Artists: K

Artists – K
Artist Info: Melodica player.
Zion Hill Dub
I have the JA Termination, 1977, LP mp3-sourced on CDR.
Garla Azar / Azar Dub (Extended version) (Bonus track on my CDR),
untitled 1, untitled 2, untitled 3, untitled 4, untitled 5, untitled 6, untitled 7, untitled 8, untitled 9, untitled 10 (Garla Azar)
Produced by Phil Pratt.
There is a second album:
“The War Is On Dub Style”, Phill Pratt SSLP 1007, 1980s, LP including: The War Is On, Danger Zone, Easy Street Special, Dancing Kid, The Good The Bad And The Brave, I´m Back, Feel The Beat, Earth Movement. Produced by Phil Pratt and recorded at Joe Gibbs.

Artist Info: Singer
Here Comes The Hotstepper
I have this compilation on Austria Columbia COL 478536-2, 1995, CD.
Call The Police, Rough, Here Comes The Hotstepper, Gunshot, World-A-Music, Trouble You A Trouble Me, General, Pull Up The Cork, Pirate, Babylon Babylon, I Want Ital, Burnin’
Produced by Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare. Recorded 1983-1986.

Artist Info: Singer from Sweden.
I have this album on CDR.
Can´t Find No Love, Sunny Day, Cultural Vibes, The Woman I Love, Must Know, Shadow Foot, No Compromise, Gimmicks, Don´t Let Them, Oh Babylon, Can´t Find No Dub, Dubby Day, The Woman I Dub, Dubbicks
Backed by The Wailers.

Artist info: Keatus I was born as M. Samuels.
Keatus I Singles & Kiddus I Singles
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
Keatus I:
01. Jah Dynasty DSR 4027-A Keatus I – Jah Children’s Cool
02. Jah Dynasty DSR 4027-B Keatus I – Dreada Rule (Version)
03. Jah Dynasty DSR 4685-A Keatus I – Living In Illusion
04 Jah Dynasty DSR 4686-B Illusious Dub
05. Jah Dynasty- DSR 6376-A Voices Of The Trinity (Keithus I) – Save The Children (1978)
06. Jah Dynasty DSR 6377-B Save A Version (1978)
07. King Culture KC 731-A Keithus I – Prophecy
08. King Culture KC 731-B Version
One more track of Keatus I is: “Dreadlocks I” on Arab, 1976.
“Daughters Of Zion” is said to be a track by Kiddus I, but maybe in fact Keithus I.

Artist info:
Lonely Man
UK Burning Sounds BS 1001, 1978, LP.
I have this album on CDR.
Lonely Man, Broken Homes, There Comes A Time, Best Time Of My Life, Love O Love, After Effects, I´m In The Mood, I Still Love You, Sit And Cry, You You You
Produced by Winston Riley. Featuring Aston and Carlton Barrett and many more.

