Dear Reader

you may find that since end of January 2011 you cannot find anymore many texts that were here before.
Why is this?
One reason is accuracy. I had to learn that a large quantity of informations about Jamaican Music spread in the internet is just hear-saying and a closer research proves it as wrong. I don´t want to be another one spreading wrong informations heard or read somewhere. Now I am doing a revisition first about Bob Marley music supported by some very special people who share first-hand informations.
A second reason is I am getting older and more and more I see that quantity is nice but quality is nicer.
A third aspect is my personal critisism about some things going on these days. On one hand there are a few people around who love one musician so much that they are searching for years and investing 100s and 1000s of USD to find a new track, an unknown mix or a track in better quality. When they find such, they like to share their joy with some friends. So far I can say, I also do this and I like it. But then we have there people around who don´t know a thing, who don´t care about people and their efforts. What they do at first is illegal but more than this it is against trust and friendship and full of disrespect and shows no sign of consciousness neither for the collectors and even more not for the artist who created the music they say they like so much.
For example to compile a good anthology of the music of an artist is a work that not only needs time, energy and often money, but more than this it needs good contacts and such are not that easy to find. To get some rare tracks needs trust and friendship. When then such collections can be found everywhere this ruins trust and friendship and in the longer run the effect is that people keep their treasures and such anthologies cannot be created any more. When there are collections of rare vinyl-only tracks and those are put online everywhere by some thiefs then in the longer run one effect is that no artist and no company would put any effort into a re-release simply because everybody can get this but in worse quality for free. Musicians cannot earn a dime from their profession anymore and lesser and lesser music is published. Because some people “love” music so much to give it for free to everybody, music dies.
Thiefs will go on stealing. Betrayers will go on betraying. But I will not support them by sharing background informations openly and for free.
If you are honest and have a question, you can ask me. I am here. You can reach me using my e-mail