Jamaican Singles

Trans Am Label

Trans Am, Original, circa 1970
Oppressor Man (Credit: Peter Tosh) (Matrix: FPT 7952-A) /
Version (Credit: Peter Tosh) (Matrix: FPT 7952-B)
Wailers production recorded circa summer 1970.

Intel-Diplo Label

Intel-Diplo, Original, 1973
Dog Teeth (Credit: Peter Tosh & The Wailers) (Matrix: PPTD 2135-A) /
Version (mistitled in fact: Stepping Razor, Wail´n Soul´M track)
The a-side is a Wailers production recorded 1971 but released not earlier as 1973. This is the first Intel-Diplo single.

Fam´s Label

Fams, Original, 1971/72
Distant Drums ( Matrix: AB 5009A) /
Distant Dub (Matrix: AB 5010B)

Fams, Original, 1973
Dub Feeling (Matrix: AB 2648) /
Trouble Dub (Matrix: AB 2649)

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