Enemies
Further releases include:
“Nebuchnadnezzar, King Of Babylon”, Revelations, 1980, LP including: Love & Harmony, Love & Harmony Dub, Kill Nebuchadnezzar (Creation Steppers), Kill Nebuchadnezzar Dub (Creation Rebel), Let´s Get It Right (Albert Malawi), Let´s Get It Right Dub (Albert Malawi), Touch Not My Locks (Little Ian Rock), Touch Not My Locks Dub (Little Ian Rock), Love Enough To Share (Cherry Rocks), Love Enough To Share Dub (Cherry Rock). His second album. Also released as “Love And Harmony” with the songs in a different order.
“Culturally”, Starlight Records, 1995, CD and Tan Yah, 1995, CD including: How I Care, Black Liberators, Know What Your Fighting, Give Thanks, Let Him Go, Listen (You Can´t Keep), Natty Dread Loves You, Get Ready (Black Party), Moving With The Father, Devils In Disguise, His Name Is Jah, Long Time No Nice Time. His fourth album.

Artist info: Jamaican singer.
Someone Loves You Honey – One Time Daughter / Stay in Tonight (June Lodge And Prince Mohammed)
I have the German Ariola 104 394, 1982, 7-inch.
Produced by Joe Gibbs.

Artist info: Still active Jamaican DJ.
On The Other Side Of Dub
First released on JA Studio One SOL 5454, 1979, LP (tracks 02. – 06. and 08. – 12.) I have the USA Heartbeat CDHB 3504, 1991, CD on CDR.
01. Barnabbas Collins (CD bonus track)
02. Noah in The Ark
03. Apprentice Dentist
04. Quarter Pound Ishen
05. Everything She Wants
06. Natty Dread On The Go
07. Grave Yard Skank (CD bonus track)
08. Where Eagles Dwell
09. Dentist Dub
10. Collie Rock
11. Roots Style
12. Dub A Natty Dread
Hid debut album produced by Clement Dodd.
Badda Dan Dem
I have the JA Studio One FCD 575, 1982, LP on CDR.
01. Rougher Yet / Love Bump (Slim Smith & Lone Ranger) (custom mix)
02. Automatic
03. Badda Dan Dem
04. You Too Greedy
05. Can´t Stand It
06. Plant Up The Vineyard
07. Dance A Fe Cork
08. My Number
09. World War One
10. Fish Tea /Sing Jay Stylee (with Johnny Osbourne) (custom mix)
11. Three Mile Skank
12. Full Up (Sound Dimension)
His sixth album produced by Clement Dodd.
The original album has tracks 7 – 11 and 2 – 6.
Tracks 1 and 12 are bonus tracks on my CDR.
Further albums include:
“Barnabas In Collins Wood” (aka Barnabas Collins), GG, 1980, LP and Thrillseekers, LP.
“M 16?, J & J, 1980, LP.
“Rosemarie”, Techniques, 1981, LP and UK Black Joy, LP.
“Hi-Ho, Silver, Away!”, Greensleeves, 1981, LP
“D.J. Daddy”, Techniques, 1984, LP
“Learn To Drive”, Bebo´s, 1985, LP.
“Collections”, Grapevine / RAS, 1986, CD (Compilation).
“Top Of The Class”, USA Studio One, 2002, CD (Compilation recorded 1985 – 1989).

Artist Info: Singer. It seems, he recorded only from 1979 to 1981 to come back into the studio in 1993.
Eleanor Rigby / Babylon Is Not A Dream
I have the German Barclay 0036.044, 1979, 7-inch.
Hell / Your World Is Fine
I have the German Barclay 0036.041, 1980, 7-inch.
Bernie Lyon
First released on UK Barclay 200 342, 1980, LP.
Also released on French Barclay 104.8148, 1980, LP.
I have this album on CDR.
Eleanor Rigby (Extended Mix), Hell, Lust For Gold, White Fish, Crazy Destruction, Your World Is Fine, The Last Train.
Produced by Jean Fredenucci.
Further releases are:
“I Am Living In The Sunshine”, UK Barclay, 1981, LP.
“Love Of A Woman”, 1993, Maxi-CD.
“Eleanor Rigby / Babylon Is Not A Dream”, UK Barclay, 1979, 12-inch.
“Hell / Your World Is Fine”, UK Barclay, 1980, 12-inch.