12. Annex 1 – Lost Albums

Annex 1
What is most interesting for the Wailer´s fan, is what to expect from CD releases in the future. Is there still something special to expect? From my opinion it is. It seems possible to compile one more CD with songs from the ska period 1964-1966. In line it would be a nice concept to collect the gospel songs recorded by The Wailers. I read about a rumour that there was an album planned in the mid-sixties. If it don´t exist, now it is possible to consider which songs it would have contained. What is seemingly finally lost is the Lee Perry album from the late seventies. A few tracks appeared, some others didn´t appear until today.
Work In Progress. No CDR.
Bob Marley solo:
O1. Do You Still Love Me (2,31) from JA Beverley´s 7-inch, Leslie Kong Production)
Wailers vocal tracks:
02. Hooligans (3,17) a different take as “Hooligan Ska”, from blank 7-inch
03. Good Good Rudie (2,33) alternate mix, from USA Studio One / Buddha, LP
04. And I Love Her (3,06) original, from JA Coxsone and UK Ska Beat, 7-inch
05. Christmas Is Here (Sound The Trumpet) (2,37) from Heartbeat´s “Reggae Christmas”
06. I Want Justice (2,15) (Delroy Wilson & The Wailers) from JA Studio One, 7-inch. Longer as on previous Heartbeat CD.
Wailers on harmonies:
07. Hand To Hand (2,22) (Lee Perry & The Wailers) from JA C & N 7-inch
08. The Vow (3,06) (Bunny Wailer & Rita Marley) from JA Studio One 7-inch
09. Don´t Care What The People Say (3,14) (The Soulettes & The Wailers) from JA Studio One 7-inch
10. I Am Sorry For You Baby (2,46) (Rita & The Soulettes with The Wailers on harmonies) (from JA Studio One 7-inch)
11. Low Minded Hypocrite (2,13) (Delroy Wilson & The Wailers) from JA Studio One 7-inch.
12. Hairy Mango (2,39) (Jackie Opel and The Wailers) from JA Studio One 7-inch and Best Of Jackie Opel, JA Studio One SOL 9020, LP
13. Pussy Galore (2,47) (Lee Perry & The Wailers) alternate take aka Pussy Man, from Studio One pre-release 7-inch
14. My Girl (2,30) (Jackie Opel and The Wailers) from JA Studio One, 7-inch
Version Mixes 15. Cry To Me Version released at Mello Dub, JA Studio One LP
16. Train Is Coming Baby (Pt. 2) from Dub Specialist – Version Dread, 2-LP. (3,17)
If Bob, Peter or Bunny appear on harmonies at
Lee Perry´s “Rub & Squeeze” (1,29)
Roy Richards “Green Collie” (2,05)
the melodica cut to Bob Andy´s “I´ve Got To Go Back Home” (2,52)
King Sparrow´s “Beggars Have No Choice” (2,30)
The Freedom Singers “Have Faith” (2,50)
Bob Andy´s “I Wouldn´t Be A Fool” (3,13)
Jackie Opel´s “I Don´t Want Her” (2,50)
The Soulettes´ “La La Lover” (2,15) or
Alton Peter & Zoot´s “Rude Boy Prayer” (3,19) then these should be added.
If “Ten Commandments (Alternate)” and “Wings Of A Dove (Alterate)” exist without overdubs, the originals should be added.
If Jack Sparrow´s “Bull Whip” and “Wine Woman And Money” would be found, it should be added because of featured Wailers harmonies.
If “Blowing In The Wind”, “Little Boy Blue” or “Sentimental Journey” would not be lost, they should be added.