Artist info: Singer born as Frank Dowding. Owner of the Shepherd label. He became prominent with his song “Graduation In Zion” in the movie “Rockers”. An album is released as “Graduation In Zion”.
Keatus I Singles & Kiddus I Singles
7-inch – wav – mp3 – CDR.
Kiddus I:
09. Sheperd KI 001-A Kiddu – Crying Wolf
10. Sheperd KI 001-B Version
11. Kiddus I & Lee ”Scratch” Perry – Too Fat (12”)
12. Graduation In Zion (Rockers Custom Mix)
The tracks 09. – 11. also appear at the Japanese Dub Store Records DSR CD 001 album of Kiddus I “Rockers – Graduation In Zion 1978 – 1980?.
Track 12. is a private mix.
Rockers – Graduation In Zion 1978 – 1982
I have the Japanese Dub Store Records DSR CD 001 on CDR.
Also released on Japanese Dub Store DSR LP 001.
Crying Wolf, Too Fat, Security In The Streets (all Lee Perry produced and recorded at Black Ark),
Love Child, Love Child Dub, Harder, Harder Dub, Time, Time Dub (what are said to be all three 7´´s of Kiddus I on his own Shepherd label with “Harder” being from 1980),
Give I Strength, Fire Burn, Salvation (so far I see previously unreleased, taken from original masters) and
Crying Wolf (Nyahbinghi Take) (not the original b-side but a different mix).
Bonus track on my CDR only:
Graduation In Zion (custom mix)
Compilation of nearly the complete released work of Kiddus-I. Beyond this only two tracks could be found on vinyl: “Crying Wolf Dub” and “Salvation” (b-side of “Graduation In Zion”).
There is a second album announced as “Jah Power, Jah Glory 1979 – 1982? Japanese Dub Store Records DSR CD 002 and LP 002 with these tracks: Jah Power Jah Glory, Give I Strength (Complete Version), Cheer Up (Graduation in Zion: Original Take), Take Care Of me, Fire Burn Version, Harder (Take 2), Survive, Today (Original Complete Take). Seemingly all previously unreleasd tracks.
A third album is announced as “Universal Messenger 1983 – 2006? Japanese Dub Store Records DSR CD 003 and LP 003, probably also containing previously unreleased material. Kiddus I had mentioned in an interview he would have two full albums of unreleased stuff in his boxes. These seem to be that stuff.

Artist Info: Eighties DJ using digital tracks with conscious lyrics.
Trouble Again
I have the UK Greensleeves GREL 101, 1986, LP (First UK Pressing).
Mash It Up Already, Move Insane, Follow Me, Mix Up, Sweet & Tender Love, Trouble Again, Jungle Man, I Don’t Know, Legal, Emmanuel Road
Produced by King Jammy. Backed by Steelie & Cleavie.

Artist Info: Producer, Miami based. King Sporty is born Noel Williams
Black Cinderella / Black Cinderella (Ver.)
I have the USA Konduko A 211 / A 212, 7-inch.
Backing by The Relations.

