Part 16 My Story – Your Story (NEW)

On this day, Bob Marley´s 66th birthday, I like to invite YOU, Dear Reader, to contribute a little “something” to this website.
Would you like to share your Bob Marley story with the world?
Bob Marley´s music and life was and still is an inspiration and encouragement for us, some of his words had helped us well in this or that situation in life.
Come on. Don´t be shy. What Bob Marley music has done in YOUR life is beautiful. Let other people know this. They will like to read, you will experience joy when you share it.
YOU are invited.
Specially this is an invitation to all the people abroad coming from all corners of the earth. Honestly I have no idea what Bob Marley means for someone coming from Africa, Asia, South America. What does a muslim make of Bob Marley? What does a hindu see in Bob Marley? What a buddhist find when he listen Bob Marley?
AND – as all my friends in reggae are male (never understood why this is so), what does a woman or a girl can tell about Bob Marley? I guess all this can be very interesting.
You do reach me by e-mail
If you like and the story is nice, it can be online here TODAY. You are invited to write a few words or some more words. Let us know about what his music or a specific song has done in your life.
Bob will hear it in Zion and will surely love it!