brennan´s story

Here is my story that you can post on your site if you would like.

Sometime around 1987 a friend of mine made me a mix tape that had a couple Black Uhuru
tracks on it along with Bad Card and Pimpers Paradise. It was these two songs that made me realize that BMW
was much more than Three Little Birds. But it took me many years to discover how much more.

After that first mix tape I went out and bought Uprising and over the next few years discovered much of the standard studio albums
which became solid standards in my listening rotation. In college I bought a few compilations albums that had 1 or two early tracks that gave me my first
glimpse of what the early Wailers sounded like. The more I listened to it the more I liked it. Since I didnt know anyone else listening to reggae it took me many years to realize the scope of the wailers early work
and it was this journey that was the most exciting and enjoyable. 23 years later I am still discovering new songs.

About 2 weeks ago I found out I need to have emergency brain surgery to remove an aneurysm. The type and location is dangerous and the thought that I could die at any moment changed my outlook.
As I near surgery the most important things in my life become clear…, friends, food and music.

Listening to BMW the last few days takes on a whole new depth. I truly believe that BMW’s music is everyman’s music, you don’t have to be from the ghetto or Kingston to feel it. We all
struggle in different ways and look to poets like Bunny, Peter and Bob for to help us through both good times and bad.

Much respect to Robert Nesta Marley for a lifetime of comfort, inspiration and song.


Note1 :
rastaman seh, this is heart moving. let us wish all the best for brennan that his health is restored completely soon.

Note 2: Jah Bless. Brennan is recovering well after his operation.