Artist Info: Sound engineer, DJ, producer. Born Osbourne Ruddock in 1941, also called Brad Osbourne. He started at Clement Dodd´s Studio One as a sound engineer. His sound system “Tubby’s Home Town Hi-Fi” was probably the first to apply reverb and echo to the tunes played in the dancehall. He produced uncountable records. It can be said, he is the man who invented dub. In New York he run the Clocktower label. He was murdered in New York at Eastern Sunday of 1981.
Dub From The Roots
First released on JA Total Sounds, 1976, LP.
Also released on USA Clocktower LPCT 091, 1976, LP.
I have the reissue on France Culture Press CP 44 501-2, 1997, CD.
Dub From The Roots, I Yatha (Dub of Wailers’ “Soul Rebel”), Mine Field, Hi Jack The Barber, African Roots, Double Cross, East Of (Arrows) Hi Fi, Invasion (Dub Of Horace Andy’s “Guiding Star”), Dub Of A Woman (Dub of Horace Andy’s “Love Of A Woman”), Dub On My Mind (Dub Of Horace Andy’s “Something On My Mind”), Steeling, Dub Experience, Declaration Of Dub (Dub Of Abyssinians’ “Declaration Of Rights”), A Truthful Dub (Dub Of Tappa Zukie’s “Go Deh Natty Go Deh”)
King Of Dub
First released on USA Clocktower LPCT 0101, 1979, LP.
I have the reissue on France Blue Moon BM 148, 2004, LP.
King Zion Dub, Super Star Dub, Graceful Dub, Rubba Dunza (Clocktower Mix), Jah Angel Of Dub (Clocktower Mix), Blood Sweat And Dunza Dub, King Queen & Minstreal Dub, Easy Dread & Check This Dub, Fancy Up A Curl Dub, Stalag 80 Dubwise
Produced by King Tubby. Bass by Robert Shakespeare and George Fullwood. Drums by Sly Dunbar and Carlton Davis. Lead guitar by Earl Smith. Organ by Earl Lindo, Winston Wright and Ossie Hibbert. Rhythm section by Mickey Chung. Piano by Ansel Collin. Brass by Tommy Mc Cook and Dirty Harry. Trumpet by Bobby Ellis.
“King Zion Dub” is a dub of Johnny Clarke’s “Fittest Of The Fittest”.
“Super Star Dub” is a dub of Horace Andy’s “Guiding Star”.
“Rubba Dunza” is a dub of Hoprace Andy’s “Money Money”.
“Jah Angel Of Dub” is a dub of Horace Andy’s “You Are My Angel”.
“Blood Sweat And Dunza Dub” is a dub of Johnny Clarke’s “Blood Dunza”.
“Stalag 80 Dubwise” is a dub of Technique’s “Stalag”.
Rockers Almighty Dub
First released on USA Clocktower LPCT 0102, 1979, LP.
I have this album on CDR (hi res mp3-sourced).
And I have the reissue on Canadian Abrahams / Clocktower CT-LP-0102, LP.
Rocker’s Almighty Dub, Dunza Dub, Storm & Lighting, Something Nice Bout Da Dub, I & I Land, Ten Pieces In One, Freedom Joy Dub, Upful & Positive Dub, Hold This Dub, 21 Gun Salute To Brother Marcus
Produced by Brad Osbourne.
Backing by The Agrovators: Bass by Robbie Shapespeare, Family Man and Bagga. Drums by Carlton “Santa” Davis and Sly Dunbar. Piano by Bernard “Touter” Harvey and Augustus Pablo. Rhythm guitar by Tony Chin and Aston “Familyman” Barrett. Organ by Ossie Bongo.
“Rockers Almighty Dub” is voiced by Horace Andy as “Zion Gate” and voiced by Leroy Smart as “No Love”.
“Dunza Dub” is a dub of Horace Andy’s “Money Money”.
“Storm And Lightning” is the dub of “Storm” by Gregory Isaacs.
“Something Nice Bout Da Dub” is a dub of Horace Andy’s “Something On My Mind”.
“I And I Land” is the dub of “No Man Is An Island” voiced by John Holt, Dennnis Brown and also by Horace Andy.
“Ten Pieces In one” is the dub of “Ten To One” by The Mad Lads and also by Johnny Clarke.
“Freedom Joy Dub” is a dub of Dennis Brown’s “Lately Girl”.
“21 Gun Salute To Brother Marcus” is a dub of Johnny Clarke’s “Them Never Love Poor Marcus” and Tappa Zukie´s “Marcus”.
Rastafari Dub (1974-1979)
First released on USA Clocktower, 1979, LP.
I have the reissue on Canadian Abraham / Clocktower CTLP 185, ca. 2000, LP.
King Of The Arena (Dub of Jah Stitch’s “King Of The Arena”), No Partial Dub (Dub of Abyssinians’ “Satta Amasagana”), Crazy Bald Head Dub (Dub of Horace Andy’s “Crazy Baldhead,” cover of Bob Marley song), A Living Dub, Rastafari Dub (Toast / Dub of Horace Andy’s “Zion Gate”), Heartless Dub (Another Toast / Dub of Horace Andy’s “Zion Gate”), A Yard Dub, Destroy Dub Style (Dub of Dennis Brown’s “Children Of Israel”), Book Of Numbers (Dub of Rico’s “Take Five”), Natty Roots Man Dub, A Sunny Dub (Dub of “Sun Is Shining”, cover of Bob Marley song)
Produced by King Tubby. Music by The Agrovators.
