There are no Coxsone productions of tracks credited to The Wailers recorded 1967 – 1972. They just had started to get independendant of him.

But Bob Marley and Peter Tosh may have appeared as supporting artists at some Coxsone productions of the time.


Rude Boy Prayer (Alton, Peter & Zoot) (With Peter Tosh? (With The Wailers?)
Lead vocals by Alton Ellis.
Backing vocals by „Peter & Zoot“ aka Peter Austin or Peter Tosh and Zoot Simms.
When I listen the track I find a rich chorus that include Peter and Zoot Simms and maybe another male singer who could be Bob Marley, then maybe up to three female singers, who could be The Soulettes. That might be the reason that say the artists are „Alton Ellis, Zoot Simms & The Wailers“.
Backing by The Soul Vendors, so that the musicians are possibly: drums by Hector Williams, double bass by Lloyed Brevette and piano by Jackie Mittoo, also featuring percussions. maybe by Zoot Simms. Recorded 1967. Produced by Clement Dodd.
Jamaican 7-inch release: Blank (Muzik City), 1967, a-side: Rude Boy Prayer (Matrix: WIRL CS 1839-1) (3,19) / b-side: Unknown instrumental (An ebay seller credits this 7-inch to Alton, Zoot & Wailers.)
Jamaican Longplay release: Rocksteady Vol. 2: That´s The Way You Like It
I have this track on „Rarities from UK CDR 1“ (3,19).
Slow Alternate (?)
And I have this track slowed down on „Reggae Ska Mix Up CDR“ (3,35).
I don´t know i this is an official alternate release or just a unofficial consequence of a slow running tape – so a recording mistake.


Walk, Walk, Walk (Wailing Souls)

„Walk Walk Walk“ is recorded by The Wailing Souls in 1971 and produced by Clement Dodd.
In 1971 The Wailing Souls recorded the track „Back Biter“ with „The Wailers All Stars“. At „Back Biter“ Bob Marley plays guitar, Bunny Wailer plays bass, Peter Tosh plays piano, Carlton Barrett plays drums, another guitar is by Wally Williams, Alvin „Seeco“ Patterson plays percussion.
„Walk Walk Walk“ is not mentioned in RS book. So there is confirmation if The Wailers do appear as backing musicians at this track, too.
If there is a Jamaican 7-inch release on a Coxsone label is not known.
UK 7-inch release: Banana 335, 1971, a-side: Walk, Walk, Walk (Credit: Wailing Souls) (3,19) / b-side: Love Me Version (Credit: King Sporty)
I have this track on „Kazo Various Reggae Sides CDR“.