Timothy White, a well-known Marley mentioned in his book ‘Catch A Fire – The Life of Bob Marley’ first released 1983 and second released 1992 a saying of Jackie Mittoo that Bob Marley did record a whole album of gospel tracks. He mentions another saying that Marley did record an album of christmas songs that maybe was released in the mid-sixties in Jamaica. Until now neither a copy of a gospel album nor a copy of a christmas album ever did surface. But such a suggested album would have been possible:
Sinner Man, 1966, lead vocals: by Peter Tosh
This Train, 1966, lead vocals: Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer
Tell Them Lord, 1963, lead vocals: Bob Marley
Nobody Knows, 1964, lead vocals: Bob Marley
Amen, 1964, lead vocals: Peter Tosh
B-Side I Left My Sins, 1965, lead vocals: Bob Marley
Let The Lord Be Seen In You, 1965, lead vocals: Bob Marley
Just In Time, 1965, lead vocals: Bob Marley
Sound The Trumpet, 1965, lead vocals: Bob Marley
White Christmas, 1965, lead vocals: Bob Marley
While after the french release ‘The Complete Wailers 1967-1972? a handful of possible adds could be located, it cannot be estimated if some songs will remain unreleased after the current rush of releases on Universal based on the recent ten-years license-deal.
If the third alterate of ‘Guava Jelly’, all ‘Soul Rebel’ alternates, all songs with participation only of Bob or Peter or Bunny will be included, is worth checking.
An info from 1996 tells about 45 unknown songs and 200 acoustic writer demos like ‘Don’t Draft Me’, ‘Get Stoned’, ‘Angel Of Love’, ‘21.000 Miles’, ‘Back Against The Wall’, ‘I’ll Come Back In A Song’, ‘Rescue Me’, ‘Shoot Up The Town’ in the vaults of Danny Sims.
01. Jah Live (August / September 1975)
02. Rastaman Live Up (mid 1979)
03. Rainbow Country (Summer 1975)
04. Natural Mystic (Summer 1975)
05. Blackman Redemption (mid 1979)
06. Blackman Redemption (Dub) (mid 1979)
07. Natural Mystic (Dub) (Summer 1975)
08. Rainbow Country (Dub) (Summer 1975)
09. Who The Cap Fit
10. Jah Light Shining
11. Foundation
12. Pied Piper
13. Rough Rough Road
These are the titles confirmed to form a lost Lee Perry album of the late seventies. Over the years songs 01.- 08. are released elsewhere. No further info available, if the songs 09.-13. are recorded or not or if the tape is lost or unfound or put aside.
14. Smile Jamaica (Oct. 1976)
15. Keep On Moving (July / August 1977)
16. Punky Reggae Party (July / August 1977)
17. I Know A Place (mid 1978)
18. Who Colt The Game (mid 1978)
19. Keep On Moving (Dub) (July / August 1977)
20. Punky Reggae Party (Version) (July / August 1977)
21. I Know A Dub (mid 1978)
22. Who Colt The Dub (mid 1978)
23. Smile Jamaica (Dub) (Oct. 1976)
24. Concrete (Jah Live Dub) (August / September 1975)
25. Don´t Give Up (Rastaman Live Up Version) (mid 1979)
These songs would have been additional songs for possible inclusion to this album. They are Lee Perry productions or co-productions recorded during the same span of time. Seemingly a release of a vocal album and a second album with dubs had been possible.
01. Untitled Instrumental
02. Forward On
03. Natural Mystic (Horns Version)
04. Rainbow Country
05. I Know A Plave We Can Carry On
06. Who Colt The Game
07. Untitled Instrumental (Version)
08. Forward On (Version)
09. Natural Mystic (Horns Version) (Version)
10. Rainbow Country (Version)
11. I Know A Place We Can Carry On (Version)
12. Who Colt The Game (Version)
Gilly Dread, Marley´s personal chef (whatever that means) and owner of I-Kus recording studio tells, Bob attempted reconciliation with Lee Perry in the summer of 1975 and did some studio sessions over a period of three or four sundays with lee Perry´s band, not with The Wailers to record six titles. In line with the later listed six versions of the tracks these would have fit to a fine album of what we now know four songs and their versions. If one of the trade instrumentals is the one mentioned here is unknown. Finally we learn there would be one more vocal track of Bob Marley “Forward On” to look forward to. Maybe this tape isn´t lost, as all the other songs finally appeared. Let´s see if such an album ever will be released.