Dubbing In The Back Yard (King Tubby´s And The Agrovators)
First released on UK Black Music BMLP 804, 1982, LP.
I have this album on CDR (his res mp3-sourced).
Relaxing Dub, Adventure, Summers Eve, Warm Weather, Easy Mood, Natural Glow, Plantation, Hot Weather, Mountain Rains, Hide Away
Produced by Bunny Lee. Mixed by Prince Jammy at Kingt Tubby´s Studio.
Dangerous Dub
Released on Greensleeves, 1996, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Country Gal Dub, Loud Mouth Rock, Up Town Special, Hungry Belly Dub, Shepherd Bush In Dub, London Bridge Dub, Earthquake Shake, Rice Grain Rock, Banana And Yam Skank, Knife And Fork Dubwise, King Stereo Gav Dub, King Tubby’s Hi Fi Dub, Symbolic Dub
King Tubby Meets Lee Perry Megawatt Dub
Released on USA Shanachie, 1997, CD. I have this album on CDR in different order.
Forever Dub, Glass House Dub, Come By Yah Dub, Copy Cat Dub, Drifter Dub Pt. 3, Drifter Dub Pt. 4 , War Dub, Splash Out Dub, Right Yo Dub, Rise & Shine Dub, Open The Gate Dub, Perfidia Dub, Rainy Night Dub
Dub Like Dirt
I have the UK Blood And Fire BAFCD 026, 1999, CD.
Tubby Get Smart (Dub of Leroy Smart´s “Mr Smart” JA Total Sounds 1975, also used by Philipp Smart as “Exalted Dub” and by U-Brown as “Live As One”), Guidance Dub (Dub of Horace Andy´s “Guiding Star” 1975 originally by The Heptones for Studio One, also used by Tappa Zukie as “Jah Is I Guiding Star”), Chapter Of Money (Dub of Horace Andy´s “Money Money”, also used by Jah Stitch as “Raggamuffin” and by Barry Brown as “Politician”), Bag Of Wire Dub (Dub of Johnny Clarke´s “Them Never Love Poor Marcus”), Dub Ites Green & Gold (Dub of Johnny Clarke´s “Ites Green & Gold” originally by Burning Spear), Stealing Version (Dub of Johnny Clarke´s “Stealing” originally by John Holt), Beat Them In Dub (Dub of Cornell Campbell´s “Jah Jah A Go Beat Them” originally by Roy Richards as “Freedom Blues” for Studio One, then as “MLPA” among others by Tappa Zukie, JA Jackpot 1976), Thunder Rock (Dub of Cornell Campbell´s “Have Mercy Oh Jah” JA Weed Beat 1977, originaly by Slim Smith & The Uniques as “My Conversation”), How Long Dub (Dub of Pat Kelly´s “How Long” 1970), Dub Investigation (Dub of Cornell Campbell´s “Investigation” 1977 also used by Dennis Alcapone in 1977), Sly Wants Dub (Dub of Johnny Clarke´s “Wanti Wanti Can´t Getti” JA Weed Beat 1977), Everybody Need Dub (Dub of Lloyd Parkes´ “Everybody Needs Love” 1976, originally by Slim Smith), Horn For I (Another dub of “Everybody Needs Love”), Six Millionar Dollar Version (Dub of Dennis Alcapone´s “Six Million Dollar Man” 1976, originally by Alton Ellis as “Breaking Up” also used by Leroy Smart´s “Shame And Pride” and by Johnny Clarke as “”Six Million Dollar Man”), Dub Is My Occupation (Dub of Von Gordon´s “Memories Of Don De” Jaguar 12-inch 1977), Fatter Dub (Dub of Jackie Mittoo´s “Ram Jam” 1976, originally by The Heptones as “Fattie Fattie”)
Essential Dub
Released on Metro Music, 2000, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Silver Bullet, A Better Version (Dub Of Horace Andy’s “Skylarking”), King Tubby’s Conversation Dub, Psalms Of Dub, Rebel Dance, Sir Niney’s Rock, Straight To The Boy Niney Head, (Dub Of Cornell Campbell’s “Gorgon Shall Conquer”), Casanova Dub, Bongo Man Dub, Barbwire Bisaster, A Rougher Version (Dub Of Burning Spear’s “Wa-Da-Da”), Natty Dread Girl Version (Dub Of Linval Thompson’s “Big Big Girl”), Natty Version (Dub of Cornell Campbell’s “Natty Dread Inna Greenwich Farm”), Don’t Cut Off Your Dreadlocks Version, The Poor Barber, The Jehoviah Version, Move Out A Babylon Version
Dub – More Bass Culture (Various Artists)
Re-released on Metro Music, 2002, CD.
I have this album on CDR.
Musical Dub, Sneak Invasion Dub, Human Rights Dub, Borderline Dub (Ali Baba Dub), Cut Through Dub, Kojak (Lee Perry & The Upsetters), A Mek Rhythm Run Dub (Dennis Brown), Get Ready For The Master Dub (Delroy Wilson), Counter Intelligence Dub (Scientist), Sunny Dub, Dreadful Dub (Gregory Isaacs), I Love Dub, Freedom Dub( Ken Boothe), Natty Dub, Killer Dub, Assassin Dub, Isolation Dub, Rasta Train Dub, Bush Weed (Lee Perry & The Upsetters) Bad Boy Rhythm Dub
All songs but three are mixed by King Tubby, the others are mixed by Lee Perry and mixed by Scientist.

Artist Info: Singer.
I have this album on CDR.
Stranger, Regae City, Bridgetown Burning, Farmer, Rasta Meditation, Stand Up, Cool Breezin’, Home For The Holiday, Culture Fusion, Show Me Your Lovin’, Thanks And Praise, Bubblin’
A very soft-pop summer reggae album.

Artist Info: Jamaican vocal group. Knowledge are Anthony Doyley, Earl, Delroy, Mike Smith and Michael Samuels. During the six years of their existance they released three longplays and some singles.
Words … Sounds And Power
I have the JA Tappa, LP (First JA Pressing).
Also released on UK AM, 1978, LP as “Hail Dread” without “Rising For A Fall” and “Make Faith” but with “Population (with extended dub version)”.
What’s Yours (with extended Tappa Zukie DJ cut), Words Sounds and Power, Fools And Their Money, Good Luck My Friends, Sentry, Make Faith (With Tappa Zukie), Zion, Rising For A Fall, Hail Dread (with extended dub version)
Their debut album featuring Sly & Robbie, Max Edwards, George Fullwood, Chinna Smith, Vin Gordon.
“Make Faith” also appear on JA Stars, 12-inch, backed by “Peace and Love” and “Dub” by Tappa Zulie & The Musical Intimidators.
I have the Suisse Roach LLP 01158, 1980, LP (First Suisse Pressing).
Judgement, Dread Locks Time, Rod Of Iron, Camouflage, Man Talk Truth, Those Who Pretend, Wise And Prudent, Freedom Is The Law, Let Us All
Produced by R. Farinoli.
Their second album.
Stumbling Block
First released on UK Tamoki Wambesi TWLP 1034, 1982, LP.
I have the Probe Plus / Rough Trade, 2005, CD on CDR.
Africa, Fire Burn, Move Stumbling Block, History Congo, Jah Cares, Chant Rasta Man, Borrow Time, Oppression, Wall Of Babylon, Mr. Greedy, Na Buy Apartheid
Produced by Roy Counsins.
Recorded at Channel One and Randy´s.
Straight Outta Trenchtown 1975-1980
Released on France Maka, 2002, CD.
I have this albuim on CDR.
What’s Yours, Sentry, Population (Extended Version), Hail Dread (Extended Version), Fools & Their Money, Let Us All (Extended Version), Those Who Pretend, Judgement, Dreadlocks Time, Camouflage, Give I & I Some Work (Extended Version)
Recent compilation with nine songs taken from their two albums and two non-album tracks.